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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 2, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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it's right out and the left has ignored it, in the same way they have ignored the violence of the real occupy wall street. >> sean: i am very appreciative that there are different voices in hollywood. thanks for being with us. greta's next. see you tomorrow. >> greta: tonight -- put up or shut up. that's what governor mitt romney is telling senator harry reid and that showdown is rough. the mud slinging is just getting started. hear from the combatants straight ahead. who is the smart choice for runningmate? dick morris will tell us. and eric cantor is here, what is happening with the extension of the tax cut? did it hit the wall? what does it mean to you? leader kantor will tell you. right now, former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld is swinging, saying congress is failing to do its job. why? we spoke with the secretary rumsfeld earlier today.
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mr. secretary, nice to see you, sir. good to be with you. >> greta: big fight over sequestration. what do you think? i think it's mindless. the idea of sequestering that amount of many hundreds of billions of dollars is fundamentally wrong. it's poor government. and if it does fall the way it looks like it could, and it hits the department of defense, it would be a monumental mistake. >> greta: you may monumental mistake,ed about government. it was agreed to by both parties a year ago. were they relinquishing their obligation to the people, being lazy? how do you describe it? everyone knew this day would come. >> sure t. hasn't come, though. it's close. but it isn't there yet. what they did was kick the can down the road, not very well or very far. they haven't performed their cpms in the congress of the united states, to pass
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responsible budgets that are thoughtful and intended. this is a stop-gap excuse for a fail tower do their job. >> greta: you know, how does it differ -- you used to be in congress. has congress changed? or is this congress and the president like to kick things down the road a little bit? >> well, there is a pattern in the country, if you can't solve a problem, create a commission. if you can't solve a problem kick the can down the road. that's not good. i think government and politics have changed, partly because of television in the early days, they didn't have television because of gerrymandering and the house of representas. today, a republican, the seats are so solid in general for republicans or democrats, that a republican doesn't have to worry about a democrat competing. they have to worry more about someone from the right, a democrat doesn't have to worry about a democrat competing, they have to worry about someone from
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the left. so the pressure is to polarize things. and television has that effect and money. if you are if you have to raise that amount of money to stay in office, people devote a large amount of time to raising money. the way you raise money is to be on television and to be seen and to be noticed. and to do that, generally, have you to say something that's dramatic. you know, if it bleeds, it leads. have you to say something that gets -- grabs attention. and so you find the people behaving in a way that is designed to grab attention so they can raise money and perpetuate themselves in office. >> greta: all right f. sequestration is resolved, if there's a deal that's met, is there a harm in the long delay going on for essentially a year? does that uncertainty have a cost on our -- on our ability to plan for a military? >> yes. it does. we have made the mistake, after
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world war ii -- nam, korea, you name it -- the end of the cold war, we have peared back dramatically. it's easy to do. you can pear back in a month or six months. to build back takes years. it takes investment ttakes time. it takes training people. the thing that worries me the most about today is the projection of america as a country that's weak and behaving in a way that is not going to be good for our future. if you cannot have that kind of debt and those kines of deficits and not spend a signal to the world that we are behaving a lot like europe and that is not a model that works. you can't be cutting a half trillion dollars out of the defense budget and have sequestration come along with the possibility of another travel a trillion dollars and not recognize that you are telling the world america is pulling back, that america's not
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going a contributor for peace and stability in the world. and the question is, well, who is? what kindry is going to step in? vacuums get filled. >> greta: which brings up iran and israel insists and many say that iran is marching towards nuclear weapons. secretary panetta was in israel, mitt romney was just in israel. netanyahu says the sanks have had an effect on the economy of iran, but not the desire or progress toward nuclear weapon. where do you think the iran issue is headed? >> i think the prime minister of israel, netanyahu, is probably correct. their intelligence on iran is excellent. sanctions tend not to work very well over a long period of time. and they do have the effect, tending to damage and hurt the people as opposed to the government. it's the people and the government tend to be able to manage their affairs and go on.
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the sanctions in iraq didn't -- hurt the iraqi people, but didn't hurt saddam hussein. he kept doing what he wanted to. >> greta: we keep hearing that all options are on the table. but i have none no sense in terse of time -- >> i don't -- i have no sense of the timing. kisay this, i think any prime minister of israel who gets up and reads in the newspaper that the leadership of iran says that the israeli state should be annihilated, eradicated, incinerated, has to know that it's that prime minister's responsibility to see that that doesn't happen. >> greta: what do you recommend -- or what do you think should be the u.s. smns to that? if israel goes alone and we support them? do we say, we are with you? we are not going to vote against you in the u.n.? or do we supply military support? what do you think? >> it depends on who is in the
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white house. >> greta: if you were in the white house. >> we historically have looked at israel as a very important relationship. we have been cooperative. we have assisted them with various types of technology and weaponry. if i were in the israeli government, i don't think i would notify the united states government of any intent to do anything about iran, i should say. i think -- they their relationship with the united states is such that it conceivably could leak out of the united states government that he called and that he plans to do something on iran. my guess is, given the pattern of leaks out of the white house that, any prime minister of israel would not call the united states and give clear intentions as to what they plan to do. >> there is an article in the new york times six months ago -- i don't know where it came from, a washington story -- that said that israel probably couldn't go along. it didn't have the ability to fly to iran and destroy the bunker or the nuclear -- weapons
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area because it's under 30 feet of concrete and then make it back. that they need our help. do you think israel has the capability of going alone? >> first of all, i don't think that israel has to destroy all of iran's nuclear capability. i think what you are talking about is correct. iran is a sophisticated country. they must have multiple and deeply buried sites. i am sure the israelis -- which i don't -- what they currently have. and all the israelis need to do is to delay them. they don't need to -- you don't need to do something like that 100%. like they were able to do in iraq when they thook took out the iraqi nuclear facility. they did it pretty much 100% each case. i don't think that -- i think a
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delay is working to the real advantage. i have no idea what israel's going to do. >> greta: no. i know. that leads me to the question, how devastating the leak was that we were involved in a partnership with israel with the cyber-worm in an effort to make -- to debilitate the nuclear weapons program in iran. >> every leak out of the white house is a signal to other countries: be very careful about cooperating with the united states of america because if you do, you very likely will end up running the risk at least of compromising your country's relationship with the united states, you're compromising intelligence information that you need to defend yourself people. and as a foreign country or foreign agents, you rub the risk of compromising foreign agents. every country and every potential person we try to recruit to assist us looks at these leaks and says to themselves, that's not a
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reliable partner. >> greta: are these leaks different? washington's always been full of leaks? are the leaks that have come out recently in this white house or this administration -- i don't know where they are originate, are these leaks of any different quality or more serious or less serious or washington as usual? >> no. it's more serious. these leaks have been early and specific and damaging to our relationships. >> syria -- if you were secretary of defense or president or -- what should we do about syria? >> i think we need to be looking very carefully at who the rebels are. where they fit across the spectrum, from people who might be better than the current regime to people who might be as bad -- or worse than the current regime. and i personally believe we should be providing covert assistance to the people in that mix of rebels who we believe
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would provide a better leadership. syria and iran are linked at the hip. they are terribly damaging to our country, they support hamas, they support hezbollah. they support other terrorist organizations. they are harmful to us in iraq. they are harmful to us in afghanistan. and they are harmful in the region. and to change that regime is vastly more important than what went on in libya because of the damage that syria and iran together pose to the united states of america. >> greta: is it that easy to single out which group does what? i was in israel and they are very concerned that should the regime fall, that hezbollah will get hold of the chemical special biological weapons that a rebel group with great sympathy to hezbollah will get it. is it that easy to do -- to identify which rebels you want to help and which not? >> no. you can identify who is better
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to help... not talking about perfection against something terrible. we're talking about gradations and it is possible to identify people that would be preferable to others. on the other hand, it is impossible to determine how it will come out. because you done know what the dynamic will be. and leadership is important. support is important. assistance, intelligence, weapon and it is like. i think that... we should be providing that kind of covert assistance. and i think we should be trying to figure out who they are. but i think you have to be realistic. what -- the people that are the best organized, the most disciplined, are also probably the islamists and the muslim brotherhood and the people who are the toughest and the most brutal. and they can be a relatively small minority in the spectrum
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of people opposing the assad regime. you can have a majority of those people opposing the assad regime that are not islamic and they can still lose so you can't tell how that will turn out. >> greta: after our interview, secretary rumsfeld took us on a tour of his office t. looks like a museum of united states history with a few personal touches. >> that was a cabinet chair from the gerald r. ford administration. this is a cabinet chair from the george w. bush administration. they put your jobs on the back. they put a brass plate there and that makes me look like i couldn't hold a job. [chuckles] >> greta: you have a lot of them. this one doesn't look like it was sat in very much. >> i was traveling a lot. >> greta: you were traveling. >> this is a piece from the oval office floor. i did not lift it. it was sent to me by the president when they did redid the floor. this is henry kissinger. we were in beijing in 1974,
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after a meeting. and there's george herbert walker bush and henry kissinger with me and habib and xiaoping. i was part of the you can skeegy anniversary. this is a piece of the plane from the pentagon that i picked up there that morning and brought with me into the office. once they heard i had it in the office, iturned out it was the property of american airlines and we had to get their permission. >> greta: the day of the crash, you were in the building. did you feel it shake? >> eoh, sure, you could. we had seen two planes go into the world trade center. so when it hit the pentagon, it was clear that we had been attacked. the only question, what was it? was it a truck bomb? was it an airplane? went out and down and went to
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see what it was. picked this up and brought it back. these are pictures of the presidents. when they get together, they agree to sign so many copies for each other. and president ford sent me these. >> greta: look, there is richard nixon, he didn't sign it. >> he did. he used ink that faded. >> greta: his is faded. >> same thing here. isn't that a nice composition? that's a pulitzer prize-winning photographer from vietnam. here's our place in new mexico. this is where we live. that's our donkey, mo. we don't use fancy names in our family. there is an iraqi ballot. there is a ballot, signed by karzai. this is a missile. an interceptor, a photograph. bullet hits a bullet. it can be done. picture of a pen used to sign one of the civil rights bills in the 1960s.
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and this is a pen that was used to sign the defense appropriation bill in 1976. >> greta: this is your office? >> it is. there is my dachsunds. >> greta: names? >> chester and wrigley, named for wrigley field. hope springs eterm. we are hoping that the cubs might win a game or two, some time, don't hold your breath. you have a standing desk. >> i stand up there and work there. i have since 1960. i am now discovering that people are writing about that that is supposed to be good for you. to stand up. >> greta: tell me about central agent fellows? >> you met them. they were delighted to meet you and to visit the studio. we now have had 62. we bring them over for a period of weeks, a group of 10, twice a year. and set them up with people like you or nino scalia, or gary becker, a nobel lauriate or the
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washington post to meet and get an understanding of the united states. >> greta: i gave them "on the record" hats and they walked out to return to their countries with the hats. i thought, they looked good in them. you can see our full interview with secretary rumsfeld at straight ahead, it is a question everyone wants answered -- who will governor mitt romney choose as his runningmate? time's running out. tone, are there new clues? dick morris is here to talk about the veep states. if this were a hurricane, these winds would be a category 5 t. governor mitt romney is swinging back at harry reid. this isn't pretty. there are new developments in the latest feud, coming up n't ms four course seafood feast choose your soup salad entrée pls dessert! all just $14.99. come into red lobster and sea food differentl visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon. good through august 5th
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>> greta: it could happen at any moment, with the republican national convention approaching, governor mitt romney could pick his runningmate any time. who should he choose? who will he choose? do both questions have the same answer? dick morris is here. two very different question it's who should he pick? who will he pick? should -- i mean, who would be the best one for him? >> li think rubio is the one he should pick. there are two candidates for investment p. who could really help him -- rubio with the latino vote, particularly in colorado, new mexo and nevada. and condie rice with the female vote and his foreign policy credential. but the way these things are chosen is the vetters are very risk averse. the catastrophe of the geraldine ferraro in 72 and the difficulties with sarah palin
7:22 pm
loom very large over anyone who is vetting a v.p. and there has been a lot of speculation that there are scandals and skeletons in rubio's closet. so i decided to run them down with a really open mind. i checked them all out. i have a column on my web site -- where there is smoke, there isn't any fire. i checked them out. there is the scandal going around in south florida of a lot of congressmen named david rivera and other who is basically lived in part or with a credit card issued by the state republican party. but rubio's not involved in that. he had about 100,000 of charges that people raised questions about. he reimbursed american express for $16,000. the irs sniffed around a little bit, but didn't open an investigation -- >> greta: let -- >> the ethics commission cleared him. but the problem is that the fear of that could inhibit them from
7:23 pm
doing hathey should do, which is to pick rubio. >> greta: all right. let me go through the list. let me go back to the sarah palin thing, which i looked up recently. and four years ago, senator mccain was 6 points behind, i put it on gretawire. as soon as he picked sarah palin, he bumped up 6 and didn't go down until the financial crisis hit and he said he suspended his campaign. that was a coincidence. most people think she helped the campaign. she didn't hurt it. with rubio, many think he's great for the cuban vote, but the hispanic vote is a different demographic and he might not be as helpful. condoleezza rice may be very helpful with women. but governor rom no said he would not take anyone prochoice and she has said she is moderately pro-choice. i am not sure what that means, but that would be a hurdle. mae help with the women, but i am not sure how to get around
7:24 pm
that. that brings me to a couple of other people, i want to ask you about -- >> can i get a word in edgewise here. condie, i think that is a problem. i think he has to deal with that. sarah palin, you are exactly right. she gave mccain something nobody has given a presidential candidate -- a lead. the question of whether later she served to vote for him, i don't know. he had lost the race over t.a.r.p. with rubio, i believe that latinos would be trendously affected with all latinos. i don't think that the country of origin will be a significant -- as you indicate any more than being a caribbean black or an african black -- >> greta: let me ask you about two other possibilities. i am curious. one is congressman paul ryan, who people suggested. but here's a wild one that nobody has suggested and he has refused. but he could get the hispanic
7:25 pm
vote and that's governor jeb bush. he's been a governor. and governor romney said he wants someone who has been a governor. or with that executive experience. but he's married to a hispanic woman, born in mexico. he speaks spanish. what do you think about those two? >> neither of them would be good. jeb bush would be too close to the bush administration. it would then become a reverendoum george w. bush. we lost that in 2008 and there is no point rerunning it. i think in the future, jeb could be a good candidate. but stuff has to sippinger down. paul ryan is brilliant and i think he's wonderful. but he proposed replacing medicare with a voucher system. he has backed off that and said he would keep medicare as an option. but that would attract so much fire over that. if you don't go with condie or rubio, you are going to choose a boring white man and it might be pawlenty. it might be portman from, ohio. my personal choice among boring
7:26 pm
white men would be mcdonald, the governor of virginia because he has a tremendous record of balancing the budget and conduct spenning without raising taxes and virginia's in play -- neither of those boring white men help you win, but they don't make you lose. >> greta: of course, senator portman has the one problem for governor romney if he were to choose him. it would be taking a republican out of the senate, but it's a republican governor who might replace them -- >> ditedo with rubio. >> greta: anyway, dick, nice to see you. by the way, your web site, what is it? >> every day, i post a video on it that you can watch about the day's events. interesting. >> greta: thank you. up next, house majority leader eric cantor, time's running out. what is the latest on the fight over the bush tax cuts. eric cantor goes "on the record." harry reid, doing the unthinkable, making accusations
7:27 pm
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7:31 pm
earning less than $250,000 a year. we spoke to eric cantor earlier today. nice to see you. >> great to see you. >> greta: okay. the house has passed its bill, having to do with taxes. it goes over to the senate. i take it it's dead on arrival there? >> well, i think that that prediction will probably be a valid one. you know, gret athe reality is -- greta, the reality is, if jobs is the priority here, if that's the focus, there are two very different approaches to try to go after that goal. one, on the part of the president and harry reid, would say that you raise taxes and therefore, somehow, it will benefit all of us and you will see economic growth happen. instead, if you look at the house republican approach, which actually was supported by 19 democrats in the house, they said and agreed with us that now is know the time to raise taxes on small businesses, if you want
7:32 pm
to create jobs since they're the job engine of the country. >> greta: when i look at the numbers, though, what the president's proposed is raising taxes to fund eight days of the federal government, which leaves thirty two 57 days to deal with. on the one hand that, hardly seems like a lot to fight about. but we have huge economic problems. >> it is 8 days, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. but on the other hand, you know, it is going to make a difference, have you spoken to people, that people will stop here hiring people -- will it really make a profound impact on the wealthy? >> the folks i represent in richmond, virginia, tell me, absolutely. you raise my taxes, it is going to make my business harder. tell make the business of job creation harder. i don't think there is any question. in fact, there is an independent study that came out a couple of weeks ago when said if you raise the taxes the way that president obama and harry reid want to, it will cost 700,000 jobs.
7:33 pm
you make a good point. i mean, for what? is it all political now? are we trying to do something to help the economy grow and help the knowledge engine of jobs, which is small business people. >> >> greta: and the billionaire, it's hard to have sympathy for the billionaires. but the bulk of the people in the category of $250,000 and up -- there are a lot of people. the billionaires are not that many. >> in fact, the folks that are -- it is really individual who is pay $200 thousand and couples $250 -- >> greta: which is a marriage penalty. if you live with someone, it's $400,000. if you are married, it's $250. there is a marriage penalty. >> this is the president's proposal. if you look at that section of the population, 50% of those taxpayers get at least a quarter of their income from small businesses. the pass-through entities, the llcs. they are the job creators. the hher the income, the more
7:34 pm
jobs they create. it's really counterintutive. who would say that's the priority, if the priority is jobs? the president's policies have not indicated such. and this latest attempt to really play politics, i think is making job creation a lotted more difficult. >> greta: sequestration. where do you stand on that? >> well, sequestration's got really two elements, thria policy element and a jobs element. many of us are very concerned with the fact that even the defense secretary, mr. panetta, has said, this is going to be incredibly damaging to the pentagon and the ability to effect its mission. on the jobs fund and i come from virginia, as you know, there is a terrific impact, a negative impact in terms of jobs in our communities. virginia has historically played a huge role in the defense of this country. we are going to see tremendous job losses because you will see the pentagon have to pull back
7:35 pm
in a way that will affect our mission to defend this country. so what the house has done, we have said, we don't want the president's defense cuts to hit, so we have offered up alternatives, ways to cut the budget that will do -- make a responsible move to avoid this hit of the pentagon that the president's proposing. >> greta: let me tell what you i think might be the collective frustration. this problem began in august. the idea was, a super committee was created to make a decision by november. if it didn't, the automatic sequestration would take effect. now, nothing was done, essentially. it appears to the american people, since they were not able to reach a decision for -- i don't know, six, seven, eight mofnz. we are back into crisis mode. what did the american people gain by the deal that was cut a year ago to kick it down the road? >> well, we ended up tying to a
7:36 pm
debt ceiling increase, tying to a move to make it even worse from a fiscal standpoint, to burden the next generation and ours. we tied to that move a requirement that you have to force priorities. you have to force cuts because you can't keep digging the hole deeper. that's what we did by setting policy that was brand-new. once and for all, we said, you can't keep borrowing money without trying to fix the problem. because if you keep doing tall you are going to do is keep raising taxes and you are going to keep asking people to put their money into the problem that you never resolve. and in that way, you are not going to see economic growth. you won't see more jobs. you won't see folks getting a better confidence about themselves that the future will be better. >> greta: governor romney was just in israel, do you see any profound differences between governor romney's view of israel and iran and president obama's?
7:37 pm
>> there is no question about i have a lot of disappointment by looking at this administration's policy and its leadership or lack thereof on issues affects u.s. interest in the middle-east. vitravel to the gulf region, visited some of our arab allies this year, as well as having been in israel, last year. and the message i received from both is, they're asking, where is america? where is the leadership that we are counseling on? and i think that what you saw with governor romney's trip, as you know, governor romney went to listen. but he also, i think made a strong statement to say that america's role is to lead. and our allies count on us to lead and terms of our fight for freedom. in terms of the promotion of american interest, worldwide and if you look at any of the issues going on, whether it's iran or syria, its proxies in hezbollah and hamas, i think that you are clearly going to see a lot
7:38 pm
stronger leadership and clarity from a romney administration than in the obama administration. >> greta: sir, nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> greta: coming up, senator reid accusing governor romney of not paying taxes for 10 years. but senator reid won't name his source. tonight, third year. and move over, justin bieber. see who is giving him a run for his money, two minutes away. [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity... to experience the lexus performance line... including the gs and is. [ engines revving ] because control is the ultimate expression of power. [ revving continues ] ♪ during the golden opportunity sales event, get great values on some of our newest models. this is the pursuit of perfection. is now within your grasp
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>> greta: watch out justin debar -- bieber, the teen sensation has new competition for his hit song, baby. here's the original... [music playing] >> greta: and now an amateur singer from china is singing "baby" while he sits on a cow...
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>> greta: senator harry reid takes on governor mitt romney in 60 successes. but first, we have marianne rafferty. >> kofi annan is stepping down as the international peace enstroy syria after failing to achieve even a temporary cease-fire. he is blaming the regime for failing to cooperate and world powers for not agreeing on what to do. the white house agree, saying annan's resignation highlights russia and china's failure to take any action against the regime. in the olympics, swimming great, michael phelps, winning the 200 medley, the most decorated olympian now has 20 medals -- 16 of them lolled gold. and ryan lochte and gabby douglas winning the women's all-around title, two days after it is team captured team gold. now back to "on the record."
7:44 pm
>> greta: senate majority leader harry reid decides to barb governor mitt romney, accusing him of not paying taxes for 10 years, saying a bain capital investor told him. but he won't name who told him. and now he is not baking down, taking it one step further, to the senate floor. >> the word's out he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove he has paid taxes because he hasn't. >> greta: tonight, governor romney's firing back. [chuckles] >> well, it's time for harry to -- to put up or shut up. harry's going to have to describe who he spoke with, because, of course, that's totally and completely wrong. it is untrue, dishonesthonest ad inaccurate. it's wrong. so i am looking forward to have harry reveal his sources and we will probably find out it's the white house. >> greta: just a short time ago, senator harry reid releasing a new statement, washington
7:45 pm
examiner correspondent byron york is here. the new statement says, among other things, it is clear romney's hiding something. >> he is not baking down, still. this is a stunning development. obviously, democrats have been pushing romney on taxes. he has only released 2010 and promised to release the 2011 taxes when they are finished... in thees have been using every opportunity to push that and out of the blue, harry reid said, well, i heard he didn't pay taxes for 10 years. some people have speculated -- there has been speculation on the left that, gee, romney not releasing his taxes? maybe a year he lost a lot of money and he didn't pay any taxes. this is all just complete conjecture. and reid decided to multiply it by 10. >> greta: people criticize the court. but i'll tell you, i like the court because this is slimy. you can't use anonymous sources. he has created this anonymous source and won't identify it. if he has it, he will put up or
7:46 pm
shut up, name the source. but he won't. the media seizes upon it because they love the gossip, you know, someone sliming someone. but, you know. >> harry reid does not face condemnation in the press. and this is -- i -- this is rather stunning. actually, the most serious criticism he has gotten was from jon stewart who did a segment on "the daily show." so harry reid has shown every inication -- indication that he is just going to keep pushing this. tomorrow morning, we get the july unemployment numbers. if they're anything like what has happened in the last couple of months, that will take over the news cycle for a couple of days. >> greta: he says in a statement tonight -- we don't have the numbers yet to take over the news cycle. he has taken it one step further. he said, he is extremely credible sers. so he has one-upped it.
7:47 pm
this is what i don't get. senator harry reid is a lawyer. there has to be some sense of decency. he knows you don't start wild rumors about people. at least, i don't think so. if he has it, name the person, have the person come forward. but he knows that the media will take this and run. >> it looks like a wild rumor t. looks like a wild rumor. on the twitter, conservatives have been playing all day, accusing harry, pulling serious crime and accusing harry reid of it, and saying, let him prove it. >> greta: david axelrod tweets, he says, if mitt wants to resolve the questions about the tax returns, isn't he the one who should put up or shut up? >> harry reid is doing the dirty work for the obama campaign. president obama could never say this. i heard that mitt romney didn't pay any taxes for 10 years and let him prove it if he didn't. the president can't do that. but harry reid feels like he
7:48 pm
can. >> greta: he can because the media won't jump on it. nobody has. >> no. should governor romney release those? i mean that, would end the issue, other than it makes him cave in to an anonymous source. >> a lot of conservatives and republicans have called him for releasing more taxes. the last time this went around, bill kristol called for him to release more. national review alled -- called for him to release more. a lot of people think at some point, he is going to have to. he appears determined not to. but if we already know that he made about $20 million, almost all of it from the work he had done at bain capital, years earlier and he paid a tax rate, effectively below 15%. we already know that -- >> greta: but not illegally. you don't go to the accountant
7:49 pm
and say, i can legally pay 15%, you can find a way i can pay 35 or 45. if it were illegal, that would be completely different. but there is no suggestion he has done anything illegal. >> absolutely not. but the obama campaign is using this as a fairness issue. obviously, mitt romney said, this is an election about jobs and the economy and the president says, this is an election about fairness and trying to get the wealthy to pay their fair share. for that, mitt romney -- we already know -- >> greta: you know, i would come back if i were running the romney campaign and say, president obam ayou could have changed the tax code. you had the house and the senate and you could have changed it. >> didn't happen. >> greta: agreed. straight ahead, plenty of unfinished business, but is congress going on vacation? or did something just change their mine minds? that's coming up. ♪
7:50 pm
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>> greta: you have seen our top stories, but here's the best of the rest. a dog is being call aid hero. bell, the dog, is being honored for fine it would go girls. police and firefighters spent hours searching for the girls. but a neighbor and his chihuahua took part in the search and found them. talk about taking the plunk, a just-married couple is hitting waves in their relationship. the british couple posing for wedding photos and the groom decided to surprise the bride, throwing her into the north sea. the water was cold and choppy, but the good-natured bride kept smiling. she said her husband has always been a prankster and she is already plotting her revenge. there you have tthe best of the rest. coming up, it is that time of the year, whether you think they
7:54 pm
deserve it or not, congress takes its summer recess. but did something come up? did the house just change its plan? news from capitol hill is next. . we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at
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♪ [muc plays] ♪ [music plays]
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by what's getting done. measure commitment the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment. and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through. >> greta: house of representatives voting today not to adjourn for august recess. we've been hammering congress,
7:58 pm
and there are taxes and issues and drought relief and more, before today's vote, griff jenkins hit the ground on capitol hill. >> congressman with so much unfinished business should congress be leaving town now? >> yes. absolutely. and i don't take vacations. >> and there has been an august recess, that is a very, very important function of congress is to do that. >> we should not have unfinished business because we've had opportunity to finish it. >> we're going to stick around and stand for the constitution, and american people. when we get our work done, we can go home. >> the senate hasn't done anything all year when we've been in session. i'm not sure whether being in or out right now makes a difference. >> we've got a lot of problems there are taxes about to come into place.
7:59 pm
people want us to get get rid of obama care. we should be here. >> i don't think we should be leaving until we do everything we're doing. i was on the floor this morning and at least we're getting drought legislation. there are many things we need to be here, doing. but that is the schedule. i don't run the place. >> greta: house slot was to 65 to 150 against reset. meaning lawmakers must meet every three days but there are no votes scheduled and most lawmakers are still heading home. so was the vote just a stunt? or will work get done? the house is next scheduled to meet tomorrow morning. as for the senate, they're voting to adjourn but get this. since the house did not agree to the adjournment resolution, now, the senate has to meet several times this month as well. it's also because of an obscure constitutional rule. thank you for being with us tonight. make sure you go to greta


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