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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 1, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. it is wednesday august the 1st. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> top five stories making news at this hour. a major victory for the tea party in texas. crews bringing out a strong win to capture the republican senate nomination. he calls his victory a win for many groups. >> tonight is a victory for the
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grass-roots. it is a testament to republican women, to tea party leaders and a grass-roots conservative. >> stick around because ted cruise will be on fox and friends to talk about that win. let's talk about arizona. a thunderstorm dumping several inches of rain and hail trapping people inside their vehicle. this is one of the rescues that took place late last night. crews bringing nine people to safety including an infant. no one was hurt. in the meantime the high water flooding highways and neighborhoods there. the wind gusts reaching 70 miles an hour. crisis diverted in washington at least for now. lawmakers reaching a tentative deal to avoid the threat of a government shut down before the election. the stopgap measure would keep
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the government. running through march. the vote set for september before the new fiscal year begins in october. a united airlines jumbo jet headed to switzerland diverts to boston escorted by fighter jets. this after a flight attendant noticed something unusual. she found a camera stuck in the pocket of an empty seat. all 150 passengers were taken off the plane. the camera was inspected it belonged to a person from a previous flight. >> michael phelps swimming into olympic history. >> no one has won more. >> look at his mom crying there. >> phelps is now the most decorated olympian of all time. you see that.
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she is so excited and proud of her son. he won a record 19 medals in the 4 by 200 relay. it is his 15th gold medal. 6 more than any one else. phelps has said this is his last olympics. >> that's the way to end on top. >> president obama will fly into a real lol cal store. he's campaigning in ohio. get this. he is landing at an air base that will likely be shut down because of a defense cut. peter doocy is live from washington. seems like the white house didn't realize what was going on out there. >> some aren't happy with the president who is scheduled to land out there. the local newspaper reporting in the 2013 budget mansfield international guard base would be effectively shut down aund more than 800 jobs 350 full-time jobs woulde lost.
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yesterday afternoon the white house spokesman wasn't aware of that. >> in mansfield the local paper is reporting if president obama has his way the air force would be one of the final flights into the man'sfield airport because the president wants to do away with the mission for the 800 guards man at the man'sfield. >> i am not aware of that particular issue in terms of why is he going to ohio. >> the president has tried to find a mission for the guard base. white house is having tough time with questions at the briefing. mitt romney hasn't been having an easy time with the media either. the reality is covering for president obama that's why so many reporters are covering what
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they call gaffes in the foreign trip. >> i realize there will be some in which ever state who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geo politics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in afghanistan today, to a nuclearzation iran other than trying to find anything else to divert from the fact that these last four years have been tough years for our country. >> it's worth pointing out that was the first and only time mitt romney criticized president obama while he was on foreign soil. heather, back to you. peter doocy in washington thank you so much. now time for look who's talking. the fast and furious investigation found that five employees at the atf are
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responsible for that botched operation. >> darrel issa was one of the authors of the report. he was also leading the probe into what led to brian terry's death. ice saw was on the record talking about those findings specifically if it proves that wrong doings did not include attorney general eric holder. >> as far as we know it wasn't something where he put time or energy into it, he didn't read the briefings and wasn't involved. brewer and a lot of people-low him allowed others to do things. >> you make no allegation of a coverup. >> that will come later. you have no question in your mind at some pointer rick holder became part of the cover up.
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>> i have no information. >> yes you do. there were 10 months between when american people were lied to and it was retracted. everybody who either knew it was a lie when it was told to us or became aware it was a lie during ten months. when you discover a crime has been committed and congress has been lied to under oath and in writing you don't sit there and wait for somebody to correct it. >> he asked for the latest on contempt position of attorney general. the council has taken a lead on this but it has taken a few weeks to put together. also two other reports expected to come out. >> time for the first degree weather update from maria molina. they start school today 110 degrees for those kids. >> that is not a good
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combination today. as we head into tomorrow and the end of the week on friday we are expecting more heat out there. a lot of sunshine and generally dry weather. that isn't helping out the dry conditions lingering across parts of the upper mississippi valley in the plains and down to the south. record high temperatures being set. take a look at kansas 112 degrees. arkansas 111 degrees with your high temperature today. tulsa, oklahoma extremely hot temperatures out there. when you add in the humidity it feels hotter. a scorcher in the plains from dallas to san antonio. as we head eastward low 80s across parts of the northeast upper 70s for new england. new york city 81 degrees. otherwise again as when heed into the next several days we
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expect more hot temperatures across the plains 111 by tomorrow ine you just mentioned and 109 by friday. expecting more hot temperatures and generally dry weather out there across the plains. showers across new england and parts of the northeast into parts of the carolinas. it will be later on this afternoon and evening that we are expecting heavier storms to come on through. otherwise dry in oklahoma. you mentioned the story ainsley and heather how there was flooding in arizona. we are expecting more showers and storms to roll on through that state and the rest of the rockies as we head into the afternoon and evening. oo could get flash flooding if we get too much rain. >> if you are feeling a little stressed maybe the best thing you can do is stim pimply crack smile. there's a new study out that may play a part in lowering your heart rate.
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>> i think we can handle that. researchers are using chop sticks manipulating faces into a neutral expression a standard smile or the duschene smile where the mouth and the imus els are used. >> never heard that before. >> it's called the duschene smile. >> they found with the duschene smile folks were the most relaxed. those told to smile had a lower heart rate than those with neutral expressions. the top six felt better than those who didn't smile. smile with your eyes apparently. what do you think? how do you get rid of the stress in your life? do you simply smile? send us your comments. tweet them to us at fox friends first or shat us an -- shoot us an e-mail. we will read those later in the show. sean hannity takes on the former chief economic advisor on
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the rising deficit. >> he got his budgets passed the stim bus passed the healthcare bill passed and we still have trillion dollar deficits. he fails. >> the fireworks did not end there. remember the needles found in sandwiches on a delta flight? this has happened again. we will tell you where. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do.
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you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> the house sending a strong message to workers pay your taxes or lose your job. the tax act is aimed at 90,000 workers who owe the government about a billion dollars in taxes from 2010. also this family and friends remembering the author vadal. he died from complications of pneumonia. an author a play right a commentator and had been sick for some time. best selling lovelies include lincoln he wrote broadway hits and television dramas.
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he was 86 years old. syringes have been heated on hannity when things went head to head with obama. the president had nancy pelosi in the house and harry reid in the senate. he got his budgets passed and stimulus passed and healthcare bill passed and we still have trillion dollar deficits. wait a minute. he failed. we have fewer americans working today and 5 trillion in debt and you are going to tell the american people that's a success? >> you are trying to switch it around. >> got to focus here. >> your first charge is that the president said he would cut the deficit in half and he didn't. i remind you -- >> he promised he failed. >> no. it was off of the $1.3 trillion deficit that he was left with as -- >> i pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of the first
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term our budget puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade. >> look, shawn, the budget he proposed would do that. >> goes on to say both parties knew the country would continue to have large deficits because of the tax cut. >> never mind that spending there just the tax cuts. the testimony continues. in drew peterson's murder trial in the state of illinois. really tense moments between the opposing sides and nearly ended in a mistrial. mike tobin has been following us. >> a real lady killer is the picture they are trying to paint. he is accused of killing his third wife kathleen sabio. the prosecution faces an uphill battle. >> the prosecution laid out a circumstantial case meaning there's no direct evidence. >> sabio's death was ruled an
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accident until drew peterson's 4th wife went missing. he told authorities he was counting stacy peterson and had information about his death. she was exhumed a second autopsy determined she was murdered. they insist sabio died when she hit her head and drowned in the bathtub. >> we are ready to get started today and stop from trying to frame drew for an accident. the defense scolded by the judge when peterson's attorney became opening statements withdrew peterson's life history. the trial screeching to a halt when prosecution started mentioning claims peterson tried to hire a hit man. they will use illinois's here say law which will allow sabio to testify from the grave because family and friends will be able to tell the jury sabio told them that peterson threatened to kill her. in illinois mike tobin, fox news.
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today on "fox & friends" judge jeanine pirro will be live at 8:00 a.m. with more on the trial. she has been covering this from day one. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a rough landing for this united airlines strike as a bird strike literally rips through the airplane. huge hold up on the plane. mistletoe can do wonders for your heart. >> let's look at this morning's prices at the pump. national average 3.52 a gallon. co ♪
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>> welcome back. 21 after the hour. quick headlines for you. remember this kneeleds found in sandwiches on a delta flight? guess what? it happened again. a sowing needle reportedly found in a sandwich on a canada flight to toronto. immediately after it was found they are working to make sure it doesn't happen again. in phoenix ooze as a huge storm knocking out power for 900,000 people and shutting down the airport for 7 hours there. thank you so much. you may not know this but there are little changes you can make to your diet to help prevent some of the most deadly diseases. dr. mark seigel is part of our medical a team and is here to break it down for us. so many people suffer from diabetes. good morning. how can we help prevent this?
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>> this is a really important trick. i think everybody should do this especially diabetics. no sugar but replace your sugar with fiber. more fruit, more vegetables more grains. the more of that you eat the less the sugar gets absorbed. gets absorbed downstream further april long in the intestines sugar is lower. >> all of the sugar we consume can lead to diabetes. >> it can cause you to gain weight and then lead to diabetes. >> a lot of people suffer from heart problems. aspirin before bed a good idea? >> 70 percent occur in the early morning. at this don't want viewers out there to take aspirin after they watch this. it is mostly for people over 50 who are at high risk. there's also the risk of bleeding with aspirin. i don't endorse it across the board. >> make sure you talk to your
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doctor. we have all been touched by cancer in one way or another. grape seed extract can help prevent that. >> we love grape seeds. the seeds have antioxidants which have anti cancer properties. not proven yet. we need more studies. it is one of those wives tales. >> i am always suspicious of the fda approved supplements are we talking about those? >> you have could be tearful. i want doctors to be involved with this. people think oh this is different from medication but some ahave the same properties. >> strokes you say a lot of fruits and vegetables can help prevent that. >> white fruits and vegetables. talking about bear pears, apples. the vegetable mushrooms it has been around for millions of years. it has antioxidants in it
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vitamin d 2 in it this study was pretty profound. 50 percent of reduction in folks that ate white fruits and vegetables. >> i also hear mushrooms can hold off colds. >> it builds up your immune system. exactly the point you make. >> what about the mistletoe extract? >> mistletoe extract outside of standing under a mistletoe. it is a pair sitic plant. it latches on to trees. they used to use it to prevent chancer. we are talking about lowering blood pressure or decreasing salt for people who eat too much salt. i have a problem with mistletoe because it's also a poisonous plant no matter how much you dilute it i am concerned a physician should be involved. i don't want people to go taking mistletoe it has a lot of therapeutic properties anti cancer and lowering blood
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pressure. >> also poisonous to pets. >> there's good things but also bad things. >> doctor, thank you so much. it is 25 minutes after the hour. it sounds like a scene right out of the movie "jaws"." >> what's the problem? >> a shark attack. he's bleeding. we need 911. the newly released 911 calls from the frantic moments after the shark attack off . >> why did this go terribly wrong? this baseball fan didn't strike out all together. >> remember this hit out there 1981 ntz launch. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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>> i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 30 minutes to the top of the hour. despite scores of protests of people fighting for their religious freedom the controversial contraception mandate goes into effect today. it forces them to cover contraception from the first dollar. many say it will force them to go against their religious belief. holding an event called the day religious freedom died. >> justice department making another attempt to prevent florida from removing eligible voter from the voter rolls. they have a lawsuit claiming the state failed to get approval from the department and thus violates the voting rights act. florida says it is perfectly legal and will use homeland security citizenship data to
2:31 am
ensure noncitizens are not allowed to vote. newly released 911 calls reveal frantic moments after a shark attacks a surfer off of cape cod. >> christopher meyers is recovering in a local hospital. this incident the first confirmed great white shark attack in massachusetts since 1936. it is actually open today. a scare in the skies a bird punching this whole look how big it is right through the nose of a united airlines plane as it ascended into the airport.
2:32 am
when it hit the bird in the sky the plane's pilot was aware of the strike. it landed safely. thankfully no one was injured, heather. a marriage proposal at wrigley field not going quite as planned. a guy decided to ask a girlfriend to maurry him but there was one problem she missed the jumbotron. she was on a beer run. that happens a lot at wrigley field. she missed it she eventually returned to the seat he got down on one knee and popped the big question. the lady said yes. >> she is a beer drinker. got the priorities in order. >> that's your top 5 at 5:30. >> no shame for the gsa. they are hosting a conference at the opreland hotel in nashville as the house prepares for a hearing on the wasteful spending. doug luzader is live with more. good morning.
2:33 am
they have already been taught after an over the top las vegas conference. now the gsa may be at it again. we all remember that image of the guy in the bathtub, the top gsa administrator living it up on the government's dime. the gsa conference is now underway. it has its own government web site saying the program is designed in part to prevent misuse and fraud. a florida republican congressman john micah said this may be just the tip of the iceberg. >> i hate to tell you this but the number i have is 77 conferences we have to look at. we have our investigators on it right now. we have heard about two and they
2:34 am
are absolutely apaulling. >> the gsa is supposed to save money by securing office space supplies and equipment for other agencies. they promised to clamp down on wasteful spending. the timing for the gsa could not be worse. there is a congressional hearing today to examine the spending habits. the usa doled out another $30 million of employee bonuses last year we didn't even know about. back to you guys in new york. thank you, doug. sarah palin also talking this morning about the republican convention. >> former president bill clinton is going to be the big headliner. a lot of people want to know will sarah palin be on tap for the grand old party? >> i think there has been a lot of back and forth with the inside baseball type dialogue
2:35 am
about who is invited who is speaking. we have left it in their hands about a week ago we were approached asking if we were interested, if i was interested. of course there's some interest there but we want to know more details what they have in mind and we haven't heard back. like newt gingrich like dick cheney like george bush others who aren't going as participants of speakers, i think we have all had kind of a common attitude about what the rnc, what that machine is. i try to perpetuate this go around in the convention. that's perhaps new people being able to get us there and speak to participants and really rally support for the gop nominee to get the country back on the right track via replacing president owe bam maup and his fa -- obama and policies in november. >> sounds like she may not be going. >> let's get the first degree weather update from maria
2:36 am
molina. hi there maria. >> hi there. it is a scorcher across parts of the central plains. kansas, oklahoma, parts of arkansas we have been talking about them for weeks now. temperatures well into the 90s and triple digits up to 112 degrees were reached over parts of kansas. we are expecting more triple dig get high temperatures. you are also going to be seeing strong storms riding over the high pressure producing the heat over the plains. some strong storms as we head out later on this evening. over parts of the corockies we e expecting more storms to fire up. that will be later on today into the afternoon hours. we already have light showers pushing through portions of the northeast. isolated stuff i don't think your morning commute will be impacted by some of these storms except for areas east of washington, d.c. and baltimore.
2:37 am
eastern part of the carolinas dealing with heavy downpours this morning. light in the rockies and heavier stuff later on this afternoon. it is time to entertain this. tom cruise and a new york state of mind. the star is looking to rent this $13 million mansion so he could be closer to his daughter. suri is living in manhattan with her mom katie holmes. >> the oscar winner shoved a female bartender on bush bonn street. if they catch up with him he will be busted for misdemeanor battery. >> the top spot on vanity fair will go to kate middleton. the dutches is on the list for the third year in a row even her brother, brother in law prince harry made the cut as well.
2:38 am
time for a look at the roundup. sports stories making headlines at this hour. the u.s. taking home more gold at the olympics. the women's gymnastic team winning its first olympic title since 1996. the team not botching a single routine. all but three scores were 15 or higher. more records broken and more suspicious of cheating in olympics. ye broke the record she set on the semis by 18 seconds. and the medal count the u.s. and china tieing with 23 medals total. china 13 gold, u.s. with 9, france, north korea rounding out the top 5. >> glued to the tv with michael
2:39 am
phelps winning and the girls doing so well. good day. >> 38 after the hour. coming up served our country protected our freedom. >> last chance to answer the study of the day. cracking a smile may be the best way to reduce the stress. we want to know this, what do you do to get rid of stress in your life? do you simply smile? e-mail is coming up next. happy hdbirtay!
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oo we begin in pakistan where a brand new report finds al qaeda still a troubling threat to the u.s. despite the loss to the leaders it is gaining capabilities in the country. the terror group is taking control in the ararian peninsula. power finally up and running again after the worst blackout in history. at least 620 million people left in the dark there when three power grids collapsed. they are ordering an investigation to figure out the cause. >> they are planning a mission to the moon in 2013. we this send an unmanned rocket to do surveys on the moon's surface. it will be the first crash to land on the moon since the 70s. >> both parties not budging on the deadline. that could end up meaning a tax
2:43 am
hike for everyone. fox business rick edison explains from washington. it is difficult to resolve differences on taxes especially when lawmakers cannot agree on tax increase and tax cuts. if congress does nothing taxes increase almost across the board. they want to expend most of the current income rate while allowing tax increase earning 250,000 dollar as year. democrats insist a middle class tax cut. >> every tax payer would receive a tax cut if we extend the middle income tax. >> republicans want to extend all rates for a year and argue anything less is simply a tax increase. >> democrats would risk putting the country into a recession unless they can force congress to vote on the tax increases it would fall on the people.
2:44 am
>> it will likely pass in the republicans. they work out the policy definition differences after the election. >> it is a fight going on for years. getting the run around from the department of veteran's affairs. lauren cohn had this story. >> raymond is 86 years old a world war ii veteran. 10 months ago his daughter had him move to a private facility. that was the first time she filed for assistant from the department of veteran's affairs. >> i have never dealt with anything so frustrating where you can't get anywhere you can't get a resolution you can't get an answer. >> she filled out the necessary paperwork in october of 2011. every time she calls about her father's pension aid and attendant's care she was told the papers had been loss she had
2:45 am
to refile. she did month after month. she got doylestown to file on her behalf. >> they owe us 17,900 dollars. >> according to laurie her father is entitled to $1,700 a month. in april she contacted congressman mike fitzpatrick's office for assistance. still getting the run around in july from the department of veteran's affairs she turned to fox 29. >> we have been trying to get answers for the family. i contacted congressman fitzpatri fitzpatrick's office along with the veterans affairs in washington. >> 13 months seems to be the average time for a philadelphia va claim to be processed. as far as i am concerned that's 13 months too long. >> congressman fitzpatrick handles claims much faster than philadelphia. his office received dozens of similar complaints. >> we are not going to rest until ramona receives the
2:46 am
disability award he is due. >> they released this statement to fox 29. the department of veteran's affairs is commit to do making sure veterans and families receive the benefits they have earned. we are looking into the specifics of the claims and will be reaching out to the family. >> i was told they would take care of vets, and after this process and what i have been through i am not sure they can take care of their vets any more. earlier in the show we asked you to weigh in on this. what do you do to get rid of the stress in your life, do you simply smile? howard e-mailed us saying praifr ry day. >> rc e-mailed us saying if you are with someone exchange things you are thankful for. >> lynn e-mailed us when i come
2:47 am
home from work i sit on the couch my dog jumps up on my lap. this immediately lowers my stress and i relax. >> that is actually medically proven, too. thank you to everyone who responded and keep your comments coming. >> i like those. >> it is 15 minutes before the hour. eating ice like it's candy? is this one normal or is it considered not. dr. ab low is going to tell us about it. >> they say there's no place like home. it turns out it's true. a new report showing more and more kids are not leighing the nes -- are not leaving the nest. >> steve doocy has what's coming up on fox and friends. >> what i found with my children they will leave the nest if you stop giving them food. >> or money. >> the money never does seem to dry up. dave ramsey will be joining us to talk about how the husband and wife who budget together stay together. if you have money keeping it
2:48 am
from each other that's a nonstarter. ted cruise won a big win in the great state of texas the tea party favorite will be joining us live. did you hear about this, the president of the united states is going to be going to ohio today. he will be flying into an air force base athat is scheduled t be closed. jay carney was asked about it yesterday. didn't seem to know about it. talk about gasp. we will. straight ahead fox and friends starts off in 10 minutes.
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it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> good morning. it is 9 minutes before the hour. there's no place like home,
2:52 am
right? a new study showing a dramatic rise in the number of adults who are still living with their parents. a study finds the number of adults ages 20-34 living at home has surged from 17 percent in 1980 to 20 percent. that's a total of 43 percent of people living at home who are under the age of 25. say good-bye to hotmail. they are planning to phase that out and replace it with a new outlook e-mail service. microsoft says hotmail has lost ground to google andrea hue and social media in recent years. ainsley let's head over to you. >> it is the question we ask ourselves from time to time. die know if we are normal or nuts. we are answering e-mails you sent in to fox. it's psychiatrist dr. keith ablow. good morning. >> good morning. >> the lady says i crave ice and
2:53 am
i eat it like candy. my husband tells me to just drink some water. but i want ice. i read it could be a symptom of anemia. if not am i normal or nuts? >> listen, here's what i am going to say. normal pending lab tests. why normal? there are people with anemia crave ice. they tend to have pain in their mouth. it might taste different because of the physiological changes that anemia causes in your body. now there are other people who crave eating things like dirt that's called pica and that would be ka called nuts. >> maybe this lady is in labor and doesn't know it. >> happy circumstance. >> i know imitation is a sincere form of flat rebut it's getting out of control with my sister-in-law. she buys the same clothes as me cuts her hair the same way and just bought an identical car.
2:54 am
>> i could have worn a yellow dress in the spirit of the question. she is nuts because she doesn't have an internal self. she is looking for anything to imitate. i am saying this woman should paint her car a different color. it will help her sister-in-law she can move on. >> her sister-in-law will never leave the house. >> my work increase due to layoffs. when i get home i want to raid the drfridge and watch tv. i have no time for family friends or hobbies. do i need a they'rrapistherapis? >> number one, normal you need to reharicharge and you need a therapist. energy life is changing work is changing, maybe you don't even love your job. maybe that's why you feel like that. it's great like going to the gym for your mind. i bet we are seeing more and more of this. >> if you are vulnerable to
2:55 am
depression people precipitate it. >> it ends up not increasing your energy level not engaging you. it drags you out of yourself. it's like chasing your tail. >> thank you for being with us. make sure to e-mail dr. ab low your questions at coming up, seems like a trick, a cartoon character would use but it's actually a common practice. the fishermen they tried it and it went hoarily wro -- horribly. can you figure this one out? stick around for the answer.
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>> good morning. eyes about two minutes before the hour as we take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly. the american bald eagle is flying free once again. it was released back in the wild in the state of wisconsin. a month after its recovery it was hit by a pickup truck. next the bad. the olympics could cost american companies more than $606 million
2:59 am
because blow he's are watching them online rather than getting their work done. 43% of the workers plan to watch the action at their office. and finally, the ugly. >> whoa! >> oh, my. here's what happened. two fishermen in russia decided to use some grenades to catch their fish. apparently this is a common practice there. who knew. one exploded early, knocking the men off their feet. they weren't hurt. the video has been viewed more than 100,000 times since monday. now about what the shrapnel? that must not taste good. >> and brian is here to help us out. >> why do we keep having to bail you out every day? you never do this on your own. >> because you are smarter than we are. you are more awake than we are. >> do you have a hint? >> it was something we had in the hour. >> that's what you will tell


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