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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 12, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we know who we are are. we know what we believe. now, we just got to go do it! this man is the epitome of leadership. this man through everything he has done in his life raising his family, building successful businesses, saving troubling ones, helping create jobs, knowing first-hand experience that if you have a small business you did build that small business! [ cheers and applause ] >> that's right. he knows what it takes to create jobs, to increase take-home pay. he knows what entrepreneurs go
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through when suffocated with red tape, uncertain taxes, government regulations. you know what, remember when we had the olympics back when it it was? salt lake city? remember the chaos? remember the waste and the bloated spending and corruption that was plaguing the olympics at that time? waste. corruption. bloat. sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it? who did they turn to? who did they ask to drop everything in his life and save the olympics. that was this man right here. [ applause ] a imagine who as governor increased jobs, improved the credit rating of his state, be increased family income. all of the opposite of what policies havea's poll icies done. president obama came into office with hope and change.
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his policies have been put in place. they are not working. they are failing us. he can't run on that. he didn't moderate one at all. now, he turned hope and change into attack and blame and we are not going to fall for it. [ applause ] the person with the skill, the person with the integrity, the person with the vision, the person that is going to be the next president of the united states is this man standing next to me and his name is mitt romney! [ applause ] >> thank you! thank you! thank you. thank you. thank you. >> mitt! mitt! mitt!
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>> thank you so very much. what a high point welcome. that is just absolutely extraordinary. i'm just overwhelmed with appreciation. appreciation that you would be here today. there are a couple of thousand people standing out in the street. there is an overflow area. i wondered if if we are real quiet if they are cheer are if we can hear them. they are out there some where. we were just over there saying h hi to them. we drove over here. absolutely amazing how many people have come together and you may like paul and me but what you love and what brought you you here are is your love of the nation. it is an extraordinary nation. i'm appreciative of your patriotism. this is a patriotic nation. we love america. i'm also appreciative of heros proved in liberating strife who more than self-their country loved and mercy more than life.
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thank you to our veterans. >> usa! usa! usa earthquak! usa! usa! usa earthquake. >> you know, it takes kind of a strange character to start acting up when talking about the veterans but you want to act up in a different way and say thank you to those that have served this nation. [ cheers and applause ] >> in this front row here we have a gentleman who is a world war ii veteran. appreciate your generous service to this great land. thank you, sir. thank you. thank you. with all those -- with all those who have served our nation or are serving our nation in armed forces please raise your hand and be
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recognized. thank you so much. thank you. i'm appreciative also of the fact that this guy right here agreed to become my running mate and become the next vice president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm appreciative. these two guys are also willing to serve this great state. richard burr your senator and pat mclori your next governor. say hi to these guys. >> thank. >> these guys are the best. let me tell you we got to get them ehe electricked in november. now -- elected in november. the reason i selected this guy to be my running mate is that i knew i wanted a person who was a leader and he is a leader. his leadership was formed by virtue of strong character. he grew up fast because his dad
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died when was in high school and the family had to come together and pull together and by visit too of that understanding of the power of family and community he was able to become an extraordinary leader. he planned on doing something else with his career but you you know he looked at the country and recognized the real challenges we had and decided to go and try and make a difference. and so he went to washington not to get along with everybody but instead to bring some new ideas and help bring people together on both sides of the aisle. you see, he is someone who recognizes there are sometimes honest differences between honest people and a he went there to change minds. to find people across the aisle he could work with and he has done it. he has a plan for instance for medicare to make sure we can save medicare. and guess what? he is one of the two cosponsors. the other is a leading democrat. he found ways to bring people together to do good things. [ applause ] >> and so rather than attack
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people he would rather light a candle and bring more light to the situation. encourage people to find common ground and common principle that they can work together upon. that is the nature of this man. i know that we have got a real long road ahead of us. but this is day two on our pathway to reclaim america's promise and we are going to do it! laws plas. [ applause ] plus. >> now, these are -- these are critical times. you know they are critical times. right here in -- boy, i will tell you with north carolina having unemployment of 9.4 about percent, with the manufacturing sector here in high point having suffered by virtue of a lot of jobs going ovse, with a record number of people on food stamps, with ,ne out of six americans poor with 23 million americans out of work or stopped looking for work, these are challenging
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times. with our budget deficit so huge it is now a trillion dollars plus a year. this is a time that calls not for partisanship but for leadership and we will bring it back to this nation! [ applause ] i have got five things i know that are going to bring back this economy. and create jobs right here. north carolina. 12 million jobs for the nation. hundreds of thousands of jobs here in north carolina. five things. let me tell you what they are. number one we will take advantage of our energy resources. our coal. our oil. our gas. our renewables. is nuclear. we will get energy secure in north america within two terms. number two, we are delegate to fix our schools and make sure our kids have the skills to succeed. number three, we are going make
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trade work for america. all right. and that means opening up new markets for our goods but it also means when people cheat like china has cheated we will hold them accountable and we will not let people cheat without consequence. number four, we are going to do something people have talked about but haven't been willing to do and that is we are finally. going to cut federal spending and cut the deficit and get us to a balanced budget. and number five, we are are going to champion small business. it is going to be good to be in business again, melody. laws plast -- [ applause ] >> let me tell you, melody, you built this business. how many people do you have working here? >> 26. >> she has 26 people working here. she mange makes furniture.
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so finest push you will see in hospitals and healthcare settings she sells to around the country and around the world. you know something that paul ryan just said and i happen to know and you know she built this business, government didn't! [ applause ] you see, people are america recognize that central to the american experiment was the idea that free people could about pursue their dreams as it they wish and that in doing so they would help lift our entire sew stity. society. we could pursue our own course in life. people would take risk and work hard. by virtue of doing so they succeed in school perhaps or perhaps instead start a business and be successful there or get a promotion. and help their family with a
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brighter future. that has been the nature of america. it has not been government action. it has instead been people action. we are a nation based upon free people and that is what makes us great! [ applause ] i frankly just couldn't believe it when the president said the other day if you have a business you you didn't build it someone else did it that. i mean that is just not the way america works. you see, we always celebrated people who reach for achievement. reach for the stars. if there is a young person in high school that says i'm going to work hard and do well in school and make the honor roll, i know that to get to school they had to take a school bus. but if they make the honor roll i give them the credit, not the bus driver, all right. are and if someone goes to work
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to get a promotion, maybe they get an extra skill, they go to trade skill or go to community college and get an extra skill and get a promotion, i know that to get that promotion they had to drive and that means they had a license but you if they get the promotion, i credit them, not the dmv. this nation under stands the power of individuals. with their dreams. we welcome people from all over the world over the centuries to come here and come here by the millions they have because this is the land of opportunity. that is what makes america the nation that it is. and now at a critical time we have a choice are we going to have a nation driven by government becoming more and more like europe or like, california, or are we -- or are we instead -- with high taxes, high taxes, high unemployment, failing schools. look, you can see where the liberals would take us. you can look around the world and see what is happening in greece and spain and italy. you can see even the mistakes
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that are being made in great states like, california. where we can instead return to principles that bring in businesses and encourage entrepreneurs and fix our schools and take advantage of energy. we will restore america by bringing back the values and principles of america. [ applause ] >> and this counts -- >> usa! usa! usa! usa. >> you know, i had the privilege of being with lech walesa a week ago and he said to me a great world hero. he said to me where is america's leadership? we need american leadership. he is absolutely right. the world depends on american leadership. we need to restore strong families and strong values. a strong economy that puts our people to work and a military
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that is second to none in the world. we will -- [ applause ] >> i commit to you, i commit to you that if paul ryan and i get the chance to serve you in washington, we will do everything in our power to restore those values, to restore our economy, to rebuild our military, to make sure that america remains the hope of the earth. we are counting on north carolina. help us get the job done! thank you so much. thank you! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> shannon: you have been looking live and listening live at latest mitt romney paul ryan campaign rally in high point, north carolina. congressman paul ryan wasting no time taking on the attack dog role historically taken up by the vice presidential candidate. he has been on the ticket a little more than 24 hours now. the romney-ryan campaign heads to wisconsin, paul ryan's home state. a bit of a home coming planned
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there for him tonight. steve brown is traveling to that event in waukesha, wisconsin, and joins us on the phone. what is the reaction there? how are the hometown folks there feeling about the selection to the number two pot. >> waukesha is in it the western suburbs of milwaukee, bright red territory in the state of wisconsin which is narrowly divided. a warm welcome. hearing numbers about potentially thousands of people showing up. that is a sizeable crowd. recently we thought it was going be in a venue that held 2,000 and now i'm to understand it is now an outdoor event. it is actually kind of fall like in terms of the weather. so follo folks out will probabe needing jackets. we know that the state party and campaign has been working feverishly to make sure that the turnout is impressively large. this will be the last time at least until the convention that we expect to see mitt romney and paul ryan campaigning
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together. from there they split up and go in different directions which is typical of what happens with newly minted presidential or white house teams if you will. they head in different directions and cover different territories. paul ryan off to iowa which is looks to be yet again another battleground state in 2012. and he will be hitting the state fair which is an obvious opportunity for him to reach a whole lot of people across the state including folks that may not be inclined to vote for him. those folks will get a chance to hear him as well and i am sure he will draw a fairly large crowd. state which politics is by its very nature part of the culture out there because of its first in the nation status. paul ryan will be tested early on. the energy level in the campaign has been extraordinarily high but there is no indication as of yet there is still no polling numbers and we are only 24 hours into this in regards to how ryan impacts any of the
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races, any of the state races. and that is is a key issue. there are a lot of optimism here in wisconsin about what ryan on the ticket actually means. the obama campaign more than happy to point out that according to polling approval numbers give the president higher grades in wisconsin than paul ryan and he is from here. but this is again a very narrowly divided state. this is a state that has seen all sorts of political turmoil over the course of the last 230 years and ha lot of statewide elections. functionally four over the course of the last two years. november will be five since november of 21st century. 2010. they have been constantly in election mode up here. interrogatory see how this plays out. >> shannon: we know you are on the way to the event in waukesha and we will carry that live on fox news tonight. sort of the welcome home for paul ryan now, you that he is officially the number two on the gop ticket. that is it for us here in
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washington. after the break we will pick back up with "fox news sunday" already in progress. john roberts is filling in for chris wallace is with interviews with nor john mccain and the head of the dnc congress woman debbie wasserman schultz. i'm shannon bream. thanks for watching fox where more news is always on the way. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. for reaction from democrats we are joined by congress woman debbie wassermanner areman schulz the chair of the demoatic national committee. came down from new hampshire this morning. >> and back to florida today. >> you came out with strong kitcriticism of congressman ryan saying he has been called
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a serious person but he like mitt romney has seriously flawed ideas for the economy that that have only failed us in the past. >> as a member of the budget committee i had a front row seat to witness the architect of the romney-ryan budget paul ryan embrace extremism and suggest that we should end medicare as we know it and shred the safety net for senior in healthcare that we had in place for more than 50 years. turn medicaid into a block grant and send it to the states which to jeopardize seniors in nursing homes. potentially take 10 million students off of pell grants. cut healthcare. cut education. paul ryan has embraced an extremist proposal and goes not only too far but really according to every independent economist asked cuts so much that it would risk slowing or even stalling or recovery which we know is already fragile.
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>> let's focus in on medicare because you said end medicare as we know it. if it goes along the path it is on now it will end itself. and you heard john mccain say the trustee's report says thatle be he in 12 years. lar reports of nine years and now extended out to 12. there need to be changes made and the changes that senator -- sorry that congressman ryan in conjunction with ron widen have been making mirror very much the provisions in the affordable care act for lower income people. how can you embrace one thing for lower income people and say we can't do the same thing for seniors. >> let's make sure that everyone knows that senator widen voted against the ryan budget when it came up for a vote in the senate. even ron wid agrees that paul ryan's approach is too extreme and turning medicare into a voucher program would not be the way to go. the affordable care act the reason that we have 12 years
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rather than mean in is because the affordable care act added 8 years of solvency to the medicare program. we need to continue to shore up medicare so that my generation and paul ryan's generation actually have an opportunity to have that safety net in place. what we don't need to do and that mitt romney has fully embraced by choosing paul ryan as his running mate is to shred that safety net and tell seniors you no longer have a guaranteeor healthcare. we will give you a voucher and then make you pay about $6,300 more in premiums in order to be able to pay for the healthcare and essentially leave you with a gap between what the voucher provides and what the insurance company that you ultimately get coverage from charges you. that is the wrong way to to go. >> a couple of important points on what you said. it was a voucher program in 2011 but the new in car nation would allow senior are citizens to stay in the traditional medicare system and it is true that the congressional budget
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office scored the 2011 budget as potentially costing senior citizens $6,300 but no such scoring of the new budget so you are actually giving us an old figure here. >> still a proposal that paul ryan put on the table that we actually -- that we actually voted on that he has championed and mitt romney has now you chosen paul ryan who is the architect of that plan as his running mate. someone who mitt romney already embraced the ryan budget which we know is extreme. and as someone who represents thousands of seniors in south florida, i can tell you what would happen in either proposal in ryan two or ryan one is that insurance companies would cherry pick the healthy people. cherry pick the best people to insurance and as a result th folks who remained in medicare would see their costs go up. either way whether it is ryan one or son of ryan you will still leave seniors in a dire situation as opposed to
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traditional medicare which is a safety net through which we have said for more are than 50 years we are not going to let seniors fall through. barack obama thinks that is unacceptable. mitt romney has fully embraced it. >> you said in the past people could be excluded for preexisting conditions, do you still hold to that. >> he repealed the affordable care act which means that, yes, we would return to the days when insurance companies to deny people. >> but not senior citizens because you said that about senior citizens. the ryan plan specifically says that senior citizens would preexisting conditions could mott not be excluded from medicare. >> but the plan shreds the safety net for seniors and turns medicare into a voucher program. >> but only for those who want to choose to go with a privatized system. >> we made a decision more than 50 years ago we were going to make sure that families were no longer going to be medically
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bankrupt trying to care for seniors. paul ryan and mitt romney would allow seniors to fall through the floor because they would pull the rug out and give them a voucher and tell them they are essentially on their own. drive up their healthcare costs and cost their families even more money because someone is going to have to make sure at thaseniors don't get sick and e no one to care for them and no way to pay for it. >> when it comes not president's healthcare plan the affordable care act there have been potential problems pointed out with that. thcongressional budget office says it would increase taxes and by slowing the growth of. >> increase taxes by $500 billion? >> a $500 billion tax increase from the this is from the cbo because of the affordable care act. also slow the growth, not cut medicare. but slow the growth by $500 billion over the same
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period. >> not cut benefits which is what the republicans. >> very clear, slow the growth of medicare. >> that is also by the way while paul ryan's plan was that mitt romney has embraced repeals the affordable care act. they do not repeal in their budget the same $500 billion in cuts. >> let me get back if i could to the point i was making. an actuary report found that the slowing of the growth of medicare under the affordable care act would have an impact is such that by 2019, 15% of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hole health agencies -- home health agencies would have to withdraw from providing services to medicare beneficiaries merge with other row vieder groups or switch costs to nonmedicare nonmedicaid payers. >> the difference between the romney-ryan approach and the republican extremists in the tea party who have proposed 31 different times in the house of representatives to just repeal the affordable care act is that
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they want to make sure that we can go back to the days when insurance companies could deny you coverage or drop you for a preexisting condition. they want seniors back to the time when the doughnut hole was a thousands of dollar gap in coverage for prescription drugs. i thanks to barack obama have stood behind the last senior in line in the drugstore who when five or prescriptions come to the counter they have to leave two or three behind because they can't aford them. the affordable care act makes sure they can stay healthy, instead of waiting before they are sick before going to the doctor. we will keep them health. paul ryan and mitt romney would leave them to have massive gaps in coverage and drive their healthcare costs up. shred are the safety net and let them fall through that floor. it is unaccept seasonably. >> let me switch gears if i
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could. we talked with john mccain and aired a little bit of the priorities usa ad. should the democrats be releasing an ad that accuses a presidential candidate of being -- through inference of of being responsible for a woman's death? >> first it of all that is a priorities usa it it is not a dem democratic ad. it is a priorities usa super pac ad. >> do you deny that they are democrats? >> i have no idea the political affiliation of folks associated with. >> bill burton who used to work for the white house and worked for the obama campaign in 2008. is a democrat the. >> that is a super pac ad not affiliated with the campaign or the party. >> what do you think of the ad? >> the ad raises facts such as that mitt romney when was ceo of bain capital bankrupted companies, laid off workers, cut their benefits and made millions of dollars in profit and that ad points out that there are consequences to making decisions like that that impacted people's lives in a significant way. >> but this idea --
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>> that is what the ad was underscoring. >> the timeline of the ad is such that the direct inference is that because this man lost his health insurance this man's wife died from cancer. she had her own insurance and lost her insurance and died six years late there is no in dig nation and the hypocrisy with where are are the in dig nation that support of the bishopser pacs supported with romney's campaign. >> i don't think they have inferd that somebody has die. >> they inferred that barack obama isn't even american and questioned whether his birth certificate is legitimate. there are so many questions that questioned barack obama's patriotism and whether he is even an american. where is the same insignificant nation? is fox condemning the syne pac ads in support of mitt romney? the bottom line is mitt romney as ceo of bain capital profited from bankrupting company.
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cutting benefits. firing workers and made money anyway and there are consequences. that has an impact on people's lives. and the person in that ad wanted to talk about what he thought the impact on his family was. >> you mentioned indig nation. i wanted to get your sense of something here. my colleague george stephanopoulos last week talked to you about hair reid's accusations did not pay taxes for ten years. he went so far as to talk about it on the floor of the senate. back in april you were accused of favoritism by an anonymous source to which you said let me put it up here on the screen i don't know what they are talking about. the famous anonymous sources that never have the nerve to actually say what they are saying make accusations on the record. there was indig nation there. where is the indignation now about senator reid quoting anonymous sources? >> it it is another tune to talk about the secrecy, the
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pension for secrecy that mitt romney has. >> could you speak to that? >> this issue ha harry reid raced was not raised by harry reid. there are are countless is journalists and voters and leaders who have insisted that mitt romney should release more than one year of tax returns. he has not done that. >> but where is the indignation about anonymous sources back in april regarding this person. >> i don't know who harry reid's sources are and that -- >> should he be quoting anone must sources particularly on the floor of the senate? >> harry reid has his own sources. i would like to know how many years of tax returns did mitt romney review and ask aurora give him and is he going to require the release of those taxetns. barack obama and joe biden have released 12 years of tax returns. mitt romney released one and a partial view of a second one. >> john mccain released two. >> no, he released about 12
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years. >> john kerry didn't release his wife's tax returns. you can make arguments. >> they are not running for president. mitt romney is the first major party candidate for president of the united states in modern times not to release at least 12 years of tax returns. there is a reason. we seen a glimpse of why. investments in bermuda. swiss bank accounts. or investments in known tax havens if not to be hiding something. mitt romney needs to come clean and for that matter now so does paul ryan. mitt romney needs to show american voters at least the same number of tax returns that he asked paul ryan to show him when he was vetting him for vice president. >> great to sit down with you. thanks for stopping by. >> appreciate. >> coming up our sunday group. we'll be right back on "fox news sunday." stay with us. 
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we took a step forward in restoring the promise of america because i have selected a person who is a leader. >> we need someone of principle. someone of achievement. someone of integrity. that man is standing next to me, his name is mitt romney, and he is going to be the next president of the united states! >> that was congressman paul ryan following governor romney at a pain sto campaign stop on. joining us is our panel.
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good sunday moing to all of you. >> good morning. >> liz let's start with you because we haven't heard from you all weekend. bill was waxing eloquently all day yesterday. you got a chance to hear from congressman wasserman schultz and the democrats will have a hard criticism of paul ryan and his budget. >> i was struck by the fact that she refused to say what their solution is. what we have got in both governor romney and congressman ryan is people with an incredible amount of respect for the voter. two candidates who understand we are about to go off the fiscal cliff if we don't deal with a whole range of issues including spending and entitlement programs. as hard as you pushed congressman wasserman schultz all she could do is continue to repeat talking points and not say what is going to happen here if we don't in fact address these issues. i think that in congressman ryan we have a terrific pick. somebody with real courage who
11:39 am
has shown leadership and they will deal with the tough critical issues and not just kick the can down the road. >> do you think the choice is a big relief to the obama campaign? the new york times says the president has an opening to turn the election into a referendum on the vision that mr. ryan has advanced and mitt romney has adopted. >> he is a good guy and smart buy it and showed courage in the proposals he made. this shifts the debate from the economy and jobs to reforming entitlements which people tend to embrace in the abstract but when you get down to the details some of which were flood mr. ryan's budget people are a lot less supportive. i think given the choices this is probably a good pick for mitt romney but you it doesn't change mitt romney and that is what this ultimately comes down to. i think still uphill for him unless he has an outstanding debate about performance or there is some bad economic data. >> does the obama campaign want
11:40 am
to talk about anything besides the economy? >> i think they would like to talk about anything other than what people experienced the last four years around to do you trust to defend the middle class and most to reform the entitlement programs? that is the debate they would like to have and in some ways that is the debate paul ryan gives them. >> joe and bill in politics particularly in an election campaign you want to stay away from the third rail, entitlements. mitt romney has grabbed on to it and embraced it full force. is that going to be a problem for him going into the campaign that this doesn't become about the economy it becomes about entitlements. >> it it is exactly what the obama camp wanted. when you look at this they have been treeing to figure a way to get from the bain problems that romney has and connect them to the ryan budget. and a you know this guy fired people and cost you your pensions, is that the guy you want to trust to reform and change medicare and end it as we know it. if you could tie the two things together.
11:41 am
they had trouble doing it and now mitt romney has picked the one, picked paul ryan the architect of that and makes it easy to make it exactly what the "new york times" talked about a choice between two philosophies, two futures not a referendum on the fast four years and what is what the obama campaign wants. as a democrat that is what you want. >> if you were advising governor romney would you say let's fight this campaign on entitlements. >> and the relationship to the economy. if we are going broke we are not going to have a healthy chi. i would yerbine ever pi speech with the following two sentences. we are a great country and we are going broke. president obama doesn't understand the greatness of our country and is doing nothing about the fact that we are going broke. that is the truth and we will tell the truth period. that is the big picture debate they need to have. the key for the romney campaign to understand this pick is the beginning of a strategy. if he makes the pick and people
11:42 am
like me like it and happy two or three days and then back to the same old romney campaign that won't work. this needs to be the first card that is being played in a veer reese of cards where he makes this a big campaign about the future. you have to embrace the choice. there is always a myth if you could just win a quote referendum on the last four years. voters know they are voting about the next four years and he has to clare tie what the choice is for the next four years. >> the real danger here, i agree with what bill saying, he starts looking like he is trying to back away from the ryan plan and there is signs he may be trying to do that, that starts now playing into the whole flip flopper and other things that people are -- attacks or people wondered about about romney. this pick could end up being devastating if he pulls back doesn't embrace this and really push forward it could be a big, big problem. >> and liz, you are shaking your head and senator bayh, you are nodding your head.
11:43 am
>> i think what you have got in the obama administration is policy have failed. made the economy worse. and on the issue of entitlements a complete dereliction of duty. a president who has walked away from solution. this pick demonstrates in fact the republicans are the party going to be responsible about these things and tell the american people the truth but that governor romney understands and gets that you can't simply ignore this for political reasons which is what this president has done. as long as the republicans continue to point out it has been three years of failed policies and dereliction of duty i think we have a good shot in november. >> clearly mitt romney was losing the technical mudslinging contest he had been drawn into. >> he had a bad july. >> things were not looking good for him. ultimately this might have been a good choice among very difficult choices for him. get out of the tactical mudslinging and elevate the
11:44 am
debate about where we are going with the country. i agree with bill and liz on that point. the problem is historically here and historically for conservative governments here and else in europe and elsewheres, talking about the particulars of entitlement reform is difficult politically. >> it is. >> we have a difference between the politics of the moment the next 1 hyundais an hundreddayse substance. if you win ugly you have no consensus and no mandate at a time when the country really needs progress. >> it is difficult politically but a lot of people have been doing it the last two or three years. they are called governors and making tough choices and people are seeing it in real time in new jersey with chris christ die and in wisconsin paul ryan's home state with scott walker and it is working towards a policy but more important it is working. i agree it is a little
11:45 am
different from running the traditional old fashioned republican campaign somehow just disqualify the democrats, that is not going work. the democratic salt is going to be huge and political. i got an e-mail from tom cotton who served as an infantry officer in iraq and afghanistan and is going to win his rate, i believe. he said one thing he learned as an army infantry officer in a near ambush turn into the fire and assault with the ambush. that was his assault at 2:00 a.m. having watched the coverage of the ryan pick. nd i'm passing it on here on national television. listen to tom cotton. he will win his race. he served with great honor in iraq and afghanistan. you have to turn into the fight and not back off interest it. >> face your enemy. you may not like the ryan plan, but he has got a plan. where have senate democrats been for the last 12 hyundais the economy and the budget?
11:46 am
>> the fact is they are not running against -- romney run ryan is not running against reid and the u.s. senate. he is run aring against obama and biden. >> he is criticized for having a plan but senate democrats have not passed a budget proposal, budget resolution in 1200 days. >> and not going to change between now and november. one thing the problem with the truth telling running into the fire and telling the truth, and that is the carrier of the message is a guy who won't show people his tax returns. i'm going to tell you the truth and we will be straight and blunt and put it out there for the american people and tell them the truth about what is is going on but i don't want to disclose anything else. there is a problem with the romney message here and it is romney, it is not paul ryan. >> let me take a break here. we will be back in just a couple of minutes to talk about
11:47 am
the tough negative political ads. are the campaigns going too far in their inferences and accusations? we'll be right back. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous s have occurre. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, whilen enbrel, you experice persistent fever,
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that is when they found the cancer and by then it was stage four. it was -- there was nothing they could do for her and she pass the away in 22 days. >> what does it say about a president's character when his campaign tries to use the tragedy of a woman's death for political gain? >> that was the back and forth over that controversial ad from the super pac supporting president obama that said a cancer victim died us what because of what mitt romney did while at bain capital. liz, you were listening to
11:51 am
debbie wasserman schultz talk about that and she said that ad illuminates the as a results of romney's time in private enterprise and others say it goes beyond any sense of decency and reason. >> i didn't catch a lot of what she said because i was laughing when she said she couldn't say whether the priorities usa folks were democrats. there is a real credible issue here. i think that obviously we learned over the course of the last couple of weeks administration officials raising money for priorities usa. david ploufe or not bill burton runs priorities usa. there is no question about the connection between that super pac and the white house. having said that, though, it seems to me the american people are not going to be casting a vote based on these kinds of ugly ads. i think it hurts the president's credibility not to disavow the ad but at the end of the day people want to know what is mitt romney going to do
11:52 am
about jobs and the economy. what is barack obama going to do. they see what he has done the last three years and it hasn't worked. i think the voters would like to see us get off of the debates about the ads and they do a disservice to people. >> you said that winning ugly isn't a win. if barack obama wins a second term if these ads out there is that an ugly win? >> with ads like this it would be. my own view is that if we going to retain our credibility as democrats to condemn the other side when they go too far which they have with regard to the president from time to time we need to disavow ads like this and this ad should not run and we should say. >> do how to think the president would say that. >> i think it would be helpful. he takes the high ground and in a stronger position to defend himself when too is subjected to attacks that go too far. >> this is ultimately going to be about substance. how do we create more opportunity for the american people and better jobs and deal with entitlement reforms. the problem with winning ugly
11:53 am
is you have no consensus because you completely alienated your are opponent and have no mandate for ideas of your own. this country needs progress and winning ugly doesn't enable you to do that. >> joe trippi, the ad is this the new normal where you take things out of context and bridge the them together so to sound like you killed somebody? >> this ad never once run as a paid ad. there was no add buy. >> but that is the new normal, too. >> put something on the internet and goes viral and everybody sees it and you don't have to pay a dime. >> you make it a little outlandish and make it -- you cross the line on purpose. why? because then everybody talks about it. >> a heck of a line to cross, though, isn't it? >> they crossed it. i have been saying this for weeks. the romney campaign continues somebody on the democratic side says smoke and the romney side
11:54 am
runs out and screams fire and they pour more gasoline on the problem whether it is reid saying, you know, talked about the tax returns. or something else. and then go put more on it. now, the president comes out and he would say that that ad should come down bringing more are attention and then a few million people watch it on you tube. that is where we are at. because the way that gets covered but we are talking about today it is working, the strategy actually works because we are all talking. >> and negative ads if they are true tore not they work as well. let me bill reflect something that liz just said and bring this back around to the chicken in the campaign. she said that the american people probably won't more of a debate and want more illumination of the issues. do you think the addition of paul ryan will add a level of detail in the discussion that might not have been there. >> if the romney campaign follows up on the ryan pick by running a romney-ryan type
11:55 am
campaign and not kind of going back to avoiding some details and just wishing only to get people to know that the economy is not in good shape and president obama isn't living up to hope and change. they did that for two or three runs. it wasn't working well. the numbers were collapsing in ohio and the midwest a couple of weeks ago. i think the bain capital attacks were working and not releasing the tax return tactics were working. if it seas at level of tactics, i think the democrats win. i think they are better at it. therefore it is important that the romney campaign use the ryan pick to make the whole campaign a much bigger campaign. >> liz, wrap it up. how far into detail should they get. i said i love to hear details. i'm a details guy. that is not politics. >> no, look, i think that part of the paul ryan appeal is he is one of the best spokespeople
11:56 am
we have on the republican side who takes really complicated issues who put the plan in place and who has been able to deliver a message that the american people can hear without getting caught in the weeds. he is able to lay out why it is we have got to address these issues and frankly why it is private enterprise is the answer and why it is that the obama plan hasn't worked and so i think that you know you will in fact see a detail oriented campaign but one that has got a very good couple of messengers to it. >> a great discussion. thanks for some coming in and thanks joe and bill for doing yerman duty all weekend long. we appreciate it. we pick up with the discussion on our website "fox news sunday" .com. we will post the video before noon eastern time. make sure to follow us on twitter @ fox news sunday. we'll be he right back. we'll be right back. ♪ you want to save money on car insurance?
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11:59 am
>> john: finally today many republican insiders were pushing for paul ryan to be on the ticket with mitt romney. back here in march, chris wallace asked the congressman about being a candidate for vice president. >> i can't answer that question because i haven't given enough thought to that. >> you are leaving the door open. >> i would have to consider it but it's not something i am thinking right now. i think our job in congress is pretty important. if we don't like the direction the president is taking us which we don't. we owe them a different path they can select in november. >> john: congressman ryan will be part of offering that different path. chris wallace returns next fox news sunday. thanks so much for joining us. i'm john roberts.