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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  August 25, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> dana: you're a nerd. >> andrea: that is it for us on "the five." thank you for watching. see you next week. don't miss it in tampa. have a great weekend, everybody welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known on my web page, devom, age 15, gymnast. andy, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> devon, is the fact paul ryan never smoked pot a problem? the dumbest story of the week, straight ahead. and were incidents of full frontal nudity way up this year? here is a hint, people, we are doing the story, so the answer is probably yes. and finally what do johnny depp and roger roger clemens have in common? the answer may shock you. if i was doing stories, that's it. other than that the props don't have anything in common. >> you know what is going to happen tonight? >> what's that? >> a lot of people tweeting about us moving into a new
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studio. >> absolutely. >> just because we are taping one show in a different studio. >> and they won't like the new studio. >> they will hate the studio. they will say, why did you move studios? >> please go back to the old studio. we don't like it. >> and we will because we willisen to our viewers and move back to our -- we will listen to our viewers and move back to our old studio. have fun where result of. >> i don't know where i am. >> i don't either. let's welcome our guest. she is so intoxicating it is illegal to drive after looking at her. safety first, people. i am here with carrie keagan. she is the host of the show on vh1. and if fierce commentary was a bowling ball i would slip three fingers in him and roll him down a lane. it is chris barron, go big co-founder. glad you dressed up. and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if he was an air guitar i would do him in the shower where know one could see me,
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comedian tom shalou. >> a-block. sets up first story. >> that's new. cool. >> i liked that. >> you did. is the vp choice wrong if he has never touched a bong? paul ryan has yet to address if he ever smoked pot, and it has one scribe up in arms. nobody is up in arms, but they should be. luke zaleski has been nominating the campaign for a yay or nay on rolling a j, but no response-ay. it has not stopped the hack from drawing his own conclusions, namely that paul never puffed, and shockingly that is not a good thing making him a dork. he says being a pot virgin is like being an actual virgin. it is like you are disconnected. when you are running as a gen-x candidate, not having smoked will make it seem like anything but a guy who stood apart from his generation. i guess he is the expert. for more let's go to the ganja
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loving goat. >> you know, i was going to say i hated that video, but it is making carrie giggle. it is like anything that makes carrie giggle is okay by me. >> all right, tom. forget this whole story about pot. basically what pot is, it is code. it is code for cool. if he says he doesn't smoke pot he is saying he is a dork. are they trying to do the typical thing you go after a republican the cliche of being a nerd. >> don't mix up nerd and dork. they are two entirely different things. and paul ryan is fer. -- paul ryan is neither. paul ryan is a jock. >> he wasn't smoking because he didn't want to eat a bunch
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of fun yens or whatever it was. but nerd and dork, this is important. a nerd knows he is a nerd. he is aware of it. he's like, i'm a nerd. i can't play sports. i don't like girls. >> nerds don't sound like that at all. bill? >> bill is in a third category. >> a nerd is aware he is a nerd. a dork is unaware he is a nerd. she blissfully unaware. a dork is a nerd with a lot of confidence. >> what are you? >> i'm a dork. >> you are? >> yes, i was the guy in high school nobody wanted to be around. >> are you aware though, so doesn't that make you a nerd? >> now it does. now i am an adult. >> i take issue with your qualify yes, sir that this is important. i am going to register a complaint. >> bill is a geek. that's another category. >> i thought geeks were like -- i can't even do my blackberry, so isn't a geek good at -- >> a geek is a dork who makes a good income.
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>> you have hijacked us. do you think -- do you think anybody cares about this idea of smoking pot except a writer for gq who couldn't come up with anything? >> the left is so desperate to come up with anything to attack paul ryan over. am i supposed to believe the guy that was home coming king was the dorky virgin. that's the premise here. >> he was the homecoming king. >> dorky virgin. >> most #r* dorky vier jins. -- rirgi -- virgins. >> he may mott have smoked pot, but he probably has chugged a beer. >> should i ask what that is? >> do you want to? >> if i ask you what it is, and it turns out to be awful, we will replace it with somebody else. >> that's what will happen. just use your imagination and i'm sure you can figure it out. >> just by the title itself i can figure it out. isn't it good he stood apart from his generation because
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his generation sucked. i am putting you in that generation. >> i guess i am a generation. i will do the math later. >> because you love ethan hawk so much? >> it wasn't good. >> it is good to stand out. it was fine for him to be aware of his body and chiseled. is it good for the ticket? i agree with this guy, but not for the reasons he says. ever since romney started running, and we knew he would be the nominee, all i kept hearing about was balance. we need this guy because he balances the ticket this way. there is no balance here. one guy has never had a drink in his life exprkts other guy had three beers in his life. you need the party balance. it is up here. i don't trust anybody that doesn't drink, period. neither of these guys drink, period. >> paul ryan drinks. >> i refuse to believe that. >> right after he was picked
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he was talking about naming off three or four wisconsin beers. so absolutely the guy drinks. >> what do you mean because he can't name a beer? >> he could look at the tele prompter. >> how is this a criteria for leadership? president obama did cocaine regularly when he was younger, and look at our economy. >> and biden is drunk all the time. >> and he never paid for his pot! i would rather have somebody who doesn't smoke dope than somebody who stole his dope. >> ryan would have paid for it. >> ryan would have paid for his dope. it goes back to the economic principals. president obama believes in sharing the wealth, spreading the wealth. let me have that pot. ryan says, no, i will work for my dope, but i don't smoke. >> i agree that cocaine is behind the economy, but only as far as the fed cats on wall street are concerned. >> from pot to pups. they are heading south and foaming at the mouth.
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the group dogs against romney or dar is planning to rally in tampa, a day before the gop convention. the pro canine collective was found to pester mitt for being a bad pet owner because his dog sha mu s once wrote on the car roof. says the leader of the pack, quote, should we have a president that isn't even qualified to adopt a pet? dogs aren't luggage, mr. romney. well, some are. if this is how he treats a furry member of his own family, just think how this lap dog of wall street will treat middle class families as president. the group says they wril have adorable dogs on location in tampa. meanwhile, cats qont -- continue to try to kill us.
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>> my cat does that to me every day. >> no wonder. i don't even know what that means. all i know is that is a fat cat. chris, i want to ask you, isn't this just another social issue that the left wants to bring up to keep from talking about the economy? >> they are desperate to talk about anything except obama's actual record in office. i'm the owner of three rescue dogs. i love dogs. i think they are amazing. but this is crap and everybody knows this is crap. it speaks to what a disaster this president is that this is what they have resorted to coming up with. >> doesn't it not remind you of clark w griswold with aunt edna? >> and i would vote for clark w griswold. >> and then driving up in the ferrari, hey baby. >> they should remake that movie. >> they are remaking it. >> with a different cast though, please. >> tom, are they exploiting adorable puppies for political
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gain? >> and dog people will go republican. it is the cat people they need to get in there. cat people are democrats. >> how do you get cat people? >> they already have them. they should ignore this. >> do the anti-hoarding laws. >> dogs like riding on the roof. they like it. >> they all love it. they try to stick their head out the window. the dogs like the roof. the will alternative is -- the alternative is putting them in the kennel. the future is at their feet. it is fantastic. it is like we did this story where they tied balloons to a turtle. everybody felt bad about the turtle. the turtle was having the time of his life. >> it was like a disney movie. it was. a terrible one i might add. the first 20 minutes was good and after that not so good. that's my theory. >> what goes up, must come down. >> romney put a dog on his roof. >> he's a jerk. >> the president put a dog in
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the roof of his mouth. he ate a dog. he ate a dog. >> sometimes it is custom mary in certain place -- custom mary this certain places and you have to be polite and eat what they are offering you. i don't know. >> or drink what we have made green room wise. it is custom mary depending where you are at. >> you roffied what you made. >> you have been covering presidential campaigns for 50 years. can pets make an impact? didn't kittens for nixon help lock up the election in 1968? >> a lot of people think that was the case, but it was not. i was there, greg. dogs imens romney. dogs against romney. isn't that like kids against romney? women against romney? they can't vote, so who cares 1234* it does not matter. don't touch me. i would also say -- that's all i am saying. >> here is the thing though. if dogs could vote they would vote for romney because dogs are having a hell of a time in
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the economy. there is a kibble rationing that is going on because dogs don't run the net, woulds. we know who runs the network. >> and they wouldn't vote for obama because obama ate a dog. from political dogs to not wearing togs. are more and more shows losing their clothes? according to a study the full frontal nudity on prime time is up 6,300% over last year. put that in perspective, and that's an increase over 6,299%. according to the parents television council or ptc there was only one example of full frontal nudity in the 2010-2011 2010-2011tv season. that number rose to a whooping 64 this year. that's why statistics were so funny. they found a 407% rise in the number of times there was full non-frontal nudity from 15 years ago -- from 15 a year ago to 1976. why do we have all of these
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numbers? why? 76% of these incidents aired before 9:00 p.m. which is why i missed it because i am in bed by then. during a press conference thursday they showed several examples of full frontal in prime time including this one. >> if you are not aroused by that, you are not human. is this a good thing or great thing? >> that video is amazing. >> we are making a better one right now. >> it is a great video. >> what did you ask me again? >> does it really matter at this point? >> it is interesting that your show, this "red eye" show was not mentioned in the numbers you were reading off. nobody is actually wearing pants under what is happening here. >> that's true. but we are the masters in the art of body paint.
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>> that's impressive. >> except for chris. all joking aside, is this a problem? isn't it for families ? >> this is crap? it is puritan cal crap. i only watch tv for full frontal nudity. >> me too! >> why do you think people watch hbo and show time? they can get away with that stuff. stop the puritan crap. if you don't want your kids to watch this find out what is on television. don't use the television as a baby-sitter for your children. they are lazy parents who are not acting like parents and want to blame the network for putting things on that people want to see. >> give me five, brother. >> have you actually tried to hang out with a kid? it sucks. you need tv. >> i don't have kids of. i have dogs. >> dogs dogs are like hairy children. they are hairy children who crawl and poop. >> and then eat it. >> in a way they are not like children at all. >> that's exactly like my daughter.
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>> there either has to be a moral argument that is sitting in your brain that will help me understand. >> i am not worried of the it is puritan cal. i know there is a family hour. i don't like them seeing sexual content on tv, but most of the stuff is comedy. they have a nude body, and they are pixelated out. if your kids are young, they look at nudity not as a sexual thing. they say, look, it is nudy time. if you are watching "america's got talent." >> that counts in a statistic. >> it is silliness. >> he is an average six pixel guy. >> he has a full nine pixels. >> here is the secret. i am in television. they are wearing less colored underwear. >> here is the point.
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the examples that we saw in the article were not erotic in nature. full frontal nudity is not erotic. >> exactly. it is awkward. you have to leave nudity to the experts. that's why there is the internet. i have seen those pictures. your incidence of full nudity rose last year jie. yes, and i have been trying to get those examples on to tv. no network will call me back. i did not know this. when i read this story it was perplexed. i am not watching any of these shows. but if they are counting pixelated pictures and that was a difficult thing to say, that doesn't count. that is a bikini. boo to this study. boo to america. >> we discuss carrie carrie keagan's new book. it is in the 12th printing. >> is that johnny depp?
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yep. can't do much better than that, i'm afraid.
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will disney go into debt paying john me depp? "the sun," the newspaper and not the star, is reporting the actor could make 60 million british pounds, whatever that is. that is on the next "pirates of the caribbean" movie. doing the exchange in my head that is about $94 million 998 thousand carry the one -- percent. producer jerry bruckheimer says the script is in the works, but they will only make it if johnny joins.
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why not discuss this in the -- >> light in the -- lightning roooouuunnnnd. lightning round. >> carrie, how come people are not tired of the depp pirate movies? they are the exact movie done over and over and over again. it is the same movie. >> it is johnny depp dressed up as jack sparrow. he is the spottest fantasy out there. >> i disagree. >> for all women of all kinds. >> this angers me. here is my theory on johnny depp, and i will throw this to you, tom. johnny depp is actually the human equivalent of one of the antique lamps you see in a thrift shop. she like the lamps you can see that are like $78. they are all different colors and they have beads. he is an antique lamp. >> girls love those too. >> he agreed with me first.
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>> he embodies -- he embodies everything a girls wants. >> he looks like a woman. >> it was an interesting point. research says what you are saying. the more feminine the qualities the more a woman would like a man. >> hell yes. >> what do you think? >> i -- i -- i can't argue with that. >> you can't? >> i know nothing about women. >> those are fighting words. >> you know what you are saying. >> i know a lot about women. i am their shopping buddy. i have a million dollar idea. an antique lamp that vibrates. >> top there. >> look at my demo. >> you know what bugs me, chris, because you didn't really answer the question. you always act so aloof when you hear them talk about the movies as though they are pitiful of the. >> why? he can get paid $90 million to do it. guess how many i have seen. none.
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>> that's why i don't understand the hot nets. the hotness. >> we are not talking about the hotness. we heard enough. >> she gorgeous. >> what about orlando bloom? isn't he in the movie? >> not anymore. >> it is not the same because he is not the bad boy. >> i have to move on, but my point is we know he is attractive, but he plays the same thing and it gets boring. bill, did i go to you? >> it is like how many james bonds movies there have been? >> but he is a real man. >> he is the james bond of the seven seas. this week roger clemens announced his return to the game where you throw the ball and the other guy tries to whack it, and then they run to the place so they can be safe. that's the best explanation of baseball ever. the 50-year-old signed with the sugarland skeeters, an independent minor league club in texas, but hasn't committed to playing more than one game. he last pitched in 2007 in the major leagues with something
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called the new york yankees. he was acquited in june that he lied to congress about taking performance enhancing drugs. is he making a come back, or is he board? >> he may be board, but it is fine. i don't like this idea that people should go out on top. he left at the top of his game. forget it. let him de tear yes, sir rate like the rest of the world. i think it is good. we have this thing -- we want people in their glory. this guy wants to keep playing baseball. let him. >> do you think his wife put him up to this? >> i feel like this is the road that lance armstrong should be looking into. maybe a paper route would be his way back into the recycling. >> a paper route, that is -- that's a genius idea. >> there are aspects of clemens past that are very much like lance armstrong. >> they both have one bottle. >> i have no idea what he was going to say. >> are you a sports fan. you are wear something kind of jersey for a teal i don't
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recognize. >> are you for this, against this or do you care? >> i think he is doing this for one reason. he is not doing it so he can play for the sugarland skeeters. he wants a contract to pitch, even if it is one game so it resets the time eligibility. he is hoping to get out of the steroid era of the he doesn't want to be lumped in with the barry bonds and mark mcgwires. maybe they will forget he is a lying, performance enhancing piece of crap. it is all about roger. it is his world and we are living in it. >> why did i call you beery? that's a character you would play. he wants to be the guy in eastbound and down. isn't that what he is trying to do? >> he is the guy in eastbound and down. this man has never been a friend in his life. i think that's an amazing theory. we were talking about this in the green room. it is the same over there we hang out in. that's tv talk.
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you are absolutely right. that's exactly what he is doing. and people have tiny memories. the problem with that is clemens will still be a d-bag -- a d-bag . he put performance enhancing drugs on his wife. they were mailed to his house, and he said his wife took them for a "sports i illustrated" swimsuit issue, and she said yes because he is the bread and butter. >> i think it shows true love and romance. i would only hope my wife did that for me when they find out the drugs i am on right now. they belong to my wife. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at fox news at red and do you have a video of your animal doing something cute and/or interesting? fox eye. go there and click on submit a video. we might use it on "red eye." still to come the half time report from tv's andy levy. silly man. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by scale, the devices on which something or someone can be weighed. thanks, scale.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> eh. we are in a different studio. >> is that right? it is a new studio? >> no, just for tonight. >> i don't know. i saw a lot of tweets during the first half of the show that madet pretty clear we were in a new studio, and a lot of people didn't like it. >> they jump to these
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conclusions. it is just for today because we are taping at a different time. >> i think we should have a talk about whether we want to go back to our old studio rather than stay in this one permanently which is the plan. as anyone who was watching tonight's show can see. >> and tweeting me saying this studio sucks. >> absolutely. >> also, how come you are showing greg all the time and not carrie. your director is stupid. >> they might have a point there. mott about our lovely director. smee -- she is just slightly more attractive than you. >> just 12%. >> 13. i am rounding up. you are rounding down. tomato, tomato. >> "gq" says the fact he hasn't smoked pot, dorks are nerds who don't know they #r* nerds? >> dorks are unaware they are
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nerds. so they will act like they are hanging with the cool crowd. sometimes it works. >> i think nerds and dorks are two different things. nerds are people who are possibly smart but socially awkward. dorks -- i feel like dorks are people who are not good at anything? >> but socially adept. that's the only difference. you are right. but dorks are socially adept. so they have the confidence to walk into a room. they are unaware that people think they are nerds. >> i don't think so. i think are you trying to build yourself up, and it is not working. >> something a dork would do. so far, so good. >> that is such a billboard i will see in the subway. insert ad here. that's great. >> i had my hpv test. >> i'm good, are you?
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>> you would do that ad. you would do any ad. >> pay to scale and i would do it. >> who are you talking to there? >> i was talking to tom. >> don't question his journalistic integrity. >> i would never. >> no one has asked to do an ad. >> and i am not clean. i stylly -- i actually have no idea. by the way, nice bruins jersey. >> you know this is not a bruins jersey. it is steelers. william gay, even though william gay doesn't play for the steelers. >> chris, you pointed out that ryan was homecoming king which is hard to square with him supposedly being a dork which i agree with. the writer says ryan is a dorkish striver. who wouldn't want that in a president? that's awful. >> a smart guy who is an over achiever? we would hate to have that. >> i don't care if ryan smoked
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pot. i don't care if ryan didn't smoke pot. >> i don't either. he is a smart guy. i like him. >> you know what i care about, andy? >> what's that? >> the fact that when that article was published, the headline was gram particular -- grammatically incorrect. >> i would like to add something to andy's theory. yes, he was homecoming king, but that's not always because you are popular. trust me. i was homecoming king. sometimes they do it as a joke. >> they are all going to laugh at you. they are all going to laugh at you. >> it was like carrie without the blood. >> speaking of carrie. carrie jie. hi, andy. >> how are you? >> i missed you. it has been awhile. >> get over it. >> he writes, quote, being a pot virgin is like being an actual virgin. it seems disconnected somehow. don't you think he wrote the article so he could use that line so everybody would know he is not a virgin? >> yes, i think he stole it
12:35 am
from me like greg will steel my line later. >> which line? >> the one about hpv. >> repurpose is a much kinder word. by the way, zaleski wrote about all of the public candidates. guess what. he didn't like any of them. >> shocking. dogs against romney. why do you think cat people are democrats? >> they -- you know, cat people, they are more -- we know what cat people -- it is all -- first of all. >> they are girls. girls like cats. boys like dogs. women vote more democratic and men lean more toward the right. environmentalists, other lefties love cats around their apartment. lonely, unmarried people love cats. >> at what point is he leaving the newsroom?
12:36 am
>> we'll talk after the show. >> put me in. >> i don't want to get into the whole thing. i like dogs too. >> you also like cats? >> he has two cats. >> i have three, so be careful what you are saying over there. >> cats are more independent than dogs. they are more libertarian. they don't need validation. it is a much more libertarian thing. dogs are more like liberals. they con constantly need things from -- he constantly need things from people. >> that's a good point. >> it is not, but i have to kill time. >> the truth show. >> stop saying sky turtle was having the time of his life. you don't know that. >> you know what though. i like to think that i can think turtle thoughts. >> this is what is wrong with dogs against romney. you are making the same mistake the dogs against romney are making. whoa don't know that the dogs are against romney. >> you are right. however, like i said, i can think turtle thoughts.
12:37 am
you can't know that. >> just because you watch "entourage" doesn't mean you can think turtle thoughts. >> sometimes i just wear no pants and just a shirt. >> sometimes. carrie, you said sometimes -- of president obama it is -- >> can we think about that visual for a minute? >> i think i already have the flu. >> oh my god. >> it is honestly hurting your screen time i am thinking about that. and i think i speak for america on that. >> i am skipping that. ptc, full frontal nudity, blah, blah, blah. carrie, you thought it was interesting "red eye" was not mentioned because nobody was wearing pants. that gets to what greg was saying. the study was a prime time network television. otherwise we would have been in it. >> reporter: i think so too -- >> i think so too. so would my show.
12:38 am
>> you have to watch to find out. >> we will have to start checking my dvr. you said you think this study is crap. isn't it a place where parents can watch things with their family especially during the so-called family hour between 8:00 and 9:00. >> is there full frontal nudity? >> it is pixelated. it is not like they are showing junk. we are talking about pixelated. >> the problem is these kids actually grow up thinking that is what the stuff looked like. >> that's a completely different story. and that is true. that's a problem. >> either go full frontal nudity or nothing. >> some people look like that. sorry to bring it up. >> the article quotes a therapist who said blurred or pixelated nudity can be as titilated because when stimulated it reacts in a similar manner. it fills in. couldn't you say the same thing about -- >> about carrie? >> i think she will get an
12:39 am
answer. can't you say the same thing about people being clothed? the brain removes the clothing? i know there are guys who picture women naked. >> yes, and sometimes someone can look sexier if they actually have clothes on so you can imagine taking them off. with your teeth. >> i have had -- i have seen naked women, and i actually visualized clothes on them. that's sexy too. >> that's interesting. >> you have paper dolls, don't you? >> tom, i actually would have preferred if you kept your mouth shut and let carrie keep talking. >> you will never know, andy. you i will will never know what she will say ever. don't say anything. make him suffer. >> it was not for me. it was for our viewers. >> are you almost done? >> they use an example and the show is pretty good of the fred walks in with a towel around his waste and says, is this a privates party as he drops his towel. good stuff.
12:40 am
>> that's a lot like "red eye." >> it sounds like our animated -- our "red eye" animated theaters >>- q. i i am done. >> thank you -- >> i am done. >> thank you, andy. >> i am sweating. >> what is it like to be so gorgeous all the time? not a story, just something megan kelly asked me in the hallway. it is hard to believe. will visitors at times square have anything to say about presidents and beer? of course not. it is time square. >> we will call you charlie, chape or hitler notoff?
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why not have a drinky? are your white house dreams a dud if you won't drink a bud? during a trip to the hawk eye state president obama bought any supporter who would ask, a cold beer prompting the washington post to call it the iowa beer tour. mitt romney doesn't touch
12:44 am
booze. does that alienate him from voters some 35% of those coveted independent voters say they indulged in some sud in the past month versus 30% of democrats and 27% of republicans. so has barak made gains because mitt abstained? we hit the streets to answer this question. mostly because it gets him away from the rest of us for hours on end. >> consumer research reports say beer success specially popular with independent voters. will a love of the sud somehow decide this election? probably not. but we talked to people in time square anyway. a new study says independent voters are more likely to drink beer. do you think they are more likely to vote for president obama because they drink beer? >> maybe. >> i feel like independent would more likely vote for obama because he is a little more liberal on the social issues. i don't know about the beer drinking. i don't see how that plays into it. >> i am worried because you seem informed, and i am not
12:45 am
used to interviewing people like that in time square. >> do you know what don't put that in my drink means? >> no. >> we will get along. >> this is fox news. it is national. pretty nice, huh? you would think i would bewaring make up. >> can i ask a few questions questions ? don't apologize. yes i am from sweden so i am not welcome in america. >> are you single? >> no, i'm married to him. >> are you open minded? >> would you rather have an ovaltine with mitt romney or beer with obama. >> beer with obama. >> what kind of beer? >> caw ron gnaw. -- corona. >> i am a wine spritser myself. would you rather have an ovaltine and a beer with obama or a joint with libertarian candidate. >> joint with ron paul or gary
12:46 am
johnson. not only do they know who gary johnson is, they are completely pro smoking with gary. >> out of all of the presidents in history who would you like to have a beer with? >> kennedy. >> abe lincoln. >> abe looks like he can put them down. doesn't look like a fun drinker. sort of morose in the corner. >> which would be fun if he gets a beer in him. >> maybe. or he would start to listen to the cure jie. theodore roosevelt. >> why? >> she a bad [bleep]. he knows nature and knows how to kick some ass. >> we will have to bleep some things. >> what grover cleavland. he is fat and has a mustache. he looks like a bears fan. >> personally i would like to party with james k polk. you know the guy rages.
12:47 am
>> you know who parties? representative kevin yoder. you know this guy? >> no. >> he skinny dipped in israel. yoder right 1234* yoder. yoder. he is awesome. can i get a yoder? >> yoder. >> out of history which president would you most likely have a beer with? >> will beers decide this next election? probably not. we learned absolutely nothing. >> one thing i do know, annie is back on broadway ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow ♪ ♪ i love you ♪ tomorrow ♪ you're certainly ♪ not today >> bill, you do so much for this network just by being out there. >> thank you. i teal like i am the crown jewel within the fox news empire. >> you really are of the --
12:48 am
you really are. wow. do americans prefer a president they can have a beer with? >> no, i remember when they made this up. it was when bush was running for president. it was a way to ask people, who would you rather have a beer with? probably bush. but they would say, who knows the issues? it was al gore. it was a way for the left wing media to slam the president. >> 40 seconds. >> the important thing is people wouldn't like to have a beer with obama or ovaltine with romney. they want -- >> i don't know. anything can happen. >> we have to move on. thanks, carrie, chris, tom. we will close things out with a very special tribute. and to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye.
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if you notice we are back in our regular studio. i made a quick wardrobe change, and it is for a special reason, a sad reason. we would like to remember a
12:53 am
frequent red eye guest from the summer, victor robert, the film actor passed away today of natural causes at his home in london. he was 65 years old. we pause now to honor this great man. >> he looked so young. so young for 65. it was amazing. we will spend the next few moments talking about victor. bill, where were you when you heard the news?
12:54 am
>> i heard about it late in the game. it was about three weeks after the facts. as you know i don't have a television. i am not fond of the internet. the thing i liked about victor, so many actors play it close to the vest. i mean they don't. they throw it on the table. it is all about me, me, me. he kept things to himself. any type of an accent, we don't know. how did he do that with judi dench in that photo. >> we have -- what is your name? >> mike bron michael son. >> weren't you highered to be his handler the night he was to be knighted? there is still a mystery. how did he die? >> i think at the stage of the game we are at now, we should just not ask any real questions. i was hired to do a job, and i did it. and we are fine. but it was natural, i assure
12:55 am
you. >> are we waiting for autopsy reports, or did you yourself conduct the autopsy? >> my time at the hollywood upstairs medical college is of no concern to anyone and, yes. >> we'll leave it at that. i want to go to andy. andy, you hosted the shows that victor roberts was on when i was out of town. i never had the chance to meet him. what are your thoughts? >> too many memories, greg. as you know, probably my first exposure to victor was in the now missing 1965 dr. who episode, the feast of steven. victor played the feast, and what a feast it was. of course, i will never forget the many parties at his flat. i think we were there in 1979. we were doing love shots with him and charlie watts. we never found out the secret ingredient, but we though he was well named. >> i have no memory of that. >> that's why when you said you didn't meet him, i was
12:56 am
remembering how many love shots you did. what i will remember the most are his last words. we were at his place after taping one of the shows and he was showing me an early draft of something he was work osmght it was a one-man stage version of " eight is enough" and then he stopped and said garith, if you don't love yourself, then yourself can't love. i don't know what he meant, but not a day goes by i don't try to figure it ow. that's what victor did, greg. he made you think. so i have to say, vier victor roberts, wherever you are, rest in peace so that we may live in peace. >> very beautiful. we should close on that. we have no post game wrap up tonight. a couple of quick programming notes before you go. i will see you back here monday at 5:00 p.m. eastern time for "the five" live from the republican national convention in tampa. second, there is no "red eye" for the next two weeks. we are bumped for the fox newschannel excellent coverage of the republican and democratic national convention.
12:57 am
a new "red eye" will air on monday, september 10th, just in time for school. thank you for this evening's guests. for bill schulz, andy levy and who ever this guy is, i will see you next time.
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