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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 16, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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in the course of this show, we add $300 million to our debt. give or take. just this show. by on the, it will be worse. >> andrea: hello, i'm andrea tantaros with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: president obama now got involved in joe biden's comments about republicans wanting to put people back in chains. the remarks were made to a crowd in virginia that included many african-americans. if you haven't seen the video, here it is. >> people let the big banks again write their own rules. unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains.
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>> andrea: the president was asked about it in an interview with "entertainment tonight" of all places. >> what joe biden was talking about again is an example of a substantive argument, substantive issue that the american people should be concerned about. and his phrasing is a distraction from what is at stake. >> andrea: okay. the president called it a distraction from the substantive argument. several prominent zil rhts leaders are taking the comments much more seriously. given that mr. biden may have been alluding to slavery. >> sleighry is nothing to joke about. and the history of this nation involvement with slavery is nothing to pass on. >> it's wrong and the president ought to be embarrassed by it and say it was wrong. >> the comments we know that they were meant to ignite hatred, we know that it was done for political gain. i think it's time for the
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american people to say you know, this is not appropriate. i think it's disrespect to the office which he holds. >> i found remarks profoundly insulting. this is close to being contemptuous. the remarks are insulting. he needs to dial them back and apologize. >> andrea: a lot about race from african-americans. kimberly the last woman on the video is santita jackson, daughter of jesse jackson. the president coming out basically trying to explain and make excuses for joe biden, shouldn't the president have said he shouldn't have said it and move on? >> kimberly: especially because there seems to be -- shocking -- bipartisan agreement that the comments were not, you know, taken the right way, they were not stated the right way. should have apologized. why not be ahead of this, be presidential and say look, these comments are inappropriate. say sorry and leave it at that. >> don't they want anything
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but the economy? they will take this discussion. >> dana: i thought the president did well. biden said that and immediately the campaign people said we're cool with it. no problem. it's good. the fire storm is building. folks here weren't the only one osfended. so president obama says look, distraction. when the president says it's a distraction you have been slapped on the wrist. watch yourself. watch your emotions. they dominate the news cycle an take us on what we want to work on. >> andrea: do you think joe was slapped on the wrist? he puts his mouth in his -- foot in his mouth lot. >> brian: i know one thing, for the first time, it's my privilege to fill, in i have
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greg gutfeld's drink. he likes diet sprite. i thought it was water. >> andrea: eric's drink. >> brian: i should be sitting there. i'm so confused. i think it will be an interesting lunch. i thought one of the big stories last week is when the president got interview with black enterprise magazine and they asked him why aren't you doing more for african-americans in the jobless situation? he said my jobs is to get jobs for every american. that should have been emphasized. it wasn't. that is how he really feels. joe biden set the campaign back. this is the first time i have seen obama camp on appeals in two or three months. >> andrea: do you think the matters at the end of the day? you worked on campaigns. obama didn't speak to the naacp. now this comment, does this have any effect? even if it's a slight one? >> shocking to me that joe
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would make a verbal gaffe. >> andrea: were you separated at birth? >> the intent that romney would take regulations off the big banks is exactly right. too bad what got lost in this, obama was right, substance of this. the big banks took us to the great recession. nobody was penalizeded because of it. they should be in jail. >> kimberly: somebody call hillary clinton to see if she is available? >> andrea: what do you think of that? a lot of republicans, john mccain, sarah palin and others are taking to the news circuit saying put hillary on the ticket. no way, leave joe on. great for republicans. >> kimberly: i'm scared. i hope joe takes a vitamins and gets a great night's rest. no way we want hillary in on this at all. that would be a great benefit. >> dana: it's late. bob and talk about this. it's a little late.
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if you are a hillary supporter you don't want her to take vice presidential job. incumbent president is hard to beat. party gets eight year, two terms, that party loses the next election. if you really like hillary, you really want her to be president, you don't want her to be vice president. >> andrea: we want her doing the running man in the congo. what do we call that? mowing the lawn? sprinkler? >> brian: she did better than i would have imagined. >> bob: dancing? >> brian: yeah. no one ever walked up to me and said you a good dancer. >> bob: i'm taking tap dancing lessons. >> brian: i don't believe it until i see video. what do i think? there f there wasn't a bain capital attack where mitt killed someone's wife.
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he is a fellow that hasn't paid taxes. i don't think is a big deal. as soon as republicans saw an opportunity to do, the obama camp, done with the romney camp, they jumped -- >> andrea: hold on. on the heels of that, i want your reaction. all the things except for dog on the roof were divide. an obama was asked about that last night. take a listen. >> i don't think you or anyone watching me campaign would suggest that in any way we have tried to divide the country. we tried to bring the country together. >> andrea: so tax the rich. all this other stuff. you have didn't build that. how can you make that. >> bob: the idea, you think about divide. you say 40/60. 40/50. he is taking on the 1%.
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you keep talking about dividing the country. you are saying dividing the country is poor rich people beat up. >> dana: no, no, no. i have great hopes at the beginning that rhetoric would change things in washington. then you start listening little by little. maybe the staff should back off and let him be himself. then you heard september 2009 congressional speech to the joint session of congress on healthcare he did. i thought my gosh, it's not the staff. this partisan rhetoric is something he worked on all day long. you work on it. the family theater there at the white house. you remember when he called republicans his enemy? that is not saying the 1% needs to pay more. that is saying if you say center right country, what is it now? democrat, 40 and 40%. that is pretty divisive language. i'm surprised that the country
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is divided in 2012 than in 2008. >> bob: all the things you list about mitt romney, the dog was true. bain is true. the killed the woman was not true. bad thing. best thing that happened to romney, what biden has done is take the focus off ryan and whatever romney stands for is not much. what we need here is not joe, step it in and get that to be the news. what vice presidents don't matter in the end. they don't in terms of votes. happened one time, lyndon johnson and carried the state of texas. otherwise they vote for two people. barack obama. second, romney who nobody knows anything about, not told us about anything that's substantive and he is hiding behind distraction. >> andrea: speaking of substance, former senator john sununu, sur kate for the romney -- surrogate for the romney campaign went on the attack and had this to say. always colorful. >> they are losers.
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they have run the country in the ground. they are desperate and they know they can't win on the economy. all of a sudden, they are not going to be able to win because they robbed medicare of $716 billion. they can be as nasty as they want. they with move in class warfare as much as they want. they can move in to racial unrest if they want. the american public is seeing through the phonies. >> bob: really, john? >> andrea: kimberly, he -- >> bob: can i say one thing? this is the last man that put together a campaign with a one-term president and lost it. he has as much standing as -- >> dana: do you know anything about that? >> kimberly: i'd like to an ultimate championship capable match. >> brian: he knows romney's record better than romney. >> bob: john sununu doesn't know much. >> andrea: every time he says something it's picked up and played over and over. >> bob: because you talk like that. >> andrea: got your attention. boks it gets your attention
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and it gets me fighting mad. the only think he did is get his teeth fixed when he was the chief of staff. >> andrea: that's all he did. >> bob: his teeth good do look great. >> andre now he is a great messenger and makes a compelling argument that obama gutted grandma medicare with obamacare. >> kimberly: help grandma. help florida. >> andrea: coming up, man opens fire at headquarters of the conservative family research council. could the ideology inspired him to do it? new details next on "the five." ♪ ♪ managing my diabetes is part of my life,
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: new information from the shooting yesterday. security guard was shot after
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wrestling a man trying to get inside the offices. according to abf.b.i. aft, accused gunman allegedly told guard "i don't like your politics" before reaching in a back pack for a gun an opening fire. he was charged today with assault with intent to kill and bringing a firearm across state line. he could face terrorism charge. okay, so andrea, this is the initial charge. charging document. they have a certain period of time to file charges. but the latest developments on it, they issued a clarification. he may also face a domestic terrorism charge, they are still investigating it. >> andrea: tony perkins the president of the family research council was on with megyn kelly on "america live" earlier today and he has background working in terrorism. he told her that this is terrorism as he sees it. he said it's designed to intimidate, which is what the shooter seems like wanted to do. but he came out and i thought
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it was really great what he said. he said we are not going to let us intimidate us at all. stand firm. we believe in the traditional marriage. exactly what this guy wants to do. he is crazy. anybody who walks in a building with a gun is crazy. is to try to make a point and scare others to back off their belief. i applaud mr. perkins for not doing that. >> kimberly: he mentioned in the interview, dana, this individual has 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches along with 50 rounds of ammo. >> bob: at least he wouldn't hungry. sorry. >> dana: on the domestic terrorism charge, whether or not it comes forward, aed looed term -- loaded term. you have to parse it carefully. i assume, as a lawyer, that everybody is thinking about that very carefully before they do anything. remember we talked about the aurora shooting? there have been subsequent shooting in the recent weeks. the question is was there something he said along the
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way in the lead up to his decision to get the gun and to go to the place? is there something about his mental health that would have been a clue to help us stop this from happening again, whenever it might be? i thought the comments from the lesbian, gay, lgbt community were good saying that they absolutely condemn all violence. they work hard on their issues from their perspective. >> kimberly: a powerful lobbying group. they are a national/international, lesbian gay, bisexual, transgender and some include questioning community. >> brian: how you can unwind the acronyms is something i can't do. >> kimberly: i'm from san francisco. >> brian: that is very important. i think it's clear he is not doing the p90x that congressman ryan is doing. i love to see one show without a shooting. i can't keep the shootings straight. shooting, a lunatic and heroic action. that is what this leo johnson did. this guy suppresses this
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lunatic over there. and turns a lot of people lives are saved, and same thing in aurora, so many people shielded their girlfriends and family members. same thing, of course with the other shooting in the midwest when you had the cop go in there. >> bob: the implication because he went to perkins family values organization, on one happen you say he is crazy. anybody who carries a gun and shoots people is crazy. but to suggest by inference this is an attack on the conservative family values yesterday, he is for the gay agenda is a stretch. first of all, this guy, we don't know how much about -- >> kimberly: wait. your points are well taken but i don't think we are saying that he is acting on behalf of -- >> bob: no. but domestic terrorism charge would be that he was there with intent. now, last domestic terrorism charge, if i remember right, right winger timothy mcveigh. was a domestic terrorist charge.
2:20 pm
in this case, he came from virginia, again, becomes the gun capital of the world where you can buy guns easily. you can be crazy and buy guns in virginia. >> brian: bought them last week. >> bob: i bet you did. you can buy guns anywhere, any amount as crazy as you are. >> dana: the fort hood should have been classified as domestic terrorism but they didn't charge him with that. >> kimberly: be clear, the facts are what is in police are, the police department departmenreport and confidencest like your politics. >> andrea: he didn't show up at the door of aclu or chick-fil-a. he showed up at the door of the family research council. >> dana: reportedly said -- >> bob: he didn't go to chick-fil-a -- >> dana: just on the media front, when you read the stories remember in the colorado shooting one of the story lines out of that, like when not very important ones abc news, one of the first things they did, brian roz
2:21 pm
report odd kay, we have a connection here to the tea party. the first thing they did is go out there and look for it. that was their first reaction. on this one you look from the other lens going well, wait. now we are not, now we're not supposed to judge, which i'm not. i think on the mental health point. >> kimberly: we have to examine that. they have had a conversation with his parents. there is a lot of conversation in the confidence. affidavit. they informed the special agent he has strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner. those statements were made as well. they have to finalize charges and be certain if the domestic terrorism charges -- >> bob: which is why we have to be careful about leading a story line here with domestic terrorism. you are talking about tony perkins -- >> dana: the f.b.i. is saying they are considering domestic terrorism charges. we didn't make it up. >> bob: we didn't make it up but it's not best to highlight
2:22 pm
it. >> andrea: the level of media coverage, and the way the media handled this is different -->> brian: can we just get him in a jump suit? get him in a jump suit. i don't care how. i want him away. >> kimberly: it's official. >> bob: you are an expert on most of those things? curious. >> kimberly: in the worst economic recovery since the great depression. why? we will hear from both sides. that's right, bob. both sides, coming up. >> bob: sure we are. ♪ ♪ in 2008, i voted for president obama with no reluctance. he presented himself as something different. i had hoped that the new president would bring new jobs. not major layoffs, not people going through major
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foreclosures on their homes. he did get his healthcare through, but at what cost? he said he was going to cut the deficit in his first term. i've seen zero interest in reducing spending. he inherited a bad situation, but he made it worse. i think he's a great person. i don't feel he is the right leader for our country, though. i still believe in hope and change, i just don't think obama's the way to go for that. the president has not earned re -election, in 2012, in my book. i've seen his now definition of hope and change. it's not the hope and change i want, and it's not the hope and change i thought i was going to get. i don't feel that i helped my grandchildren by voting for president obama and i regret that. americans for prosperity is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> brian: we minds me of "werewolf of london." now the worst depression since the great depression. pie checks fall ben hind inflation and consumer spending is sluggish. administration blames trickle-down economics. listen to the accuser, in this case, president obama. the defender, art laffer, one of the architects of reaganomics. go, guys. >> they have been trying to sell the trickle-down snake oil before. guess what? it didn't work then. it won't work now. >> he was at the university of chicago, he should have taken the economic courses there when heas there. trickle-down economics which is the pejorative way to call it supply side economics did work. he would never run his family budget the way he runs our country's budget. none of them would ever run their family business the way
2:28 pm
they propose running the country business. it's bad economics. it doesn't work. we have to get to supply-side pro growth for people ar are rewarded for doing well. >> brian: bob, some say that trickle-down economics is the best example was bill clinton. he said bill clinton was unbelievable president. where did he get the economic principles, obama could take the principles. >> bob: we're not sitting on the couch in the show. where a flight of fancy can happen to you. by the way, your sadness about the state of the economy is overwhelming. i was going to bring out my crying towel. bill clinton raised thongs the wealthiest people and had the eight greatest growth years in the united states. let me point this out for a second. in july, retail sales rose in
2:29 pm
july. 160,000 jobs in july. consumer confidence rose in june. exports are high in june. housing up in june over a year ago. bureau, is census bureau says the dow jones/industrials is at the highest it's been -- >> kimberly: four more years! four more years! >> bob: you could knock it but also say the number of new permits for housing starts and business starts went to all-time high. listen, the point is obama had to draw us out of the greatest recession. slowest recovery. the greatest recession -- >> andrea: we're in it. >> bob: we are not in it. you're particularly not in it. pull it out of the greatest recession ever. pull the rest of the world. >> brian: when do we stop talking about recession but talk about the recovery. >> bob: that is what we're talking about. >> andrea: bob went through a laundry list of economic data points people aren't buying it. you can tell the people all you want that all the good things have happened, consumer confidence have gone up.
2:30 pm
unemployment still high. they give him approval ratings of 35 to 37%. >> brian: take a look at that now. gallup people, creating job, this is how he rates currently. creating jobs, 37%. economy, 36%. federal budget, 30% because it's at $16 trillion. >> andrea: we should cut him some slack. this is his first job, everybody, after all. >> bob: that's funny. sorry. >> andrea: listen, he wants to take responsibility. the day he signed the stimulus, february 17, 2009, was the day he owned that economy. i loved your intro, i love it a lot you did it seamlessly, but this isn't news flash this is the worst recovery. it's been the worst recovery. businesses don't know what to do. uncertain and afraid of the obama regulation, not hiring, banks are loaning. a mess. >> brian: dana look at trickle-down economics, supply side economics against spending and blaming the 1%. that should be the debate.
2:31 pm
>> dana: it is going to be debate. a battleground poll, i saw it a couple days ago when we talk about medicare for a long time. if you look at the 2012 key issues economy at the top 22%. government and spending and the deficit at 17%. the reason it matters if you are a thoughtful voter and you are thinking back do we want another four years of this or should we change course and go with nobody else? a short-term decision on the stimulus bill by and large where you can argue it, but by and large people think was a failure. short-term decision that didn't work. that's how you get solyndra. the second thing was obamacare. a lot of people feel like because of the uncertainty with obamacare, dodd-frank rules and the election, everybody is just sitting back waiting to see what is going to happen. plus you got financial situation. everybody's taxes about to go up on january 1. >> brian: taxmageddon. >> dana: that is what they will focus on in november. >> kimberly: it's significant. what matters to people, the american people that will get
2:32 pm
out there and that will vote? that's why this is far from over. mitt romney can make a strong case he is the one to fix it. i think bob, your guy should be concerned when you look at the gallup poll about the presidential approval rating. obama, 45%. dana perino's guy, bush, 51%. >> bob: we have a reason to be concerned about it. but what i'm not concerned is this country is 500% better off than four years ago. the first check went out from obama stimulus, in june, of 2009 there have been 4 million jobs created in this country. >> kimberly: ,500y math. >> brian: in his tenure -- >> bob: we have not. now you're back on a couch with a fairy tale. >> brian: what are you talking about? 8.# million and clawed back 4. >> bob: brian, please. believe me -- >> kimberly: his numbers are right, bob. sorry. >> bob: stimulus is working. it's working. we'll find out. have an election, best way to find out. >> dana: can i mount a
2:33 pm
challenge? on bill clinton raising taxes and being the best thing that ever happened to the economy can we have a debate about that and the tax bubble that resulted in a major recession that president bush inherited in 2001? >> bob: that is a legitimate debate. >> andrea: here is -- obama goes after president bush's tax cut all the time. how can he demonize when he extented them? >> bob: he had to extend them. >> andrea: why did he have to? >> bob: looking at laffer, besides laughing at laffer -- i won't say anything bad about him. yes, i am. he doesn't know what he is talking about. nothing about trickle-down economics ever proved to work. >> brian: worked if reagan years. >> bob: no, it did not. bill clinton raised taxes -- >> kimberly: free market. >> bob: did he have a deficit when reagan left office? >> bob: deaf dits don't --
2:34 pm
deficits don't matter. you know who said that? dick cheney. >> kimberly: government spending -- 17%. >> brian: let me tell you what is coming up on this show. 35 years since the day that elvis passed away, leaving millions of fans in disbelief, shock and horror. including one, bob beckel, who is still all shook up. some surprise guests showed up at graceland today. we tell you who stunned the crowd. only on "the five." ♪ ♪ this is the plan for back to school.
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without shriners hospitals, my life would be completely different. they gave me my future back. send your love to the rescue. donate to shriners hospitals, today. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, questions about vice president joe biden possibly being removed from the democratic ticket? tonight on "special report," the president has given biden a vet of confidence but a
2:39 pm
series of gaffes turned up the heat on the outspoken vice president. hear what the white house is saying today after a meeting between the president, biden and secretary clinton. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan spoked fun at biden today, while mitt romney sought to bolster his approach to medicare, issue becoming more important in the campaign. another rising issue, immigration. arizona governor jan brewer issued an order denying public services to illegal immigrants benefiting from the president's new policy allowing them to stay in the country. i talk with israel's ambassador to the u.s. about growing concern over possible israeli strikes on iran nuclear facilities. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: apparently that song applies to all of us according to a new column in the "wall street journal" called, "are we all braggers now" referring to how social networking sites like facebook and twitter. i have to say something about bob. bob never brags on twitter. he only apologizes. >> bob: that's right. that's because i have nothing -- i am not in this, because i have nothing to brag about. that's the reason i haven't been to facebook on two years or twitter. i don't want to say the words they call me. >> dana: but you are unusual. a lot of people -- i was saying the other day, young kids today when they get older they won't have any bad pictures of themselves. because now you can just cleat them, unlike pictures in our photoalbum. >> kimberly: awkward. >> brian: but they live and you can't get them down.
2:41 pm
i remember -- reading this story, brought back to cassius clay. he was the first foreign go out and brag on national television. people are like who is this? why is he brash and cocky? couldn't get enough of him. good an evil. now we are all impressed with ourselves online. not in person. >> dana: one thing that drives people crazy on twitter, you're on twitter. up with thing that drives people crazy is a tweet that says well, i got up early today. although you could say it every day. it's pouring rain but that nine-mile run felt good. annoying. right? >> kimberly: those people are annoying. >> dana: i confess. i think i do this. the other day, my one more thing was how i got verified on twitter. now i'm horrified. >> andrea: it's different in our jobs because when i first started going on tv, people say you should talk about yourself. my mom used to say don't toot your own horn. if i have a column out, how do i get it out?
2:42 pm
some of the things that people post are pictures of their kids. >> dana: or their dog. >> andrea: i don't think the picture of their dog or -- >> brian: it makes sense. we live -- you love "people" magazine. people like to know what other people are doing. >> andrea: i agree. think about it if these people are your friends on facebook and twitter, they decided to be your friends and follow you. if you don't like it, get off the facebook page. if your friends are jealous of you, get new friends. >> bob: they have pictures of themselves jogging. every time i go by in my car, the people with the euro trash outfits riding bikes i just want to go behind them and knock them down. let alone put them on facebook. >> kimberly: you'd be arrested for that, just so you know. >> dana: do you think america because of social networking we're becoming more narcissistic? maybe as individuals. >> brian: i believe, yes. i think it's good that we are becoming more narcissistic, because everyone else around the world hates us.
2:43 pm
we might as well like ourselves. >> kimberly: good point. >> bob: perfect answer. >> dana: that was fun. i confess, i do this. i should get off twitter altogether. >> kimberly: no. you have a lot of followers. >> dana: people want pictures of jasper. they ask me all the time. i'll send another one out. this will be hard for some of you to believe, but madonna turned 54 today. let me tell you how much i care. bob is the only one old enough to remember the day she was born and he will tell us about that day. when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bob: yes, indeed. man that guy was good! it's been 35 years since the king of rock 'n' roll, the greatest musician in the history of the world left the building. he died august 16, 1977.
2:48 pm
if he were here and alive today he would be 77 years. i miss him. it miss him a lot. all the punks that came after him can't play music he was the greatest he ever was. >> dana: better than beethoven? >> b everything he knows. >> andrea: was what was it in music? dazzle? hip gyrations? >> bob: he did create rock 'n' roll. and took goes sell and blues and put -- gospel and blues and put it together. everybody came after him can thank him. >> andrea: he is totally cool. i think he is awesome. my mom, my parents loved him. my dad looked like a young elvis. p >> brian: pretty amazing yes, lisa marie, the daughter, priscilla showed up together for first time. they kept away because - emotional. this year they felt they could do it and thanked the fans for showing up. elvis was on hbo all -- >> dana: i thought you'd say there was an elvis sighting.
2:49 pm
>> brian: no. >> bob: weren't you a big elvis fan? >> dana: love it, big time. >> kimberly: i am a huge elvis fan. i grew up listening to elvis. my mom's favorite and my dad was in the army. i love him. he is incredible. i could do without the beatles, i can't do without elvis. >> bob: when the rolling stones give elvis presley credit for their music. they were influenced by the chicago blues. keith richard wrote his book, some of it was being in the stones but he talks about elvis presley all the time. he had a huge impact. crossover. dick clark, guy that brought out -- [ inaudible ] regular basis near the end. he passed away. a great guy. he did american bandstand.
2:50 pm
elvis was responsible. >> kimberly: the hip shaking, didn't want to show it. before my time. >> bob: conservative church move in the the south, they banned him. >> kimberly: one of those shows. >> bob: gospel hour things. >> brian: ed sullivan. >> bob: he was on that but they shot him waist up. that's what they do with me. [ laughter ] >> brian: it is amazing that he only lived to 42. number two, nobody was in strong enough in his life to say elvis, you are killing yourself. you have more talent than anyone in the planet. get in there and settle down and lose weight. >> bob: should we also not say, forget to say that madonna turned 54 years old today. >> kimberly: happy birthday, madonna. she looks fantastic. >> andrea: a legend in her own right. she has hung around, as you said, bob, for so long.
2:51 pm
>> dana: when her music came out, i loved it. i like her early music. i don't know, i just don't get in the celebrity thing. i don't care. i cannot bring myself to care. remember, when we talked about shark week, i don't care about the sharks. i don't care about madonna. i also think that there is a time when some people should just say i have done a great thing. i'm going to go on and do other things. when she waved the gun around in front of the scottish audience after the aurora shooting after she was asked not to, you had a great career and great legacy, there are other wonderful things you can do. exposing her body parts. >> bob: did you go to bed the picture of madonna on the top of the bunk bed? >> brian: that was a secret. i told you not to say. she has a kid that stood out and she reinvented herself. time and time again. i saw her at the bowles. she look odd kay -- i saw her at the super bowl. she look odd kay. she made her breaks.
2:52 pm
>> andrea: you know how many hit songs? the other day i read her songs. incredible the songs. >> bob: all after out eye -- >> andrea: the point of the addiction, you comment on that a lot how that is something that starts even now. something the plagued elvis but plagues stars and no one jumps in. >> bob: all i can say is one more thing! >> kimberly: you didn't get me! >> bob: i didn't! ♪ ♪ are you okay, babe?
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i'm fine. ♪ ♪ ♪ with a subaru you can always find a way. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. between taking insulin and testing mylood sugar...e, is this part of your life? freestyle lite test strips? why, are they any... beep! wow, that hardly needs any blood! yeah... and the unique zipwik tab targets the blood and pulls it in.
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so easy. freestyle lite needs just a third the blood of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get them right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy. >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." kick it off. >> brian: reality television, nbc show, the stars earn their stripes, celebrities who are fit run through the motion and go on missions with proven marine instructors. the best of the best. steven colbert took on this reality show and mocked the marines. and they had a challenge for him with osen fox and friends. i hope he is watching this. >> i am a big fan but he has a
2:57 pm
super pac. he is criticizing the show. we are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for awareness of what is going on in afghanistan and challenges that veterans face. call me and invite me and we'll debate on the show. >> brian: marine instructors there, they are the best. they're offended by what colbert said. he plays a character on tv. step up and do something. >> andrea: why no brian kilmeade on the show? >> dana: over the past couple weeks since romney announced that paul ryan will be the vice presidential candidate there is a list of speakers at the g.o.p. convention. the list is so on, it's easier to show who is not on the list, on the short list. i think the one thing that was an outrage, greg gutfeld is not listed as a speaker yet. but america, you can change
2:58 pm
this. if you are a "the five" viewer and "the five" fan, you want to see greg speak at the convention with the other guys draft greg for speaker now. #gutfeldg.o.p.speech. join us in having him entertain us. >> kimberly: that would be great. why that picture? who pick that picture of him -- you said he looked like a chipmunk with an overbite. >> andrea: we have to get him a box for the podium. >> dana: i resemble that. >> kimberly: i have the best picture of him in my office, one he gave me weirdly for my christmas present. picture of himself that is tan and photo shopped. love it. that would get the vote. okay, are you ready for some football? i am. i love football. condoleezza rice loves football, too. she is part of the new n.f.l. ad for new n.f.l. apparel. she is donning the clothing for her favorite team the cleveland brown, their jersey. see her there. it goes to her childhood. she is a big fan. >> bob: strait of hormuz?
2:59 pm
>> andrea: she said her dream job is the n.f.l. commissioner. >> kimberly: a cool secretary of state. hit it. >> bob: a report out that one-third of all children wish their parents would not show up at their sporting events because they yell too much. i have to tell you a personal story. i got thrown out of my daughter's soccer match for yelling at the ref. first of all, soccer is the most boring game. >> brian: wrong. >> bob: put it this way, parents do yell a lot in the games. i was redcarded whatever that means. they gave me a funny little shorts, come up to me and throws out a red flag. so i can say this stuff. >> andrea: so this is about you. >> kimberly: where haven't you been kicked out of? >> bob: every place. >> andrea: you think the country is culturally declining, look at new york city. a dna truck travelling around the city giving free paternity tests. it's tough for parents to explain to their children what


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