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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 11, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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lieutenant governor bill bolling, a great friend and i hope the next governor of this great state of virginia and one more person, george allen is around here some where. what a great leader. where is george? there he is right there standing above the crowd. governor, next senator george allen. you know today was a big day for me. sure was a big day for paul and for his family and i think it is a big day for america. we took a step forward in restoring the promise of america because i he have selected a person who is a leader as we look for people to help guide our country as i look for people to work with me if i get that chance i want someone who is a leader and leadership begins with character. character and vision. [ applause ] >> this is a man whose character was formed early. he was in high school when his dad suddenly passed away.
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and he matured quickly this a setting like that with a family that surrounded him and helped him and a community that helped him regain his footing. he began with interest in public service not because of personal ambition but because of his passion and faith for america and a belief that america needed individuals who would put the country first, who would put the issues of america ahead of the issues of their personal concerns. and so he went to washington. and tore 14 years he has been battling in washington as a leader and has found some extraordinary capacity there which is one to be an intellectual leader in our party. he is one of those that really understands how government works and how it can be tamed and we can restore to the people of america the rights and powers of our people. how states are the places where new ideas are developed and tested and grown. he understands the constitution and has done something that very few people in washington learn how to do. he made friends on both sides of the aisle.
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he has garnered respect from republicans and democrats. and when the big issues that come up like how do we save medicare instead of doing what the president did which is cutting it by $700 billion, that is what president obama did. he said this man -- this -- look at him, this man said yeah, we'll get back. this man said i'm going to find democrats to work with. found a democrat to colead a piece of legislation to make sure we can save medicare. republicans and democrats coming together. he is the man who has great ideas and the capacity to lead to find people across the aisle to work together to make things change for the american people. i have to tell you i'm happy today. i hope you are happy. i'm happy today. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know -- i know that the democrats are working very hard
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today. they are pulling out all of their books and looking at every vote and they are interviewing everybody in his neighborhood. they are not going to find anything but you they are doing all that work. they are getting ready because their campaign has been all about bringing america's perspective on this race as low as they possibly can make it. this is a man who appeals to the better -- the better angels of the america person. asks us to lift ourselves. we will talk about issues and a vision for america and not drag down in the dirt like you are seeing in the obama campaign. [ cheers and applause ] you see, we love america! we love america! we are not ifing to besmirch
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the office of the the president did i by succumbing to the attacks coming from the democrats. we will talk about what has to be done to restore the greatness of america and that includes faith in our institutions. to restore trust in them and this man and i are not going to in any way, in any day lose your trust. we will honor with dignity and courage the responsibility you give us as the leaders of your party. [ cheers and applause ] now, this is -- the reason he is here, the reason he is here and the reason i'm here is that we recognize this is a critical time for america and you know that. when you have 23 million americans in the richest nation on earth, 23 million americans out of work, or stopped looking for work, you know something is going on, something critical. when you have more people on welfare excuse me, on food stamps than any time in history you know there is something
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unusual and critical going on. when one out of six americans have fallen into poverty, you know there is something serious going on. when our national debt under this president, the debt held by the public is -- he has added almost as much debt as all of the prior presidents combined, over a trillion dollars a year. you know something is seriously wrong. so we step forward not out of partisan passion but instead out of love of america to say we want to do what is necessary to get america back again. to get more jobs for people in the middle class and more take-home pay! [ cheers and applause ] there are five things -- there are five things we know we have to do. this country is going to come running back. we are not like japan that went through the long ten year period of decline. some people are afraid that is what we are facing. they are wrong. well, they are right if they
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reelect barack obama but if they elect -- if they elect paul ryan and me, we will do five things that will bring back america's economy. you will see a resurgence in jobs. resurgence in our competitiveness and we will finally get america back on track to a balanced budget. five things. one take advantage of our energy, coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, renewables. number two, we are going to make sure that every american has the skills they need to succeed. is those that are old oar, training programs that give them the skills for the jobs of today. and number two we will make sure our kids have schools that prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and we will do that by put are our kids and their parents and teachers first and the teacher's union behind. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> we are going to have trade. that is my number three. trade that works for america. good to trade with other nations but when people like china cheat we will hold them accountable. number four we will do something that has only been spoken about but must be done if america is going to be strong in the future and that is we are going to cut the deficit and finally get us to a balanced budget. [ cheers and applause ] and number five, we are going to champion small business. we are going to -- [ cheers and applause ] >> if we want more jobs and more take-home pay we got to
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make it easier for small businesses to grow and thrive. keep their taxes down and keep the regulator from smothering them. keep healthcare costs affordable and one way we can do that is by repealing and replacing obama care. [ cheers and applause ] you you know, governor mcdonald began by quoting something that the president said here in virginia. when i heard that quote i couldn't believe it. when said if you have a business you didn't build it, someone else did that, and he is talking about government and he went -- and then he said you have taken me out of context. i looked at the context. the context is worse than the quote, all right. he says you know you are
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successful because you think you are smart but there are a lot of people that are smart. and you think it is because you work hard and a lot of people work hard. where is he going with that. in america, we celebrate people who are are smart and try to make themselves smarter and people who work hard and use their hard work to try and create a better are future for themselves and their kids and grand kids. this is a nation built on people reaching for achievement and excellence. striving. that is the nature of america. [ cheers and applause ] >> when a -- when a little one, well, not the that little. when a high schooler makes the honor roll i mean i realize that they only got the honor roll by being taken to school in a school bus. but i don't give the school bus driver credit for the honor roll. i give it to the kid who earned it him isself or herself!
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himself or herself. [ cheers and applause ] >> it is the same for someone who gets a promotion at work who works hard, who goes to let's say community college, gets additional skills and is able to get a promotion. i give that person the credit for doing so. and if you are so lucky as to have taken a risk and started a business and employ people, congratulations. we want more people reaching, lifting, trying to be better. that is what america does. you see, just as paul said, just as paul said, when the founders drafted that declaration of independence and i happen to believe they were both brilliant and i inspired, they said it was not government that gave us our rights it was our creator that gave us our rights.
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and among those rights were life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. in this nation we are free to pursue happiness as we choose. we do not look to government to tell us how to do it. we do not give credit to government for what we achieve. we look at our hearts, our family, our friends our associates, we look at excellence in every individual. i love this country the principles on which it was founded. i'm watching a president who is trying to change america. that was his slogan, change. i'm not sure we had exactly in mind what we were thinking. he is changing us n into something we might not recognize. i don't want to become europe. he want to hope of the earth by staying america! [ cheers and applause ] i want to keep america the hope of the earth by staying america! usa! usa! usa earthquak!
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>> and so -- and so this man and i are going to work tirelessly between now and november 6 and hopefully for 8 years thereafter to do everything -- [ cheers and applause ] >> to do everything in our power to get america on the right track again. to h help people find more jobs with more take-home pay. to get our schools better. to get us on track to be energy independent in north america. not have to buy oil from venezuela or the middle east. we are going to do everything we can to keep america strong. a strong america. strong values. strong families. a strong economy. a strong military. a strong america. [ cheers and applause ] >> a strong america is the best ally peace has ever known. we are going to bring america back and keep us the shining city on the h hill. thank you so much. we are going to win this with your help! thank you so much!
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♪ >> it is the first state of mitt romney's bus tour. a bus tour that now includes his new running mate paul ryan, the is seven term wisconsin congressman who was a surprise announcement this morning simply because everybody believed that mitt romney was going to do the bus tour alone and then make the announcement. virginia is the first stop and then on to north carolina, florida and ohio. and i also understand they will be working in a stop in paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. >> one are the things we learned from our correspondent on the trail with them carl cameron is the schedule keeps ever changing. we heard more specificity from the governor with regard to the economy than we have really outside of his early campaign speeches really laying out a vision different from president obama's for america with his five key ways that he says would get this country not just coming back but running back to prosperity in his words. i do think it is interesting and one of the things i want to
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ask carl on the campaign trail in a few minutes how the entrance of paul ryan will change the narrative and if in fact we are already seeing that with more specific talk about the economy. >> have to wonder if mitt romney's voice is going to last. he sounds a little hoarse. he has a lot of states to go. we'll be back i with more coverage in just a moment. ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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welcome back be to america's news headquarters. we were just mentioning before the break because we saw it live here congressman paul ryan and governor mitt romney as a team now. now, to carl cameron traveling with them in ashland, virginia, at the liberal arts college there. the randolph macon where both have just spoken. i know you have to quick bet on
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the bus. i want to talk narrative. we seem to be ultra focused on one thing, the economy. >> and that is what mitt romney has been talking about for the entire campaign. and the criticism of the entire campaign, left, right and center has been it is too often distracted by petty number calling attacks on mitt romney for bain capital. attacks on barack obama that don't actually provide solutions for mitt romney or at least that is what the criticism has been and that is going to change dramatically. mitt romney is beginning to lose his voice. he has step ised it up today. the energy seems to be they are feeding off of one another. mr. ryan and romney are energizing each other in the process. to the extent that democrats going to attack the selection of paul ryan they are already saying that he is very much like mitt romney in all of the wrong ways. and you can expect democrats to begin increasingly caustic attacks on paul ryan and his
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budget and mitt romney making the case that they are not in favor of the middle class. it will be a tough attack but when it happens mitt romney and paul ryan will respond now as they have on the stump in two events today basically saying it is time to stop the negative attacking and start talking about real solutions facing the real challenges. their hope is that moderate and independent voters and even some fiscally conservative democrats have finally grown fed up with the body politic's refusal to take the bold steps to fix the huge problems. that is what romney and ryan are betting on and that is what republicans now have in their ticket. and frankly there is a lot of signs that -- there are a lot of signs that the democrats on the left have registered that this is a potential problem. interest groups across the country, both sides of the aisle now aligning for the final sprint with the relationship he cognition that with ryan on the romney ticket there will now be an increased boost for serious budgeting, balancing the budget and doing
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away with the debt. a real discussion. a difficult and challenging entitle reform.titlement rehe mr. ryan would dramatically change medicare and work to reform and save social security. these are things that republicans and democrats have been talking about for years and it as always been stuck in gridlock at the final hour. ryan is meant to signal this time at the final hour there won't be any blinking on the right and they will make some real changes and it they pull it off they believe it will be he a mandate for real change in 2013. >> what is really interesting, too, carl is the length of time the two men will get to ramp up before the convention. i mentioned earlier in the programming we have only seen an early pick like this one other time and that was with john edwards back in 2008. quickly, your thoughts. >> well, there was a lot of talk about going early to double up the fund raising ability and paul ryan will have an aggressive fund raising schedule and doubling up the message. in this sort of window of about
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two weeks they are really trying to do two things in addition to pushing it beyond the republican convention to get the two back out on the campaign trail during obama's convention and try to overshadow it. about a bump that they hope will go well past both. >> carl cameron about to get back on the campaign bus. thank you very much for your reporting. stay with us. we'll be right back. choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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and now governor mitt romney shaking up the presidential race with his choice of congressman paul ryan as his running mate. get caught up if you are just watching for the first time, this is breaking. during his seven times in congress, the chairman of the house budget committee earned a reputation for shaking things up in washington. who is paul ryan?
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let's learn more are about him now. chief washington correspondent james is rose ton fil rosen to. >> in a seven term congressman from janesville, wisconsin, just near the illinois border and served as chairman of the house budget committee. representative ryan is the intellectual leader of the gop on spending and budget issues and those issues are in the age of the tea party of overriding concern both to the conservative faithful and to the electorate at large. a prolife catholic and staunch supporter of the military. best known for his budget plans. as designed the ryan budget plan trims $5 trillion from the federal budget over five years. reduces spending. simplifies the tax road from six rates to two and sharply reduces the rates and also purports that it would balance the budget and produce surpluses by 2040. >> we had the largest defici and the biggest federal
11:26 am
government since world war ii. nearly one out of is six americans are in it poverty. the worst rate in a generation. moms and dads are struggling to make ends meet. household incomes have dropped more than $4,000 over the past four years. whatever the explanation, whatever the excuses, this is a record of failure. >> of course, president obama would disagree with that and across a series of events here in washington going back to the healthcare debate, the president and the congressman have left little doubt that each regards the other as offering precisely the wrong prescriptions for america's future. >> you also said you want to take a scalpel to the budget and go through it line by line. why not start freezing spending now. we are all representatives of the american people. hall meetings.u-haul meetings
11:27 am
the american people are engaged and if you think they want a government teakover of healthcare i would respectfully submit you are not listening to them. >> nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> the pollsters will be out there taking the pulse of american voters to see how the selection of congressman ryan rates with them. women voters in particular outnumbered male voters in every presidential election since 1980 onward. >> james rosen. thank you very much. >> thank you. so paul ryan is a self-proclaimed numbers man, regarded by many on capitol hill as a fiscal hawk. how does the newly appointed vice presidential candidate fare when it comes to foreign policy and how will his record hold up with voters? let's talk about it with christian whiten a former state
11:28 am
department senior advisor also with d.c. international advisory. what do we know about his foreign policy thoughts, christian? >> well, jon, one reason this is an unfortunate pick in my opinion is that paul ryan has a thin record on foreign afares which is a key criteria if you are going to be supporting the man who will be commander in chief. he has said relatively little about foreign affairs and when has it generally is brought back to his portfolio as head of the finance committee. he will talk about how it is important for america to thrive economically, to not appear to be in decline in order for us to have an effective foreign policy. and all that is absolutely true but unfortunately what we don't have from either the top or bottom of this ticket is a clear message on how these people will see the world and react to the world events when they get into the white house if they do. >> well, the current and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff have both said that our nation's exploding debt is a huge threat to this country.
11:29 am
if paul ryan is a guy who can bring the national debt in line, help bring the national debt in line doesn't that bode well for foreign policy? >> i think potentially it does. of course, there are other threats that the chief economist/chairman of the joint chiefs didn't address perhaps. china's cyber war and economic war on us. iran poised to get nuclear capability. islamists sweeping across the middle east. real challenges that are out there. and we are not saying paul ryan is necessarily wrong on these but what we do know and this is what you would expect for a chairman of the finance committee is that he is not terribly focused on it. if you take dick cheney's criteria for what makes a good vice president which is someone who can help the president govern, paul ryan unfortunately is not likely to help much with commander in chief role or managing the scrawling bureaucracy. >> it should be mentioned that you woed


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