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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 7, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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lights are blinking and we are closing down shop. make sure you go to greta keep it here on fox news channel. go to greta tell us what you think about the dancing and congress going home, anything you i guess they forgot. great day for me. "the five" is next. >> andrea: hello, i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: one of the big money groups backing president obama this year called priorities usa. run by a guy named bill burton who used to work at the white house. it's priority this election season? smearing mitt romney at all costs with a political ad that stoops to a new low. this ad potentially, ugliest out of the election season yet links romney to closure of a
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steel plant, loss of family health insurance and -- are you ready for this -- the death of a woman. take a look. >> when romney and bain closed the plant i lost the healthcare. my family lost their healthcare. a short time after that my wife became ill. i don't know how long she was sick. maybe she didn't say anything because she knew we couldn't afford the insurance and she passed away in 22 days. i don't think mitt romney realize what is he has done to anyone. furthermore i don't think mitt romney is concerned. >> andrea: we have seen hard-hitting ads this election season but this goes the furthest and way beyond the pale. >> eric: priorities usa, to tie romney to this woman's unfortunate death six years after he left the company defines a new low, new water mark low for obama and his
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backers. if you use the same absurd logic priorities usa just used, since president obama was elected, there have been 319,000 jobs lost in america. using this ridiculous logic, death rate of cancer is 189.9. that means using this logic, 593 deaths can be attributeed to president obama and obamanomics. it's ridiculous. you'd neve say anything like that. >> bob: are you kidding me? >> eric: are you kidding me to say someone died in 2006 when romney left bain capital in '99. this company was divested in 2002, how do you tie it to romney? >> bob: that is a new low. >> greg: this isn't an ad. it's a human shield. you can't attack it because it's about a dead person. you used a hypothetical but you don't have to. you can use actual facts. if you look at collateral
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damage, and "fast and furious," brian terry and chicago under rahm emanuel there have been more deaths caused by obama than romney. he has more blood on his hands than lady mac beth. if you use their logic. >> bob: what is the emanuel emanuel-obama connection? >> greg: he was his chief of staff. how do we know that obama didn't know they were shot? >> eric: how do you tie the wife's death to romney? how do you make the leap? >> bob: the last line was unfortunate that romney would not be concerned with somebody dying, i'm sure he would be. but there is no doubt that bain capital gutted the company, sold it off and people lost their jobs and lost their healthcare. how it's connected to her i don't know. she died to say romney wasn't concern -- >> andrea: speaking of gutting there were e-mails
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that the treasury dled by tim ge driving force behind terminating pension to nonunion employees. what does romney do? take out an ad with cat food and employees dieg in their house claiming that the obama administration killed nonunion workers? >> dana: i hope he doesn't. this campaign is becoming a race to the bottom and obama is winning it. if you want to play that way. the white house or campaign might say we don't coordinate with the pac. they're not offended by this there is something seriously wrong. it could have been a slight overreach. karl rove was on earlier talking about how ever argument provides a chance for a counterargument. your point about a human shield is a good one. this is a tragedy. you go back and unravel through the timeline and realize priorities usa could have found somebody who had had cancer death in their family that was more connected
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as well. bain capital, saved them for four years and all the steel manufacturing for america went down at the same time. why are you shaking your head? >> bob: it's not accurate statement. >> dana: it is true. >> bob: before i -- can i ask you a question? where is the tim geithner thing you are talking about? >> daily caller. >> bob: what was it? >> he did it to nonunion workers. >> delphi. >> andrea: they are talking about it all day on the network. so are we to deduce because they are not getting pensions they could starve and die? >> bob: shaking my head because this steel plant, bain came in and load it up with debt and paid the investors and managers. the company went under and they lost their healthcare. >> eric: the price of steel
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plummeted in that period of time. if anything, when bain came in they saved the company for eight years. the company was doa when they came on. >> bob: can i ask you a question? >> eric: there is something important about the add, though. mr. butler was a press secretary for obama. he runs priorities usa. they're not supposed to, not supposed to but not allowed to coordinate with the obama administration. the same guy in the ad was the guy that obama administration put up in may. same guy. that sounds like coordination. >> bob: same guy that worked for romney and the last time around and worked for "road to d crossroads. >> dana: they're not, not the white house. >> andrea: they could get ideas from the '94 senate campaign. does this ad look somewhat similar? >> they cut the wages, no longer had insurance.
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>> we had no rights anymore. >> taking away the dignity. >> like to show me where the $10,000 jobs created are. >> andrea: it was cut by the kennedy campaign and it worke worked. do the ads work? >> greg: do you notice a trend? obama is out of the closet. he used to be hiding, he's officially gay for class warfare and channeling all the experiences he has gotten from bill ayers and reverend wright. now it is all coming back, bob. we're seeing president obama. he is fighting, fighting her face job. >> bob: the fact of the matter is bain capital taken companies with debt and made money and put people out of work. that is a fact. >> greg: out only said the last sentence was wrong. >> bob: mitt romney was not concerned is unfair thing. >> greg: like butterfly
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effect. the butterfly does his wings somebody dies. do you belief that? that is the logic. >> andrea: before we continue with class warfare, obama coined a new name for it. take a listen. >> he asked middle class to pay more in taxes, to give $150,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year. this is like robin hood in reverse. it's romneyhood. >> andrea: the tax policies they said they didn't look at the plan directly. meaning, they didn't read the plan. romney doesn't want to raise anybody's taxes. >> dana: i have been to sherwood forest. it's in england. if you use fairy tale as
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metaphor, get it right. what robin hood is doing is what obama could be accused of doing. running up debt. take that and give it back. romneyhood in reverse doesn't work as metaphor. too tortured. >> greg: more like friar tuck. >> this is a difficult thing to say that romney's plan raises taxes. he doesn't have a plan. >> greg: he does. >> eric: this is president obama trying to walk back the you didn't build it comment at any cost. put it out there on friday 13, trying to divert attention. america is the land of opportunity but you have to
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build your own success. he is more interested in putting people from working to the public dole than bringing people off the public dole. >> bob: ridiculous. >> andrea: i want to ask a question. name -- bob. name one -- >> bob: why you keep putting out here about this. this line they took out of context for obama. >> andrea: can i please ask you. name one tax that mitt romney wants to raise. >> bob: he wants to cut taxes and bloat the budget. the budget -- >> andrea: he says he wants to raise them on the middle class. what is the tax he wants to raise? >> bob: on the middle class? >> andrea: yes. >> bob: simple. when he takes the -- there are four or five cut he is makes in taxes. he gets more revenue. it comes out of the middle class. >> bob: no.>> -- >> andrea: no. >> bob: yes. when he cuts the taxes what
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happens next? >> greg: cutting spending. >> andrea: handouts, that is what you are talking about. >> eric: you know the theory when you let people keep more of their own money, their own money they will use it to buy plants, hire people. anyone. the middle class. 70% of the jobs create. >> bob: one thing that worked is bill clinton raised taxes we had the ten years of best economic growth. >> andrea: is that obamaloney. that is what romney calls it. it's olympic week on "the five" and we'll remember some of the greatest olympians. mary lou retten the first american to win gold. it was 1984. we will tell you what happened then. and what she is up to now. plus, we have a sneak peek at
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a new movie about hunting down bin laden. >> when is the last time you saw bin laden? >> andrea: how much information did the white house give hollywood filmmakers? that's up next. ♪ ♪ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
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where's tommy? i thought he was with you. no. jack! (playing twinkle, twinkle, little star.) don't stop! keep playing! here we go. here's the fun part!
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♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. barack obama has been called a lot of things, including socialist. 20 years ago he would have said, "cool." but nothing compares about what the president says about himself indirectly. he said aaron sorkin writes the way every democrat wishes they spoke.
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aaron, thank you. this is obama's secret dream fantasy, which is creepy. incredibly the president doesn't see newsroom something to avoid by ebola but something to aspire to. how could someone who went to harvard law believe in this crud? i must add my voice to those calling on obama to release college transcript there. those be an explanation why grown man wants to be a fres freshman dorm room fantasy. as you're known to be the most brilliant president since thomas jefferson -- i think he was a president. let's see the stellar grades. if you're that smart, you couldn't love the "newsroom." anothehe thinks slogans of winds will get him a second term. everybody says he is so smart.
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but his favorite show was "entourage." his favorite show was "entourage" and now he loves this show. >> andrea: i liked "entourage." isn't he saying that aaron sorkin is smarter than he is? right? he is writing the way to democrats wish they could speak. does he wish he had sorkin's brain? i know connecticut is north of here but i heard a large sucking sound. not only did he suck up to sorkin, he sucked up to abe hathoway. the 1%. >> eric: i like it. i like it, too. >> greg: how can you -- >> eric: i know. i like to see the liberal brain at work. fun to watch. >> greg: i watch the first episode of 40 minutes of it
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and i threw up. mote foricly anyway. >> andrea: how could it be fun to watch? i have intestinal crisis when i watch it. >> eric: take it with a grain like you watch -- >> andrea: a grain? triple helping! >> greg: isn't this true he lives in a make-believe world? >> eric: what is wrong, bob? >> bob: nothing. you keep coming back to fundraisers with the hollywood people. mitt romney had twice as many fundraisers in july as barack obama did. we don't talk about that for some reason. he had one in israel with diamond merchants, we don't know the names of them. koch brothers the right wingers of right wingers. i'm not supposed to say that. then he was in london and raised millions of dollars. nobody knows who went to the thing. in obama's case, you know who is there. make fun of them. in romney's world, everybody gets hit. including his taxes. >> andrea: george clooney was in switzerland for president obama fundraiser
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there for him. i don't know if we know who was there or not. don't care. >> bob: is there something wrong with that? >> bob: no, but it's the equivalent of you what you accuse romney of. >> bob: accuse romney not telling us who raises the money. >> bob: i love the dog whistle of the diamond merchant. we know who you are talking about when you say that. >> greg: we could talk about sweden. >> dana: one thing about the aaron sorkn which was ridiculous it talks about how people love a great speech. but is more tedious and you have to find compromises and a slog. the fun stuff is giving great wonderful speech where everybody claps for you. that is in "west wing." great show. i love it. but not reality. >> eric: i like george clooney, too. white house correspondent dinners and i went up to shake his hand. i said i like your work. he said you're the guy with no tie on fox. i like that guy.
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>> greg: enough name-dropping. >> eric: i was with you, dude. >> greg: i don't remember one minute of it. zero dark 30. trailer is released about the usama bin laden raid. want to roll some of this? >> i want target. >> when is the last time you saw bin laden? >> is that what i think it is? when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> greg: so andrea, at the end of the trailer does it say i'm barack obama and i approve this message? >> andrea: might as well. i woner who had played him in the movie. they have a big part about how he was sitting grappling at his desk what to do and how he made the call. probably make him look like the hero. >> andrea: i'd watch this, though. >> greg: of course. she is a great filmmaker. the question is the timing. they had to push it after the
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election. >> eric: not only that. a lot of allegation that white house leaked detail of the operation about what went on. >> andrea: by the way, i saw the credit at the executive producer, barack obama. >> greg: bob, final thoughts? >> bob: barack obama made the call on bin laden period. >> greg: fair enough. >> eric: you want to see a good movie about real heros? see "act of valor." real navy seals. >> greg: that is about the talking teddy bear. >> bob: correct. >> greg: coming up, nancy pelosi thinks republicans want to stop fund things to keep the food safe. >> this is e. coli. they don't want to send money to do that.
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>> greg: eric will reveal their secret plot when we come back. if you leave now, you won't get any fiddle faddal. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back, everybody. less than three weeks away until the g.o.p. convention and country is awaiting mitt romney's announcement who will be his v.p. forer v.p. dick cheney made headlines last week with this surprising shot at governor sarah palin. >> i like governor palin. i've met her.
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i know her. she is an attractive candidate. but based on her background, only been government for two years i don't think she passed that test. >> of being ready? >> being ready to take over. that was a mistake. >> eric: well, we debated on "the five" why mr. cheney would do that with so much at stake. he walked it back last night on hannity. listen. >> it was my judgment. i was asked if i thought mccain process in 2008 had been well done or a mistake. i thought it was a mistake. not meant so much as a criticism of governor palin as it is that i just thought it was not, the process didn't meet the standards i would like to see our candidate pursue when they pick a running mate. >> eric: good enough? >> andrea: i love dick cheney. one reason i love him he doesn't mince words. you rarely see him walking anything back. a straight shooter and tells it like it is. to see him walk something back, in this case, he did have to clarify. he was getting hit on it.
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a former v.p., incredibly seasoned. maybe thinking she is not me. criticizing another b.p. or perceiving it to be that way, they want to run with it to look to track it to something he didn't mean. >> as far as shots go against sarah palin pail, it was mild. to walk back was a little more mild than that. people forget that dick cheney understands vice presidential selection process very well. he was head of the the search committee for george w. bush. one of the pieces of career advice he gave commencement address if you want the job, always take search committee position. >> eric: on a personal level, when the left was announced warren was going to speak and clin top would speak at their convention, cheney took a shot at sarah palin. >> eric: in defense of cheney -- >> bob: in defense of cheney, he has been involved. i have been involved in two of
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them. the process of 2008 for mccain was not well done. that is the reality. a rush to get her in. it was a bad selection proces process. >> eric: we had interesting sound from last night from nancy pelosi. can you cue that up in take a listen. >> it was about that we had to deal with water that our kids drank. and the food that they ate. but this is the e. coli club. they don't want to spend money to do that. >> eric: greg? >> greg: she should know because she is constantly suffering from diarrhea of the brain. on the way to work, i spit on a homeless person. i gave three people hepatitis. republicans are evil and don't
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care about anything. if i lossfy of liberalism, to sit on a t-shirt. we're good. you're evil. >> eric: we're flat earthers, right? >> bob: that is a given. you can say you don't want republicans to be big. but every year they change the clean air and clean water act. in the last budget, they cut deeply in the food and drug administration. that is a honest assessment. >> andrea: who started epa? >> bob: richard nixon. >> andrea: just check. we want people to die, we don't love the environment. romney is a murderer. i thought about my rezax to the e. coli video and anything i'd say about nancy pelosi would get me fired. i wonder what else they are lying about. think about that for a second. >> eric: with we squeeze another topic in.
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you didn't get to talk about something important to you. we didn't get to it. >> bob: after all the talk and out of context ridiculous statement about barack obama saying you didn't build it, we keep using here. interesting to see that mitt romney doing the '92 olympics, in salt lake city, he went for a congressional committee. this is what he said. without question. we simply could not host games in salt lake if it were not for the enormous spending and services of the federal government. you are exactly right, mr. romney. i'm glad that you said that. i wish as usual you hadn't changed your mind about things now and pandered to the right. it's true. it is a business. olympics is a business. they are trying to make money. i give them credit for doing a good job of helping to clean it up. he could never have done it without the federal government. >> greg: you can also not collect federal income taxes without federal government. silly analogy. >> bob: why is that a silly annal?
11:33 pm
>> greg: michael phelps owes his gold to barack obama as well. take nine of the medals -- >> bob: the olympics are supposed to make money. >> greg: it's a federal project. national project. >> bob: it's not a federal project. >> greg: represents the united states. >> bob: it has nothing to do with the federal government. >> andrea: when you go to giants games there are state trooper there, right? let me guess. mitt romney is anarchist, i guess. >> greg: national advantage. >> andrea: of course he takes security. >> bob: it wasn't the security. it was more than that. so far in debt, the federal government had to bail them out. >> dana: my last thought is i would take up an collection to run the full context of what president obama said at that speech about where that line is, you didn't build that. and run the whole thing. beginning to end. no breaks. let people decide if it was taken out of context or not. maybe i should. >> eric: we'll do that. earlier in the show we ran an ad by obama pac, priorities usa.
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if anyone is confused, anyone, not an obama campaign ad. coming up, "the five" special series outstanding -- no. outstanding performance in history gymnast, mary lou retton, her triumphant story on deck. ♪ ♪ lvn]s@wxa@p9÷xdx0o0o0o0o0o3
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terror. and comparing republicans. that's at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." oh, boy! [ applause ] >> gold medal! the gold medal goes to mary lou retton. >> she has another and she will take it. >> she does the same thing.
11:40 pm
>> she does. >> it was no accident, folks. >> ous to prove it. >> dana: that was mary lou retton in 1984 at age 16 won two silver and bronze and gold in first american gymnast to do so. born in west virginia in 1968. that clip we just saw there, is my first memory and most enduring memory of the olympic games. it tried my han gymnastics and i was not made out to be an olympian. she has gone on to be an olympian in life. does anybody else remember that? >> eric: unbelieve. >> greg: what is she doing? >> dana: mom of four girls, living in fairmont, west virginia. three of them are gymnasts. one of them is a cheerleader who is one of the really good kind. >> greg: we were married briefly in the -- >> dana: really? >> greg: in the '80s. things fell apart. >> dana: she was shorter
11:41 pm
than you. >> bob: she didn't like that you were so short. >> greg: she wanted a tall person. >> dana: didn't she come home and find you in the uniform? >> greg: happened to be in the bedroom. >> bob: she had a knee operation three weeks before she did that. >> greg: really? >> bob: yeah. >> dana: recently she had a hip replacement. >> greg: 40 something, hip replacement? >> dana: partly because of all the tumbling she had done and wear and tear. eshe became a motivationm speaker, fitness ambassador, one of the first to go around. and she served on both president george h.w. bush, counsel on physical fitness. >> greg: they become motivational speakers because they don't know what else to do. that just means you show up and get paid money. >> dana: seriously, you're bringing me down. >> greg: sry. >> dana: motivate me.
11:42 pm
>> greg: all right. you are doing great. [ laughter ] you are our olympic gold medalist. >> dana: she did an interview with "parade" magazine and one thing she said the difficulty level changed so much she couldn't have done the things the girls are doing today. >> eric: she was the first american woman to win all-around, whatever years of the olympics. took until 1984. interestingly, the last three olympics in a row, the woman won the all-around. >> dana: she inspired the girls. >> andrea: she was the first real american female hero athlete. at the time, we weren't making heroes out of women gymnasts. i, too, like you, i was never good enough to go on. i was in gymnastics at the time. we got leotards that looked like hers. she was such a -- >> greg: i got her hair cut. >> andrea: -- hero. >> dana: why don't you wea wear -- >> bob: why don't you wear it? you can fit in it? >> andrea: i doubt it.
11:43 pm
>> bob: first to get the front wheatie's box. >> eric: she is 4'9". gabby douglas is 4'11". so gabby is taller than her. >> dana: thanks to american nutrition. >> bob: greg gutfeld is 4'4". >> andrea: also, i remember the romanian that came to compete and the russians didn't. there is controversy. she won because the russians were in. but because the romanians led in gymnastics. >> dana: romanians were brave to come. they stuck it to russia. >> andrea: started a trend. >> dana: she said she thinks they should go to the scoring where it was a 10. i agree. i can't follow the more modern. modern. >> greg: you read about her in "parade" magazine? you're the only one still reading it. >> dana: the most coveted spot today. jo most widely circulated. >> dana: it is. next week, bob beckel will be
11:44 pm
on the cover. kidding. coming up, though, jose feliciano ha -- michaelphelps h. will he return in four years to add to that total? the answer coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." a little over halfway through the olympics and the chinese lead in the medal count over the united states by three medals but now the real sports begin. we're out of synchronizeed diving and have to do things, lift weights. more difficult. shot putt. the discus. track and field. we'll see the united states pull ahead substantially. now michael phelps said yesterday that he is now after winning 22 medals and holing the record by far of most won
11:49 pm
by an athlete is getting out of the olympics. no more for him. do you believe that, eric? >> eric: i hope so. one can only hope. >> dana: that is like brett favre. >> eric: i've had enough. >> dana: brett favre of swimming. >> eric: didn't he take pictures of his -- >> andrea: yes, he did. i'm waiting for him to party after his medal and you'll rub it in our faces. >> greg: he is following the road to stereotypical downfall. first you start out and busted with the drugs. then the model girlfriend who really likes you for who you. are then the big car. the house. the facial tattoo. pretty soon, you are doing cameos in really bad sitcoms. then you marry lindsay lohan. >> dana: you get a contract to be commentator on the next olympics. >> greg: yes. but that is good. >> bob: he couldn't swim for four more years too. old. that's what happened to him now. losing events because of his
11:50 pm
age. he showed up with his girlfriend. greg referenced to greg's favorite product, which is speedo. sponsored that. is this guy so public, does he have a life? or is he constantly under the microscope of eric for example? >> andrea: he is under the microscope and i have to defend him to say he earned time to have fun. let him have a girlfriend. she is cute. i've seen him in a speedo. maybe she does like him for who he is. i've seen greg in a speedion. >> gregspeedo.greg looks better. >> bob: greg is the only speedo not tight. >> andrea: oh! >> dana: are you going to stand for that? >> greg: i'm too lazy to fight. >> bob: one of the rules allow you every three years if you're citizen of another country, and you live in the united states to compete for your former country. for example, in the winter
11:51 pm
olympics i know the canadian hockey players who are in the united states play for the u.s. hockey team. go to canada and compete for the team. what is the problem with that? >> eric: i have a problem. i watched felix sanchez who runs for the dominican republic. he won the gold and did fantastic job. the oldest sprinter at that event. go through his life. born in new york city. he was essentialcated, high school education in san diego. u.s.c. but runs for dominican republic. if you have that much education, born and raised here, you better run for america. >> dana: or for president. >> bob: there you go. what do you think about that? the idea that -- i think rule is you can be nationalized in two countries and do either one or you have to wait three years between events to go. >> dana: it's not your home. this guy, this example -- >> bob: that guy is an american. >> dana: if you are living in america to train.
11:52 pm
but i am going to look at this from a different point of view as motivational speaker. it's a compliment to our country we allow people to come here to train here. still cheer them on if they win even though they run for another country. >> bob: say there were greek runners in united states who weren't born here and they came here and got a green card. which most of them did. could they run for greece? >> andrea: let them train here. you don't see americans going to greece to train. one more point about my boy michael phelps, eric -- i love him. anything he can do will not be worse than bruce jennar. he moved in with the kardashians. >> bob: i didn't know that. >> greg: that is the least of his problems. >> bob: stick around. our favorite segment is coming up. one more thing. >> eric: say it. >> bob: i'm not. no, no, no. >> andrea: good. ♪
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>> andrea: welcome back. time now for one more thing. eric? >> eric: okay. watching the olympics last night. possibly saw the cutest thing i've seen in my life. leshinda running the 400-meter hurdleer in the semi-final run. her 5-year-old twins dante and duane, had a camera on them.
11:57 pm
take a listen. >> go, mommy. go! go! >> go, momny! >> go, mommy! go mommy! >> eric: they were awesome. that is, there it is. >> bob: the cutest thing i saw was beach volleyball. >> greg: you were cheering them on. >> eric: a different way. >> andrea: you check how tough it is to on "the five." check out this bulldog. talk about tough. with two other guys. came face to face with a porcupine. and bella the bulldog has 500 quills in her face. they said it was de stating. >> bob: that is what i feel like every day. >> andrea: took two hours to get it out but she is doing fine. i saw you walk in building today with the pet porcupine, keep it away from jasper.
11:58 pm
>> greg: sharpie. >> dana: gladys there are not porcupines in new york city. >> andrea: people with other spikes sticking out. >> dana: i was away for a couple of days. got to go to pacific northwest. we were in whistleer, british company. i went on a zip line. for the first time i ever did that. took my hand off the tether for a second to give sign of "the five" because i was thinking about you guys but i can't say enough good things about canada and the hospitality. a great trip. highly recommend it. >> greg: great trip. today been a phrase is -- dialoguing. i hate that word. [ laughter ] it's called having a conversation. >> bob: who does dialoguing mean? >> greg: i don't know.
11:59 pm
it's therapy speak. polluted our culture. >> dana: they use it in washington. let's have a dialogue about entitlement reform. >> greg: let's have a chat. >> andrea: i never heard anyone say it. >> dana: it's a verb. >> andrea: robert? >> bob: i hate to end this on a down note. once i get quills out of my back. again, muslims in nigeria has proven intolerance and atrocities in the name of the prophet. what you did is slaughter 19 christians at prayer. if you want to be treated right, and you are a muslim, leave our people alone. don't complain anymore. you complain because someone makes up a cartoon about your prophet and almost threat on the kill them. in the meantime, muslims are slaughtering christian in prayer. that doesn't cut it. if you want to play that game we'll play it. >> andrea: same on the journalists who put they were muslim in the paraof the story.


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