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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 21, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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is that a piece of lint? >> dana: out of the pocket of cell phone range or internet range. you're not responding to e-mail. >> greg: thank you for clearing that up. [ laughter ] >> now, a look at why they say the clubhouse will not abandon
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the no girls allowed rule. >> aren't you going to well m come me back? >> welcome back, greening -- greg. >> happy to see me? >> ecstatic. >> i can tell. >> usually i am asleep. >> did you have a good vacation? >> none of your business. hot flashes have her when they hit men gnaw -- menopause. i am here with brooke goldstein. her latest book is called "law fare, the war against free speech." i didn't know you hate free speech. anyway, he is so sharp that the sharper image is now called the jaime weinstein image. ged for him. the jaime weinstein daily caller. and in hawaii he is considered a fish taco. it is bill schulz. and if hilarity was a race horse i would try to finish
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first every time i road him. next to him, dan sodor. let's do some stories. pinch is no longer here. how did that happen? >> they came for the talking papers. >> i had nothing to do with that. >> is a fact-finding trip a great way to strip? while visiting israel, a bunch of members of congress and staff decided to take a late night swim in the see of galilee with one shedding his clothes. he went skinny dipping before being joined by some others some fully clothed and otherred partially clothed. on monday he spoke about what happened. >> it is not an incident that i am proud of. it happened over a year ago, and it is something that was obviously a mistake on my part. i want folks in the district to know i am apologetic for
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it, to the eke tent -- to the extent if they are embarrassed i feel regret. >> for more let's go to the senior congressional correspondent, steven san cloud. dash steven? >> i guess we got him at a bad moment. i go to you first. is this a big deal? >> no. it is awesome. >> really sph. >> oh yes. rest of the world, that's how our government parties. you want to come and jump in the east river, go for it. we just know a clean body of water when we see one. >> they knewhey would not died if they have dove in. >> i would be cannonballing behind him. >> that's why we wouldn't elect you. will this ruin his career 1234 you can't do anything now that
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you have skinny dipped as an adult. >> politico actually spent out a a -- sent out a breaking news alert about this story. i have actually eaten at the restaurant where they jumped in the water. they feed you a lot of food you need to swim it off. you are wondering why are they investigating somebody skinny dipping in the water 1234* they never -- we found out today the real story which politico didn't have, they had a taboos sip piece, and they were investigating a representative for a trip to cypress. it had nothing to do with this entire skinny dipping. so politico dropped the ball in this case. >> you just used this whole segment to bash politico. you don't care about the skinny dipping. by the way, you said you actually eat after a big meal? >> swim, i mean. >> swim.
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yes, you swim after a big meal. >> you shouldn't eat after a big meal. >> don't your parents teachers and you anything? >> you are promoting cramping. >> why is it only men who agree to skinny dip? you never hear of a hot woman saying, let me take off my clothes and let's go. >> let me say shalome? okay? >> who are you saying it to? >> to all of you israel fans out there. >> it gets really hot in the middle east. and craze yes, sir things have happened. i just think it makes them a better politician, and it stresses the fact that israelis are under con constant threat, and they have to let out steam. it is not that big of a deal. get over it. >> here is the thing that i have a problem with. you are a knowledgeable skinny dipper. you do it in the fountain.
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>> haven't got arrested yet. >> what is worse he went skinny dipping or he was the only one? >> that's the pathetic part. of course his name is yoder. you picture a kid in college and yoder is streaking again. while israelis are under a lot of stress, yoder doesn't stress about anything. >> it is similar to my name. >> as you have said he skinny dipped before. i did a little research on this guy. i learned that this guy hired a dog and two kids to play his dog and two kids during a campaign commercial. >> i love him. >> wait a second. >> typical yoder. >> but did he have -- >> he had not a dog nor two kids. he did have a wife, and she played herself.
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>> he is a skinny dipping bad ass. >> there were also kids there when he did it, right? they forgot that part of the story. >> skinny dipping is a cute way to say he showed his junk to some daughters. >> if he shows up wearing a leather jacket until cool with it. >> no one skinny dips with they are sober. >> but the fact that this is -- the age of skinny dipping died with the invention of cell phones. no one does that anymore. the last time i skinny dip was in lake berryessa. >> the other guys jumped in the water with their cell phones. he protected his cell phone. he took off his clothes and jumped in. >> yes strange. >> yoder being yoder. >> i think we created a new verb, bill. >> dude, not yoder after that
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pizza. >> yoder is a verb that means the only person who skinny dips. he pulled a yoder. >> or if you go out on a limb and no one follows you. you jus. >> a yoder is when you go first and everybody else stands behind. >> join me. no, we won't, yoder. >> i yoder three times a night on "red eye." >> yodering is the story of my life. >> from naked buns to wearing guns. should packing heat affect where you sleep? well this year the university of colorado will have separate dorms for pupils who favor pistols. the campuses at boulder and colorado springs are segregating students over 21 who have a concealed weapons carry permit while banning guns everywhere else. they ruled in march that the university could not forbid firearms campus worldwide.
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they want to live in general housing, and they can store their guns with police. you don't need a gun if you have the demon dog. you just put that out front and no one will come near. i don't know where you stand on the gun issue, but can we assume that gun dorms will be safest place on campus? >> i think there needs to be a study after this goes into affect. where the most robbery occur. i bet zero for the gun dorm, and a lot more for the other dorms. this is the place where you want to be. if you are not carrying a gun, can you apply to stay there? you will be safe there. >> my only problem, brooke -- do you agree they should be segregated? >> no, i think what the school is doing is egregious and it is illegal. the state law is very clear.
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i also want to say when people were reporting about the story, no one was talking about the legal foundation that is an amazing not for profit institution that takes on these cases pro-bono. the law clearly states you can have a concealed weapons unless, and there are four exceptions. they said "we can write our own law." it is an open and shut case. >> dan, that's why we have her on. you can tell she read the article and she understood and knew the organization by naming something i didn't have. >> i skimmed it. >> i bet when she was talking about the organization you were saying, what will i say after her? >> i am actually learning. this is great. this wasn't a talk show. this was almost like a little class. you know when you go to a college course and you sit in the back. what do you call that? >> when i did my entire scow
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lass stick career? >> if you had the choice which dorm would you live in? >> the gun tomorrow. the militia on campus. if an apocalypse happens you want to be in the dorm. you can forge the rest of the campus for all of the food and supplies you need. >> and that's true. if the apocalypse occurs i want to be the ma rodder. i don't want to sit there and hide. i would be terrible at hiding. i would be like moving sofas and putting a card table up. you would beind me in a second. >> i would definitely wear fingerless gloves. that's what i have been waiting for. >> and you would be with yoder. >> yoder and i going out on a limb. >> if you know there is trouble, send yoder out because he will go. >> yoder would figure out a way to ferment stuff.
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>> he would be making yoder toilet water. >> kicking back by the fire with yoder. >> a yoder is a sin synonym for a leader. he is the guy that goes out front and leads. >> there are a lot you don't hear about. but he could be the one hear about. bill, i have a feeling you have a problem with this. >> i don't necessarily have a problem with it because it is not a thing. there is only 20 -- there is only four% of people on campus over 21. >> and 1% actually have permits to carry concealed weapons. >> 10,000 students that comes to 50. >> roughly 50. and/or 5.3. i say with that few people carrying guns, don't give them the old dorm. >> give them one room and two bunk beds and put cameras all over the place. campus militia would be an amazing reality. >> i will run. it i will reenlist -- i well
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-- i am already thinking like a militia member. >> something we don't know about you. >> you know my militia runs from virginia. we would move west to my home state of colorado. >> here is the thing. people can make fun of this and say it is dangerous, but the most powerful variable that reduces gun carnage is a second gun. this has to be safest place. but it will only be 50 people in a dorm which isn't a lot of fun. it is not a lot of fun. >> what is scary about this case, and i hate to get baying to the legal element, but the school's reasoning behind violating state law was it makes people uncomfortable. imagine the slippery slope if schools decided, you know, he prays to allah, and that makes me uncomfortable. i don't want him in my dorm. it is ridiculous. >> are you saying that is wrong? i said that a month ago. i shouldn't have been at that dorm. >> it must be pretty hard to study when a guy is cleaning his shotgun. jasper, can you put that
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away? i have a final tomorrow. >> the other troublesome thing is usually if you are 21 and still living on campus, you are kind of a dork. you are an anti-yoder. >> and i love the fact you brought up slippery slope. >> thanks. always do. >> all slopes are slippery. >> yet nobody says it is a dry slope. but you could easily fall or roll down a dry slope. >> gravity is going to get you. >> niagara falls is like a slippery slope. >> very slippery and deadly. it is nature's greatest slide. >> from handguns to handoffs. has the nfl become a violent hell? football was always a rough game. but with concussions concussions and brain damage they wonder if it is wrong to be a fan? and last week's new york magazine they cite comments from bart scott who said in may, quote, i don't want my son to play football. i play football so he won't have to.
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with what is going on, i don't know if it is really worth it. the nfl is the most watched sport in america of the -- in america. but every observer has to ask themselves is it immoral to be a football fan? can an intelligent person put the way he sees the world in every other context aside because he enjoys watching the giants on sunday? there are -- are there actual giants on sunday? >> yes. >> how did i miss this? >> it is very fi-fi-fo-fum. >> i will always prefer this instead.
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>> those videos usually do it for me. then they put it to weird music and i can't get anything going. >> that was my band. >> it just doesn't work for me. it ruined the whole thing. terry bradshaw says football will be less popular than soccer because of worries overhead injuries in 10 years. is that a sane thing for him to say? >> well, if you know the conspiracies like i do, you know this is all orchestrated by soccer to get football off the top. >> i had no idea. >> you shin-wearing bastards, it won't work. and i don't watch the giants. i watch the 49ers. >> do you think they will be good this year? >> god, i hope so. i don't want another year of sadness. >> they were one game from the super bowl. i don't want to hear you whining. >> jaime, is it immoral to watch a game that could lead to brain damage and then get paid millions of dollars for? >> the short answer is no. but how can we trust him
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considering the damage he had to his brain? >> if he agreed with what he said we can't -- that's an interesting point. >> these guys are highly paid athletes. they are adults making decisions to go into this business. i don't think it is immoral to watch guys who have made a decision to go into a sport which might have dangerous side affects. they made the decision to do it. there are navy seals who get paid far less and they are going to far greater risks to do this. i get sad about football players possibly getting hurt. >> that's a great point. the military are participating in an endeavor for way, way less except for their own personal growth and patriotism. they know what they are getting into, and i think athletes do to a certain degree. am i right? >> bradshaw? terry bradshaw? that's the only bradshaw i know. i don't know anything about football. what i do know is what makes it interesting like hockey
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they are smashing into other men, but what i don't like watching is basketball where every time they fall they are like, owe, owe, don't touch me. >> soccer too. >> it is strategy. >> are you trying to get to the line. >> bill, could football some day become a niche sports like kicking bill schulz in the face did? >> my wounds have wounds. >> he has a point. the fact of the matter is we have always wanted to see other dudes killing other dudes and going back to roman times with the gladiators. but roam did not have class action lawsuits. if this continues and the carnage continues and the players keep getting more and more upset over this, there could be a huge change to football where it will be as boring as soccer. this actually could be a thing. >> i think a reasonable approach is take away the pads. let them fly into each other. >> that's a good point. they talk about that with the
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helmets. >> it is like when you -- when somebody is wearing a seatbelt, they stepped to drive faster. i do say this, i say soccer is more dangerous because the sport is so boring that the violence is in the stands. >> well, not only that, but if you score a wrong goal your family will be murdered. that's dangerous. >> we have to move on. coming up, wow, i can lift a car over mild head. over my head. it was not so much a story, but a statement of bad acid over the weekend. look, it is chicks partying. it must be a story about the euro zone trade surplus hitting a record high.
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does getting hitched lead to more hooch?
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it does for women, apparently says the university of cinncinati. it suggests that ladies drink more once they are married. while men reduce their alcohol content after getting married. quoting madonna to put a ring on it or something. i am sober too. researchers conclude while women can keep their women's boozing habits on control, men are bad on their women's other half. and now a university devoted to toothpaste. those college students who binge drink reported being happier than those who abstain. higher student social status the more likely they will drink heavily. we have an update on the chin chill law's progress. >> that was a lie.
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there was no progress being made there. why did i fall for that, tele prompter? they suggest that wives adopt this alcohol intake from their husband's own abuses. does that make sense or drinking abuses? >> yes, it is. they drink when they first start dating because the guys have to get her to like him. and then they drink and then he locks it up, and he is like, all right. i don't have to booze anymore. and she is like, what did i marry? it keeps going. >> you described it. >> and i have never been married. >> no, you haven't. >> on a scale of one to lyndsay lohan. how drunk of a wife are you going to be? >> i don't buy this study. if all of my friends are getting hitched these days and i am the one boozing and not vice-versa. i don't buy it. >> you don't? >> and we are going out boozing after this. >> how dare you. i don't subscribe to your way of thinking. >> you are already trying to recruit people to participate
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in your self-destructive lifestyle. >> how about this is the funest panel ever? >> jaime, you don't strike me as somebody who seems very happy with his social life. i don't know who wrote that question, but i had to ask it. is it because you don't binge drink? >> yes. >> now that you brought it up, have i a circle of -- i have a circle of friends here. the other study, the one where you binge drink and you are happy in your circumstances in college, but they also had a corollary to that. people in religion groups because they go to social engagements, if you are locked in your room you are not happy. >> the variable is social interaction. here is the thing that drives me crazy before we move on. it makes no sense. they define it as downing four
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or more alcoholic drinks. that's not binge drinking. that's getting started. >> that's either their lame definition or a lot of lying college students. >> it is a bore. >> they are being yoders. >> yoder would lie about it, man. he wouldn't say what he is doubting. >> he would pick up one of the female researchers and get her wasted. and then they would skinny dip in the campus pond. >> that is so yoder. >> and then holding her underwear. >> study this. said the friends who didn't get laid. >> if i know yoder like i think i know yoder, he would admit to doing it and then apologize for what he did previously. but he would continue to do it again and again and again. >> i love yoder. >> i think yoder would jump
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from this study to the other study and have sex with all of the drunk wives. >> drunk wives and yoder. drunk wives and yoder. >> forget you husbands. yoder is on the show jie. we -- >> we will never get yoder on the show. >> what do you mean? every monday is yoder day and we are partying. >> do you have a comment on the show? are you yodering right now? e-mail us at fox news at red if you have a video of your animal doing something cute and/or interesting go to fox eye and click on submit a video. yoder would do that. >> yes, he would. >> yoder would be in the video dressed a is an animal going check me out. i'm a chin chill law. >> and that would be one not sober chin chill law, yoder. >> still to come, the half
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time report from andy levy, the opposite of a yoder. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by folding bicycles of the the two-wheel vehicles that can be folded and unfolded. thanks, bicycle.
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let's go to tv's andy levy. how are you? >> i'm all right.
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>> welcome back. >> how was your vacation? >> funny you should ask. i went to northern california and saw my family for a little while. >> what? >> i said uh-huh. and then i went down south to san diego for a few days. i got some sun and did a little surfing. that was enjoyable. and i guess that was it. met a lot of our fans. >> sounds great. >> sounds exciting. had some interesting things to say about you. >> i'm sure they did. >> they did. >> i'm sure they are all true. rep goes swimming in sea of galilee. you said this is awesome. >> andy, you listen to every word. i say it is awesome. >> i am with you. greg, the idea you are not supposed to swim after a meal is a myth. it is a medical myth. >> how can you say that without anything to back it up? >> i have a lot to back it up. i just chose not to write down my sources. >> the idea that you cannot go swimming after eating is a
12:33 am
myth. that's a myth 6789. >> not true. >> prove it mr. i'm supposed to prove everything i say. >> it is proven. it is out there. >> it is not out there. you know what is out there? >> what's out there? >> the myth. >> california eh? >> yes, good times. had a great time. the flight crew was a delight. >> really? >> yes, great people. >> excellent. what airline? >> i flew over on virgin and flew back on delta. nice people. >> always. >> great people. you know what, they chose not to recognize me. >> out of respect. it is a sign of respect. >> they don't want to be to be known as those kind of people. >> they are professionals. >> when i went to use the bathroom, they told me to sit down orou will be thrown off the plane. knowing who i was. >> also they know that you enjoy that. >> that is true. >> i should bring up, greg, and everyone else, yoder says alcohol played no role in his
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decision to jump in. >> of course. >> that's right, yoder, never tell the man the truth. that means it wasn't alcohol. it was something else. >> it is important for him to say that because in 2010 he was stopped one night doing 80 in a 70 mile an hour zone and refused to take a breathalyzer. >> yoder can't drive 75, man. you don't understand. >> but let me tell you why he got naked. in 2011 he was rated as one of the hottest freshmen in congress. i think that has gone to his head. have to get naked. >> have you ever worked out with them? this guy will party all night, and then he will get into the gym three hours we do doggie squats. >> you just do it that way, andy. you don't know. >> by the way, a quote from mitt romney, i think it is reprehensible, and paul ryan
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said, this is unbecoming of a member of congress and should not be tolerated. i think they know that. >> let me ask you this, are they upset about the swimming in general, or the skinny dipping? >> excellent question. >> the thing is the reason they were swimming was it was a holy site and they wanted to be in the holy site. they weren't being disrespectful, right? >> i don't think anyone said they were being disrespectful. some said it was a holy site. that may have nothing to do with the pact that they are trying to cover up the fact they were drinking at dinner, but i don't know that. >> but why does romney and ryan oppose it? >> the sea of galilee is a lake. >> very weird. >> university of colorado segregates gun owning students. you said they are segregating students over 21 who has a concealed weapon. they are banning guns from the other dorms and from events
12:36 am
like football games and plays. otherwise you are free to carry on campus if you have a permit. that's what the supreme court is forcing them to do. >> why is this my fault? i didn't write that script. >> you read it. >> but who wrote that? >> i don't know. i didn't. i didn't. >> ambuds them. >> you are their spokesman. >> no i am not. >> you have to take credit of everything you read. it comes with the responsibility. >> are you saying with great power comes responsibility. >> no, i say greg has great responsibility. >> you brought up the law that they can't carry prohibited weapons. that's why the supreme court struck down the board of regent's ban on ccw. and here is what i don't understand, and the court ruled in that case that the state law, quote, -- because of the state law comprehensive statewide purpose broad
12:37 am
language and narrow exclusions the board of regents did not have the authority for handguns on campus. that's what they are trying to do, and i don't see how that works. >> i don't understand what you are trying to say. >> i don't think anybody did. >> there is one exception. public buildings with metal detectors. but the metal detectors on the doors. you can illegally prevent the guns from going in. what the university is trying to do is give one of those to the second amendment. that's not cool. >> what i was trying to say was -- >> you nearly -- >> i am kidding. anyways, so the court ruled -- >> i knew we should have done this story. >> is it wrong -- no, i typed it wrong. much like you -- it is not my fault. it is who typed this. i didn't build this.
12:38 am
>> is it wrong to like football? you said you watch the 49ers? you did watch the giants in the nfc championship game. >> then they will talk about dropped punt returns. >> must have been a fun night for you. >> i got mugged when i was 23. >> i'm sure you deserved it. >> guess who beat them in the regular season. i thought they were going to do that in the playoffs. it is fine. >> you want to swap the regular season beating with the playoff season. >> no, i wish. >> jaime, you said these guys were adults and they made the decision to go into the sport. there is a lawsuit by veterans that bill eluded to charging the nfl has withheld medical information between the football-related head trauma and football players. it is tough to say they made this rational choice. >> we know the information now and there is no shortage of players in the nfl. sure they shouldn't be
12:39 am
suppressing the information, but the evidence is out there now, and we know people dropping out. >> thases a good point. >> i said this before, and i reached the age where after every play i am pretty sure somebody suffered an awful injury. i said, oh, he just broke his spine. his knee is not supposed to do that. >> that's the new game. >> i don't think that will happen. it is callus and cruel and only people like you would think of it. >> i don't know why we are fighting. >> i think it will get worse. head injuries can go to murderous impulses. if you look at walter payton's biography, he started having the same weird murderous impulses that oj maybe allegedly may have had and i think they will find that it actually changes your behavior for the worse if you don't have the dementia and all of the other stuff.
12:40 am
>> what about nascar? nascar you make a mistake and people die. they are not dying instantly in football. where do you top? >> nascar's safety systems are so unbelievable it is ridiculous. especially since dale earnhardt died in 2001 at daytona. everything they wear, you can see them roll and wreck and crash into walls and they walk away most of the time. >> wasn't there somebody recently who was in a serious crash and died in nascar? no? >> that was indy car. that's a whole different thing. >> flying if you are in a plane. the plane crashes and you die. >> golf. >> i don't believe in lightning. >> just lastly on this drinking stuff, jaime, you said this isn't the appropriate form to address your sad social life. if not now, when? >> in a place that is more appropriate where i can fully get with one with my soul.
12:41 am
>> all right. i think you should get into it now. >> if we have the time, i guess. >> go for it. >> for you, man, we have the time. >> you know what he is saying, he would only do it if yoder is around. if he says do it, do it. >> you can trust him. whatever you tell him he will forget. >> and then he will fist bump you really hard and hurt your hand. >> he invented the fist bump. >> there is no star worse -- there is no star wars reference. >> yoder is the opposite of cool. >> i'm done. >> that you are, my friend, that you are. coming up, what should you do if other people's children are misbehaving. brooke goldstein discusses her new book "i hit them with a long stick. that's horrible, brooke, but she doesn't care. we are doing a golf story. i am board already.
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most feel a tug and they just shrug. i speak of those who feel no sexual attraction to others. an estimated 1% of the population should be recognized as the fourth sexual orientation or sso for -- fso for short. they call him an under study group that can feel excluded from our, quote, sex liesed culture. sexualized culture. and indeed it is. they say quote, we want 8 sexuality to be recognized as a sexual orientation rather than a disorder that people have to hide. so let's discuss this in the -- shall we -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnnnddd. lightning round. >> do you buy this?
12:46 am
>> 8 sexuality has been around for a longtime. it is called being a woman every three and a half weeks. come -- >> come on. i feel bad for this poor 23-year-old who went and did the interview and so they classified him as being 8 sexual. that's the whole problem with the study. they went around to a bunch of men, and they didn't want to have 16 times a day and then they are asexual. >> so you think these people were just normal -- >> absolutely. they are normal and uber sexualized society. so we had to invent this 8 sexuality. >> i can't believe they bought that i was 23. >> jaime, could it booy they are exaggerating the numbers like everybody does? remember we were told this population was this big, and then it wasn't this big? i was talking pixies.
12:47 am
>> there was a show about a asexuls and it was called "pat" so they were represented for some degree. on the college campus there was the lesbian, gay, sexual, transgender and they kept adding letters. it seems like we will add more letters. >> they won't be long because there is a lack of a sexual -- sexuality, so they will be treated as lepers, if you will. the fact is in high school you knew somebody like this. if you didn't know somebody like this, it was you. >> i don't know. why are you cornering me like that? when they say they want to be represented, what do you want? like the most boring beer commercialver? a guy that is like, beer. that's it. >> that's the point. if this is the beginning ofl rif
12:48 am
discrimination will they be fighting against? >> how will they discriminate against? they can focus on more things and get things done and not worry about a mere yeah yad of things -- a myriad of things you sexual people do. it is like 1%. can we stop recognizing things? is it that small portion of the population, do i have to recognize you? okay there are a couple of people. i don't need to recognize you. yes, you exist. move on. >> what do you have against sock monkeys? >> i have been to williamsburg way too many times. >> somebody wants to be recognized and you say, what do they want? what are they not getting? >> we know they don't want sex. that's what we know they are not after. >> i don't trust him. >> it is time for a break. when we come back, we will
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talk about something. probably the golf story.
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last topic. augusta national golf club admitted its first female members. former secretary of state
12:53 am
condoleezza rice -- rice. what is wrong with me and darla moore. it sucks for darla moore. she is not as famous. they introduce her second. it is sad, i guess. the move ends an 80-year-old policy at the exclue you sigh georgia club -- at the exclusive georgia club. i think it is a contest for dog owners. they share a passion for the game of golf, and both are well known and respected by our membership. he then cried silently into the superman pillow. first you got a right to vote and now this? >> i applaud this golf club for opening its doors to wealthy, powerful people. i mean women. come otwo women, some of the most wealthy, well connected powerful women. >> so they should have a homeless tramps in it, is that what you are saying? like hobos coming in with their bindle? it has a big bag at the end?
12:54 am
she is crazy, dan. i was there when you heard the news in the green room. i couldn't tell if you were happy or sad. >> it ruins the 80 year dude party. sometimes you just want to be a dude. >> you know who is sad right now? >> yoder. >> the yodster. >> the yode loves when any chicks show up. >> that's true. >> bra burning, baby. >> as a private club is this what they wanted? >> there is a difference between race and gender. i am happy they wanted to do this, but i wonder the people that were campaigning for this are going to turn their attention to curves and their policies toward men. it is time they open their membership. >> i often stop by curves and look in, and they make me leave. bill, you own a green jacket. what can these women look forward to? >> they can look forward to me
12:55 am
here is the thing. i with won't get in as bill schulz. but i put some glasses on and pop the collar out. i am willy jean king. -- billy jean king. and good for them with condoleezza rice. talk about uh blight rating two clubs with one there. >> all right. >> that is a twofer. >> and now a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. and to recent clips of shows fox eye.
12:56 am
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>> i will see you back here at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. and now, joe devito. tv's andy levy and a post game wrap up. >> i hear you need money? >> if you care about your liberty and if you care about your first amendment rights.
12:59 am
if you want a bomb and not get thrown into jail for it, you better make a donation to the law fair project. the only reason i am on this show is to make this appeal. it is the law fair project .org. make a donation and it is tax deductible. >> guess what we are editing out? >> that whole thing. >> especially the bomb thing. >> jaime? >> my new e book will be out in october. it is a satire that was co written with my colleague and friend. stay tuned for more information on that. it will be hilarious. >> dan, upcoming gigs? >> if you want to hear inappropriate jokes -- actually, i don't know. i will actually be at the music festival in seattle on september 1st through the third. >> very cool. >> what is that? >> music festival. >> dan, quickly, can you do your impression of bane being a spider?


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