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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 2, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. keep it here on fox news channel. where should you go? greta tell us what you think about tonight's show. we'll see you. >> eric: hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: for two weeks every other year, america put ace side politics, forget about the climbing gas prices, the job report and focuses the attention on the men and women representing this fine country. the olympics, a breath of fresh air in tough times. a moment to just enjoy good old-fashioned american pride. proud we are, where scott parsons, kayaker who lives in a friend's basement to survive or any of the 17 military men and women representing like wrestler and army sergeant
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byers. we're proud. how about cancer survivors, swimmer eric shanto and beach volleyball. and swimmer missy franklin who represents a great american city living under a dark cloud right now. she comes from aurora, colorado. we're proud of these and the rest of the 500 plus americans representing red, white, blue. plenty of time for partisanship and spinning but for a few days, let's enjoy the great american heroes. what do you say? >> kimberly: i love this. it's fantastic. i love that rubio is standing up for them and introduce introducing a bill saying you don't need to tax them. they're athletes and sacrificed a tremendous amount of their childhood and lives and the family put efforts and made sacrifices as well to serve the country proudly. we're doing quite well. >> eric: it feels pretty good. bob did not talk about the gas prices, the unemployment. should be feeling good for you. >> bob: i feel great about it, because you opened with it. here is eric bolling.
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let's not confuse bad gas prices and a horrible economy. the thing i like, i watch the little things about the athletes, the stuff they have come through. the one little girl in iowa who got her entire gym flooded out, and she couldn't practice, right? so the town came in to fix it up so he is could do it. wonderful stories. one story after another. they are all individual stories. anybody who works that hard to get there, some of them were only on for eight seconds. that's it. eight seconds. >> andrea: the weightlifting. you lift up and you say they trained for years and years, hours a day. for two or three seconds. >> eric: they sacrifice their whole lifetime, they don't get paid. they're amateurs. they don't get paid. >> andrea: like college athletes. the ncaa says the same thing.
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you have can't make money i'm not in agreement with what the olympic committee is doing. the kids work hard for sponsorship and they should get allowed to be paid while over there. by the way, congratulations to may-trainer and walsh, the women's volleyball team playing together for 16 years despite may-trainer having pink eye. your favorite, the women in the skiv i haves. they overcame pink eye and advance to saturday. >> eric: look at greg. you are contemplating, you are happy about this. up next i love the olympics. it's fantastic. i could be a sponsor for a number of athletes. live with me while they train as long as they don't mind the cameras. sometimes we confuse sacrifice with discipline. they aren't sacrificing. they're training. they're undulging in a singular activity that is for themselves. the family is doing the sacrificing. it's important that they do get the money in that small
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window that they have. because there is no, you know, professional long jumpers association. this is the only time they can make money. in terms of tax nation question, you have jose feliciano who earned 19 medals. under the -- you have michael fellps who earned 19 medals, so obama should give nine and spread the wealth around. give it to hubie brown. he could use them. >> bob: we're not politicizing this, we thought. >> eric: talk about the tax rates. some of the olympic athletes will be paying on their medals. i think it's $25,000 -- there we go. $25,000 you are paid, winnings to win a gold medal. if you add the tax of that, the i.r.s. tax on that, and plus whatever the gold value in the medal you can pay $89,886. >> greg: if you have a good accountant -- let's face it. once every four years you have a good account tant and expenses for training. the government sees this as
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the price is right prize. not as a trophy. he works hard for it. it's a trophy. if i had to pay taxes for the trophy for amateur body building that i performed in home of elderly gentlemen, i wouldn't know what to do. >> kimberly: gross. >> bob: a lot of those gentlemen died prematurely. >> kimberly: really weird. >> greg: it was not my fault. >> kimberly: like "pulp fiction." >> bob: everybody who gets an award for accomplishment, whether it's the nobel peace prize or whether it's the catholic -- what is the name of the catholic award they give? $50,000 -- >> andrea: obama's nobel peace prize. did he pay tax on that? >> bob: it's income. why should it be separate from anybody else? >> eric: here's why. this is a good discussion. military people are in olympics. what about excepting them from any sport of i.r.s. tax
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burden. they risk lives for the country. disagree. it's no-brainer but i feel it should be inclusive. you should have all the athletes. i think, we have to have somebody represent us in the olympics. you know? >> bob: what about people who get cash awards for other things? >> andrea: what about sacrifice? they are sacrifices the thing we all do every day they don't get to do. but on the tax issue. okay. i don't think any olympian should have to pay taxes on the award be. clear. but think what we're doing. sitting around a table to talk about doing what washington does over and over again. create short-term fix and loophole closure to complicate the tax code more. we always do this. >> bob: it's part of a tax code. if you get benefits, you pay taxes. i don't care who you are.
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>> eric:ly get to greg. because if we stop spending in d.c., had a surplus we could except athletes. >> greg: can i make a point? this is not a huge outrage. you are not talking about a lot of money. but it's metaphor for how government works. you work really hard, they get the cut. it goes to somebody else on a couch. government punishs success. case and point. if you don't win the gold, you win the bronze, you get less, you get less of a punishment. it's like when you get a job promotion and you are looking forward to seeing it in your check and the check comes and you go it's not that great. because government took -- it's going for bronze and gold. >> bob: the award for catholics given out every year for one catholic who sacrifices an awful lot and those are taxed as well. why should that person be different than the olympics? >> eric: $9,000 for, up to $9,000 for gold medal. which would make you madder as an american paying taxes if we excepted that olympic winner
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from that $9,000 or giving $9,000 to someone sitting home, collecting welfare and pile of food stamps. >> bob: c'mon! even you can't go that low. >> eric: money is spongeable. it will cost us $9,000 -- >> bob: why should anybody else get an award have to pay taxes? you won't answer my question. >> kimberly: bob is saying the olympians should be taxed. >> bob: they should be treated like anybody else who gets award for achievement. they are taxed. >> andrea: think about the debate we're having. take this to politics, right? the tax code is not punitive. we have a president that is arguing that the tax code should penalize success. that is a exactly what this rule does. again, i can see why people are for a flat tax. we're cherry picking certain things. hold on. exempting, bob, i agree, excepting certain groups here and, there certain people if you have a good lobbyists you can get excepted. that's why, they shouldn't pay taxes. a quick fix solution for olympians and non-olympians --
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>> kimberly: we need broader-base reform. do a flat tax. >> greg: you have something on your shirt. [ laughter ] >> eric: andrea pointed out that the chinese athletes are actually, they train hard but they are also -- do we have pictures? we have pictures, right? chinese athletes are training and working out. our olympic, i ioc usoc doesn't pay our people to be professional athletes. other countries do. these are going to end up be professional athletes. >> andrea: they shouldn't. china says no, we don't sponsor the athletes. the russians started sponsoring them as p.r. stunt to show the world that socialism was a good thing. we know how that turned out. now these pictures, eric, these aren't as bad. these remind me of my gymnastics class. but there are other pictures out there on the web that show -- this is okay. >> kimberly: that one looks
11:10 pm
terrible. >> andrea: no, that looks like -- hold on. this actually looks like a typical gymnastics class. but there are other pictures throughout that show the kids looking like they have been fortureed. hard work one thing. but kids should not be having their knuckles crack. some of my coaches were pretty tough. >> eric: the point, here is the point. the u.s. olympic committee makes a ton of money. there is a lot of money coming in from the sponsorship and whatnot. the athletes don't get a penny of it. >> kimberly: unfair. >> eric: they do. >> kimberly: it's unfair. unfair >> bob: where? >> eric: most other countries. >> bob: i disagree. >> eric: you disagree that athletes in other countries are paid? >> bob: i disagree on lots of things. show me where brits pay the athletes i'll be surprised. >> greg: compare the guys to a lot of professional athletes we see who are paid a lot of money and they shoot themselveses in strip clubs, they fight pit bulls. c'mon, they're better role
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molds -- >> bob: which is why we should haven't professional basketball players playing for the basketball team. they're overpaid. >> eric: we end it on that. coming up, you knew it had to happen in a youtube era. it's a matter of time before some punc videotapes himself doing something really stupid to a chick-fil-a employee. we have the tape. gutfeld is fired up next. >> greg: grrrrr! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: i love "the who." yesterday, chick-fil-a appreciation day, a man taped himself confronting a drive-through employee. warning, what follows will fry your temples. >> this is my free water. >> awesome. you know why i get free water, right? because chick-fil-a is a hateful corporation. >> i wouldn't -- >> know. >> we don't treat any of our customers differently. >> i know. but it's money to hate groups. hate groups. i don't believe corporations should be giving money to hate groups. >> i'm uncomfortable -- >> i totally understand. i don't know how you live with yourself and work here. i don't understand. this is a horrible corporation with horrible values. you deserve better. >> we're here to serve you -- >> you deserve better. >> i hope you have a good day. >> i feel good. i feel purposeful. i'm a nice guy and totally
11:16 pm
heterosexual. >> greg: "i feel purposeful." what a d-bag. brave man. never using his name, posting the video under an alias. filming a woman without her permission, as she only tries to serve him. under the guise of tolerance we sanctioned bullying. congratulations. you become evening you have been complaining about all these years. a big, fat, stupid jerk. what a wonderful contrast. here you have a sweet, hard-working woman trying to do her job, and maintaining an amazing amount of grace. before her, a prostitute for attention. mind you, the hateful harasser stressed he was straight. does he worry that people think he is gay, as if that's an insult? maybe he did that to mask his own homophobia. in seeing this woman's poise under persecution, you got to ask: whose side are you on? it's not about gay or straight or freedom versus tyranny, it's heroes versus zeros.
11:17 pm
because when the temporary conflicts dissipate, and they always do, the only one left holding the bag is that young lady at the counter. she couldn't care less who the dope sleeps with. she does her job and will keep doing her job long after we moved on to something else. i bet that guy is still in the parking lot recording his sad and lonely commentary. >> eric: you made one of the most important points of the whole thing, why was he pointing out he was straight? >> greg: yes! was he trying to hit on her? after basically humiliating her. >> eric: worse than that, was he trying to say if he were gay was it a bad thing? is he embarrassed of someone gay? isn't that homophobic? >> greg: this poor girl is doing his have been and he comes off as a home phobe. >> andrea: he said i'm so happy with myself. if you're so happy with yourself why did he take down the video and post it anonymously. we're always taught in the restaurant business the
11:18 pm
customer is always right. i can tell you right now that girl has more self-control than i do. that would have resulted with a chicken sandwich going somewhere that may have cost me my job. >> greg: where are all the heroes for bullying? >> kimberly: i think she is a heroine. she was polite and courteous. model employee. this backfireed completely. she was perfect in how she handled this and so sweet. they couldn't have hand picked somebody if they knew he was coming to put at the window to show customer service, the attitude, the employees that work there. i thought she was spot-on. >> andrea: she should get a promotion. >> kimberly: manager! bob is playing with magnets. >> bob: here is what struck me about that. all the gays over the years who have been harassed by people, this guy to go under the guise of defending the gay movement and to do that kind of thing, which is exactly what has happened to gays through decades is to me, the
11:19 pm
worst kind of bullying. that's what gays have been bullied for a long time. so they got organized. to do that, it seems to me, it's just a simple thing. shoot 'em. >> kimberly: my gosh. bob! bob is kidding. bob is joking, he doesn't condone violence. >> eric: you want to look at homophobia in the dictioniary, there should be a link to that videotape there. gay community should come out against it. >> kimberly: disavow him. >> bob: i'm sure they are appalled by that. >> greg: this is the first time ever you were playing with a toy in the segment. >> bob: but i was listening. >> andrea: she deserves a raise and promotion. what a better employee do you want? have a nice day. she maintained her cool. this whole thing, though, the same first amendment, it's very clear that protects dan kathy the ceo of chick-fil-a
11:20 pm
is right to hold his own personal religious beliefs is the same first amendment that allowed for mosque at ground zero. the same people that are arguing that this is bad were the people who said no, they should have freedom, freedom of religion. the government, it's different. ceo's personal belief is different from government official like rahm emanuel trying to stop this. >> eric: then you should be okay with that guy doing what he did. first amendment rights. >> andrea: that seems like bullying. would you argue tomorrow -- people have a right to do it. but tomorrow a lot of gay and lesbians are going to chick-fil-a for a kiss-in. appropriate or not appropriate? they have the right to do it as long as they don't interfere in the workplace. >> bob: has been bullied more than gays in the '50s and '60s. for this guy to represent them is i find just appalling. i assume the gay community does, too. >> greg: but then again they took it down. >> kimberly: that is the
11:21 pm
problem. the video wasn't up so long. >> bob: i think she should be the manager. >> eric: he is should, chick-fil-a should bring her to corporate and make her head of customer service. >> kimberly: she was great. well composed. she was raised by great parents i think. >> andrea: just because he has a right to say it, it doesn't make it right. the same arguement with the mosque. you a right to build it. >> bob: same with the coo. he has a right to say it, but he shouldn't have said it. >> kimberly: he's a coward to beat up on a girl like that. who is she? she is not corporate. >> bob: the corporate ceo beat up on people who are gay. >> andrea: he can voice his beliefs. chick-fil-a doesn't discriminate against employees on sexual orientation. that's different than government been aing a business. >> bob: eric has a point here. you can't say that this guy is important as he is has a right to not, has a right to say that. same way that the coo had a right to say that bigoted thing.
11:22 pm
>> greg: i want to end with a quote from our clark cooper who is the executive director of the log cabin republicans talking about this whole thing. he wrote while in a perfect world, our equality should not edepend on the good behavior. in a world where the rights often hinge on the political reality, the way our moven't conducts itself now. just means be a good guy. that is all it means. that's all anybody is asking. >> eric: you like that. >> greg: exactly. coming um, president obama is so amazing that even he is now donating to his own campaign. >> first of all, i think everybody should know i care about this campaign. the united states of america. and my o occupation is president. >> greg: a story you don't want to miss. according to the stories you don't want to miss almanac. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." president obama making rounds to raise cash for his re-election. the latest donor, the man
11:27 pm
himself. >> everybody should know that i really care about this campaign. i believe in what the administration is doing. it wap to make sure that folks know that i'm not just talking the talk. i'm walking the walk. we don't get the massive checks that the other side does. i cleared this with michelle. i want everyone to know. employer. united states of america. and my occupation is president. >> andrea: now bob, you and i have worked on political campaigns. and often times candidates will give their own money to the campaign. this seems cheesy and distasteful, don't you think? >> bob: no. most candidates loan money to the campaign. i think what obama was saying here -- >> andrea: they get it back, all right. >> bob: they try to highlight the disparity and the amount of money. they thought for a year they'd have the most money.
11:28 pm
then they look at the line and realize they'll be outspent. he has 40 p.c. of the contribution, $200 less. and romney, 15%. >> greg: he did a great job to show people how to use the computer. he should show how to download the birth certificate. thursday cheap shot. if it was romney who donated $5,000 to himself -- let me finish. if it was personal or whatever, where romney donated $5,000 to his campaign, everybody would be going crazy. because he is mr. money bags. when obama does it, it's cute and adorable like an episode of "the office." >> bob: the more important
11:29 pm
story here is the fact that mitt romney tax proposals -- >> andrea: here we go. >> bob: -- are so outrageously bias and would put us in a deficit it's beyond comprehensive. i read them. have you read them? cut taxes for rich people, increase taxes, and do away for tax rates and he thinks that will be -- >> andrea: and obama hammers him on this. romney has not talked about taxing the poor and the mittal class moor. trying to redesign the middle class. >> bob: he is. >> andrea: but obama wans to redistribute the wealth more. >> bob: wait until the cbo comes out with scoring on romney's budget. it will be catastrophic. >> andrea: harry reid came out recently and he resorted to hearsay politics to claim a guy called him up on the phone, he won't say who and telling him that romney hasn't paid his taxes in the last ten years. he tells this to the huffington post. what would happen if i said
11:30 pm
you know what? president obama, you know the college applications the reason he is hiding them, he applied as a foreign student. a girl called me today. i don't know. >> bob: you have been spreading that rumors for month. >> eric: this is an area that could open him up to litigation. >> kimberly: liability. thank you very much. >> eric: harry reid, irresponsible. how about he release ten year of tax records? or tim geithner had a problem with the tax records. nancy pelosi. everyone releases ten years get it out in the open. >> bob: they're not running for president. >> eric: is he liable? >> kimberly: i think so. he better have evidence to back it up. this is irresponsible for a representative, especially like himself to go ahead and put this forward and say this guy hasn't paid his taxes. what is wrong with you? >> bob: i see your side, the side of barack obama wasn't
11:31 pm
born in the united states. i think he hid his buddy in the cayman island. >> andrea: are you arguing he is good with his money? >> bob: why doesn't he release his taxes? >> andrea: he is good with money. >> bob: why doesn't he release his money? >> andrea: he may have had two jobs at the right time. >> eric: he doesn't have to. >> bob: the other presidential candidate has. >> eric: he doesn't have to by law. is he is trying to get the debate back to mitt romney. put the focus back on mitt romney where it's been. born during the -- >> bob: al capone was more transparent than this guy is. >> greg: you are leaving out the most important part of this. he said his father would have been ashamed of him. his own father. even jon stewart thought that was rough. >> kimberly: it's not nice.
11:32 pm
>> andrea: hold on. i want to get kimberly in here. >> greg: he doesn't have to bring the guy's dead dad. >> kimberly: that is my point. >> andrea: can we expect more of this, putting lies out there? >> kimberly: of course. >> bob: they're not lies. >> andrea: is that what we have to deal with. >> bob: why are they lies? >> andrea: prove it. >> bob: why don't you prove the birth certificate -- >> andrea: andrea called on me, bob. >> bob: sorry. i apologize. >> kimberly: absolutely we can expect more of this. president obama in his campaign and negative ads. but the problem is did they spend the money and come out with it too soon? everything coming forward, and they will bury him. >> bob: romney has so much more to hide. we have not begun to expose it. this guy -- >> andrea: we got to go. [ overtalk ]
11:33 pm
>> andrea: coming up, what does will ferrell want to pay in taxes? >> i think that actually ewould actually raise the taxes about 75%. >> andrea: whoa! is he serious? you will see the rest of the tape when we come back. ♪ ♪
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five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: it's always amusing to hear celebrities talk about politics. the lateest to chime in comedian will ferrell on taxes. >> the tax increase on those making over $200,000 a year as president obama to posed, do you think it would help the economy? personally. >> i think the economy -- in which country? >> in america. >> oh, in america? i think, i would actually raise the taxes about 75%.
11:39 pm
>> 75%? you don't think it would hurt the economy? >> no. >> that is how much you'd be willing to pay from your income personally? >> no no,, no. i have all my money in my mattress. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: all right. what do you think about this, greg? >> greg: okay. without pontificating if you're asked that at a premier. we ask you about politics, what are you going to do? however i would like to introduce a bill that only smug celebrities like will ferrell are taxed 75%. meanwhile, a so molian comedian was shot dead for joking about islam. and guys who play george bush in a play who are retie sant about talking about politics. >> bob: this kid sat there and thought he believed what ferrell was saying. ferrell was joking. the kid went no, it would
11:40 pm
destroy america. >> andrea: it's hard to tell. hard to tell with hollywood. you don't know -- >> bob: hard to tell? >> andrea: you don't know if they're joking. will smith was asked in france that question. he freaked out and said god bless america. >> kimberly: when it comes to -- >> bob: too high. >> andrea: good. you have an answer. we asked you how much is too much. >> greg: the thing is, he was so uncomfortable. he didn't like it asked. >> eric: in/other comedians weighing in. >> kimberly: you want somebody funny? how about dana carvey -- >> bob: talk about the fat jerk john lovitz. >> greg: you are calling him a fat jerk? >> bob: are you making a pejorative statement? >> kimberly: sorry. i keep asking for them to play that but we're not getting it. guys, can you roll it? >> free speech is probably the coolest thing we have in this country. and again, you can label it hate speech and dismiss it and you are allowed to sensor it.
11:41 pm
it's dangerous and scary. there was sensesivety to it to have our first african-american president. sensitivity in the beginning and then over time it's knee jerk and patronizing. >> it doesn't matter who the president is, you are look for a funny angle because you will try to do an impression of whoever is president. tease them and make fun of them. not because he is president. it's whoever is president. >> kimberly: well, he hurt bob's feelings. so now we have eric. lovitz has the kardashian lower lip thing going. >> andrea: people think you don't have feelings. >> eric: he is an emotional guy. these guys aren't being satirical. they're funny guys.
11:42 pm
i don't want them to weigh in on taxes and the first amendment. are you all right? >> bob: i'm shocked. >> andrea: let him go. he is not talking. >> bob: i've been assaulted by greg about my weight. that is not fair. even jon lovitz who is not much of comedian can make a funny statement every once in a while. it's politics. >> eric: it's when the baseball players like jose canseco gets involved in politics. >> greg: snl is always liberal leaning. jon lovitz didn't do it and they make fun of him. >> kimberly: it seems like there has been an open playing field now for making jokes about the presidency. and even obama. first when he was president, nobody did or said anything funny about him. >> andrea: he is not funny of a guy. he's sad or maddening.
11:43 pm
is he funny? >> bob: people like him. they like him a lot. >> kimberly: he can sing. >> greg: celebrities like him a lot. celebrities, comedians and actors. if you make jokes against obama there is nothing against doing it. it won't work again. >> eric: you bet ber a comedian if you make a joke. >> bob: in the end the job rating, the popularity will lose to job ratings. >> eric: the comics around the world are hoping that mitt romney wins because they can have a field day with that. >> bob: are you kidding me? i have a field day with it now. >> kimberly: honestly. yeah. coming up, why does one liberal uncomfortable about people chanting "usa" at the olympics? bob is going to explain who it is and why, as soon as we tell him. that's right when we come back. >> bob: that's very funny. ♪ ♪
11:44 pm
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"usa today"! "usa today"! usa! usa! alias! usa! usa! usa! >> bob: welcome back to "the five." david serotta writes for newspaper "salon" wrote a story about patriotism and enthusiasm around the olympic games. people shouting "usa, usa." suggesting that we had gone too far with that, that perhaps it was time to put it away. it was appropriate in '82 and '84 but not appropriate today. i want to say you do not speak for all the liberals. there are a lot of liberals,
11:48 pm
hundreds of millions out there, maybe not that many, that really affirmly, are just so happy and patriotic about the games. i don't think it should be written in as a liberal thing. you have a right to write it. but don't let the assumption be all liberals feel that way. we don't. >> eric: it feels like when you hear something ridiculous like that it comes out of a liberal mouth. you don't hear it coming out of a conservative's mouth. chris hayes a couple months ago, memorial day, the day of memorial day on the air saying he couldn't call the fallen heroes, the military people who died in action, couldn't call them -- he felt uncomfortable falling them heroes. >> bob: what about the right wing mily is that militia? >> eric: he didn't s the right. he said usa. all of us.
11:49 pm
>> andrea: this is what is taught in liberal universities across the country. multiculturalism. he said in his carl, he felt guilty about america's greatness. that we can't be just great but the greatest. what is wrong with that. our greatness -- >> bob: this is one writer. in a rag on the net. >> greg: what he was saying is i'm more important than the olympics. i'm the conscience of a nation. if sangty mowny is junk to get a -- sanctimony in is junk he would have won five medals. on the left, not you, bob, don't want to support the country for fear of being mocked by grad student. >> bob: i agree. i have been mocked by a little man on the end of table about my weight. sorry, sweetie. >> kimberly: this is the worst state in the the whole thing. ensuing red, white and blue, the fact that we aren't so
11:50 pm
exceptional outside the olympic village. a put-down to the u.s. like we are never going to be good enough. we have can't be proud of the people over there. >> bob: by the way, you ought to see the skirt that she has on. >> kimberly: okay, bob. >> bob: it's really great. >> bob: the showdown between feliciano anphelps and lockyer. lockte. they get along but lockte beat him in the first race. lockte's mother said about him, this is what your mom to say, lochte's mom said he is out on the one night stand. he can't give fully to a relationship because he is always on the go. >> andrea: was that your mom? >> bob: what is wrong with that? >> greg: this is a great excuse. he's an olympic athlete and he doesn't have time for a real intimate relationship, so he will just have sex with you an kick you out. >> bob: they ordered 70,000 condoms at the olympic
11:51 pm
village. 40,000 last time and it wasn't enough. >> greg: i do know that. >> andrea: don't you think it's weird to say. kimberly, you have a little boy. i can't imagine my mom saying that, i can't imagine as a mother saying he only has time for one night stand. >> kimberly: awkward, right? only goes for the gold medal. on everything. >> greg: she said head stand. >> eric: ryan lochte is getting heat because he is winning medals because he likes to have a good time. people know he is a young guy, living it up, enjoying the spotlight. his mom is just being a protective mom saying -- >> kimberly: he was linked -- >> eric: he is -- >> overtalk ] >> bob: have you seen the shot of mother and fathers in the stand. talk about people who age 20 years in the olympics. unbelievable. i feel for them. the other thing i will say is the people, some of them go overboard. one more thing coming up. >> kimberly: i honestly don't like that. >> greg: i was wondering. poor kimberly! >> kimberly: it's so loud.
11:52 pm
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>> eric: one more thing. andrea, you're up first. >> andrea: would you let your daughter pose for playboy? >> bob: no. >> andrea: they ask what we were talking about in the commercial break. seth collins, his brother passed away and in his will he left wishes that his brother would give $500 to a waitress in a restaurant. any waitress. make it a big tip. do it on a pizza, not a big meal. he walked in and did this. imagine the waitress getting $500 tip. he said before you die -- >> bob: did you get $500 tip? >> andrea: i did not. but they raise $50,000 to give out all the tips. he was a nice guy. >> bob: biggest tip? >> andrea: $200 or $300 but a party of like 25. >> kimberly: super cute story about george the basset
11:57 pm
hound. he was choking, at the house, phone cord around his neck. what did he do? he called british equivalent of 911, which is 999. >> greg: do you believe this story? where did you get that story? >> kimberly: debunk it. >> greg: did you get this from weekly world news? >> bob: why did you step on her story, little guy. >> eric: oh! >> kimberly: cheap shot thursday. do you want to hear this made for disney movie story? >> andrea: i do. >> kimberly: the emergency operator heard it, the choking or whatever they went and rescued the dog and the owner is like i'm so surprised. he just hangs around on the couch and whatever. but he is a genius. >> bob: they always kill their animals. they do. old yeller! >> eric: good boy. >> bob: they do! >> eric: all right. we have to move on. so, my good friend billy
11:58 pm
hallowell at the blaze sent this to me. fantastic story. we know, full screen, with know about chick-fil-a and where they are with the christian beliefs. they're five other companies who are out with the christian beliefs. forever 21 puts john 3:16 in all of their shopping bags which says god so loved the world he gave his only son. in and out burger puts it on the drink cups. ty sob food. interstate batteries and lobby lobby very christian, believing and out there. hopefully these groups don't boycott. >> andrea: real quick. we have had bible verses on our menus at the restaurant every day. if they didn't like it, they didn't have to eat there. >> bob: does forever 21 put it on the bikinis? >> eric: in the shopping bag. >> bob: this is an irritating thing for me. religious leaders around the country. the republican budget which
11:59 pm
has been decried by many religious leaders because they call it unfair. they call it indecent. they call it a lot of things. i always am amazed how republicans who wrap themselves around god and the bible, and they go out and vote for something that punishs the poor and the least among us. when the bible says that 2,000 different places, 2,000, that we are to help the poor. and those among us who are the most needy. the republicans go out and vote for this stuff that rewards wealthy people. so, republicans -- >> eric: ahhh. >> bob: the republicans didn't write that. devil wrote that. if you voted for it -- >> greg: i'm out of here. see you later. >> eric: are you walking out? >> greg: i'm walking. i am not doing one more things when they're attacks on republicans. cripples you freaking out? do you need intervention? >> bob: what was the attack on me? >>


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