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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  August 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> my mother the legendary king of pop michael jackson passed away june 25th, 2009. >> i am geraldo rivera. this special report the kidnapping of catherine jackson begins with her son michael's death at age 50 leaving three young children and a mountain of debt. as his i say state is fueled by extraordinary record sales katherine is worth a king's
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ransom. he left her 40 percent his kids 40 percent 20 percent of the estate remaining going to children's charities. additionally michael has named katherine guardian of his three heirs. now michael's will and katherine's guardianship are under attack from relatives who have been cut out. but a family power struggle is one thing. kidnapping another. >> late saturday night katherine raising his kids reported missing. >> sunday july 22nd michael's daughter paris tweets, yes my grandmother is missing i haven't spoken with her in a week. i want her home now. >> at this point the kids france 15, paris 14, blanket 10 years old had not seen their grandma for 7 days. rejecting explanations from her uncle and aunt janet jackson paris pleads gishthly to t dire the public. >> if any one sees my
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grandmother call the police or this number. thank you so much. where is grandma? the teens tweet sets up a nationwide search. >> took down a report we have been attempting to contact her. >> a bizarre family drama plays out in full view at the heart his money and the fact that father joe and siblings including the four involved in this escapade randy, jermaine, janet and recommend my have been cut out. as for katherine's mysterious disappearance jermaine tweets. >> let me put to bed today's nonsense as has been clear some days ago my mother is safe and well in arizona. (inaudible). >> but paris is skeptical of her
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uncles and aunts. >> the same doctor that testified on behalf of dr. murray saying my father was a drug addict, a lie, is caring for my grandmother. just saying. >> day 8. monday july 23rd, still no contact with her grandmother. she tweets again. 8 days and counting something is really off. this isn't like her at all. i want to talk directly to my grandmother. >> day 9 tuesday july 24th. video of an altercation of katherine ace home involving ver ma jermaine, randy, janet and paris. >> jdeputies determined a minor scuffle occurred between two jacksons and minors. >> after the slap janet jackson told paris jackson your (bleep). >> it wasn't a slap it was a trying to grab her cell phone.
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>> 9 days and counting. so help me god i will make whoever did this pay. >> day 10 wednesday july 25th. realing from reaction to the team's pleas the older jacksons relent. >> wie did go to the phone and they feel they can visit with or talk with their grandma at any time. >> but now even some of michael's lib sings share his children's concern. >> we have been told that our fath mother is safe she is doing well but we have not spoken with her. we have not talked with her. and i don't know where my mother -- i don't know where my mother is. >> finally 10-days after her disappearance catherine jackson reemerges and speaks to the world. >> there are rumors going around about me that i have been kidnapped and held against my will. i am here to state to let
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everybody know i am fine, and i am here with my children and my children would never do that thing like that hold me against my will. >> whether her 10-day disappearance they disapprove. temporarily stripping her of her three gland children. >> the ruling in court was about the guardianship and i think it was based on a bunch of lies. i am devastated that while i have been away that my grandchildren have been taken away from me. >> finally thursday august 2nd a california court restores katherine to custody but with a catch. an adult grandson teto jackson junior is awarded co guardianship. >> when his grandmother came home tj and the grandmother discussed what she would like and what she had decided after meeting with prince, paris and blanket is that they would like to formally recognize tj as co guardian.
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>> did greed lead to an attempt bison of the legendary jackson family to isolate and manipulate their own mother? was it a gang control of katherine's 40 percent of michael's rapidly growing he is skate? was it foiled by 14-year-old paris using twitter to blow the whistle on aunt jam net and recommend my and randy? >> he is michael jackson's niece and tj is now co guardian of michael jackson's three children. we are live from las vegas. can you tell us first of all are you speaking with the consent of your legendary family tonight? >> yes, i am. i am speaking with the consent of one relative. >> and which of those relatives specifically know you are on the program tonight?
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>> i don't want to say who. >> have you spoken with your brother tj since he has been granted custody of your cousins paris and prince and blanket? >> i have not. it is a lot going on right now. everybody needs their space. i am going to give it to them. everybody needs to hash out what's going on. there's a court hearing going on. i have to let them be. i tried to speak to my grandmother and she did not come to the phone. that's okay. she needs her time to rest. it's a lot on her. >> did you know where she was during her disappearance? >> yes, i did. i knew that she was not kidnapped. that -- it's foolish. she wasn't kidnapped. this situation right now is hard. ses hard for her traumatizing
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for the family. she just needed a break. shiesz an elderly woman she needed time and space. that's all. >> how was it explained to you then theron grandchildren that she was in charge of didn't know where grandma was? >> that was not explained to me. but i know for a fact she needed a break. maybe she didn't tell anybody she needed a break. >> maybe nobody told her she was having a break. are you certain you know the facts and circumstances of your grandma's disappearance? >> yes, yes i do. yes, i do. >> and why, then, this altercation between your aunt janet and paris? >> janet was just trying to stop the tweets.
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paris is a teenager and she is emotional. she didn't know what was going on and she was doing what she thought was right. >> but how is it that you knew what was going on and paris did not? >> well, because i spoke with someone in the family. >> they assured you -- wasn't your grandmother supposed to be going with prince jackson wto a jackson family concert in new mexico. isn't that where she was supposed to be going? is it not a fact she had no idea she was going to this rest home kind of place? >> no, that's not true. i don't know anything about her going to a concert. >> was there a jackson family concert in albuquerque new mexico that weekend she disappeared? >> yes there was a unit tour she were doing and probably in mexico at that time. but i don't think she was going
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there at that time when they said she was missing. i don't think she was going there. >> that's not what i heard. is it not a fact that prince jackson joe's grand nephew had a physical fight with randy at the jackson family? >> no. >> wasn't that the scuffle that was reported to the authorities? is>> no. no. i don't know anything about that. i don't know anything about that. >> was there a scuffle between randy and jermaine and -- >> i do not know. >> you haven't heard anything? >> i haven't heard anything about the scuffle. >> you are totally satisfied that everything is cope shtetic with this disappearance? >> yeah. i am. >> we will talk much more. i didn't mean to interrupt you. i know there's a slight delay. i didn't mean to interrupt you.
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we will have much more with dena jackson the sister of tj jackson who is now co guardian of the three jackson children. coming up more on michael's he is skate as we follow the money and we will have the latest on today's bloody act of domestic terror in wisconsin and governor mike huckabee will be here with his reaction to the chik-fil-a trials. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology, and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world.
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>> continuing tonight michael's niece and sister of tj who is co guard january of michael's children after the bizarre story with catherine jackson. we ha
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tell us about your reunion today. >> a lot of people didn't show up. my grandma obviously did not show up. it was me and joe and majestic who is a very long time family friend. it was mostly joe he is avenue side of the family. it was very nice and brief and i enjoyed myself. >> mike walker the ace of the national inquirer joins us. you have heard our opening segment and the initial interview. do you think the miss serious disappe -- mysterious disappear of katherine did it involve the will and the gigantic pot of gold at the end of the michael jackson rainbow? what do you say? >> the driving force is janet jackson and randy. randy said on al sharpton's
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radio show. this is not about money from us. that's a lie. he and his brother jermaine have already petitioned the estate for $500,000 roughly that for back child support for the woman by whom they each have two children. it is about money. the whole thing about the doctor he told al my mother is ailing. et cetera. this is a matter of record. mother had a complete physical checkup. this is all garbage. when she got there. remember when she came back all of the family was standing around in the weird press conference no one was allowed to speak said i was fine i was not kidnaped by my children. in the court decoration a different story. she says when she got there she was surprised to find her phone cut off they took her ipad and cell phone she wasn't allowed to watch television. janet is jealous of paris. paris was offered a movie role.
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janet was upset. said quotes about i don't want her to do that she shouldn't be doing this. why? because janet her career is not doing that well it's lagging. that gave randy and the guy as little bit of mocks ee to go after john the lawyer who runs the estate who by the way hadz done a brill jaiant job. michael died 500 million in the hole. he is just about even and the he is skate is valued at a billion dollars going on tour with pepsi, cirque du soleil and done a wonderful job. the will is phony. california superior court and said no the will is valid. this is about a bunch of people trying to get their hands on a bunch of money. michael never wanted them to have anything to do with his children his father or brothers or sisters. >> can you stay on and have ample time to respond to what
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mike just said and anything else you would like to say? >> yeah, i am going to make that brief. i just said in another interview -- can you hear me? >> you have to say it in the next segment if you don't mind. we will be right back. the man who made buying a chik-fil-a channed which a political statement. governor mike huckabee joins us. an expert estate lawyer after this
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oo we are vienting god -- inviting god's judgment when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you when we say what constitutes a marriage. i pray god's mercy on our generation that has such a
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prideful arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redesifine wt marriage is all about. >> we have ourselves a typical culture war skinlirmish. doesn't seem enough to warrant a million mouth march until... >> promising to block chik-fil-a from opening a store. >> rahm emanuel who threatened won't allow chik-fil-a in chicago. >> san francisco is telling chicago fillet it is not welcome. >> oh, boy. >> they are always complaining about the government persecuting them for their belief? mistaking not being able to do whatever they want for censorsh censorship? well, in this case i am pretty sure they got something. pretty sure you can't outlaw a company with perfectly legal business practices because you find their ceo's views repellent. not sure which amendment covers that but it's probably in the
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top 1>> the man who launched a million chik-fil-a sandwiches last wednesday the former governor of arkansas the former presidential candidate my friend and colleague mike huckabee. >> good to see you. >> cowantis pate the enormous response? >> we had 21 million views to my facebook page. i was surprised the intensity of it. matched by my surprise at the calmness of it. it was not an angry protest. it wasn't people yelling and screaming it was people going and buy ago chicken sandwich. there were pretty loud protests but most of those came from the chickens. >> you do have some counter protestors outside the chik-fil-a but generally speaking why due describe the kind of business the intensity. >> there are people who waited in line for 3, 4, sometimes 5
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hours. there are cars 3 or 4 across traffic back will up almost a mile. chik-fil-as across the country ran out of food. they jammed shopping malls there were remarkable gestures of sport. not that they were agreeing with dan but there has to be the ability of people to take a stand individually as long as it doesn't effect the company's willingness to serve all customers and to treat their employees with respect and dignity. >> what about the allegation that the views on same-sex marriage are so intolerant that they are intolerable? >> the same views barack obama expressed until may of this year. >> they are. the same views hillary clinton and joe biden expressed four years ago. they are the expressions of voters in 32 out of 32 states. there's not one state why the
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voters had a chance to decide marriage where they didn't decide the same thing dan calf fee todstood for. >> the chik-fil-a sandwich is symbol of whether or not you support gay marriage? >> no. they never asked for the controversy. he made his comments perfectly appropriate for any forum but especially in a christian forum. there were gay activists who took to bullying him because he said it. what really tipped it over the edge when you see these mayors coming out using their official position and pedestal as a public official to denounce this company because of the individual who ran it. it is one thing to say i don't agree with their position. that's fine even as a public official but to imply or openly threaten that company from doing business in one of those cities, that was over the edge. couldn't just go unchallenged. >> your wife janet my wife erykah play big roles in our
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lives. my erica says, how can you not feel that everything, every utterance this man-made is so reprehensib reprehensible. years from now people will look back and say how could they possibly? isn't it like not letting black people drink at the same water fountains not letting black people use the same restaurants? isn't it the same advocates treatments of gays as different than straight people. >> he doesn't advocate treatment of gays unkind. he serves gays in his restaurants employs gays in his restauran restaurants. he doesn't discriminate. that would be a legitimate reason to to be upset with him. i don't believe discrimination is proper in the workplace. but to say if you disagree with same-sex marriage you are a big got or that you are intolerant or that is hate speech that is where i draw the line and say,
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no, whether we are catholic or evangelical it's not that radical a point of view to say marriage still remains a man woman relationship. >> did you ever think you would play such a big role in the direction fast food is going? >> no. that wasn't the point. i wanted him to know there were a lot of people that appreciated the courage of his conviction. whether or not they agreed with it felt like he had a right to express it. >> what a job you did, governor. >> thank you. >> up next denay jackson live. he is rivalled only by elvis in terms of making money from the grave. guess how much the most successful late leading lady made? elvis, michael jackson, exactly 50 years after the day she died of a controversial overdose the@
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you are watching the most most powerful name in news fox news channel. >> marlin monroe died august 5th. she was the last of hollywood. the last of glamor. >> in her life time she starred in 30 films. she had been hollywood's hottest commodity and america's favorite sex symbol. >> when marilyn died her estate was worth a relatively small amount. $900,000. >> marilyn wasn't paid well by the studios. movies brought in a lot of money but she wasn't paid well.
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>> her beneficiaries share a million dollars a year. >> we have to market her until somebody comes along to replace her. that will be very difficult. >> did that piece 11 years ago. that 2 million is obsolete. lady gaga and madonna are great but the bombshell actress is 3rd on the forbes magazine income made by late celebrities behind only elvis and michael jackson. guess how much she made last year alone? 5 million, 10 million? $27 million. she hads has 3.4 million facebook friends, more than 58,000 twitter followers and smash network tv show based on a musical about her life. his estate makes marilyn's look small. before we go back to den nay jackson live let's start following michael's money. the record companies really do conspire against their artists. they steel, they cheat they do
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whatever they can. especially the black artists. >> july 7th, 2002, the king of pop was in harlem taking his label sony music to has can. and claiming the music industry exploited black artists. >> the president of the record division is a mean, he's a racist, and he's very, very, very devilish. >> michael's stunning statement that day at the public event is sited as evidence israel was forged and there for invalid. >> in 2002 swore under perjury the will was signed michael jackson another person on that will in los angeles it clearly shows that on july 7th my
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brother was in harlem with al sharpton thired finance chers. >> the executives of america's will resigned. they believe that john mcclaine forced michael jackson's will in 2002. a will that could be worth billions of dollars in las vegas is a catalog. >> why would you do something like that? >> i would think the money. they are making 10 percent of the production that is are done inside michael jackson. >> jackson's will named his children prince, paris, prince michael, joseph known as blanket and father katherine as soul beneficiary. executive estate maclaine.
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>> the event. >> jackson's tragic death claiming his son fired him in 2003 after michael said he uncovered evidence that broka was embezzling him. papa joe claimed the will was forged. the case was thrown out. music industry insider twiggy blogged about the drama. >> there's a letter that michael wrote to him, it is from february, 2003 and he fired him. >> john branka was never brought back never rehired. oo celebrity attorney once represented jermaine jackson. >> they are not under the probate code if mr. jackson died
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in test tate meaning he had no will they wouldn't be entitled to take anything anyway. the nearest issue or the nearest relative which would be his children. >> a spokesman for brnka and maclaine denied from the start that the will was fraudulent and had the jackson family, janet jack sewn's attorney released a statement janet randy and reebie questioned the will with no financial motive whatsoever. they stand to gain nothing financially by a finding the will is invalid. he goes on to say the individuals who have the most to lose that the will is invalid the executors some of the executors roberts has a theory. >> the only way i can see any of the siblings having any possibility to get any money out of this estate is to have catherine jackson declared incompetent and to ask the court to appoint them as co
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conservators of the estate of catherine jackson and theoretically they would be entitled to the money in her care from the estate. >> she is due 30 percent, the children 40 percent and 20 percent to charity. >> that's a lot of money. >> a lot of money. now craig let's put the issue of might have beening el -- michaes will legitimately aside. the important issue is whether michael jackson's 80-year-old mother katherine was snatched kidnapped see quest toreed by her children. i understand it was dr. allen mentor i mentioned this with ten nay at the stop of the show who came to the housend said she had to go for this r and r with rebie her daughter rather than ren jackson in charge of security her grand nephew. what do you know about this dr. allen metzger who told the family and katherine that she had to go to this kind of
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retreat? >> he is a very interesting character. in fact he at one point testified in the conrad murray manslaughter trial stating michael jackson had gone to him seeking prescription drugs illegally. he was actually testifying on behalf of conrad murray. statements have been released from r by catherine jackson saying metzger went there stating he was there for on behalf of her personal doctor where in fact she says that that never happened that he had nothing to do with her personal physician. >> so craig quickly who sent metzger to the house to get katherine? >> the spokes attorney he is katherine's attorney and he believes or he knows that jermaine jackson and levy jackson did know about this
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examination. he doesn't know whether or not it was metzger that examined her. but he went to tucson to talk to katherine. he confirmed katherine didn't know where she was going she had no communication with the family. she didn't know she was reported missing. she didn't know the children were missing her. as soon as she found out the children were concerned about her she contacted them made a reason to return home and she did return home. >> tito's daughter, the brother of -- let me go to tenay jackson. can you comment on what you just heard? >> yes. basically what i wanted to say before we had gone off, you know i want to make it clear that she was not kidnapped. she was not kidnapped. it was a big misunderstanding about that. she was not kidnapped. as far as the legalities of the will i stay out of that.
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one thing i will comment on that the gentlemen had said earlier if michael wanted any one to be on the will the name would have been there. i don't think the will is false. i stay away from that part of it. every family out there goes through issues, and this family is going to be fine. we are in the process of working it out and it will be well. >> i just want to remind everyone court papers make clear katherine was prevented from communicating with outsiders at this resort in tucson. her cell phone confiscated her ipad confiscated. kept in a room no working phone unaware her grandchildren thought she was missing. she told the court she only discovered people were searching for her when she heard a report on someone else's television. is there a potential crime here? did the adult children just want her to get away from it all. three attorneys here to discuss
1:41 am
it all. he is skaet special lis mark geragos and bob massi. >> what's your take? >> probably the most interesting comment i heard was from the capable lawyer that does probate in los angeles that said what's the motive in she? these people questioning all of this don't have standing. even if the will is invalidated the children still are the primary beneficiaries. if katherine is not competent and can't act in the best interest of the children the court can move to have her removed co guardian appointed. >> mark geragos what do you say, sir? >> i tend to agree with her when she said all families have issues. you could easily interpret this as one part of the family wanted katherine to get away she is in her 80s taking care of teenagers. maybe they thought her health
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was challenged. they take her away. don't want her to have any contact. i think it's a much to do about nothing. there's a lot of money involved and that tends to get people ore heated. >> ann thank you for coming. did they have standing to challenge this? >> they don't have standing their time bar california would require an objection to file a proceeding within 120 days. that has clearly come and gone. the number one reason that people talk about the validity of a will in the absence of a bona fide challenge is the hope of a settlement. these documents give the trustees broad discretion to settle any claim against the estate. >> you think they are looking for a settlement? >> without a doubt. >> we will talk more and have a conclusion of this special report. plus the latest from wisconsin. we are getting disturbing information that the shooter who
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killed the 6 people in the mass killing in the milwaukee suburb may have been ex military. we will be live from the scene. give us a minute. we will be right back.
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>> the rest of her legendary
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family. she is an entertainer. we appreciate tenay has come on tonight. we are not talking about how talented she is. what do you think about what the siblings tried to do? >> i think very simply what they are trying to do is get control of their mother you heard the attorney earlier say if they can somehow get her replaced. these are her children. come on ma give me a few bucks. she could turn over her inheritance to them. she is 82 years old. i think they kidnapped her. then didn't kidnap her to kill her like a crime but they were trying to take control of her. >> bob massi do you agree with that? >> what is glaring to me is these people were not named as any beneficiaries. there's no specific request for them at all. primarily as we know with children. bottom line it is all about
1:47 am
children. if they would have gotten money from ladies and gentlemen if she would have been given 5 million or 10 million we wouldn't be talking about this. try to circumvent it try to get some money and move on. if money was in the will this discussion they wouldn't even be here. >> catherine jackson is still married to joe jackson. i don't know what catherine jackson's will is like, but this is as bob massi remind us an 82-year-old woman. who would be her beneficiaries. she is enormously wealthy and getting wealthier by the hour. who would her beneficiary be? >> she doesn't have a say in that. the trust puts her 40 percent of the entire estate in a trust for her life time. upon her death or if she has
1:48 am
predeceased michael jackson that 40 percent goes into the children's trust. >> so the children get it regardless of what katherine does now? >> absolutely. >> the only thing the older siblings could have been maneuvering to get is mom giving them money with the settlement you suggested earlier? >> the settlement or if catherine jackson as a guardian for her they would be given oo salary under california law. >> mark geragos do you think -- i know you are being calm and political and i know you represent represented michael jackson. i know you are an ace attorney. don't you think in some circumstances what happened here wouldnd a grand jury probe, would demand an investigation by authorities looking into whether or not a potential crime has been committed? >> no, wbecause as some people
1:49 am
often said probate court by family court is a -- if you open add grand jury every time someone sthaut there was a nefarious motive in family law court you won't have enough grand jurors in los angeles. i don't think so. i think it's over blown. i understand you can attribute or ascribe all kinds of motives to the people involved. but when i was around them i thought the family was incredibly loving and like some families some what dysfunction ality. i don't know what family isn't. i don't see it as sinister or in such a sinister way. >> i think you are being much too benign. tenay last word. 30 seconds to tell us about your own aspirations? >> my own aspirations or my music or the situation? >> whatever. your time.
1:50 am
anyway you want. >> all right. i will speak about my music. my aspirations is to do well and continue to please my fans, and continue to please my parents. >> tanay jackson, sister of tj jackson who now is co guardian of this mass estate. coming up, we will have
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>> fbi will be handling the criminal investigation on this incident. we looked at it the scope of it and what the implications might be. we are treating it as a domestic terrorist type incident. we have 7 deceased 3 injured including our officers. >> the best information the investigators and the tact kel
1:54 am
teams have right now is there was only one gunman. however the police departmentic methodiccally searching the area to be sure to be on the safe side. >> police and agents in the fbi is leading the investigation including the bomb squad. they evacuated homes conducted a search in the milwaukee suburb 6 miles from the scene of today's massacre. 6 were killed. steve brown is at the scene with the lathes. steve thanks for being with us. has the perp been identified? we are hearing this about ex military. what do we know about this search? >> there has been extraordinarily little information released on this case. he has been dead for 8 or 9 hours. we haven't heard from any of those killed or wounded either. we haven't gotten the
1:55 am
information about what kind of gun or guns were used in this particular shooting except to say there were two recovered from the scene one to be assumed to be an officer's gun and won the gunman's gun. what officials have said so far from the justice department producer is this gunman was in his 40s and veteran of the u.s. army. we know he has military training and in his 40s. as far as the investigation is concerned. what police have said is that the first two officers arrived on the scene. the first wounded while attending to someone who was shot themselves and the second who exchanged gun fire with the gunman ultimately killing them prevented a larger tragedy at the temple had it not been for the two police officers.
1:56 am
the timing was off if his goal was to create as much mayhem and death as possible he arrives a liter bit early. >> gunman came earlier than what most people come. i think relative damages were some what limited. if it had happened an hour or two later god knows how many people would be hurt or dead. i don't even want to think about it shlgs to , to be honest. >> mike levine is -- excuse me. go ahead, buddy. >> but certainly the killing of 6 is certainly nothing small. but this could have been a lot worse. >> steve, the guy is former army in his 40s. this could be another hate crime, could it not? i mean it is not a kocon gant o
1:57 am
anything like that whatsoever. >> logic does help us. logic and law does help us a little bit. the fbi has been investigating a possible act of domestic tearrism. the law defines domestic tearrism an action of violence which is intended to instill fear or change in the government. certainly if this was racially motivated or hate motivated the fbi would certainly say so. we believe it is more of a terrorism related incident at least that's what they are investigating right now. geraldo? >> steve, thank you very much. >> go curiosity lands on mars in 2 and a half hours. that's it for
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