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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 9, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. thanks for waking up with us. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. it is thursday august 9th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> top stories making news at this hour. alaska air jet bound for seattle washington going to san jose. the flight are ontario, california losing enough cabin pressure to alert the passengers that something on board was wrong.
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the passengers reporting excruciating ear pain. they were able to land safely. they will undergo a detailed inspection. does ohio senator rob portman know something when he talks about becoming vice president. he has been in the senate two years and quote i think that's where i am going to end up staying. congress needs leadership and he can help tackle the deficit and healthcare. >> they are also humble, too. >> now to an update at the temple massacre in wisconsin. the fbi now revealing the gunman mieblg page took his own wife. he shot himself in the head after hit by an officer's bullet in the stomach. page killed 6 people and critically wounded 6 others. he is walking and talking, too
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despite a bullet lodged in his neck. a story of heroism a 9-year-old boy and 11-year-old sister warned more than a dozen people tol hide. this after they saw page open fire. >> they all hid safely in a pantry before they could escape. >> an american scientist rescued from the u.s. research station in antarctica after suffering an emergency. they flew in there landed and got out before the equipment froze. the americans getting ready for surgery at christ church in zeeland. he or she is expected to be okay. the curiosity rover is getting the first look around mars snapping photos. a lot of nasa scientists were actually surprised at how earth like mars looks.
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there's one photo getting a whole lot of attention right now. you can see a blotch in the center of the horizon. the same picture was taken two years later the blotch is gone. it was likely a spec of dust on the camera's lens. we can all image it was life on mars. that is your 5@5:00 this morning. >> the back clash lash is growi claims mitt romney from a woman dying from cancer. the president's campaign denying it knew nothing about the story. the republicans take a different picture. peter doocy live in washington this morning with more. >> there's a retired steal worker who says in a new ad for the pro obama super act that his wife tragically died within 22 days of a cancer diagnosis and
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it's mitt romney's fault because he said he and his wife lost their health insurance with the bane capital owned plant he worked at was shut down. he reported his wife didn't die for 5 years after he lost his job. the obama campaign officially says we have nothing no involvement with any ads that are done by priority usa. we don't have any knowledge of the story of the family. but their statement yesterday over looked the fact that on may 14th of this year the same steel worker was featured in an obama campaign conference call selling the same story. >> i was lucky to find another job as a custodian they gave me health insurance but i couldn't afford to buy it before my wife. a while lart she was diagnosed with lung cancer. >> the romney campaign is outraged saying on the same day president obama's own campaign was caught lying on the content
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about a super pack attack ad he has the gall super pack going crazy. it is the hypocrisy they are guilty of spreading lies in an attempt to distract voters from the president's failed record. the super pact like the one that puts this ad out cannot legally have any direct coordination with the campaign. but the man who runs priority usa action super pack behind the add bill burton challenged viewers on cnn asking what fact in that ad is wrong? >> the usa ad is the big talker with ann coulter and bill o'reilly. we will hear from bill o'reilly in just a moment. >> first let's hear f ann coulter's explosive reaction to the ad telling sean hannity she thinks it is despicable.
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>> it is a despicable ad it shows the true colors of a man that is hope and change. no he was too young to show his true colors. >> at some point it has to back fire. do you believe mitt romney could cause you to get cancer? his father would be embarrassed he is running for the heist office of landau believe he hates woman and hates dogs? >> it remind me how glad i am we are running mitt romney against this despicable campaigner because they can't go into his divorce records. he makes you and i look like paris hilton. i think it ad would be the turning point. most americans would say this is absolutely despicable blaming this woman's death on mitt
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romney. >> that harsh criticism isn't just about sean hannity and ann coulter. bill o'reilly weighed in. >> this is using a guy who is accusing romney of contributing to this woman's death when romney had nothing on earth to do with it this man falsely -- they had insurance for two, three years after he left his job. falsely saying that. the oba campaign falsely -- they knew about this. this isn't one chance on earth that carney -- >> o'reilly went on to say there is something wrong with this on a human level. >> it could soon cost you more to hit the high seas. why cruise ships are taking a page from the airline industry.
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lauren simonetti joins us. this could benefit some passengers, right? >> a fee to board early sounds like an airline. but it's a cruise line. carnival cruise is test ago program that will allow cruises to board the ship early and have immediate access to the state room for 50 bucks. it is called faster to the fun. the good news is only one passenger in the room needs to pay for everybody to get the immediate access. >> it is available to a limited number of passengers as well. right? >> i think it's a good idea. rising college tuition costs affecting one segment of the community more than others. >> this is surprising. rising college tuition taking the biggest tole on the upper middle class. households with annual incomes of between 94,000 and 205,000 dollars. the biggest jump in student loan debt. a quarter of such families had student loan debt in 2010. the size of their loans also
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grew from families owned about 26,000 dollars back in 2010. nearly 33,000 in 2010 to 2007. they are owing at least 50,000 dollars in student loan debt. once those students get to college they are going to have to spend a little bit more on beer? >> i didn't put that connection together earlier. good point. there's a glut. get it? beer on the market. production is at an all-time high. beer prices are still set to rise by around 5 percent this fall. that's because of the rising cost of ingredients. anheuser-busch and others have stated they plan to increase prices this fall. bud increased prices the past two falls in a row. something with fall and higher beer prices. >> save you from the beer gut anyway. who needs that? >> thank you very much lauren.
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appreciate it. >> now back over to heather for brew on this. >> we have all of the beer news for you. it is time to brew on this. telling highs hurts your credibility. but it can be bad for your health. this is according to a new study from the university of notre dame. 110 took polygraph tests to show how many lies they told. they also took tests about their health. those who lied less had better physical results. this lead us to our question of the day. is honesty the best policy or do you still think it's okay to lie sometimes? send us your comments tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an e-mail@foxfriendsfirst@foxnews. com. >> when you tweet us tell us the
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truth. >> a damaged plane wing and the message no one was ever supposed to see. trouble is one terrified passenger did and now the airline has some serious explaining to do. what was happening inside this home no one saw coming? she thought her husband was just being sweet making her coffee every morning. sounds like a good idea. no. he had deadly intentions. as we go to break a look at the morning temperature.
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>> it is now quarter past the hour. here's a quick look at some of the headlines this morning. a really squarcary sight for
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passengers. take a look at this handwritten note that was left on the damaged wing. it says "we know about this." . an airline said they made the staff aware and the plane was safe to fly. a passenger saw it and got really scared. >> passengers release ago startling statistic showing 100 million people are now receiving some federal welfare. food stamps and medicaid top the list. they increased last year. >> the issue of welfare a big topic this morning. that is what karl rove is talking about. it has become a big issue on the campaign trail as president obama p and his challenger mitt romney battle over the work requirement. mitt romney says the president is trying to get the work requirement out of welfare while
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the administration calls the claim misleading. >> section 402 which mentions 407 in order to claim the authority under 402 gives them a right to ignore that part of the statute. they say they are going to in essence issue approval to policies. i am quoting from their own paper that involves quote definition of work activities and engagement exce specified limitations. that's what 407 is all about. they are using authority in one part of the law to say we are going to find a way to do what we can't do under the statute which is wave the tough rules that is require people to work in order to get welfare and limit how long they can be on welfare. further indication of what they are going to do they said they are not likely to approve any policy waivers that are quote likely to reduce access to aid.
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in other words, nothing that will save money they will only approve policy that either keeps aid at a current level or increases it. i think the administration is wrong. i think romney was right to ding them on it. where is the administration that got the statutory authority to do something that congress explicitly voted in a bipartisan action they say could not be waveed by executive action. >> we will hear more about mitt romney's running mate. there are two-ways he can pick his vp. >> i want to thehear that one. >> they are returning to the new york city delhi. this time they are looking for new evidence in the etan patz case. you may remember the 6-year-old little boy vanished back in 1979. investigators are trying to determine what happened to him. robert moses is live for us with the lathes. what are they looking for today? >> heather good moaning to you and good morning everyone.
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they are looking for physical evidence quite frankly. they came back here to this eye glass shop which was once a bodega where he said he killed etan patz back in 1979. they searched part of the basement they were not able to access before. he follows an intense i have one back in april. police carried out bags of evidence from this building yesterday they would not specify that was in those bags. etan patz dispiered as he walked to the school bus by himself for the very first time. pedro hernandez worked at the bodega in question. he worked in in the neighborhood but moved shortly after the crime. hernandez' ex-wife found a photograph of etan patz in his belongings back in the 1980s. when she confronted him about that photograph he became very hostile. so far no comment on his most recent search by etan patz'
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parents. >> thank you so much with possible new clues there. ed the time is 18 after the top of the hour. hold the popcorn a key ingredient linked to alzheimer's disease? >> need a job? you may not have to look much further than fox news. a list of the company that is are hiring right now. you don't want to miss it. >> as we head to break let's take a quick look at the prices at the pump. the national average 3.66 a gallon.
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>> you may want to think twice before putting your hand in a bowl of popcorn.
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the buttery flavor on it may trigger alzheimer's disease. it increases clumping of proteins in if the brain. the ingredient find in migraine baked goods and some beer. >> talk about bad medicine. listen to this. one tennessee woman says her doctor's husband is trying to bo poison her after slipping berry of toxic medal in her coffee. she had been sick for months and suddenly she improved when she stopped drinking it. she filed an order of protection against them. police raided their home but no charges have been filed. >> here's good news for you. job openings may be at their highest level in four years. but new hires dropped by 100,000 from may to june. ee went to help you fill jobs.
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>> what companies are we talking. >> earlier we were in sara tspr company there that is hiring. they are building a new semi conductor foundry up there it will be the biggest one in the united states. they are still hiring in up state new york. i wanted to bring this company to you. overall in the united states 600 jobs are available in global foundries. in saratoga 1500 jobs already established. with any company when they open up a plant there are 4300 inspection jobs also created this company. anyway average salary 30,000 dollars if you are a water fab operator which sounds kind of different. engineers 95 thousand managers 100,000. >> it's a nice place to live.
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>> they are a recruiting company. they are looking for engineers. they want to do insourcing. they are trying to bring the engineers back into the country. they are looking for people in georgia and texas. they work with the wounded warrior's project. 48 thousand to 71,000. a lot of this is it. >> nice salaries you are talking about. >> a healthcare clinic. >> they have the most dialysis clinics through out the united states. they have over 1,000 openings. nurses 60,000 a year. tuition reimbursement on this one. one of the world's most innovative companies.
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if you are a nurse you can almost write your own ticket. >> you do hear from people sometimes who have gotten jobs through your segment. congratulations to you, cheryl. >> the last company e-mailed us. it happens all of the time. >> don't forget to find out where the jobs are you can log on to casone knee's 26 minutes after the hour. coming up we have this. >> i am on a road on 337 to valley view and i just found a guy laying in the road. >> he is a country music star. who he is and what he was up to. >> mitt romney crashed my wedding. we have the pictures to show you. in 1930 betty boop made her cartoon debut. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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so if you want to sleep better or find relief for your bad back, call now. call the number on your screen for your free information kit with dvd, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. oo i'm heather nauert. homeland security documents revealing that you are going to
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get stuck paying for the controversial immigration plan. it will cost taxpayers over $350 millions in just the first year. it would let young illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. it would allow illegals with felony convictions into the country and more shocking illegals convicted of crimes under state immigration laws will be allowed to stay here. an ohio deli owner shows someone opening the security door as the president talks about his records for small business. the owner of the delhi says she never gave the campaign commission to use her store and says the store has lost business because of it. the manager told her the filming was for a survey on stores.
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they admit that may be true. dramatic video showing firefighters rescuing a woman from a raging fire. the firefighters helmet camera capturing the daring rescue in an apartment complex in saint charles, missouri. the blaze tearing through the building. luckily the firefighters getting there just in time to save jackie hamilton who was trapped. jackie getting to thank them in person for their heroic actions. thank you for saying my life. you guys are heros. always so humble, too. they say no need to thank them. they are glad to use their training to save jackie. >> at that country singer has a bizarre brush with the law. >> 911. >> hello.
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>> that guy laying in the road turns out it was randy travis. he has been charged with driving while intoxicated and threatening law enforcement officers. they found him naked in the middle of the road where he crashed his car. when the officers tried to arrest them he apparently threatened to kill him. check out travis he is leaving the jail in scrubs. this is the second odd alcohol related arrest this year. he was busted for public intoxication back in february. mitt romney wedding crasher? the republican presidential candidate pulling up with his motorcade to a fundraiser in new jersey when he stumbled upon an orthodox jewish wedding party taking photos in the parking lot. turns out the reception was being held at the same venue right after the fundraiser. romney did stop and take pictures with the bride and groom in private.
2:34 am
his fundraiser pulled in 1 and a half million dollars. >> extra wedding gown that way. the race for president may be turning into a gender war. president obama trying to shore up the female vote. as new polls show his genderer advantage among woman has dropped off. things got heated in colorado where the president was. >> you don't have to big too deep in the polls to find a real gender gap. that is something both campaigns are painfully aware of. president obama as you mentioned took the stage in colorado yesterday. he met there and at one point embraced sandra luck the woman who is with rush limbaugh over free contraceptives weeks ago. he pushed her into the political spotlight. look at the banner this is an all out effort to win women voters and paint republicans
2:35 am
against their interests. >> when it comes to to a woman's right to make healthcare choices they want to bring us back to a policy more suited to the 1950s. the president leads mitt romney among women by 8 points. although rue pub cans say that's only part of the story. he is winning women this time around but by 50 percent less than he got last time around and he's running even worse among men than he was last time around hence the races in today's gallop tracking 47-46. >> romney does have a big advantage among men. looking at colorado it is 17 points. for his part romney was in iowa with a more gender neutral message on the economy. >> entrepreneurs and business people around world and here at home think that at some point america is going to become like
2:36 am
greece or spain or italy or like california. >> behind the scenes roment knee campaign is trying to close the gap between women. the president and candidate obama carried a big majority of women voters about 56 percent. back to you in new york. >> doug luzader thank you very much. >> we are checking back with karl rove who is talking about mitt romney's potential vice president. rove explaining how romney should approach the decision. is it going to be a political choice or a governing choice? oo pick the battle ground state florida, ohio, wisconsin, pick somebody from a battle ground state. if the vice presidential impacted the home state the last time in the presidential election was in 1960 in lyndon
2:37 am
johnson wasn't on the ticket they would have lost it rather than won it in all likelihood and jfk would not have been president. this is what makes it complicated is a governing choice. the candidate chooses somebody they think would be a more effective vice president help them govern effectively. like dick chawn knee choice in 2 -- dick cheney choice. none had a big impact in his home state. he did in his home state wyoming but it was locked up in the republican column. it's something about the behind set of the candidate they are looking for to what do i need to do once i get into the office. th that's what makes this all complicated. there are two big questions is mitt romney looking at this as a political choice or governing choice. is he looking at it bold or safe? >> also trying to get rove to say who he would pick if he was mitt romney. but rove could not take the bait.
2:38 am
heather? >> we are all trying to get that information, aren't we? >> it is time for the starting lin lineup. unbeaten at the olympics and that is how it is going to stay. misty may train another and kerri walsh jennings it is their 21st straight win. they beat another american team in the finals. two olympic wins of cold. 119 to 86 in the quarter finals. they play argentina tomorrow in the semis. >> allen texas about to get a whole lot bigger and brighter. this is allen eagle stadium. it cost about 60 million bucks. it is about to open for the high school football team. $60 million. it has 18,000 seats and 75 by 45 foot hd video score board and natural grass matrix turf. there is even private boxes and a pressroom. really amazing for high school
2:39 am
football. let's go back to you. now it is time to step into the fox light with michael. he has the latest scoop in the entertainment world. first up a number of 90s icons making their way back into the spotlight. i like this story because that's my era. >> you can file this under what's old is new again. total recall opened up at the box office with kate beckinsale reboot of the classic with ar arnold schwarzenegger and sharon stone. it is house of style. mtv will be revealing the new host of the show in september. television we will see the return of 90s talker ricki lake and ar sin yo hall. the boy band 98 degrees will reunite for the first time in 10 years followed by the wall flowers and no doubt. >> i don't think no doubt ever went away.
2:40 am
i am a huge no doubt fan especially with workout music. >> gwen staff any is great. love her. >> you are talking about brad and angie. angelina. >> start checking your mail. brad bit and angelina made big news when they announced their engagement 7 years and 6 kids later. ever since people have been dying to know all of the details. we have those for you. it will be a small intimate affair at the end of september. according to the sun newspaper, you can start calling brad groom zilla to his list of credits. it is brad not angie pouring over every detail of the wedding. >> that doesn't surprise me. the rumor mill is he has been the one that has been wanting to get married all along. >> he is very detail oriented. finally the last story that you are talking about is true blood. >> true blood. every summer hbo turns up the
2:41 am
heat with the hit show true blood. i sat down with one of the stars who plays bad boy jason secchia and he gave us an inside look at the show. >> i try to put all of the drama on my life on screen and my life outside is completely drama free. >> the work is the same is it the money? >> it's not the fame or the money. the challenge of forever -- the great thing about being an actor i feel like there's no real need for therapy or anything like that because you can get all of your demons out on screen whatever you are feeling that day pour it into the character. >> you can watch true blood every sunday night sunday night at 9:00 on hbo. >> he actually looks a little bit like a younger brad pitt? >> a little bit, right? >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> that is it for this week in "the fox light."
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>> one man just want add new high definition television. to perhaps watch true blood or fox news. he ordered it on-line. the when the package came he got a high powered assault rifle instead. what advantage natural birth could give certain children in school. another look at today's forecast.
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oo >> good morning. it is quarter to the hour. let's span the globe and see what stories are making headlines overseas today. we begin with the philippines
2:46 am
they are dealing with monsoons over there. many refusing to leave. ernesto is knocking down trees an leaving several homes flooded across the yucatan peninsula. packing winds of 70 miles per hour. it is expected to be upgraded ones again and moved to hurricane status as it gets closer to mexico's western mainland. >> finally to peru where a daredevil went to new highs. check out this incredible dump. is he cedric dumont is his name. he plunged 2500 feet down a water fall. image that. it is the 5th heist water fall in the world. >> the testimony continues today in the drew peterson trial. the former illinois police chef accused of murdering his third wife kathleen saf vio.
2:47 am
they heard the most controversial testimony yet as savio's close friend took the stand. >> before kristen anderson could start telling her story she broke down on the stand and cried excusing her and the jury. after composing herself she told her kathleen savio drew dressed in a swat uniform held a knife to her throat and said i can kill you and make it look like an accident. she showed her a knife she kept between her mattress for protection. after savio died she tried three times to tell state police but they ignored the information. during cross examination joe will he pez accus lopez exchang her story. after suggesting she did not do enough to tell authorities lopez asked anderson if she felt guilty when savio died.
2:48 am
the crowd gasped. >> i have to do what i can. this is a murder case. >> anderson's statements were only allowed after vigorous statements by prosecutors who convinced the judge to allow her testimony. >> he made the right ruling, the correct ruling. this is a real crossroads in the trial. >> for kathleen savio and missing wife stacy anderson's testimony was critical. >> second person to say i will kill you and make it look like an accident. >> no matter what punch the defense pulls on this woman they couldn't get her. she didn't waiver. you could tell she was honest. >> craig wall in chicago. >> it is now 10 pins before t the -- 10 minutes before the hour. all he wanted was a high definition tv instead he got a high powered rifle. the on-line mix-up that went
2:49 am
wrong this morning. >> a new study says lying is actually bad for your health. with that knowledge we wanted to know if you think it's still okay to lie sometimes. we will have your e-mails up next. >> let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends". >> good morning both of you. question of the day. i can tell you what is coming up on fox and friends. rudy giuliani will be here live. we will talk about his vp pick. mitt romney who he ran against himself. michelle malkin weighing in on the white house denials knowing about the attack ad everybody is talking about. and the president scrambling to hold up to the female vote. we will examine tw with two people with juan williams and andrea santaro. they promise not to agree. coming up on "fox & friends".
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>> a man in washington, d.c. orders a high definition television from amazon. instead he gets a high powered assault rifle. he called the police when the box showed up. turns out the rifle was supposed to go to a gun shop in pennsylvania. new research suggests babies born naturally may have higher iq's than those delivered by c section. according to scientists at yale when women give birth naturally there are higher levels of a special protein in baby's brain. the protein set to boost short and long-term memory. >> interesting. i hadn't heard that before. >> more than 60 percent of employers are now expecting an increase in healthcare costs due
2:54 am
to the president's new healthcare law. some say they plan to not carry coverage at all. fox business network diane mess is heed doe has the story. it depends on the business but the new survey found this is from the consulting firm mercer. they found 60 percent of employers expect to see a cost hike in the health plan in the affordable care ability. 20 percent expect an increase of 5 percent or more. one of the most significant changes is that employers will be require to do extend coverage for all employers working 30 hours a week. that enmeans retailers and healthcare are racing for the biggest hit since they usually employ a lot of part-time workers. 9 percent of hospitality employers say they will stop providing benefits all together after the government run-ins changes. that is over 6 percent overall. a quarter of the businesses surveyed say they will have to
2:55 am
make changes to their coverage to avoid penalties. tracy watts healthcare reform leader says quote extending coverage will be a significant new expense for the employers especially since other provisions of the law regulates how much an employer can require employees to contribute to the cost and how good the coverage must be. businesses seem to be doing their best. they get ahead of the issue survey noted only 11 percent plan to wait until after the november election to prepare for the law's implementation heather. it is today's brew on this. we are talking about telling lies. there is new research out that says it could be bad for your health. the study coming out of the university of notre dame. >> we wanted to know if you thought honesty is the best policy or do you think it's still okay to lie sometimes? here are some of your responses. carter fweet tweeted us saying never lie but sometime as white lie makes it easier.
2:56 am
>> 177 tweeted us saying it's okay to lie if your wife asks if you have been listening to her. >> nicky says i would rather face the consequences of the truth than the rep cushion of a l -- repercussions of a lie. >> it is 5 minutes before the hour. >> coming up an all animal addition of the good, the bad and the ugly. can you guess which one is what? >> while you are at it b-- tryig to figure out the word of the day. stick around for the answer. here it is right there. >> a short one. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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>> one minute before the hour as we look at the good, the bad and uga boy and his dog helping reach the hard to reach places. >> and i bar wandering in a hotel. the bear sniffed around the bb


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