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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 20, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> shep: what a way to end. good to see you. news begins anew on studio "b." a top u.s. general is demanding answers in the wave have killings and violence in afghanistan against our troops. so far there have been more than 30 attacks on american forces, all from people they should have been able to trust. plus, a sitting congressman and senate candidate said women's bodies could fight off pregnancy from, quote, a legitimate rape. now she under fire and losing support. plus augusta national golf course about to admit the first
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two women. they have picked big names for the honor. it's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b", but we begin with something out of syria. president drew a line in the sand. it has now happened. when it comes to the united states response to the slaughter in syria, according to the president. u.s. plans for possible military involvement would change if the syrian government uses or moves its chemical weapons. a line in the sand. more on that in just a moment. meanwhile officials in turkey a car bomb exploded near the border has killed eight people and injured dozens more. according to local media, a man ran away from a car parked near the police station minutes before the explosion. turkey is former syrian ally
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that is calling for assad to step down. turkey hosts syrian fighters on the soil. the concern from the very beginning has been that this conflict could misled to other countries. question as fox reports live this hour, has that begun? steve harrigan is streaming live from the turkish city where the bombing happened. steve? >> reporter: the real question behind the explosion is who is behind it. there is two main possibilities. on one hand, it could are kurdish separateists. they are fighey say is their independence, turkish government considers them a terrorist organization. on the other hand it could be spillover, spillover from the war inside syria. turkish government has been a clear opponent of the assad regime. syria says rebel fighters are being housed and support from the turkish side.
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this explosion killed eight and wounded 50. the target was policemen, they tried to kill as many as possible. bystanderssome saw someone running from a car. the explosion created a huge fireball. the number of dead, stands at 8, wounded 50. the numbers are likely to go up through the night. >> shep: is this an area that has been one where syrian rebel z have been hacking out? does it make sense this would be a target area or not so much? >> we're about 50 miles from the syrian border. it's the first major city inside turkey, to gather money and recruits they would be coming to this city. it could be a target of those that support the regime. >> shep: stay with us. now to what the president said about the movement of chemical weapons inside syria, it could change is calculus to the response. >> i have at this point not
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ordered military engagement in the situation but the point you made about chemical and biological weapons is critical. that is an issue that doesn't just concern syria. it concerns our close allies in the region including israel. it concerns us. we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. we have been very clear to the assad regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around. >> shep: a red line. they are warning the regime, quote, other players on the ground that use or move such weapons would be a red line. would that mean an escalation or spreading of the war?
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with us is christian whiten. he is with us a current a principal at d.c. international advisory, former state department official. i wonder what your sense of this is. first of all, with the president's statement on the movement of weapons. >> it's a pretty big development coming out of an unplanned press conference because we have gone from a u.s. policy where the u.s. wasn't willing to arm the preble z. he is contemplating in public invited go syria in the wake of chemical weapons. of course, what happens to those weapons after the assad regime if it goes. it's a major change. >> shep: throughout the arab spring in the last 18 months of the uprising there have been
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concerns this could spread regionally. what level of concern do you have about the car bombing in turkey? >> it's potentially a very aggressive act if it pans out. if this was organized or acquiesced by the government. turkey has been concerned all along with the deterioration of security to the southern border. it is switched as you noted earlier in support to go assad to opposing assad and harbors the rebel z. turkey could invoke self-defense under nato and confront the rest of na with a request to get involved with the conflicts. it could potentially escalate with a war that would involve the u.s.. >> shep: steve, i'm independent to find out what turkey has been saying in the early hours. what is their verbal responsible has been?
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>> initially it's just an hour here since the egg explosion you could hear from where i'm standing. it's clearly bliaj kurdish separatists. >> i'm guessing that would be a best case scenario for the prospects of spreading war? >> a terrorist attack, that would be par for the course. turkey has had a long, very long spat with kurdish separatists, yes. >> shep: there be updates. the bombing happened just about an hour ago. as we get development z. first, leaders are slamming comments from a sitting congressman that is running for the u.s. senate. he made the remarks yesterday. listen. >> it seems to be first of all from what i understand from doctors, that is really rare. if it's a legitimate rape.
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the female body has ways to shut that thing down. i think there should be some punishment but the punishment should be in the rapist. >> shep: just a short time ago they called the remarks indefensible and i quoted, over the next 24 hours, congressman aiken should consider what is best for him and his family and the republican party. his remark z is important because she top leader in the party. on the other side of the aisle they criticized the comments. during the surprise appearance at the white house press briefing. >> rape is rape. the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we are talking about. >> congressman responded saying
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he is sorry he misspoke but insystem assisted he will not leave the race. carl cameron where governor romney spoke today. the governor has made has come up from the governor, as well. >> there is a lot of pressure. you mentioned john cornyn he is chairman of the presidential campaign committee. mr. aiken, one of candidates. there is a lot of pressure from the republican party to get him out of the race. folks in missouri have said, the incumbent who has been one of the most vulnerable democrats in the senate appears to be in good shape. mitt romney made his statement. he said, quote, congressman aiken's are frankly wrong. like millions of americans we found it offensive. he should apologize. mr. romney has done what so many
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republicans are doing putting distance between himself and mr. aiken. watch nor democrats to make as much hay as they can. >> shep: i guess he had 24 hours if he were to make a decision to drop out and there were three people in a three way race in the primary. interestingly, not surprisingly. clare mccaskill's campaign is pushing for him as one that comes from the right? >> back in the primary process, that is right. there is not a lot of attention in the missouri race. they are all up in new hampshire. first time they took questions from an audience. first time they were back after an initial debut. some is kind of symbolic. this is where romney had his first win and he brought paul ryan here and there was one thing i knew you would love this.
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here is red sox nation, politics is really big and today it was a yankees fan, yankee's t-shirt on. people criticized him for being cautious, he didn't estate. he called on the red sox fan and watch what happens. >> i will not raise taxes on the american people, i will not raise taxes on middle income americans. we're going to make sure that americans have the money to pay their bills. we're not going to raise taxes. that slows down growth and kills jobs. we're going to get the economy going and mr. president stop saying something that is not the truth. >> reporter: that was him going after medicare continuing what has been the attempts to shift the entire dialogue to entitlement reform. medicare with mr. romney there reiterating what the democrats is a false charge that the
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president would take 716 bye out of medicare to fund obamacare. yes, there was a yankees fan. he said we don't like yankees. i like winners. i'm with you. a shot at the red sox. >> shep: red sox didn't have a season they wanted. >> don't go there. >> shep: i feel for my red sox fans. it won't happen for the lsu. carl have a great trip. >> be positive president obama defended his campaign against attack z that he is going negative. what the president now says about his republican challenger. plus an out of control race car flies into a crowd at a state fair. allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air -
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... fiber one. >>. >> shep: we've been reporting on the president's appearance at a white house briefing roommate today. news conference comes with
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criticism about infrequent access to the white house press core. he did sit down with entertainment tonight. today he answered questions from the economy to the state of the campaign. our man from the white house defended and wendall, but addressed negative campaigning from super pacs? >> he did but in an attempt to have it both ways. you remember the president disagreed with the supreme court ruling that paved the way for huge super pac spending but fought back by having a former aide created a super pac of his own and then in an ad he stepped back. >> if you look at the overall trajectory of our campaign and the ads that i have approved and produced by my campaign you'll see that we point out sharp differences between the candidates. we don't go out of bounds.
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>> reporter: in contrast the president says romney's ad the one he has approved claiming he has taken the work requirement out of welfare is false, he says. >> shep: this comes after potential damaging reports about the president's campaign and his staff from the website politico? >> couple sources, politico says the campaign has been crippled by infighting and newsweek says he gathered the brightest economic minds together but then couldn't get them to work together. newsweek made their feelings known by hit the road block. they say he intensely dislikes mr. romney. they say the aides are not very credible. >> i would say this book is a collection of hearsay, random
12:18 pm
conversations. i can tell you i've never heard the president express anything like that. >> reporter: jay carney says it's not mitt romney but his policies that he doesn't like. >> shep: wendall, this thanks. a car crashed into a crowd of missouri state fair and hurt five people during a charity race involving old police cars. there is video here. you can see the car went right through the infield fence and hit spectators standing there. a missouri state highway patrol spokesman a helicopter transferred three persons to area hospitals. >> i seen the car coming. you better duck, here comes a car through the guardrail. we hit the ground. >> have you ever seen anything like that? >> pretty damn scary. i've never seen anything like that. >> shep: highway patrol rescue workers were treated and other two victims were minor injuries.
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>> there is strange new twist in the major league baseball scandal. melky cabrera now accused to help set up a phony website in an effort to stay out of trouble. now he could be face trouble with the law. melky cabrera, that is coming up. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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>>. >> shep: days after suspended biggest stars because of a positive drug test. new twist. legal officials are saying that the san francisco giant outfielder melky cabrera was involved in an elaborate scheme to trick them that he took the substance by accident. he was having a career season
12:23 pm
when they hit him with a 50-day suspension for taking the banned substance testosterone. they created a fake website advertising a fictitious product that he claimed caused the failed drug test. trace gallagher is in the newsroom. >> reporter: when he defended himself to the league and the association, he said that he went on this website and he bought this topical cream and was spiked for testosterone. then baseball investigators came in and they tracked the website. they found it was bought for $10,000 by an associate of melky cabrera and then the website had been altered to add an advertisement for a topical cream that never existed. they say they are amazed at what athletes to cover their tracks. >> he was going into a free
12:24 pm
agent here. he was going to any length possible spending $10,000 to buy this website and put production into it if he could get a contract worth the ten million dollars a year but it blew up in his face. >> reporter: what is unclear right now is whether the feds plan on pursuing other charges against him or his associate. >> shep: it's my understanding they caught him he fessed up? >> yeah, but the rumors have been swirling about performance enhancing drugs around the san francisco bay area. a number of times he said no, i didn't do it. now, he is using the come clean and move on tactic saying, i'm quoting here, my positive test was the result of my use of a substance i should not have used. i accept my suspension under the joint drug program. i will try to move on with my life. the question is, can he move in with his career.
12:25 pm
watch. >> i don't know if its career killer just yet but if he comes back and isn't the player he was this season or last season and reverts back to the player he was when he was with braves when he had a difficult season, people will ask questions and he is not going to earn the same kind of money. >> reporter: giants manager was asked about this and he said simply, you can't follow them around 24/7. >> shep: trace gallagher, thanks. mercedes, and randy, he could be in serious legal trouble. >> how many fast balls did this take to the head to come up with a scattered brain idea? you know that you are caught red-handed. by the way, i bought this stuff and here is my website. you create this whole fabrication. you have perjury charges. it depends on the scope of the investigation, you have flawed
12:26 pm
and perjury, if you are convicted of perjury you are convicted of life. 20 or 30 years from now, it will come up because it's untruthful. >> how quickly we forget. andrew young, john andrews, andrewoung, we saw a similar situation with roger clemens and brian mcnamee. we're not talki aboutunez and his financial incentive. is an independent id consultant to have done this to save his meal tket. melky cabrera had accepted responsibility. it makes no sse and defs all common sense tha he would have been involved in this. take a deep breath and look at thevidence. >> nothing to do with this? >> so mthe evidence. >> give me $10,000. >> hold on.
12:27 pm
nunez, wait, he has accepted full responsibility. since the agent had nothing to do with it. they would have been the first tguo have been involved with this. >> we'll have checks and bank records and they are not going to pre him on this? of course they are. they woun't be putting a lamb to slaughter without an investigation. >> how often did the bad guys in the government distant t president and it imitates real life and we've seen it in two cases with the same things tha happen. let's take a deep breath. >> shep: i loved him as a yankee. he was having quite a year. >> game over now. >> slow down. >> game over. >> shep: slow down. thanks, guys.
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>>. >> shep: news out of hollywood. veteran comedian phyllis diller is dead. she died in los angeles. she died early this morning in her sleep. jonathan hunt. man, i have such great memories watching her with my grandmother. >> extraordinary career. john rivers said recently that phyllis diller was the woman that broke the way for every woman comedian. hard to argue with that. she made her debut on radio 1952. 1955 she did her first stand up in san francisco at the purple onion and then got fame with 23 tv specials and movies with bob hope. she had a heart attack back in
12:33 pm
1999. she had a bad fall in 2005 and had some neurological tests done then. we hear she recently had another fall and was recovering from that. was actually living in hospice care at a home in brentwood. that according where she died surrounded by her family. as joan rivers said the woman that broke wait for every woman comedian. >> shep: a mini biography. height 5'1", fis it's diller, she finally put out an autobiography and titled it "like a lamp shade in a whorehouse." one of a kind fis it's diller. goes on to read. it may inspire all those bored,
12:34 pm
discouraged or directionless housewives to know the one time 37-year-old chief bottle washer and diaper disposeer started writing as a reprieve what was her everyday household doldrums. she wound up being an entertainment legend that shared stages with bob hope, george burns and jack been any. an incredible performer and comedian died today at age 95. she had fallen more than once and had been in hospice. arthur kaplan is a professor and ph.d., heading the division of medical ethics. so many times you hear have an elderly person that has been doing so well and fall and bad hip? >> it really a cascade of events.
12:35 pm
you get the fall. the person takes to bed. it's difficult to do exercise. they have a hard time eating. they have to remain prone in bed and slow to heal. i can't tell you the number of times when we see a fall that leads ultimately to a death of a person over 85. >> shep: so many have us have older parents and grandparents. you can't stop life. you are going to fall from time to time. when older people fall it's bad? >> it's serious. i have a 92-year-old mom, she lives in the house we grew up in. she could fall. i've had to face this choice basically decided is, she is competent, she knows what she is doing. she might fall. she loves living in that house. not going to take her out even though the risk is there. >> shep: she was born july 17th, 1917. a student at lima, ohio central
12:36 pm
high school. she stewardess at music conservatory in chicago before transferring to another college in ohio. before she knew it she was married to sherwood anderson and went to a comedy career that nobody could have predicted. fred westbrook is with us, her agent. sir, so many of us respected and admire her and laughed out loud at her for so many hours. i'm curious what the last weeks and months were like? >> one thing she was true pioneer as you said. she was the first lady of stand-up comedy. nobody before her and everybody after her was because of fil us diller. she was on broadway. she was true pioneer. >> shep: how did she make that
12:37 pm
jump the leap other women had not been able to make? >> she got her started on the old groucho marx game show. she was from ohio with five kids marx said to her, you are funny. that is all she needed to here, hear, hey, you are funny. from there she went to the purple onion with two guys named the smothers brothers and worked her way up. jack paar gave her first break and johnny carson, mike douglas and affidavit frost. she just went nonstop to 95 years of age. >> shep: unbelievable. she played every supper club in this nation and celebrated 35 years in the industry to a career that didn't begin when
12:38 pm
she was 37 years old sheevph was a late bloomer. first lady to play vegas, first headliner in a male dominated world when back then, you had jack carter, sheblg can i green, danny thomas. fil us broke through. phyllis broke through. she was on the famous show when tiny tim got married. >> she made no secret of the fact she had a plastic surgery. recently the american academy cosmetic surgery for taking plastic surgery out of something not to be ashamed of. >> absolutely. everybody kept it on the hush, hush. she got it in 1972 after watching herself on the sonny and cher show. she said, i need a facelift. she did that.
12:39 pm
she was the first celebrity really to embrace plastic surgery. again a true pioneer. >>y may not realize she was a piano soloist with a hundred symphony orchestras including performances in dallas baltimore, rochester, cincinnati a piano soloist. >> she was a wonderful piano player. she had a beautiful piano in her home. she had a gorgeous home, spectacular home filled with magical memories of her wonderful career. >> shep: mighty good to be here on a difficult day. phyllis diller after an incredible life. mother of five who was 37 years old reared children and met a guy that teochd her she was kind of funny. she fell recently and didn't get better.
12:40 pm
phyllis diller a legend of comedy, dead today at 95. united states military top general today met with coalition forces in afghanistan in an effort to stop a wave of insider attacks in which afghan forces attack nato troops and american troops. latest happened yesterday. two afghan policemen turned their weapons on troops and killed an american service member. it comes days after the u.s. military ordered troops to stay armed and ready to fight such an attack. more than 30 insider attacks have killed at least 40 coalition troops so far. compared to 20 deaths in all of the year 2011. taliban claims this was their plan all along. jennifer griffin is live in afghanistan. did this issue come up during
12:41 pm
general dempsey's meetings in kabul today? >> reporter: it was the top of his agenda, shep. what he told he was for the first time the afghans, his afghan counterpart seemed as concerned about this as he was and vowed to stop these insider attacks. >> they are looking at literature. they are looking at the music that these young men are listening to. it's a holistic kind of approach to this. i'm not suggesting we can eliminate it but i think we can reduce it. >> is some of it cultural fight? >> sure. of all the incidents, there is a percentage which are in fact infiltration. there is a percentage that are cultural affronts. there is a percentage of ptsd. these young men have been at war for 30 years in some cases or at least their country has. it's all of those things that makes it complex we got to do
12:42 pm
something. >> reporter: he told me today that despite the attention being given to these attacks, that there were no plans to change the time line for the withdrawal. u.s. troops will be down to 68,000 by the end of september and supposedly out of afghanistan by 2014. >> shep: jennifer griffin, thanks so much. >> you may have heard what happened to condoleezza rice over the weekend. >> condoleezza rice about to join a club that has never admitted a woman, never. why is she doing it? that is coming up. egal settlemet or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>. >> shep: the home 6 masters is boy's club no more. for the first time in the augusta national golf club they will allow women to be members.
12:46 pm
welcome to the 21th century. club has invited condoleezza rice and south carolina darla moore to be the first women in green jackets. as the former club chairman they might allow women, but quote, not at the point of bayonet. how are the women reacting? >> they have already accepted the invitations with enthusiasm. former secretary of state issuing a statement calling this a very special opportunity, condoleezza rice says, i have long admired the important role they have played in the traditions and history of golf. darla moore says she has many friends who are members of the augusta national and to be able to join them marks a quote, happy and important occasion in her life.
12:47 pm
>> shep: historic significance of this besides the fact they are gaze lynde, what is the significance here? >> despite years of protests and loss sponsorships, they stood its ground for many years. former chairman once predicted the club may invite a female member but not by force. and more controversy erupted this year when they didn't extend an invitation to the new i.b.m. ceo. they offered it to four predecessors. the club that has been around 1932 admitted the first african-american member in 1990. augusta national certainly making history today, but doing so at its own pace. >> shep: jonathan serry. thanks. let's bring in guests. mercedes is here, randy,
12:48 pm
jonathan hunt is back with us again. you reacted when you heard the news. >> welcome for getting it right finally after a century. how ridiculous. 54% of the population have actually work in this country are women. why wouldn't you allow them to get in. they have the biggest buying power in the world. you are going to ex collide women from playing golf? why? because it's a tradition and we're going to continue doing? you have to wake up. there are women -- i'm surprised they accepted the invitation. >> shep: i'm guessing that had to be pretty well planned. >> absolutely. there are women that wouldn't play in augusta for the reason, you have isolated us and denied our interests there. >> shep: they got away witness for all these years. a private club can do whatever they want but there was a lot of
12:49 pm
pressure. >> it's very interesting. truth of the matter is, i give them credit for standing firm. i totally see mercedes' point by the time token they weren't going to do it at the point of a bayonet. but you are talking about ted knight and others that is as close as i get. >> i can see c -- condoleezza rice, i wish they would have said it's about time. i would love to see condi play golf, as a golfer. >> shep: i wouldn't be surprised. hang on now. another rough story out of hollywood. top gun director battling inoperable brain cancer jumped to his death. that is just ahead.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
>>. >> shep: the life of a top hollywood director came to a tragic end after he judged to his death off a bridge in los angeles. tony scott was behind a string of blockbusters, beverly hills cop ii and his most famous, top gun. >> i got to give you your dream shot. i am going to send you up the best. you two characters are going to top gun. >> shep: i don't know how many times i have seen that movie. he left several suicide notes for his loved ones. somebody called 911 yesterday and reported seeing a man jumping from the bridge into
12:54 pm
l.a. harbor. witnesses say he parked nearby, scaled the fence and jumped with zero hesitation. hours later a dive team pulled the body from the water. he was 68 years old. a u.k. native the brother of another famous director, ridley scott. he leaves behind a wife and twin boys. he had inoperable brain cancer and autopsy underway right now. adam housley, what are officials saying about the investigation? >> you mentioned the autopsy but that is ongoing right now. i did talk to some of the search and rescue. they say they got the call within a minute or so. fire and search and rescue was out in the water trying to find him of them did not find him after the first hour. search and rescue operation becomes a recovery operation. ported divers came in and they found the body about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.
12:55 pm
as you mentioned there were a number of letters found in his car that were left on the bridge and also in his office. we're starting to hear information, comments from those that knew him the best. days of thunder and top gun, tom cruise has come out with a statement. he says, tony was my dear friend and i will really miss him. he was creative whose mark on film is i am measurable. my thoughts are were the family at this time. two first movies that made him an action director. >> shep: a lot of reaction across hollywood? >> when it happened, his career was going strong. his personal life has been fantastic. there have been no issues. why did this happen and reports came out about brain cancer. here is one very close friend who talked about him a couple hours ago. take a listen. >> left behind an amazing work and lots of people that tha will
12:56 pm
be very grateful to him for what he has done. >> reporter: and rodriguez says it was great knowing you buddy and decades of great entertainment. that is from robert rodriguez. >> shep: much more news in just a moment. stay with us.
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