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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 3, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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owens proved the nazis wrong 76 years ago today. that's it for "the fox report" on this friday, the third of august, 2012. i'm bill hemmer. shep is back on monday. the factor begins now. >> juan: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight? >> >> we support this company because it takes a lot of courage to be christian in this world. >> juan: the controversy over chick-fil-a continues as gay activists plan a kiss. in tonight we will talk to governor mike huckabee. >> the man who led for the chick-fil-a appreciation day. >> 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work or way under employed. this is an extraordinary record of failure. >> we haven't had to come back from economic crisis this painful since the 1930s. >> juan: new report out today shows even though the economy
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added more jobs, the unemployment rate went up. we will tell you what this means for you and for the presidential election. >> i want to be very clear to the gangs and members of those gangs. yoer in the city of chicago. >> violence continues in the windy city as a prominent african-american paper questioned president obama's silence on the horrific crime wave in his adopted hometown. we'll debate what it means. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> juan: hi, i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. the latest chapter in the chick-fil-a gay marriage controversy. tonight, gay rights activists are planning a kiss-in at various chick-fil-a restaurants throughout the country. the brouhaha began when the chain's owner can cathy
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recently went public in an interview with his opposition to gay marriage. what followed was a tsunami of attacks against the chain. with some left wing politicians going so far as to say the restaurants are no longer welcome in their city. in response, fox news host and former arkansas governor mike huckabee, a traditional value guy, organized a if i can fillet appreciation day. hundreds of thousands of people turned out to support cathy's business on wednesday and the chain says it had record sales. governor huckabee joins us right now. governor? was it a success? >> i think it was a huge success. it wasn't against anybody. this was not a protest. t was affirmation of the right of an owner of a business to speak his or her convictions. that's what can cathy did. that's what america is all about. and when government officials start saying we are not going to welcome his business here because of a personal view that he holds, juan, that's what he we expect in north carolina or in iran, not in
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the united states. >> juan: i couldn't agree with you more on this. obviously you and i have political differences. but i couldn't agree with you more. i don't think you punish people for speaking their mind and i felt the burn coming from that in my life so i know it well. i just want to ask you this. from the other point of view. is he saying that let's say a granddad who is raising a granddaughter is not a family? is he saying that gay couple it is raising a child is not a legitimate family. >> i think he is not trying to get into the nuances of what someone else chooses to do. he is taking a stand for a biblical view of marriage, which shouldn't be a big surprise to anybody who is either catholic or evangelical because the biblical view of marriage really comes from jesus. a man shall leave his mother and father and the woman shall leave her home and the two shall become one flesh. that is clear what that means. does that mean people have to agree with that? of course not. in america they don't. it's the idea of having tolerance. let tolerate christians. it's interesting, juan, i don't hear anyone including
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public officials condemning the muslims who have a far stronger antigay position than any christian. and the very day rahm emanuel is up there criticizing and saying that can -- dan cathy's values aren't chicago values he had his arm around louis farrakhan anti-semitic and woman against same sex marriage. i think hypocrisy and the inconsistency is part of the problem. but the bullying toward chick-fil-a trying to put them out of business. i find that offensive. look, i go and visit people all the time whose businesses maybe are led by people i don't agree with i'm buying their product, not their politics. >> juan: absolutely. if you go to ben and jerry's it doesn't. >> i sip starbucks and order things from amazon and i love apple computer products. i'm not stopping my patronage of those firms unless they were to ever put something in their bag when i bought something that said we hate
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christians. they resident done that they treat me respectfullies a customer. all that matters with chick-fil-a do they treat their customers with respect? >> i agree. this is the thing. one of the chicago -- want to stop chick-fil-a from coming in where is their antidiscrimination policy. when it is point thed out they do in terms of employment. he says that doesn't apply to customers. is there any evident that chick-fil-a ever discriminated against anybody? guys, straight, black, white, mormon, anybody? >> no. there is not. in fact, there is a great record of chick-fil-a having sponsored millions of dollars of college scholarships for employees and being highly invested in the communities where they have something like 1600 stores, this is a very responsible corpted entity. they're family owned and privately held. they are not a public company so they can pretty much have the philosophy any wanted. fuferlly for america it is very generous. charitable foundation has done
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good things. i don't know what the problem is. >> you said it's about tolerance. what do you, mike huckabee, traditional value guy think about the kiss-in tonight being held by gay, lesbian transgender people right in front of chick-fil-a as a protest against dan cathy? >> in america as long as they don't impede business or interfere with customers getting in or out of the store they i think they are perfectly within their right. i'm far more tolerate of people who disagree with me than they seem to be to have me disagree with them. face fine. if they think that will help their cause, i'm not sure that will. i say in america more power to you. that's what that this country is all about. makes it a great place to be. >> juan: gay alliance against defamation, glad, says chick-fil-a has been financing groups that have been engaged
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in anti--lesbian, anti--gay, an tiff by sexual activity. >> they say anybody who doesn't agree in same sex marriage is antigay. >> even to ridiculously the hate group is a research scandal. that's respected. >> juan: let's listen to barney frank on this issue. >> entirely for individuals whether i want to eat there. i don't think governments ought to discriminate against him fay lay because of the owners to. i personally wouldn't want to support a guy who doesn't think i should have my rights i don't think the government should do that. >> barney is going okay if you don't agree with this otion, stay away. in fact, the jim henson company is pulling toys from l.a. >> thasm their right to do it but how do you decide when to
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do business with the companies? liberal companies have who work for ben and jerry's who are christian. if i take all my business aways i may be hurting christians that brk at ben and jerriy's. here is the bigger point i would make, juan. i think that the issue is tray tron nice people that you like but buy products and if they want to into use their products for political -- respect it. >> juan: no discrimination by chick-fil-a. they may support groups that are antigay but they are not discriminating in the way they do business. governor, thanks for coming in. we would like to remind you that the governor has a set of historical dvds for children information about them available at learn our next up, harry reid doubles down on his attacks on mitt romney repeating unsubstantiated rumors that he hasn't paid taxes. even the left thinks we have gone too far in a moment.
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keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. yesterday with absolutely no
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substantiation. >> if a person coming before this body wanted to be a cabinet officer, he couldn't be if he had the -- he did the same refusal mitt romney does about tax returns. >> so, the word is out that he hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years. >> let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn't. we already know from one partial tax return that he gave us he has money hidden in bermuda, the kay men islands and swiss bank account. not making that up. that's the partial year that he gave us. >> governor romney fired back today. >> harry reid really has to put up or shut up, all right? so, harry, who are your sources? harry is simply wrong and that's why i'm so anxious for him to give us the names of the people who have put this forward. >> now even lefties like jon
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stewart are mocking harry reid. they say he has gone too far. joining us now from washington radio talk show host janine turner and from los angeles, fox news contributor hisly marshall. janine let me begin with you and say we are talking about this harry reid political disgraceful because he knows that under the united states constitution article 1 section 6 clause one. he is protected from being sued or being arrested for saying anything that ask untrue on the senate floor. that's why he chose to stay view speech and debate clause. quite frankly a disgrace to the dignity of america that he would do something like. this do you believe the white house is behind it? do you think the white house or even the obama campaign? let's put it in those terms? obama campaign, david axelrod the president's chief strategist says he agrees with harry reid. are they behind this? is this a part of a large scale obama conspiracy, if you
5:14 pm
will, to somehow distract everybody from what's going on with the economy? everything else, and talk about taxes and mitt romney? >> absolutely. absolutely. it's diversion tactic. i have no doubt that harry reid is the man they threw out there to be the fall guy and that it's a collusion, yes, i do definitely believe that. it's a diversion. >> leslie, when it comes to this, i want to hear what you have to say because, as i said, jon stewart and others on the left are saying, you know what? he is the senate majority leader. he is a serious political figure in our country, and for him to be making unsubstantiated allegations is that below the belt? >> i don't think it's below the belt to say there is a rumor going around that former governor romney hasn't paid taxes in 10 years. i think it's wrong to say he hasn't paid taxes. somebody called my office, i didn't substantiate the source but when former governor romney put up or shut up it's he he that has to put up or shut up. the ploy to get him to release
5:15 pm
those tax returns actually, if that's what's being done could be working. it worked with the president, juan, finally he he here is my birth certificate everybody shut up. that's what mitt romney needs to do because people on the left and right are saying give us your tax returns. that will show everybody, if in fact senator harry reid's allegation is true or false. >> that's an interesting equation you just drew. if someone says, oh, you know what? i don't think obama was born in the united states. i think obama is a muslim. i think is he a socialist. you say that's the same as the senate majority leader spreading a rumor? >> i didn't say it was the same. i said i think it's the strategy, perhaps in my opinion. perhaps senator reid to put something outland different out there so that we get some truth and we get those tax returns which is what all americans seem to want on both sides of the aisle. >> let me get serious here for a second. janine. respond to leslie on this point.
5:16 pm
do you think that there is any argument, substantial argument for mitt romney to release these tax returns? he he didn't release any tax returns in 2008. he has released this time he has released the 2010 tax returns, and some kind of summary of the 2011 returns is that sufficient? do you think voters and republicans think that that he should do more? >> i think it's sufficient. and i think anything more than that is unsubstantiated and it's not required. and if yearing about to ask for things that need to be, that aren't necessarily required, then what about obama's college thesis and his entrance papers and his health records. what about all these things that obama isn't releasing us, fast and furious documents. if we're going to start that if things aren't even required. let's go back to that. that's what i believe. >> juan: it's pretty much a tradition though and i can hear leslie's mind percolating. his dad released these tax returns. is that right, leslie? is that what you are going to
5:17 pm
say? >> i'm sorry, you can't read my mind. >> although that's a part of the greater landscape. i mean since agnew pled no contest to tax evasion in 1973, americans have said we want tax returns. by the way john mccain is the only republic who provided such a low amount two years, barack obama 12 years. bob dole 29 years. mitt romney if he wants to be president of the united states has to do what both sides. >> former presidents have actually released their health records but president obama will not release his health records. so i think there is both sides here. >> sound bite. listen to this closely. i want to hear your response. >> perhaps republicans want to shield a handful of billionaires willing to nine figures. sway a close presidential election. mr. president, if this flood outside money continues, a day after the election, 17 angry
5:18 pm
old white men will wake up and realize they just bought the country. >> juan: janine, angry old white men? is this what this is about, leslie? >> i think harry reid is the one who is bringing down america quite frankly because, 30 house bills have been passed that reid won't even bring occupy for a vote. >> billionaire's argument coming from harry reid. i was google who the 17 angry white billionaires were to see if they would adopt me in their final years, juan. >> they only care about america. >> coming up next, new millions of unemployed americans know all too well. there aren't enough jobs out there. how will the latest jobs report effect the obama re-election campaign? we'll debate it right here. plus, geraldo rivera helped innocent man who spent 27 years behind bars. we're going to have that story
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>> juan: in the unresolved problem segment tonight, a jobs report out today says the economy added 163,000 jobs in july. that's the biggest monthly gain since february, five months, but it wasn't enough to enough to keep the unemployment rate from ticking up to 8.3%. president obama addressed the mixed bag of news. >> we have still got too many folks out there who are looking for work. we have got more work to do on their behalf. not only to reclaim all the jobs that were lost during the recession, but also to reclaim the kind of financial security that too many americans have felt was slipping away from them for too long.
5:23 pm
>> speaking at a campaign event, mitt romney pounced on the news and the president. >> today we just got a new number from the unemployment report and it's another hammer blow to the struggling middle class families of america. the president has not had policies that put american families back to work. i do. i will put them in place and get america working again. >> here now tonel aize, fox news contributor to been smith, he he is already shaking his head and david callahan a senior fellow at demos. you are shaking your head. i'm looking at the numbers that indicate the private sector added 172,000 jobs. private sector, 172,000 public sector lost 9,000 jobs. but, of course, when you hear people on the right talk about whether or not we should, in fact, put more money into public sector they say no. and you say no. >> he will with, trying to make the president look bad trying to get new president
5:24 pm
elected. get above the fray for a second. 148 million people unemployed in the united states. when you have 5 million people that are perennially unemployed for more than a year. that means those people are mostly never getting back into the job market. that's a huge issue. >> terrible. >> huge issue u 6 taking the unemployed and then the under employed. and that's how most people like me who follow the economy follow this. we are at 15 to 16% in the united states overall. we're 21% on that number in california. the largest state. you know, 35 million people. florida 18%. we have a chronic unemployment issue that 150,000 jobs as you everyone knows doesn't get close to getting to that number. and the question is, is government going to build these jobs, juan? no, it's private sector. government lost 9,000 jobs. government is going to lose 150,000 jobs in the next 12, 14 months. it's got to come from the private sector. guys like me small businesses who invest real money, risk money in jobs.
5:25 pm
>> juan: that's right. now, but the question is, david, where is that money coming from? in other words, do you see noah there needs to be an investment by government to stimulate this economy or do you say, as the white house was saying today, hey, you know what? we have had 29 months now of steady job creation? >> well, absolutely there needs to be more stimulus and the president had a plan to invest in our infrastructure, would have put a lot of construction workers back to work. i mean, the highest unemployment rate is among construction workers. 12%. invest in our infrastructure. those people need jobs. i want to go back to the question of private businesses and how they -- why are they not hiring workers? surveys of private businesses. asked employers why aren't you hiring people? what those employers say is not that their taxes are too high. not. >> demand,. >> not that it's obama care and regulation. >> they say there is not consumer demand. >> oh. >> why isn't there consumer demand? because consumers are tapped out. one reason they are tapped out. one reason the middle class doesn't have money to spend
5:26 pm
right now is because all of the money that generated by most of the money generated in our economy right now is going to that top 1%. corporate profits are at a near record high. the middle class is not sharing in the prosperity that. >> when i'm talking to business people like my friend tobin. what i hear is, you know what? there is too much uncertainty. we don't know what's going on. we don't know what this president is doing. we tonight in know what happens after the elections. why should would he be hiring. >> they don't say uncertainty problem in the survey. customers. got to put money in the pockets of the customers. >> come back to getting little higher level. i love this term. if i take $100 and i buy a door to put on a frame, that is an investment in a house, right? >> right. >> but if i take 100 million or $400 million and give it to california to keep teachers and firemen on jobs, that's an investment. oh, by the way, it's not. that's an expense.
5:27 pm
who the berst investor for capital private or public market in this administration feels that the way prosperity the most incredible economy in the world was that prichted capital and turned t into taxes and then invested it and that's how we made prosperity and, juan, you know that's not right. >> juan: you don't believe that let me just say you do believe, i believe from what i have been talking to you in education and infrastructure spending by the government tobin. >> go back to the 50s and say what was the real investment. freeway system. that was investment. >> juan: you say yes. a minute ago david was in trouble with you when you word stimulus. i thought you were going to beat him in the head. >> stimulus, of course, is the b.s. word. stimulus is a co-word for taking taxes from rich people and spending money on services, juan. >> juan: you just said yes to spending on infrastructure and education. what do you say? >> i think investing in
5:28 pm
infrastructure makes a lot of sense. >> how would you propose we do that david. >> for one thing you don't cancel a tunnel new tunnel go under the river. 9 billion-dollar quickly bottom line was today good news or bad news? david? >> it was more of the same: >> we're going nowhere. and the odds are why are going less where fast. >> this doesn't look good. gentlemen, thank you so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. a florida man wrongly convicted of murder is freed after 27 years. and thanks, geraldo rivera for helping to clear his good name. plus, is the breakdown of the african-american family structure to blame for the rising tied of deadly violence in chicago? we are going to debate it and we hope you stay tuned because these are important reports. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me.
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once again, new york state is a place where innovation meets determination and where businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at >> juan: in the personal story segment tonight, william dillon is a free man but t
5:32 pm
wasn't always that way. he spent 27 years locked up in a florida prison after being convicted of a murder he did not commit. d.n.a. evidence finally exonerated him in 2008 and last month he got to sing the national anthem at the tampa bay rays game in florida. ♪ for the land of the free. ♪ and the home of the brave. [cheers and applause] >> wonderful story. dillon recently appeared on "fox & friends" and thanked geraldo rivera, our friend, for sending him on the path to freedom. >> we also know that you wanted to say a special thank you to geraldo rivera. >> i certainly do. i want to say a special thanks to you, geraldo rivera, for exposing john preston, the dog handler in 1986 to be a fraud. that man that actually made me a suspect in this murder.
5:33 pm
thank you so much, sir. >> juan: geraldo rivera, that's a great thank you. >> that is so nice. you know, just think of everything have you done in the last 27 years. everything you have done with your family, your children, your job, the things you have seen, the experiences you have had, this guy has been in prison for that long, well, has been out for a couple of years now. for more than a quarter of a century. behind bars. raped a couple of incarcerated young man. his whole life has been absolutely wasted and, juan, sometimes there are close cases and you can understand how justifiable might go awry. this was not a close case. this was a fellow named john prestons the dog handler that bill just described there. he was a total fraud. he has a phony. he had his dog and he would, you know, he would tell his dog in this particular case, there was a t-shirt attached
5:34 pm
to the case. found in the trash can eight days after the fact. the dog supposedly linked the t-shirt to the defendant. william dillon who was on the beach with his brother at the time the cops came to question him. and to the crime. the dog had no real skills. john preston was an absolute phoney. all he was expert at was giving the dog cues. >> how did you figure this guy was a charlton? >> we started getting these complaints complaints defense attorneys about john preston. after you get the second or third one you start to suggest wait a second, what exactly is it that a dog does in these cases is it forensically possible for this german shepherd to hit on the shirt and hit on the guy and then link it to a crime with so much crime and distance? >> why did it take 27 years before they-before the cops got on to the d.n.a. >> remember i did the 2020
5:35 pm
investigation of john preston in the 80's. and and still william dillon lang wished. i have to say my heart goes out to this guy. imagine how bitter. i know how angry i would be. >> juan: that man singing at the tampa bay ray's game is not bitter and his gratitude toward you. >> a grateful person, a patriot. a person with great talent heart and charisma. he languished in jail. >> 27 years. >> i would be so angry. i also have to mention that you know, the part i play was relatively small compared to the innocence project which is phi peered the use of d.n.a. >> juan: that's what took 27 years. >> prosecutors object to t being admitted. they don't want to did undo the facts. >> here is the other side of geraldo rivera, drew peterson? who says he can't stand you and you have never said a good word about him. >> is he a repulsive, low life slime ball wife killing s.o.b., juan, i hate this man.
5:36 pm
>> why are you convinced? how you can know for sure that he is a wife killer? >> i guess it was when the fourth wife went missing, you know, three years after the third wife. it was something that i started to wonder. it was his arrogance, really. and it was once dr. bodien examined the remains of kathleen savio the supposedly drowned third wife and found no injuries consistent with her slipping and falling and hittings her head and accidently falling in the bathtub falling from her family what drew peterson said to her in the weeks leading up to her demise. she said, he said, he was going to kill her. he said, she said he said that she was -- >> juan: only got a few seconds. you are good at this. is he going to get convicted this time. >> my hope, i can tell you my fer adventure presence that he that he is convicted and sent
5:37 pm
away and stacy peterson who remains missing as well. the case against him is based largely on here say in the state of illinois. >> you mean he could get away again? >> passed this here say exception for intentional murder of witnesses. you know, it's like the guy who kills his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court and says i'm an orphan, have mercy on ome. drew peterson killed the witnesses against him. now is he objecting to their statements being admitted. >> it makes me crazy. geraldo rivera, thank you so much. state ahead. any correlation between the violence in chicago and the breakdown of the african-american family? we're going to debate it. it's going to be a good one, st es card from capital one, thor's couture gets the most rewards of any small business credit card. your boa! [ garth ] thor's small business earns double miles on every purchase, every day! ahh, the new fabrics, put it on my spark card. [ garth ] why settle for less? the spiked heels are working. wait! [ garth ] great businesses deserve the most rewards!
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>> juan: thanks to much for staying with us tonight. i'm juan williams in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up segment tonight, as we have been report rg, violence in chicago out of control. the murder rate in the windy city is up 31% from last year growing call for president obama to speak out about the violence in his adopted hometown. take a look at this. it's the cover of a prominent black newspaper there asking the question, mr. president, what's the deal? why so long to speak out against chicago violence. "chicago sun times" wrote
5:41 pm
this. why is it important that the president went to aroar i can't colorado, did it here in his adopted home. in the city that gave birth to his presidency, the headquarters of his campaign, unquote. joining us now from chicago, santita jackson radio talk show host and with us deneen borelli the author of the book "backlash," both are fox news contributors. let me begin with you, santita and say is there any question in your mind that this is related to the breakdown of the black family. >> you know, i think this is the breakdown of the american family. the fact is northwestern university study in 2010 showed us that the gunshot deaths in urban america are roughly equal to that of the gunshot deaths in rural america. i think we have got to look at what is happening in our country. we have a violence epidemic that's rooted in joblessness and breakdown in social
5:42 pm
fabric. i don't think you can isolate and it focus on the black community but look at the broader community. >> you look at the statistics, who is getting shot, who is doing the shooting? i don't think there is any question it's black on black crime. >> no, no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no. you have got to acknowledge the 2010 study. we're entitled to our own opinions but not our own set of facts. 2010 northwestern university great university based here in chicago showed us that urban violence and rural violence roughly the same when it comes to our children. it's just too many of our children are killing themselves or shooting each other. it's unacceptably high. it's not going to work. >> do you agree black family breakdown has nothing to do with this. black men role models in the community? seems to me there is a connection, what do you think? >> there is a connection there is a breakdown in the black family because of the failures of the progressive policies. look at what welfare did to black families many many years ago and even today where you have individuals who are more dependent on the government, instead of looking to themselves to be independent. but what we have is the black
5:43 pm
establishment does not -- they don't want to talk about the failures of the progressive policies like high taxes, like failing public schools, high pregnancy rates. they don't want to talk about that because that will expose the failures of their policies and what they back, what they stand for. so, what we need really is a hostile takeover of the black establishment, hold them accountable for what they say and what they do because they are doing it a disservice to the black community. >> unchristian like. >> juan: i want to ask you if you agree that there is some people black leaders don't want to deal with the problems and black community high rates of out-of-wedlock birth. children who don't have dads, no role model people say let's not talk about that. >> no not when i'm in the black church and product of the african-american church. these are discussions these are discussions we get done all the time.
5:44 pm
really misses the point. this happened, this wave of black on black crime was white on white crime 1890 to 1930. in chicago when is you had a wave of white european immigrants forced into slums no jobs and life options were cut. the former head of our intelligence agency said that this economic crisis in which we find ourselves would rip the social fabric. that is what we are seeing. what's happening in rural america? you know what? waterboarding, i want us to connect the dots in chicago. what is happening here is awful. i think we need to connect the dots across the country. because, since gabby giffords was shot, excuse me in january of 2011. we have had 60 mass shootings. and no one wants to connect those dots. i wanted to do that because. >> juan: i'm glad to connect dots. what i'm glad to connect dots. when i connect dots i go chicago, i go philadelphia, i go baltimore, guy houston. you know he what? i see black people killing black people. that's what i see. i don't know how you can avoid seeing this. >> i'm not ai having that i
5:45 pm
think you are doing a great deal of avoidance, juan, you are avoiding what's happening in the broader country. what about the mass killings? >> why doesn't the black establishment talk about these deplorable crimes that are happening. >> why can't we do both? why can't we do both? why are you ignoring what's happening in the rest of the country. >> i'm not ignoring it if you want to just look at pure numbers, numbers of deaths, i don't think there is any question it's black-on-black crime. if you want to talk about -- as it was pointed out in that editorial by call, what was it, i forget the exact number of people who died in aurora, colorado that doesn't match a weekend in chicago. >> but i'm looking at raw numbers. four deaths per 100,000 people according to northwestern university study. look, we have a violence problem in america. >> juan: come on. santita, you know that includes suicides, accidental deaths, come on. that's what the northwestern. >> absolutely. >> juan: that doesn't reflect what's going on in chicago. >> in urban community.
5:46 pm
>> juan: hold on let her respond. >> some psychologists are calling these homicides really suicides in reverse. i want us to have an educated conversation about. >> juan: you have got to be honest. >> i'm being honest. wait a minute. hold it. i live on the south side of chicago. i live here. >> juan: that's what i'm saying what's going on in the rural community is suicide. let's get deneen here. >> urban communities as i said the black establishment is ignoring the deplorable conditions of these communities. this is all. >> that is not true, deneen. >> it's economic driven. if people had jobs, you wouldn't have all this violence and individuals selling drugs and getting involved in gangs. if they were employed. >> juan: santita said that. >> i said that. >> we are talking about black liberals not addressing the fact that the progressive policies have failed the black community. poor education, high unemployment. unemployment among black youth is among 36%. these numbers are deplorable. >> we need to dooch better.
5:47 pm
>> juan: one last thing to say to you. no one is trying to pa -- out of love and concern don't you think we should say something about this and don't you think president obama should say about this. >> absolutely and please let me apologize to deneen for stepping over her. i apologize. >> juan: this is all in the spirit of concern. all of us having a real important debate. ladies, thank you so much for doing it when we come back, a republic committee congressional committee release as scathing report on solyndra. we'll have the details, stay with us.
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tonight. congressional committee has just wrapped up solyndra investigation and it doesn't make the white house look very good. the report was released by
5:51 pm
republicans on the house energy and commerce committee. it concludes political pressure by the white house was largely to blame for fast tracking a 535-million-dollar loan guarantee to solyndra. now bankrupt solar energy company. adding to the embarrassment the republic national committee released a 2009 email that showed the former ceo of solyndra referred to the federal aide as, quote, the bank of washington. end quote. the white house defended the overall loan program saying it's been critical to supporting alternate energy innovation. joining us now republic strategist dee dee banky and former obama campaign consultant john helinko. >> dee dee, i just think that this is kind of a nail in the coffin. an email referring to taxpayer money as the bank of washington? >> i know, it's awful, juan. it's just like hey, buddy, give me some green back for the green energy bank of washington. that's a terrible mess sj. that's not what is supposed to be all about. all together, $6.5 billion on
5:52 pm
green energy projects 12 of the companies are in trouble. that's not good. >> what about the idea that, in fact, this is supporting innovation and that government had to do something here because the competition coming from china, brazil, and elsewhere? >> here is the thing, juan, why don't we go with the real thing and go with coal and drilling offshore and the keystone pipeline? how about that idea? when we do not know something is going to happen and when we are break, i don't know, maybe we should go for the sure thing instead of the adventurist track. it's fun to try new things but we just don't have money to do that. is there evidence here feathering the bed of political tributers and
5:53 pm
friends. >> now we know what the white house has been doing. instead of creating jobs they have been sending emails. one email. >> juan: you dismiss this as one email. >> it's clear plart sandwich hunt. they were looking for some reason. this solyndra witch-hunt goes on and on and on rather than committing jobs. sometimes high tech ventures fail. >> 165 billion? that's a lot of money. >> for every google, every facebook. you know how many companies that didn't do well. this is high tech and cutting edge. >> here is the thing, john, really the hardware store owner has to give an arm, first born and probably 300 documents to get a small business loan. you know these guys in a record amount of time were able to get $535 million. i mean, i just felt bad for small businesses they don't get the same treatment. >> you love america, right? >> yes, of course, you want america to be energy independent it ain't happening with coal and oil. >> could have been taken if we could have taken $535 million
5:54 pm
and had more clean coal energy instead obama administration has killed coal industry something we know we have. as well as natural gas. drill offshore. >> juan: let me say here this investigation was not bipartisan it was done by republicans with the intent to embarrass the white house. does that undermine the power of what they have found. >> not the intent to embarrass, juan, intent to find the truth. when this guy is saying hey, buddy, that's the bank of washington. it's a problem. >> juan: is this a problem it was not a bipartisan effort? >> yes, if they wanted to have real investigation, it should have been bipartisan. sort of like having competition smartest pundit and having my mom as the judge. absurd. so clearly part san. >> not worried about wasted money. all this wasted money on energy. heck they are spending $20 million in african on clean burning stoves. >> we're spending money on the energy of the future. china is doing it, india is doing it europe it doing it?
5:55 pm
>> we don't know. >> we are shooting for the moon we didn't know if wield make it? >> i'm sorry when we are broke, when we don't have money, we need to go for the sure thing, the energy we have now. >> we don't have it now. >> so we don't have $5. >> we use 20% of the oil. >> need to drill moreon juan you guys are far too serious about this. [ laughter ] >> you guys have having a real debate. wait a minute, slow down. you have to understanded that the charge here is that this money was wasted and on political cronies, john. what do you say to that? >> well, look, investments are going to be made all the time that don't pay off if there is an investigation. >> well, it was fast tracked because it was going to their buddies. >> what we did was found an email apparently. >> juan: thank you so much. up next, the best factor tips of the week. you won' miss this. stay right here. that's 60 seconds away.
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