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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 3, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. i am heather childers. >> good morning. i am heather nauert. it is august 3rdrd. >> now time for the top 5 at 5:00. the latest turn in the fast and furious scandal as the former director of the bureau of tobacco firearms has less the agency william hoover who was the atf from douse 9 to 2011 was reassigned during a staff shake-up. his resignation comes days after
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a scathing congressional report on the operation with him and other officials. announce syria for the ongoing violence taking place there. this is kofi annon because russia and china won't sign for allies who are pushing for stronger actions against the regime. >> the increase in mill tearzation on the ground and the clear lack of unity in the security council have fundamentally changed the second census for the effective exercise of my role. >> annan saying assad must leaf office as the violence continues to escalate. >> nuclear plant built after the 9-11 attacks nuclear protestors temporarily shutting down the nation's only plant for handling
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processing and storing weapons grade uranium. the plant in oakridge, tennessee closed until at least next year as they cut through security fences. they through blood on the wall. trial date has been set for the three protestors. >> police raying three mels of al qaeda who may have been plotting attacks in spain and other parts of europe. they had enough explosives to blow up a bus. they were believed to be planning a bizarre motorized lighter attack in europe. two of e suspects practiced flying small airplanes and using drones. >> here's a god story. a memorable milestone as this steel beam signed president obama during a visit to new york city earlier this summer is hoisted to the top of 1 world trade center. the beam being installed to the top of the skyscraper after construction workers and police officers also added their own signatures to it.
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the tower is expected to be completed in 2014. that is your 5@5:00. >> july's jobs report due out late they are morning and the numbers could have a significant impact on race for the white house. doug luzader is live for us in washington with more. >> first friday of the month and more dramament the economy added some jobs last month but as usual not enough. the number being tossed around ahead of this morning's release is more than 100,000 jobs added in july to put that in perspective 12.7 million americans are actively looking for work. the unemployment trend up to this point has been troubling. job creation this year peaked way back in january and has been mostly downhill from there. this will be new fodder in the race for president if the unemployment rate remains stuck at 8.2 percent which is what economists are expecting it may bolster mitt romney's arguments.
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>> he said, number one, i could judge progress by how many people find a job. now on that basis we haven't seen what we would hope to have seen. so the president has been unsuccessful in his number one objective as laid out by his own measure. >> u.s. markets weren't thrilled after mixed news at best. maybe talk of a new normal. unemployment rates that may settle well above what we are used to. president obama will talk about the new numbers today. but at campaign appearances he steers away from jobs now focusing more and more on fairness. they have tried to sell us as trickle down tax cut fair redust before, guess what? it didn't work then, it will not work now. >> you look at the jobs picture from april to june the last quarter that we went through we
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added 75,000 jobs month that's not what we need to stay up with growth. you need to add 2 or 3,000 jobs a month that's what economists say. we take a look at who is talking. as the race for the white house continues they are ramping up attacks. >> president obama hitting mitt romney saying the former governor's stance is just so he don doesn't have to may more. >> i want toefsh understand here. he's not asking you to pay an extra 2,000 dollars to reduce our deficit. he's not asking you to pay additional 2,000 to pay healthcare for seniors. he is not asking you to pay 2,000 dollars in order to rebuild america or to fight a war. he's asking you to pay more so
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that people like him can pay less. >> well, the romney chain also increasing the heat on president obama. at a campaign event yesterday chris christie had this to say about the president's team in office thus far. >> we have false hope for the last four years. false hope that led to bad change in america. now we need someone who understands how to balance a budget, because he has done it. who understands that the american people are not afraid to hear the truth. the american people are tired of having a happy song sung to them. what the american people want is a leader who is willing to lead. the president of the united states has been like a man walking around in a darkroom lacking for the light switch of leadership for the last four years. he hasn't found it yet. he is not going to find it in the next four months. >> you always know where he stands. >> later in the show ann coulter
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gives her take on the attacks about mitt romney's health concerns. >> one person dead dozens hurt after a double decker mega bus crashed on an illinois highway. marianne rafferty joins us. it was a deadly scene along a stretch of 255 in richfield. a rom was killed after the bus blew a tire lost control slamming into a bridge pillar. the front crumbled like an accordion. they were traveling from chicago to kansas city when the impact happened. it sent passengers flying out of h their seats and one witnesses says there was lots of screaming and suddenly a large call. they used ladders to get some of the passengers who were stuck. some passengers were helping each other out of the wreckage. >> i was having a conversation all of a sudden it sounded like
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we hit sl really big. we swerved into the middle of the road. >> i felt a really huge impact and when i came to my senses people were in the isles and medi -- aisle and a lot of people a man couldn't move from the next down. a man who had his head stuck in front of the two seats in front of him. i could hear screams of pain from the top legal of the bus. >> more than 2kuz enpeople were taken to the hospital. some were minor injuries others said to be in grave conditions. also said to be children. this is one of a string of bus accidents in the last few years. >> thank you very much, mary ann. we appreciate it. >> another big talk is the controversy surrounding chik-fil-a. thousands came out in support of chik-fil-a. >> gay rights supporters are calling for a national same sex
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kiss day at chick fila companies across the country. last night bill o'reilly talked about this on the o'reilly factor. here's his take on this. >> when politicians attack a business because they don't like the politics of its management that's flat out american. the argument anti guy marriage people are violating somebody's rights is flat out false. marriage is not a constitutional right. we expect the supreme court will further define that issue right now marriage is regulated by the states and it is a sacrament in many religions. liberal by tiggses are not attacking the many af american co pastor who's are publicly against bay marriage. you don't hear calls to boycott those churches, don't you? more than a little, fascism.
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the hall mack of totalitarian regimes whether they are communist fascist or oppressive, is to shut down the opposition. center lines them, punish them. that's what they want to do punish chik-fil-a. the vast majority of americans done kem that chance. we must protect their sincerely held beliefs. >> o'reilly went on to say robust debate is a good thing. threats and intimidation, though, are unamerican. >> that is a topic we want to brew on. we want to talk about something else today is mitt romney's vice president. so many people talking about who he should pick. >> so much chatter about it. a decision could happen early next week. take a look at what dick norrisson says. >> there are two candidates from
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vp that could help him. rubio for colorado, new mexico and nevada. condi rice and the female vote. >> who do you think mitt romney should pick as his running mate and why do you think that that terne had you had be picked? send comments to us. you can tweet them at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail at fox frien that's a big topic of conversation. every time you run into something it seems like they are saying who do you think sfwh>> it is 11 bhins after the hour. a frantic 911 call from a man being dragged a pickup truck. >> got hit by a truck? >> i am hanging off the back in a white truck. holy... >> we had tell you how the crazy ordeal played out. >> despite weak demands the
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government spending millions of your tax dollars to push the latest green agenda. before we go to break here is the weather forecast.
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a>> good morning. it is quarter past the hour. the obama administration spending more of your money on electric cars. they include projects to prove electric car batteries for cars like the chevy volt. the volt known for failing to spark strong sales but there were reports of at we fires. tropical storm ernesto is forming off the coast of venezuela. this is the 59 named form of the00 season. it packs winds 50 miles per hour. keep an eye on earn ternese. testimony resumes in the drew peert son trial. the former illinois police sergeant accused of killing his third wife. he has reportedly been showing up to the courtroom each morning smiling and joking around with
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reporters. his lawyers also up beat after key developments on the case. for more we go to larry yelen in chicago. >> drew peterson's defense attorneys lost a motion for a mistrial but still felt they won the day. the judge tossed the testimony that he tried to intimidate one of kathleen sabio's friends by leaving a bullet on the driveway. it had nothing to do with murdering sabio. >> reputation of our officely put it against any state attorney's office in the state of illinois. just do fact checking. >> when testimony resumed they put on the first to examine sabio's body dead in a bathtub. deputies say peterson put the
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body there and saw a light blue towel discovered later near the tub had been planted by someone praumbly peterson. later prosecutors hit another roadblock where they tried to put sabio's divorce lawyer on the stand. the peterson sabio divorce case was and there was a hearling. >> the testimony woucould inclu statements to him. >> this is a case of first impressions it has never been done before at this level. so the judge is being cautious. >> 18 minutes after the hour now. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld talking about the way he shes -- weather
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around the way the world sees the united states telling greta van susteren what worries him the most. >> the thing that worries me the most about today is the projection of america as a country that is weak and that is behaving in a way that is not going to be good for our future. you cannot have that kind of debt and those kinds of deficits and not send a signal to the world that we are be haying a lot -- behaving a lot like europe. that model is not a model that works. you can't be cutting half a trillion dollars out of the defense budget and have sequestration come along and not recognize you are telling the world america is pulling back and won't be a contributor for peace in the world. what country is going to check in vacuums get filled.
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>> talking the security leaks like the ones following the bin laden raid. he says those are damaging to our country's relationships with our allies overseas. >> the time is 18 after the top of the hour. coming up it is a case of lawn and order in one town. residents could be facing jail time for not mowing their lawn seriously. >> how about that. >> we are also learning the white house learned that solyndra was a risk. why did they take that risk with your tax dollars. we will explain coming up. a quick look at the prices at the pump. national average stands at 3.57 a gallon.
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>> welcome back. 22 after the top of the hour. now looking for possible foul play in the disappearance of hollywood movie executive gavin smith. the 55-year-old father of three was last seen in los angeles three months ago. they questioned a woman who smith was allegedly having an affair with. her husband a convicted drug dealer also under scrutiny. neither is being called a suspect at this time. this is really interesting. could pinecones hold the heat delaying the advancement or preventing alzheimer's disease. they have a chemical which prevents amaloid plaque. they believe it coats brain cells and prevent them from
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working. >> jewel's job numbers are due out in a few hours from now. what can webbings pekt from the july jobs numbers? joi joining us is charles pain. economists are all over the map about this. >> they are because coming in the official number was 100,000. earlier in the week sthe survey said 163,000. now everyone is all confused. a lot of anxiety this morning. you say that wall street actually wants worse jobs numbers. why is that? >> that is a sad state of affairs. it is worse than anticipated at this point. maybe the federal reserve has some sort of interesting way of pressing more money. of course the more money that is
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out there that places assets including the stock market. it's sad when we are not looking for the stock market to rally on fundamental news instead more aid by the federal reserve which has negative consequences down the road. >> the fed may do a bond buy back program. isn't it like kmart buying unsold merchandise? >> except it's not their merchandise. one faction of the government quasi government quasi treasuries from the u.s. government these bonds and then when they are mature they take the profits and send it back to the treasury. >> speaking of spending more money on solyndra. the government gave a bunch of money to solyndra but then analysts say this is not a good idea. the u.s. might be better off if it jumps out of solyndra. explain this. >> you are right. there is no way solyndra could have gotten this money from any other institution.
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if they had gone to the government and looked at the numbers. they say it doesn't add up. they cannot compete on the global stage with these prices. that's why they say it is really a way to pay back. a lot of people involved in the obama campaign big time major bundles involved in solyndra. feels like they were paid back. >> had the u.s. jumped out we could have become a credit other and gotten some money back. >> part is of course we are going to probably double down on this sort of approach. we are also starting with this kind of stuff. >> something else to watch this morning. profits down 41 percent in the last quarter. >> i am very worried about general motors. they are losing market share. chevy cruise 31 percent last month. we may have to bail out general motors again. >> i hope you are wrong. >> i hope so, too. >> thank you so much. we will be watching. always appreciate your analysis.
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>> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. inside the cockpit as three planes some are saying nearly collided at reagan airport. >> listen to this. >> 3329 turn south heading 182. 329 -- >> the faa saying that wasn't exactly the case but we will play more of the audio coming up. >> the nearby voters needed some help. show you how they moved in to arrest. first in 1492 christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue on the santa maria. how about that. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> this morning thank you for getting up so early with us.
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welcome back to kks fox and friends first. >> thank you for joining us. it is half past the top of the hour. >> now it is time for the top five stories. we begin with null ry relealy released physical report. savio. >> they were 12 second away from crashing this after bad weather causes confusion at the control tower. the faa now admits the plane carrying 192 people all together did come closer than safety regulations allow. but the faa insisting the planes were not in danger of colliding. there is still plenty of unfinished business in washington but congress checking
2:32 am
out of the nation's capitol for the next five weeks lawmakers unable to agree with how to help livestock users with the drought conditions and how to protect the industry from cyber attacks. democrats and republicans and the tax cuts. which republicans are in favor of it. >> making a 911 call while being dragged a pickup truck. >> you can see him off to the side of the truck. that was 45-year-old robert hanging on to dear life for more than 4 miles. he was treated for major cuts and bruises. the driver of the truck is now in jail. he is reportedly the ex-boyfriend of the current boyfriend. he admits he was partially to
2:33 am
blame for the fight that led up to the crazy ride. there is a chance he could face jail time, too. listen to this. just call it lawn and order. proposing laws that would punish homeowners for unkempt or ugly properties like this one in southampton township. looking to fine people up to 1,000 dollars for things like not cutting their grass or cleaning up their yard. some violators could face up to 3 months in jail. it is all about safety and keeping up property values. >> that is the kind of thing that drives homeowners nuts a messy neighbor. a father and son having a relaxing fishing trip interrupted by this. >> the bear cub trapped in a
2:34 am
river whirlpool. the men working to save the baby bear from drowning using fishing nets and push him over to the shore. they say all ended well. they reunited the bear with his mother. >> hard to watch. >> we will come back to the fisherman. >> that is your top 5@5:30 heather. in other news mitt romney firing back against senate majority leader harry reid after reid made a shocking claim about taxes. peter doocy is live in washington with more. during remarks yesterday harry reid did not offer colleagues on the senate floor any hard evidence that mitt romney went a decade without paying taxes. he said the word is out in which romney said prove it.
2:35 am
>> it is time for mary to put up or shut up. harry will have to describe who it is he spoke with because that is totally and completely wrong. it is untrue dishonest and inaccurate. it is wrong. so i am looking forward to have harry reveal his sources and we will find out it is the white house. the obama campaign is going to do erg in its hower to try to talk about anything besides the president's record. >> senator reed doubled down last night saying there is the controversy. governor mitt romney refuses to release his tax returns. as said before i was told by an extremely credible source that romney does not pay taxes for ten years. david axle rod from the president's campaign tweeted if mitt wants to resolve questions about his tax returns isn't he the one who should put up or shut up and simply release that?
2:36 am
it is worth saying despite the steady claims not paying taxes senator reed is not sure if the anonymous source with bane capital was even true. >> back to you. it was all over twitter. these attacks are exactly what shawn anity and ann coulter are talking about this morning. >> did they think these kinds of comments about mitt romney will help obama's campaign. listen to what they had to say. >> a felony war on women and the list goes on. this is all they have got. this runs on the fact that he can't run on his record. here's the yes, does this work? think of class warfare distraction attacks. we had surrogate attacks that romney was a racist the other day. do thighs attac -- these attack fr
2:37 am
have potential of working. >> not with so many people unemployed. the campaign message is you can vote for a guy who put millions of people out of work quadrupled the deficit or you can vote for the mean guy whose wife owns a horse. he should not release the tax records. this is outrageous. >> this is how obama wins the campaign. it is like his signature move. unleash somehow get unsealed sealed records and then make a big deal out of them. they have tried to do it with the first two years after romney has been released. all they found out was romney paid billions of dollars in taxes and gives a lot to charities. >> oo it is 38 minutes after the hour. miley cyrus is the car get of what appears to be a vicious
2:38 am
prank. you are looking at swat teams at her home after anonymous caller said she was kidnapped and may have been shot. she was out to lunch with her fiancee. they are now investigating. >> john mayer and katie perry now getting cozy in they left the hollywood hotel together. perry recent dlif vorced russell brant. mayor a notorious hollywood playboy. he dated taylor swift and jessica simpson. notes ♪ >> that is a country trio gloriana. they are outside setting up. they will perform live on fox and friends the all american summer concert series. that comes up in just a couple hours. >> looking forward to that along
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with barbecue this morning. it is truly a historic day for the united states at the olympics. gabby douglas becoming the first african american to win the women's all around title in gymnastic. fantastic. she is the third straight american by the way to do it. it is her second gold medal this week. michael phelps the first male swimmer to score a 3 pete in the summer olympics winning the gold in the individual medley. beating her own world record in the 200 meter breast stroke race. winning the gold in 2 minutes 19.59 second. basketball team breaking the limbi olympic records for most points scored in a game. 156 to 73 blowout of nigeria. the previous record 138 points.
2:40 am
the 83 points also a record for the largest margin of victory. >> way to go team usa. >> it is now 20 minutes before the hour. >> do you ever wonder why women live longer than men? >> well we have an answer for you and it may surprise you. and then we have showed you that several health risks are relate to do a lack of sleep. we talked about this before. now we are learning that it could also weaken the effectiveness of vaccines. a look at conan from last night. >> ryan lochte said the best way to pick up a woman is to wink at her. it was an arlen titled things that only work for ryan lochte. i was tried winking many times. i get pepper sprayed.
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>> 17 minutes before the hour. quick headlines to bring you. victims of the tragic collapse of the state fair reaching a settlement. effecting shares of a $13.2 million settlement.
2:44 am
many additional liabilities. 7 people were killed in that crash. dozens were injured. mark zucker burg definitely is not liking this. shares of facebook hitting an all time low during trading and falling below $20.04 the first time. shares were priced at $38 for the ipo. facebook facing strong doubts about the chances for growth. several executives also leading that company. heather let's head over to you. the time now 44 after the top of the hour. that means it is time for the fox news a roundup of the medical stories. new york has been hit with the first case of the west nile here with more on that is fox's anna kooiman. >> good morning to you healtthe and everybody at home. combination of hot weather and stagnant water creates a perfect position of breeding mosquitos for fresh nile virus.
2:45 am
there are early reports of high rates of infected ms. toes in the number of people infected. they are using standing water to reduce your risk buckets or tires or sandbox lids or anything you have got like that in the backyard. >> we heard about lack of sleep effecting your weight but also we are hearing now it effects the effectiveness of vaccines. >> a lack of sleep can still leave us cranky in the morning and reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. less than 6 hours a night are less likely to be protected by vaccines for viruses like hepatitis b compared to those who sleep more than 7 hours. more reason to get additional shut eye. >> withis last report surprisre. 8 percent of olympians have asthma. >> 8 percent do indeed suffer from asthma. the survey finds they take
2:46 am
asthma drugs to treat the conditions. it is most common in those who take part in endurance. extreme training could be the cause of this. they are noticing it is starting to pop up in athletes a little slater in life. fox news the time is 46 after the top of the hour. airfares go down but one airline now raising prices with the competitors. now following suit so that's not good news. it is your last chance to answer our question of the day. make sure you june in. should mitt romney who should
2:47 am
mitt romney pick as his running mate? we will have the details next.
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>> fox and friends kicks off 9 minutes from now on the fox news channel. what do we have coming up? a couple weeks ago the president of the united states said if you have a business you didn't build that. a lot of business owners have taken offense. we have a small business owner from the great state of florida who is on a billboard saying mr. president i built my business here. >> we had chik-fil-a appreciation day. today is national same sex kiss day. we will have a live report on
2:51 am
that plus a look at the difference between chik-fil-a appreciation day and what the occupy wall street protestors did. funlly outside of our building a personalized drug test. they are going to be our special act today and so much more. ladies we have a celebrity guest host. who is it going to be? i will give you a clue. think american idol. >> that is great. >> it's not ryan seacrest. he is at the olympics. >> it is fine minutes to the top of the hour. time for quick headlines for you. jackson winning custody of her late son michael jackson's three children. you will remember the 82-year-old temporarily lost custody after she mysteriously disappeared and she turned up in arizona. remember that ten-days later. she will share guardianship with their cousin.
2:52 am
ever wonder why women live longer than men. turns out it's all in the genes passed on by mothers to their children. women do not pass on genes that are harmful to other women. genes that are harmful to men and not other women those end up slipping through the cracks. 8 minutes before the hour airline fares are flying high once again. for the second time in two weeks they have gone up. come on diane, really? >> you can thank united airlines for that price hike. they have launched 11 since that hike. united said it increased the domestic airline flights by $10. delta u.s. airways and american airlines are doing the same for most of the roots. will southwest airlines jump on board? they are not only the biggest domestic carrier but also the
2:53 am
most reluctant to raise prices. in the past major airlines have gone back ton fare hikes when they haven't followed suit. there is still hope for travelers out there with the last hike only two weeks behind it. it is unlikely southwest will match the hike this time around. it may sound counter indue tive but they under cut price increases by sales. they boasted about weekly specials when they e-mailed the customers. they get to entice you by saying they get a discount but it it may be coming off a higher price tag. >> diane macedo thank you so much. >> earlier we asked you to brew on this. mitt romney expected to pick a running mate. who exactly is at the top of the list. >> we wanted to know who do you
2:54 am
think mitt romney should pick as his presidential running mate. he would like to see allen west for vice president. ball tully also tweets us. marco rubio seems to be the only one who makes sense. he's young he's a true conservative. >> i think mitt romney should pick new mexico governor martinez as his running mate it has the women angle and of course latino. for everybody who responded keep the comments coming. that is what everybody wants to know. seems like if you go to any kind of party that's what people are talking about. >> portman people talking about him and chris christie. >> a lot of names still in the mix right there. >> the time now is 54 after the top of the hour. coming up not the smartest way to start your new life together.
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sending your bride for a swim. >> he sort of dropped her. >> oh, no. >> that was intentional. >> i wouldn't be happy about that, would you? >> stick around for this one can you figure out what the word of the day is? you figure it out. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work.
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