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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 31, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and one percent obamas. i love to play class warfare and the media, double standard. good to see you both. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record and we will see you back here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> tonight, is it a cheap shot by senate majority leader harry reid, claims one, no name, told him gov. romney didn't pay taxes for ten years but, of course,sen nor reed won't name names. instead he's giving his remarks to the media. is that fair or slime my? and rush limbaugh says gov. romney just hit a home run. what does he mean by that? you would hear from him. and we sat down with president shimon peres in israel. and that's all minutes away. but first the sizzling political controversy over the fast food chain.
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chick-fil-a is at the center after political storm. why? well, the catch's president openly opposes gay marriage. he said it invites god's judgment on our nation. and then came the responses. mayors of several cities recently banning chick-fil-a. there's also an online petition to boycott the chain. but now the counter protests again. some political leaders urging people to support the restaurant chain. and former governor palin tweeting photos of herself and her husband at a texas chick-fil-a. she joins us. good evening. >> good evening. welcome home. let's start with the picture of you and todd. are you jumping into this because of the cause or because of the response by some, and most notably some mayors calling for a boycott? >> well, calling for the boycott has a chilling effect on our first amendment rights. and the owner of the chick-fil-a business had merely voiced his
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personal opinion about supporting traditional definition of marriage. one boy, one girl, falling in love, getting married and having voiced support for kind of that cornerstone of all civilization and all religions since the beginning of time. he then basically getting crucified. i'm speaking up for him and his first amendment rights and anybody else who would wish to express they're not anti-gay people sentiment, but their support of traditional marriage, which president obama and joe biden, they both supported the exact same thing until just a few months ago when obama had to flip-flop to shore up the homosexual voter base. >> and there's a controversy to draw unusual allegiances. whoopi goldberg, for example, on the first amendment issue and she objects to calling to people to boycott it. it's interesting how controversy draws interesting people together.
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>> well, anybody who is a protection -- somebody who wants to protect our constitution, all of our constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, should speak out on behalf of this individual whose business is being harmed by those who are intolerant and are bigoted and are hypocritical because they don't agree with this man's personal opinion and the sentiment that he shared and they want to see him shut down and shutout of some communities. that is the most narrow-minded and intolerant view that they can take. very hypocritical. those that protect the constitution, all of our rights, i would think, would stand up and be proud americans and say thank god we have our first amendment rights. >> and a big victory for one. your candidates tonight in the state of texas. ted cruz winning the nomination. i suppose a victory for the tea party tonight. your thoughts about -- i know you were out campaigning for him and you campaigned in nebraska
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for another candidate. so you have had some wins recently. >> well, always it's a victory for tea party patriots who just want to get our country back on the right track and defend our republic. the tea party patriots who came from all over the country recognizing that ted cruz is the man to not just embrace status quo in washington but will engage in the sudden and relentless reform of our big centralized federal government, trying to shrink that government and allow more states' rights and allow individual rights and opportunities. they recognize ted cruz was the man. it's the tea party patriots that worked so hard for him. he's going to do so well for all of americans when he makes it to washington d.c. you know what, a shout out to mark, who has known this guy for 20 years. mark levin started talking about him and piqued my interest in him and mentioned he worked with him about 20 years ago and how
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ted cruz is a ninth and tenth amendment scholar. he understands and has written thesis and has been able to articulate well the beauty of our ninth and tenth amendments of our constitution. and he has applied that throughout his career. so he was the man versus dewhurst, who is part of the machine, the establishment there in texas and in washington d.c. he was the outsider to come in and promise that reform. >> i'm curious, you raised the ninth and tenth amendment and states' rights is what is embodied in the discussions. what is your view on states making decisions on gay marriage? >> you know, i believe that states have that constitutional right to make decisions about a variety of issues. but when it comes to some very fundamental, very cornerstone aspects of our society, of our culture, i personally would love to see a national dialogue about what will america continue to
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define as marriage? and i do, you know, as former governor, i say let the states decide that and that's where i would be if i were in national office, i would be saying let the states decide. and if you see, greta, and pay attention to where the states have gone with this particular issue and the votes of the people, overwhelmingly the people within the states have said they want to continue to define marriage as one man and one woman. as the muslims do, orthodox jews do, nondenominational christians do, faith practicing catholics do. it's a cornerstone of religion and civilization. >> all right. let me ask a question about the rnc republican national convention. are you going or not? >> you know, i think that there's been a lot of back and forth with that inside baseball type dialogue about who is invited, who is speaking. we've left it in their hands. about a week ago we were
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approached asking if we were interested, if i was interested in attending. of course, there's some interest there but we want to know more details, what they have in mind and we haven't heard back. but like newt gingrich, like dick cheney and george bush and others who aren't going as participants, as as speakers, i think we've had a common attitude about what the rnc, the machine is trying to perpetuate this go around of the convention and that's perhaps new people being able to get up there and speak to participate pants and really rally support for the gop to get the country back on the right track via replacing president obama and his failed policies come november. >> okay. you raised the name dick cheney so i have to ask you this. he and his daughter don't agree, but dick cheney said words that he didn't think you were a particularly good choice in 2008 and his daughter for the first time i have heard tweeted
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something to the contrary. she thought you were. but your response to dick cheney? >> well, seeing as how dick -- excuse me, vice president cheney never misfires, then evidently he's convinced that what he evidently read about me by the lame stream media having written what i believe is a false narrative the last four years, evidently dick cheney believed that stuff and that's a shame so he characterized me as being a mistake. here's where the mistake would have been, greta. i believe, had i not answered the call, i was honored to get to run for vice president of the united states alongside senator john mccain. i was honored to accept the nomination from the g.o.p. and i think that the mistake would have been me just deciding that, hey, i love my 86, 87% approval rating in alaska as the governor and moving and shaking and watching corrupt politicians and businessmen go to prison nor
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crony capitalism, and work on 16 to 20% of domestic energy supplies being increased via alaska's development. and ethnics reform i was working on that led to the 86% approval rating. i could have decided i don't want to be bloodied up and put my family through what we have to go through for service to our country but i did it. it would have been a mistake to have hunkered down, just lived that luxurious, if you will, comfortable lifestyle in alaska. instead we, like so many other people across this country, decided we will do all that we can in order to defend our republic, put america back on the right track, and i believe i did the right thing in accepting that call. >> i have two reflections. one i went back and looked at the poll numbers before you were selected as the vice president, afterwards and the time the financial crisis hit and people can look on greta wire to see the impact, how it changed.
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but the second thing is i might note that vice president cheney took a slap at condoleezza rice saying he got tired up. he has two daughters and i believe he's been a good father to them and he's not afraid to say thing about the women but i don't know what that means. anyway. your thoughts? >> everybody misfires once in a while. you know what? in the gop establishment, what i have found, greta, sometimes you are the louisville slugger, baby, and sometimes you are the ball, and evidently in these last blows, per many, many comments from those within the gop establishment, i'm the ball. that's okay. i'm out there working hard for senate candidates, for house candidates for those downstream positions that it can help stop this failed policy that obama has put in place, and it's going to take these people whom i will hopefully be able to assist with in gaining some victory along with other constitutional conservatives who are out there
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dedicating their lives to do all that we can to transform in a very positive and restorative way, transform our government into something that is back on the side of the people instead. on our backs. >> governor, thank you. always nice to talk to you. >> thank you so much, greta. >> and now to the fast and furious scandal. the report is in. who is to blame for the botched gun running operation? darryl issa is one of the authors of this new report. he is joining us. good evening, sir. >> good evening and thanks for continuing to cover this important issue. >> i'll tell you what struck me from the report is it looks like, and tell me if i am wrong, you don't mention the attorney general eric holder s that mean he has no culpability in this, no response until i don't see him named. >> this is part one and part one of three. what we did, we tried to do the appropriate forensic analysis of what went wrong. we weren't dealing with the post discovery, the post brian terry murder, we were dealing with what went wrong in the process.
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>> is it fair to say what went wrong in the process does not include the attorney general of the runs? >> as far as we know the attorney general was awol. it wasn't something he put time or energy into it.he didn't reae wasn't involved in these kind of things, and candiddy, brewer and a lost people below him rubber samed and allowed othersoto look at the details of what was going on. >> that's different than saying he was actively involved in a coverup for somethg else. you make no allegation of that in the report? >> that will come later. you have no question in your mind, itch no question in my mind at some point eric holder became part of the coverup. >> i don't have any -- i mean, i have no information. >> yes, you do. we all do. there were ten months between the time congress was lied to, the american people were lied to, and the time it was retracted. one of the things that eric holder and the justice is covering up is everybody who either knew it was a lie when it was told to us or became it was a lie during that ten months,
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you are an officer of the court and you know when you discover a crime has been committed, you discover congress has been lied to both under oath and in writing, you don't sit there and wait for somebody else to correct it for ten months, do you? >> so i understand correctly, make sure i got that, your report basically goes up until february of last year when you got the letter from the justice department looking back as what happened. so this is stage one? >> this is what eric holder hold the justice department, the acting director of atf, dea, janet napolitano, what they need to look at in the way of the stovepiping that went on, the management mistakes that went on, the feel lure to oversee that went on. that's part of the reform of our committee. we view this like the inspector general's report of what is to be out soon of what went on that allowed fast and furious to occur. >> and he wasn't actively engaged where it could have been presented? is that what you are say willing in the report. >> as far as we can tell, eric
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holder had nothing to do with ignoring fast and furious. now lanny brewer is a different story and it will be in the next segment. >> all right. what's the latest on the contempt? >> it takes a few weeks to put it together properly. house counsel is taking the lead. >> you know, i don't buy that. you know, those things are not that hard to put together. and you've got a lawyer, lawyers have had a couple weeks to do it. >> i appreciate you saying that but remember these aren't people who bill their time. they aren't padding their time. these are career lawyers, in-house counsel who are leading it. the same career lawyers previously worked on other cases, including when the shoe was on the other foot and it was the democrats who were leading. so we're doing this deliberatively with career people. these aren't republicans or democrats. we expect to have is it facially shortly. i've looked at drafts for me as a nonlawyer i would say we are pretty close. >> i guess i've always put a hammer to lawyers heads a little bit more than anybody else. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta.
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>> and you won't believe this one so brace yourself right any. are you eddie? the gsa is holding another expensive conference. this time the gsa convention is at open preland in tennessee. it starts today as they get ready for the hearing on the overspending. three day convention is called the gsa smart pay training conference. it includes an event tomorrow night, a steamboat. last year the same conference was held in las vegas. it cost the taxpayers $837,000. tomorrow the house transportation infrastructure committee will hold a hearing on the gsa abuse of tax dollars. and tomorrow night john micah goes on the record. and rush limbaugh is blasting the media. he's accusing them of blasting gov. mitt romney. and we are hear to talk about it. and part two of our interview with gov. romney in israel. how does the israeli-palestinian conflict really impact the runs?
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>>in the refrigerator?
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>> gov. mitt romney set off on a three-nation tour, i think land, israel and poland. it is called a home run and he's blasting the mainstream media for harassing gov. romney. >> now the reporters are harassing romney. they are trying to create gaffes. they are trying. they are working on behalf of barack obama. they are attempting to carry fourth the mean that his foreign trip is a disaster, it's one gaffe of a another. they are trying to do this in the mean stream media and the fact of the matter is romney is having a home run of a trip. >> and pat buchanan joins us.
10:20 pm
your thoughts. is the mainstream media trying to get governor media to gaffe? >> first, the trip was a little short of the bleachers. it was not a home run. but secondly, it was not a disaster. third, i think rush is dead right. there is an adversarial press out there that's by and large in this city. you go to the white house correspondents dinner probably 90, 95% pro obama. he's a rock star there. and i do think many of the media see romney as gaffe-prone and they drive lard and push him on issues that he's uncomfortable with. no doubt about it. part of that is their job but culturally, socially, they are not with mitt romney. >> i was on the trip and i thought it was interesting. it's a listening tour so there's nothing to write about if someone is listening and that's what the governor was doing. so he didn't come out and talk often to the press. he wasn't given anything to report. there was nothing to report so it's almost as though the gaffes became big news.
10:21 pm
>> that is his fault. i mean, he said it was a listening tour and i saw him with matt lauer who was going after him and brian williams, and it's a listening tour and he has press along, why is he not talking to you? what does he think 17 reporters traveling to three or four cities, all kinds ever news going on, they are going to want to talk to him. i mean, again, i go back to nixon in '67. it was two people, me and mr. nixon. no press. >> he gave everyone an interview and i got ours. but the traveling press were held off. >> you know, that will antagonize those folks. they are there four or five days and they get nothing. >> let me turn to another topic. senator harry reid claims someone called him, unnamed, who said that governor romney has not paid taxes and he has now spread that anonymously which i think is deplorable when you spread something anonymously to the press. >> it's beneath the office of
10:22 pm
the senate majority leader. he went further and said if romney won, karl rove and about 17 old men slobbering in their oatmeal the next morning will assay we just bought america. first of all i think it's beneath the dignity of his office. the republicans have to get tough with these people. this is intolerable. what is the purpose of harry reid? it's quite obvious. they will say anything to dynamite the tax returns and force mitt romney to release the tax returns. that's their objective. >> senator harry reid is explore knows anonymous sources are rejected and you can't have them in a courtroom and the effort is to slime and skew things. if he has a name or proof, step up to the plate. but the sort of slipping this stuff to the media and the media is very eager to get rumors and innuendo, and he knew what he was doing when he said that. >> and you are a lawyer, too. what is he trying to do? the democrats are trying to change the subject. they cannot win on barack
10:23 pm
obama's record. they know that. and so what you have to do is they have got to get material on romney to damage him and make him utterly unacceptable. he doesn't know -- >> but there's a difference between having material and then just saying anonymous sources as though you have some inside track of something that's horrible and you spread it to the media, which is only eager to get it as information. >> it's true. a certain measure of desperation when the majority leader brings himself down. >> i think it's really dirty >> you think it's dirty, a lot of people can say it's dirty and a lot of people in journalism who are not pro romney will say what is he doing? this is crossing every line. >> i don't think so. i think the media is happy to get an anonymous source. in my training we want to know who it is so we can get corroborating information. i don't like anonymous sources. >> let me tell you something, i think harry reid is going to get hit on this and not just by the conservative media.
10:24 pm
i will be interesting to see what the editorials say about a majority lead are putting out this garbage based on anonymous source was a candidate for the president of united states. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, part two of our interview with mitt romney in israel. and the mideast peace has eluded everyone so does gov. romney have any
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>> tonight gov. mitt romney is back in the united states. he wrapped up an overnight trip to england, israel and poland. on the record was with gov. romney at every stop. in jerusalem we talked to him on the record. here's part two of our interview with gov. romney. >> would you agree that the conflict has an effect on this, whether it be sort of part of the fuel for iran? i mean, if you handle theoretically the palestinian-israeli conflict that might diffuse iran considerably. so it has an impact on it. we spent a lot of money, $3 billion last year in aid to israel so it's not that we are just spectators and will help if they want help. we are involved in it. it has an impact on it. >> there's no question that the developments around the world have an impact on the united states. i don't believe that the developments in the middle east all flow from the palestinian-israeli conflict. iran's pursuit of nuclear weaponry has overwhelmingly to
10:29 pm
do with their desire to be the dominant power in the middle east, to have the capacity to execute their will on others and dominate others. that doesn't minimize, in my view, the importance of resolving the palestinian and israeli conflict, but much of what goes on in the middle east from tunisia, egypt, what is happening in syria, and, of course, iran's nuclear program has little if anything to with a do with what is happening in israel but has very much to do with people seeking freedom in some cases and elections now free in places like egypt. yes, do we want to see peace in the middle east, meaning between the palestinians and israel, absolutely. do we want to edge courage that and facilitate that, yes. but for that to happen, ultimately the palestinians are going to have to want to sit down and negotiate and so are the israelis.
10:30 pm
i know the israelis are ready and willing to do so without preconditions. >> so do we wait or is there some role for us to encourage or jump start discussions? >> the currents administration has encouraged discussions and encouraged the process. again, because i'm on foreign soil i don't want to describe what might be a different course that i might take if i were president. but the president has said --n e responsible for pursuing negotiations between between the israelis and palestinians. it's a high priority for our country. it's one that i believe any future president would feel committed to. >> is there any -- i guess i'm trying to think, it's eluded everybody. it is a problem that nobody seems to be able to jump start and solve. and i wondered if you had any sort of different thought on how we can approach it? >> i do, but again, and you understand this long tradition, ever since i think it was senator vanneddenburg of
10:31 pm
michigan said politics stops at the water's edge and foreign policy should not be made by challengers to the office. the foreign policy is guyed by the president and his administration as long as he's in power. so i'm not going to on foreign soil lay out a posture with regard to the peace process that would be different than that of the current administration. that doesn't mean i don't have ideas of my own. but i do have a commitment to seeing the palestinians and the israelis coming and negotiating amongst themselves and america will be part of that effort, i'm sure. we will help encourage it and hopefully others will, as well. but that's something that i hope to see occur sometime in the near future. >> syria. in the event syria, the assad regime falls and a lot of people want to see the regime fall. maybe russia doesn't. but if it does fall there's a fear that chemical and biological weapons will get into
10:32 pm
the hands of hezbollah, for instance and it is a grave concern to people around the world. any thoughts about that? >> obviously there's a real concern as syria goes through the turmoil it is experiencing that there is not a, if you will, a governing body among the opposition that tends to control the various elements of that opposition, but instead it is a far more disburse uprising against the government of assad. and so if and when he falls, and i think it is when, by the way, i don't think you can do what he's done to his people and expect to retain power. if he falls, there may well be to its natural course a great deal of fragmentation in the leadership that steps forward. that may well mean that by logical and or chemical weapons could become available to the most hostile and horrible hands. so our nation, as well as other nations in the region, need to
10:33 pm
take care to assure that those weapons do not fall into the hands of groups like al-qaeda or hezbollah. so this is an area of grave concern, and i presume that our administration is taking every reasonable precaution to avoid that potentialality. >> in your speech in nevada last week, and in going over i thought -- as i understand it, correct me if i am wrong, you see the vision for the united states as one of having a lot of morale authority in the world. is that a fair description? >> i believe that we have to have confidence that our cause is right. that we have to have clarity in our purpose and communicate to the world what our purposes are and we have to have resolve in the application of our military might. and so i would not suggest that my approach is only to use one tool, but instead to use all the tools of soft power and hard power as necessary to protect the interests of the united
10:34 pm
states and to secure our legitimate and serious security priorities. >> is there a way to sort of define it, and maybe not, how far do we go? some people feel we shouldn't be involved in a lot of conflicts around the world. where do you draw the line? when is it appropriate for us to get involved whether diplomatically or money or how do you draw the line, big picture? >> the line of greatest significance is the kinetic line, the line of military involvement. and a decision to send american troops into battle is a decision which would have to pass a very high hurdle. this is not something you do lightly. that hurdle would include being very clear that there is a very significant u.s. security interest at stake, that there is a very clear mission described, that that mission would have been communicated not just to the troops but to the american people and we would know how to determine whether our mission had been successful or not when
10:35 pm
it was completed. that we would have a plan for what happened after our mission was complete and what would be the state of the nation or the conflict area after our mission was complete. and that we would provide all of the resources necessary to make sure that our troops and our resources were able to meet that objective and safety and to the extent humanly possible. so that's a very high hurdle. and i can't tell you as a general rule when you would apply those resources, but i can tell you all those elements would have to be in place. >> you met with president peres here, prime minister netanyahu. you didn't meet with president mahmoud. any reason? >> i'll be meeting with the prime minister, mr. fiad and i have met with him in the a. this will be our third meeting. i respect him and respect leaders in this region. and i look forward to having an exchange of ideas and a briefing
10:36 pm
from him. >> europe is an economic mess, and it is contagious. does that have an impact on us at home? do you foresee any improvement in europe's economic situation in the near future, and by the near future i mean the next six or eight monthings? >> i expect that within the next six or eight months we will have greater clarity as to what direction europe is going to pursue. the status quo is one that is two turbulent, and there's going to have to be greater clarity with regard to the resolution in greece, how spain will ultimately shake out. i know i have my own views in this regard. i don't know that i am in a position to try to tell the europeans how to manage the european union. >> except whatever they do does have an impact on us. it is not like we can just watch them. we are interconnected, whether we like it or not. >> many people who have looked at the setting feel as i do, that europe either needs to have
10:37 pm
a more centralized series of policies with regard to their fiscal policy as one course, or instead you will see more of a disintegration of the respective directions of the various nations within the e. u.." there are too packets that can be taken, either greater unity and a central direction and the other is to go back toward more of a national sovereign-oriented policies. i think the current uncertainty as to which way europe will go is something which will be resolved over the next six months and perhaps the earlier side of that. >> and i know you won't tell me who you are choosing as your running mate. can you give me a tease or hint when it will be made. >> it will be done either at or before the convention. >> oh, that's helpful. real helpful. have you made up your mind yet? >> i have not made a final decision. >> 90 or 40 -- >> no percentages. >> as to how closure to making a
10:38 pm
decision. >> no, i'm sorry. nothing on the vp front. >> i tried. thank you, sir. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> up nexus railly president shimon peres. he said iran is right now the great he have menace to humanity. what does he think should be done about iran and when you will hear from the israeli president. that's next. and a new unusual tv channel. why are all the women in front of and behind the cameras wearing availables? wearing availables? you have to he [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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opens up the job market for the women who wear veils but not everyone agrees the channel will be good for women. some say it is a step backward for women's empowerment after the advances of the arab spring. what do you think? is it empowering or a step backward in go to and tell us. we are back in two. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet?
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>> this is a fox news alert word in from los angeles the celebrated writer gore vigal has died. a family member tells us he passed away at his home from complications from pneumonia. he is best remembered for burrr and myra breakenridge. he even dabbled in film. he was 86 years old. a dangerous situation in parts of metropolitan phoenix. severe flooding washing cars away in maricopa county. rescue crews working late, trying to reach the people trapped inside. the area pounded with 1 1/2 inches of rain in just 40 minutes, the storm injuring at least two people. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with grettasm thanks for watching fox. check us out online,
10:44 pm >> israeli president shimon peres calling iran the greatest menace to humanity. he warns iran is not just a danger to israel but to the rest of the world too. we spoke to him while we were in israel. >> mr. president, nice to see you, sir. >> nice seeing you. >> mr. president, i want to talk to you about middle east politics. but first i want to ask you, you have a facebook page. >> right. >> how come? >> well, i'm admiring the young generation, and that's the way to converse with them. it used to be the people of the book, but i discovered right now people of the facebook. everybody is facing each other. and it's a pleasure because you get in contact with many people that otherwise you wouldn't have known about them i think. and it's very lively.
10:45 pm
>> it's interesting how the facebook social media has had an impact even on revolutions. look what happened in egypt. >> right. they created the revolution without firing a single bullet, without killing a single man. it was great. it's great. and we have to understand that we are living in a new age maybe with old feelings and maybe with an old administration. so we have to change the world because the world is already changed. >> let me ask you about iran. is that ever going to resolve? when you have a situation where this country, israel, is so small, threatened by ahmadinejad, and everyone wonders whether they have nuclear weapons or are close to it. where do you see this going?
10:46 pm
>> don't judge israel by our size. judge iran about danger. there's -- they are endangering the rest of the world. why? the age of colonialism, of dominance. iran is the single country that wants to eliminate the middle east against the will of the local people here. and it's out of the present state of the world. then they are the center, they kill people, hang people, and terror other plays and then they are trying to build a nuclear bomb. they are spending a lot of money on missiles that can reach everyplace on earth. iran should be judged by the
10:47 pm
size of the danger that it creates, not israel by the size of the target we are. >> well, how long can israel wait? how long should israel wait? how long can the rest of the world wait? >> not very much. the rest of the world, headed by the united states, would like to convince iran to stop it. to stop becoming the greatest menace. and rightly the united states would like to try to achieve it without using firearms, without war. and sanctions were introduced. and the iranian prospects and the iranian intentions, including the chinese. if it will work it will be the best thing.
10:48 pm
if not, there is no other way but to stop it by other means. >> do you have any sense of optimism that the sanctions are working? >> there are places where sanctions have worked and places they didn't work. and then i'm not sure that we know exactly what is taking place in iran. we have general impressions. but they are a culture. they have business and they have to make a living. they have to educate children. and there is no doubt that the sanctions have already gun, they are an impact. how long can they take it? i don't know. >> do you have any element of concern or even alarm over what's happening in egypt? egypt has been the stabilizing force for israel in the arab
10:49 pm
world. with the new president are you worried about what is going to happen if egypt versus israel? >> well, depends upon the policy. the present government would like to keep the peace with israel and israel clearly would like to keep the peace with egypt. and there is a respect as a result of the elections. but the results of the elections are not the only story. the problem is will the egyptian government be able to escape egypt from an economic problems? the problem of egypt is poverty more than anything else. look, it cannot be done, in my judgment, just by foreign aid. if they want to escape the poverty, it must be an egyptian decision, an egyptian choice, and an egyptian implementation.
10:50 pm
>> one last question. how closely are you watching the american presidential election? >> very close. and it's very close. >> indeed, it is. and we are watching it closely, too. >> sure. >> well, i went through many elections and my impression usually from the elections i went through is only in the last two weeks with it is -- and then you know the results. >> mr. president, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> nice talking to you. >> nights talking to you. >> we have much more with the israeli president. you can see our entire interview online at greta straight ahead, are we expecting heavy rain? a man just built an arc rivaled by noah. why did he do it? that's next. and make way for snoop lion. who is happy birthday!
10:51 pm
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>> you have seen our top stories but here's the best of the rest. his name is not knowa, but he just built an arc of biblical proportions literally. that's right. a dutch building contractor has built a giant wooden arc. why? he said he had a dream that holland would be flooded so he decided to build a 450-foot arc. he even used the same dimensions as noah's arc in the bible. there's one difference, these animals are plastic except for a few live birds. and a wallace is making quite a flash dancing to michael jackson's song "smooth criminal." ♪. >> dancing animal is a
10:55 pm
sensation. the crowd goes wild. and the wrapper known as snoop dogg has a new name. he's now going by nap lion. why? he said he's tired of hip-hop. he said during a trip to jamaica he was born again and connected with marley's spirit. he is now going rag guy. he didn't explain the switch from dog to lie i don't know but it may be a reference to a jay make can religious symbol and there you have it, the best of the rest. one last call before we turn down the lights. an unexpected problem pops up at the olympics. what is it? and what is ♪ ♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow
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10:59 pm
it. looks like the organizers runninglympics are running into a big problem. it has to do with empty seats. here is conan o'brien. >> you heard about this problem. olympic organizers reportedly struggling to fill rows and rows of empty seats. empty seats. yesterday, officials put out a casting call asking for 200 europeans or 8 americans. >> greta: that is your last call. lights ever blinking and we are


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