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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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that all nominations are off the table and there is a big sur plis price. >> oh, sure. listen we've been on this block before. and surprise gets you something. but boy saturday morning is a surprise in and of its self, number one. two, every indication was what we're going to have this later in the week or its a later than that. so this is mobile saigs and it could go another way. just reading what mitt romney said in that interview on nbc on the short, short list. i suppose he could fit what he said. but... this was kind of reading in to what portrayed as a vp saying about him. >> bret baier thank you very much.
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and if you're just joining us breaking news fox news confirmed that mitt romney will be making his vice presidential pick known tomorrow morning we now confirmed that for 8:45 a.m. mitt romney about to begin a 12 city, four state bus tour for swing states, crucial states to his reelection campaign, florida, virginia, north carolina and ohio. talking about the number of kind of a short list, really of vice presidential picks we have other guests joining us now is ed rawlins, our fox news contributor. and ed, are you there? >> i'm here, yes. how are you doing tonight? >> hey, ed. are you surprised at timing of this? >> i think the time is excellent. it's kind of a speculation this week. this tour is very, very important. and to get this choice made
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and anyone of the people including ryan or others as mentioned are significant people. i think it gives you a real boost here as you sort of go into the next two weeks it will be an extension. my sense is that it's a great day to do it. gives you talk shows all weekend. it gives you next week after olympics to thrive who this person is and what their credentials are. if it's ryan, he can articulate problems as a nation. and he's young and dynamic, and he'll make conservatives very happen reand members of congress, republican members of congress who are a majority in a important role, they'll be happy. >> we talked about the boost. the bump just minutes earlier. phone shallly double digit bump. talking about a vice president pick less than three weeks before republicans get to tampa before rnc. >> i'm not sure akind of boost
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you get anymore. polls are close and even. certainly gives you momentum skb gets this out of the way. and this is aren't very many undecided voters if you've got a bump and romney goes ahead this week this is all the better. i think whoever he chooses here of this list are well qualified and will be a great addition. >> right. looking at some of the campaigning senator marco rubio and mitt romney working the crowd and they seemed to work well together. it's an interesting short list. when you look and see them on stage together how they interact. >> the typical thing is the comfort level romney has with them and that veting process
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has been intense. all of these people have been looked at hard. i think importantly everyone of them won't be -- none named are, will be a shock. there will be certain people more supportive of others but they're all very worthy candidates. and would they be good some f.something happens to romney? >> are you hearing anything? are you getting phone calls or e mails or anything from anyone within the campaign that might give you a hint where this is go something. >> no. they have been keeping this very, very closed mouth. i think it's important important to do that. i think your sources are as good as any i might v there is a lot of peck laigs going on now. right, of course, nine hours before this huge announcement
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and kind of layout next two weeks and three days. how do you see this playing out? >> this is a very important decision. it will bring great enthusiasm from conservative tea party element. as i said, certainly house members would be enthused bit. he's one of their leaders and young and dynamic and knows a budget well. and i think it changes dynamic. this is a different, you know romney talked about making this a policy debate and negative and there is nobody better than ryan. he's like a young kent, i was jack kent's chairmanman in 19 199 -- 198. and this is a my sense is that
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you'll find the base of the party enthused. >> right. ed i was talking with bret baier and we're talking about maybe a surprise here, do you see surprises tomorrow morn something. >> it could happen. i have been around this game 40 years i remember when people went to bed in 1968, and thought richard nixon was picking bob dole. he came out and there is ronald reagan looking at that camp. wasn't interested in george bush three days later, george bush is the nominee. there are all changes and i think key thing is that any one of these will have great support. >> right. we're talking tonight about
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paul ryan going on the family vacation. carl says it's something normally happens, always happens this time of the year, do you see, do you read anything into that? >> no. absolutely not. and that is -- jet airlines wherever he goes. you'll get him back quick. >> always a way to get in touch. >> and a good thing if it is ryan. he doesn't need any training. he knows his area better than anyone and probably anyone else in the party. going to have to defend his budget. it's a very complicated budget born with it moving in the right direction. who better than the architect of it. >> exactly. mitt romney begins a bus tour tomorrow, ed, certainly through florida, virginia, ohio. do you think rob portman will be joining us in ohio, marco rubio in florida. how do you see this? let's talk about tomorrow.
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how see see candidates on stage? >> i think everyone obviously will be enthused about this and this will give a new energy and has people concerned we're not out fighting hard and making a case hard enough. i think at this point you know fit is ryan it gives you a great degrernd of fiscal policy. and if it's any others they have strengths. there is i think they come together and i think that he will be very enthusiastic about this. it won't be -- people were inthus yaftic last time it's kind of a shock and people didn't know her and players now are well known. it would be great enthusiasm
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in the party. the bottom line the moment your name, country knows you two days later. >> you're talking about rob portman held two candidate votes. >> we don't win florida or ohio. there is nothing more important. he states romney is going next couple days everyone of them is critical. and there is florida with 29 votes. >> stay with us just a moment. i think we have other folks joining us on the phone. we have the chief political correspondent. >> what is your take on what we think we hear tomorrow? >> well this is interesting that he's got a sense romney needed to make this decision
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soon that what had begun as a secret deliberate to unrushed decision making has turned into this matter of urgent speculation with all people feeling the "wall street journal" page there are people urging to make a pick or another. and romney needed to keep control and make a decision. >> and this is such an anticipate add announcement and such a buzz, maybe he stretch it closer, what do you think? >> i think speculation had gotten so intense. it's difficult to imagine another couple weeks of this. week or two of this. so... this seemed to me we've gotten news earlier on friday that something won't happen until it had done swing state bus tours his florida, ohio and his virginia, north
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carolina tours. and this looks like he's skid decided to kick it off with the big announcement. >> right. does this just continue to grow? does it escalate? or does this maybe kind of trail off just a little bit now? it's going to be made tomorrow? >> idea is that this gives romney time to settle his choice. we don't know what the choice is now. and some choices would, as far as the republican base is concerned some choices would require more than others and there is a rob portman choice would probably require more salesmanship. >> right. if you, i talked to carl about this and bret baier about it. any surprises you might see
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out there? >> i have not thought we'd see a surprise from romney that. is not the way he operates. i thought he could take the out of the box surprise ideas and throw them out. mitt romney doesn't operate that way. and there is romney there has been bad polls for him lately, fox news poll shows it behind, romney does not feel that this campaign is in trouble and he needs to save it with a sort of a touchdown pass for the vice presidential pick soy think he's probably going to pick the guy oor woman that he has been looking at for a good while now. >> right. and we talked to you, there is some of the possible vice presidential nominees. and we haven't spoken much about condoleezza richls do you see do you see that work something.
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>> there is a kind of the extended group there and there are media reports to that affect dinot believe he was seriously considering her. we don't have any information she was veted in the deep way that such candidates are and she's said that she has no intention of doing it. so i don't think we're looking at condoleezza rice. when her nameas surfaced, there was a enthusiastic reception in parts of the party. >> right. exactly. >> we haven't spoken about bobby jindal either, as well. >> there is jindal open the list for a while. he's not seemed to be on the list of finalists. and he is he's by popular for
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the party and unlike some of the other choices he's been in office for a while. highways not made it to the very finalist stage. >> right. chris christie has said time and time again he's not interested. have you seen that as a possibility? >> christie had to just sort of bend over back qardz to convince he wasn't running for president. and he's been conrinsing he's not interested in vice president as bell he was considered by romney people again. we don't have evidence he was in that final group. >> if you're reading your tea leaves we've talked about paul ryan one of the favorites here, do you see that as a favorite? >> there is speculation about that. there has been movement of airlines people were tracking
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today. the fact romney is scheduled to speak in norfolk. there have been people looking for sea leaves on that. there have been a number of people thought it's going to be rob portman. we just don't know. and stay with us there. let's talk about this. i want to rye mind people we're talking about mitt romney's choice, his running mate choice, expecting that announcement now at 8:45 a.m. tomorrow morning. hear we are from that and we're talking about the short list and possible candidates here, with you talked about most of them. all indications or favorite seems to be, we remind everyone we do not know and will find out in the morning.
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paul ryan, young gentleman, 42 years old. and is very energetic and brings a lot of vigor to this campaign. >> they started campaigning together, when ryan has been making apeer yenss for romney. the two seem to get along well, romney has embraced this plan but a number of republicans felt it would be a risky move for mitt romney because picking ryan would elevate the ryan budget plan to the center piece of the romney agenda. and if you listen tolt way romney has campaigned, most of the time in this campaign, he's not, he's talked about job creation over and over.
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but he's not talked about entitlement reform nearly as much. and clearly if the pick is paul ryan that issue bringing spending under control is going to take a much bigger role than the romney campaign. >> right. let's go with that thought just a moment. if paul ryan is the choice how does that change the tone of the debate? >> we knew dhems were going to attack mitt ryan -- mitt romney for wanting to, you know, slash medicare and cut spending. and paul ryan will be a target for that. there is no doubt about it. he's popular with republicans. for the fact that he has just come up with a plan to try to bring spending under control. and part by reshaping medicare and he's unpopular with democrats for the same thing. i think that we're going to if
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ryan is the choice we'd see llt of attacks and calling it ryan rubio -- yin romney plan. >> right. of course, a lot of focus will be on taxes and collapsing tax bracket. >> yes. and romney has come out and come to within favor after cross the board tax cuts, ryan, picking ryan would elevate the whole ryan plan to the focus of the romney campaign. it hasn't been the focus of mitt romney campaigning through now. i do think a ryan choice would change the direction of the romney campaign. >> and people have asked me, and i'll ask you, choice of the vice presidential running mate. for the candidate. and does that influence senate
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races? >> biggest thing would be influencing the presidential race. and this is no doubt about that. too this day, mitt romney does into the have the best relationship with the conservative base of the. republican party. his choice would help excite those rinz. that would be a good thing for the romney campaign. just look at how a number of conservative voices, people like rush limbaugh were critical when a romney spokeswoman mentioned romney care, massachusetts universal health care the government instituted, mentioned that the other day in a positive way. and a lot of conservatives just were very critical of
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that indicating that romney still has this kind of careful arms length relationship with the conservative base of the republican party. a vice presidential choice clearly popular with that conservative base would probably help romney. >> and thank you very much for your expertise tonight. appreciate you joining us on the phone. talking to a number of people tonight about this announcement from mitt romney. running mate choice, there has been a buzz growing sometime. people thinking this might stretch out maybe another week. we're finding out he will be making that announcement 8:45 a.m. eastern time. now being joined by managing editor of "the hill". bob, are you there? >> i'm here. >> you're chuckling. >> yes. >> go ahead. >> yes. i just think this is speculation about ryan is
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fascinating and i think if ryan were the pick this would suggest that the attack victory would be through the mid west not through the southwest. and so that would be significant. remember, he had the big election campaign with scott walker in wisconsin. this would be a major play for wisconsin. a swing state but a democratic-leaning state. this would be a bold and risky pick. both the right and left wanted ryan. it's interesting there. >> so you say risky and changing electoral map. >> yes. i think this would be a major play, also for ohio, and republican history shows you have to win ohio and you know, ryan is a unique member of congress. this would be the first house member to be selected as a
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vice president candidate since geraldine ferraro. he's been in congress seven terms, he's experienced a policy launch. he knows policy initside and out, has gone toe to toe with the president obama publicly and privately. this is a major play for the base. something would april ease the republican base that has had concerns about mitt romney. >> right let's stick with the electoral map conversations just a moment. how does this affect ohio? is this so crucial, how does it change the map there? >> i think the campaign because if you look at other swing states in the southwest, it had -- polls show obama is has a huge lead in the southwest. this would be a major play for
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wisconsin and ohio. and iowa. the heartland. i think you'd see time spent from romney and potentially ryan in that part of the country. and that would be the focus. it would be less of a feekus on states like new mexico and nevada because remember if he picks ryan he's not picking marco rubio. a pick that would probably play very well with hispanics. the ryan pick has its benefits but doesn't bring much on hispanic vote but it probably brings some of the states like wisconsin and other neighboring states in the mid west more into play for the romney column. >> right. you mentioned senator rubio, florida in that must win category. there is a a lit bit about
9:24 pm
them working together. >> they have. and i think this tour with announcement tomorrow, this bus tour, there has been a lot of speculation with picks coming after the bus tour or olympics? well, it's going to become during olympics. think it's boing to be a show of unity. there are contenders on the trail supporting whoever he picks and if it's romney, if it's ryan, well, everyone going to get behind ryan and there is go tok a big rally. in these swing states romney is right there but is losing in a lot of the battle ground states. he needs to move this needle and to have a better august than july. he had a rough overseas trip and he needs to do better and this is in order to set up
9:25 pm
victory. >> all of these running mates have been out campaigning for mitt romney not necessarily with them. and there is interesting to see. marco rubio had a public campaign, many have said that the campaign for the vice president job and rein has been understated and has not done a lot of interviews and there is also a decent amount of media interviews. ryan has been lee below radar and really a lot of people haven't been talking about him in recent weeks until the last couple of days. and i think that fact he's announcing this on uss wisconsin, tomorrow, i think it would be a lot of people who want ryan would be very disappointed that if he made
9:26 pm
this announcement on a uss wisconsin that is ryan's home state. he didn't pick ryan that would be kind of not received well by some in the base. >> right. i think bret baier brought that up just minutes ago. >> and there are a number of people about this as well. potential surprises, carl cameron talked about anything might come out of left field? maybe something we didn't think about? >> one of the things is that it's being done in virginia. in the state of virginia and the governor has been a top tier candidate and romney has to win virginia in order to become president there are states romney must win that, includes virginia, that includes florida, i think incollides ohio. and there is rumors fly.
9:27 pm
with president obama there are reports that he was about to pick senator bih and he picked joe biden. >> and there is certainly we'll be finding out eight hours from now. mitt romney will be making a choice public tomorrow morning, saturday morning at 8:what a.m. eastern time. carl cameron getting that news into thus evening and on the phone with us and is now heading from boston to florida. and there iseñuñ7[ many people thinking it could be paul ryan. there are candidates we've been talking about for weeks. and very huge announcement,
9:28 pm
anticipated and right now we have our fox news contributor. are you there? and okay, i'm not, if we had him, we lost you there. for just a moment. we just joining us now, breaking news. from fox news and there is mitt romney soon to be republican presidential fom knee will be nominated officially in about two weeks in tampa and making his vice presidential pick known tomorrow morning at 8:45 a.m. eastern time z i think now we're joined by steve hays on the phone and steve, are you there? what are you hear something. >> we've reported earlier tonight that there were
9:29 pm
indications paul yin was going to bel81 romney's pick and among them, republicans had been told to prepare a case for paul ryan as a pick for esñ and. >> let's talk about preparing the case. >> this is the way described to me they were given talking points if paul ryan is chosen as mitt romney's vice president. i think the operative phrase there is if. we kaug called around and checked to find out if other candidates had been given the y.ab
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>> understand what's he can do to energize a crowd. probably the best communicator in the republican party. now, doi not believe that marco rubio is going to be the running mate this time. he's gotten a phone call from mitt romney indicating it won't be marco rubio. so i think marco would be able to cross him off the list for those mitt romney might have been considering. >> you're the first person i've heard say that tonight. let's reiterate that to make sure our viewers get that. >> marco rubio has been told he will not be the vice president's pick. mitt romney made a number of phone calls this tong people that will not be the vice presidential pick or the running mate and marco rub yes was mng that small group. he's the only one i can confirm independently received a call from mitt romney saying he was not going to be the
9:33 pm
pick. >> getting into the electoral map. florida is a must win state. we talk about ohio a must win state with senator rob portman. how do you see that playing out?ñ >> well, it's interesting question. one of the real things i think we're likely to see is whether paul ryan popularity in wisconsin ability to cross party lines and win over voters beyond just those in the republican base will be house that translates across the upper mid west. most people agree battlesf]jaá
9:34 pm
>> will that help in ohio and places like iowa? and if iowa is as competitive as it looks like it might be. how is that playing? some of the other swing states in the upper mid west mitt romney needs to win. >> right. how does this change? let's go with mitt romney paul ryan ticket and talk about that. we have to reiterate this is a big if. the key word is that we don't know what the announcement is going to be. how does that change the debate if that is the announcement in the morn something. >> well, we don't. and certainly all indications that it's paul ryan. and that it's going to be announced in the morning from norfolk. in some ways this makes it a big debate about the big
9:35 pm
issues that the country faces. and debate about future and division of the future of the united states. and this is something paul ryan has been saying sometime now. he's just talking about if he could have this debate, to present a competing vision to the one that has been presented by the president and to offer voters a real contrast and mitt romney has in ways embrace that had vision. he made a case for it and wrote an artel in the "weekly standard" went back to an article or interview mitt romney gave on march 22 in which mitt romney laid out in fairly clear terms this choice that the country will take, the united states needs to have this choice and needs to understand predicament we're in and needs to have debate to
9:36 pm
allow people to understand different visions of the future of the country. >> yes. and you're breaking up but i want to continue this conversation. talking with steve hays here on the phone. paul ryan if he is the choice there will be a vice presidential debate. and let's toy with aidea a little bit. paul ryan and joe biden debating on the stage. he doesn't appear to back down. >> i think one of the things that i could recommend paul ryan one of the reasons mitt romney looked at paul ryan favorably is because paul ryan is able to defend himself and his ideas and not only defend ideas but make a positive case on behalf of the conservative view of the united states. and when you look at the confrontation paul ryan had with president obama at the health care summit held at the
9:37 pm
blair house at the white house where paul ryan challenge the president obama on his description of the way obama care would unfold. paul ryan did quite well in that exchange. there was a similar exchange up in baltimore house republicans decided president obama to their retreat, paul ryan challenged the president on spending and on his spending and on automatic spending and the president said, well, you know, mr. ryan these are automatic spending increase that's would have taken place regardless if he was president and paul ryan challenged the president saying no, actually that is not the case. and then, president obama seems to back down or didn't want to engage him on that very specific in the weeds discussion. >> right. before i let you go anything we haven't gone over here that
9:38 pm
our viewers would need to know before this announcement in the morning? >> one of the things i wrote a long piece about paul ryan in a way he's approached these issues he did not always have the republican party at his back but the time his party was fighting him on these ish grews and ryan who is not a particular political person, thinking about ups and downs of politics or spends a lot of time on the phone with his pollsman this someone spending time sort of knee deep in policy papers and think thanks--tanks around washington, d.c. for readings economic poems from austrian economists someone focused on policy ask ideas than he is on sort of up and down politics. of the day as many people in washington are. and you know one of the things that this is likely to be is that it is paul ryan is that
9:39 pm
we'll have a debate for the next three months focused on big issues and competing and contrasting visions and you'll have both sides making the case that and their side is the right vision for the country. and it was always going to be the case with democrats wanted to focus end of the election on the ryan budget and the fact that 97% of the congressional republicans had voted for one form or another of the ryan budget of paul ryan's plan. now, mitt romney is going to have at his side a person who is most able to defend ideas of the ryan budget and can make a indication for reforms that are needed to turn the country around and to get us off of the increasing deficits and ever-extending debt we've been facing over several years. >> steven hays thank you for joining us. and benefiting from your expert ease. we now countdown just hours
9:40 pm
before mitt romney makes highly anticipate add announcement of his vice presidential running mate. here we are more than two weeks before the republican national convention in tampa. mitt romney beginning a bus tour tomorrow going through four key swing states and 12 cities and now there is ed rawlins. ed, are you back with us?. >> i am. how are you? >> good. ed, what are you hearing? >> i think pretty much same thing. speck raigs is getting more intense that it is ryan and certainly steve laid out accurately strengths of his touchdown. democrats are going to lick their lips. they think they can make serious in road among senior voters and what have you.
9:41 pm
critical thing is that the romney plan now is the ryan plan and he's got to run with it all the way. it's been complicated plan. something i think most republicans think is a road map. and it's not, euphoria on our side is going to be significant. on the other side going to be every bit as significant. i think steve laid out. it's almost like jack kemp who has the tax cuts, raig than picked up and made back ground of the economic policy. inform 1980 and early administration. and it's, i don't buy the vice president can go win states for you. only personal in my life i've been doing this 45 years is lyndon johnson who won texas
9:42 pm
for jack ken yesterdayy. i don't think because have you ryan you're going to win ohio and other places. you can do better in wisconsin but i think still we have to win florida and north carolina and virginia. and have to win -- if we don't let's deent even play a game here. >> we're going to be going back to ojaiy factor in progress, we'll carry this announcement in the morning at 8:45 a.m. people like options.
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former national campaign director and ed, we're speaking earlier about steven haze said that he said, i think marco rubios is off the list at this point? >> i heard him say that. and i don't know whether that is -- i'm sure he has great sources and he's a great journalist. i'm sure that is an accurate assessment. you know, i have said over and over again on fox and other elements i thought rubio had been a great choice. i think ryan is a good choice, too. reality is that he is not a politician. he's a policy walk. i think one of the voids in this romney campaign to date though he had a 50 vote point economic plan, no one
9:48 pm
understood it or paid marketwatch tension to it when he put it out. now there is this one and they, ryan knows it and knows it well. and romney better know it. but the point i'm making before break sthai did a she today with bob beckel. the host of "the five" one of the great democrat strategists and he said to me you could never put this guy on. he said we'll kill him. he said well, you know you never know. so we have to understand that. think he's skmart can fill a lot of voids in this are many knee environment. you have to understand they're going come back at us. have to be prepared for that. >> "wall street journal" thinks ryan is the choice.
9:49 pm
>> and you know they have promoted him and admire him as weekly standard and other elements of our party. that is important. he's one of the big thinkers of our party. what he did when laying out the budget the obama budget has been dead on arrival budget has been passed by the congress and will be a great enthusiasm. that is the base if romney gets elected it's going to have to be with republican support in the house and no one better than ryan to do that element. and there is a campaign trail will be interesting trail. >> we've got just a little bit of time before next break. i want to bring in our digital politics editor hope you're able to join us, are you there? >> i'm here.
9:50 pm
>> what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing that republicans are pretty pleased. paul ryan is not a household name. and reaction is very positive. >> right. we've been putting up a number of short list candidates we've heard from steve hays saying marco rubio is off the list and got a phone call. >> i mean i heard ed say you know you know, he's a reporter you listen to. you know all of the signs pointing to ryan. and every indication that could be a guess, gou to uss wisconsin and they're leaning hard on it, anyway. >> it would be a surprise to go to uss wisconsin not making
9:51 pm
this your choice. chris we have 30 seconds before going to break. you mentioned quickly, do you see surprises? >> i mean if this was ryan is that that is a surprise and there is -- chris, i don't want to interrupt you. stay with us. we'll have more coming up. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar
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following breaking news from new york from the campaign trail. glad you can stay with us. fox news is confirming mitt romney will be making his announcement for his running mate at 8:45 a.m. eastern time, about eight hours from that announcement. and we've been talking to b.the short list and we're speaking just before the break with our digital monitor, we're talking about maybe a power choice, and might change the map taking this race throughout the mid west. >> it appears to know that 2010 election what republicans
9:56 pm
are trying to do is get back to the model. if you look at where democrats had hardest time, it's i 70 corridor out and north. through pennsylvania and ohio. and this year, michigan. paul yin speaks to those voters if he were the pick. and other thing i think shouldn't forget about the residents of the wisconsin recall election was a big moment. and you know, being out there on the grounds there is some electricity and there is ryan allowed to bring in scott walker affiliate that sort of reformed movement. >> exactly. good point brought n this announcement being made in virginia from uss wisconsin there is another indicator of paul ryan and there is you
9:57 pm
know, a use of florida -- virginia now this is no state more important for mitt romney, must, must have virginia and there is bob mcdonald certainly i a plausible pick for romney. and certainly we're looking as we talk to you, right now we're looking at some of the pictures of the vice presidential nominees. let's just take them one by one. >> there is just a challenge for mitt romney going into the home stretch is that he doesn't vote any foreign policy experience. and a lot of republicans would like to see hem bring smn out. >> right. rob portman of ohio.
9:58 pm
and there is senator the of ohio also a good choice. >> and there is ohio the winner of every presidential election since 1960. other thing is that it's steady. and the bush administration he is considered the safest pick. and right. we talk about safety. rob portman, safe pick. and do you see it like that? >> well, you know look there is a lot of democrat say they're just licking their chops on paul ryan's budget but they were going to do that regardless.
9:59 pm
and the risk in ryan is this. is that he is a member of congress and a relatively little-known person, known inside political junkies he's wem known but someone going to have to be introduced to the whole country. and that -- that is a different kind of thing. and this is a real profile for his self. >> romney praised his budget describing this as marvelous. >> yes. that is the point is that no matter what he does, whether tomorrow morning at 8:45, it's, if he picks ryan or doesn't it doesn't matter he's going to have to own paul ryan's budget plan. if you're going to to it it uld be better to sell it just before the break i know weid


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