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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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about the personal impaiveght running for president. be sure to watch. that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingraham. please remember, as always, the spin stops right here because we are always looking out for you. have a weekend. >> sean: tonight, 67 days are all that remain before voters head to the polls in what i believe is the most important election in our lifetime. this week, the republican national convention did what the obama administration has failed to do, they put forth bold solutions on how to get this country back on track and people back to work, off food stamps and stop the suffering. the speakers not only rallied the base, but they spoke directly to you, the american voters, who are disillusioned with how this administration has failed you. joining me to see which speeches
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resonated the best with the voters, the one and only frank luntz. sir, how are you? >> it's great. i am in orlando, i am 100 miles from the convention site. but these undecided and potential switchers, they watched the convention. they had some very specific reactions to what they saw from our two main speakers. >> sean: by the way, have you to interview my friend who approached you prior to this interview at fox orlando. let's start here. rom nerks we the people in this country, deserve better. let's see how that dialed. >> but his promises gave way to disappointment and division. this isn't something we have to accept. now is the moment when we can do something and with your help, we will do something. now is the moment where we can stand up and say, i'm an american. i make my destiny. we deserve better. my children deserve better. my family deserves better. my country deserves better! >> sean: 72 on the democratic
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side, frank. nearly 90 on the republican. that went over very well. >> yes. two specific points. number 1, "now." they are tired of four years waiting for a change to happen. they want it monopolied. and romney used the phrase, you deserve. we want someone who acknowledges it is not about the politicians and it's about us and our job. that's why that clip did so well. >> sean: let's take aulook at saying we celebrate success because this has been a big part of the debate. class warfare, the president attacking mitt romney, bain capital, et cetera. >> these are american success stories. and yet the centerpiece of the president's entire re-election campaign is attack success, is it any wonder that someone who attacks success has led the worst economic recovery since the great depression? in america, we celebrate success. we don't apologize for success. >> sean: 89/56 was the last
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number i saw there. very strong numbers. interestingly, democrats are giving romney's speech a very positive reaction. >> these are democrats -- make no mistake, there is a 42-43% core obama vote, definitely voting for him. we wanted the people who were undecided. that idea that we don't attack success, wu celebrate it is very powerful among swing voters and independents in the center of the electorate. that's where mitt romney did the best in his speech. >> sean: all right. one of the biggest areas of attack by the democrat and it is administration has been on the issue of bain capital. he mentioned bain capital, the speech last night, you decided to dial t. let's see if the negative ads had any impact here. >> weren't always success envelope bain, but no one ever is in the real world of business. that's what this president doesn't seem to understand. business and growing jobs is about taking reivegs, sometimes
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failing, sometimes succeeding, but always striving. it is about dreams. usually it doesn't work out exactly as you might have imagined. steve jobs was fired at apple. and then he came back and changed the world. it's the genius of the american free enterprise system to harness the extraordinary creativity anditallent and industry of the american people with a system that is dedicated to creating tomorrow's prosperity, not trying to redistribute today's. >> sean: 92-84! i mean, i was surprised by that. >> and what's interesting, that was the highest tested moment of the entire convention. and it's because it is not about politics, sean. it's about people. it's about job about creativityd ingenuity. you know i have been critical from time to time about the language that the romney
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campaign was using. that was perfection because it embraced something better. it was emotional. it was impactful, and, sean, it worked. >> sean: let's take a look at paul ryan's speech. two of the other best speech, paul ryan and marco rubio did particularly well and we gallon over clint eastwood's speech. in this country, we don't have to settle for what we have going on right now. >> when i was waiting tables, washing ditious or mowing lawns for money, i never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. i was on my own path. my own journey, an american journey, where i could think for myself, decide for myself, define happiness for myself. that's what we do in this country. that's the american dream! that's freedom. and i'll take it any day over the supervision and the sarchght
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sarchght -- over the sanctimony of the central planners. >> sean: have you dialed me on occasion. i have not hit those numbers. >> sean, sean, sometimes do you well. but not often do do you that well. that would be in the top 3% of all clips we have tested. im going to tell the viewers something which may surprise them. paul ryan dialed better than mitt romney among independent voters, among those who are still considering both candidates, paul ryan's speech was more favorably received than mitt romney's speech. the reason why, not only did he talk about himself as a person, but he talked about the challenges that he overcame in a very passionate way. mitt romney is business-like and so he is very structured. people give him credibility. ryan excites people. >> sean: in terms of overall -- before we run to another ryan cut, the tone they set for the convention seemed to be, all right, things are not working out well, you don't have to settle. we have a better plan. we can do this.
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that was better than taking a sledge hammer and going after the president, the vice-president and their failed policies? because it seems to me that was a strategic decision by the campaign for this entire convention? >> yeah. i was there all three nights of the convention. hipeople coming up and they would tug at my jacket and say, come on, let's hit 'em. i would explain that's not the approach if you want to win. everyone is right of center has already decided to the vote for mitt romney and paul ryan. the goal is the last 6%, that's all it is who are undecided. they like barack obama as a person, even if they don't like his performance. two simple questions eye know you have a clip you want to show. >> sean: real quick. >> is this as good as it gets? do you really think the next four years will get anything better? >> sean: i am going to predict -- some of the people who will be speaking next week that -- what i am going to be calling the re-invention, smear and slander convention will go
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over the top, full of anger because that's what the campaign -- they can't say they are successful. one more cut of paul ryan. optimistic line, very reaganesque. let's see how it dials. >> together, we can do this! we get this country working again. we can get this economy growing again. we can make the safety net safe again. we can do this. whatever your political party, let's come together for the sake of our country. join mitt romney and me. let's give this effort everything we have! let's see this thing all the way through! let's get this done! >> sean: that's as high as 89-74, very good numbers. >> because it's so positive. and it is so hopeful and it is so optimistic. both of them made a very explicit decision that instead, as you said of using the slemg hammer approach, they -- sledge hammer approach, they decided it would be better to give
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americans an alternative vision, alternative dream and policies. you have to give paul ryan credit. there is a moment they did not show, where he got teared up. i am not sure if they saw it at home, when he was talking about his mom. the more personal paul ryan and mitt romney get, the more effective they will be. there is a lesson for republicans, if they want to be effective, it is not just about policy, it's about who they are and what drives them. the intent is important for the swing voters. >> sean: frank luntz, great work, say hi to my friend valerie at fox orlando. i know you will be doing an interview after this. thank you. >> thank you? >> michelle malkin is here. but after republicanned rocked the rnc democrats returned to their old trick, disother to the facts, playing the race card. we have examples of how they are doing this. and good old joe strikes again and makes another ethnic blunder, joe biden just can't help himself. help himself. wait until you hear [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance?
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>> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the democrats can't find any substance to argue about so they attack romney/ryan and then they play the race card this. week, democrats and their liberal allies in the media inspector overdrive. yahoo news was forced to can its d.c. bureau chief after an open mike caught him saying that the romneys would be happy to have a party with black people drowning that. comment is disgusting.
9:14 pm
i don't know where to begin. but joining me with the reaction to all of this is the new york civil rights coalition member, mike myers and the author of black lash. let's start with the politicians. then we will get to the media. we have joe biden. we will put you back in chains. here's the l.a. mayor. listen to his comment, after seeing the african-americans, hispanics at the republican national convention this week. >> can't just trot out... a brown face or a spanish surname and expect the people are going to vote... for your party or your candidate. >> pretty despicable, considering they were all elected by people -- conservatives and republicans. >> it is despicable. the left is going to continue to play the race card because they are desperate. they know obama has failed the country, especially failed the black community because there are concerns about black voters not going out to the polls like they did in 2008.
9:15 pm
>> sean: this is a design -- >> it's a scare tactic. >> sean: by design? >> absolutely. >> sean: by design? >> by design. it is not surprising. it is not unintentional, but it's unintelligent. it's racial dribble. i find it abhorrent, especially the elected officials because they are playing the race card, as romny and others have said, including some democrats, they are playing the race card do divide us-- is this obama campaign -- >> yes, they are doing it on purpose. because they really... take the electorate for granted. they don't think the electorate is very intelligent. they do not allow for the maturation of the american electorate that, means that people are prepared to evaluate candidates and incumbents not based on race, but on competence. >> sean: obama stayed silent on put you back in chains, stayed
9:16 pm
silent when the truth team member accused romney of being a racist. hual gore, before a pro-predominantly african-american audience saying they don't want to count you in the census. this seems to come up every election. 1998, democratic party, radio ad, missouri. listen to this... >> when you don't vote... you let another church explode. when you don't vote... you allow another cross to burn... >> sean: your reaction? >> that is unbelievable. look at ad that originally came out with allen west. he's pumping an elderly white woman, with a gold tooth in his
9:17 pm
mouth, that's racist. how come there is no outrage and outcry about that being a racist ad? that's ridiculous. >> sean: it seems to happen every election cycle, a false narrative about conservatives that i resent. it seems like, at some point, there is going to be -- >> double standard. >> i'm a democrat and i resent t. i think that president obama, who is supposed to be so articulate and eloquent, he can't find a voice. >> sean: let's go to the media, which i think -- we mentioned this guy that got fired for those idiotic remarks, while the hurricane was going to new orleans. the worst of the worst has been nbc news. this is only a small sample of the hist earia that is going on at tom brokaw, brian williams and matt lauer's network. watch this. >> the republican strategy's basically to be a white party and a white southern party. so the republican party has decided to go nall on getting as many old and white male voters
9:18 pm
as they can. >> this republican, the republican party is gay bashing, woman bashing, latino bashing, immigrant bashing, women bashing every day. we are about to find out if you can win a presidential election in country by deliberately running against minority voters. >> romney is very, very comfortable, it seems with people who are like him. that's one of the reasons he seems so stiff and awkward. >> you are playing that ethnic card. you can play your games and giggle about it. your side is playing that card. you talk about work requirements, everybody knows what you are playing, the race card. >> sean: everything's racism on nbc. everything. >> there is no adult home at nbc. chris matthews and rachel and the others, they are taking lessons in racial bafoonry from al sharpton. i think that it is -- it's appalling that there is racial
9:19 pm
rhetoric -- it comes out of the mouths of so-called journalists and anchors and hosts to the extent that we don't understand what is fact, what is truth because they -- they use the prop and it is things-- the convention -- >> outrageous that they ignore the new black panther party and they are calling for bloodshed in the streets and voter intimidation in the streets in philadelphia, that's ignored by ms-nbc, who i think was a p.r. firm for -- >> but they are repeating the democrats' mantra, the war on women, the war on hispanics-- theyure the extension of the obama re-election press office. it's a total extension. >> how can nbc as a news outlet allow it? there are no adults. >> unemployment through the roof-- i think there is going to be a backlash. i think there will be a backlash. the president's not likeable.
9:20 pm
his likeability's going down. >> on the politic it's. >> sean: speaks out when sandra fluke, but not a conservative. there is a double standard. and to not speak out and be consistent. >> i want to know where the adults are that there are no standards, not just double standard, no standards? >> speaking of which, michelle malkin unveils a list of words she says the left uses to slam the conservatives as racist and joe biden strikes again. the gaffe-prone v.p. makes another insurlt. you are not going to believe i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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>> sean: now with the democratic convention commencing in less than 3 days, my next guest has prepared a handbook at coded insults for painting conservatives as racists. the author of culture of corruption, fox news contributessor michelle malkin. seeing all the accusations we have been discussing about race in this campaign, probably this is more needed than people think. i think people may be surprised that some of the words that have you put up here. let's go through them, michelle. i will let you tell us number 1. >> yes. word number 1, chicago...
9:25 pm
>> sean: chicago is a code word. >> chicago is-- i thought that was a city. >> yeah, we too. but, no, this is a sign of kkk bigotry. if you use the word chicago in relation to the obama administration. >> sean: okay. the murders that are taking place, where the mayor is enlisting the help of louis farrakhan. >> yes. >> sean: next word, constitution. >> number 2, constitution. number 3, golf-- golf? >> we will get to that. number 4, food stamp president, of course. number 5, obamacare. that racial code word. number 6, believe it or not, kitchen cabinet, sean. they have warped the kitchen cabinet. number 7, number 7, professor! >> sean: bill ayers. >> professor is racist! and number 8, you people...
9:26 pm
>> sean: you can't say any of these things. how is constitution -- you know, what are we supposed to call-- the document ratified in 1787. what are we supposed to say? how is that racist? >> i think we need to ask juan williams who, singled this out in a column earlier this year as a code word for racial bigotry that apparently if tea party people invoke the constitution, that somehow it is supposed to strike fear in the hearts of conservatives and essentially be a term to imply racism because we are tauging about the founding fathers. >> all right. what do you -- how is golf a code word? i am trying to figure that one out. >> this one is a head scratcher. there is one of these frothing co-hosts of one of these other cable tv stations that has
9:27 pm
apparently accused mitch mcconnell who, earliener his rnc convention speech made a joke about obama on the golf course all the time, training for the pga tour. this was warped somehow into, oh! this is supposed to conjure up images of tiger woods and since tiger woods is a minority, what they are really trying to do is instill some animosity toward obama and tiger woods-- maybe i. they are black-- maybe meet with a council of economic advisers instead of a hundred rounds of golf or more twouldn't be an issue. food-stamp president, i understand. but there is a fact behind this. we have 15 million more americans on food stamps because barack obama's policies have failed. you say if you point out what is factually true, that is code word? >> yes. apparently. even though, as you say, this is the plain reality. and of course, the second fact
9:28 pm
about this food stamp entitlement explosion is that the majority of people whoor food stamps and on the snap rolls are actually white. so there is no intention at all when we talk about how more people are dependent on government, instead of having good private-sector jobs, there is nothing here about racism. but they have imputed t. since they have declared tthe racial code word definer, we are supposed to accept t. i think it's time foritous say, no, you are ridiculous. >> sean: we have to get all of these in, obamacare. i am trying to figure out professor. but obamacare. >> we will get to that. you recall that mitt romney reached out. he gave a speech at the naacp and he was trying to argue the facts in the case that black people at the naacp, people of all color should be outraged at this massive overtaking of one-seventh of the economy that has failed and been a slush fund
9:29 pm
for all of obama's union cronies. instead they said that obamacare was supposed to invoke racism. >> sean: whatever. you know, probably most of these are coming through interpretation through the prism of the mainstream media. nbc news. all right, we only have time for the last two. qualify cabinet. have you totally stumped me on professor. although i was thinking professor bill ayers. help me out? >> yes. kitchen cabinet, again, another one of these media intellectuals accused mitt romney, who was referring to a black member of his cabinet as part of the kitchen cab net and said, lyou are trying to marginalize that person and put them back in the kitchen and that's racist. kitchen cabinet is a term from the 1800s when andrew jackson was and the described his inner circle. if mitt romney sneezes or coughs or uses a plainly neutral term,
9:30 pm
innocent and they turn it into racist discrim dismaigz bigotry. they are ridiculous. >> sean: michelle malkin, it's getting insane. it's like an obsession. we will have more on this and continue to follow the insanity because they are desperate. thanks. coming up, the usual liberal suspects, nancy pelosi, harry reid, mayor emanuel, set to take the stage at the dnc. we remind you of their finest, quote, civil rhetoric. and clint eastwood with an unscripted speech last night that really fired up the delegates at the rnc. what do hollywood liberals think of it? how did the audience react to it? we will analyze that speech. >> you mentioned about having a target date for bringing everybody home. you have given that target date... and i think -- mr. romney asked the only sensible question, he said, why are you giving the date out now?
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>> sean: all eyes turn to charlotte, north carolina, the host city of the democratic national convention, a partial list of speakers include, massachusetts senator, john kerry, nancy pelosi, maryland governor martin o'malley and senate majority leaderarry reid and likely, elizabeth warren and sandra fluke and one liberal with a prime-time speaking spot is this man. watch his latest gaffe. [inaudible] >> sean: joining me is tucker carlson and kirstin powers. >> he said obama was as an
9:36 pm
african-american, clean and articulate. you can't go to a 7-eleven without a slight indian accent or a dunkin donuts. he's a walking, talk gaufer machine. and barack, a three-letter word, jobs, j-o-b-s. >> i feel like we have talked about this before. the biden-opollous thing. that's a joke and not that big of a deal. he does make a lot of gaffes. he will be on teleprompter, i'm sure. i am sure the democrats are hoping that he will behave. though he doesn't seem to pay a price so maybe they don't care. >> sean: tucker carlson-opollous? >> i'm for humor. at least it's real. of all the phonies who are going to get up next week, i'm going on sunday -- any gathering that
9:37 pm
celebrates the policies of barack obama is, by definition extremist in my opinion. it is going to be horrible-- tucker, you said that barack obama is articulate and clean and everything else. he can't go to a 7-eleven without a slight indian accent. >> i think fisaid that, i would be in another line of work by now. >> sean: i think you would. they are going to put you back in chains. we have sandra fluke who says that romney wants to take away women's rights. pelosi, the e. coli party. louis farrakhan will help protect the city. martin omalasays that romney bets against americans. republicans say coded things. harry reid said, you know, rom no's never paid taxes. elizabeth warren, nobody got rich on their own. this is the lineup. and you add planned parenthood. kirsten, tucker? >> it is always a freak show. some of the union guys are found
9:38 pm
hang out. they are nice guys. but in general, it's the biggest collection of unhappy people assembled i have ever seen. it's like a massive support group for the tormented. >> they are happy to see you. >> that's a good point. >> sean: i'm being nice, she has to protect me next week up in charlotte. >> exactly. no. i mean, look, i think that -- you are surprised that there are liberals in the democratic party. that's shocking to you-- radicals. >> well, paul ryan is one of the most conservative members of the republican party. and he's on the ticket. so i think that both parties showcase the people that are obviously very influential in their party, harry reid is the majority leader, nancy pelosi is the first woman house speaker in the history of the country. so i don't think there is anything unusual about this. >> sean: we have to run. we appreciate you being with us. kirsten, i am counting on you next week. >> thank you. see you soon. >> sean: mia love rocked the
9:39 pm
house at the rnc. liberals seized the moment to call her racist name. she is here to respond. later, the surprise, unscripted appearance of dirty harry himself. go ahead... make my dad. clint eastwood has everyone talk. we will go over his speech amer? then you belong at bass pro shops for big savings during our labor day sale. and stop by our hometown festival this weekend for free family activities,@ food and giveaways. bass pro shops. your adventure starts here.
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mia, welcome to the program. just horrible things, you sold your soul in the name of big business, sellout. horrible things which, by the way, african americans are often called that if they're conservative. i want to get your reaction to that. >> you know those words i'm not victim. those words don't bother me. am i surprised? no. am i disappointed absolutely. i think that the issues that are facing americans right now, they're color blind. you know? when china comes back ask decide they want their money back they don't care what color our gender our children
9:45 pm
oor joe biden's comments probably got the most attention he said unchained they want to put you all in chains. he then, you have the los angeles mayor talking about the republican convention, and there are many women speaking there and he goes you just can't trot out a brown facer a spanish surname and expect people to vote for your party and candidate. these are people elected by people in their states and districts. and i want to get your reaction to this. seems like a false narrative to demonize conservatives. what is your reaction? >> look. we have a choice. i think it's time to stand up. we have a choice, we can have a president going to divide this nation or we can have a president going to unite this nation. that is going to lift the economy and look at you will of us equally as americans. and i'll tell you right now, the president i choose is mitt romney because he sees me as an individual he sees me
9:46 pm
equally as an american. like i said they can talk about these issues all they want. problems here it doesn't -- they don't see color. a mom is out there trying to go to the grocery store realizing prices have gone up and trying to put food on the stable realizing bills are piling up, it doesn't have a color, they're going to be more concerned about issues and jobs. we're going to see an america that a president is going to deal with. >> sean: the heart of the issue that barack obama's policies failed. he said he'd dree kree yait jobs that didn't work. so now, they resort to these tactics. and if mitt romney would have asked how best to handle this character democrats want to paint of what conservatives are like what is your answer? >> i think he's doing a great job. because again, when we're looking at the 23 million
9:47 pm
americans that are out of work, when we're looking at the people are having a hard time investing because they have no idea what the taxes are going to look like they're going to vote for someone because they're going to vote for someone who is going to deal with these issues not the divider in chief. they're going to vote for the person going to get us back on our feet economically and bring down the national debt and deal with big spending government. >> sean: have you experienced what other african americans have experienced in terms of being a conservative and minority often they're called horrible names. has that been your experience? >> yeel yule get some people that, you know will come out as we did this week, but you have to understand i'm here nots a candidate for congress, but as a wife, a mother of my
9:48 pm
three children. as a concerned citizen. i realize my children aren't going to have the same opportunities i had growing up. they're not going to have the same opportunities that my parents had coming into this country in the 70s that have been able to work hard fr everything they have and i'm a product of that. sos a parent i don't care what they say. they can bring it on. i think what we need to do as americans is start voting for people that are going help us in these issues. we need to stand behind mitt romney and people that are in congress and going to be able to help mitt romney and help the people get back on their feet. >> sean: congratulations to you. we'll be following your campaign closely. >> thank you. sean thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> sean: you bet. coming up next highlights from closing night of the 2012 republican national convention. clint eastwood's nonscripted
9:49 pm
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>> sean: the closing night of the 2012 republican national convention was a blockbuster from hollywood icon clint east wootd's surprise appearance to the speech from senator marco rubio that has everyone talk. let's take a look back at the two men who rocked the house loft night before mitt romney even took the stage. >> you -- we -- we own this country. it is not you owning it and not politicians owning t. politicians are employees of ours. it is important that you realize... and -- that you are the best in the world. and whether democrat or whether you are a republican or a libertarian or whatever, you are the best. and we should not ever forget that. and we -- when somebody does not do the job, we gotta let 'em g. his new slogan for his campaign is the word forward. forward? a government that spends $1
9:54 pm
trillion more than it takes in. an $800 billion stimulus that created more debt than jobs. a government intervention into health care paid for with higher taxes and cuts to medicare, scores of new rules and regulations. these ideas don't move us forward, these ideas move us backwards. >> sean: joining me with the latest, all right, so -- i loved eastwood. you know? you didn't like it? >> well, you know... let's talk about the substance what have he said and let's talk-- the substance, we own this country. >> you pulled the only rational parts of hahe said. i think what he was trying to say was rational. i think the problem was-- employees. >> i think the problem was the presentation-- i think you liberals. >> i am agreeing with you. the part of the clip you pulled, he sounded good. but that was 5% what have he said. the rest of it was him talking to an empty chair, rambling, dropping curse words.
9:55 pm
>> sean: liberals like performance art. [overlapping dialogue] >> i like performance art in soho in new york city, i am not sure i like it at the republican national convention. >> sean: i thought it was very well done. >> it stood out. it's like ink have you ever seen in a convention and will never see again. the key liance are the once you pulled out, sean. also, you gotta let someone go if he doesn't do the job. that was the pitch to the independent voters, not necessarily conservative who is might be tuning in because the icon is giving a strange speech. at times, it was inarticulate. i think he could have used notes, if not a teleprompter. it was a huge risk for the romney campaign to send him out there, having no idea what he was going to say. >> sean: we won't this country. there are employees -- i mean, i was in the hall. those liance, i mean tbrought the house down. and the line that you mentioned brought the house down. another one, this one, when
9:56 pm
he -- well... is talking to president obama and the empty chair about joe biden. watch this. >> what do you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. you are absolutely -- [inaudible] you are getting as bad as biden. >> sean: that's a great line. by the way, joe biden stepped in it earlier today, at a greek diner, i guess, or -- he said he knew -- he approached the table of men he knew to be greek and called himself joe biden-opollous. >> that's our man. >> that's our guy. >> well, he was kidding. come on. do you think joe biden is trying to pass himself off as a greek? >> sean: unchained i. let me ask you this. if joe biden-- -- [overlapping dialogue] >> if joe biden had said-- with a slight --
9:57 pm
>> if joe biden had said what you are praising clint east woord for saying to that chair, you would be all over him. >> sean: can you imagine if any republican said as joe biden dhere, have you an african-american -- first time an african-american, he's articulate, he's clean... well spoken. >> he would be drummed out of public life. some of those words are actually code words, for african-american. but joe biden can say it. i know have you always wanted to interview the president. you should do the empty chair interview. a full hour of you and the empty chair. >> sean: my interview with reverend jeremiah wright. i did the one interview in the last election psyche welreverend jeremiah wright, the last interview he did. march of 2007. >> you are saying-- you didn't even i. i have to go back -- >> you don't have it in the archives? >> sean: i look a little younger, but it was me. let's talk about, you know, i see marco rubio and -- a cast of
9:58 pm
rising mia love, who we just had on -- rising stars in the (-- republican party. if i was a liberal, i would be nervous. >> li'll tell you this. i agree marco rubio, i thought he did a fantastic job, he was a star. >> sean: paul ryan gave a phenomenal speech. >> i thought marco rubio gave the best speech of the convention. >> sean: i think that christie, rubio, they are all auditioning for 2016, which makes me think they may not be so confident-- i don't believe that at all. >> chris christie barely mentioned mitt romney -- he was being counter-intutive. the democrats would have jumped on him for being mean -- [overlapping dialogue] >> all the themes, leadership and a sense of this president has failed, a sense of disappointment, rather than anger about t. but you are right, rubio's speech was the single best speech of the
9:59 pm
convention. the content was wonderful and the delivery was fantastic. this is a man who is a natural. >> sean: rubio was my first choice for v.p., i have been out on the -- speaking with him. he captivates i room. >> i will tell you something-- paul ryan took a scalpel to president obama -- >> all factually correct -- >> no, no, no. wait, wait -- [overlapping dialogue] >> let's talk about -- >> which did [overlapping dialogue] >> no, no, no. >> closed everybody left but the people who were still -- >> stay up -- stay open. >> no. the president said, excuse me -- the president says his economic policies -- [overlapping dialogue] >> wait a second. >> the plan would be open. >> said in march of 2008, the plant closes in december of


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