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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 23, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it's the consequencial election of our time. but we're not that into it. thigh talk, we don't. they're afraid to get their hair messed. you think this is going to get messed? >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling, with andrea tantaros, juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city. in just four days until we're in tampa live at the rnc. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ mr. president, we all know you love hoops. it notice you spent last night playing hoops with the n.b.a. stars michael jordan, patrick ewing, george clooney and toby mcguire from hollywood. it's mind-numbing you could play ball hours after the cbo declared 2012 the fourth year in a row the national deficit will exceed $1 trillion. making you, sir, a perfect four for four. grand total, $5.2 trillion. think about that,
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mr. president for a second. wile you shoot hoops. your layups, your foul shots, the threes with n.b.a. and hollywood stars. america is drowning in a sea of debt that you approved. record 42 million americans are living below the poverty line. let's not forget our jobs, our homes and our savings imploded under your watch. play on. take the open shot. call clooney for travelling. whatever. i looked it up. your schedule for today, wide open. andrea? nothing on the schedule today. it's kind of insulting to the american people who are having a tough time. >> andrea: he is tired. it's exhausting hanging out with michael jordan. don't you know that? he needs a break from shooting three-pointers and collecting the cash. his arm hurts. i think is it offensive. that's because he stopped me in traffic because of the motorcade. you brought up a great point. he caused this. this was written in law because of president obama. if you dig deeper, the
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stairiest part not only will we hit a recession next year, unemployment will go up to 9 9.1%. especially though carney asked about it, he said the president is talking about creating jobs and investment. targeted stimulus, infrastructure, code for spending. he's creating it himself. >> eric: four years in a row, juan, more than $1 trillion. $5.2 trillion. he is spending more, spending 2.5 times george bush. eight times bill clinton. got to end. got to stop. the american people have to say enough is enough. >> i love coming to visit, because it's just so puzzling. so puzzling. today you are affected by amnesia. eric, the amnesia suggests that you don't realize much of this deficit was before president obama. if you look at the prescription drug benefit not paid for. wars not paid for. >> eric: $1.4 trillion his
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first year in office. $1.4 trillion the second year. $1.2 trillion the third year. how is that before he was in office? >> i'm telling you, we are talking about the size of the debt that the country owes. obama is the one, i'm sure you'll play that said you know what? people have been putting this on the credit card with the chinese. unpatriotic and the like. here is the thing, we were in the midst of a terrible recession. president, stock necessary steps to keep us from going over that. >> eric: like yesterday, you called for an element. play the element. go ahead. >> the way bush has done it in the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt. that is irresponsible. unpatriotic. >> eric: that man spent 2.1 times what president bush spent.
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>> dana: looking back in the video where he called president bush unpatriotic, i remember that day very well. is that the same barn he talked in front of when he said you didn't build that? go back and look. it could be the same set. pulling out a hollywood set. juan, what you said, a lot of stuff is built up. it starte started in the '50s ad '670s when they started the entitlement program that hasn't been reformed at all. give him the first two years and say it's not your problem at all. i think president obama a huge problem yesterday. they were caught off-guard. congressional budget office says going forward, we are looking at recession and 9.1% unemployment. he does own that. he doesn't have a plan to do anything except for raising taxes on 1% to pay for half a day worth of government spen spending. great timing for romney because in november, people can make a decision, four more years of no plan or secret plan? or four years of going back to something else?
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>> eric: even if you do raise taxes on the top 1-2%, whatever number president obama wants to do, it comes to $70 billion. $70 billion a year. president obama spending $4 billion a day. it's only 10 to 15 days of spending. that is not a solution. >> greg: only way people will know about it is if mitt makes referendum on the agenda. i was at the gym, i worked my quads on the stair climber. about an hour. looks great. they always have cnn on. this is what they were covering instead of the story. taylor swift, the flying turtle. that is the wrong clip, people. thank you for trying. taylor swift crashing the kennedy wedding. and the hard news of earthquake in b.c. these were the stories. the media treats bad news about obama the way i treat bad news on smoking. because i smoke, they ignore
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it. they can't bear to listen to the bad news of the economy. therefore they can't report it. the debate have very little substance on the economy. it will be more gay marriage than the economy. >> juan: the thing is that president obama has a plan to reduce it. >> dana: what plan? >> juan: you mention some of it. he wants increase taxes on the rich in this country. let me finish. but he wants to close deductions. >> andrea: lope hole closures. loophole closures. >> juan: for the rich. he wants to cut spending. guess what republicans won't buy? you know what? we have a poll from pew, 62% of americans say when it comes to this problem, who do they blame? 44% blame who? president bush. only 34% say it's obama's
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fault. >> eric: it's $700 billion over ten years. $70 billion a year. this year is 1.1 trillion more than -- >> juan: i just said -- >> it's a joke. just it's not. >> eric: will this plan work to bring down the deficit? >> dana: the plans put forward he rejected. simpson-bowles would have dealt with entitlement reform and give taxpayers relief an a chance to keep entitlement programs in existence for our children and grandchildren. president obama deserves some for not being able to leave them for anything. last february, speaker boehner offered to the white house, said let's get this fiscal cliff thing done. by april. before we get in to the heavy political season. the white house blew them off.
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>> eric: take a listen to mitt romney from yesterday. this is a fundamental difference between president obama and candidate romney. take a listen. >> it's free men and women that drive the economy. freedom makes america work. president obama, bless his heart, tried to substitute government for free people and it has not worked and it will never work. >> eric: there is the difference. >> andrea: there it is. he is talking about free people and the president talks about free stuff. every time he gets in in front of another audience he panders. hispanics, give you this. women, give you that. >> eric: students. >> andrea: he does have plans. i agree with you, juan. the plans he put supreme court been rejected by a democratically controlled senate. he can't even get his party to line up behind him. by the way, if you look in that cbo report, next year the deficit will be larger than any deficit under president
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bush's year. you have can't blame $641 million on president bush. gawps dana said it's entitlement problem. part came in the issue. >> andrea: can i finish? >> juan: free the rich, free the rich. unshack the rich. how much do you want to give thrich? >> andrea: he made it worse. there is no fend sight to what he'll spend. >> greg: the main point, the real challenge here is the message. the media is ignoring it. looking to the media economic analysis is asking dana for analysis on roller coasters. she is never allowed on them due to her height. >> eric: the report, if we go off the fiscal cliff and cut spending. which means if we do that and there recession and 9% unemployment, if it's obama guess what he does? adds more stimulus.
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>> andrea: targeted spendin spending. code words. investment. >> eric: got to go. coming up, does this sound familiar? encouraging greedy private equity firm to save oil refinery because it serves his best interest. no. not romney. president obama. we track the newest hypocrisy next. you have can't touch this. >> ♪ you can't touch this ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. imagine if george w. bush or dick cheney had done this. imagine you demonize a certain industry, that is in this case, private equity. and you suggest that it has led to the murder of some people. and then behind the closed doors, in the white house, you are having meetings with private equity firms to take over a refinery in a key swing state, because you are worried about job loss and you get a secret deal passed and then
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all of a sudden the epa gets a phone call. they agree to relax the environmental regulations. if it happened under bush/cheney people would have said it sounds like them. this was president obama crew from the white house in "wall street journal" yesterday and reported in the "washington post" and elsewhere. this is a big deal. >> eric: this is a big f'ing deal if you want to take biden's word. croppny capitalism, crony socialism. total political hypocrisy. three pending. refinery, suvenoco refinery that they got private equity. by the way, obama not only demonized private equity, he demonized the oil companies. he takes two industry that he has demonized and gets them together. he wants the philly deal to go through. like dana points out, he wants to keep the gas prices down and 850 jobs in the election season. exelon, so much crony
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socialism going on you can't believe it. >> dana: so much carney was asked about it at the white house. >> eric: $646 million loan they have been given through the department of energy. there is, there are board members on exeln bundlers for obama and back and forth. lobbyists going back and forth. crazy. this one here, but i'm waiting for them to do this. i can't wait until obama says maybe we'll release spr. that will be pure political -- >> dana: in the article that ran yesterday i read, bain capital where mitt romney, firm mitt romney found has been part of for a while, the steelworkers union head, gerrard said in the article our experience with bain they strip and flip and walk out as much as they can. to me was like handed them a talking point to use, because would carlisle be different from bain? >> greg: the difference the left can become righties when they want.
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president obama could actually invade cuba. and media would be okay with it. we still have gitmo. drones can go out and kill as many people as you want. if this were bush, of course, there would be hell to pay. it's interesting, because when the left needs to get something done, they go conservative. so shouldn't that teach them a lesson, don't be left? we're in trouble with the economy? then they decide to cut spending? that is a conservative principle. small government. small government is not a liberal principle. they go right -- >> dana: also, where is the outrage from the environmentalists in the left? epa gets a call and they agree to relax environmental regulations. they have a chart here that shows the top agency in term of the cost of regulation, look at that chart. i don't have to tell you the number. blue line. that is the epa. >> greg: long line. >> dana: i don't think for a second if the bush white house called epa they would have agreed to relax regulations but they did it for president
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obama. >> andrea: it begs the question why was the refinery about to go under in the first place. >> eric: regulation. >> andrea: because of the regulations. you have the president who is driving this. it's so hypocritical, it's disgusting. he has almost every campaign stop on energy talked about no more tax breaks for oil companies. stricter regulations. he bowed down to the environmental lobby. in the back room, when he needs help in pennsylvania, he strikes a deal. what does it also say? they keep talking about wind and solar, wind and solar. what does it say that one oil refinery with go under and it could have a gas price spike in northeast. >> dana: juan's take on -- because energy was the topic of the day. not just "the five" but romney campaign. listen to this and get yawn's take. this is romney on the campaign trail. >> set a national goal of america and north america,
2:19 pm
north american independence by 2020. that means we produce all the energy we use in north americ america. 3 million jobs come from doing this. 3 million jobs. that is million in manufacturing. energy-related jobs. 3 million jobs come back to the country by taking advantage of something we have right underneath our feet. oil, gas, coal. we'll make it happen and create jobs. >> dana: juan, effective messaging for romney going in the campaign? >> juan: no shortal of hot air coming out of that guy. >> dana: what is hot air that? what? >> juan: a lot of gas. he has nothing to back it up. this is what all the candidates, they say we'll end foreign oil dependence. there is no evidence he has any plan to do that. he is glad to say it. hang on, let me say it. he's trying to save the narrative. he says to a cbs reporter today. you can interview me but no questions about abortion. no question about this missouri senate campaign. >> dana: i heard that, too.
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that was wrong. >> juan: that is what your boy is doing. >> dana: first, don't use that language. that is so gross. when president obama says -- don't call him that. don't say that about me. just okay. >> dana: and him. when president obama said that about marco rubio, the ebook from politico, does it -- that raises the -- >> juan: let's go back to the topic. all right. let's go back to the topic. >> greg: think about rainbows. rainbows. just okay, okay. >> juan: okay, okay. i don't know why -- >> dana: the keystone pipe-upline. [over talk ] >> juan: let me finish, let me finish. >> i haven't had a chance. it's not unusual amidst the obama bashing. you a republican governor in pennsylvania john cornyn who says nobody else would buy the refinery. then you have an effort to try to save jobs and lower gas prices. you guys sit here and say this is terrible. >> dana: an effort? you get a call from the white
2:21 pm
house to carlisle saying will you please buy the refinery? >> juan: nobody else would buy it. >> eric: there are 700,000 barrels per day that could come to america. but because of the environmental issues with the keystone pipeline it's off limits but the refiner over there, that is going to burn, distill crude oil to gasoline, the epa -- look the other way on that one. >> juan: he asked for an exception. they granted it. >> andrea: think of the exception he is asking them. the exception he is asking them for is against everything that he said. >> dana: does it neuter the argument about evil of private equity? >> greg: it does. it exposes the green movement. environmentalists don't care about saving the earth. they care about saving themselves. false link of fracking with breast cancer. stop the keystone pipeline. when it helps out their cause -- >> dana: they are quiet. >> andrea: how can he going
2:22 pm
forward attack romney. not just private equity but on big oil. >> juan: are you defending bain, accenture and all the big -- >> dana: carlisle as well. just defending them as well? >> dana: i'll defend them all. >> juan: you guys, these are the guys that rubber made -- they sent jobs overseas. >> eric: do you know the biggest share point in accenture? aerial capital management. the chairman is -- >> juan: rogers in chicago. >> eric: he is the second biggest bundleer for obama around. >> juan: so you think it means he's not guilty? this business of sending american jobs overseas is wrong. >> eric: you are trying to tie outsourcing to bain capital when the tie goes to the white house. right now. follow the dots. it goes to the white house. >> juan: the american middle class know they have fewer jobs, the kids have a harder time. >> dana: because of president obama. coming up, thanks to to sandra fluke and president obama
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women have free birth control. but what about jobs? greg has numbers that are not good for women in america coming up. ♪ ♪ you've been busy for a dead man.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: so as the economy is the sound track to the apocalypse, they decided to strike up a different ban to drown out the noise. it includes list of speakers including activist sandra fluke. owhy not? she is the media darling
2:28 pm
demanding birth control from religious institutions won over the smitten president. for she is his julia. you remember that animated symbol of female dependence on the ever expanding sugar daddy of a state? congratulations. i now pronounce you entitlement and wife. so, their convention is going to be another war on women orgy. how should mitt respond? that obama doesn't discriminate. he is waging a war, not just against women but men, cats, dogs, marsupials, circus performers. you name it. the incompetency doesn't see race, creed or color. forget birth control pills. it's the obama economy that is the real contraceptive. birthrates are dropping because no one is having kids in a dying economy. you want free birth control, it's called misery. will the phony war work? it insults women if you are all julias, obama could take you home just by paying for dinner. in the absence of hope or change, obama becomes monte hall. showering you with parting
2:29 pm
gifts to hide the fact that policy behind door number two really are number two. >> well done. >> greg: thanks. dana, weird numbers coming out. 175,000 fewer women held jobs in july than june. couldn't you argue that obama is leading the war against women? >> dana: effectively, i might add. at the beginning of the financial crisis, a lot of men lost their jobs. because of construction in manufacturing. but as the economy, you know, not even keeping up with inflation but adding 95,000 jobs here or there a month. women have lost more jobs. not coming back to the workforce. in as strong numbers. the take home pay is squeezed. now with gas prices, everything leading up to this election, economic insecurity that women feel is increasing, rather than decreasing. i don't think it's good for president obama. >> greg: but they get free pills, dana. >> dana: this is president
2:30 pm
obama's mistake. instead of free birth control pills he should have done free menopause patches. they're very expensive. i'm not on one yet but i know that. the youth poll today that 50% of the youth are like furious with obama. forget the youth. you need senior citizens and the women to come out with senior citizens menopause patches would have been a much better deal for them. >> greg: this is from senator barbara boxer. planned parenthood lunch on tuesday and she says there is a sickness in the republican party. not kidding. maybe they don't like their moms or their first wives. i don't know what it is. if you bring your mom in this, all bets are off. >> andrea: i love my mom. for the record. there is a danger with overreaching. the democrats crossed the line. all the states could be
2:31 pm
effected if women were idiots and they aren't. i am woman hear me beg for birth control? if they can't afford birth control, what does it say about obama economy. really? war on women, four years ago, think about what was happening in the democratic party? they ran a woman out of the race the n the most disrespectful way possiblism wouldn't believe a word. >> greg: every point she made is stunning. >> juan: you are so right. so far right you are falling off the cliff. >> greg: completely disconnected. talk about a war against woman. just imagine politics in america. now you talk about a woman like that, you're disrespectful. is that right? >> greg: you think strategy will work? >> juan: what you will see at republican convention is an
2:32 pm
effort to woo american women. republicans know they are losing. >> greg: single women. not married. just especially among single women but even among married women it's a close race between obama and romney. women in america feel as if in terms of social values, beginning with abortion, by the way, but extending to things like defunding planned parenthood, why are the republicans, why are the old men so angry at women? >> dana: that is not true today. economic issues matter most to women. does obama stand by what barbara boxer said? or does he want to distance himself by her? >> juan: what the part about the first wives or moms? republicans don't like their moms? >> dana: yeah. there is a sickness in the republican party. >> greg: we love our mothers. >> juan: and your first wives. >> greg: eric, we don't have a lot of time.
2:33 pm
new study, this is a war on moms. >> eric: you nailed it in the monologue. obama is the real warrior on women not republicans, romney, et cetera, bishops. i want to point out sandra fluke e-mailed me yesterday. you know president obama, michelle obama has been e-mailing me. sandra fluke e-mailed me. in a recent statement that was factually inaccurate and on and on, speaking at the dnc. she wants my three bucks. >> dana: it's ridiculous that trump might speak at the rnc convention? >> andrea: who is sandra fluke? why elevate someone who claims to be successful. no woman should be aspire to be her. she can't afford $# birt $9 birh control? >> juan: she was a student. student at georgetown.
2:34 pm
>> eric: 35-year-old. >> andrea: lazy. she won't get a job and pay for her own bills. just you guys. >> greg: aren't we all students in life? we have to move on. >> dana: i'll tell you in the break. >> greg: coming up, house officials block u.k. newspapers running racy photos of prince harry naked in vegas. one enterprising paper finds a creative way around it. if you leave now you will spend the rest of your days on this planet in unmitigated sorrow. it's true. ♪ ♪ ♪ why not get buried in something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story tonight, new fox polls on the state of the 2012 election. at the top of the hour on "special report," a new poll of likely voters. days from the national convention for the republicans. some of the results could shake up the race. rnc working on the contingency
2:39 pm
plans in case tropical storm sigh sack expected to be hurricane isaac crashes the party in tampa. we have the latest on sigh sack's path and -- isaac's path. we look at the media coverage of the presidential race. some reporters are saying the press is not doing a good job. u.s. immigration agents are suing because they say the administration officials are telling them to break the law. in the grapevine, the man behind review of the administration's green energy loans, maybes a high dollar donation. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to fork and my colleagues at "the five." >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." well, one of the first men through the door of usama bin laden's pakistani compound
2:40 pm
from seal team 6 will reportedly reveal the details of the raid for the first time. the first hand account of the mission that killed usama bin laden is set to hit bookstores september 11. some administration officials are saying that the author could potentially be prosecuted for revealing national security secrets. so eric, this is a decorated seal. systemone that put his life on the line in many missions. in the compound and mr. when bin laden died. could do you think he could have anything in book to jeopardize men and women -- >> eric: i don't know. /come down hard on the obama administration for turning over the classified documents. secrets and details. to bigelor for the movies. these people put their life on the line. if he describes what happened, one of first people through the door. he took one to the forehead and one to the chest. if he goes to detail about
2:41 pm
that, i don't have a problem. i hope he doesn't reveal any of that. >> andrea: you have experience in publishing. there are reports that the author cowrote the book with a pew lished author, wrote four books. vetted through the c.i.a. and the dod. he has experience with this. as a publisher, should he have gone through the proper d.o.d. protocol, run the book by the defense department? or run through the publisher and hope for the best? >> dana: traditionally i think so. it would give you long term credibility for book like this i'm uncomfortable for the same reason that eric is. i'm interested to read it. is it different that what we read about in the "new york times"? maybe it won't be. if you think of "charlie wilson's war" that came out decades after the c.i.a. involvement in the soviet-afghan war, it was interesting. became a movie.
2:42 pm
look back and no intelligence threads with any impact on the day's troop movement. this, i'm not sure does. i am a rule follower. >> greg: you're a rebel. >> eric: what do you think? >> greg: he learned this from the white house. why should he be punished for doing what the white house staffers are doing? in a way, the rules changed because obama broke the seal. like that? this guy jumped out of helicopters. he is face down terrorists. i don't think eric holder will scare him. >> andrea: that is true. holder sued the state of arizona. the optics if they were to sue would not be that great. do you think the administration would attempt something like that, though they work the hollywood to disclose information? there is report that they disclose too much in the "new york times"? >> juan: i don't know where to start. there are rules for our military men and women. that say if you publish
2:43 pm
something you come back. it doesn't matter if you're retired. those are the rules. you come back and make sure you are not putting fellow service people in jeopardy. he has not done this. that is why you hear complaints from people in the military and the field saying this guy is not following orders. he is not part of the brotherhood here. if he doing this on his own. he says it's not for money. the money will go to a charity. >> andrea: it will go to charity. >> juan: this is not how you play ball. >> eric: so when hollywood producers, bigelow go to white house and say we want access and take them to the c.i.a. building and says here is access nobody else can have. but you can have it. are they going through the rules? >> juan: they are. they have denied that any special benefit was given to her. >> eric: not true at all. gawps it is true. >> eric: they had access to internal c.i.a. document information the building.
2:44 pm
>> juan: oh did you open the door and give the hollywood people -- it's absurd. >> andrea: two facts. we don't know what is in the book. nobody knows beside the publisher and the seal. going forward, we have to see ma what the administration does. there are some military members applauding him. some are saying thank god this needs to get out. >> juan: if somebody is running a commercial i think, attacking obama for taking credit or whatever. that is not the interest. the issue is one of trust. zestman to serviceman. >> andrea: maybe he's trying to protect those in the field. coming up, would you pay $315 for pair of nike shoes? nike hopes you will. fork over big bucks for sneakers. why do people get so crazy for them? shoe addict i'm not sure if i can honestly jump in to this debate but we'll try to figure that out when we come back. ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> juan: nike announced it will release the lebron "x" sneaker equipped with the own electronics this november. electronics to monitor how high you jump, how quick your moves are. price tag, i can't believe this. $315. no joke! nike is raising its prices 5 to 10% across the board due to increase shipping and material costs in china. and they hope the price increase won't scare off dedicated nike buyers. but dana, some americans are saying don't buy it. this is nonsense. it suggests that there are bad values being put upon us by nike. >> dana: right. which ensures that there will be more sales of the shoes. when someone tells me not to do something, even though i'm a rule follower, i don't like when someone says don't buy something. urban league urged families not to get the sneakers for the kids. to me, i don't care. buy the shoes. just mark moriar is a friend
2:50 pm
used to be the mayor of new orleans. i think it's important that moriales say this. there are struggling poor families an the kids, they make an icon out of the sneakers and they want mom or dad to spend big money for it. sneakers are not going to get you a better education or better way in this world. >> dana: they might help you run faster. >> eric: you know what they can do? line form around the block to sell the nike sneakers the first time if you get your hand on the nikes they beal worth $600 or $700. >> juan: have you seen the lines? people start fighting. >> eric: my son figured out that there are demands for certain sneakers. he buys a sneaker on ebay and he will turn around and sell it if it's a hot sneaker for a profit. aftermarket, fantastic. >> greg: can i make a point about the stores. nike should change the slogan to just do it to one in a time. instill values in the kids buying the shoes. you're going to buy the shoe,
2:51 pm
stand outside and walk in one at a time and buy the shoe. >> eric: what do you mean? >> greg: have you seen the tapes -- >> juan: there are riots. >> you worry about the way they rush the store? >> greg: depe depressing. in the apple store, ifon they walk in an order -- the iphone they walk in an orderly line. >> juan: go ahead. >> greg: what is wrong with that? asking for decorum. >> juan: so you made an excellent point beforehand when you said okay, $315. when you go by your fancy high heels you pay $800,000. right? >> andrea: not $800,000. what do you want me to say, juan? am i supposed to judge -- >> juan: if i was your dad i'd say are you serious? $800? >> andrea: he did say that many time. he said you need your brain examined. that's beyond the point. what do you want me to jump in and say? i criticize people for their love of footwear?
2:52 pm
i wouldn't wait around the block. >> juan: the filings based they used to have the sale on bridal gowns and you see the women rushing in and fighting each other? but this happens every mall in america, dallas, new york, l.a. it is a sad state. >> andrea: now you are getting rid of capitalism. you want me to say they shouldn't sell a product that people want? that's nuts. >> greg: they have good security. it makes me sad. that's the worst part of capitalism, watching people dive over it. >> juan: all right. one more thing coming up. >> dana: as opposed to communism? >> greg: no, that's the worst thing about capitalism. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
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>> eric: a lot to get to. one more thing. >> greg: on "red eye" we accept bill to central park because of cycling accidents there because of the arrogant cycles that ride too fast and run in to people. here is a clip. >> i am in central park to get the speed walk on. bikers are speedy, period. >> eric: stars i can and hutch, can i ask a few questions? >> a little fast. a little fast. >> when you stand in the middle of the road -- >> right? >> inspiring. >> no when you see me, that is
2:57 pm
journalism. >> on camera. wait for it. >> fox news live. fox news. >> is my favorite channel. [ laughter ] >> greg: that is the typical fox news critic there. shirtless, hairy, strange. >> eric: awesome. >> dana: so i got great pictures that i want to share with you. yesterday, there was a man who owns a large fleet of world war ii era planes and he sent six of them to kennebunkport to put on airport for president bush 41 an members of the family there. about things that happened in world war ii. cool picture with all the planes. >> eric: juan? >> juan: you know, prince harry had that time in vegas that define stay in vegas. now the british tabloids have a phony guy pretending to be prince to show a picture of what they think harry looked like. enough of that. enough of this. this is out of control.
2:58 pm
>> eric: what is it with your obsession with prince harry? it's unbelievable. >> juan: i am not going to vegas ever with you again. the real story for one more thing now the people in this country want president obama's recipe for beer. apparently the brew is a hot item. who ever knew that obama has a future in the brewery business? >> andrea: he should retire. just i can't say anything on the show without you. >> andrea: okay. so we'll be heading to tampa next week for the convention. when i was home recently i found my journal. when i was at the intern of cnn show "cross fire" in the republican convention in philadelphia in 2000. funny excerpts. if you have seen the movie "election" it reminds me of reese witherspoon. day one, i reported for duty at the cnn press trailer. i was told i'd be a floor
2:59 pm
runner but they asked me to answer phones i said i didn't like the sound of that. i got to meet maria shriver. then day two i said i'm not feeling great and i showed up for work anyway. by the end of the day they told me to go home and i stayed anyway. thank god. candy needed batteries for her phone. in the journal it goes on to say don't be a wallflower make yourself invaluable. be a news junkie and jack of all trades. good advice when people say how did you go it, girl? there you go. >> eric: bring it sunday night. >> andrea: keep a journal. >> eric: got to go. here, no, this guy wanted me to make sure you know he is fine. this guy bob beckel, my partner over there. draw little things on him. he will be with us in tampa. he wanted me to say he was going to tampa to kick republican butt, but we all know what it will be. we'll kick his democrat butt. he is doing fine and want to know everything is okay with rob


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