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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather nauert. good morning ainsley. hope you are off to a good day. thanks for watching "fox & friends first". it's time for your 5@5:00. top five stories making news at this hour. it's a strong start off with the republican primary. todd akin won a primary to take on claire mckaskill. it could tip the senate back to republicans. akin said voters made a clear
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choice. >> claire mckaskill voted for big government and less liberty. i am voting for less government and more liberty. in michigan former congressman pete hoekstra winning a gop primary there. he will face democratic senator debbie stabenow. >> new information about the gunman and the deadly temple shooting in the state of wisconsin. 40-year-old wade michael page had a history of alcohol abuse. that drinking apparently costing him his military career and recently his job as a trucker. in the meantime the community of oak creek came together at a candlelight vigil. hundreds saying prayers. hundreds died including page. jared loughner admit to do going on a shooting rampage in tucson, arizona. it left 15 people dead and 15 wounded including his intended
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victim gabby gifford. >> overnight earthquake rattling southern california. a 4.4 magnitude quake was centered and felt through out the entire los angeles area. no reports of any major damage or injuries. take a look at this. nasa's curiosity rover sending back first color photos from the surface of mars. is it really red? this one shows the north wall is a little murky because of all of the murk. they are hoping to have a picture sent this week. dust kicked up moments before it landed on the red planet. you can see curiosity's attachable heat shoaled ield as makes test dissent. the rover stationary it will
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begin roving once they complete a check of all of the systems in the next couple weeks. those are your 5@5:00. >> let's talk politics. mitt romney slamming the welfare reform policy in a new ad. white house is firing back. peter doocy covering the story for us. >> mitt romney's favorite threat to go after president obama for wanting to make it too easy for a well tefare check. the president wants to resource course on welfare work requirements that have been around for the 90s. now it is going on the defensive with a powerful new ad. >> in 96 president clinton and bipartisan congress helped end welfare as we know it by declare work for welfare. obama announce add plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work
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requirements. under his plan you wouldn't have to work or train for a job they just sent you your welfare check. >> former president clinton knows about this commercial and says governor romney will release an ad saying they weakened the work requirements of the welfare reform act, that is not true says former president clinton. the campaign question to the obama for america campaign headquarters in chicago. they made an exception because they say it deals with the president's policies. from a policy standpoint let me say this advertisement is categorically false and blatantly dishonest. this administration's policy will strengthen the program by giving the opportunity to employ more effective ways to help people get off welfare and into a job.
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>> the white house says they will strengthen welfare. romney says he will put work back in welfare. quite a debate there. talk with you later. in the middle of all of this campaigning mitt romney taking time to sit down with karl cameron for illuminating interview. >> the question we all want answered, who will be his vice president? >> we find out jeb bush and condoleezza rice and rick santorum have been given speaking engagements. >> it would be silly not to provide capacity to slthrow peoe off the fact that someone is speaking the convention doesn't mean they would find their speaking slot changed from one time to another. oo are you closer to a decision. >> we were together a week ago today. i am a week closer than i was a
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week ago. >> but you haven't made up your mind yet? >> i am not going to give you a clue all i can tell you is by the third night of the republican convention i will have madsion and be ready to communicate it. >> we know your wife is across the pond at the olympics today. we don't assume there will be a decision in her absence today or tomorrow. >> as i said i am not going to give you anything on the vp front except going go to miss vp. he believes a decision is close to being made. an announcement could come as early as friday. wouldn't even give karl a clue. it is 6 after the top of the hour. time for your first degree weather update with maria
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molina. >> it strengthen to do a hurricane right before land fall across parts of the yucatan peninsula and southern portions of the area or the world. the storm system has weakened. maximum sustained winds the 70 miles per hour. tropical storm producing significant rainfall. the rainfall is anticipated and local will you higher amounts of up to a foot of rain are possible. mud slides will be a big concern across this part of the world. as we continue west ward forecast move into very warm water out here so it could regain hurricane status before making land fall across eastern coast of mexico late in the day on thursday and early friday morning. so of course we will keep an eye on tropical storm ernesto over the next several days. by today well over land cut off from water and basically become an area of low pressure
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producing areas of heavy rain out here. across the country for us we have warm temperatures in place across parts of the plains dallas 85 degrees right now early this morning early in kansas city. you know it will be a hot day when the overnight hours it is that warm. 73 right now in new york city and 67 is the current temperature in cleveland. we will see things heating up across parts of the northeast and return to more humid conditions. that will be the story today and as we head into tomorrow. 86 for the high in new york city. as we head west ward more triple dig get temperatures for oklahoma and texas. 103 will be the high temperature in dallas. another area that is experiencing hot temperatures some of the hottest of the year so far is southern california, southern nevada and southwestern parts of arizona guide some of these temperatures will reach up to 124 degrees. we will keep a close watch on this area.
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we have some excessive heat warnings in place. unbelievable. that can end up delaying some flights. you might want to call your carrier in that area. stories you can bank on. the wait is over for on-line shoppers. your on-line purchases can be delivered in just about an hour. lauren simonetti from the fox business network is here to explain. >> okay, ebay is testing same day delivery with big retailers with target nordstrom macy's as they set up competition with they have introduced ebay now. mobile app. they can get products delivered within an hour. delivery costs $5. >> they are trying to compete with amazon. there are some hits you have to pay for it with pay pell which takes the credit card.
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>> you do it on your cell phone your smart phone. is it is a little tricky. >> sounds like a pain in the neck. >> american airlines will deliver your bags if you are within a certain radius of that airport. explain this. >> it is another fee but we might like this one. american is letting fliers skip baggage claim and get on with the trip. luggage delivery for a fee between 30 and $50. your bag will meet you at your destination within four-hours if that destination is 40 miles from the airport. >> if you have guolf clubs or something that may make a lot of sense. >> dodge is dropping out of nascar because pens ski switched to ford. >> not the first time dodge dropped out of nascar either. at the end of the year following a decision moved to the ford cars next year.
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that ends a 10 year relationship with dodge. they had developed a race car version of the charger. it is the first time the auto makers -- they did in 1977 returned again in 2001. this time it is not about financial reasons. they were shocked by this. >> they are going to take their marbles and go home. automatic oo lauren sem n >> desperate times calling for desperate measures. obama campaign trying to dig up any dirt on vice presidential candidates. then there is this. radio oo i don't know how you live with yourself and work here. >> that is video going viral amid the chik-fil-a controversy. the guy behind the camera has apologized to this employee but does she accept his apology? you will hear more coming up next.
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>> 15 minutes after the taupe of the hour. president obama's reelection campaign engaging in dirty politics literally. e-mailing supporters asking for dirt on republican senator marco rubio. reports say the obama camp is also trying to dig up dirt on ohio senator rob portman both considered possible vp picks from mitt romney. voters approving an amendment which allows people to pray in
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public. the measure gives students the right to opt out of any assignment which violates his or her religious beliefs. the drew peterson murder trial begins today. on peert son's third wife and victim kathleen savio. craig wall is in chicago with more. lieutenant james coughlin testified when he was in the courthouse in mid february 2004 he saw drew peert son leaving with two lawyers behind him laughing. why those men appeared so happy peterson replied that's because they are getting all of my money. peterson was finalizing his divorce from kathleen savio at the time. peterson appeared irritated and complained my life would be
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easier if she was just dead or would die. two weeks later savio was found dead in her bathtub the victim of a drowning. the fbi miss reported what he said but that detail was not shared with defense attorneys as they claim it should have been. they asked the judge to throw his testimony out. >> we are submitting case law we don't want to talk about. something the judge is considering. we are happy with the events of today and looking forward to tomorrow. >> he described being suspicious but never shared those suspicions until three years later. robert geal says he found nothing suspicious and collected no evidence except for photos. he called the testimony
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frustrating. >> a coroner who was there and found something that was not right. you have a state police officer who didn't really give a darn. this time brew on this. you may remember last week's chicken fight. a guy in arizona thought it would be a good idea to bully a chik-fil-a employee and tape the tiern thing. take a look at what this guy did. >> is this my free water. awesome. you know why i am getting the free water, right? >> because chik-fil-a is a hateful corporation. >> we don't treat customers differently. >> the company gives money to hate groups. i don't know how you live with yourself and work here. i don't understand it. this is a horrible corporation and horrible place to work. >> you deserve better.
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>> he was fired from his job. he was the cfo of bante incorporated a medical device manufacturer. he has since apologized. but that young employee you saw on the video stat down with fox news telling stewart barney if she accepts his apology. >> i do for give adam smith. i think he realizes how bad of a decision it was to make that tape. i feel sorry for him and his family and everything that has happened to him since wednesday. >> sounds like the only reason she is he's sorry for it is because he lost his job. if you were that fic fichik-fil employee would you accept the driy through bully's apology? send us an e-mail at we will read them lart in the show. >> 19 minutes after the top of the hour. twitter wanted pro protect the
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person behind terrifying tweet mass murder like the colorado shooting. now the ruling is in and we are live with an update on that story. it really is a dream. we will tell you about this. stunning new numbers on how many illegals will be able to stay here scot-free under the president's new plan. we will explain it all. as we head to break let's take a look at the prices at the pump. national average is $3.65.
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>> good morning. let's take a look at headlines.
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controversial plan to let young illegal immigrants stay in the united states will more than double the number of people he first flamed would be able to stay here. up to 1.76 million illegal immigrants could qualm fy for this program. that's a lot more from the initial estimate of 800 thousand. police believe they found the body of mickey in a remote area from where the 22-year-old went missing two months ago. she was a senior at university of indiana. twitter finally turning over missing information about a used threatening to carry out anna roar raw like shooting rampage at mike tyson's one day show. he is looking for the suspect stepping up security at the theater that houses that show. that's where antoine lewis is
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live with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. what twitter did they didn't want to play anothersed their p hand to get the information about the person who made the threat. let's show you what it looked like at the theater on west 48th street last night. what you are looking at is video of the police department hercules scene heavily armed out in front making sure nothing happened and all of the patrons all of the theater goers made it into the long acre without any incident. it was our understanding there were none thankfully to report. all of this surfaced on friday. the twirt post was discovered on friday in the afternoon. threat toned an incident like aurora, colorado last month. when asked by the police department twitter did not want to release the person's information at all. the police department when it
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got a subpoena a judge signed the subpoena yesterday. either today or the next couple days they have a person who made the threats. thank you so much antoine. the time is 5:25. a tornado ripping through an el em try school. the people inside struggling to take cover. >> the white house telling the tsa to go easy on the occupy wall street movement. >> first on this day in history this is back in 1963 the kings men released their new single louie louie. ♪
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>> good morning everyone. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> top 5@5:00. university of colorado hiring lawyers after they revealed the school was warned ahead of time about james holmes. holmes' psychiatrist asked a police officer for a background check six weeks before the movie massacre. but nothing was apparently done about it. 12 people died 58 others were
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injured in the attack. >> the obama administration told the gsa to go easy on occupy wall street pro tessers. a watch dog group says they are in a series of e-mails between the top ghs officials and former gsa public building commissioner robert peck. peck confirms the white house told him to stand down and not rays occupy portland protestors who are rallying past curfew on gsa owned land. the obama administration has long denied encouraging occupy protestors. however it is not commenting on these accusations. new video of a tornado ripping through a grade school in clairesville kentucky. the twister striking in march but the surveillance video was never seen until now. you can see two custodians were forced to take cover as the winds tore through ceilings and down the hall. no one was hurt. students going back to school yesterday.
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attending classes in an old air house until that school is fully repaired. too early to go back to school isn't it in>> looks like a horror movie. >> the flower beds shaped like a cross. this is at a park in columbus, georgia. now they have given complaints from non christian groups they turned the cross into a rock tangle. it complies with federal law. the city's mayor says the cross violated a 1983 federal court ruling which bans christian crosses from public land. heather? >> cardinal dole land says he is willing to share one right of camaraderie from president obama. he extended an invitation to the president as well as mitt romney to speak at an up coming charity event. both men accepting. you may remember the archdiocese of new york is among the 40 catholic groups suing over the president's healthcare mandate that says employers have to
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provide health insurance coverage that covers birth control. that is your top 5 at 5:30. birth control among other things. >> it's a political rumble both intensifying their attacks on brand new ads. doug luzader is in washington with a look at if any of them are going to spar. >> there's no question the attacks on both sides had a new edge to them at this point. you have ads that may cross the line and you have displayed name calling. it's one ad in particular that raised at the white house. >> under obama's plan wouldn't have to work or get a job they send you your welfare check. >> it says president obama has been opposed to work for welfare. jay carney says it's not the case. from a policy standpoint let me say this advertisement is categorically false and it is
2:34 am
play tantly dishonest. a pro obama super pack in turn airs this ad. >> she passed away in 22 days. i do not think mitt romney realizes what he has done to any one. furthermore i do not think mitt romney is concerned was his business decision to blame for the woman who lost her health insurance or did this ad go too far? >> i think that ad is low ball policy. i think it's the lower kind of attack you can get. >> okay. there is the name calling. not hard to get the impression these guys do not love each other. >> it's like robin hood in reverse, it's romneyhood. >> we have been watching the president say a lot of things about pee and my policies. it's just not right. if i were to coin a turn it
2:35 am
would be obamaloni. he is serving up a dish in contradiction of the truth. >> romney hood and obama loni. he is just trailing mitt romney among likely voters. it is a real battle ground. >> can't make it up can you. >> doug luzader has to keep a straight face on this one. >> staying with the presidential election scene we are learning more about who will be speaking at the convention. >> the latest speaker to be added to the list. >> we have added in governor fallon from oklahoma. i am proud tonight to announce as well a very prominent role for governor scott walker. my governor from wisconsin and
2:36 am
your governor, too, for that matter, greta. >> with the addition of scott walker what is the lineup? is that still to be determined? >> we are working with the romney campaign and working on having a good flow. a lot of these folks will be spread through out the week. as you know part of making the case for the presidency of the united states that the convention can capture especially when you are running as a challenge gerns the incumbent. we want to tell the mitt romney story. telling that story will take the entire four-days and telling the american people who mitt romney is why we should be proud of the things he has done. >> three other speakers added last night. florida attorney general ken bond deport reek co gov-- puert
2:37 am
governor. before you leave the house let's get the first degree wr update with maria molina on tropical storm ernesto. is this going to help us out here? we need rain in some parts of our country. >> we need rain but we seeing much of an impact across the plains. severe to extreme drought. i want to show you a closer look at tropical storm ernesto. you can see it here it is continuing through spain producing a lot of heavy rainy where from 4-8 inches of rain possible. flash flooding is possible out here. we are continuing to see the storm surge. it keeps moving west ward at 60 miles per hour. the storm will be entering the gulf so we have warm waters it could become a hurricane once again before making land fall
2:38 am
late in the day on thursday into friday morning across eastern parts of mexico. that is something we are going to keep an eye on. across the lower 48 cooler conditions across north central part of the country. rain from ohio valley into parts of the deep south. >> maria molina thank you so much for looking at the temperatures for us. take a look at sports now to roundup the sports stories making headlines at this hour. aly rise man marking the anniversary of the massacre as she kins the gold in the united states on the floor exercise. she is jewish and she said quote having that music was not intentional but it was played on the 40th anniversary. winning the gold today means a lot. if there had been a moment of silence i would have supported it and respected it.
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the olympics refusing to hold a moment of silence in honor of those massacred back in 1972. the u.s. assured gold for women's beach volleyball. kerri walsh jennings and misty may trainer beating china. walsh and kesse beating brazil to make it to the finals. usain bolt wants to play soccer now. he would like to play foreman chester united and would be the fastest player. i will say. that's why they call him the bolt. >> almost 20 to the top of the hour. coming up you will soon have to may pore for your pizza. you have president obama to thanks for that. why the ceo of papa johns says it will force them to raise prices. >> did you take your vitamins? >> not yet i haven't eateeaten. >> we will tell you about supplements you can take.
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another quick look at what you miss the last night on conan. they have disqualified a champion race walker after determining he was doping. disqualified him. getting caught doping almost as embarrassing getting caught being a champion race walker.
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>> good morning. it is now 43 minutes after the hour. look at what is making headlines overseas. iran is throwing its support behind syrian president assad. they are vow to go squash the up rising in syria and any one backing the rebels. hillary clinton says assad's regime is quickly unravelling. now to the philippines where
2:44 am
thor than 107,000 people forced to evacuate their homes after torrential rains leaving villages submerged. 11 people have died. over to south africa where it slowed 20 times in the past 120-years. those in johannesburg last saw show back in 20007. >> we are going to ask the expert here. sthooivengs. even if you did your best to eat healthy often we find it hard to get the vitamins and nutrients we need every day. we look to the supplement. how many should we be taking which ones are the most important? here to answer the questions is dr. david samati. what do we need to take as far as a multi vitamin is concerned. >> we are trying to make it as simple as possible. you can take too many pills. you may or may not get the right
2:45 am
portion of veggies that we need. one mull de vitamin a day whether for men or women it is absolutely appropriate. we need to look at the ingredients as we get older. low vitamin b 12 when you look at the bottles look athe label and see what is good for your memory. one for member and one for women allows the ingredients we may need. >> what about co co q 10. >> it is extremely important to reduce inflammation and is excellent for your heart. one of the main problems for@throw sclerosis cleroux -- arthrosclerosis. if you have a family history of heart diseases. >> for all ages? >> after 30 or so.
2:46 am
>> there's a weight loss vitamin you recommend. i want to know about this. >> i am excited about this. i studied it very carefully. it is not one of the vitamins or drugs that is addictive doesn't have a lot of side effects. extract of pomegranate and sea wood increases mow table lichl and filters the live. 200 milligrams of xanthigen before your meal. you can lose five pounds taking it. xanthigen. >> doesn't make your heart race? >> the side effects are minimum. >> what about additional supplements for women in particular? >> a lot of us are not getting enough sun. vitamin d and d 3 and calcium is important.
2:47 am
if you are not getting enough calcium absorption that's dangerous. as women get older because of menopausal and estrogen going down you are going to have issues with bone health. taking vitamins d 3 and calcium together would prevent any problems. >> those are not multi vitamins? >> you may get some of it but not enough. there's concern about how much calcium and vitamin d you should take. that's on top of multi vitamins. >> you recommend a extra supplement for men, too. >> it is great for immune system and prostate. another one is lr which is a great vaso dilator. thanks so much. 47 after the hour. are you a pizza lover? if so you might want to thank obama care for that. the healthcare bill will force him to raise prices. and then talk about being unfit for the job. a new study says over weight
2:48 am
doctors could actually be bad for your health. you are not one of those. steve doocy has what's coming up on "fox & friends". coming up on "fox & friends" it could be barack obama's sleaziest ad against mitt romney yet. it looks as if there's a possibility. could it be true general petraeus is being considered for romney's running mate. we heard obama say a couple nights ago say romneyhood. yesterday romney came out with obamaloni. we wonder if you have crazy bumper sticker phrases you want to share with the campaign. live in new york city 12 minutes from now. right here on the fox news channel. ú?ñx@wúp9÷÷@;÷9
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>> 8 minutes to the top of the hour. pizza lovers you will be payg more for pizza. the ceo says once the president's healthcare plan takes effect he will be charging between 11-14 cents more per pie. they are having to offer coverage to more of the 15,000 plus employees or pay the federal penalty. talk about being unfit for the job. a new study shows over weight doctors are more likely to give their patients inferior care.
2:53 am
one example 93 percent of doctors admitted they only diagnose and treat patients for obesity if it is cleesh the patient is heavier than they are. >> thank you so much. good news for those looking for a job right now. the labor department says the jobs openings in june were the highest in four years. fox business network diane macedo has more. the labor bept department says job opening growth high 3.76 million in june. contrary to what you think hires fill from 100,000 in may indicating some firms are keeping jobs unfilled. they are worried over government spending cuts higher taxes scheduled to kick in in 2013 and the debt crisis are making companies hesitant to take on new workers. the report showed a drop in the number of people voluntarily
2:54 am
quitting their job. they aren't confident about outside work opportunities. the report offered hope that the rebound in employment will be sustained in the months to come. we will take the good news where you can find it. >> earlier in the show we asked you to brew on this topic. a lot of people are writing in on this one. she took a verbal beating from the drive through bully. here's the question. would you answericcept the guy' apology? the employee telling fox yesterday she accepted the apology. we have your responses. >> yes accepting the chik-fil-a drive through mouth off apology is what christians do and i commend the young lady. you were saying she handled this very well. >> john wrote in of course not the apology was completely fake. he apologizes after he's
2:55 am
ridiculed on national tv and after he gets fired. if i were the worker i would not accept the apology. there's no excuse for being cruel. i have to side with john on that one. i would have a hard time. >> another says i would forgive him only if he would eat lunch with me at chik-fil-a. >> oo thanks everybody who responded and keep the comments coming. >> you would for give the guy, right? >> i would. you have to. you can't go through life like that. there are more important things to move on with in my day. he lost his job. speak nice to your fellow people out there then you don't have to get yourself in this type of a mess. >> it is 5 to the top of the hour. it might look like innocent fun but what landed this man in our good, bad and ugly in the bad section. >> can you figure out what the word of the day is? stick around for the answer. >> it is one of the vitamins? it has a z in it.
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that. you makes an apparent attempt. out of new england. oh, you are so. >> oh, the animal caught asking the visitors to help him escape. >> and unfortunately for the chip. and the ugly. a bar bell crashing down on the olympics champ.


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