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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 27, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with the group from "the five". the election countdown is on. hard to believe on sunday there will only be 100 days left until election day. and the pressure is clearly on for president obama. he just sent out anergies mail to his supporters telling them it's his birthday. his -- it could be his last as president if they don't help him win. meanwhile, a new report out today brings more bad economic news that the president will have to explain to voters.
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the commerce department says u.s. economic growth slowed to a rate of just 1.5% from april to june. 100 days isn't going to be a lot of time to be able to turn the economy around. republicans are hoping to prove that by putting out this new ad to persuade voters it's okay to make a change. eric, how damaging -- >> half the deficit. strengthen the economy. lower unemployment. what did we get? national debt over 15 trillion and climbing. unemployment over 8% for 40 straight months. no end in sight. he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. >> eric, how damaging is it for the president? >> terrible. 1 1/2 gdp growth is not only subpar, it will raise the price of the stimulus package because a lot of it was based on 3%
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growth. the cbo next year and the year after and the year after will come back and score obamacare 'cause the cost of obamacare will skyrocket. let's talk about $15 trillion, a couple things. if you take one dollar bills, check out this deck. here is a stack. here is $500. if you stacked one dollar bills this way, $15 trillion would be 1.07 million miles to the sky or to -- wait a minute. or to the moon and back twice. another way to look at it. president obama, let's talk about all the debt up 'til president obama, president obama. you can hold president obama's debt. >> give it -- redistribute it. >> here is obama's debt. per year, okay. hold it up. every single year president obama has had that much money to the national deficit, national debt, and all the presidents combined in the last 100 years, per year annual is this much. >> do we have finger painting after this? >> there you go.
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here. president obama, each year annualized. every other president the last 100 years. >> how about whack a mole? this is a useless discussion. >> why is that useless? >> first of all, he's not responsible for $15 trillion in debt. the one thing he has to worry about and that is $5 trillion of debt. >> he should be responsible for this. what he does have to worry about is voters tend to begin to coalesce their view about the economy about this time before presidential elections. in other words, they don't vote the economy on election day. they tend to vote it june, july before. right now is probably not a good time to have these numbers. although i don't guess many americans know what the cbo is. >> poll taken closer to the 100 day mark, how is it working out? >> under that equation, it would be mitt romney. but mitt romney is only leading by a little bit. they've gone back and forth.
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>> kind of a margin much error? >> exactly. it's too close to tell. but the economic news, forget the ad. the ad is extremely damaging. but the economic news is even worse. you don't have to take my word for it. a liberal, he is not a conservative, writes in the "washington post," every time i've seen this ad, the one we just played for you, he gives, i get an uneasy feeling. the same feeling i get when i hear water dripping somewhere, but i can't find it. to ignore it is risk disaster, which is exactly what will happen if democrats do. and he writes, it's the okay to make a change message that the campaign needs to counter as aggressively as the rnc is pushing it. that's prosecute a liberal who identifies and doesn't say, he's in denial about what's going on. this is extremely important because it shows him saying it worked. message schizophrenia. which is it? bad news all around and the democrats' knees are shaking. >> are yours shaking? n yes, for different reasons.
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i want to show you what the deficit looks like. what i love about the white house is that he said that the economy is moving in the right direction. so was the hindenburg. that was on fire. i love that rnc ad for one reason only, because it says it's okay to make a change. which is kind of like your concerned best friend who is troubled by who you're dating and because you constantly complain says, it's okay. you can leave him. everything is going to be fine. you're going to meet somebody new. it's okay to change. obama has to come back with, hey, no. don't leave me. i can improve. i can be better. >> it's a pretty effective line, actually. i think about it, it was pretty smart line to use all the way around. it plays off of obama in 2008. here is the good news for obama. mitt romney. his disasterous trip so far --
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>> how do you define that? >> can i bring up the headlines in the british newspapers about obama? -- i mean about romney is do we got those? just tell us. >> i guess not, bob. >> i'll compare the two. here we go. this is romney's headlines, mitt falls at the first hurdle of romney's diplomatic gaffement romney loses way with gaffe about the games. let's take a look at barak obama's headlines. >> what's a gaffe? what's the gaffe from these liberal headlines? >> first of all, some of these are conservative newspapers. let me look at obama's headlines from his 2008 trip to britain. and it said, the two men of destiny. cameron and obama strike up a special relationship. sunday herald, not quite a tour deforce. worries mccain. skinny kid with a funny name. >> can i respond to this? here is the thing, this is why you should vote for mitt romney. for example, if you have a doctor and your doctor sees a mole on your arm and he says, it
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looks weird, but don't worry about it, that's a bad doctor. if the doctor says, that should be checked out. i'm concerned, that's a good doctor. mitt romney was in england. there was proof that security was bad. if he had just butted out, that would be wrong -- wait a minute. because there are american athletes over there. true, he's in another country. he's butting in. but there are american athletes that he's concerned about. imagine if somebody did that in munich in 72 if somebody said, hey there, might be a problem. >> also, understand this, in 08, president obama had no experience whatsoever. mitt romney ran an olympics. he walked in and said, you may want to consider opening some of these traffic lanes here. you may want to consider security at the airports. a 13-year-old kid flew without a passport. the guy simply sarks hey, i don't know. let's see. let's look at the security. he has experience.
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i would want mitt romney's experience. >> always trip up over words. and his problem is he didn't use the right words and when you're supposed to make america look better oversea, he does not. he's work than a rank amateur. >> the athletes are more important than look cool. >> you say mitt romney says the security should be better, that's going to make it better? >> part of the problem is obama is concerned with how he likes overseas. how about how he looks in america? >> this is suc consider a foreign policy gaffe is when the president had aven open mike open and talked about wheeling and dealing with the russians. i think that is a huge enormous foreign policy gaffe. i'll tell what you mitt romney did when he was overseas that i thought was critical. he told the english he was going to put the bust of winston churchill back in the white house. something that when president obama got the bust as a gift, he shipped it right back over. why? if you read dreams from my father, you'd know his father is
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anti-west, anticolonial. >> and -- >> let's talk about israel, eric. >> talk about a busted trip so far. >> romney will be going there. how will that look for him? >> president obama went to israel before he was elected president, but promised to four back. four years later, he hasn't been back. what baffles me is why president obama has such a strong jewish vote. people voted for him in numbers they shouldn't be. >> that's why. >> first of all, he had a few problems about going overseas. he inherited two wars. he inherit add depression. >> what does that have to do with israel? >> he's done plenty for israel. the question is what has israel done back is the issue. they still build their settlements and they shouldn't be building them.
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there is no -- >> he's compromising. our relations are not good. he he said these settlements have to stop being built. >> you just admitted they're our strongest ally, why hasn't he gone? >> i can name other allies he hasn't gone to. >> first of all, if he went to israel, you would have said, he should have been back home worrying about jobs. >> i wouldn't have said that. >> you're going to dump on him anyway. >> sour grapes on a friday. we will have none of that. hold on. stop the presses. >> going back to president obama's birthday party, i heard they were going to have a clown there, but holder was busy. cheap shot friday. thank you. >> wait, wait. i want to point out, i hear solyndra is running low on funds, bob. deliver it. >> i look like eric and his friends down on wall street. >> coming up, one congressman's mad as hell about all the regulations stifling job growth and businesses in america.
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and he's not going to take it anymore. >> he's not -- >> take the heavy boot off the throat of america's job creators and let them breathe! [ cheers and applause ] >> his passionate plea sparking a standing ovation on the house floor. we'll show you the rest of it that's coming up on "the five" next. stay with us. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more cash. [ russian accent ] 50% more rubles. eh, eh eh, eh, eh. [ brooklyn accent ] 50% more simoleons. [ western accent ] 50% more sawbucks. ♪ [ maine accent ] 50% more clams. it's a lobster, either way.
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>> welcome back. you ready to get fired up in are you ready to get fired up? are you ready to get fired up? bam. so you want to know the price of regulation? you want to talk about the thousands and thousands of pages that we put on the backs of the job creators? you want to talk about creating jobs in america? when you want to see a nation that doesn't want to participate but wants to dominate the world
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market, then let them rise! take the heavy boot off the throat of america's job creators and let them breathe! [ cheers and applause ] >> usa! usa! >> that was representative mike kelly, firing up the freedom fighting gop, but don't hear the democrats yelling usa. >> no, they didn't like his speech. after working in the house of representatives, i worked there for four years, you're typically reaching for your no doze in the middle of four speeches and i would write a lot of them for members of congress and they would give them -- >> that's why. >> whoa! >> if you ever watch c-span, you know, it's hard to get the chamber to invoke any kind of reaction. that was unprecedented. i would say he's not using any notes. that was right from the heart. i have never seen anything like that. >> that was good. >> you're right. it's hard to get people excited down there. but i'll say this, most of those
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were passed by past administrations. those regulations are mostly from republican administrations. >> we can't even go there. 2700 pages of dodd-frank. >> i was going to say, i don't like it when people -- when grown men chant. i find it uncomfortable. just anybody. unless you're greg orian monk, you can chant. but this is -- it's part of a delayed response that's necessary because over the last i guess -- since 2006, even when bush was president, there was a serious wall of noise about how america sucked. and at this point we have america is like a sleeping giant that is waking up during surgery and going, i don't like what's happening, make this stop. so what you're seeing, i think, is you're seeing a rebirth of a legitimate anger about america isn't that bad and we have to return to our roots. >> take a listen. run the obama side again.
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>> if you got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> kimberly -- >> first off, can i explain to the audience? you asked for this, you guys asked for it. now you're going to get it. that selectively edited piece that you saw, the first part of that is, traffic and bridges. roads and bridges. that you didn't build. those business people did not build them. >> it's my fault. >> i can't believe you guys are running that bit again. >> we did it to get under your skin, bob. >> under my skin? it's selective editing and it's typical republican -- >> let's talk about regulation. you hear about this story, in holland, michigan, there was a kid who wanted to put a lemonade stand up. he within through the proper channels, got the license for it, put the lemonade stand up. guess what happens? let's hear from the kid. >> i'm kind of sad. last time i went to the city
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council meeting, they were encouraging me to set up here. i'm going to go to lansing to change the law instead of keeping kids like this from doing what they want to do. >> he's actually helping a sick relative. >> i agree with greg, some bizarre operation where america looks like it's david hasselhoff and woke you have as frankenstein. what's up with the regulations? kids and lemonade stand as soon as that was one of the funnest thing i did. >> president obama would be for a hot dog stand if it was actually selling real hot dog. >> oh, my gosh! he started it! >> the story is one has epilepsy and one has ms. he got the proper permitting, and then when he set up the cart, this little kid, he set up the cart to make the money, someone else from the county came in and said, you can't have it. there are so many regulations
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that one hand isn't even talking to the other. and anyone who tried to open a business or anything, the zoning you have to go through, not just federal, but state and county and city and this poor kid is just trying to provide for his parents. >> if you listened to the conversation around this table, it's because of obama. this is a local deal and lansing is run by republicans. so there go. >> it's a big government. >> raining is run by republicans. so blame republicans. >> it's not republicans. >> it is, too. >> michigan is a very, very blue state. >> lansing, michigan. find out what it is. >> the mayor is not exactly republican. also i may have said lemonade stand, it's a hot dog stand. >> it's a terrible thing for this kid. one thing i would say, if there is one thing to be regulated, it's food stands. it you imagine if they didn't have regulations in new york city? >> oh, bob! >> he's right. this kid's got to be stopped!
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hot dogs are a major cause of obesity. it causes heart disease. this kid should be in prison! >> how dare you. >> you know, i think you're probably right. how about the stands falafel. >> no doubt democrats, barak obama, likes regulation a whole heck of a lot more than republicans. >> if it was up to republican, you wouldn't have regulations against roaches. >> that's not true. you have to have smart regulations. you can go overboard. >> barak obama's has not prom mull gated many regulations. >> they said they didn't want this cart because there is other hot dog stores in the area. >> competition. free market. the winner gets it. >> if the government ran the hot dog stand, you would have to fill out three forms to get the bun. you'd have to fill out another five forms from the beef. the mustard would have to be
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supervised by the epa. you would have to wait four to six months and when the hot dog if it were to arrive, it would be completely disgusting, moldy examine horrible. >> right of way citizen? >> i knew he was gog step on the joke. we got to go. coming up, harvey weinstein makes a big announcement on violence in films in the wake of the colorado massacre. is hollywood footing some of the blame? later we found old beckel family movies. >> that's funny. >> that was e.t. the walrus and he's performing for a special reason. find out ahead on "the five"
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>> producer harvey weinstein says he's going to hold a summit on movie violence in the wake of last week's shooting. but he still think it's all about gun control. is this soul searching for real? i don't know. i think it's a cover against the backlash. also to let them rip on the right the next time something bad happens. after all, you look kind of dumb ragging on sarah palin about a cross hairs logo when you're movies drown in blood. but i don't believe movies make men kill any more than romantic comedies make women stupid. it's worth questioning the obsession with homicidal gore. it's all 1960s antihero crud. it's the one thing hollywood denies. they'll say yeah, movies are violent, but won't add, we do it to be cool. the music to -- it was cool.
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so it's the celebration of the antihero that makes hollywood weak. they hate normal notions of good and evil and their parents, as they say to all, look at me. i'm edgy. why did woody harrelson play a serial killer? 'cause he was woody, the nice bar tender in cheers. why did jared lido play mark david chapman? because he was once a teen idol. blood lust ups your cool factor. but if you want to make a real edgy film, how about one with an anti, antihero. the hero who calls bs on the fake assumes that edgy equals hero? that will never happen for in hollywood, that's scarier than running out of low. >> by the way, was that a cheap shot at the men in there nestled subtly? >> i do hate romantic comedies, because they make me cry. >> would you like to give a beckel apology -- >> no, no, he said women in romantic comedies. >> no, he didn't.
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>> all right, bob, you think this is all show or do you think weinstein means this? >> i think it's mostly show. by the way, cumber is going to the hamptons with the romneys -- >> no, i'm not. >> oh, i'm sorry, i thought you were. >> he's trying to derail this. >> he is. >> i think you had it exactly right in your monologue. they're reacting to the outpouring of this and they're going to have a summit. do anybody think any of these producer also change what they do? these movies sell tickets. it's as simple as that. i don't care how you cut it, you want to be for the free market, the free market is a lot of people buy these tickets. >> completely agree with you. i think had is all just for publicity. they say they did something, they're looking into it. they're not going to change. i don't want them to change. i think they have the right to make the movies. my only issue is, i think the rating systems needs to be upgraded and they need to look at how much violence kids if they're 13 to 17 should be seeing with or without parent.
11:30 pm
beyond that, go ahead and make it. if it doesn't sell, they'll stop making it. >> they're trying to show they're socially responsible, that they have intense thought process about how their movies might affect young children, how it might affect the public at large. they half do it, the cleaned up image and go back to making blockbusters. >> hasn't violence changed? >> yeah. >> not to sound old, but i am old. it was good versus evil, clint eastwood would show up in the town and the bad guys would die. these days, you can't tell bad from good. that's post-deconstructionism. there is no such thing as good and evil. >> i think you're absolutely right. i think so what? they stopped making all violent movies from now until the end of time, there is still plenty of movies. any sane person reading the illiad and the odyssey is not going to start shooting people. it really is the people. not the movies. but i applaud harvey weinstein.
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i think there was a point in hollywood where they used to self-regulate itself and i think it went off the rails. they're going to starting to back to heavy-regulation instead of government regulation. i'm all for it. they'll probably make better movie. >> you think it's changed. when i saw the exorcist when the head spun around, that was like really bad violence as far as i was concerned. >> that was a movie. the date you were on. >> you mean tonight's date? foreshadowing? >> no, tonight's date is great. >> you need some ones for that date? >> no, it's more than that. >> beautiful. >> coming up, the moment has arrived. the olympic open ceremonies underway in london. if you leave now, you won't be able to see eric's gymnastics ribbon routine. it's extremely moving. new yorke
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five" . >> very good. >> yes, we've got olympic fever here at the fife. the opening ceremony, as you may know, is underway in. we thought we should celebrate. go team, usa. bob, eric and greg, did you know for the first time ever, the u.s. olympic team has more women on it than men? you go, girl! >> wooo! >> this is olympic fever. >> female power! >> olympic hepatitis. i hope it's not catching.
11:38 pm
you know how dull the olympics are, when you have to do the women angle. like okay, we get it. there are women on the olympic teams, woo on a. >> i hope you sleep on the couch all weekend. >> the only thing i care about is the girls got it keep their uniforms -- soccer girls got to keep their uniforms. >> maybe this means better ratings because you, greg and aircraft might watch more. >> i was compete not guilty shotput. a romney supporter hit me on the head a shotput. >> shotput? >> yeah. >> you should have gutfeld write your jokes. >> so there are more females than males on the u.s. olympic team, but let's not forget they're pulling very, very male sports, baseball is out of the olympics this year. ribbons are still in. synchronized swim is still in.
11:39 pm
we give it -- you guys win. you're better at ribbons than we are. >> kimberly, there is 20 u.s. troops that are competing in london. so that means these men and women sacrificed not only their lives, but they're the troop patriots. they're going to the games in london. >> go, usa! >> i have a pick of three athletes to watch. i love the olympics. i love gymnastics. what else do you like? >> i like volleyball. beach volleyball. >> that's the ticket, everyone watches volleyball. >> i like the decatheter? >> decathlon. >> could we check out the three athletes to watch? you know them. sounds like a man of greek legend. he has the two artificial limbs. michael phelps, and nolo jones, they're calling her the female tim tebow. >> he's keeping up with you.
11:40 pm
>> yes. hope solo. >> and there is michael phelps. who recently, eric, i want to you react to this. he shot back, remember one of his teammates was talking trash saying he didn't work hard enough. he was asked about it today. here is what he had to say. >> i've gotten to where i am today from working hard and i know that and bob knows that and nobody else thinks that, doesn't really matter. i'm very happy with my career and what i've done throughout it. >> so can i weigh in on this? >> yes. >> i don't have to like this guy. i don't like the guy. every time i say it, i get 1,000 tweets. >> 'cause he smokes pot. >> you and don't like pot. >> because i have a 13-year-old who watches the olympics who admires these athletes, who emulates them and that picture that keeps coming up with him with the bong to his face, who always makes me not like him. i don't want to like him, i'm sorry. >> there are baseball players that shoot steroids in their
11:41 pm
body. what about them? >> allegedly. >> what do you think about that? then you would be against a lot of athlete. >> on a serious note, this is the kind of thing that olympic teams don't need. this controversy has been going on for a while about phelps. it's not just that. there has been other things said. it's hard enough to be the u.s. olympic team because everybody is shooting at you. every country wants to beat in everything. so the united states olympic team needs to stay together. i'm surprised the coaches would allowed him to shoot back. >> because there is nothing more tedious than two swimmers debating. it's like a soap opera with actual soap. two piece of soap. >> it's like treading water. doggy style, or dog badling. >> how boring can you get. if they got in a fight in the pool that, would be cool! >> greg is into synchronized swimming. >> i like the legally blind archer who actually -- this is
11:42 pm
incredible. he's one of the best ones and he's blind. originally he was going to be involved in the javelin, but that wasn't going to work out. >> that what do you like? >> i like gymnastic, track and swimming. >> i love it. i love gymnastics. i love the olympics. i love the winter and summer olympics. but for sure gymnastics. i like the volleyball for different reasons than bob, though. i like the swimming. >> i did gymnastics and track, but never as well as they could do it. that's why i like watching them. >> by the way, take a hook behind us. that's the first picture we have of the opening ceremonies if you can see behind us. >> i went to the greek olympics, your country, and i thought it was fantastic. >> you know, the olympics started in greece. >> yeah. >> we couldn't -- >> i had no idea. >> did you know it was 76 bc? >> i like the running. i like the running. >> you like the running? >> i could tell you're really involved in it if you like the running. is that what it's called? everybody up for the running.
11:43 pm
>> all of the different categories. >> remember the dude that broke the line and they were running the marathon, 26 miles, and this guy jumps in front and goes into the stadium to cheers. >> we were laughing at you because i said i liked track, gymnastics and swimming, and you go, i like the running, too. >> i just like anything that gas fast. >> all right. coming up, new survey said swearing at work can hurt your career. unless you're bob beckel, of course. pay attention. that's next
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>> yeah. welcome back to "the five." that's bob's square jaw. andrea said and i interrupted her and i apologize publicly for it if i did. then again, she always interrupts me. but that's okay. a web site had a survey out and
11:48 pm
60% of employees think less of an -- employers think less of an employee who repeatedly uses curse words which raises the question about why am i still here? and then the highest rated swear city in -- where people swear the most is washington, d.c., which is where i'm from. >> that explains a lot. >> here is the thing that amazes me. new york city, where i live during the week, is 9th. are you kidding me? everybody around this town swears. >> i was talk being that. i can understand dc because it's frustrating 'cause most people work for the government. i went from a diner, then college, then d.c so i was around swearing restaurants, kitchens, everyone swears. i come on tv and i meet you and i can't swear. >> best thing that ever happened to you. what would be worse than here? >> you're a pollster, right? >> yeah. >> how in the -- how do you know? >> that's a good question. listen. >> good point. how did they figure this out?
11:49 pm
>> 60% followed by denver and chicago. let's put it this way, maybe the people in denver are the most honest. again, my kid, i know you hate hearing about it, but the first time your kid swears in front of you and look at you and feel you out 'cause they want the response, you got to go back and say, no, not that. they'll continue to try examine push the envelope on this word or this word and this word. unless you stop it examine nip it in the bud -- >> speak of which, kids today, i'm not kidding you, they swear more than i ever remember doing it when i was their age. you see these kids on school buses and they're all swearing. i was taking my kid onto a school bus. they have the worst language. i can't believe it. my own daughter, who has been raised not to swear, sometimes comes up with words that is shocking to me. >> do women swear? >> oh, all -- these with do all the time. >> bob!
11:50 pm
can i just read an e-mail that bob sent out earlier to our producers. who in the blank wrote the opening of the b block, obama believed government builds all businesses or some blank like that. he doesn't believe that and whoever is responsible for that line that knows, come on, get a blanking life. just a day in the life of reading bob beckel's e-mail. >> that's e-mail. does it bother when you i swear, greg? >> okay. there are three things that are worse than swearing. small talk, i don't want to hear about your weekend, or your cat. i don't want pictures of your cat. gossip, because whenever somebody tells you something or you tell somebody, it ends up somewhere else. that's bad news. baby talk. i hate people who do baby talk in the office. that's for you, chase. >> that's right, chase. >> oh! >> because the director is a little slow on the uptake here, he promised to give him a little time to set up his cameras. he's a great director, though.
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>> it's bob's favorite time 'cause it's time for one more thing. see how nice it is when you say it like that, bob? >> no, it's better the other way. >> we've got something special for you lined up, bob, redistribution dollars.
11:55 pm
there is a great video. >> this guy is named et is the walrus. he's turning 30 i guess next week. he's from the zoo in tacoma, washington. he's awesome. listen. >> growl. (sound). >> mutter. >> roll. whistle. >> it really wasn't that cool. >> it reminded me of me coming out of bars. >> that was more coherent than obama's state of the union.
11:56 pm
>> you're up next. >> yesterday during my monologue, i made a few comments. let's roll that. >> did eli wall lack have any help inventing the cotton gin? since then, i've received a number of corrections on twitter and elsewhere and i want to connect it now. the inventer of the cotton gin was not eli walker, it was nathaniel hawthorne. and it wasn't orville redden balker, he invented popcorn. that's true. and anyone running. it was steven wright who invented the airplane. so there we go, people. don't bother me about this 'cause i know this stuff. >> wasn't steven miller. >> what is that? is that you? is that a self portrait? >> when thank is what die when i'm getting angry. >> it's kind of adorable. >> you don't need much paper, do
11:57 pm
you? take that friday! >> okay. this is a serious note. today marks the 59th anniversary of the day the korean war ended. truce was signed on july 27, 1953. more than 33,000 americans lost their lives in that war. fly your flag in their honor. it's a war often forgotten but something a lot of people sacrificed for. >> very important. >> that was very nice, bob. you have a way about you to redeem yourself by the end of the show. >> i'm not telling anybody who you're going to the hamptons with. >> by myself u. know this. you're trying to create a controversy. don't ever tell bob anything. the moral of the story. >> who is up now? >> andrea. >> we were talking about hollywood earlier and you know how most hollywood directors can't come out of the closet politically until they're older because they'll be black listed and they can't come out of the
11:58 pm
conservative? james cahn of the godfather, infamous hollywood legend came t ouand said he is very, very conservative recently. in an interview and he says he watches fox news all the time. james, if you're watching, we love you. maybe you're a fan of "the five." >> he was the least favorite actor i had on that. >> maybe he watches the repeat. >> he's a good guy. >> opening what? olympic video. who is that? >> bob, let me tell you something, if you say anything, you like better, okay. bob, whatever you do, oh, okay. then it comes out of the his mouth. if you write something down on a piece of paper and you like pass a note like you did in class like this, bob will read it out loud. it's supposed to be privacy. >> this is one more thing. >> this is my one more thing now. >> you're like a spoiler. >> go ahead. >> we've got a video, can you roll it?
11:59 pm
olympics. ♪ skin was showing ♪ ♪ hot mat wind was blowing ♪ where you think you're going baby ♪ ♪ hey i just met you ♪ and this is crazy ♪ so here's my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ how to look right ♪ here is my number ♪ so call me maybe ♪ . >> okay. go ahead, kimberly, explain it. >> i'm going union, i'm taking a coffee break. i'm not finishing the show. here is the deal. i don't have to do that anymore. all right. so that was our olympic athletes, specifically andrea, the women, who are fabulous. so they're going to bring home the gold. you know it, baby. and that's it for us. let's see how the women do in the olympics. i know they'll be big winners. thank you for watching. we hope you have a great week, everybody. bye-bye. >> stretch this out. you got 20 more seconds. >> they're going to do a bump shot. bump it out, wide


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