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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am heheather chilleders. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> isaac is on the verge of becoming a hurricane it is causing widespread flooding and even a tornado in florida. >> it could be a category 2 hurricane by the time it makes land fall. >> maria molina tracking isaac in the tracking certainty. >> good morning everyone. we just got ap brand new update
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from the national hurricane center saying much has still not changed with tropical storm isaac so it is still a tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 70 miles an hour. it is intensifying. there is dry air trying to work its way on the northern part of the storm system. that is likely part of the reason why it has not become a hurricane one of the reasons it is remaining some what disorganized here. it is a large tropical storm with tropical storm force winds extending 200 miles from the center of the storm. that makes it kind of slow down in intensification. that's something we are still keeping an eye on. we are still expecting to see land fall across the new orleans area late tonight early tomorrow morning. we are talking maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour. isaac is still a category 1
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hurricane by the end of the day within the next 12-hours. it would have maximum sustained winds of 74 miles per hour. we are right there with the maximum sustained winds. 18 inches of rain isaac is forecast to slow down. it is moving at 12 miles per hour. take a look where it should be tuesday 1:00 a.m. right offshore in new orleans. we will be feeling the tropical storm conditions across the city of new orleans and areas east of that biloxi and alabama. the storm surge will become an issue. we could see it as high as a foot above normal high levels anywhere from 6-12 feet is what is forecast and a lot of heavy rain. by wednesday 1:00 a.m. just coming on shore by wednesday 1:00 p.m. to the north of that. large slow moving system again a lot of flooding range by the
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time it accelerates by the time we head to the weekend. heather, patti ann? >> people of new orleans bracing for the brunt of the storm. we are live with the latest from louisiana. >> gulf states have declared a state of emergency. we think it will make land fall tonight or early tomorrow morning. the biggest trend of the storm is the fact that it is going to be a rain maker. this is a low lying part of the united states. so what are people doing? well if traffic is any indication there are thousands of people that booked it out of town yesterday. there was a mandatory evacuation a number of areas and perishes not protected by the levy system. the people hunkering down say they want to prepare for the next 72-hours. they are getting supplies water batteries. they are prepared not to leave their home. they have faith in the levy
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system. there have been a $14 billion investment to upgrade the 133 mile stretch of levy system that protect this city as well as a number of vulnerable parishes oo thank you very much live in new orleans. the rnc could have opened and closed for business but not before they unveiled a real time debt clock to highlight the nation's soaring deficit. >> for this convention we also want to draw your attention to the unprecedented fiscal recklessness of the obama administration as depicted by the real time national debt clock shown here in the arena. >> kelly right now is live in washington with a look ahead at the rnc resuming. bottom line here is that now that tropical storm isaac has
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gotten out of the way republicans can now get their convention underway. having said that on monday as we were just watching due to the threat of tropical storm isaac the republicans significantly down sized their opening cancelling speakers spending 10 minutes to formally open convention. >> it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. >> with the striking of the gavel they are now in order for republican convention goers the party is finally on. for now the republican national convention will follow the lathes script tonight. the republicans will conduct a roll-call to nominate mitt romney for president and paul ryan as vice president. it will include rick santorum bob mcdonald south carolina nicky haley and scott walker are
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among the few that will speak today. also ann romney the wife of governor romney will deliver her speech tonight. she will share with america the kind of man, husband, father and leader mitt romney has been. the keynote speaker is chris christie who will explain why having 4 more years of obama is not good for the country. we will talk about what we can expect for the republican convention. >> i think governor romney has an opportunity to basically reintroduce himself. talk about his values and his plans to fix our economy. the economy is the number one issue. why? because the american people are still asking the question where are the jobs? >> that is the narrative of this republican convention as we are see throughing the eyes of house speaker john boehner. governor romney is planning to come to tampa today in time to see his wife give a speech.
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although it has been kept a mystery whether he will attend the convention before his address on thursday night. back to you, patti ann. >> kelly wright. thank you. >> time to look at who is talking. paul ryan is talking about his convention speech. >> the vice presidential hopeful says the most important thing he wants people to take away from the convention. >> we have positive ideas and solutions for a better future. the contrast between the president obama plan which has put the nation into debt, doubt and decline verses mitt romney's visions solutions for a better future to get us back to prosperity couldn't be clearer. what we want to do is highlight the contracts and give the country the choice they deserve this fall by showing them how we get the country back to work how we get the country out of debt and how we get the american idea revived. tune into fox for the speech by paul ryan. dick morris also talking about
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the convention predicting the outcome of these next two weeks. i believe these two conventions are going to really begin to seal the fate of this election. i think that romney's convention beginning with ann romney's speech tomorrow night is going to put to rest the character assassination by obama. people will see the real story of bain capital and meet the real guy through ann romney when she describes what the guy is really like. they will see paul ryan with their own eyes. they will watch romney speak and come to understand who he really is. conventions are very good at that historically. i predict romney will come out of this convention with a 6-8 point bounce. then we come to the democratic convention. democrats are determined to use their convention as a negative vehicle. one being approximately negative ads. i think historically that doesn't work. i remember in 92 when i was guiding bill and hillary through
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the 92 convention where the republicans savaged them. i said negative conventions won't work. it was the first time, the only time in modern history that there has not been a bounce for the party having a convention. bush didn't pick up anything in that convention. he also says that bounce he is predicting will become a permanent lead for romney. time for your 5@5:00. the top five stories making news at this hour. a traumatic start to the school year in baltimore. a 15-year-old brought shot gun to school with him and put it together on campus before firing it in the cafeteria. a 17-year-old was injured. he was stopped a counselor who pinned him up against a vending machine. he is in custody and classes are set to resume today. >> he was on the vp short list now fox news is saying rob
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portman will have a crucial role. he will play president obama in rehearsals. >> it's an opportunity to learn more about the other side and what they are thinking and it makes you all the more committed to your point of view. they have decided they don't want to talk about their record they don't want to talk about what he has done as president. it's hard to talk about the economy. so they have turned it and irn stead they are attacking mitt romney's business record. wouldn't it be great to have someone who knows how to create a job in government? >> he plays senator obama for john mccain's debate. president obama hits the campaign trail. he will try to appeal to younger voters during a three state college tour. it wraps up tomorrow with an event near the university of
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virginia. a military piles court warning the trial will move forward. the court will not address whether nadal hassan can be forced to shave before the trial. his beard is against army regulations. the issue delayed the court-martial several times. officials are deciding when proceedings will resume again. kneel armstro -- neil armst will have a quiet funeral friday near his home in cincinnati. it is for family and close friends including ohio senator rob portman who will be there for a eulogy. he died after complications following art surgery. he was 82. that is your 5@5:00. now it is time for stories you can bank on this morning. we told you about the unveiling of the debt clock at the rnc. the national debt is poised to hit a scary new milestone. fox business network has more on
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that for us. the national debt is poised to pass the $16 trillion mark by next week which means taxpayers will be paying 225 billion a year just in interest. the u.s. debt has risen 6 trillion in the last four years compared to 2.6 billion the year brothers that. the debt is projected to rise after that. you can hear more about this on the campaign trail. republicans already unveiled the gigantic debt clock as they opened their national convention. we will hear more on that for sure. the smart phone wars are heating up samsung may be in a bit of trouble. >> apple is saying they infringed on their patents. they requested a preliminary injunction against 8 samsung products they could have gone after 28 devices but they followed the judge's order to keep the list paler. they will also seek to over turn
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the original. >> you and i are young where should we move? >> i am not sure i am young enough to fit into this category. we will go with that. we are always talking about how hard the recession has been on the country's young adults. when it comes to faring the economy not all are created equal. he looked at 19 factors of youth unemployment and all 50 states and determined north dakota is the best state to become a young american thanks to the booming economy. south dakota was the runner up with cheap apartments and relatively low unemployment rates low car insurance and rental rates iowa at third followed by montana and nebraska which also boasts low rental costs and montana's case relatively cheap tuition. 13 after the top of the hour. coming up your ftax dollars mak sure more people are going green on the road.
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>> it is 16 after the hour.
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ed f the federal trooifrl south carolina to fight voter fraud is on the way. they passed a law requiring voters to show voter id to make sure only eligible voters vote. they claim it disenfranchised minority voters. >> a news hole copter makes an emergency landing. a rival tv station first saw the smoke coming from the chopper and alerted the ktla pilot. it landed safely and the two people on board were not hurt. time now patti ann with a look as who is talking. a big point of convention with the owe called war on women. president obama saying the republican will hurt women. that's what nikki haley is talking about this morning. >> women are smarter than a. woman don't go by a party they
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go by a doe significance things that work with their home and families. the more the democrats try to rabl women on one issue or fun party they are making a mistake. women are smarter than that they will prove it when the next el lin election comes around. >> former presidential hope will feel michelle bachmann simply says this is a phony war. >> it is a phony war on women. there is no war on women. there this is a fiction of their imagination. they want women to think that. women are capable competent intellectual beings. what they know more than anything they want security for their family and especially for their children. when they go to the machine any van gasoline prices doubled since the day obama took office of courses grocees . groceries are sky rocketing. we got a report that came out that if we continue with the policies we are looking at 9 percent unemployment. we will hear more from her
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because congressman bachmann will be on "fox & friends" live for more reaction. with this election set to come down to the economy a lot of people will be voting with their wallet. the question is what are the key issues. >> the federal government pushing to get more americans on federal aid saying not enough americans are honest. we will tell you about that coming up.
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>> welcome back. it is 22 after the top of the hour. the fast and furious operation expected to blast the bure reof
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alcohol, tobacco and firearm. it puts most of the blame on atf officials in if phoenix. these backpacks could be hazardous to your kid's health. the dora the explorer backpacks contain levels over 60 times higher than the allowed levels. the toxic chemical has been linked to adhd diabetes and asthma. patti ann? well, heather, jobs and the economy will be on voter's minds this election. what are some of the other issues that will effect you the most? where does each candidate stand? personal condition expert vera givens. >> thanks patti ann. a lot focus on jobs and the economy. >> jobs jobs and more jobs. we have 23 million americans who are unemployed or under employed. they each have different takes on what they are doing to do to
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stimulate this. we have obama reliant on temporary tax breaks federal spending subsidized retraining and romney says he will change the entire landscape regulatory budgetary tax environment. he's about free trade and has more of a long-term economic growth type of plan which we need. >> dramatically different view there is. healthcare also different views. >> contentious issues. they have different takes on this big time. talk about varying takes. romney would like to repeal obama care all together which would otherwise be fully implemented in 20146789 he would rather have states adopt their own plans. in massachusetts everybody has affordable rates rather than a universal program federally run program. >> the plans not all that different. a lot of talk about this. social security and medicare. >> romney would like to raise
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the retirement age slowly which makes a little bit of sense for people as for medicare changes on that front, too. not for existing recipients but future recipients what they would like to do is make minor changes. tweak it a bit. they would like to do a voucher type system where they would buy private insurance on the government different priechs on this one, too. it is about keeping the program solvent. you wouldn't have to use the vouchers you could go with the current system option as well. and docks. >> romney would like to do away with some of the regulations that have been stifling the economy here. he would like to make the environment a little more streamline and modern. do away with the regulations he feels are choking economic growth. he will have a different take on how they handle investment income as well. he would like to eliminate tax
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on capital gains for everybody working under 200 thousand 15 percent for everybody else. obama would like to raise the capital gain from 15-20 percent top 20 income brackets taking dividends up to income rates for the individuals as well. approaching 40 percent for some top earners. the time right now is 26 ar the hour. still to come your tax dollars pay for more green cards on the road. why is gm halting production of the chevy volt. meat lovers listen up. you may be saying bye-bye to those steaks. a new study says we will all have to eat vegetarian eventually. princess charles and princess diana divorced on this day.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers.
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>> i am patti ann browne. it is 29 minutes after the hour. time for an extreme weather alert for you. you are looking at lake ponchatrain, louisiana. you can see strong winds. they are already picking up wild waives. tropical storm isaac closing in on new orleans expected to hit tonight or early tomorrow morning as a hurricane. elizabeth is live on the ground with the latest. >> hi, heather. you said they were start to go deteriorate. they are. we are start to go get a little bit of rain. that is consistent with this type of storm. it is spore ratic a huge storm people being affected hundreds of miles away. authorities told us if you didn't leave yesterday and you live in a low lying area you were under a mandatory warning. it's too late. they wanted people to get out yesterday. they had a false sense of security. people who stayed are hunkering down for the next 42 hours.
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the system will cover over the state of louisiana dropping anywhere from 18-24 inches of rain after that it is still a flood issue. a lot of the area the water has nowhere to go. authorities say they have faith in the levy system. the drastic images from 2005 there is mass devastation we saw with hurricane katrina. since then the levy system has undergone a $14 billion facelift. there is more than 133 miles surrounding the city of new orleans while the number of perish parishes that protect residents they have a $550 million water pumping system. people who hunkered down feel they have faith in the levy system and believe they will be safe. >> hope the levees hold. appreciate elizabeth bran
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live from the scene in new orleans. >> hi again. >> hi again everyone. we are still tracking tropical storm isaac which is becoming better organized. we had dry air on the northern side of the storm system but some is built into the thunderstorms. it is a sign it is intensifying but pressure is dropping near the center of the storm system which is also a sign it is intensifying. because isaac is such a large storm system with tropical storm winds that travel 205 miles from the center of the storm it will take longer for it to become a hurricane. we are still expecting that to become the next four-hours. we are expecting anywhere from 7-14 inches possible across the
2:33 am
area. up to 20 inches of rain across new orleans and across mississippi. severe weather from new orleans up to the southern part of alabama mississippi and the panhandle as some of the out ir rain bands move on shore they interact with the land and you get some rotation. short lived but damaging tornadoes can be formed from the rain bands. as had he we had into tomorrow we have new orleans and mississippi. northern parts of mississippi could see severe weather from tropical storm isaac or hurricane isaac by then. we are expecting it to be a category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 8 pa miles an hour. storm surge as high as 6-12 feet from the city of new orleans to the southern part of mississippi. as we head eastward places like
2:34 am
mobile could have a slightly warmer storm surge and parts of the panhandle. just because it is a tropical storm and we still need to make it very seriously. flooding is a big concern out here. the worst of the wind will be as we head into late tonight and early tomorrow morning as it moves on shore in the city of new orleans. maria molina, thank you. >> big day in tampa for the rnc with the convention resuming after it was briefly, very briefly called to order yesterday. doug luzader is live for us. hi, doug. it has become the second day since they did the gavel thing to start yesterday. it begins in inhees ernest. a big part of it will take part on the floor. they will go through the
2:35 am
roll-call vote where each state will nominate mitt romney for president and paul ryan for vice president. that is 9 formal part. ann romney and then chris christie. he was mobbed supporters and cameras as he got a lay of the land to figure out what this venue is going to be like. he's expected to rip up the crowd. he is generally pretty good at whipping up crowds. we will hear from him and tomorrow we will hear from vice presidential nominee paul ryan. he was there for a big sendoff rally. >> this is not an ordinary election because it's not an ordinary time. we have a big choice to make. we are not just picking the next president for a few years. we are picking the pathway for america for a generation
2:36 am
speaki. >> speaking of pathway, which pathway will isaac take? mitt romney was asked about hurricane isaac. >> i hope that they are spared naming destruction. >> that is the sentiment shared by everyone. it is certainly possible. we could see additional changes in the convention schedule that's not anticipated. they are not ruling anything out. a lot will depend on what happens with isaac. >> tonight's convention lineup is what dana is talking about this morning. >> specifically ann romney and chris christie's speeches tonight. giving analysis in particular ann romney's speech. a chance for voters to get to know her husband better.
2:37 am
>> the speech is for a couple reasons. people finally start to focus and get to know him better they also image what was tv like in the white house? would she represent america well? could i image her in the height whous and be supportive of a xand commander-in-chief. probably the biggest speech of her life. >> talking about chris christie's speech predicting his address will bring the crowd to their feet. >> i think he will bring the crowd to their feet. if you are a delicate in the national public committee you are ready to rock tomorrow night. ann romney's speech is very important. not just because he can deliver a good line. i believe he will talk about how good policy and effective governing and the piece he finished a couple weeks ago republican governors are leading the way when it comes to better government. i think that's what he will talk about. >> exciting night on tap.
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we will be bringing you all of the speeches live. tune in for complete convention coverage. if you miss it we will be bringing you the highlights on fox and friends first. don't forget tomorrow morning. time for the 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. defense team taking over. prosecution wrapped up their case. they tried to paint him as a bully who was capable of killing his third wife kathleen sabio. his son and forensic experts are among the witnesses defense attorneys are expected to call. the father of so-called former taliban fighter says he is proud of him. he was impressed with his testimony to hold daily group prayer. the security concerns should not prufrp h trump his religious freedom. he is asking to pray 5 times a day with other islamic inmates.
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>> general motors will stop production of the chevy volt temporary. it will last about a month where they make the car. they are denying it is due to poor sales instead it is to prepare the factory for the 2014 impala that is expected to be introduced into u.s. storerooms next year. the federal government actually pushing to get more americans to ask for federal assistance. a new poll says they admitted getting government help such as food and unemployment assistance. given that only 15 percent of you turned to government assistance in tough times wants to make sure you know about benefits that can help you. more than one and 7 americans are already on food stamps. in about 40 years we might be asking where is the beef? a could i erraccording to a lea
2:40 am
scientist in will cut the consumption of these products by 15 percent. a vegetarian uses less water than animal based foods. that is your 5@that:30. time to entertain this. fans of the late micro jack getting ready for new music. the album bad 25 will feature 8 unreleased songs. it xhem indicated the song's 25 year anniversary. >> tmz reporting lindsay lohan is a suspect in the theft of watches and sunglasses. the investor reported the items missing from his mansion. did they vanish when oprah was on the list for highest paid
2:41 am
celebrity. she made, $165 million last year. in second movie director michael fay with 160 million and in thirds steven spielberg. he only made 130 million. now for your starting lineup a roundup of all of the sports so stories making headlines at this hour. the u.s. open is officially underway. federer and sharapova are the winners moving on in the next round. we will have tennis tips as well. >> then i am headed to the u.s. open. >> tim tebow is disappointed the jets failed to score an offensive touchdown in three preseason games. this is the first time of any team since 1977. he is still confident the jets will turn things around. >> madden 13 video game goes on sale at midnight.
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the game includes a new career load available in play station 3. xbox 360 and wii. the time now is 41 after the top of the hour. coming up we are talking about a health warning this morning that belly fat around your waist could be worsen for your heart than obesity. >> they are set to make their case at the convention. what specific points do they have to hit to win over the american people? we will ask our next guest.
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>> the republican national convention kicks off again tonight. what do they need to do to win over voters. real clear politics, katelyn is here. >> thank you for having me. >> they delayed the convention, delayed dealing with isaac barreling into forcareas of the country. what do they need to do to make this convention a success? >> they have to get people really excited. chris christie giving the keynote add kress will do that. he will lay it into obama and get people to their feet with
2:46 am
his speech tonight. he will be one to look for to kind of rally up the troops after kind of a day of waiting and ready to get this convention started. >> what should they focus on talking about? >> they need to get back to the economy. there has been have been distractions in the last couple days and weeks. they need to get back to the economy. over the past several months of the campaign the argument has been obama's policies have been qualified to take the next term. they need to make that argument but they need to let voters feel a sense of trust between the candidates and say the current occupant in the white house may not be qualified but they are. they need to instill confidence.
2:47 am
>> you touched on chris christie briefly. let's talk about the other speakers tonight. it is an exciting lineup. let's begin with senate republican candidate from texas ted crews. what do you expect to hear from him? >> ted cruise won a really interesting primary in texas. he by all accounts seems like he will be in tthe next senator fr texas the state is very red. he is a tea party favorite. i think we will hear a lot from th that end. we builds might get also might a sense of how he may govern in the senate which is an important part of this as well as republicans are starting fight to gain control of the senate. >> i am sorry to cut you off. nicky haley as well. >> yes. she has been a rising star in the republican party. she has been campaigning for mitt romney since the primaries in south carolina perhaps may be
2:48 am
able to sway women voters. but really talk about conservative values republicans see her as one to watch. speaking of women ann romney will be speaking tonight as well. >> right. we are going to look to ann romney to humanize mitt romney spoe to spe so to speak to show lighter side of him talking about their relationship it will give us a us a clue. he is running for president but ann romney could be a fist lady. her speech is introducing herself and her husband to voters giving us a sense of how she might be as a first lady in the white house as well. of course chris christie starting it all out. >> could it be a spoiler for mitt romney. there are signs the key votes could sway the election. also lowering the bar.
2:49 am
one school says loosening the standard is better for the kids long-term. first let's check in with steve doocy see what's coming up on "fox & friends"." >> good morning ladies. live in tampa. according to the 3 hour rundown we will give you the latest on what is still tropical storm isaac and how it will impact the gulf coast. joe tripy to karl rove talking politics. page two the chairman of the rnc. yesterday he gavelled in the convention today they get started full steam ahead. shocked young republicans in illinois works out with paul ryan will be joining us. laura ingram michelle bachmann mike huckabee the oak ridge boys. we get started right now on "the fox news channel.
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he>> 7 minutes to the top of the hour. a new study shows belly fat is more deadly than being obese. people with belly fat even if they are not technically over weight have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. it is associated with insulin resistance. in the next # months or so they will be deciding which electronic devices could be used during flights. don't get your hopes occupy that will not include phone calls. >> oo libertarians could play a much bigger part come november leaving many to wonder if they might siphon off the crucial swing state votes mitt romney needs to win the white house. james rosen has more.
2:54 am
>> i give to you the guy that is my hero, my father, ron paul. >> the 7,000 libertarians who packed the university of south florida sun dome for a tribute to ron paul may have witnessed the swan song for the texas congressman who turned 77 last week and is not speaking reelection in the house. >> is there anything left for me to say? >> indeed there was discourage of the federal reserve held for an hour defined as ever warning about the universal currency and bradley manning the national security leader as a whistleblower and claiming his own support would double or triple his meager votes because they don't feel comfortable coming to a republican primary. >> pape peer in washington, d.c. they said the revolutions will not be happening. don't they only wish. >> it is the gop platform they
2:55 am
say managed to bring to the u.s. constitution and they were slated to watch the video. paul was denied a speaking role at the rnc and may never endorse mitt romney. he told fox news paul's supporters should feel comfortable with the ticket. >> ron is a friend of mine. i have known him a long time in congress. we believe in some money we belief in limited government we believe in economic freedom and in the founding principles. >> governor gary johnson is polling under 10 percent in colorado meaning key and like minded candidates may siphon off crucial swing votes. >> will not vote for evil men. the lesser of two evils if they are 90 percent bad they are still evil. >> they plan to return to their local republican county organizations to work from within and rpro he motor ron paul's idea. we are not going away.
2:56 am
at the national convention tampa, florida james rosen, fox news. the time 5 minutes until the tomorrow of t top of the hour. mass chaos a bull breaking free at a fair. we will have a frightening scene coming up next. >> can you figure out our word of the day? stick around for the answer. a longer one.
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>> a minute and half until the top of the hour. look at the good, bad and the ugly. superman found a girlfriend. there is these images of super man and wonder woman. it revamped the old heros with new costumes and origins. and a new jersey school system lowering the cut off from 70 to 65. it is part of a three year pilot program to help students achieve their golce. and bull breaks loose in load runs wild in a fair in pennsylvania. several people were hurt, at least one of them seriously. emergency crews captured the bull. time to get scrambled up. gretchen is here to help us out with this one. three es. >> elephant.


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