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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 3, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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if it survives the come applicanted parachute landing, it will search for evidence of life on the red planet. that does it for me. thanks for watching. "studio b" with trace gallagher here for shepard smith starts now. >>trace: thank you, the baseball hall of famer cal ripken jr. spoke out about the kidnapping of his mother. cops release new surveillance video of the suspect. we are learning identity thieves may have stolen more than $5 billion from uncle sam last year by filing fraudulent tax returns. we will talk to an identity theft expert. new testimony in the trial of drew peterson. he is the former police officer who seems to keep losing his wives. today, a wife's sister said peterson threatened to kill her shortly before she turned up dead. that is all ahead unless
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breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" but first from fox at 3:00 the new job numbers have we have mixed news. the bad news? the nation-wide unemployment rate went up in july. the good news? more people actually got jobs. we will explain both developments in a moment. employers added 163,000 jobs in july. that is higher than expected after three straight months of slow growth. the gains are not enough to make a dent in the national unemployment rate which went up from 8.2 percent to 8.3 percent, more than 12 million americans, still, they are out of work. and now from the fox business network. what does the report say about, first, underemployment, and, also, the state of the country. >>guest: the 8.3 percent is unemployment. if you factor the people who are
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working part time or who are working for, say, minimum wage and would rather work full time, for a full wage, they make up the underemployment rate. that's up to 15 percent, ticking higher, so, double the unemployment rate. that's troubling. the headline number, 163,000 new jobs added to the economy, that is cheering. but when you on the hood and see this other number, 15 percent, well, that is a huge concern. now we will break down the industries it see brought jobs are coming and where they are going. manufacturing is up 25,000 jobs. that is a huge surprise. the u.s. manufacturing sector is the quickest growing sectors in the otherwise stagnant economy. restaurants saw 29,000 new jobs. education and health services up 38,000 jobs. government jobs declined by 9,000. the take away here?
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yes, the economy added jobs. it is not enough to signal the economy is making a meaningful recovery. >>trace: the unemployment went up and the markets are going up. >>guest: it is safe to say the markets are zeroing in on the 153,000 new payrolls added, which is more than expected. the prior two months, a revision was minimal so the markets are optimistic we are on the upswing. you can see the dow is up 233 points, very close to a session high. we are back above 13,000. we are in great shape, poised to close out this volatile week on wall street with gains. >>trace: good news if the 401(k). thank you. baseball great cal ripken is asking the public help catching the guy who kidnapped his mom
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after last week's bizarre abduction. he spoke to reporters at camden yards where he played for the baltimore orioles for many, many years. here he is with his mom in his heyday. he says she is physically okay but, still, very shaken up. cops today released new surveillance video showing the map they say kidnapped his mom at gunpoint last week from her home north of baltimore. she turned up the next day in her own car, her legs bound. today, he talked about the excruciating hours when he did not know if his mom was dead or alive. >> we were hardening ourselves to the worst possibility. i was. and when she was found, when he brought her back, we, all those emotions you were storing and hardening yourself against, came out. it was a horrible night. >>trace: can you imagine? so far, police have been silent on a possible motive but, today,
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ripken revealed this guy came with a plan. and now the news, live from washington, dc. what kind of plan, molly, is he talking about? >>reporter: he had a gun and that is what he used to force her into the car. he came with something else. >> obviously, there is thought given to it, the materials used to bind her were brought there. there is a lot of evidence that shows there was somewhat of a plan, and it had to be premeditated, maybe premeditated -- that is my words. >>reporter: the police believe they know what he looks like. white male, early 40's. and ripken held this press
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conference because police need more tips and more leads from the public. trace? >>trace: it is fascinating because they say there is a plan but is there any indication that the kidnapper specifically targeted the ripken family? >>guest: this case is a bit of a mystery because authorities do not know what the motive was. why he abducted her. he made no demands, did not mention her last night or her son, and thankfully returned her, unharmed, as least physically unharmed the next day. cal ripken says his mom is "doing pretty good," but not returnd to her home. trace? >>trace: thank you, molly, from washington, dc. it has been a week, now, and still, no arrests despite clear surveillance pictures. where do investigators go from here? we will bring in fox news legal analyst, arthur aidala and criminal defense attorney, randy zelin.
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arty, cal ripken says there was a plan. you get this, but there is no ransom. he says "premeditated." it is confusing. >>arthur: confusing. out of the ordinary. they say he never mentioned her name. but he took her credit cards and used them in certain places. i am thinking there is a last name on the credit card and maybe a light bulb went off. in terms of the investigation, the first place they have to go and i am sure they are there, go to where he used the credit cards which i believe that is how they got the surveillance video. look, in this day and age with the f.b.i. database and police data bases they should be able to track this guy down in a short amount of time because it does not seem like he is real bright. >>trace: he drove around for 24 hours, using credit cards this is in the brain surgery and he has been on the lam if a week
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and cal ripken, the most famous guy in the area is making a public plea and they still cannot find the guy. >>arthur: it is amazing. when you think about bring meditation it does not mean you are smart or know what you are doing. anyone who is a kidnapper ain't too bright but the reality is just because he has the carbon and has something to bind her with, it is clear to everybody at this point in time, it doesn't appear that he knew who she was. i think arthur makes a point, it may well have been once he realized the name "ripken," he may have had that "oops," and decided to bring her back and hightail it out of dodge. it is a fascinating case. thank god we have the ability to get the word out. >>trace: i think he was listening to the radio and heard cal ripken's mom was abducted. time to go back. >>randy: he want add do over.
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call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >>trace: the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria could be in jeopardy. government forces have stormed into that district with dozens of tanks and other armored vehicles killing at least 12 people as they try to win back the city. fox cannot confirm the reports. activists say this amateur video
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shows new violence in the largest city in aleppo. fox cannot confirm that. 19,000 men and women and children have died during the 17-month uprising. today, the united nations secretary-general says that the violence in aleppo could amount to "crimes against humanity." it comes as the u.n. general assembly adopts a new resolution condemning the government's crackdown. that same resolution weakened demands that president bashar al-assad step down. russia and china, both syrian allies, previously voted to veto that resolution with that demand in place. jonathan hunt is like if us outside the u.n. jonathan, does the vote actually mean anything? >>jonathan: well, no. it means nothing whatever. this is a resolution that took out any calls for president assad to step aside. it took out any threat of
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punishment to assad and his regime, who continue to murder their own people. before the vote was taken, u.n. general secretary moon said there is a danger here that the international community is simply failing the syrian people. listen. >> the conflict in syria is a test of everything this organization stands for. i do not want today's united nations to fail that test. i want us all to show the people of syria, and the world, that we have learned the lessons of the past. united international pressure can make a difference. the syrian people need action. >> that reference was a massacre during the bosnian war 17 years ago, and moon called for action on behalf of the syrian people, action, frankly, which seems the
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last thing they are going to get from what is clearly right now a very disunited united nations. >>trace: what about the syrians? did they have anything to say about this? >>jonathan: the syrian ambassador to the u.n. had quite a lot to say. essentially, he accused those who sponsored this resolution, nations like saudi arabia, qatar and bahrain, of being hypocrites. listen to this. >> some of the sponsoring states of this draft resolution are leading a campaign of intelligence against my country and are providing all forms of financial and logistical support to the armed terrorists groups. >>jonathan: that is what the syrian regimes calls the rebels as they continue to murder them in their worse violence
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unfolding in the hundreds and possibly thousands. the worst violence is in aleppo, the largest city. there is also a great deal of violence in damascus. there is no end in sight. as i say, there will be no help coming from the united nations for the syrian people. trace? >>trace: thank you, jonathan hunt, like at the u.n. thank you. now to texas where the guy behind jonathan could be from. dramatic new video from officials in houston. the goal, they say, is to teach people how to survive a shooting rampage. the message? if you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an attack you should run. if you cannot run, try to hide. and if you have no other choice, fight for your life. city officials say that deadly movie theater attack prompted them to release the video sooner than planned.
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it is part of a federally funded safety campaign. here is a quick look at it. >> occasionally, life feels more like an action movie than reality. if you ever to find yourself in the middle an active shooter event, your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan. the plan doesn't have to be complicated. there are three things you can do that make a difference: run, hide, fight. >>trace: the video describes each possible scenario and it has gotten a quarter million views on youtube. casey has more live from texas. casey, what else does this video tell people to do? >>casey: in a mass shooting would you know what to do?
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a lot of people's first instinct is to get down on the floor. wrong. security experts say, in fact, that is the last thing you want to do. it is difficult for even a trained sniper to hit a moving carpet which is why the new video stresses to run first. if there is no exit and you have to hide, try and find a quiet place like a closet or a storage room. most importantly, something you don't think about, silence your cell phone. what to do if there is absolutely zero place for you to go in watch. >> as a last resort if your life is at risk, whether you are alone or working together as a group, fight. act with aggression. improvise weapons. disarm him and commit to taking the shooter down. no matter what. >> the stuff in the video could
12:19 pm
literally be lifesaving because in the days following the tragedy in colorado we heard from a lot of eyewitnesses who say they absolutely had zero idea what to do when the shots rang out inside the movie theater. >>trace: we know this was done before the aurora, colorado, casey, but what prompted the video? >>casey: houston office of public safety actually produced it. it was intended to be like any other safety video they produce each year such at ones that teach kids to stop, drop, and roll but the crew wrapped up the project two weeks before the aurora, colorado, incident. ever since, it has clearly gained in popularity online not just with citizens wanting for learn but other municipalities and organizations. the mayor's office in houston telling us a short time ago, trace, they have had calls already as far away as australia in response this this video because one thing we have heard,
12:20 pm
in college, you are not taught what to do. when you are growing up you are not taught what to do. that is why this is teaching so many people the valuable skills that could be lifesaving. >>trace: well worth watching. thank you, casey, from texas. >> investigator say the federal government is sending billions to criminals each year. next, cracks in the i.r.s. allowing crooks to steal our tax money.
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>>trace: the government may have lost more than $5 billion last year to identity thieves filing false tax returns according to the treasury department. they report the i.r.s. caught fraudulent returns claiming more than $6 billion from uncle sam.
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but billions more also fell through the cracks. the investigators say thieves take the identities of dead people, children, or others who would not ordinarily file a tax return. those investigators warn that if the trend continues, as much as $21 billion in taxpayer money could go down the drain over the next five years. we have an identity theft expert and c.e.o. of an identity theft prevention cutting firm. good to see you. why is this such a growing problem? are we just getting better an duping the i.r.s.? >>guest: it has been a problem for some time because of the report from the audit group, it brought this sore to the surface that has been festering. it has been going on for ten or more years. >>trace: is it the system? you look at the air traffic control system, and it needs to be replaced. is it a sense that the i.r.s. system, they cannot crosscheck
12:25 pm
and do the proper things that need to be done? >>guest: there are a couple of things. there is a filing gap which we can file taxes as individuals starting in mid-january. but businesses, employers and financial institutions do not have to send out their income data for people until the end of march so there is a window of opportunity whenever effectively the i.r.s. is working in the dark. they don't have the numbers if somebody files for a refund, they don't have anything to measure against. and there are systems issues. >>trace: is it partly because the tax system is such a train wreck? we have tax attorneys that cannot figure out the tax system. if we can figure out loopholes, the crooks can figure out loopholes, right? >>guest: yes. they figure them out first. a great example is there were 2,100 returns filed at a single address in michigan. they all went to one address
12:26 pm
that shows they are in the proper red flag, when there are duplicate records, multiple refunds given to one social security number, 2,100 checks sent to one address, that is software changes that are bake. this is not just the i.r.s. individuals are responsible, as well. >>trace: but they hit the i.r.s. but they targeting us. this is identity theft from thousands of americans. >>guest: it is. and it is incredibly damaging. now that numbers are big and we see, well, $20 billion is lost that is going to criminals, to organized crime, it gets people involved. we need to solve the problems and we can do it with technology. we can get it done. >>trace: thank you, john sileo. thank you, sir. >>guest: thanks for having me. >>trace: a reaction on today's
12:27 pm
jobs create from the president and governor mitt romney. and the murder trial of drew peterson, the ex-cop, who seems to keep losing his wives. new testimony from the sister the wife who turned up dead. that's coming up. i'm only in my 60's...
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i've got a nice long life ahead.
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>>trace: i am trace gallagher here for shepard smith. president obama is pointing to today's better-than-expected jobs numbers as proof the economy is recovering but former massachusetts governor mitt romney calls this another hammer blow to america's middle-class. the labor department reported that employers added 163,000 jobs last month. that is a five-month high. the unemployment rate actually ticked up from 8.2 percent to 8.3 percent. the president spoke about the numbers today saying the country is on the right track but conceding there is a long way to go. >> we knew when i started in this job that this was going to take some time. here is the thing: we are not going to get to where we need to be if we go back to the policies that helped to create this mess in the first place. >>trace: the white house has blamed republicans for the slow recovery accusing them of blocking proposals for creating
12:32 pm
jobs. governor romney says that it is the president's policies that are leaving millions of americans out of work. wendell is live at the white house. it seems the white house is relieved but not cheering the numbers. >>reporter: you are right. the 163,000 jobs created in july, 50,000 more than analysts predicted, and after three straight months which job creation was below 100,000 jobs, relief is probably the right word. the recovery has slowed this year, so, president obama took the long view. >> we now have created 4.5 million new jobs over the last 29 months. 1.1 million new jobs so far this year. those are our neighbors and family members finding work, and the security that comes with work. >>reporter: he said we have not had the come backs from an economic crisis this severe since the great depression when the jobless rate was above 14 percent for ten straight years.
12:33 pm
>>trace: what the white house say about how many jobs republicans have blocked by refusing to accept the president's proposal? >>guest: well, the package submitted last year was aimed at creating more than a million jobs with some adopt bid executive order. the vast majority needs approval of congress and calls for more spending. the president says the fight over extending the bush administration tax cuts is holding back the recovery. >> when families have the security of knowing their taxes will not go up, they are more likely to spend and more likely to grow the economy. when small business owners have certainty on taxes and can plan ahead, they are more likely to hire and create new jobs. >>reporter: the prosecute says the republicans are holding the middle-class tax cuts hostage in order to expand the tax cuts to the well to do. >>trace: governor mitt romney
12:34 pm
talked in nevada and seized on the news that the jobless rate rose despite employers hiring more people. listen. >> the official unemployment number is 8.3 percent, the longest period of time, 42 months, the longest period of time we have had unemployment above 8 percent in american history! since this has been recorded this is an extraordinary record of failure. >>trace: both presidential candidates are looking to score political points today. and now the news from north las vegas. what also is governor romney saying? >>reporter: it was in coincidence he picked this state and this city when you consider unemployment across nevada is 11.6 percent. in las vegas, it is 12.6 percent. so, the perfect place to say, i have a plan to create 12 million jobs over the first term my presidency, championing small
12:35 pm
businesses. he came to a small business in north las vegas, a custom truck company, to make the case that we can do bettors we must do better the he was asked if the country is in a recession and he says, he hopes not but if the 23 million looking for work, it probably does feel like a recession. or, perhaps, worse. he says the president's policies have in the worked. he has plans to make them work and says he can help create a lot more jobs if elected. >>trace: thank you, mike, from las vegas. now the trial of drew peterson, the illinois ex-cop with a hit of losing his wives. today, the sister of his third wife said that peter son had threatened to kill that wife just six weeks before her body turned up in a dry bathtub inside her home. the sister said at that house the next day she saw drew peterson in the bathroom cleaning the tub. when she asked why, he said so the kids wouldn't see any blood.
12:36 pm
the sister said she wondered why did was any blood at all since the wife drowned. the prosecution says that drew peterson murdered that wife and put her in the bathtub to make it look like an accident and police say peterson is still a suspect in his 4th wife's disappearance. he claimed he is innocent in both cases. the defense points out that much of the prosecution's case is based on hearsay rather than hard evidence. and now, we will bring back the legal panel, arthur aidala and randy zelin. the prosecution made a couple of big blunders. they have one strike left. the judge him declared this a mistrial. one more mistake and this could be over. >>randy: that goes to show the desperation in the lack of the prosecution case. the evidence in this case makes the evidence in the casey anthony case look like who is trying to figure out who is buried in grant's tomb. there is no evidence.
12:37 pm
there is no confession. there is no weapon. the law enforcement personnel viewed this not as a crime seen but as an accident. so the only evidence they have is people from beyond the grave testifying. why in the call me to testify? >>arthur: trace, trace, it is interesting, very interesting --. >>trace: i saw the blue bath towel over the tub when the paramedics left and it was not there when they left. i have in the seen a lot incriminating evidence. he looks guilty but you have to prove it. >>arthur: you are correct. but, randy, he mentioned casey anthony. she clearly had an advantage because her victim's body had significantly decomposed. therefore, destroying the evidence. what happened here? this woman, the initial investigators say it is an accident and they buried her. years later, there is an investigation by reporters and they spearhead this whole thing into it being reclassified as a
12:38 pm
"homicide." drew peterson is benefiting because the evidence has been destroyed. what did not come out today, the sister came over, the deceased went to her big sister's house who testified today and said, listen, i'm really scared, i know we are going through a divorce and we will never get to trial. he will kill me before we get to the trial. please promise me will take care of my children. promise me you will take care of my children. >>trace: do you see the pushing and shoving going on in that studio? randy, i don't know what to tell you here, but the bottom line is a lot of key evidence is not being allowed in. there was a neighbor who said that drew peterson put a bullet on her doorstep to intimidate her and the judge almost went off on that. so, there, really, is nothing, not a great deal to put this guy away. >>arthur: but his words. >>randy: you may is the right
12:39 pm
guy. but if you don't have the case, you don't bring it. the man has a right to a fair trial. >>arthur: sometimes you try a case because it is the right thing to do even though you know you will lose. >>randy: how about justice? >>arthur: this is justice. the family is entitled to have the evidence bronx forward and if 12 on the jury say, sorry, so be it. you do not have to win every case. there is enough there. a grand jury found enough. >>randy: a ground juricy could indict a ham sandwich. address trace will you guys keep going while we take a break? gentleman, thank you both. >> war of words between governor romney and the senate majority leader, harry reid, over claims on the candidate's taxes. why the governor is telling senator harry reid to "put up or shut up." and michael phelps last individual race of the olympics.
12:40 pm
did he go gold?
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and ask about your risk free 30 day trial. get a lyric in your life. >>trace: governor romney hitting back against the claim he did not pay taxes for ten years after senate majority leader harry reid, said someone claiming to be an investor in bain capital called his office and told him. senator harry reid admits he has no evidence and said he is not sure it is true. governor romney's response? put up or shut up. he calls the claim "dishonest and inaccurate." with us now is sunday anchor, chris wallace, like in washington, dc. chris, great to see you. you look back at harry reid, he is a lawyer, a former boxer, he can throw a punch. maybe this was a low blow as some on both sides are saying but it seems reading all of this stuff today, pretty effective. >>chris: well, you could argue, i am surprised harry reid would do it.
12:44 pm
not that he is above it. you would think that the leader of the senate, the majority leader, a pretty important position in government, you would expect an operative in the campaign to be saying this about the opposing candidate. and it would not get the coverage. harry reid, the senate report leader, with no evidence whatever saying he talked to an unnamed investor at bain and the reason that romney is not releasing the tax returns is because for 10 years he paid nothing. not a bit of evidence. he refuses to say who he talked to. and you want a definition of chutzpah, guess what, harry reid doesn't release his own tax returns. yet he is saying that romney has to release. it got ugly when harry reid said, i think because famously, mitt romney's father, the formulate governor of michigan, he released, i don't know, ten or 12 years, harry reid said his
12:45 pm
father would be ashamed him, as the noted conservative jon stewart said, that is a real [bleep] shot. >>trace: it is. he is getting flak for this. but does this push romney into a corner? if harry reid went out on a limb and did this, is romney in a can when he says to put up or shut up? if harry reid shuts up does romney have to put up? >>chris: no. no. no. he is saying tell me your source, what your evidence is, and, obviously, harry reid will not say that. it gets people talking. i suppose it reinforces the narrative that romney has in the released -- he released one year and now he will release a second year. don't you think he. >> the to release that sooner rather than later? you do not want to release it in the height of the fall campaign. but it is a cheap shot.
12:46 pm
people get the sense of it.poli. you know, it does get us talking about it. >>trace: more importantly, chris, we want to keep you around. we want to talk about the olympics. we will talk about them and your show. you can catch chris wallace open fox news sunday but olympics now and now you can hit the mute button. michael phelps swimming his final individual race of the games and likely the last of his career, the 100 meter butterfly, his signature stroke. put down the sound. michael phelps...won the gold, the 17th gold, he swims one more time tomorrow with teammates in the medley relay. chris, this guy is amazeing. >>chris: why did you ruin for me? i wanted to enjoy it.
12:47 pm
why did you ruin it? >>trace: i gave you a turn down moment. >>chris: i could in the do that, i am on television. he is amazing. no question. he is amazing. it is so interesting because everyone talked this being the games where lochte cakes -- takes over. he is admirable but although he did not win egg, michael phelps is still the king. >>trace: it is an amazing game. you are a big fan, also, a judo fighter making history the first woman ever to represent saudi arabia and a british gold medalist said he crashed on purpose because of a bad start knowing he would get a redo under the rules. back to the saudi arabia thing, one woman if there. is saudi arabia trying to say we are in the game, trying to change women's rights? >>chris: well, honestly, i
12:48 pm
don't have a chew because i didn't know the saudis had a woman let alone she competed. probably a little bit. but if the question is dramatic reform for women's rights in saudi arabia? i don't know about that. >>trace: more on chris this weekend on fox news sunday and he sits down with david axelrod and the tea party backed senate candidate, ted cruz. that is on fox news sunday. to more days until the most ambitious mars mission in history hits the red planet. the biggest challenge is the landing. they will try to keep the $2.5 billion experiment from smashing to bits.
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>>trace: we will learn more about the potential if life on mars when they land the rover late sunday night. here is what a model of the rover looks like. curiosity is the largest machine anyone has ever sent to mars. it is the size of a mini cooper. it weighs more than a ton. there are six metal wheels and a robotic army to analyze and pick up rocks. the success or failure of curiosity could set the stage for future missions to mars. it may not be easy for curiosity to land. it will have to endure ten minutes of terror. slowing down from a speed of 13,000 miles per hour to zero with the help of a giant parachute. it will need to touch down at precisely the right spot. with us now is a former nasa
12:53 pm
engineer. the best selling memorial bar was the basis of a movie. you see the six minutes or seven minutes of terror and you think this will be tricky. do we make it? >>guest: well, at nasa we call this a real time flight ready if review. forget the olympics. in london, america is going for the gold on mars sunday night. you, trace, me, all the american people, the whole world, we are going do hit that atmosphere at up to 20,000 miles per hour, we will go down, skip around through the atmosphere, we will pop that chute. we will throw away the chute. well turn on the jets, we will hover a couple of miles away from the crater where we will large. well lower the rover encoreds until the wheels touch the ground. we will cut the cords. the sky hook will fly away. america is going to be on mars.
12:54 pm
>>trace: like gabby douglas we will stick that $2 billion landing right there on mars. we talk about how the reason this is down there to look for any sign or element that life once existed on mars. in your estimation what is the smoking gun? what does it have to pick up to say, you know, we found it? >>guest: well, the real cool thing about this crater, it is like looking at grand canyon, an steroid crashed into mars millions of years ago and dug out a big hole so we can see the range of time. so it will look at the different strata, where the rivers have glenn down. obviously, water has been in that crater, and they will go over there and look closer, see what kind of organic compounds we can pick up. who knows in we may be able to say right away, there used to be life on mars. the main thing is, we have this wonderful, won ton rover to
12:55 pm
look. >>trace: before i let you go, i want your take on private companies soon trying to shuttle astronauts back-and-forth to the space station so nasa can go beyond, for other planets and universes. where would you like to see nasa go next? >>guest: well, i like what they, they did this today, they let the contract for commercial human space flight, boeing picked it up, and spacex, a favorite company in the world, great rocket boys and girls, and the dream chaser. we are going in the right direction. we should have done it before. we should not let the shuttle close down without a replacement but now the commercial companies are going to pick up the slack. it is great. >>trace: thank you, homer. great to see you. >> an off-duty lifeguard when above and beyond to save a drowning 12-year-old boy and that led to big medical bills
12:56 pm
but now anonymous donors have come forward to help the family make the payments. but they haven't experienced extra strength bayer advanced aspirin. in fact, in a recent survey, 95% of people who tried it agreed that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.
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>>trace: a hero saved a boy from drowning and was stuck with a huge hospital bill. now his family is getting help paying the expenses. it happened last month in a beach in oregon. a 17-year-old off duty lifeguard says he spot add boy stuck in a riptide. he jumped in to save him. they both made it out okay. but the teen says he went to the hospital just to be safe. >> the physician bill was $300. he gave me a cup of water and a blanket. the ambulance ride was $1,900 and they gave me from fresh water and took my blood pressure. >>trace: in all he owed $2,500. but after the story made headlines volunteers from as far away as florida stepped up to pay


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