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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 7, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. thanks for getting up with us. ity i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it's august 7th. for the first time we are hearing the emergency dispatch calls as a deadly rampage unfolded at the sheik temple in washington. >> there's a lot of noise i am unable to get much information. balding mail with glasses may have gone inside with a gun and now shots fired.
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>> man with a gun. >> increasingly intense phone calls. we are learning chilling details about the gunman. wade page is his name. he's 40 years old. he killed 6 people. he played base guitar at a white sup prem tis hearemacist heavy . he had been on the radar for 10 years as he moved through the skin head circle. page served in the army from 92 to 98 but he was discharged after i was de meeted. he got drunk while on duty and went awol. page's step mother laura changes the military for changing the person she knew. >> i am totally devastated.
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his father is devastated. he is pretty much in shock. we don't know how this happened or where it came from. wade was a beautiful, loving, gentle child and teenager. >> new reports today also claim that page allege he had shooting spree came on the heels of a bad breakup of his girlfriend. after they splet he wesplit he into seclusion with a blowup mattress television and computer. he killed five men and one woman before police shot him to death. three victims are fighting for their lives including a 21 year police veteran lieutenant brian murphy. murphy was one of the sfirss to arrive on the scene. he was ambushed by page and shot nine times but manage to do waive off other cops as they came to help him. it is time now for your 5@5:00.
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this afternoon arizona shooting suspect jared lawsuit ner expected back in court to plead guilty. he's the gunman accused of killing 6 people and injuring 13 others in tucson last year including congresswoman gabby gifford. before lawsuughner could enter plea they have to find the 22-year-old mentally competent and understand what happened. coming up we will talk to criminal defense attorney and criminal prosecutor joey jackson will be here to talk about what this means for the case. >> the fire could be seen for 6 miles away. residents told to stay in their homes close their windows and doors. despite the warnings scores of residents went to area hospitals they were complaining of breathing problems. it took firefighters four-hours
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to contain the flames. still no word on how it started. >> charter blaiventh the financial system vulnerable. the baipg helped the iranian government launder $250 billion over 6 years through its american branch. the bank made hundreds of millions of dollars of transfer -- also transfer fees. standard charter is accused of removing information the transfers came from the sanctioned country of iran. the bank denies the allegations now fbi agents are deciding if they will face charges. nasa's curiosity rover on mars. this is a view of what is called mount sharp. it is a mountain on the red planet that is said to be taller than any mountain in the lower 48 states. scientists say the geological layers could show how mars has
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changed overtime. senator rick santorum one of the latest stars of the gop agreeing to speak in of mitt romney. antor rum will fire up the conservative base to help elect romney. we have also learned florida governor jeb bush, oklahoma governor mary fallen and kentucky senator rand paul will speak. that is what we are brewing on this morning. who would you like to see speak at the convention? you can tweet them to us at foxx friends first or shoot us an e-mail at we will read those a little later at tin the show. >> more clues possibly to that. the pressure appears to be mounting on president obama to raise more cash. this as he launch as new line of attack. financial reports show that romney out raised the president for the third straight month in a row. kelly wright is live with more
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on this story. hi there, kelly? >> good morning to you as well. for the third month in a row governor romney had out paced money for the campaign. president obama raising 75 million. that shows how it is going in terms of the fundraising campaign. president obama will be raising the money. during a stop on monday the president stayed with the plan tonor romney. he and governor romney have two different plans for america. in terms of tax cuts the president said he promised to pay for taxes. governor romney wants to go in the opposite direction even giving a new name to the romney plan. >> governor romney's plan would
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effectively raise classes or middle class families with children by an aying of $22 million. not in things like education or roads or basic research. he would ask the middle class to pay more taxes so he could give another 250,000 dollar tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year. it's like robin hood in reverse. it's romneyhood. >> he got some applause there. president obama's attacks there's only one candidate in the race that will raise taxes on the american people. that's american -- president obama. middle class americans have seen little jobs lower incomes and less hope for the future.
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later today governor romney will hold a rally. now it is time to look who is talking. harry reid's comments about rit noom knee a/* mitt romney and t. >> i am not aware of the white house speaking to senator reid about this issue. you probably know senator reid well. he speaks for himself. he has addressed this issue. the broader question as relates to the presidency is that he thinks the tradition that has been in place since 1968 of candidates for presidents releasing multiple years of attacks returns as an important one.
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>> candidate fred thompson weighing in on the campaigns. >> when he was just the senator walking around he was over there inconsequential and all. shows you how some people have a little power. he has revealed for the small vicious little man that he is. he goes to the senate flar to announce anonymous accusation which would have made joe mccarthy blush. >> thompson's to have talk is not there. those who say his released tax returns romney tell him to just go fly a kite. now pleasant temperatures across the northeast. what we are really concerned about is the plains in the
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midwest where it has been hot, hot, hot. >> good morning. good to see you. you are right we are looking at heat across the area where we do not need it especially in the central plains triple dig get high temperatures this afternoon. across the northeast current temperatures across the region 62 in cleveland 67 in chicago. temperatures this afternoon should be around where they should be at for this time of year into the 80{case├▒]s for mot of us. triple digit heat tomorrow 104 should be the high temperature in tulsa, oklahoma. 105 over in oklahoma city and oklahoma. generally dry weather out here. you could see a spotty shower or storm. we are going to be seeing activity across the southeast
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today. you want to pay attention to this first story consumer report list. joining us now is lauren simonetti. lauren? >> i don't have a car. i cleared this list. when it is time for your next set of wheels avoid the honda civic. it has a choppy ride and noisy cabin and honda took too many short cuts. the prius c the cheapest in the line consumer reports critique it is just like the civic. jeep liberty, ford edge and dodge grand caravan. that one apparently squeaks. >> i love my iphone and ipad. no more youtube? >> google youtube will not be included in the next version of the software used in the iphone and ipad. apple featured youtube as an app
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since 2007 but as google has pushed into the smart phone market the relationship between the two has taken a downturn. >> it is 11 minutes after the hour. large cross in a small indiana town sparking debate. one says it infringes on freedom of religion and want it to come down. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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>> firefighter jets flying too close to airport one. financed raising events one of the planes was intercepted over long island the other over new haven connecticut.
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investigation finds 160 counties in the united states have more people registered to vote. true it is a nonpartisan group who have legal notices to find out about the legal diskrp see. the voters account for 203 electoral votes in 6 battle ground states. >> we are hearing from former vice president dick cheney. >> we will find out whether president obama was prepared for the job in the first place. first romney's potential running mates. >> my sense of it is just from watching and listening that governors very much of a mind that you have got other issues gender, race, geography all those kinds of things will
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ultimately be debated but the basic fundamental task can this individual be president of the united states. if they don't meet that task they are not on the short list. the other thing i mentioned, too, this is the first presidential level decision that a candidate in this case governor romney will make. there is absolute conference of what it lwill look like. >> also talking president obama specifically about his job as president and whether he was ready for the task. >> i think if you look at president obama's background he served a couple undistinguished terms in the illinois senate missed a lot of votes. r ran for the house of senate and ran for senator in illinois and
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his opponent withdrew part way through the race because someone leaked information on a divorce proceeding. >> i wonder who? >> came out of chicago. i swore him in when he came in. i swore in new senators then he dispiered for two years never heard anything while he was member of the united states senate now all of a sudden he was running for president. that was the sum total of his experience. dick cheney also making a prediction on the presidential election. he believes mitt romney will win this fall. listen to this. she compared republicans to food poisoning. we will tell you about that one. then a memorable 911 call for this dispatcher. >> what's going on, sir?
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>> why the man's family said it was a simple mistake.
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>> threatening to sue the town of dug gar inover thcross which sits on public land. the tiny town can't afford legal fees so it is hoping to sell the land to churches. trayvon mart tans parents are asking for state fund to helps crime victims and ex-husband trayvon martin was
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shot by george zimmerman back in february. it is unclear how much they are somethi asking for or how they plan to use the funds. over to you the shooting suspect is expected to enter a guilty plea in court today. loughner is now mentally competent to stand trial. grill defense attorney joe we jackson has more. >> you know what happened? in federal cases it does. believe it or not over 90 percent of the time people are pleading guilty in federal offenses or taking some kind of guilty plea because the risk. for both sides when you talk about a guilty plea there are risks. >> what are the risks? >> the prosecution can go to trial and what can happen? this person can be found by reason of insanity.
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you saw at that happen in the reagan years. >> loughner had to take forcibly medication. he has been diagnosed as schizophrenic. is he competent to make the guilty plea? >> today's koicourt appearance l make that determination. we will find he will be competent and here's why. the prosecution and defense are saying he is dpint. they rely on the professionals. the last year and a half he has been forced to get meditation. he has been improving to the point where he understands the nature of the proceeding. we will see after hearing hetes. >> the judge may not agree here. there is reason to believe
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the judge may. you have both parties on the page and you have the professional who has been treating him. not only one it's a number of sipsychiatrists who have been evaluating him. one has been anticipated at least once and testified after the fact he has been taken the psych tropic pills he has been getting betternd understands. >> all of this goes he cops a guilty plea what happens then? life in prison? >> yes, indeed. we talked earlier about what the risks are from a defense perspective. they want to save his life. if you can mitigate and save the person's life it is huge. he will get life in prison. that is a significant punishment. colorado shootings will be closely watching this. what can they learn? >> there are so many parallels because if you look at the person who engaged in this horrific offense a person who claimed insanity if he is deemed
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competent i order to take the plea. >> joey jackson thank you so much. always love it when you come in. sure appreciate it. coming up a shocking new report showing a direct link between solyndra and rahm emanuel. what was the president's former chief of saf's role in this? we will have the details coming up heyed. a woman disguising herself as a nurse tries to steal their baby from the hospital. last chance to answer the question of the day. who would you like to hear from at the republican convention coming up? who would you like to see on the big old stage? your e-mails coming up next. ps
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. >> we are hearing the dispatch calls as a deadly shooting rampage unfolds at temple in wisconsin.
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>> we are learning chilling details about this man the gunman. this is wade page. served in the army from 92 to 98. was discharged after being demoted. he was drunk on duty and went awol. blaming the military for changing the person she knew. >> i am tote fally devastated h father is devastated. we are pretty much in shock. we don't know how this happened or where it came from. waad w wade was a beautiful loving child and teenager. >> page's ladies and gentlemened shooting spree came on the heels of a bad break up with his girlfriend. this morning three victims are fighting for their lives including lieutenant murphy. he was one of the first officers arrived on the scene. he have ambushed by page and
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shot nine times trying to save the day. it is time for the top news at this hour. were warning signs completely avoided about the colorado shooting suspect? we are learning the psychiatrist made contact for the university sflirss weeks before that deadly movie theater massacre. 12 people died in the attack and 58 others were entered. shojicking e-mails from solyndra. would the idea of former white house chief of staff and current chicago mayor rahm emanuel. a report by the house energy and commerce which states quote the president of the united states's involvement was rom's idea. another e-mail says rahm was super hot for this because jobs high-tech and recovery act a
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winning combination. they got $535 million from the obama administration. no shame for nancy pelosi. she compared republicans to food poisoning. >> you can depend on the government for one thing. it was about you had to trust the water that our kids drank and the food that they ate. but this is e coli club. they cannot don't want to spend money to do that. >> comparing them to e coli. a chairman defending the efforts for less spending is making food less safe. >> this robber picking the wrong restaurant. he is sneak throughing the back don't have of a popeye's restaurant. he points a gun at one employee. that daring employee fighting back and other workers jumping in as well. the group hitting him with his
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own gun and even a broom until he finally ran off. he did get away but not with any money. running out of beer may seem like an emergency. but one tennessee man took it too far. he called 911>> what's going on, sir? >> >> cops say allen brooks call dispatchers several times while he was junk asking for rides to get more beer. he was arrested for calling 911 without it being annual emergency. >> you need beer you got do it in taste. >> mitt romney is fuelling the speculation as he prepares to kickoff a bus tour. doug luzader joins us live in
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washington, d.c. >> oo we are getting closer and closer here and the list of potential running mates are narrowing. mitt romney did a little grocery shopping in new hampshire. he was also repairing for a big meeting. that includes the director of the vice presidential search effort. many conservatives think the announcement is right around the corner. >> i don't think anybody knows yet but there's a window at the end of this week thursday, friday time frame for romney to make this announcement if he wants to. much of the speculation centers around rob portman of ohio marco rubio, paul ryan on the top right the bottom row there three current or former governors jindal louisiana, bob mcdone will nell and tim law len tee. there's still a lot of talk about new jersey governor chris
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christie but he may have to settle for a prime speaking role at the convention. this summer the big romney bus tour for clues. the itinerary includes stops for the swing states virginia, north carolina florida and ohio. >> it will be weird do this four state tour without having kicked the vp with that sort of hanging over head and dwarfing whatever message they want to get out. he tells supportsers in ohio to be campaigning again for senator rob portman. interesting one. doug luzader thank you so much. >> we asked you earlier in the show who you wanted to hear from who you want to speak at the republican convention. here are some of your responses. >> i would like to see sarah palin speak at the convention.
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>> virginia e-mailed us saying allen west he has been my vp pick since the beginning. >> from minnesota, i think a surprise visit by president george w. bush would energize the convention greatly. before you leave the house let's get the forecast from maria molina. >> looks good in the northeast. i have good news for us. talking about temperatures right where they should be at this time of year. we have had a frontal system move through over the weekend. behind it we are seeing the humidity dropping off. enjoy it as you can today. as we head into tomorrow temperatures will be on the rise again. as we head southward anywhere from virginia into parts of the southeast of florida and parts of the gulf coast you will have to deal with scattered showers and storms. watch out for downpours you will need the umbrellas as well. west ward the planes unfortunately once again more heat for you guys speegsly in oklahoma. we are talking about triple dig
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get high temperatures. some could exceed 105 degrees out there. out west is the story especially in the southwest places like las vegas and phoenix. high triple digits. las vegas talked about a high temperature at 108 degrees. triple digits from texas into parts of kansas and northeast. 84 for us in new york city. good deal. we will take it. thank you so much. now it is time to entertain chloe kardashian is in the running to be the host of the x factor. the show has had a list of six finalists and chloe made the cut. each new person had to take screen tests in order for producers to decide who is the next fit. miley cyrus telling them liam hence worth at proep proposal back in may came as a complete surprise to her. the two plan to have a long engagement. she is only 18.
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the 22 olympic medals aren't the only thing michael phelps isn't smiling about. check out the girlfriend. no surprise she is a model. the two made the first official pier rance on the red carpet in london. they have reportedly been dating five months. breaking a lotter girl's hearts out there. for your starting lineup sports stories making headlines at this hour. the u.s. woman's soccer team one win away from gold. the game winning goal against canada in the final minutes of extra time. the u.s. winning 4-3. they will play japan in the finals. the game between the packers and chargers will be a historic football game. shannon eastman will become the first woman to officiate an nfl game. using replacement rests because of a contract dispute. st it was more like www meets smack
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down at training camp. whoa. >> a full scale brawl arresting between running back joe he is knight. 20 other jets also getting involved. those players say it wasn't personal. 40 minutes past the hour. why taxpayers may be paying if they can't afford the fancy new planes will>> new avatar appearing along the mexican border. we will tell you who gets a chance to speak to the machine.
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it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> a new york man turns up in south carolina five days after he was believed to have drowned off of long island new york beach. now his son is accused of helping him fake his death. robert moses is live in hempstead long island with the lathes. >> this is a crazy story happening in there. ton of twists and turns. it is arraigned here at first district court in hempstead at some point today. he faces multiple charges including conspiracy to commit insurance fraud along with insurance fraud and falsely reporting an incident. he was the one who reported his 47-year-old father raymond missing on jones beach back on july 28th. a massive search ensued costing thousands of dollars. but he was never located. last wednesday one of his
2:45 am
relatives made the news in on thursday. he was pulled over for speeding. he was on his way back here to new york. so far he has not surfaced. yesterday his wife expressed her frustration. it is anger and sadness the public tried to save a man that was not there. >> ross has filed for a restraining order against her husband. he cannot have any contact with her. she has also filed for divorce. back to raymond ross's son who was involved in the whole plot. if he is convicted of the charges against him he could face up to 5 years in prison. robert mow tess fox news. back to you. thank you so much. ainsley? >> thanks heather. we are still recovering after the housing bubble burst. but now some of you need to be
2:46 am
warned to repair for the next big bubble. here is diane necessae mess is . >> the airplane bubble is on the brink of busting. taxers are on the hook for it. airlines around the world are buying they suggest they can't afford. thanks to a u.s. government agency if they can't pay the bill we get the tab. the agency of the expert import tax. carney says 3 quarters of the guarantee dollars backstopping boeing sales. the goal is to increase exports. the problem is experts say airlines have gotten lavish with the orders and hyper demand is unsustainable. air india used 3 billion for loan guarantees to provide boeing jets. the financial distress says the indian government will not only pay moneys to vendors and
2:47 am
employees and yet the obama administration has backstopping this debt. those and other troubled airlines say subsidizing manufacturing has caused a ripple effect on the economy. we will see if the risky strategy pays off. the same argument was made for housing based on this report if this bubble bursts, too, taxpayers are in for a bumpy ride. >> just what we need. time right now is 47 after the hour. a new mom's nightmare. a stranger dressing like a nurse trying to steal her baby. what prevented her from getting away from that child. you workout a whole lot. can't manage to get rid of the problem areas? nikki fitness is here and she is going to help us. brian kilmeade is here on "fox & friends". >> great show as usual. we haven't planned a thing. i am really at a loss.
2:48 am
if we were to do a 3 hour show it would look something like this. jennie garth is going to be making his way to the studio. judge nep politnapolitano will here. they relive 90210 days. remarks on sarah palin. could the answer to mitt romney's vp pick be in wikipedia? we will examine that. we will take a look at julianne huddy she will be filling in for gretchen carlson. all coming up on "fox & friends". i will be heariwearing the exace outfit. see you then. flush
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>> 9 minutes before the hour. a mother's worse nightmare. california woman dressed as a nurse is accused of kidnapping her new born from the hospital. ramirez distracted the mother and put her baby in a coat bag and tried to leave the hospital. ramirez was stopped with the baby's electronic bracelet triggered an alarm. that baby wasn't hurt. ramirez was raised. u.s. customs and border patrol now unveiling a computerized af stvatar screene. he interviews travelers and determines if there is any red flags. users have to go through what they say is a strict background check in order to qualify for this program. officials say this will help speed up the process for low risk travelers. >> let's head over to you. problem areas on our body we wish would go away. guess what? they can. we brut in personal trainer and fitness expert nikki fitness to
2:53 am
help us with our workout this morning. we all have these problems. >> everyone has their areas. today we are talking how to get rid of the side bulge, the side love handles and the battle bags. >> let's get to work. >> it's all about cardio and diet. you have to get your cardio in and your diet. >> 3 times a week at 45 minutes. >> once you have that down we will do the moves that really tone that area. this looks like a torture device. you put it up on your door and you can do pullups with it. pullups are really hard to do. the way to work up to a pullup hang for 10 seconds. then get yourself up to the top here and hang here. then when you are ready you slowly lower yourself down. slowly lower yourself down. then work up to 10 regular
2:54 am
pullups. >> what about the love handles? >> the love handles. everyone asks me to the love handles. >> working your observe bleaeur. eating healthy doing cardio. take a handle put it on your shoulder cross the opposite leg and twist. you can do this without a weight but it is so much more effective if you add a weight. >> even if you can only do it for five reps or whatever. >> that works across here. then you want to work on the side. drop and lift. drop and lift. this looks easy after a while you start to feel it. i would do 20 reps of that. >> dude 'ole on each side. >> saddle bags. >> this is really challenging movement no equipment needed for this one. knees in front up on your elbows. this leg bended to 90 degrees. if you are in front of a mirror lift and lower. really challenges you much more
2:55 am
so if you were to do it this way. >> if it's not burning it's not working. >> you want to feel the burn. >> those really hurt. >> this is called a spider-man lung. take your right foot drop it behind the left. kurtz see down and as you come up you lift your outside leg. you will feel the burn on both sides. >> booty camp dvd if you want more. >> it is five minutes to the top of the hour. not your usual roadblock and not your usual mode of transportation. it is all part of our good, bad and ugly. can you figure out a word of the day? stick around for the answer. it is all scrambled. ps
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>> we look at the good, bad and ugfirst the good. you are never too old to try something new. for her 90th birthday.
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ang lela went skydiving. plunging two miles at speeds at 120 miles per hour. way to go. >> next the bad. an elephant takes out a biker in india. they didn't like the bicyclist pass him. he let him know about it with a tap of his truck. and in russia. a guy spinning around in a shopping cart on the highway is not bright. time now to get scrambled out. >> we are great. can you figure that out. >> chris: no, add more letters. >> you can do it. >> steve: do you know what it is. >> yes,


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