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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 30, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you'll never know unless you call. ♪ ♪ >>neil: the star of the convention is now the man on the stage with the guy who brought down the haas last night. mitt romney taking his class photo, if you will, with his running mate, paul ryan, these are largely romney staffers and a lot of support personnel. they are take, a last big group shot this is common through the convention day with the big cheese coming, it gets more important. what romney is doing now in the next few minutes is do what paul ryan did last night. you can remember when i got the dramatic one-on-one interview
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with paul ryan that was much the talk of the blogs but enough about me, and back do me and what i am covering, mitt romney getting the lay of the land the he has been on the stage before after his wife spoke two nights ago. we are told that mitt romney's speech has been written, he is set to go, and he will deliver an in your face response to big government spending and big on the theme that the young running make picked up on and he might respond to paul ryan's put down of the republican state of affairs musical choices, paul ryan comparing them to elevator music last night. i am sure that will not be ignored tonight by mitt romney. this is "your world," from the republican convention in florida. this is it for romney, this is the night he has to deliver not
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necessarily a income out but a message that will wrap up a successful republican convention as far as getting the message out and staying on that message. a message of getting spending under control and the debt clock and business interests we hear about. this convention has been embraced capitalism and sung the praises of capitalists. paul ryan, remember, said last night of mitt romney and the business experience, he was a success at business. we should welcome that. we should not reject that. a fellow who probably agrees on looking at business as a good guy and not a bad guy, intel c.e.o. he does not conduct many tv interviews because he is very abusive to reporters, i am not saying he is like john sununu but close.
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very close. you are not a regular convention person? >>guest: first time. first time here. we had a number of policy meetings and met with the delegations from the states we operate and i wanted to understand what happens. >>neil: you have heard the wrap against the business titans, all spread sheet, pocket protector, nerd, high i.q., is that fair? >>guest: well, those are the i.q. part is fair. i don't think the pocket protector part is. i few him and supported him four years ago in the primary run. there is a lot more to him, now, he is seasoned in those four years but the problems we face, the economic problems, they need someone of that caliber to deal with them. they are fundamental issues that
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having the business persons is going to bring a lot to the party. >> do you think, we hear a lot of the speakers at the convention, small,up, and large business owners alike, this proportionately mentioned, this is unusual for so many business figures to be so preeminent -- to be so prominent, the idea that this administration does not like capitalists in general; that fair? >>guest: i don't think so. i supported the president by working on the job council. >>neil: but how often does it meet? >>guest: we met with the president four times and we have weekly calls. >>imus: is he in on the phone calls? >>guest: not on the weekly phone calls. >>neil: when is the last time? >>guest: february. no, no, june. june. june. >>neil: many who looked at the counsel they talk about a lack of leadership which is what republicans have mentioned s that something you have noticed
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or is it that the campaign sidetracked everyone? >>guest: well, i don't look it at that way. we divided up the projects and there were gustsy proposals and there were things that c.e.o.'s took and managed like internship, for engineers and stuff, they are up and running. tax policy, of course, that is muddied up and everything else. >> but the view of this convention, whether it is you didn't build that, the debt clock, government run amok, do you worry we are, capitalism could be strong but we question success more. do you share that? >>guest: this comes and goes. i live in california and this rhetoric has been around for some time. i do think that the economic foundational problems are so
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substantial they need to be addressed quickly. some of the things will require hard decisions. i think that in the context of doing thank you will see people get uncomfortable. this is why things like simpson-bowles, no one liked everything. but it was a good proposal. we will have to see some of those things. >>neil: do you get a sense of the separation between technology companies, such as intel or ibm, and, then, a lot of the internet guys, they are said to be loyal to the president, even now, very different and the huber gigantic companies like intel and others. >>guest: it could have to do with age but this is probably overly general. we are older than the internet guys at intel and our view is more seasoned. >>neil: but seasoning could be
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a big issue. that could explain facebook problems. >>guest: seasoning? >>neil: age? >>guest: i don't think so. i was on the google board in the same timeframe. >>neil: they brought in a seasoned c.e.o.? >>guest: yes. they brought in a seasoned c.e.o. >>neil: in the end you will support mitt romney? >>guest: i am. >>neil: very good do see you. a man who runs intel, a company of considerable sway. the scene on the floor right now, mitt romney is there and we size up the stage so there is a great dial of attention being paid here and the state delegations, including one special delegation. in the new hampshire delegation, the former governor said his state will swing to mitt romney in the fall. the polls are dead even right now. this is considered an
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independent swing states but given that mitt romney called this home away from home and the fact that john sununu is working the phones he thinks its becomes a red state this fall. >>neil: the math changes with the swing state attention that we hear about as we look at the stage the big speech is at 10:30 east eastern, when he addresses the convention goers. and the former new hampshire governor who joins me right now was chief of staff in the senior administration. what do you think mitt romney has to do tonight? you talk about, are you addressing the folks in this building? are you going beyond this building? >>guest: this message is a message for america.
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this campaign deserves credit for setting out a pretty clear set of steps and he is taking the next step along the process. this is the beginning of the last two months. last night i made the analogy like a basketball game in the last two minutes, the presidential campaign it all happens in the last two months. he is launching this part of the campaign, this speech will define, i think, the positive aspects of his campaign and, of course, he will get revenge for the comment about the music. >>neil: that came from the blue. elevator music will not help with the young groups. >>guest: chemistry is important in making things happen and one of the great things about the administration i have the honor and privilege to work in we have great chemistry in there. this package is a great package, a combination of the slightly
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gray and the not so gray, a combination of styles but it is an an -- government is to big, spending too much money, intruding on regulation and overtaxation of business so there is no money left to hire people. we have to unshackle energy resources so we can bring competitiveness back to america >>neil: but anyone in this room could have placed his fellow in the nomination and they got the loud new hampshire guy to do it. >>guest: he is a great man. it is hard, sometimes, to find people -- you can find a lot of people you like. it is hard to find someone you like and respect at the same time. i like him and, really respect mitt romney. >>neil: we always enjoy having you on, governor.
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thank you very much. john sununu among the important names at convention but there is a place they it is a lot of these guys, as well. >> i'm coming to you from the v.i.p. sitting area. you probably have seen family members, last night it was the ryan family and his mom, his wife and three kids, and this is where some of the prominent guests it is, tonight the entire romney family and governor scott walker will be sitting here and who will be in seat number five? look at your ticket, that is the house majority leader, and before he sits here he will be sitting with me. next. [ male announcer ] drive a car filled with as much advanced technology as the world around it. with the available lexus enform app suite, you can use opentable to make restaurant reservations. during the golden opportunity sales event,
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motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. >>neil: the man of the hour on the stage of the moment.
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mitt romney is getting a wrap up of what he has to do, where he has to stand, where he has to turn, where he has to move. where the prompter is. where it is not. this is something you do with all the speakers. the nominee who will address this convention and a world-wide audience in the tens of millions tonight do make his case to be the next president of the united states. he will have a big helping hand in a big hollywood star. fox news can confirm that clint eastwood will speak on his behalf at tonight's convention. we do not know when but he will be here. that could be a special moment. it stands to reason that it would fall between marco rubio announcing mitt romney and mitt
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romney himself coming up. i don't know whether mitt romney knows any "you may my day remarks," i have no idea. that does not seem to be romney's style. but jon voight, joining us last night, and like all powerful hollywood types knows that fox business is the network for political cross currents and is back. good to see you. what do you make of clint east wood? >>guest: fantastic. what do i make him? i'm telling you, i'm deeply moved by it, actually. i know clint. i have the greatest regard if him, and i'm so happy that he is here. this is thrilling, to me. >>neil: do you think he risks upstaging mitt romney? >>guest: no, i don't think, he
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will handle himself well and be gracious but it will be a wonderful moment. as you said, electrifying, it will be that kind of thing for the people in this arena. >>neil: now, hollywood typically tends to lean left, sort of, right, so, you and clint east wood are the only --. >>guest: it didn't used to. all the great ones i admired, people like clark gable and jimmy stewart and all of those fellows, humphrey bogart they were patriotic and very much republican. >>neil: what happened? >>guest: there was a turn left in the 60's a very destructive decade and we are still living with some of the negative aspects of that, the people in our schools teaching our kids were in the streets at that time and i was one toward the end in the 60's so i know the animal
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pretty good. >>neil: it has not hurt your career, obviously clint eastwood's views have not hurt his career so maybe we make too much ado about that, that, maybe if you lean to the right you are forever avoided? >>guest: well, we are all, i have men friends on the left and there has been a difficult aspect to it. there has been hostility toward republicans but --. >>neil: do they take it like you will thought get a movie role. >>guest: they never told me. they never tell me. there are great producers who are conservative people, so, this is a balance out there and there are a lot of people would have not spoken out who are on the conservative side of things. but, jobly speaking, hollywood, the vocal part of hollywood is on the left. >>neil: but if clint eastwood is doing this, remember the series of awes that came out,
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praising the auto industry coming back, and many thought at the time that was clint eastwood saying the president did the right thing, and you know him very well, was he annoyed by that? >>guest: well, he doesn't have -- he did not see it as a legal aspect. but we will hear him tonight and i am, i tell you, i'm his biggest cheerleader. i'm crazy about clint, always have been and have gotten to know him recently and he is a lot of fun. >> so the conservative hollywood stars, like you and him in a bar in los angeles. >>guest: no, there are a lot us. kelsy was going do come and he has a child, and brand new babe, so he at last minute could not make the trip but there are a lot of us. great to see you. >>neil: i think you played more a role in getting clint
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here than you are letting on. >>guest: i didn't say anything about anything. so happy he is here, really. >>neil: we will see him tonight. we will hear from mitt romney tonight, what he has to say, the pressure on him, and everyone has their nickel and dime advice, right. the majority leader of the house of representatives has thoughts on that, joining us here, next.
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>>neil: the scene earlier as mitt romney was waving goodbye to supporters and he got the lay of the land, the stage, and everything else. he is set for the speech. he has an eager crowd here encouraging him on. among them is a very prominent member of the house of representatives, the majority leader, of course, and to show
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you what a big deal earthquake candor -- earthquake -- eric candor is, he will it is in the v.i.p. box. i camped out there but they ushered me away from the v.i.p. box. thank you for coming. how do you think it will look tonight for mitt romney? >>guest: i think the stage has been set. we have had a trick week here. it kicked off, really, with ann romney speaking, framing the romney family and mitt romney as a man we can trust and we saw last night our vice presidential nominee, my good friend, paul ryan, accept that nomination. and lay out the case, really, the reason why the nation is where it is because over the last several years we have had a failure of leadership in the white house. people across the country are very, very disappointed and they
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want to see a change. tonight, mitt romney will lay out his vision of how we are going to make life work for people again in america. how we will make it so that the small business person is going to have it easier so he or she can begin to grow their business. how the working mom can begin to save for her child's college education. those kind of things are all part of mitt romney's pro growth plan for the economy. >>neil: how clint eastwood. what do you think of that? >>guest: that is awesome. clint has tremendous appeal across the country. both men and women, young and old, i think it brilliant that he is here. >> he, i am told, he will have up to a six-minute speaking role. do you just say oh go lady and make my day." what would you say?
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>>guest: it would you awesome if he went up to the podium and said "make my day." that would be terrific. >>neil: congressman, we talk a little bit about the smarts of mitt romney but on some level he does not connect with the warm and fuzzy stuff. i believe if you deliver the goods people will love you to death whether you are a likable character or not. that is one thing that the president has going for him depending on the polls and one thing that critics say that mitt romney does not. should he pay attention to that or just deliver the goods? >> at the end of the day it is results that matter. the results have been less than desirable for most americans over the last four years. mitt romney can produce results. he has delivered as a republican governor in the most democratic state in the union. he has delivered as a businessman, built businesses, created jobs, turned them
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around, he went and saved the olympics. >>neil: is that helping in virginia, in your state, a state that president obama won and republicans need to win back. >>guest: well, the election if virginia not unlike other states will be about jobs and the economy. again, it is a lack of results on the part of the president's policies that have failed and also, particularly to virginia, the issue of president's defense cuts. list we had a failure by the super committee in congress to deliver on the cuts necessary that congress called for in connection with the debt ceiling increase but the has has led and we said we do not want cuts on the pentagon, our defenses and our troops and we put forward a solution to the problem. the president and harry reid for that matter have been unwilling to up so in virginia it is our role in the defense of the country, which means real jobs especially around the washington, dc suburbs, and northern virginia, and the hampton roads area in virginia.
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completely stopped, no one works harder to protect you than lifelock. you even get a $1 million service guarantee. that's security no one can beat. you have so much to protect and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and get 60 days of identity theft protection risk free-- that's right, 60 days risk free-- use promo code: notme. order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] >>neil: people thought it was crazy and silly with the republicans having two debt clock, one the national debt
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clock showing how much debt we are acquiring and not too far from that, how much we have add since the republican national convention started, you get a sense of the urge answer of our spending problems and the urge answer of addressing it. this has been the backdrop of the theme of the convention: what we owe, what you owe. republicans hope that it resonates back home that is your visa bill. and we were nowhere close to paying it and mitt romney closing the deal on how we dress it. the businessman in him will go for the ultimate hail marry pass and the ultimate nerdy issue is the issue of the heart, tonight. >> if he wants to get ready for the speech he may want to take tips from my guest who was famous years ago for taking on a prime minister of britain what was spending out of control, and i admired them about daniel,
1:31 pm
today and then, he told it to the guy do his face. politicians say horrible things but to the go's face, hi, how are you. but not daniel part of a foreign delegation here. >>guest: that is right. >>neil: that is saying don't do as we do. i am trillion quaffizing -- trivializing. >>guest: i am terrified by that clock you are showing. i find it amazing as a visitor do this country that anyone should be talking about anything other than the economy. $16 trillion, i do not have the vocabulary to convey the seriousness of that. >>neil: how do you convey that? >>guest: how do you break it down. one president is adding more debt than the 43 before him. take your pick. >>neil: but a lot of people say, been there, done it, but it
1:32 pm
is what it is. >>guest: people notice they are worse off than they remain four years ago, and it is extraordinary as a friend of america and american democracy to come here and find people talking about gay marriage and akin and all these things. i am not say thai may not be important at another time but given the urgency this issue, it is incredible. my kids are inheriting the same debt as anyone else and this is the single biggest factor in their lives. our generation is passing on to them a debt they are not prepared to pay. i think it is immoral. >>neil: your country can get sidetracked by prince harry but i digress. do you think, we say the world is ready if tough love but if places like portugal, greece, italy, when you have to get to
1:33 pm
the brass taxes, "don't tax me." the rap, fairly or not, they will try and do that and democrats are ready to just nail them. >>guest: yes. you are right about those countries, they have been to some extent killed by external spending. people are nudged to try and find income from outside by getting subsidies and working for the i think and in the greek elections the electorate voted in a childish way not accepting responsibility. i am looking to the american people to she they are bigger than that, to live up to the principles on which this republic was founded, and to understand that they have a responsibility to take, to look after themselves. you cannot contract out the defense of your freedom to someone else. >>neil: when you took on gordon brown and he was trying to ignore you, it was the closest thing to what we have in
1:34 pm
this country, the presidential debate, and i wonder if a forum like this, it is mitt romney and obama what does he do? does he address the president directlily and say, you compounded this? or does he wait for the president to come back and say, well, your party is a judicially good one because actually you are british, but he would say, actually, it is rich of you to judge me on spending when republicans spend a lot of money. how would you handle that attack, you are a fine way to say boom. >>guest: i was no admirer of the previous republican administration on fiscal questions. it is true to say that there is blame on both sides for the mess the sons in. the question is how you get out of it. we have had four years during which that debt clock has been ticking along in a scary manner. this is not just a domestic problem for you, if bolivia goes
1:35 pm
bankrupt, that is containable. the u.s. is not bolivia. it is everyone's problem. it is our problem. what is interesting is how you get out of where you are. it is not going to be easy the first thing is to be open and honest about the sacrifices required to rely on people's patriotism and courage and to come forward with a plan. i listened to paul ryan last night, and he has a plan. you may not think it is perfect but at least it is a road map to balance the budget, do tackle we, and to get the debt down. we know what the alternative is because we have been living it for four years. >>neil: daniel, always fine to see you, in person know less. energy your time here. this guy is a rockstar in this building, they wanted to run him for office here, we have a lot more coming up tonight on fox business monitoring this with giuliani, and sarah palin, and the guy who used to run sun
1:36 pm
micros systems. now is the time for folk know greats to recognize we are on the wrong direction and you got a hint of that from the c.e.o. of intell who was talking to us a few minutes ago saying among the big business community, they are not seeing so much business and they are throwing their tips in. anyway, they are throwing their "chips" in with the president. i have pat caddell, and he joined last night on fox business network. it was fund. so, clint eastwood. what do you think? >>guest: my old colleague from "line of fire," the first movie i worked on in hollywood. >>neil: are you surprised? >>guest: he is not big on the campaigns. if anything, in california, let is probably supported democrats more recently than --. >>neil: when he was in carmel,
1:37 pm
he was republican? >>guest: not partisan, but it is understood he was republican. >>neil: people thought he was for the president with the ad on tv, my guess is we will hear him explain that. that will be quite interesting. i am sure there will be a response. >>neil: now the question is, it is like when you come before the next guest, the next guest has a tough act to follow. >>guest: and people should see what we are doing at nights, we are really bashing. >>neil: now, you are following clint eastwood and if he is sandwiched, or placed between marco rubio and mitt romney --. >>guest: is that where he is going to be. >>neil: i don't that. >>pat: my guess is he will be before rubio. maybe not. hey, this is hollywood. hollywood comes first. >>neil: does that make it
1:38 pm
tough whether it is rubio after him or mitt romney. >>guest: it will not be tough for anyone. he will open it up. look, this is romney's night. governor romney will have a big night. they are here for this. he has a lot to follow up. i would not worry about clint i worry about ryan and christie. >>neil: but if he speaks for six minutes, i have interviewed clint eastwood and that is about five minutes and 30 seconds too much. he does not talk a lot. >>guest: he does not do a lot of words. >>neil: he do 30 seconds. and that is it. >>pat: you say, "make my day." >>neil: will it move votes? >>pat: it will drive up the ought conference, people listening to that. and it will get a lot of news. if he does what i suspect he is doing and the reason they are having him, which is to say, no,
1:39 pm
no, no, i wasn't for the government he goes you building it, whatever, and i'm an example, he could do, it is like having a huge commercial, right? so, everyone --. >>neil: the most revered hollywood figure, left or right. use are among all political types. >>pat: iconic? when i am not . >>neil: well, my hard says "atomic." pat caddell will johnny -- join me tonight. he eats the food but he is the best. >>pat: i did not eat dinner last night. >>neil: we will get you a cookie. we have more on how the party is reaching out to young people, who overwhelmingly supported the president last type. paul ryan could help that change, it is not just a matter
1:40 pm
of choice in music. we will explain. >> from the conference floor, you were once a michigan state chairman and, we were walking around the floor and the polls you have been hearing on michigan it could be in play is unthinkable as that sounds, because the republican ticket is one that opposed the auto bailout and last time i checked michigan benefits from the bailout, but it is not hurting the ticket. >>guest: it isn't. part of that is the romneys were born there. and a lot of the retirees had bonds and they had a political bailout so they moved out the back. the bondholders who were clipping bonds in some it company, especially those who worked there, have lost 90 percent of their money. it hasn't been a clear-cut victory for obama. >>neil: many in your
1:41 pm
delegation are optimistic and dreamy eyed about michigan going republican but, still, that doesn't seem likely to me unless it is part of a midwestern wave of red because i would think michigan goes red, wisconsin, where this ticket is leading, it goes red thanks to paul ryan, you could recall the entire rust belt. >>guest: cow have another 2000 like reagan. i have talked to delegates from all over the country and state and former chairman. >>neil: 1980 was the go knox -- phenomenon then but we have not seen that. >>guest: ohio and florida are the two battleground states. >>neil: if you get a pickup in wisconsin and michigan and ohio it becomes less important. >>guest: so, michigan and wisconsin play a unique role and iowa is in play is we are
1:42 pm
broadening the whole flight into obama territory which is very good for romney. >>neil: so, watch this state closely, one of the states that was given up as a "given," for democrats, it now is a potential pickup if republicans.
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1:44 pm
>> we are a full generation apart, governor romney and i. in some ways we are different. there are sons in his ipod
1:45 pm
which i have heard on the campaign bus...and i've her it on many hotel elevators. he actually urged me to play some of the songs at rallies and i said, look, i hope it is not a dealbreaker but my play list starts with acdc and ends with zepplin. >>neil: that got a good laugh and it made me think, exactly, what, what is mitt romney's musical score that would get elevator music thin and whether that would lose the young vote? my guest is trying to get young people to just be more politically and economically aware. he probably has his own conservative leanings but the fact of the matter is, you are trying to get young people, all young people, charlie, to get with it, and get more aware, right? >>guest: absolutely.
1:46 pm
it is an education movement. most people do not understand what the debt and deficit is. you show them the clock they say, what is that, the time? >>neil: it is losing them? in other words when old farthers line me focus on it, are young folks like you saying what is the big deal? >>guest: the challenge is to make it relevant. i wish they had one more clock, debt per child, how much each child owes. i owe over $800,000 of debt as a high school graduate, increasing each day, as well, and that is another clock that is relevant. >>neil: a lot of older people say, well, okay, what do i do? >>guest: well, we are taking action, the youth standing up. you heard condoleeza rice and the other speakers saying it is for the generals, for the next generation. this is you are on generation taking a stand. you her the speakers give a call to the older generation to save the younger generation. we are taking a stand, it is our
1:47 pm
future that is mortgaged by washington, dc. >>neil: do you get a sense from a lot of young people, though, that the tide could turning in the president won young voters four years ago and we are told to play up paul ryan's remarks and sitting in their parents and lock a lot ofm are wondering. >>guest: a lot of my fellow colleagues everyone big obama supporters and they thought he would change the country but they are seeing the negative effects when they go to the gas station at $4, almost $4.50 near chicago a gallon. the debt is becoming politically relevant because it is burdening the economy in every regardyou k at this, and suddenly, they say, yes, but mitt romney is not as
1:48 pm
cool and the elevator music thing, that could have hurt him. >>guest: they are voting for "american idol," and our website we have the means and we talked about that last time. a satire that gets them involved an uphill battle if fiscal conservative message because it seems a lot of universities in high schools make it seem to be okay to spend more money and we need another stimulus. >>neil: charlie kirk, a comb, with the right or left and you are still singer but i was thinking about you for my daughter. i digress. a very good young man and going places. always going places, reaching out to the young and reaching out do minorities the republican party with a very different tone, tune, and feel. >> back to the texas delegation where ted cruz electrified the crowd, latino sensation who has a good shot at being the next
1:49 pm
senator from that fine state. he has reminded folks the republican party is better for latinos than the democratic party. not so much for what the government will do but precisely for what the government will not do. it is a tough love, tough sell but ted cruz says it is working. he will explain how, next. with all the opinions about stocks out there, how do you know which ones to follow? the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea.
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>>neil: and no one seems to think that texas is in play for the democrats but for ted cruz, the republican senate candidate and a tea party favorite texas and its direction with latinos could be crucial because the criticism of republicans is that that takes and minorities they showcase are the only latinos and miles an hours who are republican.
1:53 pm
that is a vast overstate and untrue but republicans are going to try to say with the latino push they are making, this crowd that votes find out of ten democrat, could at least get down to, maybe out of ten or seven out of ten. it is hard to say but this is a game of inches and delegates like to remind me it is that game of inches that the republican ticket feels it is winning. tonight, mitt romney will be closing. if it's a game of inches this is the give they expect to get over the finish line in the fall. ted cruz is the leading u.s. senate candidate, the republican, from fine state of texas. mr. cruz great to have you. why is it the latino vote that tends to vote democratic? not overwhelmingly so, but a little volatile at this point, but, enough i would think to worry republicans. >>guest: well, it has varied
1:54 pm
over time. the hispanic community is a profoundly conservative community. the values that resonate in our commune, their faith, family, patriotism, hard work, a friend of mine, an hispanic entrepreneur who asked, when is the last time you saw an hispanic panhandler. that is a great question. i have never seen one. the reason is, in the hispanic community it would be viewed as shameful to be begging on the street. you think of that: hard work, responsibility, providing for your family. those are all conservative values. >>neil: how is the republican botched reaching hispanics? >>guest: a lot of republicans have not been effective communicating with the hispanic community in a way that connects and is real. that is something we have to do a better job, saying your values and our values are one and the same. >>neil: now, you have heard the criticism of the convention,
1:55 pm
that the latino would have been features, the minority would have been featured, they trot them out for a convention and that is not the face of the republican party what do you say? >>guest: i tend to think that, perhaps, if you watch the main stream media you would not know this because they have not covered most of the convention. they have refused to cover, in the state of texas, i didn't run as the "hispanic," candidate. the democrats put us all in these little boxes and if you have ethnic box, that is would you are. i ran as the strongest conservative in the race who has spent much of my adult life fighting for conservative principles. the reason republicans nominated me to be the next senator is because i had a proven record of fighting for the principles and republicans view everyone as individuals, not just checking a box of whatever your ethnic background or family history might be. >>neil: any advice for clint
1:56 pm
eastwood? >>guest: shoot straight and tell him to go ahead and make his day. >>neil: will me move the conventioneers? >>guest: well, i think clint eastwood is someone who a lot people trust, a lot people respect, he has earned a reputation as a straight shooter and this is a time of crisis. at the end of the day, a lot the coverage of conventions focuses on the personality back-and-forth, what matters is the issues. our nation is going broke and we have to turn it around. >>neil: thank you very were. they say in every convention a different star is born. we have a heck of a lot more right after this. humans -- sometimes life trips us up. and sometimes, we trip ourselves up, but that's okay.
1:57 pm
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