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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 18, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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vice-president cheney and everybody at rivers of recovery for such a great trip. be sure to help out this great organization at rivers of recovery dot org. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's saturday, august 18th. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us this morning. it's been one week since paul ryan took the reigns of the v.p. pick. he hits the campaign trail with his mom. we are live from the villages in florida straight ahead. >> and they are elite fighters who protect this nation and some are speaking out against national security leaks. so why are some on the left calling them gutless? >> plus, a gentle giant sidelined for being too big, too young, so should a 300-pound 12-year-old be allowed to play football with his 135-pound piers? we report, you decide on "fox
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& friends." good morning. right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends," that's the great way to begin your day. >> good morning, everybody. thanks for so much for joining us bright and early. nice to see you again, peter johnson jr. >> i'm happy to be here. i'm sorry clayton is not feeling well. be back next week. >> clayton is still sick. >> he will be back. is he a fighter. >> is he tired of laying on the couch already i assure you. >> we do miss him. you miss him. we will collect any gift, candy, cash that you want to send to him. >> i have already. wow! >> you are sending him doughnuts. with the campaign we are 80 days from the election. and the numbers that those on the left may not want to see regarding the economy on friday, unemployment actually grew, increased in the month of july and 44 states, that's
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the highest increase we have seen in three years. what's interesting is the battleground states. that's what's important. the battleground states have had unemployment rates lower than the national averages in general. so that was, of course, good for president obama. but, in july, most all of them, except ohio, ticked upward. >> only idaho and rhode island saw decreases. and the fact is that no president has been reelected in american history at an unemployment level at 8.3%. so it's interesting how the polls are see sawing back and forth. sometimes the president is still ahead. sometimes behind. but a significant, significant issue. >> jason utah congressman staying focused to the economy. is he a surrogate for the romney campaign. here is what he said issue for republicans and how democrats are attempting to distract from those. >> the states released their
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unemployment rates. 44 of their 50 states had unemployment go up this year. do you think democrats want to talk about that? absolutely not. instead, they want to try to distract and cause a distraction and say look at all of this smoke over there where there is none. >> he did say year. i assume the congressman meant last year. >> of july, yeah. >> right. >> so the white house, it's up to you, do you think it is a distraction to call upon mitt romney to release more than two years of tax returns? >> can i weigh? >> yes. >> this drives me completely nuts. >> why is that? >> because i hear so many democrats out there talking about the american people want to know what's in these tax returns. i talk to a lot of american people. all the time. and i never -- i have never heard one person care what's in mitt romney's tax returns, nor barack obama's tax returns. nor paul ryan's nor joe biden's? who cares? people want a job. they want to save the economy. they want to know we are safe from foreign invaders?
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do you know anyone that cares what's in that tax return. >> no. >> that's important to know and that's one thing that the tax returns could reveal. it's interesting, i think, to see where presidents or potential presidents have stashed their money, what they have spent their money on. >> really? i just don't care. >> i'm always interested in how much charity they have given to. it's not my number one issue. >> right. >> of course it's not my number one issue. i am interested on some level. if you think that's not relevant are all the joe biden gaffes relevant? both sides have distractions right now. >> the critical issue is has he filed the forms that he is required to file in order to run for president? and has he made the ultimate financial disclosure as to his assets? and he has done that. >> spoken like a true lawyer. >> and as a true political strategist that's all he has to do under the law. he has also indicated that he spent, in terms of taxes, and charitable contributions
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almost 20%. in federal income tax. i think it's a phony issue. i think dave is right. >> t came up again at the white house. you all seem surprised. ed henry our correspondent at the white house this an exchange with the deputy press secretary josh earnest about all of this. >> yesterday, dave said [inaudible] that the tax returns. he was saying that all of these questions about vice president biden with a distraction and that the president doesn't want to deal with these distractions we should focus on the big issues. less than 24 hours the obama campaign puts out a letter about tax returns. it's not a letter about jobs. i understand chicago runs the campaign and they write those letters. however, you guys are on the same page. how you can within 24 hours try to change the subject to tax returns when you keep saying you want to talk about jobs, you want to talk about medicare. >> i think there are two ways that i would put your question.
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again, transparency is important. i know that is a view, a principle shared by a large number of people in this room. and the -- the principle of transparency that governor romney has been asked by my colleagues in chicago to live up to is not one above and beyond what his predecessors have done. we are asking him to live up to the standard of previous major party candidates for president, a standard that was established by his father in 2008. >> a standard ignored four years ago by john mccain releasing two years of tax returns. >> it's a movable goal post. >> what i hear him saying when he talks to the press core, i know this is a review of principle that is shared by a large number of people in this room. are they members of the obama for president committee in the so-called mainstream media
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that are covering the president? >> transparency. >> all right. you're kind, ali. >> he pays about a 20% rate over the last four years. >> i think that's interesting. >> more on that later. >> another hot topic this election, of course, is medicare. paul ryan will be in florida defending his plan to seniors at one of our favorite places, the villages. >> >> phil keating is there. he joins us live with more on ryan's visit. why the villages are so important. phil keating in a golf cart. hey, brother. good morning. >> this is the best way to commute of all time. unfortunately rain has just picked up here at the villages. but when you see golf carts cruising around this early on a saturday you know there is a bunch of activity here planned. right now the secret service is doing their security sweep. this is an event at the lake sum tore landing at the villages. it's the world's largest
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planned retirement community about 61,000 people. that means 40,000 golf carts. most of them 2 to 1 are registered as republicans. the villages typically vote in the 60 percentile for the republic candidate as it did for senator john mccain as now senator marco rubio two years ago. yesterday, up in virginia, congressman ryan had a friendly crowd. a couple of protesters there. but he was again hitting the issues. and the issues that they are targeting specifically here in florida will be one they touched on yesterday. and that is the battle over medicare. >> i heard the president talk about medicare the other day. we want this debate on medicare. [cheers] we want this debate. we need this debate. and we're going to win this debate on medicare. >> now, the obama-biden ticket
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yesterday releasing first television ad dealing specifically with this medicare battle. the obama camp saying no, they actually saved medicare and that the $716 billion the romney and ryan team keep talking about was actually not a cut but an investment delayed down the road expanding the life of medicare by 8 years. the he bam that team using aarp which is a very big lobbying group for a lot of people who live here in the villages touting the obama plan over the romney-ryan plan. medicare will be a big topic especially here in florida where last election one out of five voters was a senior citizen. back to you in new york. >> phil, i can't wait for the sun to come up in the villages. you are going to have a great time there. >> it was a big friday night for keating in the villages. >> i predict phil was very pop lamp at the villages. we spent our 15th anniversary there for "fox & friends."
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>> right. you were down. >> there paul ryan's mom will be there i don't know if he got that invite. n her late 70s campaigning. >> a lot of people seeing social security benefits in that village any place in america. >> by a mile. 12,000. >> let's get to your headlines this morning because police searched through several movie theaters across country after a bomb threat is called in to the corporate headquarters of the multi-state chain carmike sin mass. voice mail targeting the opening night of the expendables 2. police searched theaters in georgia, minnesota and kentucky among other places luckily finding nothing. the fbi is still investigating. u.s. and nato troops now required to carry loaded weapons at all times. coming in response to a recent rash of attacks on coalition forces by afghan troops who are supposed to be their allies. one of those insider attacks came yesterday when an afghan police officer killed two u.s. special forces members.
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reportedly using a gun that they had given him as a gift just moments before. at least 37 otherrist nato troops have been killed in similar attacks so far this year. a real life night in shining armor as comes to rescue of teenage sisters in england. girls with body boarding caught by relationship tide. the other swept out to seed. is he a search and rescue pilot in the reporting live air force. he responded to the distress call. he flew his his helicopter down to the water. pulling the teen out of the water. both are said to be okay. what a prince. >> that's a head lynn. he is a stud. >> let's get to rick reichmuth the chief in with a check of our nasty, rainy, gloomy weather. >> how dare you. >> doesn't sound that good. >> we got a couple weeks. yesterday i just realized it was august 17th. today 18th.
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you think t should be august 1st and then you realized it. >> it should be june 1st first. >> well said. across parts of the great lakes it's going to be down across the south there are big storms today and out across the west where it has been so hot for the last couple of weeks cooling down just a little bit. still warm but not as hot. this is kind of this frontal boundary that's draped across areas of the south. one end off to the west we will see severe weather today. mostly hail and some very strong winds and then over across parts of the mid-atlantic and the carolina coast line we will see some storms firing. a lot of these areas seeing showers. we need rain across parts of oklahoma and even into anger. a few showers north, kansas and nebraska. nothing that's going to quench that drought. anything would be good at this point across the areas. here are your temps as you are waking up this morning. much cooler than they have been. a lot better.
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warm down to the south. 80's waking up in san antonio. >> thanks. tea party says it's time to occupy the truth. and they are taking to the streets to prove the liberal media is staying silence on violence and even terrorism in the occupy movement. that's next. >> then, in dog found by hikers after her owner abandoned her on a mountaintop. there is now a canine custody battle brewing. we will tell you all about it straight ahead. this is the plan for back to school.
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incidents of violence, even potential acts of terrorism when it comes to occupy wall street and they want to expose the coverups today. >> joining us radio talk show host tony cats. he will be speaking and emceeing the event today. good morning, tony. >> good morning, peter. how are you. >> what's this about? why are you doing it? who is going to be there and what effect will it have in changing the dialogue about occupy wall street? >> just having the dialogue right now is going to change the dialogue. this is the story of the occupy movement in cleveland, ohio, that's where i am right now. we're having this rally at willard park at 11:00 a.m. today. there are five members of the occupy movement who were arrested by the fbi on may 1st for attempting to blow up the cuyahoga national park valley bridge and trying to blow up the fed, the federal reserve in cleveland. these are potential acts of terrorism. and this story was absolutely buried. you had one, one article from
3:18 am
the a.p. they buried the lead at the bottom. don't get me wrong. you can find. >> we're looking at the folks who have been arrested now on the screen. we are seeing them now. >> we are seeing their mug shots. these guys are self-proclaimed anarchists. what's your claim that they are part of the occupy movement. >> the evidence of them being part of occupy is that they identify as part of occupy. the real story here is that nobody is willing to open up this conversation and say this is what these people are about. look how quickly they will go to jump at the tea party like aurora, colorado and try to blame them for the shooting there. this is something that happened. these member were arrested. they tried to blow up a four lane bridge over the park area. and the federal reserve building. we need to have this conversation because the press is so complicit in trying to protect others. for example, president obama who has reveered the occupy
3:19 am
movement. nancy pelosi revering the occupy movement. >> question we need to ask. we are talking about people potentially blowing up a bridge. the federal reserve bank and a four lane highway. why is the mainstream media ignoring this incredibly, i think an important and news worthy story. >> that's the question we're asking. here in cleveland today. that's why michelle malkin is out here. that's why dana loesch is out here. that's why the gateway pundit jim hough. director of a fantastic moving andrew breitbart. they took the idea from andrew breitbart. you must have a media that does its job north to maintain a democracy and keep the public going. if we are going to be honest people we need to have honest conversations. the press for trying to protect their political allies are refusing to have this honest conversation. there is a truth about the occupy movement. we plan on discussing not only that but telling the media
3:20 am
that they can no longer get away with trying to tell us what the stories are. new media decides what the stories are we can report these stories. and we're thrilled to have people out there who are finally getting that news out. >> well, tony katz, we will will look forward to seeing how much press cmp coverage you get today of your press coverage in cleveland. >> come and join us. >> you got it take care. >> they found on the front lines of the battlefield to defend our freedoms. how come the votes of our servicemen and women are not all being counted? up next, we're going to hear how one group is trying to change that this election. >> plus, some are calling this the sexist mugshot ever. do you agree with that? >> we will tell you what this playboy bunny was busted for.
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>> they fight to protect our freedoms, yet in 2010, less than 5% military voters cast absentee ballot that actually counted. 310,000 ballots were requested and a 95,000 were returned. a group making to make sure military votes count this time around. eric, good morning to you. good morning to you. >> what happened to the 2,000 ballots submitted and returned and not submitted. >> this is what happens election after election. because service members to our country. challenging to update registration application or form to update their address
3:25 am
and to make sure it's submitted on time so that they can get their absentee ballots. so, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of these ballots don't make it to the intended delivery target somewhere over in the desert. a lot of these service members unfortunately are disenfranchised by the nature of their service. >> when they find out they weren't necessarily returned. you were saying weren't filled out and were intended to be submitted, somewhere along the lines there was a tickerrer with them. is that what you are suggesting that they were filled out and they were turned in. >> no. i think a lot of them get lost. i'm not suggesting that i think a lot of them do not make it to the service member to actually be able to vote and have it returned in time. a lot of it has to do with the aspect of filling out the registration form and doing so in advance of the election to make sure that they have an opportunity to participate. >> so, most importantly, you brought up the military members feel disenfranchised.
3:26 am
do you feel that less are even asking for the ballots because they feel that their vote does no longer count? >> >> i think, you know, one of the things we see time and time again is that level of frustration from our service members that they ask for the ballot. they don't get it in time. if you visit our facebook page, it's filled with stories of service members that ask for absentee ballot and they talk about getting it a day or two days or 10 days after the election and their voices are silenced. >> those who defend our freedom their votes ought to be the most important and first to be counted. you want to change all of this through your project we mentioned military voter protection project. tell us about what you hope to it do and how you want to do it. >> sure. the big thing that the military voter protection project tries to do is try to work with the community, the states, the local bases and work with our other nonprofit partners to make sure that our service members have an opportunity to register and request an absentee ballot and have their voices heard on
3:27 am
election day. so we have been doing events throughout the country with our state partners, all-star states that we call them to make sure that service members have an opportunity to participate. >> and you are doing this through web site heros there ought to be bipartisan support for our military members votes counting. you mentioned states. there are 19 all-star states eric thanks for being here. we will link your web site to ours. >> thank you. >> navy seals gutless? that's what one left wing group is calling this organization of special forces who are speaking out against the national security leaks going on in this country. and the gentle giant sidelined for being too big, too young. should a 300-pound, 12-year-old be allowed to play football with his 100-pound
3:28 am
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>> welcome back, everybody. thanks for joining us this morning. you may have heard about these -- there is a battle royal brewing. it is between this leftist group called media matters for america and special forces soldiers including navy seals. what happened is that there is a group of special forces who have spoken out against the obama administration leaks. the leaks, the national security leaks that have been prominent in the "new york times," the associated press, all the information that has come out about some of these special forces and navy seals operations. so they have come out, the soldiers, and said that they think this puts their lives in danger and entire national security in danger. >> this tweet might fire you up. if you haven't seen it read it from eric quote former navy seals don't have guts to admit they are running a g.o.p. anti-obama campaign. needless to say that was fired up the members of the military and their families, the ones
3:33 am
who helped put together this video. i should mention the video on youtube dishonorable disclosures has been 1.9 presidential already on. it the old thumbs up on youtube. >> mr. boelher. >> it is a propagandist masquerading as a journalist. one of his main missions has been to destroy fox news in the past. and now he seems to have been setting his sight on some very very patriotic americans. >> you better be pretty tough to question the guts of a navy seal. >> in temperate language pretty sick and deminted. how did retired seal scott taylor respond on the bill o'reilly show? >> it's interesting, of course, that whoever opposes us is trying to paint as though it's just a g.o.p. arm or something like that. when, in fact, we have folks from both sides of the aisle, in fact, most of them are
3:34 am
probably a political. but we feel very strongly to serious group, a broad coalition of seals, special forces. delta force, marines, ex-cia. we are highly moat advised. democrats are outraged and republicans are outraged and americans should be outraged. it's an american issue and unfortunately this is the only time that politicians seem to pay attention during the political season when their political lives are potentially at stake. >> scott taylor himself is a republic. there is no secret about t. he doesn't hide that he is a republic. he has run for u.s. congress as a g.o.p. candidates. so, perhaps they shouldn't call themselves a nonpartisan group. perhaps they should call themselves a bipartisan group. you have heard democrats speak out about against the speaks. this is a bipartisan not just taylor reuters has a report linking several members of this group to national and state republic outfits. so it's not, to your point
3:35 am
necessarily bipartisan. >> he says it is nonpartisan. >> patriotism is a manner of americanism, as a manner of manhood i'm sure he will apologize and retract what he said. >> don't hold your breath. >> you said it with a straight face. >> i did. it should happen. will it happen? let's see. >> meanwhile, let's go to headlines right now. lots to tell you about. the first game preseason cardinals turns violent aftershocks ring out. a fight between two men led to the shooting. one man critically wounded and taken to the hospital. the alleged shooter has been arrested. no word on what the fight was about. or if they even knew each other. a colorado man now charged with animal cruelty after abandoning his dog at a
3:36 am
mountaintop. anthony ortalany was hiking with dog missy. her feet was so injured he had no choice but to leave her there. more than a week later two hikers found missy nearly starved to death. and they nursed her wounds and spent nine hours carrying her to safety. now he wants her back but the hikers say she would be better off with them. an arizona woman claiming united airlines left her 11-year-old daughter unattended in an airport despite being paid a $99 fee to watch her, linda toriah says her daughter victoria was flying to fengs. i believe she is also a ballerina. when she landed the airline left her to wander through the airport alone with a dead cell phone, by the way. she says if she did not spot her daughter who knows where she would have ended up. >> i see this little girl
3:37 am
walking with a flood of people. that looks like victor i can't. so i yell out her name and she turns around and before i could even say hi, i missed you, i'm looking for the flight attendant. >> was helping a disabled passenger off the flight and told victoria to wait. victoria said that never happened. this is the second time united has been accused of this sort of thing in the past week. they keep losing children. >> they outsource countering these kids. >> i would flip out. >> here is an important story, gentlemen. from playmate to inmate. colleen shannon arrested after allegedly trying to sneak a man through the u.s. canadian border. the man believed to be shannon's boyfriend. she faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. sexy mugshot. dave? >> speaking of, sexy mugshot. [ laughter ] >> he is known for his
3:38 am
outrageous style and his diamond encrusted grills. [ laughter ] now olympic swimmer ryan lochte will be known for something else. jeah. what is jeah. >> he has applied with the u.s. pat test office to trademark that phrase jeah. he plans on putting the phrase on clothes, jewelry and other things. gold medal for the stupidest patent i have ever seen jeah. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know. i don't get it. jeah. >> i don't think there is a lot of competition for that trademark. >> he might be. >> gia pet. >> put it on twitter and let us know what you think the definition of jeah is. >> j-e-a-h.
3:39 am
>> i'm going to put out on twitter a video clip of one of the interviews of him. you have seen it. >> no. >> like little montage clips. when you see that you will understand how that might be one of the more coherent words that he says. when he is interviewed. sorry, ryan. >> hey, he had an acting cameo on 90210. >> he has got to be smart. >> i take t all back, man. i take it all back. all right, guys. let's talk about the weather. got a little bit of rain going on right here. over the last 24 hours across parts of the southwest. big rain showers across all the four corners and in to california. a few thunderstorms into southern california. take a look at the video. coming out of the victorville area. this is up in the san berne dibiasio know mountains. major rain there causing some big-time mud slides. people had to be rescued. fortunately, nobody was significantly injured. there wasn't any big damage to
3:40 am
property. but some big problems there. any time you get those kind of mountain news terrains where it has been so dry. big rainstorm this is potentially what you can get. this is in the san bernardino mountains. meanwhile today see a few more showers across that area. in around areas of the northeast, some rain showers across the coast. temps much cooler than they have been behind this front moving through it will feel like fall here across much of the northeast for tomorrow. down to the southeast. scattered showers and thunderstorms. some of them heavy at times. temps held down a little bit because of that cloud cover. into the northern plains, very nice temperatures finally a beautiful 77 in chicago. you have had a very nice stretch of weather the last couple of days. out across the west, this is still where the heat is, but not as bad as it has been. a little bit of a break. seattle 92. 80's the last couple of days. send it back to you inside. [ laughter ] >> jeah, we are still discussing it all right. here is a controversial topic
3:41 am
for you this morning, folks. can you be too big to play peewee football. apparently 300 pounds is just too big for this young man to play football with his peers. the league says no, sir. you cannot. we have a weight limit of 135 pounds. he is well over twice that. guys. >> dave, what's so controversial? it's peewee football. why should a 300-pound who is 6'2" -- 6'1" be playing peewee football. >> he should not be allowed to play the sport he loves just because he happened to grow? >> yeah. >> what is he supposed to do. >> i think there is 135-pound weight limit. so at this level young boy 12 years old, almost 6'2", 297 pounds is playing against a young man, 11, 12 years old, 95 pounds. >> he will quash them. >> don't get me wrong. isn't that kind of football at all levels if you are a little guy get crushed by the big guy. >> technically the rules are being misstated the rules say
3:42 am
135-pounds you have to play in interior line, play between guard to guard. i had a similar rule when i played football over a certain weight limit only a guard or center or guard on the other side. >> when your boy grows up, do you want him to be playing 120 pounds against a 300-pound boy. >> i hope he doesn't get crushed by the kid but i feel bad for this kid. unless he continues to grow. >> he seems like a lovely young man. got a nice mother. >> is he not obese. >> he is big. >> he is big. >> rules for peewee football to protect people to make sure they don't get hurt. >> we have lawyer on the set. he is going to be a problem for you all morning long. >> he can play jv, varsity high school football. >> maybe. if he continues. >> go to canadian football now. >> he will be a star in cleaning won't be a problem. >> let's hear from folks on this story. >> our rules are clear. i mean, black and white if you are in the seventh or eighth grade. and you weigh over 135, you
3:43 am
cannot participate in our league. >> dave, is there a minimum weight that you have to weigh to play peewee football. >> no minimum only a maximum. >> it's mostly for little guys. >> whats little league. >> it's not for 300-pound kids. it's not. >> so he is supposed to do what? >> he is supposed to study and practice and but not -- he can't play in this league. >> we could debate this a couple of rounds. >> we will will. >> cancel the rest of the show. >> find us on twitter at ff weekend. should they keep this big boy from playing football. >> we can't wait to hear where you weigh in. >> will paul ryan help mitt romney appeal to younger voters. >> shutting down lemonade. an 11-year-old who is taking a stand. a lemonade stand against the government.
3:44 am
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>> well, president obama may have rocked the youth vote four years ago but things have changed. >> now, there is a lot of buzz about the youthful paul ryan. will he be the one to help bring in the youth vote for mitt romney this november? >> this economy is really bad for young americans. half of all college graduates are either working in jobs that they didn't train for or not working at all. half. are they are swallowing in debt with ever higher tuition.
3:48 am
president obama and others like him in washington are more worried about their next election than they are worried about the next generation. [ applause ] not us. we will lead. >> enthusiasm there in the crowd. ron myer joins us now from the young americas foundation. ron, good to see you. 2008, obama won the youth vote 66% to 32%. it was arguably the turning point in the election. has it changed at all with the selection of paul ryan as v.p.? >> i think it's certainly refreshing to see him on college campuses. that speech you saw he was on a college campus. president obama was on college campus one out of every 11 days. good to see a conservative willing to do the same thing. he hit the three biggest issues that we see for young people, youth unemployment, average graduating college debt and national debt. threw something together youth misery index threw on fox a
3:49 am
few seconds ago. it's exciting to see somebody talk about young people stuck in their parents'' basements. not saying we are going to give you freebies president obama gets to use a teleprompter he said this competing against people in beijing and bang galore. not hanging out, not playing video games. they are not watching real housewives. i'm just saying. it's a two way street. president obama is telling young people we have to earn success. which is true we do need to earn success. coming from him that's condescending. under him the worst summer jobs history way back to 1948. young people are stuck at home, unable to find work and he is condescending. it's great we have someone to advocate for empowering young people on college campuses. >> you say certain policies of the president that you call youth gimmicks. in terms of the 26 healthcare
3:50 am
and other things. what's a youth gimmick that the president has been pushing? >> well, president obama goes to college pus campuses, he has two big talking points. one, you get to stay on your parent's plan until you are 26. the other one is that we're going to do -- we're going to help you with student loan interest payments. both are bologna, really. with the whole you can stay on your parent's plan until you are 26. insurance companies already planning on doing that almost all employers have to employ you. is he planning on unemployment. he is planning on eternal childhood. with the student loans the government is the reason we have high tuition prices in the first place. the tuition not the interest payments are the problem. last year alone public tuition rates went up 10% because government unlimited aid to school with zero strings attached. >> good to see you. see you soon. let us know what's happening. >> we need polls on, this people. at 11 years old she is
3:51 am
standing up to big government. she is headed to the hill over lemonade. we'll meet the young girl next.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
lemonade stands are as american as apple pie. they teach kids about starting businesses and managing money. why is the government shutting down some of these stands? >> our next guests say it's not fair and they are taking a stand. 11-year-old susie mcgowan and her mother margie are participating in lemonade freedom day today on capitol hill. they join us from d.c. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> margie, tell us why lemonade freedom day is important to you and your daughter. >> well, first off, lemonade
3:55 am
is an -- lemonade stands are an american tradition, childhood tradition in this country. but most importantly, voluntarily exchanging goods and services are natural human interactions and one should not have to ask permission to do so. >> susie, you have a lemonade stand. have you set one up from time to time. what did you hear about what was happening to other kids' lemonade stands when local officials got involved? >> well, i heard about shut down. i didn't think it was right. i set up a lemonade stand on freedom day. >> shutting down lemonade stands across the country. why is it resonating, in particular, right now that this is just an overreach for our government? >> well, honestly i think it has to do with overregulation,
3:56 am
government intrusion in our every day lives. but mostly it's happening all across the country. i think people are starting to realize. this is effecting our children one of things i love about your protest and we will leave it here. you are have mad about this you are having a picnic today. that's how you are going to protest. you are all going down to dc and having lemonade and a picnic. >> at noon. >> we're looking forward of hearing what comes from your national lemonade freedom day. as you can see i'm dressed in solidarity with some lemonade. susan and margie thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> we're going to. >> take a break. that's what we're going to do. more "fox & friends," two minutes. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
3:57 am
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>> good morning, saturday august 18th. i'm alisyn camerota. one week since mitt romney took the reigns. he hits the campaign trail with his mom. we're live at one of our favorite places, the villages in florida straight ahead. >> first, the fort hood massacre was labeled work place violence. now the trial of the alleged shooter nidal hassan is being delayed because he refuses to shave his beard. when will justice be served? >> home low, this is your captain speaking. do you have the money for gas? shocking request by a french airline. >> french? >> the customers. >> what would you do? >> thank you, inspector. >> thank you pepe la pew. >> begins right now. >> bon jury. -- bon jour >> [ laughter ] >> good morning. >> get better soon. just kidding, peter.
4:01 am
>> bon jour. >> i didn't know if that was french or continental accent. >> northern france. >> good morning to all of you as we mentioned. peter johnson here for clayton. i'm dave briggs. alisyn supporting the national lemonade day. >> we're wishing clayton a full recovery: paul ryan is going to be down at the villages. phil keating is joining us live from the villages with more on the visit today. phil will not get off the golf cart. he is chasing people now at the villages. >> i mean, i i i'm going to have to retire here. 61,000 people living here in the villages. tend to vote republic. there is 41,000 golf carts in this community. it's a lot of fun just driving around. they are like real vehicles. road legal.
4:02 am
only accidents slow speed. pretty safe. medicare is the issue on the campaign trail today. not only here in senior rich florida but also up in new hampshire where president obama will be later today. at about 10:00 a.m. congressman paul ryan comes right over there. we could see the stage set up there. you could see the big banner says protect and strengthen medicare. congressman ryan will be offering his blueprint ideas as to how you save medicare down the road as you have been paying attention over the past week. that's what the two campaigns are battling each other over. who is actually stronger to preserve and strengthen medicare for the nation's seniors? yesterday, congressman ryan was in virginia. big crowds there up in fairfax county. and he welcomed the medicare debate. here, take a listen. >> heard the president talk about medicare the other day. we want this debate on medicare. >> yeah. [cheers]
4:03 am
we want this debate. we need this debate, and we're going to win this debate on medicare. >> now, the obama campaign is pushing back very hard on this medicare issue. president obama launching this campaign ad yesterday. and he will be campaigning today in new hampshire again talking about medicare. and the obama-biden ticket. they accuse the romney-ryan ticket of having a plan that turns medicare entitlement program very popular for years into a voucher program down the road that could cause seniors about $6,000 a year. another big name on hand down here at the villages. not congressman ryan but his 78-year-old mother betty douglas. she will be on hand. her national debut now that her son is republic vice presidential candidate. she will be here as well. she is also a snow bird. spends the summers up in wisconsin. down in florida fort lauderdale by the sea down in
4:04 am
the broward county area. big event today. actually going to be some protesters coming up. the villages typically votes republic. they did for senator mccain. did for marco rubio and most likely when it comes down to november they will be voting for the romney ryan ticket. back to you in new york. beep beep. >> one thing, "fox & friends" was down at the villages for their 15th anniversary and it took steve doocy all of about 10 seconds to get in a conga line. have you done the limbo yet or been in a conga line? >> fortunately, there is not enough people up here yet at the villages. they are enjoying their sleep. as soon as that conga line forms i'm all over it. >> you will be leading it, i know. >> get yourself lemonade. it looks like chick-fil-a is opening up there. >> we should mention it seems like hostile territory for paul ryan to go there. it leans right. the rhetoric is that it he will cut medicare benefits. it's not true. changes will only effect those
4:05 am
54 and younger. helps to have mom alongside too when you are delivering that message. won't cut to any seniors existing benefits. >> of course medicare is the big topic this week ever since paul ryan was named to be part of the ticket. but, of course, jobs coupled with that jobs is the prevailing issue in this country. something interesting happened. new numbers came out and showed that in 44 states in july the unemployment rate went up. after a year of declining, the rate in separate states, including battleground states, peter, has gone up now. >> and at the same time, the white house has been trying to pump up this issue with regard to mitt romney's tax returns. again, yesterday, some republic leaders, including congressman jason chafett the democrats are trying to distract. >> states released unemployment rate. 44 of 50 states had
4:06 am
unemployment go up this year. do you think democrats want to talk about that? absolutely not. they want to distract and cause a distraction and say look at all of this smoke over there where there is none. >> if we can see that map one more time. it is important to mention what ali said, colorado, nevada, florida. you have got virginia, north carolina, very key states. that's the highest increase 44 states in three years. >> they say only ohio held steady with its 7.2% there. so that will obviously come into play in november. all right. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines and tell you what's happening because the gay rights activist charged with opening fire at the family research council. the head of the traditional values coalition the fbi told her floyd core kin had a note containing her group's in his pocket when he was arrested at the frc. the group's offices located minutes away from each other. he may have planned on a massacre. fortunately he was only able to shoot one frc security
4:07 am
guard in the arm until that guard tackled him and held him for the police. the psychiatrist accused of killing 14 people at fort hood has been delayed indefinitely this as a military court decides what to do about his beard. nidal hasan facial hair is expression of islamic faith. the problem it's a violation of army regulation regulations. the court deciding if a judge can legally order shave for hasan. his trial was supposed to start upcoming monday. >> changing terms of bailout with fannie mae and freddie mac. requiring agencies shrink the number of mortgages they hold by 15% annually. they also must turn over all their profits to taxpayers. officials hope new terms will help fannie and freddie leave government control as profitable corporations. massachusetts man wins a million dollars on a scratch-off ticket by mistake. richard brown asked the gas station attendant for a blue
4:08 am
ice sevens lottery ticket but handed a sizzling seven ticket by mistake. he decided to keep it and he won a million-dollar jackpot. brown took the lump sum option and walked away with $450,000. >> did he tip the man behind the counter? that is the only question i have. i hope he at least gave him a 50 for the mistake. >> i don't know. i'm going to dig into that. >> i'm with you. jeah. >> not that much. tropics are getting going. that out there is hurricane gore dan. it's going moving today. tropical storm helene. some of that moisture though should make its way into parts of south texas over the next couple of days. go off the coast of africa and there is one tropical wave moving off here. this one is interesting. track chesley. could become possibly a big
4:09 am
hurricane in the next five to six days certainly effecting the lesser and maybe the u.s. at some point. so we'll watch that the drought which we have been talking about so much has changed a little bit this week. it has gone up a little bit in those worst categories. extreme and exception navy and it's right there across the central parts of the country. there is going to be a little bit of rain there the next couple of days. the majority of rain is going to stay just to the south of where the drought is unfortunately. parts of texas stretching in towards the mid-atlantic north across kansas and missouri. no real big break at least in the drought there high temperatures today cooling a little bit northwestern. 90's the last few days. cool down just a little look at nice temperatures great lakes and northern plains. just like fall. tomorrow temps cool down a little bit more across parts of texas and oklahoma. all right, guys. >> just like fall? bite your tongue. >> i know you are not happy about it but it's going to happen. >> thank you, rick. >> it's late in august which means many of you have wrapped up your summer vacation.
4:10 am
some of you may still have a few left to come. if you have had those horror stories. awful airline experiences. we have one this morning that's going to make you feel a lot better about what you endured. imagine for a moment if you take off and have to make an emergency stopover and they tell you that emergency stopover is going to be in civil war torn damascus, syria. and alisyn, it actually got worse from there? >> it really did. it was an air france flight. they were trying to go from london -- i'm sorry from paris to beirut, they had to stop in damascus. then they had a problem. they were running out of fuel. and they had trouble refueling in damascus because of the civil unrest and war that's going on there. so the pilot took up a collection from the passengers to pay for their fuel. >> and the boeing triple 7 carrying 18 a people came up
4:11 am
with 17,000 actual euro dollars in the event they needed to pay for the gas during the layover in a country that france told its citizens to get out of we are in a little bit of a peril here. let's get the bucks up and get out of here. whatever it takes to get the gas. let's get up and out. >> would you fork over some money? i guess if i'm in damascus, syria for two minutes i would fork over. >> i want out. >> they did not need the money. they worked out some sort of deal. there are sanctions against syria in terms of paying them for gas. so they worked something out. syria was not going to be taking credit at that point. visa, master card two bucks. that's what you would be able to get out of me. >> even when you are traveling. >> your husband says you got cash? i'm like yeah, i have $3.
4:12 am
>> you would not have been helpful. >> they had dough. that translates to $20,000. >> they had some big bucks. >> forking it over. >> shocking report finds the protection fake drugs growing right here in the u.s. our medical a team with what you need to know. opening next bottle of prescription pills. and paul ryan, being attacked for his budget plan. what exactly is it and do the claims from the left hold any weight at all? we're going to take this on next. ♪
4:13 am
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>> it might be impossible to name criticism of paul ryan's budget plan that you haven't heard already. we have been told it dismantles medicare and takes guaranteed benefits away from seniors. do these claims from the left actually hold any weight? do they hold in the light of day? fox news contributor amilya antonetti, is here to help us separate fact from fiction. >> hi, good morning. >> let's go to the first myth, number one, tax cuts only apply to the wealthest americans. that's what the folks on the left are saying. let's see what the president said. >> you know, this weekend my opponent. mr. romney chose as his running mate the ideological leader as the republicans in congress. the centerpiece of mr. romney's entire economic
4:17 am
plan is a new 5 trillion-dollar tax cut, a lot of t going to the very wealthiest americans. >> here's the question amelia, fact or myth. >> it's an absolute myth. this drives me crazy. first of all we are taking six very complicated individual tax cuss and reducing them down to two. that helps everybody right now because now if you can understand the question, you can give them a better answer. so that right across the board helps everything. this is how i explain this to my children. if you have a dollar and i pay 80 cents of the taxes and you pay 20% of it, we are both going to get 10% back. that means i get 8 cents and you get 2 cents. that doesn't mean i got 8 cents i got more. i got the right ratio for what i contributed. the wealthiest people contribute the most. you can't turnround and say we both -- i paid 80% and i get 2 cents and you get 2 cents. that doesn't mathematically make sense. when they spin these numbers they are not taking a look at, again, the 2% pay the most
4:18 am
amount of taxes so of course he they are going to get more back because it's proportionally so. what do they do with their money? they put it back into the economy they stimulate it more. when you think about it logically what he says makes no sense. myth. myth. >> perhaps myth number two seniors will completely lose medicare coverage. let's hear it from the president's man on cbs this morning, david axelrod on that statement. >> the fact is that we took that money and we extended the length of medicare by 8 years. if that was part of the affordable care act. we expanded prescription coverage. make no mistake about it, these republicans don't believe in medicare. they want to turn it into a voucher program and slowly all the burden is going to shift to seniors themselves and that is not an answer to entitlement reform. >> so when the president's spin meister david axelrod
4:19 am
says that is he being a truth teller or a myth maker. >> is he a myth maker. it's not true. he stands on his ground. first of all it's not that they want to not have dicare. we want to turn it into a business. what does a business do? accountability? better service, better margin. some way to make this not continue to spin out of control. talking about raising the limit on the age. well, of course, we are living longer. talking about a system that's been around for 50 years it's broken. >> romney says you can keep medicare if you want it. you will have the choice of private plans as well. >> that's the number one thing in here. t gives choice back to people. isn't that what we want? i don't want you making decisions for he me. i want to make my own decisions. my father wants to make his own decisions of what he does with his healthcare. why are you going to tell him what to do. my father doesn't like to be told what to do. he says this is how much money you get. can you choose what works best for you. customize. it's a business. >> amilya antonetti, i can't imagine anyone, whether it's barack obama or anyone out here making decisions for you.
4:20 am
>> nobody wants them to do that that's the american way. that's why we are here. we don't want people making decisions for us. give us choice. you can have vanilla or chocolate or strawberry one, which one do you want? better. >> people got to read and watch. >> just pay attention to the words, right? any time somebody is emphatic about something you don't know the whole thing, pick up the thing read it for yourself and make a decision. choice, make your own choice. >> we choose you. amilya antonetti, good to see you. see you again soon. >> absolutely. >> fake drugs are a growing problem in the u.s. what can you do to make sure you are getting the real medicine? dr. mark seagull of the a team here next with the answers. then, a $75,000 maserati swiped under the salesman's nose. literally gone in 60 seconds. we have this every week. what's happening to sports cars in america? we'll be back.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
>> 7:24 eastern time. time for news by the numbers. $10 million that's how much the romney campaign has pulled in from online donations since announcing paul ryan republic choice for vice president just a week ago. next, almost 2%. that's how much apple stock went up at the close of the market this week. finally, 39%. that's how many americans say beer is their alcohol of choice new gallup poll says wine comes in a close second
4:25 am
followed by liquor. >> before you open that next bottle of prescription pills listen to this next story. according to government reports counterfeit drugs is a growing threat here in the u.s. what are the dangers and how can we make sure we are getting what the doctor ordered? the fox medical a time dr. marc siegel is here with the answers. dr. sealing thanks for being here. i was stunned with the numbers 40 million of counterfeit drugs are being pedaled in the united states. what's happening? >> you have to understand 4 billion prescriptions drugs over the year. 40%. 40 million of them are counterfeit. the number one problem is online. people that go to get their medications, online. without it a doctor being involved. without a doctor certified web site. that's the number one thing you have got to look out for. >> let's go through some of the drugs in jeopardy of being
4:26 am
counterfeit and alert our viewers. the first types are antibiotics and an it at this virals like am tamiflu. >> zittrromax. is the spelling correct, the label. is t the pill you can recognize? you can actually ask your doctor if this the is right pill. tamiflu when we have flu ends it goes like wildfire. internet is where it is sold. >> so many people take lipitor. how you can protect yourself against the counterfeits here? >> well, again, you have to ask your physician for the prescription. go to a pharmacy that he or she recommends. you can't go to some pharmacy that isn't certified. lipitor huge problem with that right now because it's going generic. the more the drug goes generic the morva rights around the more likely counterfeit. a huge growing problem in the
4:27 am
united states. >> only used authorized pharmacies. next, cancer drugs. that is tragic if these are being counterfeit because they obviously won't work as well. all of the drugs this is true of. tell us what people need to know about cancer drugs. >> people may have heard about this. but this year was a terrible year for. this avastin, a counterfeit coming out of turkey mislabeled, misspelled. in french instead of in english. there is ways to tell. this it's enormous problem. the way to avoid it with cancer drugs is go to your hospital with chemotherapy. get it from a clinic that. don't try to get it elsewhere it is scarce and the problems occur because of the scarce city of these drugs. the solution isn't to go outside the professional. >> the next one i take all the time allergy pills i notice they are being kept behind the counter now at the drugstores. how you can make sure you are not getting counterfeit for painkillers and allergy pills. >> painkillers that's a be
4:28 am
pro. overprescribing painkillers in the u.s. people are taking too much of it. claritin the problem is because it's an over-the-counter medication. it's mislabeled. again, look at the packaging. is this the packaging you are used to? is the spelling the same? are the the colors the same that you are used to getting. >> another one that could have disastrous effects psychiatric drugs like zoloft and xanax. tell us about these. >> alisyn, the number one problem was adderall this year which is not on our list. adderall tremendous shortage for attention deficit disorder. counterfeit like mad. again, the problem was mostly online. you have got to understand people can't get their medication. there is a big shortage. you have to feel terrible for them. but you can't compensate is for that by going outside your usual physician network to get these drugs. >> that's scary obviously because you are giving it to kids. the legislative here is just be super cautious and double-check even when you get something from a pharmacy. >> look at the label. get your physician involved. see if the writing is correct. don't get it online go through your doctor.
4:29 am
>> thank you so much. >> great to see you, alisyn. >> coming up. don't mess with this woman. a robber picked the wrong house to break into. we will tell you how she scared him off. plus, ryan lock can i taking his signature phrase jeah to a whole new level. we're reading your emails on what exactly that means. brave k! as you can clearly see from this attractive graph that our sales have increased by... sorry, my liege. honestly. our sales have increased by 20%. what is this mystical device i see before me? it's an ultrabook. he signed the purchase order. with an ultrabook, everything else seems old fashioned.
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4:33 am
than always going to the bathroom. so take charge of your symptoms by talking to your doctor and go to for a free trial offer. >> you know what's interesting? because of all the gaffes that biden has been making lately, obama decided he is not going to take any more chances. you see where he had biden speaking today? show biden speaking today. >> i middle class out there better. [construction noises] >> yesterday president obama said he is sticking with joe biden as his running mate even though biden made a series of major gaffes this week. in response joe biden is this is like [bleep] great. [ laughter ] another meeting in the oval office? closed door moment. closed door moment. >> interesting though behind the scenes that we are learning this week that campaign aides are not
4:34 am
providing transcripts to joe biden's speeches to the press there. they are trying to approve scripts of stories of those covering the vice president. just put the duct tape right over. >> well, is he in delaware apparently this weekend on staycation. in delaware. >> good idea. >> tell tell you what else is happening at this hour. colorado cracking down on gun control. gun also be banned at all public, ticketed campus event in boulder. prohibiting guns at dorms colorado campuses. it plans to provide separate housing for any student over 21 years old that has a permit so long as they keep the weapon locked up. this move comes after the supreme court overturned a campus gun ban allowing guns to be carried. now you see it, now you don't. that 75,000 maserati is stolen from a california car dealership right off the lot. police say the theft acted
4:35 am
like a potential buyer. so when the sales person opened the car door he hopped in and sped off. the hot ride has not been seen since. it's been about a month. can you believe that they haven't found it in the dealership believes t was either shipped overseas or chopped up for parts. do you chop up a car like that poor parts. >> overseas it's a big thing, huge thing china or russia. >> would be robber messing with the wrong old lady. >> you came out. he was pushing me. he got away. he got to running. when i got right here i got him whack in the neck. >> i like the recreation. that's 73-year-old margaret jackson, she was visiting her daughter's house in houston when a man tried to break in through the back door. that's when jackson fought back with a barbecue fork and sent the suspect running for the hills. >> he won't come back. tell his friends don't go there, they have got a dangerous old lady there. >> i'm surprised she didn't barbecue him. fortunately jackson wasn't
4:36 am
hurt in the incident. the suspect still on the run. >> dave, tell us about your favorite story of the day, please. >> he is known for outrageous style and diamond crusted grill now olympic swimmer ryan lochte will be known for something else jeah. trademark the catch phrase jeah. he says he plans on putting the phrase on clothes, jewelry, a long list of other things including sunglasses. a viewer weighing in on in this morning red beard says hash tag jeah means darn, i'm not michael phelps. tweets are pouring in on this one. apparently they need the patent cafe is making t-shirts with jeah on there and i don't know if lochte is getting his cut of the jeah t-shirts. >> i'm with him, 11 time. >> trademark phrase. >> i don't care. give him a phrase.
4:37 am
11 medals this guy has done. >> he can say whatever he wants. >> he borrowed the phrase from a wrapper. >> they will fight it out in court. >> do you see jeah or jeah? do you pronounce it a different way? >> i think we need to define catch phrase. is it a catch phrase? >> i don't know. it's going to be on our show. we have decided we are going to use it now for everything for the rest of the show. >> congratulations, ryan we are helping you make jeah as acatch phrase. let's talk about the weather. take a look at the radar over the last 24 hours. across areas of the southwest. big-time rains across parts of california and all around the four corners, great monsoonal moisture will continue again today and get any rain we can across the southwest when you can get it. this is the time of the year. take a look at temps as you are waking up far northern plains in great lakes. see those blues, alisyn, 47 in green bay. 47 in international falls,
4:38 am
that feels like fall. not humid either. out across the northeast today, see a few more showers across the coast. temps cooling down behind this front that moves through, everybody into the 70s and low 80's. and down to the southeast, that's where all of our storms are. we will see continued storms around parts of louisiana and texas. temps into the 90's for the most part across that area. all right. dave, send it back to you. thanks, guy, does your bathroom folks need a face lift? no doubt about it says dave white of home depot. i borrowed that one but it was a gem very easy. show us how we do t. >> this is a cool way to dress up your bathroom. this is called sort of like doing tile stripes on your wall. instead of doing tile all the way up and down. this a simple do it yourself version of that. the first thing is just a lay out and really this is up to
4:39 am
you. what we will will do is we're going to go between tile and paint and tile and paint. so really you just figure out about what ghexes you like. this is b. a 13-inch span because we wanted to add a little bit of trim tile and then we wanted 8 inches of paint. you figure it out based on what you want. >> this adhesive is all part of one big strip. >> once we drew the lines out we use the simple mat. this stuff is so cool. you don't have to use any adheatsive. >> this is the worst part. that's probably the most intimidating part for people. >> this simple mat you peel and stick. peel the back off and stick it to the wall and once t is stick on to the wall. you feel the front part off, if i can get to it here. now it has adhesive built on. >> all we're doing. >> stick it on there. connect to the overlap. >> if you get it wrong the cool thing is, until you really set it in there you
4:40 am
have got a chance to redo t. once you do and push it hard it's going to set. you don't have to wait for the adhesive to dry. can you go ahead and grout. so your next step is going to be to grout. this is what is going to fill in the gaps, right? you want to grout float. >> okay. put some grout on there. this is sort of what fills in i was curious. you don't have to get in there with a tiny little. >> that will clean right off. >> push this in go over go at an angle. see how t pushes it into the gaps. >> how easy will that clean off. >> once you are done done with that use a punk and start getting off the excess. okay? you don't want to push too hard. >> what's going to happen though it will leave a haze. you let this dry after you get signed of get most of this off
4:41 am
of there. it leaves a little bit of a haze. use some cheese lot, just rub it down. >> you want to make sure you to get that off within a couple of hours. >> you wait until it sets up probably two to four hours and then you can start getting that last little bit of haze. like a heavy dust. can you add any trim tiles and then you can paint in between. so we have obviously taped that off with our blue tape. so that once do you that you pick your paint and move over here to where he we finished. and you see how cool this looks. again, this allows you to do your own design. something you can easily get done in a weekend. but look how great that looks. can you see how we designed this so that it hits just on top of the vanity here. >> can this ability as a back splash. >> right. >> a lot of homes don't come with the back splash. >> if you wanted to use this technically as a back splash. actually cut that tile around the back of your vanity. >> place it straight down. >> right down against there, when you grout, you grout right up against there and you
4:42 am
have a solid back splash. you could use little 4 by 4 tiles. you can use mosaics or whatever you want on it. >> i have my weekend plans. thank you. >> it's entirely too simple if you ask me. >> entirely too simple. this man is good. dave white from home depot. more info at home >> same group trying to take down fox news now says that navy seals don't have guts. we'll explain. >> and you thought you were an empty nester but then your kids move back. in it's a popular trend right now. what can parents and kids do to get out on their own. ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
>> maybe your kids moved out and went to college. well, they are back. new research shows that more young adults are living with mom and dad than ever before, ali. >> bye-bye empty northwest. is this a good or bad thing. what should parents do about it rachel cruise speaker and writer for the dave ramsey organization. and oh by the way dave ramsey is her dad. great to have you. it's in your d.n.a. to understand budgets and money and financial issues. >> that's right. we grew up really talking about money and learning how to handle it now i'm taking the message, really to the next generation. >> it's shocking to hear that 24% of young adults age 20 to 34 lived with their parents from 2007 to 2009. that's up from 17% in 1980. how can we prevent this? how can we get them out as quickly as possible? >> yes.
4:47 am
get them out of the northwest. i think first parents just talk to your kids about money in general. when they are younger, show them how to save. show them how to stay away from debt. save up and pay for things. set them up on a budget that will set them up. >> when do you start teaching them. >> as young as possible. even a little 5-year-old can learn to work and get paid for that get a commission. even starting young. >> save when you are really young. >> exactly, exactly. >> you also say something that i find very interesting for parents. advice for parents. make it uncomfortable if this generation comes back and stays too long. how do you propose they do that. >> make it all inclusive resort, they are just going to stay and hang out. things like make them pay rent. make them pay for their groceries, don't give them money. follow the house rules. that kind of thing. not going to feel like this free ride that they are having to actually participate in it. get them out quicker. >> i have a friend who is 30 and his mom makes him lunch every day.
4:48 am
i hope is he watching right now. get out. you say it's important to set a time line. exactly, be clear about even in paper you suggest? >> yes. >> how long they should be here. >> some students move back home and no spoken expectations they think they can stay there the parents think they will move out in six months they think i will move out in two years. talk about that and have it in writing. >> a contract? >> basically yeah. great for the parents. i'm sure they will love that. >> you say there is one cardinal rule that parents should follow and that is never loan your child money. really? never? >> never. >> even in this hard economic time if they are having a hard time with a job? how do you avoid that. >> i think loan is the key word. if you want to give them a little bit of money to start out as gift and say hey, we're going to give this to you now we're done. you have to go on your own. a little help may help a little bit. overall let them do it. if he they are going to be adults graduate at 22 that parent usually went out and had to get their own job and pay their own bill. let your kids could that as well and be us sustaining.
4:49 am
try not to give them money as possible. if you do, don't have them owe it back. >> taking this message to young people. do you find this message is resonating. >> i do. i'm all over college campuses all over the country a message of hope. you don't have to have a student loan or live with a credit card. you can live debt-free. can you tell your money what to do. can you live on a budget and be in control. they are. no one talks about this with this generation. they throw their hands up and think. >> it's great to hear it's resonating. >> it is, absolutely. >> we can see it's genetic. thanks so much for coming in with all of your great advice boomerang generation. appreciate it. >> coming up. gas prices a record high now. the white house considering tapping into our oileserves. will this really give us relief at the pump? we will report. you decide. >> navy seals gutless? that's what et one left wing group is calling this organization special forces speaking out against the
4:50 am
president. okay, here's the plan.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> media matters comes out talking trash after a group of retired special op.s launch a campaign criticizing the obama administration over security leaks. senior fellow with leftist group eric took to twitter
4:54 am
personally to attack the people behind the effort saying kind of lame, former navy seals don't have guts to admit they're running a g.o.p. anti-obama campaign. the only thing more shocking than the attack on men who have setter served our country is the fact this highly partisan group is actually tax exempt. claiming a 501 c 3 status. vince senior online editor for the daily caller. vince, good morning. how are you? >> good morning, peter. i'm just fine. >> tell us about this gutless statement by eric bowl letter. boehlert. >> it's amazing kind of thing. he decided to call these guys gutless over not partisan
4:55 am
identity. they say we are criticizing the president he is the current commander and chief under a under his administration national security leaks have been happening. we are concerned about the security of our guys. around the active duty out there. that perspective is reasonable. they have liberal and conservative members. on its face though. somebody from the organization media matters, which is is a liberal don't mistake it, a very liberal organization that's working very hard to support the president and working against mitt romney in this election. for them to say that anybody is hiding their political identity while they are very much doing the same thing is kind of beyond the pale. >> kind of the pot calling the kettle black. >> absolutely. >> without any military heroics in their past. how do people respond to this. what can people do when they see this kind of thing? has boehlert apologized or retracted his statement or is david broke, his boss who also
4:56 am
runs another anti-republic pack, has he called him on account and said listen, eric, you need to apologize for this. to call navy seals gutless and special force veterans gutless even though you disagree with them isn't that beyond the pale? >> yeah. it's frankly unbelievable. and the reality is media matters has not condoned or condemned and they haven't even spoken on it. just allowing this to stand out there to have one of their staffers basically their most publiccage territory. this guy goes out every day with the intent of trying to trol conservatives. >> controlling -- trolling conservatives. keep us abreast what happens with this. >> i absolutely will. >> a 12-year-old being benched for being too big. 300 pounds. should he be allowed to play peewee football with his
4:57 am
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the progress continues... but that doesn't mean our job is done. we're still committed to seeing this through.
5:00 am
>> good morning, everyone. it's saturday, august 18th. i'm alisyn camerota. here is what is happening at this hour. medicare front and center on the campaign trail this morning. as the new g.o.p. darling paul ryan heads to a famous retirement community that we know well in florida. he has an important person alongside. his mom. we have a live report from the villages coming up. >> >> they are lining up for the vp nominee. >> meanwhile the threat of $4 a gallon gas looming once again. now the white house leaving the door open for tapping the nation's oil reserves. are they just playing politics here with your pocket? >> plus a gentle giant sidelined for being too big too young so should a 300-pound, 12-year-old boy be allowed to play football with his 135-pound friends?
5:01 am
we're going to report. you decide. here on "fox & friends," which begins on a wonderful saturday morning right now. ♪ >> good morning, this is gavina. you are watching my favorite show, "fox & friends," baby. >> fantastic, she says. >> she is just down the hall. she does our hair. >> she greets you with that almost every day you come in here and i kept encouraging her we need to get that on tape. finally we did. >> so life affirming. >> clayton morris needs that this morning. is he still ill this morning. he is down. good to have peter johnson filling in. >> thank you so much. >> get to our top story. that is medicare becoming a hot topic in this election. today paul ryan will be defending his plan, which has garnered so much attention to the people that it counts with seniors in florida. >> phil keating joins us live from the villages where he was out all night partying with the folks there.
5:02 am
good morning to you, phil. >> good morning. by the way. i tried partying all night with all of these senior citizens 61,000 strong in the villages but they all go to bed 8:00. probably because they wanted to get up in the front row for today's big congressman ryan rally for victory. it starts at about 2 hours. as you can see from our other camera here, big crowd already on hand. a lot of fox news fans out there as i can hear. and congressman ryan will be tailor his platform today to talking about medicare to protect and strengthen medicare according to the big banner behind the stage. and yesterday in virginia. he said as far as fighting over who is going to be better for medicare in the future, congressman ryan says they are ready for the battle there is only one person who treated medicare like a piggy bank and that's president obama. he took $716 billion from that program to create obama care
5:03 am
and his campaign calls this an achievement. do you think medicaid to pay for obama care is an achievement? why don't we get rid of obama care all together, huh? that would be an achievement. >> and the obama campaign, of course, rejecting that argument saying that was not the case whatsoever. in fact, the obama campaign releasing a television commercial yesterday, a campaign ad targeting the ryan budget plan for medicare, which would turn it into somewhat of a privatized voucher program years and years down the road. and the president using aarp's only aanalysis to suggest that the obama care plan, as far as medicare is less costly to seniors as would be the romney-ryan plan. but also on hand here at 10:00 a.m. when congressman ryan walks out on the stage, his
5:04 am
first time since he was named the vice presidential choice of mitt romney, he will will be unveiling perhaps the most famous senior citizen here today in about two hours. that's going to be his mother. 78-year-old betty douglas who is a part-time florida resident. she a snow bird. summertime hand today. again, no matter where you are today. no matter where you are watching president obama in new hampshire or watching g.m. ryan here in florida today. you will see senior citizens in the crowd. there is going to be one issue that is going to be dominating and that is medicare. back to you in new york. >> phil, thank you. i think those folks behind him may have been in bed early but the villagers do party. they do stay up late in the night and party all night. >> i couldn't keep up with them for our 15th "fox & friends." >> i wasn't joking about it. >> all night long. >> raise the roof, baby. >> meanwhile, gas prices,
5:05 am
listen to this. they are reaching a record high this year and, in fact, this week and this month. things have really gone up since july. the national average right now as of yesterday was $3.72 a gallon. >> that's up almost 30 cents from last month. now word that president obama is tapping strategic oil reserves. the reason they do that they don't want iran to suddenly make a ton of money because of the sanctions that have been applied to iran that are many say beginning to take hold and starting to work. many on the other side say pretty convenient that you would tap the oil reserves 80 days out from an election. and they say politics is at play here, peter. >> what does former shell president have to say about tapping the reserve in terms of supply and demand? if they tap the reserve three, four, maybe five days of
5:06 am
relief and then we go back to where we were before. people are looking to solutions, tapping the strategic oil reserve is not a solution relationship between supply and demand. think i we set up in the 70s. massive interruption and embargo of oil to the united states. it's been used very sparingly historically, really only for disruptions. >> actual oil supply. real emergencies so the issue is is it being used to bring gas prices down at the pump for political purposes or is there an actual disruption of oil supplies america which you really haven't seen yet. >> they will take a closer look at this after labor day. prices begin to come down after labor day and things begin to fall in line. if they don't, then you will re-examine it. you know in our neck of the woods connecticut 4 bucks a gallon. $95 to fill up my car last week and doesn't feel like any
5:07 am
relief. >> more than half of the states it's more. police searched through several movie theaters across the country after a bomb threat is called into the corporate headquarters of a multi-state chain. someone from carmike cinemas noticed a voice mail believed to be from disgruntled employee targeting the suspendibles two. luckily finding nothing but the fbi is investigating. >> u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan now required to carry loaded weapons at all times. the order coming in response to a recent rash of attacks on coalition forces by afghan troops. who are supposed to be their allies. one of those insider attacks came yesterday when afghan police officer killed two u.s. special forces members using a gun they had just given him as a gift moments before. >> at least 37 other u.s. nato troops have been killed in
5:08 am
similar attacks this year. >> more citizens in california at risk going bankrupt. the moody's agency plans to review finances for dozens of cities and may even slash their credit ratings. moody's said a poor real estate market and lack of oversight pushed cities to consider bankruptcy. that's putting bond holders at risk. three cities, stockton, san bernardino all filed for bankruptcy this summer. those are your headlines. >> let's get outside to rick reichmuth, chief meteorologist. he doesn't want to get out in the rain and mess up the quoff. it's perfect never gets messed up. >> we have fall-like conditions and out across the west. not as hot but the fires are still going on across the west. it's been so dry that is unfortunately going to continue. there is a front draped here across parts of the south stretched along the mid-atlantic. along that area we will see
5:09 am
most of the thunderstorms today. some of them where you see batches of yellow are going to be severe. likely strong winds and maybe damaging hail probably not any tornadoes but maybe one or two out here across parts of the west. most parts showers, beneficial, we need any of the rain we can get anywhere especially across the eastern part of the country. cool temperatures only 76 in minneapolis. 77 in chicago. tomorrow we stay very cool and cool down a little bit in across parts of the central plains. back to you. >> thank you, rick. all right, folks. what happens when a 300-pound 12-year-old takes on a 130-pound average weight kid on the football? this is what happens. he pretty much man handles the kid. some say this is a major safety issue for the other 12-year-old kid. so the big one on your left is not allowed to play in his texas peewee league out of safety for the other kids. >> look at how much bigger he. >> 297. >> smaller boy didn't do too bad. >> no.
5:10 am
i didn't think that was bad why wasn't the 12-year-old wearing a helmet? if you are that big you don't need to wear a helmet? >> he should be wearing a helmet. >> there are weight restrictions for peewee football associations and he is not allowed by the weight restriction to play so he was ousted. is that the way the cookie crumbles or should some of these be changed. >> what i understand similar to what i played if you weigh more than 135 pounds you had to be interior linemen, a center or guard. from what i read of them, they should allow him to play but force him to be interior lineman. maybe he is too big to keep anyone on that field safe. here is what they say in regard to the safety of the other players. >> our rules are clear. i mean, is it says in black and white. if you are in the seventh or eighth grade. 11 or 12 years old and weigh over 135 you cannot participate in our league. >> i mean i understand it's
5:11 am
about safety, guys. that's not how sports works. this is a big kid so we are supposed to punish him? that's what he enjoys and he is good at it. >> this is the rule in that league. unfortunately he weighs too much. he is going to be a great high school ball player there has to be rules. >> there also has to be somewhere where he is allowed to play. >> if you weigh too much. >> isn't it dangerous for him dave to play against the other kids. >> it's football. it's not tennis. it's a full contact sport where you might get hurt. >> too many kids have suffered concussions as a result of that thinking over the years. >> that's completely different than having somebody too big. >> 290 pounds crushing 110-pound boy. >> i don't want my kid get crushed either. what should we do with this kid he has a passion and good at it. >> i would make him a coach. i would make him the assistant coach. keep him involved. make him part of the process. thank him for his service. keep him going.
5:12 am
find out other ways. let him work out with the team. do different things. >> you had a lot of thoughts on this. i think an age limit should be in place not a size limit. if he can pass the physical rirmingts, he should be able to play. >> here is an email from jack they made this rule for a reason to protect kids. they investor right to enforce the rule. >> i know older league you don't want him playing with more experienced players. >> absolute certainty absurd at this to pit 300-pound to compete against 135-pound. would this not increase likelihood of injury? >> don't want injury. it's bad for this boy but bad for everybody else. >> at what point is he allowed to play? >> weight limits in wrestling and weight limits in football. >> at what point? so you are saying he could never play football if he is that much bigger than the kid in high school. >> in high school. absolutely not in high school though.
5:13 am
>> we do have other stories to cover in the show this morning this has begannerred a lot of email and attention. keep them coming we are all on twit ir. jub will have to wait the suspect opening up his own trial why refusing to shave his beard. we will give you an update. glsm this ad could cause michael phelps all of his london gold? abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye,
5:14 am
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5:17 am
court martial 804, t says he has to set the uniform and the regulations for the appearance of all parties in the courtroom. beards are forbidden by army regulation. and normally services do not make exceptions to that. that's very rare. and he is concerned and this is the prosecution who objected saying this was an attempt by the accused to thwart incourt recognition by the witnesses to the event.
5:18 am
>> and the judge has ruled that this is disruptive and he has held the major in contempt already as a result of this. there is something called the compelling state interest that allows the federal government to say, listen, yeah, you have a religious right but we have an interest in terms of enforcing army regulations. do you believe in the end that the court of appeals is going to side with judge groce and put this guy in the chair and have the beard shaved? >> most of our military and public courts uphold judge's discretions as long as he had has a rational reason for doing so. both under the reasons cited by the prosecution in objecting as well as the common practice in court martial, plus, major hasan, up until a couple months ago was shaving himself. i think the military appellate courts are going to uphold the judge's decision. >> it's an interesting point that you made that it could thwart witness' ability to identify him. is this just an attempt to run
5:19 am
out the clock or at least to delay the game? >> well, that is certainly the case. as you know, this case has been delayed a couple times at defense request. which is normal. there is great deal of work. lt. colonel poppy, the defense attorney and his assistant attorneys have to do and a judge has given him that time to be ready. but the judge said this month, august, was going to be the month for trial. so i don't think lt. colonel poppy and his defense attorneys have anything to it do with this. this may be major hasan deciding he wants his attorneys to have more time so he is digging in his heels about the beard. >> thanks for expertise. keep an eye on this for us. let us know what suspecting ha. at love americans want to know about this. good to see you. >> good to see you, peter. >> mom entrepreneur is singing the blues over red tape regulations, literally. >> the pregnant go ladies don't have a lot of patients. they are waiting on me and all this red red tape. the mommas with the bump are getting belly aches.
5:20 am
>> jeah we meet her next. >> and, they risk their lives as u.s. marines now they are entering another battlefield. competing with missions hollywood celebrity an operative from the new reality show stars earn stripes next. when i found out my irregular heartbeat put me at 5 timesgreater risk o, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i have the most commonype of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin, but my doctor put me on pradaxa instead
5:21 am
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5:22 am
5:23 am
>> government red tape stalled one woman's efforts to sell her invention. now this mom entrepreneur is fighting back and launching a campaign against pillow tag laws.
5:24 am
>> the regulators say that i can't sell without a tag. it's going to cost thousands and it's really a drag. i'm asking for help with my situation, the prego ladies don't have a lot of patience. waiting on me and on this red red tape. the mommas with the bump are getting belly aches. i need some raise some capital here is a little song called do not remove under penalty of law. >> you are so jigy. joining us is the creator of the belly pillow. great rap. great so-to-you have here. why did you invent this crazy little pillow here. >> when i was pregnant with my daughter i was extremely uncomfort being like most women are. i would have a pillow and suv under my pillow. took it and cut t in half and put a piece of fabric in the middle. when you roll over there is a pillow waiting on the other side. >> call the belly rest. i'm going to sell it online. got a web side. what was the problem? >> red tape. actually.
5:25 am
when i found out i had to pillow tag and 15 states require pillow tags and i can't sell in a state that requires a pillow tag without paying their state the fees. >> the pillow tag fee is no small chump change. you found there are lots of little fees that add up here 720 bucks to a lot of money. >> per year. >> per year. >> so, when you were going to pay all the fees, what sort of money were you looking at? >> i needed $3,660 to start. and then. >> just for the fees. >> just for the fees and then another $1,000 to pay a company to manage the fees because they all renew at different times of the year and if you miss a fee they pull your product. >> you must have been very surprised. here you are, you just wanted to invent a little pillow for pregnant moms. and had you had any idea of the impediments? >> none. none. >> and so what did you -- how did you decide to tackle this? >> well, i found out about the fees then i got really mad.
5:26 am
cried a little bit. and then i wrote a rap. that's what you do when you are angry. this is america, you rap about it? >> right. >> now what happens. >> $6,060. i have the money to start but now i'm essentially back at zero because all that money goes toward the fees and a little bit of production so now i'm trying to presell another 300 pillows to have the money to actually go into production. >> so what's your message for people, who like you, who think that they have a good idea and want to invent something? >> go for it anyway. i'm glad i found out late in the game because i would have quit. i probably would. but i had enough pregnant women who said oh my gosh u you have to do. this you cannot say no it angry pregnant women you can't. >> people who want to buy your pillow go to belly just out of curiosity what could happen if i cut off the tag.
5:27 am
>> don't do that you would be arrested. >> it's illegal to cut off this pillow tag. >> you are -- when you are consumer you can cut the tag. >> if i bought this i can cut the tag. but i cannot cut a tag off a pillow. >> right. >> thank you for saving me from the clink. >> yeah. >> thanks so much. great invehicles. great story. great to have you. >> thanks, alisyn. >> coming up, this dog found by hikers after her opener abandoned her on a mountaintop. there is now a canine custody battle brewing. we will tell you about that straight ahead. plus, biden's gaffetastic. is this a distraction from the real issues that all the candidates say they are trying to tackle? we ask governor mike huckabee next. come on in, guys. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from.
5:28 am
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information kit with dvd, brochure and price list. call right now and you'll also receive a $50 savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> mitt romney is predicting that as president he will create 12 million jobs in his first term. but president obama says a romney presidency would result in lost jobs. yeah, his and biden's. [ laughter ] >> that was a good one. meanwhile, governor mike huckabee joins us in just a moment discussing politics and what he takes away from the joe biden week that he wishes
5:32 am
was not. was any -- were think of knows gaffes intentional? we will will ask the governor. >> i think that that actually flies in the face of desks it of gaffe. >> was it a gaffe? >> strategy. >> i look forward to hearing from the governor. meanwhile, let's get to your headlines. the first gym of the prea season between the cardinals and raiders turns violent in arizona after shots ring out at the university of phoenix parking lot. a fight between two men led to the shooting. one man critically wounded and taken to the hospital. the alleged is ther has been arrested. no word on what the fight was about or if they even knew each other. and a colorado man now charged with animal cruelty after abandoning his dog on a mountaintop. anthony says he was hiking with his german shepherd, missy, when a bad storm rolled in. at that point he claims missy's feet were so injured he had no other choice but it leave her there or else risk his own chances of making it down the mountain alive. more than a week later, two hikers found missy nearly
5:33 am
starved to death. they then nursed her wounds and spent 9 hours carrying her to safety. now he wants missy back but the hikers say she would be better off with them. and a terrifying situation for two arizona parents. their 5-year-old son sneaks on to a school bus and is dropped off in the wrong neighborhood. his parents panicked when they came to pick him up at the school and couldn't find him. the school called police and sent a description of the boy to bus drivers. subsite substitute driver did not notice and dropped the boy off in a neighborhood a mile from his home. he wandered by a nearby highway until a good samaritan stopped to help. >> he saved his life by, yeah, by stopping. who knows what could have happened. >> worse nightmare. we were really scared. we didn't know where he was. >> scary stuff. the school put new bus policies in place to make sure this does not happen again. dave, tell us about sports,
5:34 am
please. >> guys, michael phelps could lose his london medals because of this ad for louie vitton. olympic rules say athletes cannot participate in non-olympic ads until august 15th. the ad was actually leaked online last week. the olympic board must now decide if it will impose any penalties, which could include stripping phelps of his medals. phelps' agent told the ap that no rules were broken because felipes did not authorize the use of the leaked photos. >> i dare them to do that. >> peter, you asked, is he in hot water. >> it shouldn't be. >> i think it's hot water. if it's cold then that brother needs a new agent. skip the speedo if it's cold water. >> dave has segwayed to a different topic, i believe. >> i think felipes is okay what i understand of the olympic rules. >> let's get outside to rick reichmuth for weather. hi, rick. >> i'm not in the cold water. >> no, you are not. >> jeah. >> it's raining out here.
5:35 am
rain across parts of the coastal areas of the northeast to start your day. take a look at the tropics though right now. that is tropical storm helene right off the coast of mexico it's going to continue to pull off towards the north over the next couple of days. not a big threat to anybody at all. winds are kind of calm it will bring moisture across parts of south texas over the next 3 to 4 days as it lingers right in that area. here is your forecast for the day across the east. there is a cold front moving through and kind of a cold front behind it. it is going to be much cooler, cooler temps across the interior sections and cooler temps by this evening across total areas as well. down to the southeast, that's where most of the rain and thunderstorms are going to be. of course in, some of them could be heavy. we could see a little bit of flooding at times across parts of louisiana and beneficial raincross areas of texas and oklahoma. into the northern plains, no significant rain showers but temps certainly have cooled down after all those high temperatures that we dealt with for june and july. things have really calmed town and it feels much more almost
5:36 am
like fall especially aacross parts of the great lakes. the heat continues not as bad as it had been. very warm still though. 97 in spokane and continue to see some of those showers and thunderstorms that monsoonal activity for the afternoon today. all right, guys. send it back to you inside. >> okay, rick. the weather is a bunch of jeah. i'm trying to crews it in -- that doesn't. >> that's a good effort. keep trying. give you the prons. >> jeah it's raining. >> let's bring this it now governor huckabee talking about all the latest politics from the week that was. it's been an interesting week, governor. good to see you as far as the romney ryan ticket. they have split up. they will get back together this week and campaign together. >> almost like a major. [ laughter ] >> they split up and get back together. has there been a post ryan buzz? has it been so far a success? >> it's been incredible success. i think that a lot of people within the republic ranks are very very happy about the selection. for a number of reasons. number one, mitt romney was
5:37 am
going to be running against the paul ryan budget whether ryan was on the ticket or not. what better way to diffuse it and refute it than having ryan himself out there who was incredibly intelligent articulate spokesman. >> can i just interrupt you. >> you just did. >> you said for republicans, what about for independents? does it work for them? >> of course it does. independents care about where the country is going long term, the deficit, debt, job situation. ryan is a person who can explain how those two fit together. and i just think it was a brilliant and some call it a bold pick and i guess in many ways it is. he also satisfies the people who have very very attuned to the pro-life issue. paul ryan has an absolute sterling record on issues of that nature as well. >> now, while most people, even people on the left believe that congressman ryan has acquitted himself really strongly, especially in explaining budgets and medicare, on the democratic side of the coin, vice president biden appears to be resorting to racial language,
5:38 am
to help gin up what he appears to think is the democratic vote. what is the contrast, in your mind and how does it help or hurt either side? >> well, what you saw was a very intellectual approach by paul ryan. a thoughtful and really in-depth policy. with ryan -- with biden, is he just throwing red meat hoping that something will cause people to go out there and bite. this bit him back. it was a huge, huge blow back for joe biden. when you have people like former virginia governor doug wilder, the first african-american governor of that state coming out and talking about his outrage, you have davis who nominated barack obama four years ago speaking of his outrage for this. because it was pandering. it was clear pandering, it was race baiting and santita jackson, another very credible, i think, spokesperson for the african-american community. highly offended by the whole language and the attempt to be, you know, one of the guys.
5:39 am
just didn't work. >> y'all going to be back in chains. >> yeah. >> speaking to the african-american folks in the audience? >> yeah. >> so you, -- so now what should president obama do about this. been reported that joe biden is on a staycation. he. >> he is in the time out chair. he is underground bunker formerly occupied by dick cheney during the 9/11 aftermath. >> if you were president, what should he do about joe biden. >> put him on a very tight leash and script him and make him read teleprompters. >> i love joe biden for many reasons. he is authentic guy. good decent human being. nothing personal. joe likes to go out there and mix it up. is he great at glad handing and walking into a room. he can make the whole room love him. is he terrific at that. he is not at the podium somebody that you can just say yeah, it will be great. it's like oh my gosh, there he goes, the mike is on. i think what we need to do if i were running his show, i would put him out there glad
5:40 am
handing and doing a lot of one on one events. i wouldn't give him without a teleprompter. >> i think he should come here to the curvey couch. >> you think? >> he has been on our show and i remember him in the green room. >> he is delightfully wonderful human being. >> your point of maybe smaller crowds? >> governor huckabee going to be sticking around with us. please, governor? >> okay. >> gay rights activist charged with shooting a security guard at a conservative group's dc office. why is the mainstream media, governor, barely talking about t. >> and they risk their lives as u.s. marines. now they are entering another battlefield competing in missions with hollywood celebs. a look at the new reality show stars earn stripes next. [ kimi ] atti d i had always called oregon home. until i got a job in the big apple.
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5:44 am
>> welcome back. the man suspected of shooting a security guard at a conservative group office was a local gay rights activists. now reports saying he may have been targeting another christian group as well. there has been very little coverage by the mainstream media. where is the outrage. we are back with governor huckabee. governor, it's interesting to ask yourself if this situation were reversed, right, and if this were a planned parenthood type group. >> exactly and a conservative who did the shooting. how would it then have been covered? >> we know how it's been covered in the past when you have had situations like that. when a person who said he was pro-life went in and shot a person in an abortion clinic, it was big news. it should have been big news. it was horrible. it was roundly condemned by everyone in the pro-life movement because that's the an tit cyst of pro-life. in the same way i think it was good that all of the major pro-same sex marriage groups condemned the shooting but i do think it's problematic that the southern poverty law
5:45 am
center has created this environment in which they stoke the fires of calling people hate groups that aren't hate groups. we have tony perkins on our show tonight. i'm going to talk to him about that very thing and how the atmosphere is created to create hate toward people because you have deemed them hate groups. >> when you label someone a hate group who may not. >> in fact, be a hate group. aren't you promoting hatred? >> i think you are. you are actually giving them a label they don't deserve. a true hate group insights violence, insights insurrection. they demonstrate an air of superiority of one group of people and inferiority. there is a difference between a hate group and someone who has a very strong different point of view. >> go right ahead. >> only that in addition to the southern poverty law center, do you think that this event, this shooting, family research council got the media attention this deserved. >> no. it dot 17 seconds on nbc.
5:46 am
it got a little bit more on abc. but they did not even identify that the person who did the shooting was in fact a gay rights activist who had been volunteering at a gay rights center in the d.c. area. they failed to point out of the fact that the guy had 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches in his backpack and made comments to the person that he shot that, you know, please don't shoot me, i just don't like -- i hate what the people in this building do. this was a hate crime. it was terrorism. it was -- you know it was an evil act. >> when you carry chick-fil-a sandwiches into the scene of an assault, is a shooting and potentially mass murder. what are you saying? is that some insidious signal that family value groups need to be aware and need to be afraid based upon what they are saying? in the american forum? >> well, the essence of terrorism is to scare people into not doing what they would be doing or saying what they would be saying for fear that
5:47 am
there is going to be some type of violent reprisal. that's why this is unquestionably terrorism. when you do what he did with the props he took in with him, that was a clear signal to everyone who basically went and bought a chicken sandwich august 1st to say we are watching you people. i don't think people should live intimidated or afraid. we can't live our lives that way. number one fighting terrorism is not let them in by failing to stand up what we believe regardless of the cost. >> well said. >> get in to this tonight with tony perkins on the show. don't miss huckabee tonight will:00 eastern time. good to see you, governor. >> he was docked pay and moved to the graveyard shift after refusing to take part in a cultural event at a mosque. so have the pc police gone too far? we report on this. you decide. >> plus, hollywood celebs getting put through boot camp by real life u.s. marines. we're taking a look at a new reality show stars earn stripes next.
5:48 am
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5:51 am
>> guys, violence and action, let's do it all the way. all the way, all the way. now's the time. 1, 2, 3. >> go whoo!
5:52 am
[gunfire] >> you are watching real u.s. marines putting celebrities through military style missions on the new nbc reality show stars earn stripes. >> i'm no celeb but sign me up, map. we are joined now by one of those marines andrew mclaren, good to see you, sir. >> good to be here. >> fantastic journey you take these is celebs on. nicly shae,ed to palin, i the daughter of the great boxing champ are they up for the challenge. >> i was surprised. they are not only tough but there for the right seasons. you hear reality show washed up celebrities that want to get on tv but these celebrities really wanted to be there. >> what is the point of the show. >> "dancing with the stars" but with the military. take one guy from an elite military unit or one swat cop. they pair you together with a celebrity and then it's your job to train them in military tactics. >> this is done for charity and done to highlight the tremendous heroism and courage ever the marines and all our armed forces.
5:53 am
astonishing there is a group of people around the globe that says this show should be taken off the air because it glorifies warfare what's what's that really about? do they have a problem with america? do they have a problem with the marines, with the army, with the navy. i don't understand what they're complaining about. what's your message to. >> they at first i thought they were antiwar. looking into t seems they are antimilitary. they are saying this is being used as tool u.s. mirlt by making war look fun. that's not what we're doing. we are waying money for charity and bringing more awareness what's going on and putting a face on veterans. what i would like stephen colbert to do and desmond tutu and the other nobel peace prize layer yachts. >> who have spoken out against it. >> match the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have raised for the military and law enforcement. i would like to debated on their show or with them to dispute their bogus claims against us. >> i think colbert. he has raised awful lot of money and raise support of the
5:54 am
troops in the past. does this give us appreciation of some of the things you guys go through. it's not military but first responders as well. appreciates for some of the things you endure. >> i'm not going to sit here and say t isn't entertainment. obviously it has a certain wow value and people to watch and advertising dollars to come, in of course. this definitely is the most realistic show and dangerous show on television. >> despite all of the good that you now see it doing you didn't want to be involved originally you had fears about it it? >> i already had done reality show before. i have been there and done that i want to move past that i have been doing antiterrorism work. i didn't want to be a part of a show if i didn't feel 100% behind it once they pitched it to me and told me about it okay, that's something can i put my name on and be be proud to be a part. >> did you saved prince from drowning. >> i swam all the way back from the boat to help him when he was struggling in the
5:55 am
water. he is not a good swimmer. he had all that gear on it was kind of a scary element no. i swam all the way back and helped him and they brought a jet ski in. >> you are a humble guy you helped him. >> do you have any orders for us this morning. >> only orders for you guys is season two. >> i thought it was going to drop and give me two. >> dave can do it right now. >> want to do some pushups right now. >> he can do it right now. >> let's see it, take the suit off. >> we're cheering for him. >> take us out. >> andrew mclaren. >> okay. >> let's go, against dave briggs, "fox & friends" weekend. all right. here we go. oh my god. how do you keep up that pace? >> dave is doing it dave is doing it there you go. >> we're going to take a commercial break for two minutes. you still going to do it? >> unemployment jumped last month. 44 out of the 50 states. keep doing it why is the obama campaign talking about tax returns instead of jobs? they may talk about this. >> i'm going to read this really slowly, hello, this is
5:56 am
your captains speaking, got any money for gas? a shocking request by an airline already penny pinching their customers. what would you do? what number are we on dave briggs? >> drop and give him 70. >> go to commercial! >> going to do 100. >> blowing the break. blowing through. let's go. [ laughter ] [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone,
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5:59 am
>> good morning, everyone, it's august 18th. i'm alisyn camerota sitting next to a tired dave briggs. the villages are fired up ahead of the ryan express. paul ryan set to take the stage this morning and he has a special guest with him, his mom. we're live in the villages in
6:00 am
florida. >> dave: yes, i'm still winded. they are leap fighters and some are speaking out against national security leaks and why is the left calling them gutless? this hour we talk to a mother of a navy seal who gave his life for his country. >> can you make it through dinner without checking your cell phone? it could save you money. a restaurant is giving discounts for a cell-free meal. "fox & friends" starts right now where dave briggs is real pumped up. >> dave: ripped. >> you're watching "fox & friends" the number one morning cable news show in america. >> alisyn: nice to hear colonel hunt's voice. >> dave: and orders we follow. >> alisyn: yes, speaking of macho men, dave, you took on that and you took on against the marine. >> dave: i think it was a draw he took a break there to get settled and adjusted, but i'm feeling a little burn right
6:01 am
now. and paul ryan's workout. it was fun. speaking of paul ryan, he will be campaigning to seniors in florida this morning, talking about his proposals for medicare. >> alisyn: phil keating joins us live from one of our favorite places, the villages, with more on ryan's visit. hey, phil. >> reporter: good morning, yes, we've got many people on hand here and more on the way. and congressman ryan will be here in about 60 minutes from now, but we've got singing along and entertaining the crowd and playing an original, that was called "the and the race is on" is it ever. and the race for the white house, focusing on the medicare issue all day long today. now, mitt romney, he's going to be campaigning or actually fund raising up in massachusetts today. but earlier, this week, he was in iowa and he brought up the old white board accusing the obama administration of taking 716 billion dollars out of medicare to pay for the
6:02 am
affordable care act. also known as obamacare. and of course, the obama campaign denies that. and 700 billion dollars extended the life of the program by eight years. as for president obama, he will be talking about medicare all day as well. and there's a two o'clock in the afternoon, east coast time, rally and speech by the president up in new hampshire today and he's going to be talking about his plan of medicare, as well as the charge that the paul ryan bugetary plan for medicare and its future will end up talking senior citizens about $6,000 a year. now, a lot of people here are very excited here, as you can tell, and big fans here at the villages and vote for the republican candidate by 65%, they will not only do that in november, just as they did for senator john mccain four years ago, but they're fired up and they can't wait to see congressman ryan unveil his
6:03 am
mother, 78-year-old betty douglas, a person who is going to speak with authority. >> alisyn: thanks, phil. they know how to party at the villages. >> having fun already in the morning. >> alisyn: we were there for "fox & friends," a 15th anniversary. i can't do the macarena that many times in a row. >> dave: and amazing, consider there are 12,000 more people on social security in that zip code than any other zip code in the u.s. very lively bunch. not just medicare, but the issues that romney and ryan have been talking about on the campaign trail, jobs, apparently disappearing from the map. after news on friday, that the unemployment rate went up in 44 states here in the u.s., that's the most in three years. >> and the republican leaders are saying that the president doesn't want to talk about that at all. >> alisyn: yeah, i mean, this is bad news, in july, for the unemployment rate to have gone up particularly in the battle ground states and the swing states that are all important, come november and there are
6:04 am
about a dozen states and they had to have their unemployment rates going down steadily over the past year and then in july, they shot back up, only ohio, that all important state held steady at 7.2% unemployment. so, if you're looking for a be job this summer, it's been bad news out there. >> and congressman jason chasen says that the president is trying to distract americans from the real issue on jobs. >> and the states release their unemployment rate. 44 of the 50 states had unemployment go up this year. do you think the democrats want to talk about that? absolutely not. instead they want to try to distract and cause a distraction and say, look at the smoke over there, where there is none. >> and the question is, i think, for republicans is that bad economic news baked? because we haven't seen the poles move as the economy has gone up or down. and it seems to have stayed pretty consistent, with the last couple of jobs reports before the election make a difference? we shall see.
6:05 am
>> we know historically, though, there has not been a president reelected for these types of numbers. >> not with an 8 plus unemployment rate. >> and all morning and week we have been talking about what is a distraction, if the candidates need to just talk about the economy and jobs or if things like mitt romney's tax returns and joe biden's gaffes, are they relevant and significant to you? do they somehow help you in deciding who you want to be in the oval office or is really the only thing they should be focused on is the economy. >> or if joe biden promises you, that if mitt romney and congressman ryan win you'll be in chains? >> do you care about tax rates? let us know this weekend on twitter. >> let's get your other headlines. >> the gay rights activist charging fire at the family research office and targeting another christian conservative group as well ahead of the traditional values coalition,
6:06 am
says the fbi told her that they had a note containing her address in his pocket arrested at frc. and they're-- the offices are located minutes away in washington d.c., fortunately, he was only able to shoot one em tipire security guard before they held him for police. and the person charged with shooting people at fort hood has been delayed indefinitely as the military court decides what to do about his beard. he says his facial hair is an expression of his islamic faith and the problem, it's a violation of army regulation and the court deciding if the judge can legally order the soldiers to shave the beard. the trial for hassan was supposed to start this monday. and the a bailout of fannie mae and freddie mac, and they
6:07 am
must turn over profits to taxpayers and officials hope the new terms will help fanny and freddy will hold for the corporations. if you're travelling the highways, you might see these guys, nearly 6 hess motorcyclists headed to new york city as a tribute ride honoring the victims and heroes of 9/11. the ride organized by america's 9/11 foundation is starting yesterday morning near the united flight 93 crash site in pennsylvania and they rode to the before hitting the ro he had again, about two hours ago and the whole crew will join us live on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning when they complete their final leg of the journey to the former world trade center site in downtown manhattan. i've taken a ride with those guys. >> love when they're here. >> lets gate to our chief meteorologist, rick reichmuth and moved him inside. too much rain for him, hey, rick, not true, i'll go back out. a nice ride for them in tomorrow and they're starting off with rain, unfortunately
6:08 am
across the northeast and the tropics, helene off the coast of mexico, that's going to linger there and rain in south texas, there's another system, another wave coming off of africa, this one we're going to watch closely because they're making it into a large storm and potentially having some sort of impact close to the u.s., about ten to 12 days from now, we have time to watch it. showers across texas and oklahoma and severe weather possible, but the front is out here along that area and we'll see showers and thunderstorms at times, as well as out across parts of the mid atlantic toward the carolina coast line and along with that, anywhere to the north of that, we've got much cooler temperatures, and temps in the 70's for a lot of people. not that bad to the southeast and the heat to the last week or so, has been bottled up across the southwest. but the pacific northwest where it's been so hot. that's going to, temps will drop a little bit and tomorrow, it will be warm across the deserts and areas of texas, but nice across the plains and the great lakes and the northeast, all right,
6:09 am
guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, rick, remember when you were in college, and were you going on a road trip and you would take up a collection i don't think your friends for gas money. >> sure. >> alisyn: that same thing-- >> $2. >> the beginning of the trip. don't wait until you get to the gas station. >> alisyn: don't do it in you're an air france flight having an emergency lander in damascus, syria. >> dave: in where? damascus, syria, not exactly where you want to hear your plane emergency land in the middle of a civil where where people are being massacred. that's what happened on air france flight and asked the people to take up a collection to help pay for gas in the strange situation and actually the people forked over a lot of money, peter. >> he said bon jour, ami, we're now in damascus syria and no relationship with this country we're afraid they'll hold this plane hostage, give us 17,000 euros, 17,000 euros
6:10 am
the folks collected to make sure they had enough fuel to get off the ground because the air france folks were afraid they were going to need euros on the barrelhead to get the petrol to have the plane go up and out. >> dave: petrol, a man who has traveled out and about. >> alisyn: there are a lot of incredible parts of the story. 17,000 euros translates to 20,000 bucks and the fact that passengers had that on them in cash that they could raise the $20,000 on board. and you point out at any given moment about 2 or $3 on me. >> i think they're well healed travelers. >> dave: and they gave it back, and all the passengers, they did not need. an amazing story. and he refused to take part of in event. at a mosque and now this cop is working the graveyard shift an and has lost pay. have the police gone too far?
6:11 am
we report, you decide. >> plus, can you make it through dinner without checking your cell phone? i can't. what if we told you you could save money. >> yeah, i could save money, that will be good. i can do it, can you do it? >> i don't know if dave if make it through. >> i can't make it through a bathroom break. (laughter) . >> (cheers). i thought i'd lost you. surfing is my life now. but who's going to .... tell the world that priceline has even faster, easier ways to save you money. . . on hotels, flights & cars? you still have it. i'll always have it. so this is it? we'll see where the waves take me. sayonara, brah!
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6:14 am
>> welcome back. oklahoma police say they'll dock pay and move to the graveyard shift at work after he refuse today participate in a cultural event that took place at a mosque. and they said he's a devout christian and is now filing a lawsuit. is it a case of political correctness gone awry? >> and joining us is the
6:15 am
american islam forum of democracy, an author of battle for the soul of muslims, doctor jasser, good morning. >> good morning, it's great to be with you, thanks for having me. >> peter: thank you you for being here. what's this about? this police officer was ordered to go to an islamic cultural center and i'm not going to so-called law enforcement appreciation day. why did he decide not to go and why do you believe he made the right decision? >> well, i'll tell you, you know, this is a fascinating case because ultimately i think that legally the case will turn on the fact that, you know, this was a volunteer situation, they were appreciating the officers and listen, i don't want to go to this interfaith event. i'm a devout christian and i can't really respond to their theology and he was being put into an interfaith theological situation that he felt conflicted as a role as officer and superiors says,
6:16 am
you have to go or find some medical excuse and he said no, i don't want to go and they basically punished him and prevented him from getting raises and et cetera and listen, this is political correctness and it's wrong and i'll tell you, bigger than the legal issue upfront is the bigger issue about partners that are legitimate for law enforcement and they're talking about the strategy last summer that came out of a who is right partner and who is the not. and this mosque had radical speakers and the week before this event was held. an imam, who i've seen myself in the the mid '90s, pulled up a koran and said we need to as muslims change the constitution with this koran, so basically he's a separatist radical, unindicted co-con spoir toco-con-- c
6:17 am
co-conspirator, and to legitimize groups we have problems with. >> dave: ab captain paul fields tells us, quote, he was going to be in a place where people were going to refer to jesus christ as merely a prophet and not his lord and savior and he could not refer to him. can you imagine the way it was reversed and a cop had to go to a catholic center. do we ever hear of situations like this? >> well, we don't and this is where minority faith sometimes get used as tools for political correctness while the majority faith sort of gets, you know, thrown under the bus and i think at the end of the day we have to look is it effective or counterterrorism, there's no evidence it is. and as a muslim, do i want police officers coming that are coerced into coming? i don't think that's very islamic. >> the hard question, the tul tulsa police department for comment, we haven't heard back, but there is a
6:18 am
paramilitary organization, the question i ask of you, it's a reasonable question and i hear what your answer is, shouldn't police officers be-- go where they're told to go no matter what the faith. no matter what the political organization, no matter what stripe it is? even if it's in disagreement with their own religious cultural or political beliefs, don't they have an obligation to do that? how do you answer that as we close this out? >> officially, if it was official business, he was told it wasn't official law enforcement cases, no open cases, no open engagement. this was a volunteer bridge building and he said this isn't my role as a police officer. so he wasn't violating what he thought his mission was and i've seen them use this, i saw ahead of the fbi in phoenix, actually brought in for an award and dressed him down about police rounding up muslims, et cetera. so we have to be careful what's police enforcement versus community bridge building. >> dave: well, we welcome a statement from the tulsa police department if they want
6:19 am
to get in touch with us. dr. jasser, thanks for being with us. >> well said. >> and benched for being too big. should a 300 pound 12-year-old be able to play peewee football with his peers? >> and he could actually save you some bucks and restaurants, owners who are giving this, that's right. if you check your cell phone at the door. >> dave: not doing it. not doing it. ♪ i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections.
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>> hold the the phone everyone.
6:23 am
one restaurant is dirk up discounts if you leave your cell phone with the hostess. dave briggs could never do this. is this missed call worth saving some money, dave? >> ali, i'm not going to do it, you i'm not doing it. i'm going to interview mark gold, offering a 5% discount if you leave that phone at the door. why did you decide to do this, mark? >> well, it was really about just trying it get people to experience, and want people to experience here at the restaurant. we're a small intimate restaurant and really about people connecting again. >> alisyn: yeah, you only have 42 seats and the restaurant looks beautiful there. >> thank you. >> alisyn: intimate experience. what were you finding were people yapping through the whole meal? >> well, you know, walking around the dining room you'd see the cell phone on the table for the table setting and for us it was about the couple on date night for family of four and bring the kids and give them the ipad and it's really just about
6:24 am
getting people to, you know, put down the distraction and start talking each other, as a family, or a couple. >> dave: my father-in-law gets in trouble every meal for talking on the phone. and i have it with the silverware because i've got to find out if the baby sitter is all right with the kids. is there any situation that you handle that, tell the staff, if the kids ringing home, are their parents a little uneasy about this? >> you know, it's funny because we had a couple in last night that actually turned in their cell phone, they have a four month old baby and told me, listen, 15 years ago, 20 years ago, we didn't have our cell phone, so, you know, we went back to how it used to be, if there's an emergency, somehow someone would get in touch with them. >> interesting, you're offering a 5% discount off the bill if people take you up on the deal and check their cell phone at the door. how many people are taking you up on it? >> right now probably over 50% and it's been just a great response.
6:25 am
people are very happy. >> what are they saying? >> well, they're saying what a brilliant idea. who would have thought, you know, i would have never given my phone unless someone actually suggested we do so and really enjoying it and actually, last night at a couple of tables said did it change the experience? and both tables said, you know, tremendously, it's such an amazing time and the experience and just really, just kind of being in the moment with each other and, it was a different experience in terms of the food and the dining experience. >> oh. >> it really is. >> and you even said, one even said, forget about the discount. they appreciated the gesture. mark gold, i love the idea. and it would be difficult to detach from this thing, but i think i'm on board. >> and i'm coming around. >> i appreciate that. >> wow, mark, good work. and that was almost unheard of. mark gold, again, the restaurant is eva restaurant and you've converted dave, who it is tethered to your hand. >> i appreciate that thank you. >> dave: and coming up on the show, her parents paid for her
6:26 am
to travel with an airline employee. why was this -- that 11-year-old left wandering the airport alone? >> plus, calling all college students. we're showing you the one stop shop where you can find all of your dorm room needs. dave and i are going back to college next. >> and learn what nbd means. >> and in a short while we're expecting paul ryan to take the stage at the villages in florida. we'll have a live report straight ahead. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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♪ >> it's a story that first made headlines back in 2009. and now, a controversial program, anna kooiman is here to talk about it. a lawsuit involving a philly area swim club and it's finally getting some closure. how has it turned out? anna kooiman with more. >> what's going on? >> yeah, this story, yeah, it's taken some three years of fighting for what the people are calling a civil rights issue, but it looks like dozens of children from the philadelphia based day care created asked not to come back to the huntington valley swim club, over a million dollars. the club had contract.
6:31 am
paid 1,950 to swim there. and the director said when the campers got there some club members took their children out of the pool. some campers said they heard racial slurs coming from the mouths of club members and a few days later the club canceled the eight week contract and said it was a safety issue, there wasn't enough lifeguards for many who could not swim. it led to a media firestorm. >> they can't get away with letting this blow over and that the media and the people are going to take notice and we're going to fight for change here. >> this is not something you ever expect a child to worry about, growing up thinking am i going to be accepted here because of my skin color here? >> i heard them say what are they doing here and i'm assuming african-americans because they pulled their children out of the pool. >> well, huntington valley swim club filed for bankruptcy
6:32 am
after the allegations and sold for some 1.46 million dollars at auction, in june of 2010. according to the u.s. department of justice, the minority children will share the proceeds if the agreement is approved by a pennsylvania bankruptcy court. >> in connection with the monetary settlement aspect, it's important to note that for all of the minors who are under the age of 18 years old. those funds will be held in trust, until they're 18. so, the money doesn't go to their parents or anything of that nature, it go to them when they turn 18 years old assuming the court approves the settlement. >> reporter: after court costs are paid. campers will get a portion of the money when it's said and done, guys, 73 people sharing up to 1.1 million dollars and putting this money into trust for the children. so they become college age, hopefully some cash to do that. >> alisyn: good for them, a good resolution.
6:33 am
>> thank you, anna kooiman. >> alisyn: and u.s. and n.a.t.o. troops in afghanistan now order today carry loaded guns at all times, even while on base. this, after a recent string of attacks on coalition forces by afghan service members, who are supposed to be their allies, at least 39 u.s. and n.a.t.o. troops killed in the so-called blue on green attacks this year alone, and the latest one happened yesterday when an afghan police recruit killed two u.s. special forces members. and after he received a gun as a gift moments before. an arizona woman claims united airlines left her daughter unattended in an airport despite being paid a $99 fee to watch her. linda says her daughter victoria, was flying cleveland. and left her wandering the airport alone, she said if she did not spot her daughter, who knows where her daughter would
6:34 am
have ended up. >> i see this little girl walking with a flood of people, that looks like victoria and i yell out her name and she turns around and before i could even say hi, i missed you, i'm looking for the flight attendant. >> awe nighted airlines claims the attendant was helping a disabled passenger off the flight and told victoria to never wait. victoria says it never happened. that's the second time in the past week. a story so many of you have been talking about. 12-year-old texas boy saying he's too big to play peewee football. elijah earhart, 6-1 little guy, 297 pounds. i meant 12 yearly, that doesn't work. and he's over the 135 pound limit. and mesquite peewee officials say they have to look out for the safety of smaller players and elijah and his mother are protesting, and have let
6:35 am
elijah play. and some of our viewers have been weighing in on the story, tell us what they say. >> dave: tells us, keeping big kids from football is like keeping tall kids from basketball. nice analogy, that's ridiculous, he says, but she writes, honestly it's just as dangerous for the 300 pound boy to play in the peewee football league as a 300 man, age should have nothing to do with it. >> doesn't have anything to do with it. if they allowed the kid another avenue. he leaned toward letting him play, but they said he could play with his school. but he wants it play with h friends. we should try to have him on the show. >> alisyn: we should and love to have the next woman on our show, because she is-- she's awesome. >> a tough granny, a would-be
6:36 am
robber messing with the wrong lady. >> she's strong. >> he came out pushing me, and came out. got to running and when i got here, i got him locked in. >> and that was 73-year-old margaret jackson in houston, a man tried to break through the back door. and with a barbecue fork, sent the suspect running for the hills. >> he want to come back and they've got a dangerous old lady there. (laughter) >> and luckily, jackson was not hurt in this incident, but the suspect is still on the run. and look for the guy with the barbecue fork marks in his back. >> and he will tell his friends, too. who is outside? america's weather man. rick reichmuth. >> rick: i want to see the full unedited version of that video. i know we just got a little highlight reel, but i want to see the entire thing, we've he got to show them. >> peter: i think she said she stuck him in the neck, good for her. let's take a look at the
6:37 am
weather. across parts of the southwest over the last 24 hours, areas of california and in towards arizona, and throw up the maps, guys, and here we go. heavy rain showers have fallen the last 24 hours and across the areas of southern california just off towards the east of l.a., into the san bernardino mountains, victorville, california big rain moving through, causing mudslid mudslides. and stranding people who had to be rescued. amazing video out of there. and when you get the heavy rains across the mountains, that's what you can get and unfortunately, you get too much. and that's how the rain falls there in the big downpours across the southwest and there will be more today. take a look at the drought, however, and it's going on across parts of california, but the worst of it expanding again across areas of the planes this week and exceptional category and it's an exceptional drought. that's the darkest color there. the forecast for the day
6:38 am
today. increased showers, as the cold front moves through and it's a bit of a cold front. not winter cold, but fall cold as the temps drop into the 06's and 70's and to the southeast, we have the very heff thunderstorms and that will continue around texas and louisiana, parts of arkansas, alabama and mississippi and florida will see some of the showers and temps held down just a little bit because of that and into the northern plains, i tell you, a beautiful day, fall-like temperatures, 72, and dry in duluth, chicago another nice day, ann arbor another nice day and parts of the ohio valley, plenty of sunshine, for the most part. another warm one out west, not as warm as yesterday. in the 90's, places like seattle. and cooling down a little bit. and 100 in yuma, and thunderstorms. >> all right, guys, send it back to you inside. >> all right, thanks, rick. the college is not expensive enough, a survey shows that students and families will spend an average of 907
6:39 am
dollars this year on dorm supplies, and nearly 100 from last year, if you're going to spend the money, why not make your dorm run the course, the trendiest, dave is napping. >> i'll keep going, and the mother and daughter team who co-founded the website, and on twitter as well, karen and amanda zuckerman. good to see you. thank you for providing that. >> and essentially passed out by the end of the segment. tell us what it is. >> it's an online only brand that sells stylish dorm and apartment furnishings. >> and you've had to go to the experts to students to figure out what's really hip. >> that's right. >> how did you get your-- how do you get your style experts? >> we started the company when amanda was just a freshman in college and looking for her dorm room accessories and when we started we created a whole style advisor program and now we have over 200 style advisors from over 100
6:40 am
different universities around the country. >> that's so school. >> dave: there was no style in my dorm room, cinder blocks and nasty posts, tell me about one of the things i'm napping on. >> one of the the great things for guys is comfort. guys are about comfort. >> dave: yeah, not style. >> this is our sweatshirt duvet. >> really, really comfortable and graphic hounds tooth sheets and then we also have bold graphics on the walls, you can see our deerhead decal here, which is great. >> alisyn: perfect, very manly and what dave is asking. >> dave: what is hash tag nbd. >> you don't know. >> no big deal. >> no big deal. >> and i need another segment to tell me that. >> and what are the coolest trends for girls? >> for girls, a lot of girls are letting collections, so we put together a whole look for them and a bunch of different
6:41 am
personalities and styles and this is our ornate traveler collection and one of the best sellers are the reversibe duvets. and you can children it from the morrocan side to the oval side or combine the two and fold over. >> what are the dorm essentials that every parent needs to go out this month and start getting? >> okay. so, one is our reversible duvet. >> that we just saw, what else. >> our wall vinyls up on the wall, which is are, being make up any wall beautifully. >> yeah, it's really cool, you don't have to get the chandelier. you can have this here. >> yes. and what's in here? >> this is the ultimate dorm survival kit which is a great thing for all parents to give to freshman, it has all of the essentials for your first dorm room even unexpected things like ping-pong ball, everyone needs in college.
6:42 am
>> okay. >> and laundry bags, bandaids. >> little dusters, photo things. >> and for more information on all of this, go to they're dormify on twitter as well. peter, we have what, 20 minutes left in the show, i think i'm going to hang here. >> peter: you hang here and i'll hang there. i did that last year, it's great advice. navy seals, gutless, that's what one left wing organization is saying after a group of former special sources speak out against the president's policy of leaking. we've talked to the mother of a navy seal who gave his life for our country, and that's coming up. and then, a judge upholding the law in one state that requires voters to show i.d. at the polls. is it a victory against voter fraud and will other states follow suit? first, let's check in with our friend, neil cavuto, for a look at what's coming up on the cost of freedom business
6:43 am
block. neil? >> good morning, and the cost of freedom is coming to you at a very special time today and kicking things off at 11 a.m. eastern and with our debt racing towards 16 trillion dollars, why are some democratic lawmakers now trying to make sure not one question, not a single one comes up with the president's debt commission during the presidential debate? am i missing something here? >> more fallout from my interview with former virginia governor wilder over vice-president biden's controversial remarks and why so many are saying the president needs to deal with this, treating the oval office more like the corner office. does that mean-- cost of freedom at 11, see you then. ere aroj game-cngs.
6:44 am
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what's in your wallet? [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. ♪ >> we're minutes away from
6:47 am
congressman paul ryan taking the stage in florida at the villages, where he's speaking with seniors about his plans for medicare, maybe about his mom. a s and phil keating-- . >> reporter: in 15 minutes congressman ryan will be taking to the stage and joined by his 78-year-old mother, a snow bird, she lives in the winter lauderdale by the sea and then summers in wisconsin. and the issues today not only for the romney-ryan, but obama-biden, accusing the other side being worse for medicare than them. and the way through the white house through the biggest swing state in florida and the way in florida, at the villages, typically they vote republican. back to you in new york.
6:48 am
>> alisyn: looks pretty lively. we'll be tuning in in 15 minutes. thanks. a pennsylvania judge upholding the state's hotly contested voter i.d. law that requires voters who present valid voter i.d. at the polls before casting their ballots and the law disenfranchises thousands of voters. >> and the pennsylvania department secretary. in charge of external affairs and elections, good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> tell me the significance of this latest court decision, and will voter i.d. laws be upheld in the state of pennsylvania. do you believe? >> well, the decision this week was certainly a victory for fair and honest elections, the judge, judge simpson in the ruling made it clear that he felt that our voter i.d. law is in fact constitutional, something we've been saying for many months now, is a very sound and reasoned decision and i am optimistic that it will be upheld once it reaches the supreme court. >> you know critics say this
6:49 am
disenfranchises many who don't have driver's licenses, your response? >> not true at all. and most voters in pennsylvania already have one of the i.d.'s that they can use for this election, and there are many i.d.s that can be used. any federally issued i.d. and commonwealth of pennsylvania i.d. student i.d.'s, i.d.'s from care facilities. senior facilities. i.d.'s for employees from the federal government, state, county, municipal government and if you don't have the i.d. that you can use for this upcoming election, you can get one for free from our department of transportation. and we even have a new i.d. we're issuing on august 27th, for people who may have a difficult time collecting some of the information that they need to get photo i.d. such as a birth certificate. won't need to do that. they just need to show two proofs of residents and anyone who needs an idea will get one before the november election, without a problem whatsoever. >> shannon from the
6:50 am
pennsylvania deputy external affairs and elections and thank you for seeing us. >> my pleasure. >> alisyn: the same group is trying to take down fox news is saying that navy seals don't have guts. up next, we hear from the mother of a navy seal who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country.
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>> all right. welcome back, everybody. the left wing organization media matters is going after our nation's heroes. calling them gutless for putting out an ad critical of the obama administration over national security leaks, but now the group of former navy seals is firing back. >> so is this had a political issue? or an american one? >> here is weigh in is debby lee, a member of the group behind the controversial ad and she also lost her navy
6:54 am
seal son when he was killed in iraq. good morning, miss lee. >> good morning, how are you doing this morning? >> and let's look at this eric bowler tweet and ask you a question, former navy seals don't have the guts to admit they're running a g.o.p. anti-obama campaign. i know how your late son would respond. if you had eric in a room and he had the guts to sit with you, eye to eye, face-to-face, person to person, what would you tell this man about what he said? >> i would tell him, he has absolutely no clue what he's talking about. my son willingly stood up in the direct line of fire three different times the day that he gave his life. he made the choice to give his life. i've been over to eric and seen the area, he put it over the wall and could have waited for backup and probably would have lost half his platoon and gave his life, you don't get more noble, honorable and
6:55 am
proud americans than we have in the navy seals and enrarjs me when people say our seals are gutless. it shows their ignorance of what these men sacrifice. >> you can find dishonorable disclosures have been viewed almost a million and a half time about almost 80% of people giving it a thumbs up a news organization called reuters reports there are links to national and state republican parties. is it a pro he republican, anti-obama ad or how do you see it? >> this is nonpart stand, this is totally about our troops, whether they're democrat, republican, independent. we want the safety and security for our troops and we see these classified leaks that continue to happen over and over and over. and we stood up and we is said this is enough. we will not allow this to happen anymore, we're not going going to jeopardize our troops and lives of our troops
6:56 am
for political gain no matter what side of the aisle you're on. tore a watch dog group to say, we're going to let people know when it happens and hold people accountable for what they do. >> debby lee, a hero and the mother after hero, thank you for joining us on "fox & friends" and thank you for speaking out in such a forthright way and having such guts. >> thank you. >> dave: thank you, debby, more "fox & friends" in two minutes. stick around. why not take a day to explore your own backyard? with two times the points on travel, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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>> welcome back, everybody. there's a live look at the villages, down in florida where paul ryan will take the stage with his 78-year-old mom in just a few minutes and we will bring you this entire speech live coming up from the nation's largest-- >> a huge crowd couldn't seem put off by the ryan met care proposal at all. >> right, that's the focus group for his medicare proposal because there are obviously so many seniors there. and everybody likes the jine.


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