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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 17, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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a decent call, right? >> no prisons, no work houses? we'll be taping it on three monitors. don'tbe worry. we will have it for you. >> dana: hello. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, brian kilmeade. this is "the five." the obama campaign thought they had it wrapped up when they heard paul ryan was romney's running mate. this week was supposed to be ryan versus medicare. but vice president biden screwed up chicago assault and american crossroad had fun with biden record of gaffes. >> in hard times, america needs smart, discipline leadership. a vice president americans can count on. >> three-letter word. jobs. j-o-b-s, jobs.
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>> improving race relations. >> going to put y'all back in chains. put y'all back in chains. >> helping small businesses. >> you cannot go to a 7-eleven or a dunkin' donuts unless you have a slight indian accent. >> using fiscally sane policies. >> you're telling me we have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt? that's what i'm telling you. >> some people say obama should be dropped from obama's ticket. we say joe should stay. >> dana: that is first take for congressman ryan. >> president obama and too many politicians in washington have been more worried about their next election. than the next generation. we won't do that. we will lead. we will take on the tough issues. we want to earn your support. we want to deserve victory.
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>> dana: wallowing in vice presidential politics wasn't how president obama want to spend the week but you go to battle with the vice president you have. 81 days left to go. the race is on. last friday we were sitting here going yikes! romney campaign better get their act together. a week later, a different feeling. >> andrea: thank you for dropping the gift. while you defend your comment on putting people back in chains we have gone on offense for medicare. they have taken it to the democrats. i'm not buying this whole sarah palin and john mccain telling democrats they should put hillary clinton on the ticket. number one, joe biden is the best thing that republicans got going for them. one of them after romney and ryan. hillary wants to run in 2013. i think. a lot of insiders believe that, too. andrew cuomo will challenge her on that. three, do you think the obama will take clin tops on the
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ticket? they might as well adopt the menendez brothers. >> dana: they are having trouble out there because they want to make this week all about ryan versus obamacare. and medicare. but at this point in the week, i think they are the white house saying tgif. >> eric: a funny week. joe biden had three gaffes, one with the chains and the other saying hey, with your help, speaking to a group, with your help -- >> i got that. >> eric: win north carolina. the third is the sign languag language. >> dana: that was unfortunate. >> eric: the rest of the candidates had a funny week also. mitt romney, funny when the white board failed. we have tips for him. paul ryan cried in wisconsin on sunday. monday he is a weeppy guy. the funniest of the week was president obama when he started making fun, joking about --
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>> dana: a good line. >> eric: he is still the only guy i know who has eaten a dog making fun of romney's dog. funny week. >> dana: if you are the democrats are you glad to get the week behind you? >> bob: i'll be glad when the segment is over. it's not hard to take any politician and put together a funny ad. it's funny. joe biden knows for policy in one finger than paul ryan and what's his name combined. >> andrea: are you kidding? >> bob: before you diss a guy that has been around 35 years he has done a lot of things in politics. be careful. >> andrea: i know he has been around a long time. that's a problem. >> bob: you can say that and laugh about it. fine. >> brian: when the week started i go wow, we'll have a discussion about medicare and talk about substance, talk about entitlements, going to see whose plan works better. it's interesting where it
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looked for the first time in a long time that the obama re-election campaign was on appeal. but in a way, joe biden saved the week for president obama. because he got, because he got everybody off medicare debate. got off everyone saying well, this guy is in good shape, with a really good mind. we have respect from people like erskine bowles. in a way, examining biden relevancy and goodness was a bit of a way to soften the week. >> dana: if you are a democratic consultant, take the line and spin it over the weekend. you say it's a brilliant strategy to get biden out there. look at that. it's funny. ri>> ec: i wouldn't say strategy. >> dana: friday, having fun. biden and then ryan. >> with you, we can win north carolina. yes! if we do, we win the election
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if we win you. >> it's great to be here in north canton or joe biden might say it's great to be here nevada. >> dana: i like when politicians have fun and be self-deprecating. the liberal line that underscores what everybody is thinking. >> andrea: with the serious issues there should be humor. biden provided the wrong humor. paul ryan, i don't think they can get a glove on him. i don't. >> dana: the whole time he has got a clean personal life, he knows the issues. he's not easy to make fun of. he is tough to demonize. that's why i think all week ryan was able to keep hammering home the point that obamacare raised medicare on and on and on. ryan does make an interesting point, because i think as much as president obama didn't want to tell "people" magazine and "entertainment tonight" that joe biden made a mistake, i think they want to talk about anything but the economy.
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they are saying african-american voters won't be here. >> go ahead. >> bob: the one thing that was for us and helpful for romney, romney brought taxes back in the debate when he answered a question, saying i haven't paid less than 13% in my previous taxes. that was covered up because of the biden thing. in terms of medicare, the idea we won't lay a glove on paul ryan is ridiculous. the best thing that happened they didn't win the medicare debate. it was covered up. that's the best thing that can happen. covered up by biden. >> eric: not covered up. it didn't get covered up. biden was earlier in the week, medicare debate came out in the middle of the week. >> bob: did you hear something from ryan that made you feel like -- >> eric: no. i want -- >> brian: can we do this? >> eric: we need a board. look what it says below. who won the week? i'll tell you who won the week. guess why the romney-ryan campaign won the week? since ryan was announced?
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look at the numbers. 10,157,947 raised online. 121,000 donors. 45,000 new volunteers. romney-ryan campaign. >> bob: how do you count that? >> dana: they released it. >> eric: you don't trust the campaign? >> bob: no. >> they can't make this up. >> eric: make those up all the time. >> dana: let's talk about something that andrea brought up. it's interesting. >> andrea: the menendez brothers? >> dana: press coverage, decision. president obama when he campaigned as senator said i will have one press conference a month. at the time i didn't think it was that was sustainable. but they have had them for a while. joe only had once official press conference in the year. in march. last time he took questions from white house press corps in june in the event in chicago where they had canada and mexico altogether is where he said the private sector is
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doing just fine. haven't had one since. the white house press corps starts to get twitchy when they say they only talk to "people" magazine and "entertainment tonight." well, we have a job to do an we'd like to ask him questions. >> brian: that has to be disturbing to do this every day and see somebody else get your interview. then he did three local radio spots. [ inaudible ] for the stations in iowa. but i think now, they are going to react. my hunch, you would know better, that he called a snap press conference next week. >> eric: wait, wait, wait. >> bob: you got to remember this is the main stream media out there, you say support. obama, why would he -- >> dana: that's the thing. that's what i find amazing. despite not getting them any chance to ask a question, by stalling, denying, deflect, all this stuff and they still get great press. the guy can't go wrong. >> eric: here is why. it's no surprise that you
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point out the last time he had a real press conference questions were asked we got private sector doing fine. every other time he is off prompter there is some sort of gaffe where he says don't worry about it, you didn't build that business. why would you -- >> bob: press conference? >> dana: not the president of the united states. >> bob: has he had a press conference? okay. fine. >> eric: hold on. [ overtalk ] if you are the white house, you forget what you said in 2008, i'll do this once a month or once a quarter, once a year and say keep the guy out of the press. don't let ed henry or jake tapper raise their hand or andrea mitchell for that matter. >> bob: that makes sense. it may be going back against what he said but makes sense strategically because he could get tripped up. >> dana: it will backfire. >> when he does do press conferences, few and far between, if you notice he doesn't take questions when he's asked one he gets very uptight and testy. if it's a tough question.
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and two, he filibusters so he doesn't answer the question. the white house press corps, i'd like your thoughts on this, they want access to president obama. a lot of them you see them writing books. they do movies and this. they're lap dogs often. >> dana: this is not that big a deal outside the white house press corps but it's chipping away at the press' responsibility and freedom to do what they a pool report, where one reporter writes it for everybody else. you can't have every reporter everywhere. they should be amongst themselves. turn out this week -- somebody on vice president staff was trying to edit the tool report before it went out. and then we had the nerve today to tell russia to respect freedom of expression from its people. in the meantime, they're trying to edit the pool report. they're just trying to do too much control. it will backfire. >> bob: editing the pool report is a good idea if you can get away with it. >> dana: one time tony snow
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is giving a press briefing when he was at the press room and he was thanking a group of people for helping him. he left out somebody. it was embarrassing. a mistake. he didn't mean to do it. but it was pointed out to him that this person got left out. so tony then asked the stenographer to put him in the transcript so it would be there. the press corps flipped out. they knew the guy had been left out. we promised we'd never edit a transcript. that's something that he said. not something a reporter was writing. never have gotten away with that. >> brian: anyone who says outloud the name of the punc rock band arrested in russia, you have to edit the transcript. don't, bob! coming up -- >> bob: we have to get out of here. >> dana: i'm going to tease this next thing. swallow my dismay of where the story almost just went. talk about medicare next. i love the topic. bob could be a loser for democrats this time. i know you don't believe that, but it might be.
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some republicans think so. like i do. obama campaign launchs medicare attack ad. you will hear both sides of the debate. later, lynyrd skynyrd dropped by fox news today. eric talked to them. because of you guys in the whole thing about the russian band. i can't say the word. got to go. we'll be back. >> you and the other one, the ladies. mr. beckel, and mr. beckel. [ laughter ] >> we have fun on "the five." >> you're great. i watch that show, you guys are great. ♪ ♪
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>> bob: well, my good friends karl rove and the "wall street journal" editorial board seem to think republicans have the ener-hand when it comes to medicare. democrats have long had an issue advantage on medicare. very good. this time it's different. yeah! the romney-ryan ticket is not only talking about medicare it's putting obama people on defensive. if republicans succeed, politics won't be the same. another editorial argues gobbing so far to the left -- governing so far to the left, they may have made voters reaccept tiff to center right, right wing solutions. >> dana: it doesn't say right wing. >> bob: it doesn't? >> eric: center right. >> bob: i came to the conclusion you're right. >> dana: say that again. >> bob: you can opt out -- >> andrea: saying you were right, dana.
2:19 pm
>> bob: she heard it once off. she is getting. to take from the private health world if you're 55 or go to medicare. now, if they will drop obamacare, so all preexisting conditions are no longer the fact. you mean to tell me that the private insurance industry is going to cover everybody coming off of medicare? we have very expensive proble problems. they do it because they're good citizens? >> greg: if they want to compete -- >> dana: if they want to compete and earn business, yes. >> eric: you're from the west. show me person. you believe that? >> dana: i do. that is the point of this. if we don't do anything, medicare is gone in 12 years so let's try to do something to reform it and get the private sector involved so people make better decisions for themselves.
2:20 pm
i am excited about what the private market can do. it's exciting going forward. for current seniors. >> bob: if that this reads the way i understand it, nobody takes private healthcare. stay on medicare. >> brian: if you look at the drug plan, the people using prescription drug plan, right over the left vilify. the cost have been 43% less than estimates because the free market forces keep it down. he is saying let's get the free market involved in this. >> eric: who is left in -- >> bob: who is left in medicare? >> i'm piling through as much information on this plan as i can. here is the way i understand it. this is an important distinction. medicare, right now, the current system as they define benefit system where there is no catchtition whatsoever.
2:21 pm
dana points out when you go to combined contribution system you get money and shop around the competition. that drives the price down. this is not a mandtory switch over to contribution. it's voluntary. if you make it mandtory it saves money. what we know, forget the plan. what we know, if you don't do that, president obama in place, you have obama care that will get the medicare system to $716 billion. we will cut medicare advantage. 4 million people will go off. they love it. number three, the panel may or may not kill you. >> bob: let me ask andrea a question. she knows about the healthcare thing. let's assume for a moment that you do away with obamacare. first thing they will do, "x" it out. preexisting conditions. who is left in medicare? who will not take insurance money and go out in the free
2:22 pm
market? >> andrea: it depends. a lot of people initially want to stay with medicare. some go to the insurance plan. some insurers, though, have come out and said we will continue to take patients with preexisting conditions. if you are an insurance company you want the business. you want the new customers. the federal employee system get costs down by doing it. important point is this. there are articles that say the obamacare plan does not cut benefits. very important. it does not. it cuts reimbursement. that's what it does. the reimbursement hospital, doctors, nursing homes have been gutted. a lot of hospitals go bankrupt and doctors won't treat patients, medicare. patients won't get the care they need. >> bob: you talk about the cut by obama. cpo, said it's a cost saving
2:23 pm
over the ten-year period of time. if that is right, we got to believe -- >> dana: how do they get savings? by what andrea said and cutting down how much a doctor is reimbursed. so you will have a doctor shortal and people with less care. obama's people said 15% could go out of business. they themselves said obama care goes through with the medicare cuts they will end up with less -- >> bob: i say medicare savings, you say cuts. saves, cuts. savings, cuts. >> andrea: most at risk are disabled, people with cancer. >> bob: coming up, booze and bibles. is that a good mix? we tell you about that. i would have been there on regular basis. plus, eric bolling caught up with lynyrd skynyrd.
2:24 pm
>> they're great people. hard-working people. they love this country. that's what we're about. >> eric: yeah. okay. >> bob: stops by "the five" ahead. don't forget to buy private insurance. it will be great. ♪ ♪ ♪
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2:29 pm
it's been done. they're the thomas eddieson of worshiping. i believe that they should be saluted, because realizing that worshiping is down, attendance is down, you go to the place where the people are and think where are the sandals. that's what the pastor wears. body of christ, grab a beer. you can get them there. people can also hit the collection plate in bars. you raise money, get the message and have a good time. >> andrea: people are more generous with their dough when sauced. >> bob: pretzels are the body and the beer is the blood? >> brian: it could happen.>> ank there should be a drink limit. >> dana: i can't drink before 6:00 p.m. i without go there -- it might be good people watching for me. >> andrea: eric you can drink before 6:00 p.m. i know this as a fact. >> eric: i love this idea. all for keeping the mass in church, but there is no reason
2:30 pm
not to bring bible study to a bar on sunday morning. i don't think it should excuse your obligation to get to mass every sunday morning as a goodk practicing catholic. >> andrea: they have a mul mullet tossing contest and fun activities. >> bob: in the bar, there are a lot of people, they probably need to hear the word. because for them, most people go to church because they want to stay out of hell. most people in the bars have been there already and want to get out. if they hear the word, it could catch on. >> brian: if you get the mass done before the game starts and move along well by the pre-game show, that's a mass worth attending. >> andrea: we agree this is a good missionary program.
2:31 pm
bibles and boos to who is my baby's daddy. a dna truck that travels around to give pa tempty test for $300. we have photos of it. tonight you think -- >> brian: i can't start the medicare block. i get the dna block first? okay. go ahead. >> andrea: don't you think some things belong behind closed doors like dna testing or on jerry springer? >> brian: you are taking the test behind closed doors? it's good. make people say to yourself is that my mom and my dad in make sure. it could be good. >> andrea: you have a son. >> eric: what are you trying to say? >> andrea: no, i'm just -- [ laughter ] >> eric: i grabbed his tooth brush and went to the who's your daddy truck. >> andrea: a lot of parents, some of their friends say little kids look at the truck because it looks like an ice
2:32 pm
cream truck in new york city and say "icee, daddy, icee." >> eric: who pays for the ice cream? one of the producer points out, parking the ice cream truck next to who's your daddy truck. >> dana: this is what is amazing. this is the private market. there is a market for this. poom are willing to go up to the truck, not like it's hidden. right, there the dna paternity testing and they will pay money for it. god bless capitalism i guess. >> bob: i think this is an invasion of privacy and i would not like to be tested. >> do your point, if there is enough people to go to paternity test what does it tell us about the culture?
2:33 pm
>> dana: i love the book "coming apart." >> andrea: another truck in new york but my producers have forbid me to tell everybody what it is. i'll get in trouble. like you, bob. coming up. is there bad blood on "today show" as ann curry was axed from the anchor chair? there was uncomfortable scene with matt lauer. i'll show it to you when we come back. ♪ ♪ people like options.
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♪ ♪ i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, the were of words over which presidential ticket will create the most jobs. to on "special report," g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is promising nearly half a billion jobs in
2:38 pm
virginia if elected. the obama campaign accuses republicans of trying to get a big tax cut for the rich. president obama's re-election team is offering to stop criticizing mitt romney over his taxes. if the governor will release five years of returns. romney campaign will decline saying they'll concentrate on issues that matter to voters. no issue clearly defines the differences in the two sides than medicare. we'll go in depth, inside the numbers tonight, as tell you what really is at stake. a veteran political insider claims the obama team asked hillary clinton to replace joe biden on the ticket. long-time clinton confidant says it's not true. it's friday, that means the lightning round. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:39 pm
♪ ♪ >> brian: surround the area on "the five." we get down the block, through the water fountain an finally in studio. as you know, ann curry after 15 years was replaced at "the today show." here was her goodbye, june 28, 2012. >> this is not easy to say, but today will be my last morning as regular co-host of "today." i will still be part of the family but i'll have a new title and a new role. it's not that i ever expected to leigh this couch after 15 years but i am so grateful. especially to all of you who watch. >> brian: different from martha viera's prior host. and some people think it was bad blood over "40 rock." look at this exchange now, happened this week between matt lauer, al roker and savannah guthrie yesterday. >> the ladies threw you in the water after winning the gold. >> which is different than our tradition, throw one of us
2:40 pm
under the bus. that's a different story. >> mr. roker! >> brian: there you go. throw one of them under the bus. this was number one in the morning on broadcast tv. for 16 years now, being beaten by gma and al roker, the staple on that show, turns on matt lauer who got $500 million contract. how bad is the blood over there an how much pressure is on matt lauer to get along with the people? >> dana: that was the definition of "awkward." if nbc has to do it over they might have handled it differently. i would guess. al roker, he has earned his stripes over there, too. been there a long time. he felt it was his role -- >> brian: do you think -- you know what it's like to ad lib on unscripted show, eric bolling. do you think he did it on purpose? >> eric: you know what -- awkward turtle. stay on brian. here is the thing. so the ratings are slipping but this clearly has tension going on. my contention is they weren't
2:41 pm
getting along and that's why the ratings are slipping. do you know anything about "the five," you see nothing but chemistry and the ratings are rocking. we're off to the races, because we get along. you can see, literally see the animosity. i didn't know roker was on the curry team when he took a shot at lauer. >> brian: according to "us weekly" which is my bible. >> andrea: me, too. >> brian: i pick it up -- >> bob: where you go to church. >> brian: the call back i'd hope you remembered. i'm wondering, this actually happened where lauer doesn't get along and guthrie has migraine headaches and al roker wanted to ann curry. and who would ever tackle gma if they don't get along? >> andrea: maybe the issue is matt lauer. get rid of him. maybe he is the rating issue. not the girls. the way they rolled out savannah guthrie i found to be so offensive. if i were here, i would have said you're doing what? you're bringing ann curry on
2:42 pm
an going to have an awkward exchange, and she is going to cry an bringing me in? nbc messed this up. >> dana: what does migraine have to do with this? >> brian: she came back and feels the pressure and the migraine came back. >> dana: a lot of people have migraines. they're one of the only things that doesn't get a lot of research. some people think it's sexist because it's women usually that get migraines. i know a lot about this. >> brian: kareem abdul jabbar used to get them. >> bob: can i say something. >> andrea: speaking of migraines. >> bob: that was the most depressing -- you're so excited about talking about this, and that woman, crying. could we never see that again? prozac sales are going to go through the roof. how do you get excited about that? sad, ugly. how does he get paid that much money? ugly no, hair. >> brian: matt lauer is a great guy. >> bob: you have hair.
2:43 pm
>> brian: if i lose my hair -- listen, i'm sorry bob didn't like this. depressed by ann curry. this will lift your spirits. rock 'n' roll legend lynyrd skynyrd dropped by fox and friends. how do i know? i was there. eric was there. he caught up with them. they love "the five." what about bob beckel? the answer to that question next. ♪ ♪
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2:47 pm
>> eric: welcome back. god, country, family, pie, baseball and l lynyrd skynyrd. i'm watching through,
2:48 pm
listening to great music on fox and friends. you're rocking it out. we hear you like "the five." >> you and the other ones, the ladies and mr. beckel. mr. beckel. >> yeah. we have fun on "the five." >> it's great. i watch that show. >> we have a lot of similar fans. "the five" fans, , is. what is your fan base like? >> they are hard-working people. they love this country and that's what they are about. >> same thing. we just play for the people. we love watching you guys. on the bus a lot and we turn you on every day. >> eric: fantastic! >> we have satellite. >> what is it about "the five" you like? >> the girls. >> smart guys and funny guy.
2:49 pm
>> being around beckel last year at the freedom show, you know, i love to see it, man. y'all gap up on him. it's fun to watch. >> you have a new album called? >> last of the dying breed. >> you are fantastic. thank you for everything. god bless, america. god bless you guys, too. >> take care. >> love you guys. >> "the five." "the five." "the five." >> eric: who would have thunk they had "the five" on inside the tour bus? >> dana: i love that. they are playing at the rnc. convention. people will see that. i got to see a band, giant frontier days last summer. called blackberry smoke. they got to tour -- lynyrd skynyrd was their hero and they toured with them. great band. if you like lynyrd skynyrd and looking for another band. from southern ground records and really good. i like this one. >> brian: i like about them they lose band members and plane crash and they come
2:50 pm
back. they're at the top of their game. what i think is noteworthy, we have a three hour show and it wasn't enough time to get "free bird" in because it goes on forever. great song. we couldn't hear "free bird." >> andrea: that is my one beef, they didn't play "free bird." i'm the girl when there is a band, at a bar, i'm yelling -- any request i'm going "free bird!" but they never do it. >> eric: top ten southern rock songs of all time, it's all "free bird." bob, they love you. >> bob: talking about, sean hannity they play the group at sean hannity's concerts last summer. and i was introduced to the crowd. about 15,000 people. to my surprise i got a lot of cheers, except for one group of bikers in the corner who were booing me like crazy. guy from the lynyrd skynyrd band goes up and says something and they shut up. i said what did you say? he said if you boo my man
2:51 pm
beckel i'll shoot you. >> brian: if you want protection, they're two doors down. they're hanging out at the lobby in hotel. >> andrea: they are good protection. if anyone tried to invade the country, southern rockers wouldn't let it happen. >> bob: the dna truck better not get near them. >> eric: most patriotic guys you want to meet. awesome dudes. great band. gary, ricky, thank you. last thought? >> dana: great you thought to interview them. cool. >> andrea: they got their start by opening for rolling stones in the '70s. did you hear the story? the stones were so drunk they could barely play. lynyrd skynyrd came out and rocked it. they were opening for like little river band. no offense little river band. >> brian: that was the biggest crowd we had all year. they were across the street and over the railing. >> dana: president obama called big rubber band. it's all about branding.
2:52 pm
>> eric: leave it there. do my best to get interview with them and back stage stuff at the rnc. their new album is called "last of the dying breed." bob, want to do this? >> bob: one more thing is next! ♪ ♪ ely. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together.
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>> dana: time now for one more thing. i'll kick it off, because 15 years ago today, travelers everywhere got on an airplane. ended up sitting next to this guy. who asked me to put my bag up above. fell in love. moved to england. then we've been together for 15 years. we met 15 years ago today. we were in chicago -- i got the telestrator. this is the flight. we got on a flight in chicago. it almost missed the flight because of an earlier flight. denver. sorry. go to chicago. that's where we fell in love. we got marrieded a year later. that is a recent picture of us. i can put jasper on the show because greg is not here. >> dana: short flight to fall in love. two hours. i can happen. if you think you sit next to a gross guy playing video guys for three hours, it's not true. you can find love on an
2:57 pm
airplane. >> brian: you hope they circle the airport. >> andrea: did you know? >> dana: i know i asked help me find someone but he lives in england and could be an ax murderer. he is not. peter, thank you for a great 15 years. >> bob: a lot of people fall in love in -- >> dana: bob! >> brian: from the mile high city. >> bob: our good friend, juan williams, who sits here, terrific guy, running a special on education. juan is very, very good when it comes to education. innovative set. look at the piece he has on sunday night. >> a fox news reporting special. worked op it for a year. the people in the documentary unit. we are going around the country and talking to people who are turning around publicly funded schools.
2:58 pm
>> one of the main concept is empower students to take charge of the education. they are working independently. but also collaboratively with the teachers with our staff, team. >> i like it. i keep saying i'll come back to work here, i won't leave you. >> check out the special with juan. good luck. >> eric: very quickly, housekeeping. remember an je la, the lady from philadelphia who was being, come up with $1,000. i promised to raise it for her. i have $1,000 check in here to go to angela. after the show. in the mail. very quickly, jon stewart, damn you for figuring out my secret. take a look. >> a larger care. obamacare is driving the price of pizza through the roof. socialism sucks. i'm sure your colleague, bob beckel, a liberal will point out to you, except c'mon man! shut the lid.
2:59 pm
that is not right! you are hypnotizing him. that is not fair. [ laughter >> bob: that's all right. >> eric: i watched that last night. >> brian: hysterical. on a different matter, media matters comes out and goes after a group of navy seals and calls them gutless for not admiting they're anti-obama when the fact is they got together because they're concerned about security leaks. these guys pulled out gutless. a lot of things you might want to call navy seals. we call them heroes. utmost respect for them. amazing of course not surprising a group like media matters and columnist like this called them gutless. i hope they end up at the same bar sometime. >> andrea: if you thought the dna truck was the weirdest story of the show? this might be weirder. ebay banned sales of supernatural magic potions and hexes. so you can't get a "big booty"


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