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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 27, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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suffered down there. we're hoping this is overstated but we fear the worst. be sure to stay with us for the latest in eyesin's path. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow night from tampa, florida. are wrong d we'll be here for you. that is a terrible statement and used by democrats to try to cast a shadow on our entire party and it's not. >> mitt mitt romney getting angry about the democratic party to link a statement to the republicans. >> we have a cand date who understands the importance of women geth access to the care they need. >> what is sandra doing in prime time in democrat. >> why is she geth that kind
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of exposure. >> they disagree with our position and they will label us a hate group. them access to shoot. >> and did a liberal watch dog group provoke the attack on a religious council? >> you are about to enter the no spin so. the factor gince right now. ♪ hi, i am bill oriley. convention mania. we cover politics here. we have specific things that
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affect you. i will be going down to tampa wednesday . and it will not be the republicans are good and democrats are bad. we are not in the business of promoting a political party. my man date is watch all of the powerful so they don't harm you. i have always believed that most folks are smart enough to decide for whom they want to vote. being smart means paying attention which is why you watch the factor right now. we'll give you a lot of inside stuff this week. we will show you what is really happening in the conventions. we start with the democrats because republicans are reacting to what the president & is doing. spheekers are there to negate democratic propaganda and speaker democratic convention are largely on stage to inflame the liberal base. the strategy for the
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republicans is persuade the mind. here the strategy for the democrats, persuade the hearts. hearts versus mind is the theme this year. gop is fact-based and president obama screwing up the economy and gasoline prices through the roof. and your economic future is shaky. on the democratic side. they want you to believe that romney-ryan ticket is extreme and those guys want to hurt you by making the rich, richer and ignoring the plight of the working man. the most powerful democratic speak are will be bill clinton who will try to persuade the voters that his strategy will be embraced by president obama and it will be just a bit more time before happy days are here again. >> jimmy carter will apeeper on video but with all due
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respect who cares? the rest is composed with zealots. sand raflock. he believes that the constitution man date that the american people ought fopay for her birth control. >> he wants us to pay for the life expenses f. you oppose do do that you are anti-woman president of the planned parenthood cecil richarpeds. they are abortion extremist are they not? is there any abortion or constrant at all? i don't think so. and then there is care lin kennedy whose appearance is designed to link president obama with the kennedy legacy. we expect miss kennedy will tell everybody how good he is for american women and that will be echoed by eva longoria
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and on the dance because she is latino. she does not appear in challenging forums speak negligent democratic national convention. tamy baldwin who is a lesbian running for office. you cannot get more liberal than the crew. it is impossible. governor romney neutralized the far right. sarah palin not invited to speak. but rick santorum will give a address. ron paul will speak and he is a tea party guy. most are conservative but not far right. john mccane and mike huckabee and condoleezza rice. and john casey all flexible in their thinking. it is accurate to say democratic parity is out there idea logically the republican
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party is trying to be moderate. national media is never going to report that because they are trying to actively shape the message that the romney-ryan is extreme. akin's comment was condemned. and the democrats are trying to link akin to mitt romney. i continuing is outrageous and offensive and i asked him to get out of the race and myself -- distanced myself from what he said. he was wrong and obviously used by democrats to cast a shadow on our entire party it is not. it is not my job to represent either party. my analysis is designed to protect you from craziness. there is no crazy that america is in trouble economically. no question high gas prices are hurting working folks.
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no question that the 16 trillion national debt is it a threat to your personal security and my personal security. but those questions, those questions are not being addressed by the president of the united states. instead mr. obama is trying to put together a coalition of the willing, women who think that republicans want to hurt thim. hispanic voters who believe that republicans want to deport them african-american voters who believe that republicans are biased against them. younger voters are told that the gop doesn't want to lend them money and older americans are told that republicans will destroy their medicare. rather than somping the economy and massive debt and we have fear tactors all over the place. mitt romney a very good chance to defeat barak obama bumpt the road will be bumpy and the rhetoric will be very nasty on
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both sides and all americans should consider one question. who is best suited to solve the complex problems that are vexing this could you wantry, and that's the memo. bret hume will refond and berny goldberg on a stunning admission by the guy who keeping an eye on the new york [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+.
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>> we'll go down to tampa florida with bret hume living large with a big expense account. what about the hearts and mines theor i developed; is that right? >> basically . i think you are right in believing that what the obama team is trying to do is touch every single element. democratic base and make sure it is all in the fold for him in the fall.
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but to the extent that the republicans are moderating or modulating the conservatism, i am not sure. i think the selection of paul ryan and he will be a major speaker here is not a move to the left or to the center. paul ryan is a true blue conservative. he is not a extremist. obama's teams accusation not with standing. it is it a conservative party and conservative convention. i think the calculation bill that conservatism and 40 percent of the americans give or take say they are conservative 20 percent said they are liberal. that is not bad to identify yourself. >> it is not conservatives or far right. evangelical presencer nobody. sarah palin, not offered a prime time slot. >> but she's out of politics. >> oh, come on, come o. she's
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a cruise hitter. >> look at the main speak ares, they are almost all office holders. chris christy and ryan himself and so on down the list. they are people who are office holders and sarah palin was not for romney really. it is no surprise. i don't see that her absence means that it is not a conservative line up. >> i absolutely think that mitt romney would love the tea party support but will not identify himself with that part of the party. >> paul ryan has a lot. >> but it is not romney. he is making the case for who is speaking. >> romney has people in the
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tea party have misgivings about him. but think about the choices he could have made for running mate. paul ryan will be the list. >> i think he made it because it is economics. >> that's what the tea party is mostly about. deficits and debts and economic growth. >> but there is more to it and the public perceives the tea party as being a far right operation. >> i know -- >> romney doesn't want to be seen as far right. >> the public may perceive the city party as far right. but not how the tea party sees itself. if you look at issues that drove the formation and important in the 2010 election. it was economic and budgetary issues. they are concerned about freedom and so on. but who's not. >> okay. the basic point i was trying
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to make. ryan and romney are going to run on facts, all right facts. and the main fact is that the economy is bad. where as president obama is going to run on emotion. and he will true to get people to support him based upon fear. primarily fear. am i wrong there? >> certainly he's trying to frighten the elements of his party's base to make sure the diminished enthusiasm which people feel about him and his presidency doesn't keep them from voting. >> he's got to turn them out. >> that's clearly true . but make no mistake about it fear is everything that romney is campaigning on. his and ryan's argument that america is a perilous moment if why don't turn back future for ourselves and our grand children will be dire indeed and we are on verge of a
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country we don't recognize . there is fear there for sure. >> i think romney's overriding message is not fear and president obama's is. romney can say i can turn it around and i know how to fix it. and so trust me, and take a positive attitude because you can see it we are americans and we can bring it back and do it that is it a positive and going forward. and if you want to emphasis the negative go out and vote for this guy and we are greece. he's going to have some of that. but the more positive message is, that i and paul ryan, we can solve it and we know how. and where as president obama, what is he going to say? he knows how to solve it? who will buy that but besides the zealots. >> he's hampered by the presence of set of results
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that don't show that. and there is no doubt that is it a predictament he's in and no doubt romney will try to present a sunny are message. he has tompt it is a things to convince people that you and your running mate have a sunnier future in storage and in your grasp. that is the clearly the message and he need toz radiate confidence and that optmistic feeling. >> like regan did. you study reagan tapes and speeches and romney is channeling reagan. >> he's got tompt and some other people who were not reagan saying like bob dole i am the most optmistic man in america. >> not even bob dole beaut that. romney hopes people will buy
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it from him. >> there is it a totally different tone. i expect on thursday when governor mitt romney gets up there tell be a uplifting speech and rather than a downer. but president obama in charlotte. i expect if you vote for those guys watch out. they will wreck your life. i expect a difference in tone. >> i would rather suspect what you will hear from the democratic speakers and president himself is all of those messages of fear and anxiety, but i think he will have to end on a high note. if he doesn't it will not work. he will try to anyway. >> what is sandra fluck a high member of the democratic machine commission of the man who the new york times under control. control. those reporely.
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>> we told you in the talking points memo, 30 year old sandra fluck who wants everyone to pay for her birth control is given a prom nept speaking in the democratic convention. juan williams is in tampa,
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florida. sandra fluck, good idea? >> it is terrific and surprised you call her extremist. my sense is that this woman was a college student in georgetown and good jes yut school and you know what, i think we should be able to get birth control. talking about a friend who had uterin cancer and birth control pills serve more than contraception. i was impressed by your talking points memo. i think you are on to something. president obama said this weekend, you have to be cautious about romney getting locked in to extremism and think aboutlet immigration and gay rights and medicare with the selection of paul ryan. and romney is ripe to be portrayed as totally in bed with the far right, denying the fact that he is a massachusetts moderate and turned it back because he
8:22 pm
wanted his nomination. >> we'll get there in a moment. do you want to pay for sandra fluck's birth control? >> come obill. >> do you want to pay for the birth control. >> if i pay for you when you are on social security, i don't say i am paying for bill rile rile oriley. >> do you want to pay for her birth control. >> rather pay for that than a cancer patient or machine who has unwanted pregnancy. smart move to have sandra fluck on prime time. >> it is risky. this is what happens. barak obama decipeded he can't have a argument about the economy and debt which is what people want to talk about. heap's dividing the electorate
8:23 pm
and he knows that white suburban women voters he needs big numbers with and he wants to scare them using sandra fluck. there are liberal mayors who try tod ban fryed chicken because they didn't like the owner. -- it is the streets of washington and juan can i have a hundred dollars to pay for the birth control juan would say no. i might buy you a soda but not giving you a hundred bucks for the life style choices. that's what i think. maybe you would. >> you know what, we live nay community. i think what. i think everybody in the community. >> i think everybody in the
8:24 pm
community juan would say no. it is not a human rights line. >> people who pay to go in the emergency room in this country? >> it is a very simple question . i am a simple man. you want to pay for the birth control or go to the emergency room, where are we go to nigeria next? >> and what about children's vaccinations. why do you for them. >> next the polio epidemic. >> during the democratic convention this is what we will talk about. going down the weird paths and not the deficit and debt and not what they want to talk about. here in the republican convention they break the mold of democratic stereo types and martinez from new mexico and sand oval and chris christy and walker fighting budget battles and coming out and talking about it in a positive
8:25 pm
way. they don't want to talk about it >> the republicans are going to have all of this week to talk about it juan, another simple question fur. >> all right, thank you, thank you. i am a simple man and i like to listen to o'reilly. >> desperate house wife system cancel why are we having longoria in prime time? >> why? she's quite loavely but the reason is it, going to appeal to hispanics and to women and she will be affective -- effective because she is a star and they'll say this represents the latino in america. >> why is she their there, is she in danger of being deported? does she need us to pay the birth control or what? >> you hold a >> why is the
8:26 pm
woman there? >> i just told you. hispanics and latino. she was born in san antonio. you can't deport her. you are all about facts and obama screwing up the economy. where are you going to hear any facts from romney where you will fixlet economy. >> i think you would. >> he gives me it. i am going to push it >> why are they running away from bush and cheny. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. the bottom line we will be here and republicans will be here talk being the top two issues on the list. on the democrats it will be a social palooza and people are going why are we talking about this? >> you have to explain that to him. >> it is a rock concert.
8:27 pm
>> why is eva longoria there and not the four desperate. >> terry hatcher would be my choice. >> why is she not there. >> juan is right. it is it an attempt to appeal to women voterss and latinas. and if you look at the slate of speakers it doesn't look like a serious message on the economy. >> it looks that way to me. sandra fluck and eva longoria. and i don't know what we will have from narel and what they will do. >> that's the other question. if obama goes too far on the ledge, he does risk alienating many of the voters who are the white working class and he has to worry about that. >> but mary katherine, mitt romney has to worry that rick santorum will go over board. he had to worry about pame
8:28 pm
pail and her man cain. they are not showing up. rick santorum and ron paul have speaking. i would say rick santorum will be an interesting watch. all right guys. >> he has to tone it out. >> go out and have a nice dinner. plenty more on the factor. did the man who attacked the family research council do so because he was encouraged bypass a liberal and berny wright about a bias issue. we hope you s [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information to open a bank account in order to make your money his money. [whoosh, clang] you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank
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>> 28 year old querkins was indicted boy the jury in washington dc. court shot and wounded one man before he was wrestled to the the president of the frc said he believed that he was spurred on by a liberal group. >> they disagree on marriage and religious issues and labeled us a hate group and that gives license to lunatics like this to come in and shoot innocent people. >> and joining us from montgomery. senior fellow of the law center and you say? >> well, first of all, bill, i appreciate you having me on
8:32 pm
and appreciate the fact that when you had tony perkins on your air last week. >> we challenge everyone. >> sure. i mean, the reality is, the way he described our criticism of his group is false. we do not list any group on the basis of believing that homosexuality is a sin or opposing same-sex marriage . we listed the frc because it spreads demonizing false propaganda about the splt. >> can you give me a example. >> it describes gay people as perverted and evil and dangerous to the nation. it also regularly things that are flat out lies about gay people as a group. for instance describes ped philia in tone perkins words as a homosexual problem and
8:33 pm
closely associated ped pill philia with homosexuality and that is false. >> let me read you a press release, part of one to reply to two of your parts. on hating homosexuals and demonizing them this is n what they say. >> we are a christian organization with an obligation to love our neighbors and including neighbors who experience same-sex. but we believe it is harmful that they choose to engage and society at large. and in addition to being forbidden by scripture . their belief system said homosexuality is wrong. are they a hate group for that belief? >> not because of that set of beliefs. ther a hate group because they lie about scientificly known facts about the lgbt community. >> on that they said.
8:34 pm
frc never said and does not believe that most homosexuals are child molestors. however it is undisputed that a percentage of child abuse cases male on male are higher in the percentage of adult males that are homosexuals and in this area there is it a higher percentage of gay ped philia and homosexual ped philia and het row sexual ped philia. are they a hate group. >> ther making a false allegation. >> you say that. that is not true what they . >> let me finish my sentence. that's what i am saying, they say that gay people are fundmental incapable of being good partners. that also is false and shown by many studies. >> i think the statistics are
8:35 pm
and could be wrong but we'll get them, that the male ped philia problem is more intense than the male girl ped philia. >> here's the bottom line. go. >> people who molest children, the vast majority of them have zero interest in adults in a sexual way. and in other words, they'll hit on any child. >> you know, i -- whether ther boy or girl. >> same-sex thing is more cominant than the other. sovereign citizens thing here now. august 16th as you know. two deputies shot dead and others wounded by members of a group sovereign citizens movement. what is the sovereign citizens
8:36 pm
movement? >>let sovereign citizens movement is a bunch of people who come out of the world of milt -- militias that we heard. patriot movement and they are as a movement believe they don't have to follow any federal laws and they don't pay taxes in a way most importantly that the government cannot regulate the driving on the roads, can't make people get driver's license and car registration . >> they are anarchist. >> how many are there? >> it is right wing anarchist believe they can want. they are responsible for the murders of eight police officers. >> how many of them are there in the country? >> our best estmitt. 100,000 people who are essentially hardcore sovereigns. there may be as many as
8:37 pm
200,000 others who table - onidable -- dable. if they file the right papers, they can get 20 million from the government and that stort of thipping. >> we appreciate it when we come back, berny goldberg proved correct on a bias issue. issue. >> and acor was dad vo: ok, time for bed, kiddo. lights out. ♪ (sirens)
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(train horn) ♪ vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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>> thank you for staying with us. the new york times has an ombudsman who is supposed to tell the paper's readers if there is bias in the presentation. that man is leaving his position and yesterday he wrote across the papers many departments so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism for lack of a better term that this world view virtually bleeds through the fabric of the times. you may remember berny goldberg wrote a book in which he said the same thing about the new york times and other national media. joining us is mr. goldberg.
8:41 pm
it must have been sweet to read the comupe. >> a little bit. my first reaction was this is not a bullitin saying that the new york times is a liberal bias. and thank you for acknowledging that i said this in print a long time ago. but then i thought, i am glad he did it in difficult times it is important to state the obvious and he . and i am glad he . >> when i wrote bias and even before that when i wrote on the wall strite journal about liberal bias. this touched off the media equivalent of world war three. i was call would a traitor and they put a bounty out on me. it was ugly. fast forward to now. now you have the new york times saying there is it a liberal bias and jake tapper of main stream abc news saying
8:42 pm
that the media went easy to bark obama four years ago mark halpern of main stream magazine that the media tends to cover the stories that the obama campaign wants them to cover osteoporosis who is a snart open minded liberal saying there is a double standard and the reporters treat democrats better than republicans. the good news they are saying this. but the bad news, nothing is going to change. the new york time social security a liberal institution and the net works are liberal institutions and they don't care frankly what i say or what you say, bill. they don't care what most of you all. what their customers, their own customers, the american people say and they don't care what the renegades in their
8:43 pm
own organization says. >> people watching us. what do i care about the new york times. it is it a liberal paper so what abc or cbs is lib ramp. i with the wall street journal and fox news channel and places on the internet and talk radio, what do i care what they think. and you say? >> that's all good, that's all good. but the new york times has a lot of power in this country not because so many people read the actul paper, but because they set the agenda for the net works and the first thing, you were at cbs and you were at abc also first thing they do in the morning is they open the new york times and stee what they have to cover that day. that is important. new york times stories are syndicated in papers and small towns and big cities in the country and that matters. most of all it is it read by
8:44 pm
535 members of congress and they care what the new york times said to some extent. i agree with you totally. that the new york times doesn't have nearly the clout that it used to have . it still influences a lot of other news organization. >> i will give you an example. here in new york city . we have two all news radio stations. wcbs and wins and ther owned by the same company. and they are around the clock in your car radio. bang, boom, boom, boom and they give you the news. their tone largely is set by the new york times. >> and so you are listening to the ensapulation and quick news summary i can see and hear exactly the spin that the new york times puts tompt stop and frisk the big police
8:45 pm
campaign in new york that is dropped crime and dropped violent crime. the new york times hate its and trying to get rid television and the broadcasteros the radio subliminally putting the stop and risk in a negative light. that is what happens and it just bleeds through and if you you are not aware. that stop ask frisk is pretty bad not hearing it saved 3,000 in the minority community. >> this is a quote. progressive . which is a fancy word liberalism bleeds inhe newspapers. it also bleeds through into other new's organization and he said that because of that culture, that instead of reporting on issues like move on, treat them as causes. they treat them as liberal causes and like gay marriage and wall street crazy people
8:46 pm
instead of reporting on it the new york times cheer lead promotes it. in the beginning. occupy wall street movement. this was the greatest thing world. look at these people, seizing power and all of the sudden, the city of oakland is on fire and where is the occupy coverage. it doesn't exist. >> what happened when they fell in love with the movement in new york net works fell in love with the same move took the same tone. that's the importance of the new york times. chuck todd. chief politicalal reporter said it is not a liberal bias it is it a geographical bias. a new york base is liberal dias. if they moved to some other place and one of the places
8:47 pm
was tupelo, mississippi, they wouldn't have a liberal bias because they would rub shoulders with people who were not new yorkers. >> they would look down upon them though. you can take. >> but at least they would be. >> you can take them out of new york but you can't take new york out of the lib rampt you eat grits and what is the nascar stumpt ther always going to be that way because they feel they are better. >> they do. listen bill. i said that my biggest complaint upon a time was the bias. they are elitism and how they look down their nose at everybody who lives between manhattan and malibu. that is a bigger complaint which most people know exists and brush off. their eletism is truly
8:48 pm
repulsive and bad . >> got to g. reality check on deck a actsor in a geico commercial said the lizard fired him because he critized president obama. right back w with athlete's foot, i just wanted to hide myeet. now? not so much. i got lotrimin ultra. it penetrates to soothe symptoms while it cures athlete's foot at its core. prescription strength lotrimin ultra. put your best foot forward.
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>> back with reality check. the isaac in the gulf of mexico and causing trouble. and here now from the fox weather center . rike has the latest on isaac. >> it is moving toward new orleans. you will have rain and hurricane swarnings in morgan city and all the way to mississippi and alabama. tonight is and tomorrow tropical storm forts wind tomorrow afternoon hurricane force and possibly a category two. right in new orleans and it means a lot of rain will fall in the south. major flooding problems on our hands wednesday. a lot of people. 16-18 inches of rain. >> when do you estimate landfall. >> we are close. 24 hours from now. right around the parish and if
8:52 pm
it cuts to the west or east. impact will be felt 24 hours from now likely around mind fall. >> katrina was this week it hit what is that 7 years ago. >> 7 years ago tomorrow. >> this is it eerie in that. that was a five and this is a one. >> two or could be a three. this still has time to get organized. if it is not a huge storm for a long time, it won't have had the ability to build up that big of a storm surge. 12 feet is what we are talk being. we had 30 with katrina on the mississippi coast line. >> thank you for the update geico insurance company buys a lot of tv adone of them features the actor rirmy.
8:53 pm
>> does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist. >> that's why yellow makes me sad. >> you know what makes me sad. you do, maybe we should jug on over to nampy pamp pamby land to find self confidence for you . croy baby. >> mr. ilmy will not do geico commercials . he was fired for political reasons >> geico fired me because i was not too kind speak being the administration . and so the -- >> they fired you for political reasons? >> yeah. if you are a conservative in this town, you better watch out. >> we called geico and they said they did not fire mr. ermey but doing commercials with other folks >> we are getting questions
8:54 pm
about the new children's book lincoln's last day. target audience 4-8. and best seller and teachers want to know how to get it in the classroom. we have details. there is a prosteedure for ordering the book in bulk and you will get all of the details on the bill o' we'll send books to the: >> and killing kennedy f. you haven't read killing lincoln you might want to do that. it sets up the kennedy book and there is it a lot of similarities in the two assassinations of the president and we write about them and note them. if you haven't read killing lincoln good time to do. great beach book and will not bore you x. kennedy out october 2nd with the stame brilliant co-author. and i think you will like this
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one. it is it just an amazing thing the similarities. and i want to thank everyone who is supportive of the history bock series. that is a reality check this eveningment factor tip of the day. no spin about president obama. you are going to want to see the tip. 60 seconds away. [♪...] >> i've been training all year for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day.
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the courts and the liberal press should understand that anyone who sells hard drugs or pot for that matter does so with malicious intent. they want to make mon yethey care aless how it affects the buyer. they are parasites selling poisoned and should be punished accordingly. and o'reilly, i want you ton about small-town patriotism. we raised 24,000 for the wounded warrior project. way to go, don. and after the conventions we'll have a major announcement about the wounded warrior. >> and bill, you look great in the salmon tie. real men can wear that color and carry a small dog without worries. i agree on the tie. the dog deal. it is it little elton john if you know what i mean. mary. bill, thank you for the tip of not eating wheat. my skin never looked better.
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you are welcome and all of the tips the of day listod bill o' and mr. o, i watched the factor in cambodia and sige gon bang kong. and in new mexico watching the factor down here. tough place. stay and vacationing in playa decarp men, mexico. that is a nice place. and in germany. watch the factor on my lunch break. laura ingram far white and juan williams is fair when he fills n. we try to give you a number of looks it makes life interesting and finally tonight. factor tip of the day. news week primarily a liberal publicication stories like
8:59 pm
conservative neal ferg us on. and documentation that he provides piece is interesting and so the tip of the day. read the article. no emotion, no sin. very illuminating from news week magazine. that's it for us tonight. please check out fox news factor website which is different from billo'reilly.comand i have talking points about the cons. and if you came in late take a look it sets up our coverage over the next two weeks. i will be in tampa on wednesday and next week in charlotte as well also we would like to you spout off about the factor which you heard tonight. o'reilly at fox news.comname and town, name and town. and apply it any were in the world. don't be a ninny hammer. if we do anything else in life.


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