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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 24, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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he does, but it it is not albums. >> the underwear is a test meant to it. >> don't nothing it until you have tried it. >> laura: the rirl factor is on. tonight: >> president obama has a plan to rebuild america from the ground up. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. >> laura: bill clinton flying solo in a new campaign ard. is president obama trying to turn the clock back to the '90s? we'll have a debate. >> over the past, you know, 27 months, we have created 4.5 million private sector jobs. that's more jobs than in the bush recovery and reagan recovery. >> laura: obama campaign claims economic recovery is stronger than ronald reagan's. but the truth police see it differently. we'll have a factor investigation.
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>> you can turn this around. together we are going to get this done. >> laura: is the addition of paul ryan to the ticket turning the tide in some key swing states? we'll break down the latest polls. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. mitt romney's face under the far left microsoft microscope. subject of this evening's talking points memo. for the last three needs i have discussed the pervasive media biased that help president obama win in 2008 and may help him win re-election again this november. just as republicans prepare to formally introduce their presidential nominee mitt romney to a national audience, obama's biggest supporters have jumped in to counter the
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message one major tv network is hyping an hour long special about mormons. in it they examine the theology of the ldf church and views of members and former members. another news network ran ground breaking report about romney's religion this week and raised the question on whether he might take orders from the president of the mormon church. this latter day feeding frenzy stands in stark contrast to the media's hand off approach to the jeremiah wright story four years ago. most reporters at the time considered the inflammatory anti-american comments made by obama's pastor of 20 years to be irrelevant and i object intolerant. unseemly to pry into a candidate's religious believes. why the sudden interest in prying into a candidate's race now. klein, author of a book about president obama weighed in. >> there is talk in the obama
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campaign to start a -- what they call educational community about what mormonism is evangelical -- >> laura: wait a second. i thought democrats were trying to stop voter suppression this election. or is t just a problem when the voters are democrats? no matter the source, any attempt to explicitly or implicitly stocket flames of religious bigotry in this election should be fiercely denounced and that's the memo. now for the top story, president obama is having trouble running on his own record so he has turned to former president bill clinton to pitch the voters and remind them what life was like in the 90's. >> this is a clear choice. the republic plan is to cut more taxes on upper income people and go back to deregulation that is what got us in ground up.
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innovation, education and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. >> laura: so is making clinton the focal point of the campaign a winning strategy? with us now fox news contributor kirsten powers and counsel counsel to the aforementioned lanny davis. well, lanny, let's start with you here. it's almost like joe biden was right when he referred to the 20th century, right? because it's going back to the 90's. michael j. fox back to the future. going back though and those are the glory days. wasn't so long ago that president obama was talking about that whole fairy tale and barack obama's position on this or that issue. what's going on here? >> well, it's nice to know that barack obama appreciates bill clinton and his presidency. deficite to know that the of $300 billion in those days it sounded like a lot and
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ended up with a trillion dollars at the end of the decade, with the help of newt gingrich and the republicans i might add. bill clinton is a pretty good model whereby partisan approach gave us fiscal conservatives and surplus that's an important message to republicans to embrace. >> laura: i think lanny touched on interesting point. bill clinton understood at some point he had to actually work with the politics as it faced him. right? the republicans on the hill. he actually had to work with them. now we have reports that president obama hasn't spoken to republic leadership in a real way in about a year. and pretty much isn't talking all that often to democrats either. it seems like is he just going forward campaigning, raising money doing his own unilateral moves but not working for that financial consensus that i think president clinton did. >> well, yeah, it wasn't just that bill clinton was willing to talk to them. i think he was actually to meet in the middle and even sometimes come a little bit over to their side of things
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if they could get together on the bigger issues. and president clinton came in early and really wanted to do something about the deficit. so, he was able to find a partnership there. i think another big difference between them though also is that bill clinton was just good at persuading other people who thought differently from him and was comfortable with people that were different and i think obama just kind of when he he found that he wasn't getting anywhere with them just sort of pulled back. and let's face it, the republicans weren't really that interested in working with him anyways. they needed to be congealed. >> laura: lanny, if i'm mitt romney at this point what i would say look, y'all had the chance to go along with the simpson erskine bowles who worked with bill clinton's commission reports on how to deal with this financial mess we are in and you basically just blew it off. so if bill clinton is the answer, why didn't barack obama take the opportunity to work with one of his former
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top advisors? >> bill clinton i think is supportive of the approach by simpson bowls, i have been disappointed that president obama didn't that approach. >> laura: glory of something he rejected. >> this is perhaps a signal by barack obama which i have been waiting for to move to the center. he should endorse in his acceptance speech, simpson bolz governor romney and paul ryan voted against simpson bowls while dick durbin and tomko bush left and right supported it. this could isolate mitt romney. clinton wednesday night speaker indicates barack obama is getting the message that you can be socially progressive and physically conservative as bill clinton was then that's a successful path to re-election. >> laura: as a matter of just factual record though, i mean, the idea that barack obama and bill clinton are kind of, you know, in parody and economic record is ridiculous. i mean, we have $1.1 trillion
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and kirsten you can hit on, this that's going to be added to the deficit next year. $1.1 trillion. and bill clinton obviously didn't have that kind of problem. right? we have $16 trillion in federal debt. bill clinton didn't have that problem. he dealt more with the real political situation that faced him than as an idealogue because the idealogue thing didn't work for him early on and lanny knows that. >> look. they did face very different circumstances to be fair i guess you have to ask bill clinton what he would have done. he hasn't publicly endorsed what barack obama would have done. i'm not sure he would have handled it exactly the same way. i suspect or who knows maybe -- i now bill clinton would not have done healthcare in the first term the way obama did and focused more on the economy and unemployment. but they did come in to very very different circumstances. obama came in with everything falling apart. >> alisyn: that is true.
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however, bill clinton has been working with all these big hedge fund guys for the last several years. a lot of them are friends of his. a lot of them have department of education donated big moneyed to the clinton global initiative. people like him. he they think is he more of a centrist than left wing idealogue. he called mitt romney's record sterling at bain capital. he recommended that the tax cuts be extended during this recessionary period. i know he tried to back up come on, we all know that bill clinton would not be raising taxes in the middle of a recession. do you think that president clinton would actually move to raise taxes on upper income brackets given where this country's economy is right now. >> i really don't know. he did in 1993 raise taxes and cut spending by a total of $1 trillion and. >> laura: what he just say in may, lanny, that he would not do. do you think he was lying there when he said we shouldn't extend -- we shouldn't raise taxes in the middle of a recession? >> i right now raising taxes.
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i don't think president obama is proposing that. >> he is. >> is he proposing that the tax rates go up. that's a huge part of the fiscal cliff. >> on tiny sliver that he even he acknowledges. >> kill about 700,000 jobs according to young. >> deficit. >> small amount of money. >> bill clinton has said nice things about mitt romney and the style of bill clinton is not to key monday nice opposition. i hope that barack obama also is telling us no more demonization. no more attacks. i'm going to debate the issues the way mitt romney can call a good man, patriotic man, let's debate the issues. >> kirsten, do you think that demonization is over from the obama campaign. >> keep laughing. if i get kirsten to laugh then i know. this is a good segment. >> all right. lanny. continuing to tout economic recovery but the numbers tell quite a different story. we have a special report.
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later a brand new poll shows mitt romney in the lead over barack obama. we will break down those numbers when we come back.
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. >> laura: in the impact segment tonight, with the unemployment rate at will .3% and jobless claims on the rise. it's kind of surprising to hear the obama campaign try to tout its economic record. >> over the past, you know, 27 months, we have created 4.5 million private sector jobs. that's more jobs than in the bush recovery, in the reagan recovery. i think that unemployed worker probably sees one person in this race trying to move the country forward. and that's the president. >> however, that is simply false. president reagan created 8 million jobs in 27 months. and president bush created 4.8 million jobs. in fact, the associated press says this has been the worst
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recovery since world war ii. joining us now from new york is erica payne, the founder of the agenda project. a progressive organization. okay, erica, the numbers that came out today, the unemployment figures going out, more joblessness claims 4,000 up last week. and we heard the obama campaign come out and say oh, no, things are on track. do you think people feel in the united states like things are on track? >> i don't think they feel like they are on track. i think they feel like there is a lot of work left to be done and there a lot of people who aren't working that would like to be working. the real question you have to ask yourself is are things better than they were and do i believe do i believe doing things the way i'm doing and additional things will they get better or if we switch tracks and move to mitt romney's plan and paul ryan's plan will they get better? you just got to make a decision. which obama came into office, the month before he took office we lost 750,000 jobs in a month. that's a huge number of jobs.
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so president obama, the recovery has not been as fast as we would like it. it's not been as fast as he would like it. more people are working. more people we are slowly but surely moving in the right ection direction. aen i i don't know at love people sitting around having panic attack that people were having three years ago it looked like the world was going to end to an extent when the economic crisis just blew up. >> laura: there a lot of polls that i have seen lately and temperature polls how do you feel about america's future? feel like your kids are going to have a better stashed of living aside from politics r and d stuff. i think people are really anxiety ridden. might not be a sense of the sky is falling at this moment but it's kind of a sign of despair and that's very different from the way americans traditionally feel about their future. they are looking for a brighter day, a morning in america and that was kind of the hope and change thing with president obama. things were going to be better. the sky was going to part.
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the oceans were going to calm. in fact, these numbers are devastating. we are looking at a fiscal cliff. if we reach this which people like howard dean think we should go off former dnc chair and members in congress are saying the same thing. we are seeing the cbo say this could be upwards of 9% unemployment. we could see g.d.p. fall by .5%. >> right. >> what happens to people then? if it's bad now what is it going to be next year under president obama's first year in his second term? >> yeah, going off the fiscal cliff which as you know, laura is what is happening at the end of the year hit another debt ceiling. automatic see questions sequestration, expiration of the bush tax cuts. if all three things happen at once i think more like a bermuda triangle than anything else. the whole u.s. economy gets sucked down the drain. what we would like, all of us,
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regardless of party should be doing right now is telling our elected officials to get off their duffs and compromise. >> laura: president obama could call an emergency meeting not for his campaign, which i'm sure they have a lot of those, but emergency meeting for the country right now. i mean, he could suspend his campaign 24 hours, 48 hours, i'm not hitting the trail. boehner get back in town. reid, i want to talk to you, let's sit down and get off the edge of this cliff for the betterment of the country. i think people are hoping that politicians do that. and i think that's well within the president's reach. you can blame congress all you want. >> the question is is he going to call a meeting and is anything going to happen? there are any number of meetings that happen in washington as you know. >> he doesn't need -- >> one of the things that happened this year you continually saw a tea party republic keep in mind this is not your normal middle of the road republic group north
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carolina group -- lots of them great people you can reach a good compromise with those people. when you are talking about tea party republicans who number one don't have any governing experience. number two are not very well versed in economic issues and number three. >> laura: that's very condescending not very well versed in economic issues? i don't think we know president obama's grades still from college i wouldn't talk about how many have taken economic courses. >> the tea party believes it was appropriate to mess around with the country's debt ceiling and thereby let all of our creditors know we are not going to pay our debts and for the first time in u.s. history have our credit rating downgraded so any tea party republic who made that choice made a bad decision. >> laura: the fact that the president hasn't met with really the leadership in his own party, which they have groused about or the leadership in the republic party to come to terms, stop the fiscal cliff deal, that's the fault of the tea party? i just -- i find that to be so unfathomable. >> i find it unfathomable too
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to be honest. the people in the room who are not going to compromise are the tea party republicans. >> laura: well then the president can run on that. he can't run on that now because is he not talking to anybody. >> i mean the president talks to people all day long every day. it's very clear from how the tea party has gone about doing their work in washington since they came into office that they're not going to compromise. so that is just not going happen. >> laura: came on my radio show last week says he hasn't had a substantive conversation with the president over a year. >> eric cantor hasn't said a substantive or paul ryan in the last part of the year. both have made it abundantly clear that they are not going to reach a compromise. >> laura: this is part of the new tone in washington. okay. they are not substantive people. erica, thanks so much. >> thanks so much. >> laura: new poll in ahead of president obama. was the addition of paul ryan key to that turn around. does the punishment fit the crime? we are going to debate it the
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factor will be right back.
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>> laura: barack obama among likely voters. up 4 a 5% to 44. among independence, romney is ahead by 10 points. nbc. rick klein. 8 point lead for barack obama startles a lot of people that i know. this one has it virtually tied. what do you think is going on here. i think a couple things. this is a poll of likely voters, a little bit different than some of the previous polls. i think this is likely where the race is now. it is a tied race.
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going to determine this. we have covered some different turns in this race far. really we are where we started two candidates neck and neck. >> the quinnipiac poll has a survey of the swing states. ohio, wisconsin, and florida. the president is up 3% in florida. he was 6% up last time it was polled. what do you think is going on in ohio. than the country at large. both candidates. >> absolutely critical particularly for a republic candidate. >> i think it's emblematic connecting white working class voters. they have a similar struggle. and i think for voters in ohio where the economy as you say dates a little bit better of late. they still like president obama. they may not entirely like his policies. they are open to shop around.
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they certainly aren't convinced by mitt romney. president obama feeling like is he in better shape in that particular state than in some of oat other battleground states. ohio is so important. if you are a republic running for president you can't win unless you win ohio. >> i'm looking for breakdown of independent voters, rick, in both the cbs poll and i believe in the fox poll, quinnipiac, show that romney actually does much than the president among independent voters. and most of those still are undecided. i know some polls break down undecided from independent. but that has to give some cause for mild on michelle to the romney people. does it not? >> no question. some indication on this polling it's a paul ryan bounce. independents viewing him in battleground states more favorably than they view joe biden. that's the only thing that's changed in the campaign in the last few weeks is the addition of paul ryan to the ticket. given a chance fresh makeover to the campaign. put forward different set of
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images as well as proposals as far as what he is talking about with medicare. these are the voters that determine election. we know that democrats are going to turn out for president obama we know republicans are going to turn out for mitt romney. it is those independence who determine election. >> rick, the "new york times" today with this medicare poll question. that showed that in critical states, swing states, voters according to that poll gave obama mat advantage in handling medicare. so i saying that's the he a addition of ryan to the ticket doesn't seem to effect seniors in florida still supporting romney. it's very confusing. >> yeah, democrats traditionally have an edge on things like medicare. also on trust and protecting healthcare. but i think for democrats now, they see this as an opening. if they can exploit that gap and widen that gap and get seniors to vote on that gap, it's extremely important for
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their prospects right now. paul ryan when he goes around talking about medicare, one of the first things he says is if you are 55 or older don't worry about. this don't listen to what i'm about to say doesn't affect you. only effects people who are younger. it's more nuances than politics is used to sometimes. this gap is always going to be important because of the way the seniors vote. they tend to vote on this issue more often than not. we know scare tactics democrats in previous campaigns. they know the playbook they are going to run against paul ryan. >> laura: was the polling done before paul ryan changed from those baggy shirts to the tighter shirt? that's what i really want to know. a lot of the girls are messaging my twitter account on that. like a little tighter. you have to find -- there is some difference here between the entry ryan to today's ryan. maybe that's part of it, i don't know. >> that's got to be it free tailer, post tailer. bomb jeans or not. >> exactly.
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rick, great to see you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along tonight. prince harry in hot water after naked photos of him partying in vegas surface. will it endear him to the public? we will have the debate. unbelievable exploition plot is foiled after kill movie mogul harvey wine stein. we'll have those reports.
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>> laura: in the factor flashback segment tonight, federal appeals court has ruled that texas can cut off funding to planned parenthood clinics that provide health and contraceptive services to lower income people. overturned a decision that had allowed planned patient hood to receive funding until a trial. banned money for clinics affiliated with abortion providers. planned parenthood has been under the microscope this year after under cover investigation employees willing to facilitate gender based abortions. clinic was implicated in that scandal which was caught on tape. >> want to terminate if it's a girl or you just want to continue the pregnancy. in the meantime or what -- >> yeah, i think that would be the plan. >> i have had two abortions and i have four kids.
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from experience there is nothing wrong with being pregnant. >> okay. schedule o.b. around then and still be able to come back here for a termination. >> well, good luck. >> thank you. >> i hope you do get your boy. >> laura: bill o'reilly recently sat down with the founder of live action lila rose. >> bill: let's walk through this thing. one of the things on the -- you edited the tape first of all. is there anything that we didn't see that you edited out that would mitigate this apparent atrocity. is there anything that was edited out that would mitigate that. >> >> only that added to the apros industry. the whole counseling session is 15 minutes and they go on about the different ways to determine gender. different ways to select for abortion. different ways to get a little
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girl. >> bill: i want to tell my viewers we do have the tape and our investigators did look at it we are not going to make the same mistake we made a couple of years ago with this the bright bartd thing. we have got to look at all the tape. it was clear that this woman in austin, texas was advising this young girl there was a part in the tape that you edited when the young girl said to her how, you know, how many weeks can i abort the fetus because the gender is known after about 20, 22 weeks, correct? >> right. most gender detection technologies are 20 weeks that's the most used. so he is asked the planned parenthood worker what do we do to detect the gender. saying you are in the late late trimester wait to confirm that it's a little girl. go lie to the ob/gyn use medicaid program to get an ultrasound. and then come back here and schedule a late term, a late
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term abortion. >> bill: sure. >> if it's a little girl. i mean horrific disregard for human life here. >> bill: i can't argue with that. four states have banned abortions targeted toward the gender of the child they're arizona, illinois, oklahoma and pennsylvania. that's kind of bogus because nobody is going to walk in to any abortion clinic and say i want to abort the program i don't like the gender. he they are going to say i have a headache. i can't support the child or whatever. here is what really disturbs me. 2010, planned parenthood received about $500 million of taxpayer money. that's my money and your money went in government grants to planned parenthood representing 47% of the entire funding of planned parenthood. so i'm paying now. i'm paying for a counselor in austin, texas, to tell a young woman, you know what? you don't like the gender, i will set you up. we will get rid of the fetus. we will get rid of it it you don't have the problem. we will will make it happen.
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you know, that's wrong. that's morally wrong. i don't want my money going for that. i don't want to be any part of that. the woman i think here something should happen to her. look, in america we don't have laws against this kind of stuff. we just don't have a law. only in these four states can you not abort based on gender. the other 46 states you can this is crazy. >> we don't have laws, bill, because groups like planned patient hood which claim to be pro-women, which is absurd. groups like planned parenthood are fighting tooth and nail against every abortion restriction and regulation. they want abortion any time anywhere for any reason. >> bill: so does president obama. he doesn't want any restriction on any abortion at all. the next time, and this is important ms. rose. the next time that anybody hears a politician or a movie star or anybody like that say how great planned parenthood is. think back on this thing in austin, texas where now if you
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don't like the gender of the baby that you are carrying, bang. you can kill it. >> laura: when we come back, surprising new details of a case of an alleged colorado shooter james holmes. we will have the latest. why did a student who threatened president obama only receive probation? you might be surprised by the
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. in the factor follow up segment tonight, three hot legal topics, including extortion plot targeting movie mogul harvey weinstein and surprisingly light sentence for a man who threatened president obama. first james holmes, that man accused of killing 12 people in the aurora movie theater massacre last month. in court today. and now it's being reported that holmes saw three mental health experts in the time leading up to the shooting. so let's turn to the attorneys, debra blum and joey jackson in new york to sorority out what this all means. all right, joey, let's start with you because he actually appears in court today. we find out among other things that he had been essentially banned from the university of colorado campus after the police were warned about the threats that he had made. what gives here.
1:43 am
>> it is problematic for a number of reasons. what does it say? if you are under the care of three different psychiatrists it goes to show that the university had knowledge as to his potential for doing things that would be -- represent a public danger. that's an issue. it's further an issue when, in fact, he is banned from the campus. his i.d. is taken away from them because it goes to show that there could have been other preventative measures put in place, laura, which could have potentially saved lives. that's what the problem is here at the outset. >> laura: debra, we are looking aside from this criminal case, we are looking at potential liability for the university, for the officials involved, for, perhaps, not stepping forward and doing more to keep the campus safe or keep the public at large safe. and what holmes attorneys are saying no, no, no. you can't have my school record because that would be an invasion of my privacy because some of the medical commentary might be infused in the school record because of
1:44 am
the school psychiatrist and so forth. is that going to hold up? >> well, i agree with the defense's approach here. i think that the prosecution is going on a fishing expedition to try to vitiate the physician patient privilege. a lot of that pearl contained in the medical records is privileged and the prosecution is going to argue if he communicated that to a third party it waives the privilege. it's very important for the prosecution to argue for it to come in and it's very important for the defense to try to keep it out. with respect to the university's responsibility here and whether they are going to be held liable, i do believe that doctor fenton did do her duality to disclose to the university both the police as well as as the task force they had set up there that this student had an issue. what the university did with that information i really
1:45 am
think is going to be at the center of the investigation. >> laura, do i have time briefly to respond? >> laura: sure. quickly. >> this is why i think both are coming. in as to the university records i think it's relevant why it goes to show his state of mind. we know to know what his state of mind were and motivations and intent is as a result of that i think it comes. in i also believe they are going to get the medical records in briefly here is why. if you as a defense are raising his mental status as an issue, you can't have it both ways. if you are going to put that at issue, you in essence are waiving the privilege. >> laura: you open the door. >> right. you open the door. the prosecution has to establish the opposite. >> laura: they have to rebut. they can rebut. it could end up waiving the privilege. move on to harvey weinstein case. he and other very well to-do individuals across the country had been the subject of an extortion plot by this one
1:46 am
individual debra, tell us what we know about this. we have all these people collectively $100 million or more family threats and so forth. >> i think we are very early on in this case and he was just arrested. what we do know is that he is charged with something called a hobbs act which is a very very serious crime that's punishable up to 20 years in jail. and it was an attempt at an extortion. what this is going to hinge on is whether his actions were enough for the prosecution to establish that he committed enough acts and attempts to commit this extortion. i do think that this is a relatively defendable case. i don't know that enough steps were taken. actually prove that he committed this hobbs act. >> laura: he is appear aspiring actor. he probably didn't get the role that he wanted in oceans 12. i don't know. >> is he going down. >> laura: let's talk joey.
1:47 am
>> i don't know if i agree with you that he is going down. >> laura: we have got to move on. facebook issue. joey, he we have got to get your take on this kid in where was it, florida? comes forward he makes -- thinks he is joking about text messaging about the president coming to his campus. tell us quickly the jeopardy he was in and why he seems to get a slap on the wrist here. >> surprisingly, i think it's the right result. here is why. if you look at the criminal justice system one of the tenets is rehabilitation. we are talking about a college student who did something rather stupid. you don't he threaten the president and don't say a bullet should be put in his head and don't do it with a trip he is taking to miami where you are. totally inappropriate act. >> laura: probation? >> the it's within a federal judge's discretion to sentence somebody out of the guidelines. and that's exactly what she did here. i agree with joey. it was the right result. you are going to rehabilitate this individual. >> laura: he faced five years in prison and he gets 6 months
1:48 am
at home with three square meals a day cooked by mommy. >> stupidity. >> that's a pretty light sentence for saying they are going to put a bullet in the head of a president or showing it in a picture. >> immature. >> laura: yeah, immature. spoken as a true defense attorney. speaking as a former defense attorney myself. thanks guys, we appreciate it in a moment, the culture warriors are here and they're going to talk about whether the treatment of prince harry and in his in the buff pictures have been unfair. tv show glee warns against texting and driving. is it way too graphic to even
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>> laura: in the culture warrior segment tonight, the world is abuzz this week after naked pictures surfaced of
1:52 am
prince harry partying in las vegas. while the british media has not run the photos. the press on both sides of the pond are running wild with the scandal. no surprise there. joining us now from new york. attorney faith jenkins and cathy roux, a contributing editor for the "the washington post" magazine. faith, let's start with you. i think prince harry had been on a bit of an upward swing for a lot of beans the queen's jubilee and the olympics and seems like an all around good guy. he is 27 years old. his military service standing next to his brother when his brother got married last year and now this. and i don't really know what to say about this but the palace is none too happy apparently. >> he is really the pinnacle of a public figure. when you talk about public figures. he is a prince. at 27 years old, he should know better. he cannot allow himself to be
1:53 am
put in these kind of situations where photos like this can be taken. i understand he didn't know he was being photographed. but you know what? you are a prince. can you really play strip pokener a hotel room at a party and think that, you know, these photos are worth a lot of money. somebody is wealthy for catching him with his pants down literally. >> take a shot at this one. this is like royal scandal. it's like political scandal. now it's the royal scandal ferguson. i feel bad for the queen and his dad as well. >> it's technically their job to represent their country and represent it well. they are paid by the taxpayers to represent their country in a civilized, respectful manner. and now this guy has played
1:54 am
strip poker. picked up a bunch of women they didn't know. the press has complete rights to publish these photos. we have the right because is he a public figure. if he wasn't a public figure we wouldn't care about that skin and we wouldn't be publishing it. >> laura: like tiger woods. tiger woods was in vegas, too wasn't he in vegas when a lot of his troubles came to light. >> what happens in vegas does not stay in vegas. >> laura: a lot of gals in the studio. how do you not think with cell phone technology today? it's one thick i guess 25 years ago. today pretty much everything you do is going to be, you know, recorded and so forth. i know he is only 27. look, if he were just another actor in the united states, he would probably get a reality show based on this picture. one picture alone. we have whole careers made on sex tapes and photo spreads and yet i guess the royals, they can't they actually have to hold up the image, at least they are supposed to.
1:55 am
>> he is 27. i don't consider that -- if you are 17. that's one thing you are a teenager. he is 27 at this point. i think that's old enough for you to start being a little bit more responsible with your actions. i don't have as much sympathy for him, laura, he has 24/7 security detail. these people are paid by the taxpayers. i really don't know. someone dropped the ball here on many different levels. >> he knew because he covered the crown jewels. >> there are so many puns available. notice i'm not going near it we have got to move on. i feel sorry for queen elizabeth. talk about this new ad against texting and driving. we all know how dangerous that is now, this actor from glee has participated in this psa. let's listen. >> you are on your way to meet up with friends. but you can't seem to get anywhere quickly. [phone buzzing] >> you don't want your friends to be annoyed so you text you're on your way. ♪
1:56 am
[horn blowing] >> laura: it gets more graphic other of these videos friends of mine get their license for the first time and they see a lot of these types of images. and do we think this works or do people get kind of numb to the smoking ought of the hole in the neck those types of scary ads or do they have some type of effect people think about them? cathy? >> i think people think about them. i think they are very effective. i thought about it. when i saw it that could happen in five section. they made great points. no taxpayer dollars were made on this. they made a wonderful point with a wonderful actress to the demographic with no taxpayer dollars. >> safety experts say if you are distracted for even 1.2 seconds, i think that's the way, then you are more likely
1:57 am
to get in a major collision, major crash, obviously look down at a text that's more than 1.2 seconds. even looking at a text message safety experts said you can travel the length of a football field in that small amount of time that you ever taking to look down at a text message. i think that these psa's are great because they are use people a lot of people look up to send out positive message. take heed. >> we appreciate it up next, a white house beer controversy. we're going to have that story and we'll be back in a minute.
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