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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 11, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>>. >> rick: folks news alert. we are minutes away from ra rally where governor mitt romney and brand-new running mate, paul ryan of wisconsin campaign together for the very first time as for the race for the white house enters a brand-new phase. i'm rick foul balm. >> heather: i'm heather childers. governor romney shaking up the political world with the addition of paul ryan. they are not wasting any time going after president obama. listen to this.
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>> president obama with his party firmly in control first two years had everything pass in the law that he wanted. now, we're living under those policies. now, we're witnessing a nation in debt, further in doubt, deeper into despair. now, we're seeing a country where after the recession so-called recovery is the worst we've seen in 70 years. unemployment above 8% the entire time. >> heather: and now with more on all the big happenings today that have been following the story, carl cameron. >> reporter: we're on our way to menassus for the third and final stop with running mate paul ryan. during the first two outings lots of boisterous enthusiasm as well as from mitt romney that
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has backed a little juice from his presence on the trail. there is no question they will try to specify the day to day attacks. what whether paul ryan, he made it very clear they are going to play what he says is degreesed with business and economy and jobs. and a proven track record as opposed to one with president obama that he says hasn't worked. listen -- >> i've got some good news. i've got some bad news. let me give you the bad news first, okay? president obama is the president of united states and good news november 6th he won't be any longer. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: mitt romney doesn't take it to the president hard
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enough. he isn't tough enough on the democrats. paul ryan's role will certainly be that of the traditional running mate going after the incumbent trying to knock down and take off some of the luster from president obama. at the same time there is no question that romney and ryan will go after the obama administration very hard. they are promising voters that theirs will be a campaign of new ideas, old ideas met to address challenges facing the country and not drag the country into a sort of an audience membership role and serious challenges and serious solutions. the three-day bus trip will include mr. ryan's home state of wisconsin as well. >> heather: campaign carl headed to menassus. stay tuned. thank you, carl.
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>> rick: how will this new ticket impact? former director george w. bush and gentlemen good to see you. matt let me start with you. what do you think? >> i couldn't be more happy about this election. i had the good fortunate to work with paul ryan and he very hard working. he knows what this is all about. he knows what the country faces. i think he lab great partner for future president romney and i think it's very clear as he stops across virginia and reaction that republicans, conservatives and independents are responding positively to some people a fresh face. >> rick: i heard from my colleague that the president had no reaction when he walked in front of reporters on his to
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leave town in washington, d.c. today. didn't have anything to say publicly. but i also read this was the candidate that the white house wanted, the obama campaign wanted paul ryan. why? >> if i'm the obama campaign, i would send a bouquet of flowers to romney campaign of thanks. this is everything they wanted to be the debate in terms of the fundamental difference of division and vision in this country. between the middle-class and upper class, and how you are going to approach entitlement programs. ryan is the embodiment of the difference between republicans and democrats, romney and obama. i don't want to be too ridiculous about it. he is smarted guy. in terms of where this election is going, this is historically bad choice for romney only down out of weakness. look at the recent polls he has been falling behind. they chose someone that is
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clearly a darling of the conservatives to rally the base where you have to win independents and moderates and certain percentage of hispanics. i don't understand the calculation behind this choice. >> rick: matt, what do you think? >> the only one in a weakened position is president obama. his approval rating. his approval has stayed below 50% for over a year. he is in a lower position than the last three presidents. lower than the president i served. he is in a very precarious position. if you look at the enthusiasm, it's on the side of the republicans and conservatives. it's not on the side of the democrats. the fact is what we're hearing from jim mesinna. this attack on paul ryan, good luck we welcome you to the fray because they are scared and frightened. central issue is the budget, is the five trillion dollars that obama has added to our debt.
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over one trillion dollars in cost in obamacare. >> let's make the discussion about the debate and the budget. if you are talking about the debate and budget seriously, and you have paul ryan and notion you are going to solve this debate by cutting taxes on the wealthy, making the overall disproportionate amount of your cut on poorest americans, how is that going to be make it fairer and better, i don't understand. paul ryan is a smart guy. but his math doesn't add up. for a guy that says he is a budgeted expert, this is fundamental vision between these two campaigns. what the republicans have just done is serve that vision up on a platter for the president. there is a reason why. even with the economic problems the country is having, the president right now is ahead in poll after poll after poll. >> rick: i read an article online on the website politico
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that reported an unnamed g.o.p. strategist that is part of this campaign right now, they said the good news they have a vision but the vision is basically just a chart of numbers used to justify policies that are extremely unpopular. i can understand why this person wished to remain anonymous. >> i think what we have is a team that has a plan. the democrats in congress together with president obama has failed to present a budget and failed to present a plan. >> chris: is eight winning plan, that is my question to you? >> the plan from governor romney and paul ryan is going to be a winning plan. we're going to see that in a couple of months here. it's going restrain the growth of government and going to allow people to hold on to their money. >> rick: it's only august and this campaign has gotten so
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ugly. uglier than i can remember in any other election cycle. can we be hopeful at all that now we can have a debate about budgets, about taxes, about entitlements that perhaps this is going to be a campaign of ideas and some of that negative nonsense we've been seeing frankly from both sides will start to fall by the wayside? >> i'm not going to pretend or suggest that the negative attacks are going away. to the point, i think we will see a fundamental big debate about the direction of the country. as an american, i think it's good for the country. what is bad for the country the republican vision. what is bad for the country is vig. when you are talking about restructuring medicaid and budget cuts that are going to hurt students, seniors and middle-class, that is debate we should be having. ryan and decision to select him
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by the romney campaign, i find is stunning because it puts them on the defensive all the way to the earned of the election. >> chris: matt. >> if he was such a bad choice, why did he carry his congressional district for seven terms? >> chris: good debate. thanks for coming on. >> heather: so who exactly is paul ryan? much of america getting to know the wisconsin congressman. voters in virginia getting an introduction as he took the stage for the first time as governor romney's running mate. steve brown living in congressman's hometown of janesville, wisconsin. >> reporter: the congressman's residence is not too far from the primary district office which is behind me in janesville. he was elected to congress when he was just 28 years old. interesting story, he was
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actually attempted to be talked out of it by the man who is now the republican leader in the state senate. he failed. ryan won. ryan's career takes off. how will ryan do and reconfigure the race? here folks haven't quite made up their mind. we talked to folks o at a farmer's market and here is what they had to say. >> i think he is going to really care about people because he always has. >> he works real locally here in janesville. he helped a lot of my friends. this wre able to go to him and he was able to help them. >> reporter: i have to remind you, this is wisconsin perhaps the most partisan political state.
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so paul ryan is loved and reviled in his same district but he has run his district seven times. and it's in play statewide. republicans believe he can help them tip this particular state. he'll energize both republicans and democrats. he is a husband and father of three. he sleeps in a cot in his very own office. he doesn't have a residence in d.c. he spends four days in washington and races home, drives his pickup to his house and tries to spend time with kids. she vp on the republican ticket. >> heather: steve brown. thank you very much. >> brand-new reaction from the white house on governor romney's vice president pick. we'll take a close look at congressman ryan's budget plan that earned him a reputation as reformer on capitol hill. we all that and more coming up.
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>>. >> heather: paul ryan using his vp speech to take on president obama's economic policies. that is something we have seen n him do several times as chairman of the house budget committee and architect of the republican budget plan. with the two sparring face to face. >> i simply submit that we could do more and started now. you've also said you want to take a scapel to the budget. we want to give it to you. >> all representatives of the american people. we all do townhall meetings. i have to to tell you the american people are engaged. if you think they want a government takeover of healthcare, i would respectfully submit you are on the listening to them. >> how about a plan to spend trillion dollars on tax cuts for
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millionaires and billionaires. >> let's bring in patricia powell. thank you for joining us. >> it was april of 2011 when the ryan budget was first introduced. a lot of things from democrats and republicans to define it. now i'm going to give that job to you. what is the ryan budget plan? >> the ryan budget plan is essentially to try and bridge the revenue and the spending and make it much closer. he doesn't fully bridge the gap even over ten years. over next ten years the plan would be he would spend about $40 trillion. we would bring in about $37 trillion, what is really important if you compare that on to the white house plan, the spending gap is about $5.8 trillion more with the white house plan. although they would try to raise taxes. it's a tremendously different plan. it's focused on bringing our
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budget into balance even though we can't even make it in ten years. >> heather: what about on taxes. the plan calls for two individual tax rates. then we're talking about overhauling corporate taxes as well? >> there will be a simplification, 10% and 25% tax rate. this is actually good for everybody. the corporate rate going from 35 to 25%. any time you get a reduction in court tax rate you always get jobs. that is actually a really good thing. the tradeoff here they'll be some give backs on exemptions and deductions and make it much fairer tax for everybody. >> heather: then we hear a lot from democrats and heard it already today. medicare and overhauling or reforming medicare? >> there is no choice. medicare is running out of money. there is no choice.
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we have to do something. first of all, he secures medicare recipients who are already in the program. he also secures it for all people born by 1958 or after there will be changes. to give you more choices, trying to trigger some kind of market forces that will lower costs. >> heather: is it correct when democrats say that retirees should be scared. this is the phrase you have heard? >> retirees should be nervous about medicare because there no money in it. retirees need to know they need to fix this program. i think that the ryan budget is one of the best programs out there to try to fix this so we can continue to fund our seniors medical care. they have nowhere to go. when the government put this
1:21 pm
program in place they destroyed all private industry in providing healthcare to seniors. you have to do something. this program is broke. >> heather: and paul ryan, he can explain it best moving forward as they try to get those votes. thanks very much pa trishg sha powell. >> rick: obama reelection campaign, new reaction from the white house. we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. >> heather: bret baier sat do you know with paul ryan before governor romney tapped i am him to him to be number two. >> everything that the budget tells us about numbers they are dramatic distortions. here the deal we don't want to cut a deal on tax reform in a back room and tell the american people what we decided. we want to do this in public. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role
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>>. president obama and too many of him like in washington have refused to make difficult decisions because they are more worried about their next election than they are about the next generation. [ applause ] >> we might have been able to get away with that before but not now. we are in a different and dangerous moment. we're running out of time. we can't afford four more years of this. >> heather: white house not sitting idle with governor romney's big vp announcement. obama administration slamming congressman paul ryan's budget plan saying it's bad for the middle-class and senior citizens.
1:27 pm
ed henry is live at the white house with more. >> reporter: it's interested weigh all this talk about negative ads and whether that will hurt the president favorability rating, that today the president didn't do any of the attacking or slashing on congressman ryan. he left the white house to go to chicago for two days of a fund-raising. didn't say a word about ryan and ignored questions from reporters. biden will be in debated with p out a short statement. he called congressman ryan congratulated him, wished his family well. nothing but positive words but the rest of the campaign unloading on ryan saying he is radical. got an extreme agenda. he wants to rubber-stamp the house republican tax cuts for the rich. all of this playing into the theme the president has tried to make this about a race doesn't want to talk about jobs, unemployment. instead he wants to talk about
1:28 pm
tax fairness and turn things around. take a listen to one of campaign surrogates, jim doyle. >> paul ryan has laid out the very clear right wing blueprint but who help rich people in this country. he is going to say that stuff but the facts are very different. >> reporter: it's interesting as you see what has been playing out this afternoon at a couple of rallies. ryan has made it clear that he is not going to just sit back and take these attacks. instead, he is clearly shaping up what a lot of vice presidential candidates are. he has become an attack dog and giving it right back to president obama. >> he didn't tax the middle. he didn't do thinking that were centrist. he stayed hard left. if he can't run on his record, if he didn't moderate, what does he have left? he is going to divide and
1:29 pm
distracted this country to win an election by default. we're not going to fall for that. >> republicans say they are very excited about what their characterizing as a bold choice by governor romney. i think it's fair to say that democrats are just as excited about this bold choice. if it been someone like ported man or pawlenty, didn't have a budget blueprint to attack, democrats might have found it harder to paint that potential nominee as an extremist. instead they are going right at paul ryan. they have got his republican blueprint. they attacked it before and they are doing it again today. we'll see that a lot in weeks ahead. >> heather: it fired up both sides of the aisle. thank you so much. >> rick: how will congressman's
1:30 pm
nomination affect the conservative movement? if they lose in the fall conservatives won't be able to blame romney's record that now that ryan is on the ticket but a win could be a big boost for conservatives going forward. jamie weinstein, i think conservatives got their wish, didn't they? >> there are some conservatives that might have a concern how to frame this if they lose. i don't think that is how they should be looking at it. they believe the number one threat to domestic health is fiscal crisis. that can't wait until 2016. the upside here had romney won without someone like ryan on the ticket, it would be a victory, it would not have been lasting victory because it wasn't the mandated for the type of change necessary. now that ryan is on the ticket, a clear mandate, anyone voting
1:31 pm
for this ticket knows what it means and that is serious entitlement reform to get america back on track. >> rick: the romney campaign not setting the world on fire lately. not so far in the month of august. does this change all of that? does this change the enthusiasm level when it comes to conservatives around the country? >> i think it does without a question. ryan is an exciting figure. he is an intellectual figure. he has been taking the battle to the president and administration about the need to radically reform long term budget problems. there is a great debate with him and president obama over healthcare. there was a great debate earlier this year with him and tim geithner when he came before the house budget committee. he basically got night they are to admit the white house doesn't have a long term budget plan. what we know we don't like your plan. what you mean you don't have a
1:32 pm
plan when we're falling off a cliff here. >> rick: you talked about the possibility of a victory here. this pick would excite conservatives out there. most analysts will say this ticket does not win in november without backing of independents. so what does the ryan pick do for that? >> conventional wisdom, i've heard it time and time again from democratic strategists. >> rick: not just democratic strategists? >> conventional wisdom when you tax attack something like medicare you are going to turn away older voters who actually show up the polls. but it's also the paradigm has shifted. look at chris christie in new jersey he has tackled things up there and remained popular. look at ask the walk they are wisconsin, he won a recall after going after pensions. look at marco rubio in florida
1:33 pm
when he ran for senate. in the debate he wanted to reform social security and he won the senate seat. so conventional wisdom may turn out to be wrong. >> rick: you were just talking you took a shot of a picture of an event in virginia where we are expecting them to be speaking in a couple of minutes. video was flickering but we will take you live to menassus as soon as it gets underway. talk to me about the future of the conservative movement after this election. if they win in november what does it mean for the conservative movement. what does it mean for the tea party elements within the conservative movement? >> i think that the tea party. fundamental driving factor of the tea party there are a lot of issues tied to them since they formed.
1:34 pm
what drove them to begin with is our budget problems. our long term fiscal crisis that is mainly for medicare but also social security and medicaid. if this ticketed wins they are going to be reinvigorated. we're going to have a mandated for change to get america's fiscal path in order and once you do that, future for america is very bright. it will morning in america again to borrow a phrase from ronald reagan. >> rick: jamie weinstein, good to talk to you. thanks so much for coming on. >> heather: just days before the big announcement, bret baier sat down with congressman paul ryan. here is a look at it. >> i think most likely pick is paul ryan. >> paul ryan makes sense. >> romney likes ryan. >> in recent days, wisconsin
1:35 pm
congressman and house budget committee chairman's stock has been rising. a long way from the conventional wisdom that ryan and his budget might be too dangerous for governor romney to everembrace. >> the next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> in fact, top democrats jumping on the perceived vulnerability would talk about ryan's budget that passed the republican house with a specific campaign strategy in plan. >> the romney-ryan plan. >> governor romney has not shied away from ryan, his budgeted or vehicles of the future. >> this person has led a clear path for our party and our nation. >> he embraced your budget. is that a full embrace? >> i never expect people to embrace every little decimal point, but clearly he has embraced the kinds of reforms we're talking about that are necessary to save and shrink
1:36 pm
medicare, to prevent our debt crisis from occurring, to reform the tax code to get jobs back in the economy and stop all the corporate welfare. what the president is doing, he is saying i want to take more hard money from americans and bring it to washington. that doesn't grow the economy. that grows cronyism. we reject that. for the first time we know all the economic forecasters we're going to give our kids an interior future. we have an obligation to prevent that from happening. >> they seem to agree that the choice of ryan would be striking >> we have to do what is right for america and put politics, that could be a big, bold to make a difference in this election. >> to speech writer to late president candidate nominee jack kemp.
1:37 pm
>> i come from the jack kemp school. people should not be stuck in their station in life or some class. we want a society of mobility. >> he was elected congressman of wisconsin's first district when he was just 28 years old. house republican leaders ryan was a budget wiz. they moved him up to seniority line quickly vault go him over 12 more senior republicans. >> committee will come to order. >> at 2011, at the age of 41 he was the youngest chai house budget committee. which brings us back to his budget plan. >> the path to prosperity. >> we feel we have a moral and legal obligation that if we don't like the direction of the country we zlud do something about it. we have a law that congress has to pass a budget every year by april 15th. the senate for three years has decided not to follow that law. the president has given us four budgets and never in one of those budgets has he proposed
1:38 pm
any solution to this fiscal crisis. they offered no solutions of their own, waited for republicans to offer ours and then divide and distort. >> reporter: at times they have attacking to new levels. using this ad that looked like paul ryan pushing a woman over a cliff in a wheelchair. >> you are ready for mitt romney are you pushing the grandmother over the cliff? >> i have been having these ads running against me for years. >> then there was president obama's invite to sit in the audience as he lambasted his budget. >> there a plan to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> we yoursed to him that are dramatic distortions. we don't want to cut a deal on tax reform like the democrats did in some back room and tell the american people what we decided. we wanted do this in public.
1:39 pm
we wanted to say let's get rid of all the loopholes and tax shelters. most of tax shelters are used by high income earners to lower tax rates for everybody. lower tax rates for successful small businesses in exchange for broadening the base and reducing tax shirts. we're going to have these hearings in the ways and means committee which ones are the best ones to keep. we should limit them from high income earners so more is subject to taxation but in exchange you get a lower tax rate. one factor could have changed romney's calculations on picking him, wisconsin role in the election. after scott walker's big win fighting off a recall most analyst believe that ryan's prospects went up and wisconsin is now in play. >> i think president obama had just put this in his column. he assumed from the beginning wisconsin was going to be his.
1:40 pm
you know what? we're going to win wisconsin and we're going to get to the white house. >> ryan gets back to wisconsin as much as he can, often rushing straight to the airport to get home to his wife and three children. >> i don't have a place here in d.c. i'm here four days a week, i head home and go to milwaukee. keep my truck there. >> we'll know in coming days whether he is guided for romney. if it is clear, if it is a lomdz ticket the race will focus on big issues. >> we look at europe and where they are headed -- we don't want to go in that direction. >> heather: and romney-ryan ticket it is. our special thanks to bret baier for that report. >> they are hitting the campaign trail for the first time as a brand-new presidential ticket. here is a live look that is set
1:41 pm
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>>. >> rick: we've had one rally after another after the big announcement. next one in manassas with the governor and congressman set to take the stage. you can see the folks are very excited to hear from the newly minted republican particular. we heard from the campaign that ever since this morning's announcement that paul ryan is the vp pick, campaign has just raised $2 million today alone. they iced twitter to get the message out. social media blowing up and
1:46 pm
reaction pouring in on twitter and facebook. it's happenings on both sides of the political spectrum. do you go mckelway joins us live -- doug mckelway joins us live. >> the pick of paul ryan as the running mate as defined those boundary lines with lot more clarity. they are enthused about the pick. they say a rich target is his budget plan. here a sampling of reaction who was on the short list for vp. chris christie, quote, this is a team that understands the economic stagnation our country has been facing the last four years and the urgency which we need to change course. here a tweet from marco rubio. quote, a truly inspired choice. a statement from rob portman, another potential vp pick, an accomplished public servant and leading voice on the most pressing issues facing our
1:47 pm
country. he says paul ryan. tim pawlenty says ryan, quote a bold thinker. scott walker describing him this way. >> i've known paul throughout the years and know him as a man that probably the smartedest person i know in politics and yet the most humble people i've known in politics. >> from democrats and political opponents, hair rereid's statements. he has doubled down to end medicare as we know it nancy pelosi there is no question that former governor romney now owns the ryan budget that puts millionaires ahead. one note romney has been criticized from the left for his long experience in the private sector but new yorker, a rick of a ryan pick is lack of private
1:48 pm
sector experience. >> rick: doug, thanks. >> heather: governor mitt romney to create distance between himself and president obama with the help of his vp pick. we are standing by and waiting for that rally to begin in virginia. there is live picture as people are gathered waving the american flag. lots of people are excited because of the announcement. scott rasmussen with the latest polls. we'll have that up next. [ donovan ] i hit a wall.
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>>. >> rick: the rally has begun at the pavilion in manassas, virginia. we are hearing from opening speakers. that i believe is senator allen who is running for office again. he will be introducing the new ticket and when we hear from congressman ryan and governor romney we'll take you back to virginia live. >> heather: as we monitor that. recent polls showing a virtual dead heat between the president and governor mitt romney.
1:53 pm
with the new buzz surrounding the g.o.p. ticket it may be an opportunity to gain some ground. joining us is scott rasmussen. thanks for joining us. >> heather, great to be you. paul ryan is well known inside the beltway but nationally, not so much. 39% have a favorable opinion of him. 25% unfavorable. two very important details. seven out of ten republicans like him. might help energize the base. 42% of unaffiliated voters have no idea who he is. 48-27 hours that will be critical to define the selection and what it says about the romney campaign. >> heather: lot of people being introduced to him today and learning more about him. talk to me about this presidential daily tracking poll. i have followers on twitter and facebook as well that don't really like it when we keep talking about the polls day to
1:54 pm
day. this poll that you are going to talk about is likely voters, correct? >> that is correct. that is big distinction, after labor day almost all the polls will be likely voters for most of years. we are only firm doing it on a regular basis. before the ryan announcement governor romney was at 46%. president obama at 44%. very close. heather, despite all the hoopla today about paul ryan, the race is still primarily about barack obama. his approval level fell to 42%. and consumer confidence fell to the lowest level of year few days ago. >> heather: and perhaps it coincides with the unemployment rate. it's been at or above 8% for 42 months. 9,000 jobs lost in july. when does it come to government
1:55 pm
hiring more people. >> 49% say it would be bad for the economy despite the terrible jobs conditions. three out four americans like a different direction. they think we should have a 10% reduction in the federal payroll. they think that would help the fiscal situation, help the business climate. they did just did a 10% on government workers in japan. that is what a lot of americans would like to see us follow. >> heather: longest period of sustained unemployment since the great depression. so when you recognize something like that, people that you poll and people that you are talking to, how do they feel about the job marketed compared to a year ago? >> 24% say it's b 44% say it's worse. that is not a terribly encouraging trend. one of the reasons is just about everybody knows someone who is out of work. this is not an isolated segment of the pop station. 76% knows someone who is looking
1:56 pm
for a job right now. >> heather: and riding the unemployment rate and what it will be a year from now what do people say? >> evenly divided people think it will be better. third say, it will be worse and third say it will be same. we measure unemployment on a regular basis, 20% of firms are hiring right now. 22% are reporting layoffs. those are the weakest numbers in nine months. this is what the election will be about. >> heather: thank you for joining us. >> rick: waiting to hear from the candidates in virginia. we'll take you there live as soon as it happens. that is it for us. >> heather: that was a good saturday. see you back here tomorrow. >> the five is coming up next. r. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters.
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>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us for a special saturday edition of "the five." i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel and others. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this "ise five". mitt romney and his new running mate, wisconsin congressman paul ryan will be taking the stage at a campaign event any moment in manassas, virginia. in case you missed it, here was
2:01 pm
the big announcement from this morning. >> today we take another step forward in helping restore the promise of america. it's an honor to announce my running mate and the next vice president of the united states, paul ryan! >> i'm thrilled to be part of america's comeback team and together we will unite america examine get this done! thank you. ♪ . >> all right. let's go now to carl cameron who is live at the rally in ma in a sass. hi, carl. >> hello, kimberly you can hear behind me the governor of virginia, john
2:02 pm
mcdonnel, getting ready to introduce what has now been called america's comeback team. mitt romney and paul ryan on their third event of the day. and while most of the introductory voices are strong and boieserous, we're waiting to hear how hoarse mitt romney might be. he has definitely shown new enthusiasm in the advent of paul ryan becoming his running mate. today as they begin to introduce themselves as the republican presidential ticket to the country, it's clear what they're trying to do is both promise a substantive debate about challenging issues, a pledge that they may or may not be able to keep, but try to avoid partisan bickering and name calling, so much that it dominated the campaign trail in recent weeks, and he's absolutely clear, there is a renewed level of enthusiasm and exuberance in the crowd. we're in the old town section of manassas here. there is about 1,000 people on this half going back further than we can see here because there is obscured buildings are people are snaking through
2:03 pm
alleys. it goes another 4 or 500 feet if not more in that direction. there is a good 2 or 3,000 people. a good crowd. if he speaks to the enthusiasm they hope paul ryan will bring to the ticket. >> we'll debate here. we'll check back with you momentarily when they take the stage. it seems like it's going very well. let's talk about sop of the strengths and weaknesses. >> a lot of candidates want substance ask style. a lot don't have it. paul ryan has both. this couldn't be a more clear distinction between one ticket versus the other. and what paul ryan does is i think he gives mitt romney a very clear and cogent ideological agenda. in politics you have to give voters a reason to pull the lever for you at the end of the day. it can't just be negative negative obama, obama, obama. that it is exactly what this ryan pick does. kim bely, i'll say from a timing perspective, he didn't have the greatest week. what does this do? all the editorial pages will be
2:04 pm
covering this announcement tomorrow, the sunday shows. this will be driving the news toward next week. it changed the discussion from a bizarre week where romney was accused of murdering someone back to the real issues and the fundamental question is, what's the size and what's the scope and what's the role of government? it couldn't be more different when you look at these two ticket. >> certainly seems there is a lot of enthusiasm now injected back into the romney campaign. the people feel he will be a good spokesperson north texas afraid to tackle the tough issues that are challenging like entitlements. you said you were somewhat celebratory when you heard the announcement. >> let me just add to the analysis, i think that this was one of the most up expected picks of the people he had because they expected him to go with a safe pick. ryan is not a safe pick because what romney has said is he wants to make the economy the centerpiece of his campaign. what is now the centerpiece is the ryan plan, which has, among other things, medicare, which is controversial, cuts in federal spending, which is
2:05 pm
controversial. so they now have to debate that contract, that becomes mitt romney's economic contract. and we'll see. i don't think that ryan is the best saleman. but we'll see. he can't carry wisconsin. >> why do you think that he chose him, brian? >> i think number one, conservatives say good, you got augment of we look at mitt romney's record. he's a guy that was governor, is he a guy now? now they say, fundamentally he's a conservative because paul ryan is a conservative. the important point to bring out, bob, is that right now, accounts that mitt romney saying i like his plan. i don't like everything about his plan. so if the attacks will be specifically about the ryan plan, he's number two. so he on medicare and social security, says i'll have my own ideas. >> it's very difficult for presidential and vice presidential campaign he's ticket to have different views on economic program. they'll have to merge them together somehow. maybe they could do it. maybe they can't. there is some controversial things. the reason ryan is not that somebody -- it's dangerous,
2:06 pm
dangerous platform. >> they can't be exactly alike. for the most part, they have the same principles. but when it comes to specifics of the entitlements, i think that's where they'll differ. >> joe biden doesn't believe there is 57 states and barak obama doesn't believe in -- >> i was told before we started we were going to be doing analysis and not take shots. i'll get into it real fast. >> you can take moment there and think of all the great things you want to say. let's bring in amelia. well dom "the five." >> thank you. >> so there is a number of differences. are they so great that they're polarizing between the two men, or is there a general consensus between them regarding entitlements, regarding spending and cutting taxes? >> no, more than anything else, what ryan has what romney doesn't, you can start from a white piece of paper and put together a plan so off platform to have major discussions from. that's hard to do for a lot of
2:07 pm
people. he's going to incorporate his natural skills and energize. he really gets underneath and brings out his personality, similar to romney's wife. we needed that energy in the game. >> republican told me today that whenever the republicans take on medicare, they lose. i think they're right about that. they are the same on medicare. you start doing vouchers, vouchers are unpopular when it comes to medicare. >> but accountability. they prove accountability. >> well, it does. but if you have only 8500 bucks and you can't get the insurance you need, then where do you get the money? >> medicare is set to go bankrupt. what i see from paul ryan is courage. courage is not a thing that's prevalent in washington, d.c. and he came out even before the leadership in his own party and offered a plan that's controversial. i will say that because it actually made cuts and typically, kimberly, the right thing to do can be very, very controversial. barak obama and democrats haven't had any political guts to tackle any of these issues. if people want to keep their medicare and medicaid, then they
2:08 pm
will vote for a candidate that's going to preserve them. >> i can only tell you sticking to my analysis, go ahead. >> the only thing is i would say that i found out and we all know just to reconfirm, that both agree that 55 and over. 55 and over action keep whoever you have. number two is i think the plan is also reflective of that you can stay on regular medicare or you can go to a supplemental plan or different plan and the other thing to bring up, i thought was important, is that when people who can afford to pay for more into their medicare, rich people that retire and don't really need social security, medicare, they're going to be paying more. so they're asking the rich to pay more. >> it gives the choice right back to your senior citizens. they can choose what plan they want. >> no, they captain. >> yes they can. >> they can not. they can choose a plan they have to choose. >> we're taking a look here live at manassas, virginia, where we are waiting for governor mitt romney and paul ryan to take the
2:09 pm
stage, continuing this day forward with a great announcement for the republican party that he, in fact, is the choice for vice president and there he is walking in right now. >> yeah. ♪ . >> there we see paul ryan, the man of the day. some would say surprise choice for vice president alongside governor mitt romney. ♪ . >> how this whole thing came down, i'm shocked to find out on august 1 the decision was made and paul ryan was called. >> why is that? >> because it's been quiet. we're in august 11 now. and that is for ten days, no one leaked this out.
2:10 pm
which i think is a good sign for the campaign. number two, i'm very curious to see if when they're on the campaign trail that we start seeing some synergy between them, seeing them on stage at the same time and maybe even a little humor staked in there. the fact is, he's been -- paul ryan has been a politician, successful politician since he was 28 years old. >> he has. he's got a lot of background in budget and other things. we had to do it in the middle of the night, the night before we announced it. the fact that this thing did not leak is really remarkable. >> bob, take a look. andrea, the screen here, you see the amount of enthusiasm. that's not manufactured. this is people genuinely excited about somebody that is going to step forward and say this is what's wrong with this country. don't pass it on to the next generation. >> let's take a listen. we have paul ryan at the podium. let's hear what he has to say. >> thank you.
2:11 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> we heard you were out there waiting in line a long time. we want to thank you so much. guess what? guess what? november 6, we take our country back! [ cheers and applause ] you know, it's really nice to be here with some familiar faces. my buddy, frank wolf, i heard he talked to you earlier today. he's a gentleman in honoring congress. it's great to have served with i don't allen and i hope you send him back to congress again! [ cheers and applause ] and i'm a person who grew up with a lot of mentors in my lifement one of the most important mentors to me was jack kemp. his wife, joanne, is here today. joanne kemp, it's really nice to see you. [ cheers and applause ] how about this awesome governor you guys have, bob mcdonnel,
2:12 pm
huh? [ cheers and applause ] let's just review things for a moment. let's see where things stand. you think the economy is heading in the right direction? you think we're getting our debt and deficit under control? you think the country is on the right track? you know why? 'cause president obama is our president and he has put all of his policies in place and they're just not working. take a look at the results. we've got the worst recovery in 70 years. we have the largest deficit and the biggest government since world war ii. one out of six americans are in poverty today, the highest rate in a generation. unemployment has been above 8% for three years. and the president's answer to this is more crony capitalism.
2:13 pm
more corporate welfare, more solyndra. (booing) we don't think the secret to economic growth is politicians in washington and bureaucrats picking winners and losers in our economy. the secret to economic growth is letting people keep more of what they earn and helping small businesses grow and compete and achieve and create jobs! [ cheers and applause ] you see, the president has shown us his aspirations for a government-centered society with a government-run economy. it's not work. it's never worked before. and so if president obama is not going to be able to run for reelection on his record, it's a terrible record, and he didn't change tune. he didn't moderate. he stayed hard left. so what does he have left?
2:14 pm
not only nothing, he's going to divide the country to distract the country, to try and win this election by default. hope and change has now become attack and blame. [ cheers and applause ] you know what? we're not going to fall for it. we're not going to fall for this kind of rhetoric that says to people that they're stuck in their station in life, victim of circumstances outside of their control and only the government is here to help them cope with it. you know what? that's not who we are. that's not the american idea. that's not the america we know and it's not the america we're going to have starting next year! [ cheers and applause ] somewhere out there on that horizon is the dream you have for yourself and for your children. above the discord and the delay and the distractions of the day, it's there. it's getting farther away
2:15 pm
because the president has given us policies and have put our nation on a path to debt, doubt, despair and decline. here is the good news: we don't have to put up with this. we can turn this thing around. we can get ourselves back in the right track. it's going to take leadership. it's going to mean that politicians have to think about the next generation instead of their next election. [ cheers and applause ] it's going to take a person with experience and leadership. mitt romney and all the things he has done in his life, he is the kind of person who was made for this moment. he's the kind of man with the integrity, the experience that we need. when he ran bain, he created jobs. he turned around failing enterprises.
2:16 pm
[ cheers and applause ] he has firsthand experience that if you have built, started, or run a small business, you did that! [ cheers and applause ] you remember the olympics, 1999? people forgot how ugly it got for a moment. it was bloated, wasteful, corrupted. that sound familiar? when his country needed him, mitt romney answered the call and he saved the olympics and made us proud. [ cheers and applause ] (chance of usa! usa!
2:17 pm
). >> when he was governor of massachusetts, unemployment went down. the credit rating went up, and household incomes increased. under president obama, unemployment has gone up, household incomes have gone down, and the first time in our nation's history our credit was downgraded. (boos). >> the contrast could not be more clear and the choice could not be more clear. here is our commitment to you: you deserve this. you deserve to decide what kind of country we're going to have, what kind of people we are going to be. it is our obligation to give you our fellow citizens, a choice of two futures. you're going to decide because if we do this right and we reapply those principles that built this country, we honor you by letting you decide the choice and the course of this country.
2:18 pm
we will get our country back on november 6! [ cheers and applause ] this takes special leadership. this takes courage. this takes our country coming together and you know what? when we do this, we're going to get this done and we're going to do it because we have a man who is running for president who has the courage, the integrity, the honesty, the experience to put us back to work, to get us back on offense, to make us proud again, to reignite the dream. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, mitt romney! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you! thank you! [ cheers and applause ]
2:19 pm
>> mitt! mitt! >> thank you so much. manassas, you are very kind to welcome us like this. this is a terrific welcome and a pretty clear indication that come november 6, virginia is going to vote for romney-ryan, we're going to take back the white house! [ cheers and applause ] now today was a good day for me. i got to tell you. it was also a good day for america. we've taken the next step to restoring america's promise with paul ryan as our nominee for vice president! [ cheers and applause ] this is the man who i think you know pretty well. if you said one word about paul ryan, it would probably be leader. this is a man who learned leadership young because leadership is a function of
2:20 pm
character and courage. as a young man, a high schooler, his dad died and he was forced to grow up quickly. he and his family came together and instilled in him were the kind of hard work ethics that are associated with the midwest of america. he carries those things in his heart. he's worked in washington over the past 14 years, but you know what? his heart is still jaynesville, wisconsin, still define has great man like paul ryan. [ cheers and applause ] with ambition to become something big, he went there with ambition to accomplish something big. he's taken our party and with his intellectual leadership has helped make sure that we focus on values, that we fight for things we believe in. sometimes our party has gone astray over the past years and paul ryan said no, bring it home to the things we care about. make sure we care for our
2:21 pm
seniors. we care for our kids and we stop spending what we don't have! [ cheers and applause ] you know, washington is the place where a lot of people get by just throwing stones at one another. but he took a different approach. he tried to reach across the aisle with friends in our party and people on the other side of the aisle. he's one of those who realizes that honest people can have honest differences. and so he's worked with democrats and republicans to work on major pieces of legislation that help people. right now there is one that he's put out there, you see the president has put a plan out on medicare. he cuts medicare $700 billion through his obamacare plan. what paul ryan and senator whiten have done is said no, we need to restore and retain examine protect medicare. that's with our party will do!
2:22 pm
[ cheers and applause ] and this comes at a critical time. as you know, as paul just said to you, it's a critical time for america. you know that. when you have a country as prosperous as ours, but 23 million people are out of work or stopped looking for work, or underemployed, you know something is wrong. you know when you have a nation that invented public education and our kids are now getting an education that score the bottom third of the world, you know something is wrong of the when you know a nation is prosperous as ours, has put together $16 trillion of debt, passing on our burdens of our generation to the next generation, it's not just wrong, it's immoral for us to put on those obligations to our kids! [ cheers and applause ] candidate obama said he was going to cut the cost for an average family of their healthcare premium by $2,500.
2:23 pm
has your premium gone down? anybody here seen their premium go down? no, as a matter of fact, the average family has seen their premiums go up by $2,500, a $5,000 difference in a nation with a median income just about $50,000. think what that means. gasoline prices have doubled. these are critical times in this country. so you have a choice. america is going to have a choice. i think i know what you guys are going to do, right? [ cheers and applause ] america is going to have a choice. they've seen the product of the obama plan. it's been executed over the last 3 1/2 years. it hasn't worked. middle income families are getting squeezed. people can't find work. we have a very different plan. we don't want america to become europe. with high unemployment, no wage growth, economic calamity. we want to restore the principles that made america the hope of the earth!
2:24 pm
[ cheers and applause ] and so we'll do this: we're going to do five things, five things that will get this economy going again with more jobs and more take home pay. these five things: one, take advantage of our energy resources, oil, coal, gas, nuclear, renewable. get america energy independent! [ cheers and applause ] that's number one. number two, we need to make sure that our people have the skills to succeed, not just those in the work force today, but also our kids. we will make sure that our schools, are focused on the needs our kids and the parents and the teachers and the teachers union is going to have to take a back seat! [ cheers and applause ] we want trade. that's number three. trade that works for america. we want to open up new markets for our goods, particularly in latin america. but when people cheat in trade
2:25 pm
like china has cheated, we're going to hold them accountable and call them on the carpet. we're going to stop unfair trade! [ cheers and applause ] so number one, energy, number two, skills. number three, trailed. number four, we're going to finally doing something politicians have talked about for years and that is we're going to cut spending, cut the deficit, and finally get us on track to a balanced budget! [ cheers and applause ] one more. and one more. we're going to champion small business. we're going to help small business. [ cheers and applause ] we want low taxes for small business and regulators and encourage small business and by the way, there is a big cloud hanging over small business today. you go ask them what they're worried about. one of the things they'll tell you is they're worried about the
2:26 pm
cost of health care because of obamacare. we're going to get rid of obamacare and replace it with something that works for the american people! [ cheers and applause ] the other day here in virginia, the president said something i just couldn't believe. i couldn't imagine he actually said it, you know. i looked it up. he said, if you have a business, you didn't build that. someone else did that. i guess he thinks that government somehow should take responsibility for all the achievements of people in this country. i have a very different view. i believe america was founded on a principle of individuals pursuing happiness as they choose, achieving -- and reaching for accomplishment and excellence so when a young
2:27 pm
person makes the honor roll, i know it took a school bus to get them to school, but i don't give the bus driver credit fort honor roll. -- for the honor roll. [ cheers and applause ] and i know that if in your work you spent some extra time finding a way to do the things that other people perhaps can't do at that work site and you get a promotion, and i know to get to work you had to have a driver's license, but i don't give the person at the dmv the credit. i give the person who achieveed that promotion the credit. [ cheers and applause ] now, the president says that we're taking him out of context with that quote. go back and take a look at the whole speech. if you want to get a full dose of what the president believes, you watch that whole speech.
2:28 pm
he says in there, if you're successful and you think it's 'cause you're smart, why, lots of people are smart and if you think it's because you're work hard. well, dollar lot of people that are work hard. i wonder where he was going with this argument. my own view is we welcome and celebrate people who work hard to improve their skills and reach for achievement. this is the nature of america. america was founded on a principle that our rights did not come from government. our rights came from the creator! [ cheers and applause ] and among those rights, among those rights were life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. in this country, we're free to pursue happiness as we choose! and people striving and achieving are what make america the powerhouse that it is. this is the nature of america. the president's changing it into something which is government
2:29 pm
dominated, government centric. it will not work in america. it will not work anywhere. what worked here, what works around the world is free people pursuing their dreams. we want those dreamers here. we can accomplish our dreams! [ cheers and applause ] and so looking at that kind of record in a the president has -- that the president has and contrasting it with our vision of optimism, bringing back a dynamic, a powerful economy with more jobs and more take home pay, the president understandably has resorted to a very unusual campaign. and that is in some respects, i think he disrespects the office by taking the campaign down to the very lowest point i can recall in my lifetime. we are going to have a very different view. the next vice president of the united states and i are going to lay out a vision for america of hope and opportunity and progress and achievement and
2:30 pm
individual accomplishment. we're going to stand for america and we're going to win! [ cheers and applause ] i love this country. i love america! i know you love america. peace which brings you here. this is not about me. it's not about him. this is about america, the country we love. it's in trouble! it needs our help. we're going to take it back and make sure america remains the hope of the earth! thank you so much! ♪ i was born free ♪ i was born free ♪ . >> and that was presidential hopeful mitt romney giving a rousing speech filled with hope and opportunity, saying we're going to take back america. offering a a very different world vision of how this country should be run. do you choose the private sector or do you choose government to help you change your life?
2:31 pm
also making the theme, you didn't build that about president obama's comments. andrea, do you think we'll continue to hear this, two real choices, is that what this election will become about is this. >> absolutely. it's going to be about what mitt romney articulated. are people driving the greatness in the country or is government doing that? he's going to bring up that you didn't do it comment until election day and he offered real solutions to serious problems. that's what you heard on twitter all day long. you heard him offer skills. he talked about education, energy independence, the deficit, which he'll appeal to independence. he took a shot at the union, hi thought that was very interesting. probable lea the boldest. >> i think it was energetic rally. i think his voice has been better than it's been in a long time. ryan clearly helps. they'll be splitting up. when you see the vision of two different things, the vision will be not just simply this laundry list of stuff that i heard every politician talk about for 20 years. he'll have to compare rn's plan to obama's plan. >> we've got a lot more coming
2:32 pm
up after the break. stay with us. what does president obama think about mitt romney's new pick? ed henry has the answer and he's standing by at the white house. stay with us down here, folks measure commitment by what's getting done. the twenty billion doars bp committed has helped fund economic and environmental recovery. long-term, bp's made a five hundred million dollar commitment to support scientists studying the environment.
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and the gulf is open for business - the beaches are beautiful, the seafood is delicious. last year, many areas even reported record tourism seasons. the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
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2:36 pm
>> president obama and too many like him in washington have refused to make difficult decisions because they're more worried about their next election than they are about the next generation. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was congressman paul ryan earlier this morning taking a shot at president obama. what does the white house think of mitt romney's running mate? let's go to fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry who joins us live from 1600 pennsylvania avenue. hey, ed. >> good to see you. it's interesting because in that sound bite, you heard sort of how paul ryan is going to fire back at the message from chicago.
2:37 pm
in talking to some of the president's top advisors, they can hardly contain their glee at this pick because they believe this offers what they've wanted all along, which is a choice election. an election about who has got a better plan for the next four years instead of a referendum on the last four years. but i think when you listen to paul ryan, he's saying, we're going to debate the future. but we're also going to talk about the last four years. we're going to talk about unemployment. we're going to talk about debt. so you get an early peek at the strategy on both sides. i think the other important point is we have heard nothing today from the president himself. he took off, walked past reporters shouting questions about paul ryan, wouldn't answer. he was heading to chicago for fundraising. vice president biden, no negative words from him. they just put out a press release saying he placed a phone call to paul ryan, congratulated him and wished his family well. they'll debate down the road. he didn't say anything negative. they're letting their surrogate rip into paul ryan, call him a radical. see he's got an extreme agenda. why would they be doing that?
2:38 pm
think of the last few days where they've taken a lot of shots by not denouncing that cancer ad that linked mitt romney and the woman dying of cancer in missouri. the president has higher favorability ratings than mitt romney. and if he gets down in the mud here too much in attacking paul ryan that may bring those favorability ratings down, weapon some of those negative ads. they'll try to keep president above the fray as much as possible. but you better believe the surrogate in chicago and around the country are calling him a radical. they're going to be going after him pretty hard. >> busy take in what would be a usually sleepy august for washington, d.c thanks, ed. >> great to be on "the five." >> the paul ryan choice has insured this race is going to be about vision and ideology. let's hear more from paul ryan today. >> our rights come from nature and god. not from government. that's what made us great. we promise equal opportunity.
2:39 pm
not equal outcomes. >> so brian, he sounds very reaganesque. he has very positive message and he's likeable. he has attributes, the likeability that president obama has. he'll be a great attack dog. >> right. he's going to be attacking. ed henry 100% nailed it. this is the one thing about paul ryan which i find intriguing. i didn't know about sarah palin, wasn't sure about dan quayle. you wonder at times with others, with maybe president bush sometimes. he can answer all the questions. i've seen him in sparring sessions. he knows the numbers. he's the guy that snuck out in college to sneak back in his dorm room to work on budget ideas. it's very intriguing to see a 41-year-old who has been in congress since 28 who has these ideas that are new and that created such anger on the other side. >> it's not anger as much as -- here is the problem for the ryan plan. it is a radical conservative agenda. and it does make a very clear distinction, no question about
2:40 pm
it. by the time this is done, first of all, this is not a pit bull. we talked about this the other day. we thought he would pick a vice presidential candidate who would be an attack dog. this guy with all due respect, is like a chihuahua. >> not really. >> and i don't think that -- somebody said dick morris, or somebody said, i couldn't believe it, that you couldn't wait to have paul ryan against joe biden. are you kidding me? that's like having mohammed ali against a featherweight. >> biden lost to sarah palin. >> he did not. >> yes, he did. >> he did. >> paul ryan is a pit bull and he's a very likeable pit bull. he has these attributes, kimberly, that it's tough to go after him. it's tough to go negative on him because i worked in the house of representatives for years on both sides of the aisle. republicans and democrats didn't have a bad word to see about him. when there was budgetary issues or anything having to do with the fiscal direction of our country, everybody looked to paul ryan. >> he's well prepared. this is a man who does have tremendous respect on both sides. you may not agree ultimately
2:41 pm
with his plan, but in general, this is somebody who always comes prepared, who has specific ideas and it's somebody that mitt romney admires and feels proud to have as his running mate. he's not worried about him being a gaffe master. >> he's willing to sweat and do the hard work. he's tee gnashes. he will do his due diligence. >> talk about the small business point that governor romney made. >> yea, about time! i love the fact that he's specifically saying if we're going to turn things around, it will be on the backs of small businesses. he hit things that small businesses need. if he can do that and loosen those things up and we get some type of certainty that we'll go after the regulation, we'll go back to get our investor, business also go in two feet and start building our job market. we will. >> he's going to have to say something more than what he said there today. it's a good rally and speech, but full of not a lot of
2:42 pm
specifics. >> that's not treatment he listed specifics. >> i would like to get your reaction. actually president obama's ad. it can sound like they're worried today. take a listen. >> guy put on a expensive plan rewriting the health care system, medicare, social security, our entire tax system. >> i think it would be marvelous if the senate were to pick up paul ryan's budget and to adopt it. >> that ad specifically, bob, goes after the ryan budget, which you say doesn't have any specifics. >> no, no. i said that romney does not. ryan has very specific plans and by the way, he is a likeable guy. no question about that. nobody argues that.
2:43 pm
but when you get into the details of what he's done here, his tax structure, somebody making a million dollars a year will get a $200,000 tax break. somebody in the middle class because they're going to lose education funding and a lot of other things, will lose about $20,000. now, excuse me, $2,000. if you look at these plans in detail, this is what ryan's problem is, when you look at them in detail, they are full of such holes and alienate more constituencies than you can imagine -- >> he has to make tough cuts. he has to make tough cuts. >> you want to talk about budgets, president obama hasn't passed one. >> president obama hasn't gotten votes in his last two years from his own party for his own budget. i just think that america right now wants somebody who thinks long-term. this guy at 42 is thinking about the next generation. >> you watch polls and you'll see what senior citizens think about this. >> directly ahead, could paul ryan help mitt romney win swing states? we'll look at the electoral map.
2:44 pm
stay with us. >> today we take another step forward in helping restore the promise of america as we move forward in this campaign and on to help lead the nation to better days
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2:48 pm
>> welcome back. vice presidential capped dates tend not to make much of an electoral addition or distraction from a presidential candidate. in fact, the ohm one probably historically mattered was lyndon johnson who helped texas for kennedy. the question about paul ryan l he help in wisconsin? probably not. some, maybe a point or two, but it's not that close a state. the question is, he's more of a tone candidate. he will not, like other vice presidential candidates, get in trouble. i think he's very disciplined. but there is a change in the elect oral map? not at all, as far as i can tell. >> i disagree. the industrial midwest is one area that is critical to
2:49 pm
republicans and i think obama's vulnerable there. i also think there has been big shifts in wisconsin. i'll give you that, bob. republicans haven't won wisconsin since 1984. look at what happened in wisconsin with governor walker. look what's happened. voters of wisconsin, they made a choice. they made a choice to not let unions and let government get out of control and they made those tough decisions. and i think that it worked. so this could translate on a national level. >> but the question is, does paul ryan affect ohio? i don't see it. >> because you're saying bottom line, unless they're able to take ohio, they're not going to be able to win the white house? >> yeah, but i don't think you can take an area of the country for a vice presidential candidate and say he's gog have an impact on it. i think -- >> why did they choose him? >> he's going to be one of those guys who stays out of trouble, which which is a great thing to have. >> how about the fact that -- i keep hearing, as much as mitt romney has been in the public eye, people don't know him. so they go, i want to further define who he is and who we're going to get if he becomes president. you really know a lot about paul ryan because he puts so much in
2:50 pm
writing at such a young age and he's been a focal point even from the white house. so if people go he's a capitalist, pro-free market, then he brings in this other guy who is for cutting spending and fiscal responsibility, i can buy that, especially in the midwest. >> let's keep in mind that paul ryan has been on the public payroll from the time he first drew a paycheck. >> so has obama and so has joe biden. >> i thought wpaul ryan. >> i was saying, it's not going to be vulnerability. >> it may or may not be. the fact that you know business. look, romney made his case about business and jobs and i think this has now become a debate about going to be paul ryan's ideas. which are much more substantive than romney's are. that's where the debate will be. the other thing is, you got two constituencies to worry about. one, senior citizens who are not going to like this proposal of his, medicare. sorry. >> so bob, you said that he's more of a tone candidate, you don't see him really providing or delivering for something on the electoral map just by virtue
2:51 pm
of his selection. but nevertheless, he has a lot of strength. i think he's a very capable speaker. he has a lot of specifics. he's not going to be making mistakes because he knows the numbers inside and out. he's somebody who i think is a compelling choice, not a safe choice. >> what about the fact that mrs. romney hasn't been around little kids in a while? when they're both on the bus together, will they team up to watch the little kids, because he's got three under the age of 12? >> there is a lot of romney baby-sitters. >> kilmeade, that's why we want to put you in charge of an orphanage. these guy also never see each other again after this bus ride. >> there are concerns he doesn't have any experience at all other than globally with the trade. you talk about trade is going to be critical before our economy, however, where do we have the experience? >> that's a very good point. neither one of these guys has any foreign policy experience. >> but it's number three on the list. >> but the most important policy issue threatening our country is
2:52 pm
the did he have and deficit. our economic security is directly related to the security and they're the ones making the case. not obama and not biden. >> a doesn't matter. >> it does. >> tell that to the rating agency. >> and greece. >> and europe. >> we ought to do away with china just generally. >> get rid of china? >> they're the single most dangerous group we could possibly have to deal with. >> we got two people who don't have experience with trade. so what do we do? >> you got to ask yourself, where is the experience? if ryan has a lot of fence on budget matters u about problem is, he's way over to the right. >> go ahead. >> hit it. >> we're not doing one hour thing? okay. >> we'll be back. we'll see you. don't go anywhere. we'll be back to talk about something. i don't know what it is, but we'll talk about something.
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2:56 pm
>> welcome back. paul ryan is the number two. how about the other guys, how will they be utilized? marco rubio, governor chris christie, senator rob portman. who is the most vital?
2:57 pm
>> i think marco rubio should play a -- >> he's like number three. >> this is the guy. see which one you can put in. he'll be very visible. i think he's an excellent spokesperson and surrogate. he's invigorating. they get along very well. a lot of people thought that would be the choice or should be. he's going to be able to hopefully help deliver points with florida. he'll be key. and also the hispanic community, which i think will be important. >> chris christie seems to be loved by the blue collar. maybe he won't deliver new jersey, but can he go elsewhere and be effective? >> he can. and he has that tough budget busting message that worked in new jersey and the voters supported him. i think he'll be important. but i think the guy that will be critical will be bob mcdonald of virginia. this election is about virginia, virginia, virginia. mcdonald is very, very likeable. remember, barak obama won virginia in 2008, which was a big deal. democrats are not taking virginia for years. so i think mcdonald's going to be critical to rallying the troops. >> who are the runner ups that
2:58 pm
stand up will play a vital role? >> i'm a big rubio fan. i would love to see allen west come out here. i would really like him to put weight behind it because he has people that love him. >> especially in florida again. bob, out of those also rans, who scares you the most? >> we were scared to death that they would pick rubio because he could help florida. ryan can't deliver any state. and so the question -- ryan is farther right than rubio. chris christie will be helpful. i think haley barber would be helpful. they don't have a deep bench of attack dogs. you're right about virginia. >> what's interesting is i think none of you have brought up rob portman, who i hear is so popular in ohio. today he was on a bike race. he was visibly let down. >> you ever talk to him before? >> yeah. i've had him on radio. we spent a half hour. he's very popular in ohio. can he deliver ohio? >> he'll work hard for romney.
2:59 pm
they're very close. that's someone he greatly admires. in the beginning, that was probably someone he would have chosen. >> definitely hurt. that picture said a million words. >> yeah. >> also, wearing lycra doesn't put new a good mood. you have never worn lycra, have you, bob? >> i can't stand those punks who ride their bicycles with those on. >> that is not on my rundown. >> he was nice the entire show and minutes remaining, had to get one in. >> he's anti-lycra. >> ho is close to being gone. obama has spread out the lead. florida and virginia. i think north carolina is gone for obama. >> i think that though he might not be able to deliver wisconsin, i do think paul ryan will deliver a certain demographic. >> this is the end of the special edition of "the five." if we stop talking now, we'll have plenty of time


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