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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  September 2, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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keepinous your prayers, minister. that's all the time we v. thank you for with -- for being with us. see you back here soon. ♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, september 2nd, i'm alisyn camerota. while workers put the finishing touches on dnc, we're looking ahead this week in charlotte. >> dave: should be interesting. the symbol of hope and freedom, why is one town refusing to raise the american flag on september 11th of all days. >> clayton: plus, after a flurry of controversy, the secret is out how one brewer got the white house to reveal
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its coveted beer recipe, cheers. >> dave: cheers. >> clayton: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ i'm excited this beer recipe. >> dave: white house honey ale. >> clayton: we didn't know what was in it so the gentleman who after the freedom of information request, get to the bottom inside the delicious beer, now we know. >> dave: so many things the white house won't release, they refuse to release, but beer. >> alisyn: and i want to find out what's in honey boo-boo and we have a segment 0 coming up about toddlers and tiaras, two parents on from the smoking four-year-old. >> dave: the cigarettes. >> clayton: this just in, we're hearing the white house is changing the name of the ale to the honey boo-boo ale.
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>> dave: she's capturing the country, somebody may do this. >> alisyn: the moment between the two conventions, this is the time to reset and the dnc is two days away, delegates pouring into charlotte and the president kicking off a campaign tour that will lead him to north carolina for his acceptance speech. >> dave: and joining us live from the latest on the dnc preparations, wendell, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it will take him through two battle ground states, colorado before today. the state he won in 2008. yesterday, a couple of states in iowa, another he carried in 2008 he's counting on. with the economic recovery much more intepid, mr. obama is in a difficult position, people polleded thinks he
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understands, but think that romney, he says romney has no plan to solve them. his assessment. >> it's obama's fault. and governor romney is the only one who knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. that is the pitch. there was a lot of talk about heart truths and bold choices, but nobody actually bothered to tell you what they were. >> here in charlotte, the democrats are turning to technology to make it convention. the entire convention streamed online with people attending interacting with those watching it and translated into spanish to help the president hold on to substantial lead of spanish voters could help him in the
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west and florida as well. interest in the convenes down from 2008. governor romney's acceptance speech, 10 million fewer tv viewers than john mccain, and the charlotte in the california stadium, and the democrats may struggle to fill the seats. hasn't drawn that many. >> dave: the clint eastwood, is there a buzz about a surprise guest speaker outside the political arena or not. >> reporter: i'll be surprised two things, i'll be surprised if there is a surprise speaker and i'll be surprised if anyone else has a surprise like mr. clint-- mr. eastwood gave us in tampa. >> alisyn: you'll be surprised to be surprised. wendell, thank you very much. back to you. >> clayton: the national
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conventions are a longstanding tradition, are the millions spent worth it? former arkansas governor, mike huckabee thinks they're overkill. >> gone are the days of yesteryear when the political convenes gave the nominee and drama. and highly scripted and choreographed world of today's political convention, several days of lodging and meals and gulag-like security and artfully crafted moments, it might just not be necessary. let's be honest and call it what it is, it's a tv show. since that's what it is. why don't we condense it to two nights, two hours, and at the end of the program bring son big time bands, and it would save time and it would save money and the results would be the same.
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>> dave: here to weigh in, good to see you bright and early. give us perspective historically why they used to matter so much before we debate how much they matter now. well, i think governor huckabee was on to something, back even as late as 1960, john f. kennedy didn't get the nomination until the convenes, gerald ford, '76 it wasn't a done deal until the convenes. all through the century, conveneses are where the candidate with put in and i think they may have outlived the usefulness and purposefulness. nothing gets done at conventio conventions. >> alisyn: i would agree they are photo ops or drama until clint eastwood, there are moments that can catch fire and the buzz for the next week. >> the dashths are going to
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ensure they don't have clint eastwood, clint eastwood is now a verb, i think it had a detrimental effect on mitt romney and his message. i agree with the governor they're so highly scripted and theatrical stage performances and condense is down and spend the rest of the time entertaining and firing up the base, people like to still go to conveneses and take a moment to rally as a party, we don't need four nights of it in prime time. >> there's no, i guess, nick, what you're saying, there's no importance anymore given the fact that you're not walking in there like james garfield would one day and suddenly walking out as the nominee the next day. or the 1960's, you have individuals on the flow like reporters yelling up, with ear pieces in. we had six delegates switch back and forth and this guy is now going for this guy and we
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don't have any drama, it's a foregone conclusion who the nominee is. >> that will never happen again. i love you brought up garfield, he went in not being on the ballot and came out the nominee. >> in 1976 ford was not a done deal and even in '80s, reagan didn't pick bush until the convention, at least there was excitement. but truly there isn't any excitement or spontaneous. >> dave: i think i come in on the other side and mess americans got introduced to mia love, and marco rubio and susanna martinez. that's the best thing out of the convention. people don't know who they are, what they believe in, and they're introduced to a whole new class of republicans and made the whole week worthwhile. to meet mia love andgates i don't know how many americans paid attention, marco rubio is pretty
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well-known. i agree with the governor it could be fo houtwo hours and th rest firing up the base. >> some of those you're referring to, were not during viewing hours. >> dave: i've heard a lot that saw the speeches and it meant a lot to us. >> alisyn: our question of the day. let us know on twitter, are our conventions valuable or extended photo ops. nick, thanks for the history lesson. good to talk to you. when you made your gar feld referenfeld-- garfield reference, i thought you meant the cat. do you want any lasagna. >> alisyn: a former aide to homeland security secretary janet napolitano, sues ann bar
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amid allegations of inappropriate behavior towards male employees. she says the allegations are unfounded nearly three weeks after bar went on leave. tragedy at annual quad city air show in iowa, a plane crashes before thousands of people killing the pilot. >> oh, oh, no, no, no, down. >> no! >> oh no! >> the l-39 jet trainer was attempting a 45 degree banked turn and took a nosedive into the field. at this time they're not releasing pilot's name and no one on the ground was hurt. the last time there was a fatal accident at the air show
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was 1991. parts of louisiana on high alert, the river swollen from hurricane isaac is threatening to overflow, and pearl river could crest tomorrow morning leaving thousands of people vulnerable to flooding and another situation is the power situation. at least 400,000 people still without electricity and air conditioning as the temperature and the humidity continue to soar another rough day there for those folks. those are your headlines. >> thanks, ali. let's turn it over to maria molina in for rick reichmuth. and the guess the remnants of the hurricane with this drought situation. >> and there are two sides to the coin. good morning, everyone, the unfortunate flooding across louisiana and warm and humid conditions you mentioned with temperatures well into the 90's, making things verien comfortable for people without power, but we do have some good news out of isaac, because it's bringing heavy and much needed rain across
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the states experiencing extreme to severe drought for months, the ohio valley and down to the tennessee valley getting much needed rain and temperatures not too bad because you have the showers and storms and low 80's for cleveland, chicago, down into portions of western kentucky. as we head into tomorrow, big holiday, labor day, and another warm one in new orleans, 89 for the and texas temperatures into the triple digits and keep in mind if you have any outdoor plans and quick shot of isaac and headed through portions of ohio into kentucky and western tennessee, back to you guys. >> thank you. leading from behind our next guest is the president's foreign policy could put american lives at risk, unless we have general claims. why he thinks that america needs to leaf up to the obl obligation, of american
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. >> 15 minutes after the hour, time for quick headlines. next time you're asked for an i.d. you could be pulling out your phone. google is adding an app to store driver's licenses and other forms of i.d. right on your phone. and people will also be able to check in for flights and download their boarding passes, no word when it will be released. i guess i need to get a phone. a public university in colorado in hot water after apparently offering students course credits to campaign for president obama. as it turns out adams state
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university had to cancel the course before it began for a lack of interest and some say the state still violated state campaign laws. those are your headlines for this hour. well, you probably heard the g.o.p. criticizing president obama's leadership on foreign policy saying his administration is putting our nation in danger by leading from behind. here is former secretary of state condoleezza rice at the rnc last week. >> we can only know that there is no choice because one of two things will happen if we don't lead. either no one will lead and there will be chaos, or someone will fill the vacuum who does not share our values. my fellow americans, we do know the have a choice. we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind. behind. >> so what are the tankers
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what secretary rice calls obligations of american exceptionalism? joining us general jack keane, good to see you. >> good to see you, ali. >> alisyn: we've heard president obama leading from behind in terms of foreign policy, how would that look different, moving forward. >> in america we're not only the first democracy in the world, but we're the most unique, our constitution guarantees our rights eparticularly freedom and we've been able to fight for the rights and establish this country and also to preserve the rights of our citizens when we fought to release our people from the bondage of slavery. we've always heard this voice of the oppressed and people around the world striving to gain some receipts we've had. we've stood up for those rights. world war ii, and now the struggle against radical islam
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and we've provided the leadership, there's no other country in the world willing to make that commitment and sacrifice, when american leadership is strong, in my view, the world is a safer place, it's actually a better place and when american leadership is not strong, when it's not consistent. it's not willing to stand up, then the thugs and killers, begin to fill that vacuum and have their way. >> and condoleezza rice made that point we can't afford to have a vacuum. specifically moving forward what would that look like, that means we get involved in the syrian crisis, that means what for afghanistan, and what does it mean for iran? what would we do? >> well, i think first and foremost, we're a force for moral good in the world, so, we speak up when the oppressed are given voice, we saw that in the summer of 2009 when the iranians were in the streets, over a million strong,
3:19 am
actually chanting the name of our president and asking the people of the world, are you with us? the fact of the matter is, our voice was silent. no one thought that we would go to iran militarily, but the moral force for good at which we have used many times in the pasts, was not to be heard. it's inexplicable tore more specific. in libya, gaddafi was threatening to kill 10,000 people in benghazi, we helped to stabilize that militarily and certainly removed gaddafi. in syria 20,000 people have been killed and certainly, it's difficult to contrast the differences there, why we're not even providing the weapons that the rebels are asking for to help assist them with dealing with the assad regime. >> alisyn: what does american exceptionali exceptionalism, the term, mean to you? >> well, to me, first and
3:20 am
foremost, it draws from our constitution, you know, where we're giving rights. as a result of that, the role of government is subordinate to the people. and out of that grew a love for freedom and those rights in the united states of america. and we care so much about them that we're willing to protect other people's rights around the world and we stand for that and it's about leadership. and it's a the a time now when other countries in the world, more and more of them are not willing to step up. you saw that at the end of the 20th of the century, when milosevic, no one was lifting a finger. 250,000 were killed until america stepped in. it's mostly american leadership standing up for human rights. >> alisyn: we'll see if we hear more about this at the dnc and from mitt romney on the campaign trail. thank you for coming in.
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>> thank you, ali. >> alisyn: you, too. the founder of the islamic for recommend is going to weigh in. the president's beer recipe is no longer a secret. we'll weigh in next. ♪ get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out! [ dealer ] he can bunt! whatever. but we're good with pr for 60 months? oh yeah, totally. thank you so much. that must've been brutal. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen autobahn for all event. at 0% apr for 60 months, no one needs to know how easy it was to get your new volkswagen.
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e. >> clayton: cheers everybody, president obama creating quite a buzz after revealing that the white house has its own special beer, brewed right at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i'm sure you know by now the white house is now brewing its own beer. republicans say the white house beer is actually pretty good, just don't drink the kool-aid. >> oh. >> clayton: the president revealed me on the ask me anything thing that he did it
3:25 am
on read the problem is the president wouldn't release the secret recipe when asked about it. our next guest filed a freedom of information request that that recipe no longer a national secret. thanks to his effort. joining us now is lawyer and a brewer that filed that request. nice to see you, scott. >> thanks for having me, dave and clayton. >> were you on it read-it or you heard about it later? >> i heard about it later and can't believe that was one of the top questions that was asked of him and he was very upfront, i'm going to be releasing this recipe and very transparent and not spreesed he did it so quickly. >> dave: we heard it months ago, only to be confirmed on this information. so why did you want to file a freedom of information request and how did it get answered so quickly? people can't get answered on fast and furious and on serious situations facing the united states. how did you get the process
3:26 am
through? >> i think that barack obama didn't understand how much interest there is in his personal life and how he bruce and brews and across the nation with the petition and freedom of information act request and once barack obama saw there was such interest, he created a video and showed the recipe and only took about ten days, some things are could many kated, but this is a simple matter. >> can you replicate this as a brewer? it's called ale to the chief. there's a long history at the white house, george washington was a whiskey maker and poom tri people would replicate it. >> and they will be able to make their ale or porter to enjoy or celebrate the new private sector jobs or capture
3:27 am
of osama bin laden, find the ingredients and at more beer and home brewing has picked up. and look at the measures they're using at the white house, it's exactly what a home brewing would be doing. and anybody could do for a few hundred dollars. >> dave: you cannot get honey from their own white house garden which of course they'll do for the beer. quickly, how difficult is a freedom of information act to the white house? >> very easy, took me a couple of hours, and yes, the freedom of information act does apply to the white house and do it for something like this and send out letter and see what they say and people will fiend that the barack obama administration will be quicker than they imagine. >> there's been criticism for this white house for saying they will be transparent.
3:28 am
>> dave: and-- >> wish it could be about beer, the white house is forth coming on beer. is there other things you think that the white house should come forward on. >> i can't think of any. is thereening you might of thinking of? >> plenty of things that members of congress would like to see, might not be brewer. >> and we haven't seen mitt romney's taxes and-- going to go down that word. lawyer brewer, might have a reality show there, thanks, scott. >> i want to try this, as a beer fan. >> dave: brew it up u i might have to sneak on the white house property and get some honey from the bees. >> dave: why a town is refusing to raise an american flag on september 11th. this flag flap far from over. >> clayton: never one to shy
3:29 am
away from the limelight. former president bill clinton takes the stage at the dnc. could that back fire for president obama? could he outshine president obama. >> dave: a bubba back fire. >> clayton: he is a good speaker. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new dentyne split to fit pack. it splits in to two smaller, sleeker packs that fit almost anywhere so you can take them everywhere. dentyne split to fit. practice safe breath. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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>> 6:31 eastern time for your shot ever of the morning. jets quarterback mark sanchez finally scoring this pre-season and actress eva longoria is the target. and the two seating dern at friends with his home. at his home? this is crazy. >> that can't be his home, it has to be a restaurant. first of all, he would decorate betteren than that. >> rumors that 25-year-old sanchez and 37-year-old longoria. >> alisyn: you go, girl. >> dave: sanchez needs to score on the field. zero touchdown in the pre-season. >> alisyn: i just want him to find happiness, she's lovely and beautiful. it's rare that huge around
3:33 am
here. >> and stable, quiet. >> say home kind of guy. stays home-- >> other husband was a nba player. >> alisyn: it's been tough. >> clayton: it's a little more stable than the nba. >> the dnc. all eyes will unfold in charlotte, north carolina. and the most buzz is probably around former president bill clinton who of course, left office 67% approval rating. >> dave: still has it. >> clayton: and democrats sort of lament those days of the clinton years and you know, al gore was slammed for not using bill clinton out on the campaign trail and many thought he lost because he was not using bubba. >> alisyn: there's a debate whether or not bill clinton should be used in a prominent fashion, he could eclipse other speakers even the president. and apparently as you know, the author of the somewhat
3:34 am
controversial book "the amateur" he says there was a big dispute in the white house whether or not to down size bill clinton or to showcase him. and that valerie jarrett thought that he shouldn't play a prom nept role and finally david axlerod says, he should because he's the standard bearer of the democratic party. so let's listen to what might be in the speech. >> he in fact, has called obama an incompetent, an amateur among other things that are printable and i've been told by people inside the clinton camp, that bill clinton is furiously writing his speech receipt -- right now in long hand and getting phone calls from the obama people, what's in your speech, what's your in speech. he's furious and will not tell them. so even president obama has no idea what bill clinton is going to say when he stands up in front of that convention.
3:35 am
>> clayton: ed cline has been slammed by conservatives, peggy noonan, the hillary piece sources, and what sources would come forward and say that, he says my sources inside the obama campaign the last thing he wanted to see was bill clinton one of the great ortors, in front of podium and sucking the air out. >> dave: and 67% approval recording and obama's approval is in the 40's. and background on klein, he ten years the editor of the new york times sunday magazine and worked at news week for a long time, but eric schultz, the white house spokesman says he has a proven history of reckless fabrication to sell the books. let's say we have some balance. >> alisyn: and hillary clinton, where she'll be, if
3:36 am
she will be on the side lines. i think in russia. >> clayton: how far can you go. >> alisyn: former secretary of state condoleezza rice mentioned on "fox & friends" last week whether or not she thinks the secretary of state should speak at the convention. >> in the-- i didn't go to the 2008 convention because the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, certain extent the secretary of the treasury are all officials who carry a nonpartisan brief, if you will so it's absolutely tradition secretary of state is rarely, if ever at the convention. >> alisyn: yeah, so no controversy to read into it. >> clayton: but some say and maybe ed klein is leading the charge on this whole thing, whether or not bill really wants hillary to run for 2016 for the presidency distancing her from the dnc and this election, the clintons somehow see this election is going to be a disaster. here is klein on the sort of conspiracy theory. >> i think that bill clinton
3:37 am
sees 2012, this year, not as the decisive campaign, as far as he's concerned, 2016 is the decisive campaign when hillary will be 69 years old, her last chance to run for president, and he's already starting to beat those drums for her in 2016. >> alisyn: interesting. but news flash, it's not up to bill clinton, it's up to hillary clinton and she has said repeatedly, this is it for her, she is not interested in the next time around. >> getting back to clayton, hillary is extremely popular, too, her approval rating is well above 60 some percent and said that since 2009. the whole clinton family is still the most popular brand in democratic politics. >> alisyn: this yoo year it will be interesting to watch how it plays out. and headlines, what's happening at this hour, hundreds of students gathering to mourn the loss of a teenager tragically killed on the way to a sweet 16 daniel
3:38 am
fernandez, sticking his head outside of the hatch of a party bus he was riding in and an overpass. >> it's an accident. no one would expect that to happen to him. >> i'm devastating and i can't believe it, i think it's a nightmare. >> the bus company is launching an internal investigation. >> and n.a.t.o. temporarily halting training for all new afghan special operations recruits as afghans, tied to trem have been attacking the fellow troops. 45 native shoulders killed by insider attacks and n.a.t.o. officials say thousands of police officers have to be reevaluated. sad news this morning, legendary song writer hal davis passed away at age 91. dozens of hit songs with partner burt bacharach. and this one won an oscar for
3:39 am
song. ♪ raindrops keep falling on my head ♪ ♪ that doesn't mean by eyes will soon be turning red ♪ ♪ crying's not for me >> just a glimpse into mitt romney's ipod. and included do you know the way to san jose and that's what friends are for just to name a few. he died after suffering complications from a stroke. >> clayton: i have an idea there's a few parallels between mitt romney's ipod and dave briggs' ipod. >> dave: he may not have as much katy perry. i doubt it. >> let's check with maria molina outside for a look at the forecast, hey, maria, when will it be fall? >> september 1st was the official start of meteorology fall, but we have to wait until later this month for the official start of fall for the calendar month, but anyway, this weather out here right now it's kind of humid in new york city, we've seen beautiful weather the last
3:40 am
couple of days with a lot of sunshine, lower humidity, but we're seeing that on the rise because we have what's left of isaac to our west, producing showers and storms across parts of the ohio valley down through portions of tennessee. north of columbus, ohio and further areas across the state of west virginia as well. parts of the plains, a cold front is swinging through, behind the system and dry across montana elevated fire danger in place because of that with head flag warnings across montana and dakotas, gusty winds and dry conditions and parts of western nebraska, up into northern portions of minnesota and high temperatures tomorrow, a quick shot of that. because it's a big barbecue day, labor day, temperatures will be in the triple digits across oklahoma and texas, across the northeast, hey, guys, 79 for the high temperature in new york city, back to you. >> alisyn: thanks. >> dave: beautiful, critics describe him as a radical
3:41 am
muslim, why is he leading islamic prayers at the dnc. next. >> alisyn: it's a symbol of hope and freedom, why is one town refusing to raise the american flag on september 11th. one man fighting this flag flap. ♪ [ male announcer ] extreme environments can cause a spontaneous change in dna,
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>> most of all, almighty god, we thank you for the great gift of our beloved country we are indeed one nation under god and in god we trust. dear god, bless america, you who live and reign forever and ever, amen. >> that of course timothy cardinal dolan leading a prayer at the republican national convention and the cardinal offered to do the same before the democratic national convention, but was initially denied and now he's scheduled to give the benediction and the host of the dnc taking heat after prayers before the convention, the same event that cardinal dolan offered to speak at. our next guest says it's a cause for concerns because some leaders of the dnc event may have ties to radical islam. joining us, the battle for the sole of islam, an american
3:45 am
muslim patriot's fate to save his faith. good to see you. >> good to be with you, dave. thanks for having me. >> dave: tell us a little about this islamic prayer event and how it went down. and some said they expected 20,000 people, and it turned out to be a far cry from that. >> oh, yeah, basically a stunt, and you know, this group based out of charlotte tried to get the media attention and pulled in an imam actually well-known to the islamic relations islamic center of the meshes, large muslim brotherhood legacy groups in america and the event itself was off by 99%, they had 200 people show up. so, at the end of the day they're just trying to use the platform of the dnc to get attention, they're not moderates, the vast majority of american muslims i know would have nothing to do. the organizers on channel 9 this week was quoted as
3:46 am
calling american military the insurgents in afghanistan and muslims over there were protecting their homes. this is the same verbiage that al hassan was reading and saying before he was committing his act. so it's important to note not only that the did. nc listed as an official function, but later said they weren't official and friday 5:30 pulled off all acknowledgment of the event and told the media that you know, they're not appropriate, and they were distancing themselves from them. they didn't say why and i think that explains a lot. >> dave: this group is called bureau of indigenous muslim affairs, a statement from them, the event's purpose to hold political parties accountable for the issues faced by muslim americans, we hope our people will leave feeling rewarded about who they are and what their issues are. the fact that cardinal dolan was initially denied, later approved and that this was
3:47 am
initially approved, later denied, what does this tell you? >> it goes, i think it really is a teaching moment because it tells us when it comes to muslims and the threat of radical islamism that many of the democratic leadership just checked the box of minority, don't look at ideology, don't realize and finally they said these guys were not appropriate, but didn't say why, because they don't have the courage or the ability to understand that islamists, those that believe in a political movement of the islamic states and dnc doesn't have the courage or don't want to admit that these are a threat to domestic policy, domestic security and global security and the brotherhood and elsewhere and since they can't articulate that, they didn't know how to deal with it, initially covered it up and said well, they're not a part of us. the fact that they can so
3:48 am
quickly dismiss the cardinals and bring them on board, shows the majority fantastic gets the short end of the stick when it comes to political correctness. >> dave: cardinal dolan at dnc, and thank you for being here. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> dave: one town refusing to raise the red, white and blue to honor september 11th, but this flag flap is far from over. one man fighting back joins us next, wait until you hear the reason they're giving to refuse to fly our flag. the smoke has not cleared from this four-year-old shocking pageant performer complete with a fake cigarette. their parents are joining us, to defend the performance. >> it's part of the routine and we've added it in there. ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
. >> welcome back. well, our flag was given us hope. >> alisyn: our next guest says when he first saw that iconic photo of the firefighters raising the flag out of the smoldering rubble of 9/11, it brought him comfort that we would prevail as a nation. >> now on the anniversary of 9/11 attacks, his massachusetts town is refusing to raise that flag. joining us now amherst resident larry i kelly, thank you for being here. >> it's a pleasure being here e you're fighting this. the town board decided that only six times a year will they allow the flag to be raised on utility poles. what's behind that decision and what are you hoping to change? >> well, we had an infamous meeting on the night of september 10th, 2001 to discuss the placement of the
3:53 am
flag, how long it would be up. a packed meeting. 60, 65 people at the meeting, a tremendous turnout for a little select board meeting and a little more than half the people in the room wanted the flags up a lot. a little less than half wanted them up a little or not at all and the select board came up with a compromise and allowed them up on six occasions, veterans day, memorial day, 4th of july. up right now for labor day, but at that meeting a famous statement made by u-mass professor, dubbed the flag subl of terrorism, fear, nothing to be proud of end of quote and of quote that was picked up in the aftermath of what happened the next day by the front page of the wall street journal, you folks talked about it. cnn probably in front of 30 million americans and i think it made the town look horrific. but anyway, they've come up with this plan of only
3:54 am
allowing the flags up for those six holidays and i just-- >> and larry, that's a great background, let me say that what their suggestion is for september 11th in massachusetts is to only fly it every fifth year. >> correct. >> alisyn: not this year, but fly it again 2016. what do you say to people who don't want to see it this september 11th? >> well, i say that we, we remember memorial day every single year, and memorial day day is a somber occasion, and i personally can't think of any more somber occasion than 9/11. so, if we're going to put the flags up for memorial day, and hold other services that we do on memorial day and we also do it on 9/11. why not fly the flags on 9/11. do you want to be people who think that 9/11 should be remembered every five years? i think it's absurd and
3:55 am
everyone i talk to, why is this even a question? why is this a question? >> here is what the board say, our board represents the entire community and there's a difference of opinions within the community. have you heard from other residents that honestly believe that it should only be flown once every five years? >> other than the two board members who told me that monday night, no. i've -- you know, the stir has picked up dramatically over the last three or four days, and i've had nothing, but positive feedback, nothing. i mean, i think the springfield republican, the third largest newspaper in massachusetts did a pretty big story on it tuesday morning, that you folks picked up on your web page yesterday, well over a hundred comments attached to that story right now from the general reading public and i think 100% are saying, what, are you crazy? you're kidding me, why aren't you flying the flags? it's absurd. what makes me nervous, some people say i'll never set foot in your town again, i'm not going to shop there.
3:56 am
that's not fair. the town i think if you took a poll today would be overwhelmingly in favor of flying the flag. the firefighters union had a meeting in the last couple of days and voted unanimously to strongly recommend that the flag fly every single 9/11 and obviously, who was more impacted than firefighters? they lost 343 of their compatriots that day. and as you said in the promo leading into this, i still vividly recall that day, either later this night or early the next morning, when there was so much depression and so much horror and to see that photograph of those firefighters, and here these firefighters had been spending the entire day looking for victims. at that point cnn, fox, everybody was reporting possibly 10,000 citizens were dead. possibly over 1,000 firefighters were dead. they were exhausted, looking all day and hadn't found anybody and what did they do,
3:57 am
put up an american flag and i think that brought comfort to the entire country. >> larry wow, so he well-stated and emotional. thanks for reminding us how we all felt on september 11th and let's hope that your town can find some compromise on all of this. we'll look forward to what happens in the next week or so. >> thank you, larry kelly. >> well, they are meeting again this coming monday, 11th anniversary of that infamous meeting and hoping they'll change their mind to fly the flag. >> alisyn: we will look forward to the outcome of that meeting. >> clayton: a dire warning for america, from actor chuck norris. why he says our country could be lost forever. >> alisyn: are you addicted to your e-mail? yes, you, clayton morris, those who don't use it are actually more productive. we'll explain. >> clayton: i believe this.
3:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, september 2nd, i'm alisyn camerota. actor chuck norris with a dire warning for america. >> we're at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever. if we don't change the course our country is headed. >> more on why he wants you to take action. >> and a four-year-old smoking a fake cigarette on national television. and parents say this did not cross the line and now they're joining us to defend this pageant performance. >> clayton: plus, she got our attention in the '90s with her
4:01 am
trashy talk show, ricki lake is here to tell us about the brand new talk show, ali, is it less trashy. >> alisyn: bestomoment off wawaitit. ohoh > "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. can you try that. >> try. ♪ >> i promise to rip off clayton's toupee later in the show. >> clayton: i have it stuck on tightly with c-bond denture. had you did you know that coming up. >> alisyn: i remember the ricki lake show, the iconic moment of television. >> dave: ground breaking. and she's on dancing with the stars and enjoyed her. and last thing i asked the viewers for couldn't sleep and i got tons of suggestions from
4:02 am
the twitter and facebook followers, what do you do when you can't sleep. >> we had the sleep experts on. you were moaning on twitter. you have to walk up. a 20 minute break, move yourself out of the room and come back and try to sleep again. >> alisyn: your words make no sense to me, i could fall asleep on this sophe sofa, and hope i don't. we're glad you're joining us, because we're in between the two arguably most important political moments of the pa s year, with two days ago, delegates are flooding into charlotte for the democratic national convention, while president obama rallies through key swing states. >> wendell goler, with precipitations. >> here in charlotte, democrats are trying to rally the faithful, but message they want to project is an outreach to the dwindling number of
4:03 am
undecided voters,determining the outcome of the he election. the republican think they were pretty much prechg to the choir in tampa and with polls saying the races are pretty much tied don't think that the republicans got much of a campaign bounce. president obama is on the way to ohio, virginia, and planning to be more about the plans, and more balanced approach, more fair middle class. >> now, this thursday night i will offer you what i believe is a better past, path that grows this economy, creates more good jobs, strengthens the middle class and good news is, you get to choose which path we take. we can take their path or take
4:04 am
the path that i'm going to present. >> democrats still consider north carolina a battle ground state. that's part of the reason the convention is being held here, but mr. obama is going to have a tough time repeating his 2008 win year. the jobless rate in north carolina has ballooned to 9.6% and the democratic governor is so popular, not running for reelection. and the president endorsed gay marriage about the same time they banned it and there are 116,000 fewer carolina voters registered as democrats in 2008 and independent voters are up a quarter million. vice-presidential candidate paul ryan will be reaching out to them when he campaigns in the state just ahead of the conventi convention. >> dave: what do you do when you can't get to bed in the middle of the night. more milk?
4:05 am
>> reporter: scotch. >> dave: genius. wendell is good. >> clayton: didn't bat an eye. >> dave: have to try that. >> clayton: much has been played about hollywood the past few weeks and hollywood actors and weighing in on the campaign trail and will we see any figures at the dnc this week. chuck norris, in the movie expendables with sylvester stallone and arnold schwarzenegger, he has come out issuing a dire warning, saying our country as we've known it, listen to what he i guess they call the public service announcements. >> if we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the course our country is headed. we know you love your family and freedom as much as jean and i do, because of that we can no longer sit quietly or
4:06 am
stand on the sidelines and let our country go with socialism or something much worse. >> and he had the headlines earlier because he endo,ed newt gingrich and he slammed, slammed mitt romney. and saying that he's part of this elite that we need to get rid of. and he think he laid out a five point plan where he said that newt gingrich is not representative of that and mitt romney is for the future. so, it's interesting that he's now coming out with this endorsement. >> right, whether or not, it's not really sort of more like a warning, i guess. >> and let us know what you think about that, we want to get your headlines because if we're just waking up, amid harassment allegations and top immigration and customs enforcements officials, and a former aide to homeland security janet napitano resigning from her post as chief of staff as accusations of inappropriate behavior with male employees. and she says the accusations are unfounded and doesn't want
4:07 am
to be a distraction from the mission. and 50 years later, german company behind the anti-morning sickness pill thalidomide, is saying we ask for forgiveness, not reaching out. and you record our long silence as a sign of the shock that your fate caused in us. thalidomide was never approved for use in the united states though some victims were american, many victims say the apology is too little, too late. and an amazing story of survival. two 15 year olds from mississippi were playing in a flooded street, the current pulled them into a storm drain and they were dragged through the drain more than 300 yards. listen. >> i really, honestly thought i was going to die. i really thought i was going
4:08 am
to die. >> no way, and i gave up and just let go. i stopped fighting and when i seen murky water pushed up and started screaming. >> a neighbor heard their screams and saw the two crawling out of the ditch near the back yard and they're both okay, but they did have to get stitches on their nose and forehead. incredible. and those are your headlines. >> dave: a doctor twitter follower says perhaps i couldn't sleep because of the full moon. let's ask maria, does that blue moon affect sleeping patterns. >> clayton: like the tides, does it affect dave's mood? >> i don't think so. but et cetera raining in areas that need the rain and localized flooding with heavy downpours and take a look at the state of ohio around columbus and further off to the east and the area shaded in red and yellow. where we have heavy rains. some of you may be waking up
4:09 am
to lightning and thunder. as we continue to track westward, western parts of kentucky and tennessee heavy storms rolling through and parts of the midwest, a cool front swinging through and behind the system, much drier conditions, and lower humidity and cooler temperatures so it's going to start to feel like fall. right now in the 70's in rapid city, a big drop in the temperatures as we head into tonight and also into tomorrow. now, we want to take a look at the drought conditions across parts of ohio, western parts of kentucky and tennessee and we're seeing what's left of isaac, producing much needed rain, good news. the bad news that some of the storms could actually produce severe weather across parts of tennessee and alabama and mississippi, keep an eye out for that. otherwise, you guys, tomorrow, big day, labor day, temperatures looking pretty good except in texas where we're looking at triple digits in dallas. >> yikes. >> question for you this morning, could you live without e-mail for five days.
4:10 am
>> dave: five hours would be difficult. >> alisyn: you can. >> clayton: to be honest with you, i think that maybe e-mail has gotten old school. u.k. irvine have done a study, and people who gave up e-mail for five days, more productive. >> alisyn: and less stressed. and e-mail is one of the things i feel about the way i do about the cell phone, i can't remember a time we didn't have it. i don't know how our lives worked before cell phones and e-mail, but if you cut it out, after one day, not much notice. after two days not much notice. after three days, heart rate goes down and health vital signs go up and stress-- >> if you were surfing the web and weren't checking e-mail, you wouldn't um j p around the internet and spend more time focusing. >> alisyn: so true and--
4:11 am
>> all of these civilian military members that they studied all of them returned to their normal ways after a short period of time. they all said, yes, i felt more, you know, happier, more focused, less stressed, but all went right bab to what they were doing. unless there was institutional change and fox news said stay off your e-mail. >> a number of companies in the tech community got rid of and banned e-mail altogether and they have in-house social networks. >> dave: doesn't that replace e-mail. >> clayton: not in a way, it's shorter, to the point and have actually, instant message clients with people you're working on and collaborating. >> clayton: we dread opening up the e-mailbox, sort through spam. >> alisyn: i feel crushed by the weight of my e-mail. >> i'm addicted to the groupon. sends me random groupopes, the
4:12 am
driver i just bought. >> alisyn: don't send me that. one of the best advice do not check your e-mail first thing in the morning, save it until the afternoon so you can be productive in the morning. otherwise you're crushed. >> clayton: my wife shared with me and read it in an e-mail, don't chk your e-mail first thing in the morning, i'll tweet it out. >> alisyn: let us know what you think, e-mail us and we'll check it instantly. billionlying in the classroom caught on camera, and the teacher is the one actually doing the bullying though. wait until you hear that teacher's punishment. let's say it wasn't too severe. >> alisyn: he's been a life long democrat. why is our next guest going to give mitt romney a chance? ♪
4:13 am
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4:15 am
>> and welcome back. he is an outspoken, devoted democrat for 38 years, but our next guest had an epiphany at a dinner. after liberals expressed disappointment for president obama and now he thinks he'll vote for rommel this november. nice to see you. >> good morning, clayton. >> clayton: what changed for you? you were a long time supporter. >> it was a slow process. it wasn't i went hunting with ted nugent, we killed a deer, but i've looked at stuff on fox and written for the huffington post and and i was attacking romney and defending obama and it's more and more of a process, he had less to
4:16 am
defend against president obama and i don't find him to be an effective leader. he's talked about wanting to be like lyndon johnson and have a legacy like kennedy and johnson, but unwilling to do things a politician has to do in order to achieve these things. >> clayton: you wrote a letter to the white house and i guess the straw that broke the camel's back. and here is a copy. >> this is my letter, wrote it on november 17th and got a response on april 11th and i said i've been defending you on fox news and this print, i really don't understand the health care legislation, my health care costs have tripped and can somebody tell me more about this? war and peace is a 1088 pages and the health care bill just under 3,000 and most haven't read either of them. president obama probably hasn't read the health care bill and i got this response that's a form letter. it's not that insulting corpsing that george soros
4:17 am
contributed to the president and snubbed by him. mike bloomberg visited the white house when president obama wanted his endorsement, and bloomberg called obama the most arrogant man he's ever met. >> and based on the content of your message, it's intended your letter is intended for the president's reelection campaign. it's just a cold form letter seven months to get back. >> they wanted a donation. >> i actually made a donation this year to mitt romney, a lot of people gave trouble about. i didn't want rick santorum to beat him. >> the dnc, is there something that the president could say in his speech or narrative that convince you to go back? >> i don't think they're going to. it's been a divisive campaign. you don't unite people by talking about a split between
4:18 am
rich and poor. you want to unite the country and talk about bringing us together not splitting us apart. if mitt romney only paid $13% income tax, if that's legal why should he pay more? these are things they're attacking. >> and letters to the white house, we've learned, also, rob, thank you. >> good to he zoo you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, it's a no-brainer and give 110%. we're breaking down the office phrases that drive co-workers crazy and smoking fake cigarette on television and her parents say it didn't cross the line. >> sandy comes out and stomp on it and we feel it's part of the routine so we've added it in. the words are going this way-there's no way.
4:19 am
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>> 7:21 eastern. quick headlines, north korea and iran an agreement to work on technology and research. they plan to share labs and research teams and sure to raise tensions, after u.s. in the past accused north korea. and michael phelps won $100,000 during a single poker game at caesars palace in vegas, touche', michael. >> alisyn: he's on quite a roll. and there was an episode of hit tv show toddlers and tiaras, outrage after a four-year-old contestant lelled a fake cigarette. >> are you ready?
4:23 am
>> all right, please welcome to the stage, contestant number 27. a big round of applause for destiny. (cheers). destiny comes out with a cigarette in her mouth and she has a cigarette. >> what is she thinking? >> so, was the performance outrageous or are people just everreacting? joining us now are destiny christian, her parents, lisa and desmond christian and pageant director for beautiful me productions, angela smith. welcome to call of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> lisa, will et me start with you, tell us the thinking behind giving destiny this fake cigarette to use on stage. >> well, the thinking that i had was it was her first clips pageant and we just wanted to be competitive with the other girls, we didn't know what to expect. >> alisyn: now, we had a psychiatrist on the show
4:24 am
yesterday who we showed that segment to. it did cause audience and among the audience viewing at home and says giving a child a cigarette, even if it's fake, even if it's a prop sends exactly the wrong message that you don't want your four-year-old to grow up thinking that cigarettes are cool. >> oh, no, i don't. i have already explained to my daughter that cigarette smoking is bad for your health and she knows the difference between right and wrong and i don't think pretending is no harm to her. >> angela, you of course are the pageant director. help people understand. because when we see video like we're seeing on the other side of the screen right here of little kids using cigarettes and sort of dressing provocatively. we saw some putting padded bras on in one segment and dressed in sort of a sexual fashion and how can you say you're not exploiting these
4:25 am
little kids on some level? >> i don't think it's exploiting, i think it's just a hobby, and with the glitz pageants, a lot of people go over the top with their outfit, but i don't think it's any different than cheerleading or gymnastics or dressing up your child for hollywood. it's a pageant and a lot of people have fun with it. >> alisyn: absolutely people have fun, but isn't it different in gymnastics or cheerleading, about how they look and dress, there's not a skill necessarily. >> i think there's a lot of still involved with pageants. a lot of girls that compete on the national level. they compete every weekend going to pageant to pageant and they have to do a lot of training, just like gymnastics and cheerleading, a lot of outrageous with competitive cheerleading, heavy makeup, but it doesn't draw the attention as a beauty pageant
4:26 am
and i think the show toddlers and tiaras put the pageants out in the world and therefore, there's got to be a lot of criticism. >> alisyn: least is what have you noticed since tiffany participated in the show, any changes in her personality? >> i haven't seen any changes in destiny, she's feisty and not your typical four-year-old. >> alisyn: what has she liked or her sons been to being in some of the pageants? >> destiny loves going taths and she has even, i even wanted to quit them and she come to me, no, mommy, i don't want to quit. she is a team player and she loves to clap and cheer on the other girls and she does not have any ennis and destiny is completely all for the girls. >> alisyn: well, she sure looks cute there behind you, we know that she does not have an ear piece and can't hear the questions i'm asking. angela, what message do you
4:27 am
think that these pageants send to young girls like destiny? >> i don't know that they send any message. a lot of the girls are just having a great time. i know at that destiny really enjoyed doing her grease performance. and on the outside world, there will be criticism. but i do not believe it's exploiting kids. >> alisyn: i have to stop you, because as you're speaking, we're seeing the split screen, i don't know if you can see a monitor of the little girls there, in the padded bras, in the fake underwear and again our psychiatrist yesterday who then deals with adolescent girls once they have body image issues, says that this is sexually kids way too young. how can you say it's not when they're putting on provocative bras and panties? >> again it's, you know, to each their own, i mean, i you know, personally do not have a
4:28 am
child that does pageants, i do not have any children, but a lot of the people that do compete, they enjoy it, a lot of the kids have a great time and i know one of the girls in the news right now, she's competed in a lot of my pageants and enjoys being on stage. and i'm not saying that everything that's been on toddlers and deeai tiaras is perfect, but it's just a prop, a costume and really nothing more. >> alisyn: well, lisa and desmond christian and destiny christian and thank you for giving us your firsthand being in the pageant and middle of some of this criticism. thanks so much. >> we're glad to have you-- glad to be here. >> alisyn: thank you. coming up bullying in the classroom caught on camera and the teacher the one doing the bullying. so why is the teacher still in the classroom and you heard them and knew some of these expressions for breaking down
4:29 am
the most hated office phrases and yes, we're thinking outside the box here. e-mail us on the latest segment. we'd sure love to hear it. ♪ >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money.
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your money, your credit, even the equity in your home. while identity theft can't be completely stopped, no one works harder to protect you than lifelock. you even get a $1 million service guarantee. that's security no one can beat. you have so much to protect and nothing to lose when you call lifelock right now and get 60 days of identity theft protection risk free-- that's right, 60 days risk free-- use promo code: notme. order now and get this document shredder to keep sensitive documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call the number on your screen. [♪...] >> we have a fox news alert.
4:32 am
brand new video out of chicago where a freight train derailed and knocked out power to more than 2500 people in the area. and you can see the aftermath of that. this happened before 2 a.m. when a train hit the rear of an another train and this collision damaging a third train on adjacent track and at least one was carrying liquid waste, but they found nothing hazardous at the scene. there are no reports of any injuries, we will keep you posted on that situation. and thousands of people watch in horror as a plain crashed at an air show in iowa and it killed the pilot. >> oh, oh! no, no, no! >> oh, he's down! >> no, oh, no! >> this video shows what appears to be three l 39 jets in formation and suddenly one hit the ground and exploding into a giant fire ball.
4:33 am
police are not releasing the pilot's name this is under investigation. shocking video out of washington, 13-year-old boy being bullied, and the teacher seems to be egging them on. oh, boy, listen to this. the teacher was only suspended for ten days and reassigned as a substitute teacher happened in february, and now following a district investigation, the boy's parents are outraged that the teacher was not fired. and the attorney for the bullied child is going to join us. and dave, what's going on. >> dave: an awful lot and college football, not a happy day in happy valley though. yesterday was the first time penn state football was played without joe paterno at the
4:34 am
helm since 1966, folks. nearly 97,000 fans and bill o'brien attempts to write a new chapter. a very emotional day there. >> clayton: you thought it would be a good name for them. >> dave: it did not have a story book ending, penn state falls to ohio. the alma mater of who? roger ailes. it could not keep the faithful from chanting, we are penn state. college football the first saturday of the season. it was anything, but, defending champions and alabama number two, and taking on number eight michigan in cowboys stadium in dallas and as you can see, this one all tied. it was a blow out from the start. 31-0 lead. and denard robinson, his
4:35 am
heisman campaign might be over before it even began and that was a pick 6. another interception and 41- 41-14, tide rule. check out this. one of the i remembers if weekend games could already have the catch of the year. and urban meyer's, smith gave a jump start with absurd catch. trailing 3-zip in the second quarter. are a he going to have to see it again and realize how good it was. >> and last night, still can't get out there. >> that's one hand reaches out, pulls it in with one happened and secures it with one hand and i still can't believe it. i've seen it like you, played a dozen times, 56-10, urban meyer and the buckeyes successful and your alma mater played yesterday. how did they do? >> and pitt, pitt opened up with an fcs football
4:36 am
championship series team and paid them $400,000 just to play big time pitt. >> alisyn: are you pretending to be distracted. >> dave: they paid them to lose. >> alisyn: are you pretending to be distracted. >> clayton: we have to go to maria more weather. >> it looks better than that game. 70's and low 80's, including new york city, high temperature 81 degrees, as we head west and south. and that's when we'll be seeing hot temperatures well into the triple digits across the state of oklahoma and also texas. if you're headed outdoors and have plans to barbecue today or tomorrow. keep in mind, scorching hot temperatures as well as sunshine and triple digit temperatures as well for the city of phoenix and expecting a high today 107 degrees. outeast it's going to be muggy, warm, and just, very humid and not the most
4:37 am
comfortable weather for outdoor barbecues, keep that in mind. otherwise across parts of the ohio valley and portions of tennessee we'll be dealing with showers and storms and actually what's left of isaac, that system, that hurricane that produced presentation rain across louisiana, now producing more heavy rain, but fortunately now it's where we need it across areas in a drought across ohio, indiana, person parts of kentucky and tennessee and a quick shot of where the showers and storms are, moving into nashville and heavy rain, a lot of you may be waking up to thunder out there. as we head westbound, a cold front pushing through the northern plains and not a whole lot of rain, cloud cover and minnesota down into the dakotas, and western nebraska and behind that system it's going to get cooler and drier and slightly windy and so there's an elevated fire danger in place, across montana and western parts of the dakotas, and dave, i want a recap on the nole game,
4:38 am
seminoles? >> i don't know i think that florida state wiped the floor with somebody and played a little guy, too. only they did their job and won. i think they played a smaller school as well. and do you know the score? >> no, no idea, i heard we won. >> university of pittsburgh, focuses on making great doctors and smart people. . >> i'm with clayton. >> 69-3, florida state won. >> there you go. >> clayton: must be nice. let's talk about office phrases. and read a press release from a company, jargon and company garbage. what is the company trying to say. tell us about it, why is it filled with the phrases? >> there's a study that has broken down the ten most common and annoying office phrases that we all say them. >> i must be really annoying. >> alisyn: you do say some of them. >> dave: they're in my wheel house. >> alisyn: that's one of them. number one, it's a no-brainer.
4:39 am
>> dave: i use it almost every day. >> alisyn: i don't mind that one, doesn't bother me, 32% of people say they use it once a day. >> clayton: if i look on the screen it looks like i'm reading a dave briggs-- >> verbatim. >> dave: that's right, thinking outside of the box, is one ever my favorite phrases and so few people on the planet think outside the box. no other way to say it. how else do you describe a no-brainer or outside of the box. >> alisyn: thinking creatively. >> clayton: at the end of the day. >> alisyn: here it. at the end of the day. i would say at the end of the day it's important that we blah, blah, blah, and who says it all the time, politicians. you can play a drinking game, if you listen to david axlerod's speech, you will be drunk. >> clayton: he's on with chris wall. >> alisyn: it's a win-win situation, do you say that no.
4:40 am
>> clayton: that's a bit of a sports. >> alisyn: a sports feel to it. >> clayton: both teams can't win, maybe not. >> alisyn: so does this, touch base. i try not to say that, that's cliche ap annoying. >> clayton: we'll touch base. basically means i'm never going to call you. if unsw says i'm going to try to touch base with you next week, you can count on them not doing that. >> alisyn: and going forward. >> dave: 110%. >> alisyn: oh, 110%, that's cheesy. >> dave: and close-- >> close of play, i've never heard or use that. on my rar day, i use that. >> alisyn: and flagging up? what's that. >> clayton: good thing we don't work in an office. >> dave: comes from across the pond. we don't work in a typical office, maybe somebody can explain it. >> alisyn: we need an interpretation for the office jargon. >> clayton: end us your least favorite office phrases. >> dave: it's a win had-.
4:41 am
he's been plaming president bush, should he ditch the blame game. we ask a former counselor to president clinton, lane davis. >> alisyn: now, ricki lake is back with a talk show and we have to ask her if there's a wig snatch in it. ♪
4:42 am
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does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >> welcome back everybody, president george w. bush's brother jeb took the mic at the republican national convention and took president obama to task for blaming his brother for today's economic problems among others. >> barack obama is the first president to create more excuses than jobs. in his view, it's george's fault. it's the bank's fault. it's europe's fault. it's the weather's fault. it's congress's fault. mr. president, if you want to find fault, i suggest you look in the mirror. >> and my brother, well, i love my brother. he is a man of integrity,
4:45 am
courage and honor and during incredibly challenging times, he kept us safe. so, mr. president, mr. president, it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. you were dealt a tough hand, you were dealt a tough hand, but your policies have not worked. in the fourth year of your presidency, a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions and you haven't done it. >> dave: should president obama follow the advice of the former florida governor. lanny davis, former counsel to president clinton and a fox contributor as well. good morning. >> nice to see you, dave. >> dave: should the president follow jeb bush's advice in not blaming bush. >> yes, i think actually governor bush put it exactly right. and i think president obama would agree. he was dealt a tough hand, i
4:46 am
inherited probably closest to the greatest economic crisis since the great depression, and that is simply a fact. and having started with that tough hand, not blaming george bush, but stating the fact as governor bush put it, he has a responsibility to take responsibility and move forward and tell us how we're going to create jobs and get out of the deep hole that he inherited, which is a fact that governor bush recognized. >> you can't exactly spend a week looking backward when your slogan is forward. lanny, want your response to someone who worked at news week at one point. something said to governor huckabee last night on his program regarding your former boss. listen. >> i think bill clinton sees 2012, this year, not as the decisive campaign, as far as he's concerned, 2016 is the decisive campaign when hillary
4:47 am
will be 69 years old, her last chance to run for president, and he's already starting to beat those drums for her in 2016. >> dave: what do you think, lanny. is he beating the drums for her to run in 2016? she's squashed it at every opportunity. >> first of all, understand what mr. klein just said, he's entitled to is an i i think. he can say that i think that martians are going to land tomorrow. he has no knowledge, no information, pure speculation. so, he's entitled to speculate about martians or what president clinton is thinking. he has no facts. the fact is president clinton is focused on reelecting barack obama. and hillary, my old friend from law school, getting some rest and figuring out what to do with the rest of her life. and she's not planning on a
4:48 am
presidential campaign, she wants to get some rest and reading of good books. >> president clinton, 66% approval. and is there possibility of him upstaging president obama, is there reluctance to having him speak? >> no, i think he'll be able to use not popularity, but force of his arguments, why the democratic party ideas are better than the republican parties, but i think he also will give a message, maybe even a lesson to the obama campaign's decision to go negative and personal attack negative even worse. bill clinton has made a distinction between his lifetime that there's a difference between saying somebody is good and evil. which he doesn't do. and saying somebody might be right or wrong. he actually praised governor romney and his record at bain capital by then saying i
4:49 am
strongly disagree with his ideas. and the speech wednesday night, predict, will set a tone that you don't have to demonize your opposition, you can disagree with them and win a battle of ideas rather than these negative ads that i think have hurt president obama. >> dave: should be very interesting week. thank you for joining us lanny davis. we appreciate it. more "fox & friends" in two. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
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4:52 am
e. >> clayton: when they hit the air at age 24 she changed the face of tv talk shows and brought in a new audience of younger viewers. >> alisyn: who could forget her show's rallying cry? ♪ >> go ricky! now she returns this month
4:53 am
with a new tv talk show, how does she plan to stand out among the competition, let's ask actor, talk show host ricki lake. go ricki. >> it implies i should leave, i just got here. >> alisyn: 2.0, who will it be different? >> you're not the same person in the 90's, neither have i. we've evolved and grown up and matured and a reflection of who i am. and the show i did back then was what it was for that jung younger for the generation, and now more mature. >> alisyn: more mature than the clip, let's look back. >> were you in fact sleeping with leo? >> yes, i am. >> did you flatten her tires and bust out our windows?
4:54 am
>> yes, i did. baby-- >> and no she didn't. >> alisyn: what do you think when you see moments like that. >> i look back as those moments and he can't believe that was my life. an amateur anthropologist looking at crazy human behaviors and she was one hot mess, that one, but it was classic. it's classic '90s, good time craziness and i mean, i love that old show and i love what we did with tanl drug addiction and pregnancy and we did a lot of stuff with the show and we're now doing something else. >> will you have moments like that on the show? >> it's safe to say we will not come on and have someone rip someone's wig off. i can't imagine. but we're doing on shows with issues that matter to women. finding love. staying happily married, having kids, balancing it all. dealing with aging, reversing
4:55 am
the aging process and weight issues, anything a woman 55 to 24 relates to. >> in your house you've been relatable. >> if i have anything, that's what i have. people find me nonthreatening, could be my neighbor, i'm pretty much what you see is what you get. they grew up watching me hair spray and the show. i didn't have a point of view back then. with inge a you get wiser and learn from mistakes, i'm not coming on to the show to tell people how to live their life and i haven't figured it out myself. i want a platform, there's strong content for women and stopped provoking and making us see things from a different way-- >> it's not the ellen show and not just going to interview celebrities, but do you have a dream guest that you look
4:56 am
forward to? >> i joke back in the dress, i don't want a chelsea clinton. i was fascinated about the life and a graceful person going through the crazy life of being in the white house. and i don't you have a specific person, per se, i love people and curious about everyone and curious about the every person not necessarily the famous person. and we have a high profile for the subject we're talking about. mark balas dancing with the stars, my dear friend, he was on for a-- he was on the show about suicide. and his uncle, did and not something i knew about, we were doing the show and talked to him and his mom and we had a, know times best selling author on and it's just doing sort of smart content and taking some of the topics we did back in the day, but more relevant and substantial. >> cash, well, it sounds great. can't wait to watch it, check
4:57 am
your local listings, syndicated everywhere. >> 99.6 of the country. >> alisyn: that's everywhere. or people go to the ricki lake and great to have you on. >> i like the sounds of that, but like to see more wig snatching and maybe-- it's real, it's real! and geraldo down here with a chair hit you over the head. and america's national debt set to exceed 16 trillion dollars during the democratic national convention, can obama say silent about our nation's fiscal crisis and he's behind bars for aiding terrorists after the september 11th attacks and now after a controversy, how one brewer got the white house beer recipe. this man is about to be the millionth customer.
4:58 am
would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and wifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. people don't li to miss out on money that should have been theirs. that's why at ally we have the raise your rate 2-year cd. you can get a one-time rate increase if our two-year rate goes up. if your bank mes you miss out, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives... that's smarter power today. >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, september 2nd, i don't need any music. i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for being with us. mitt romney gains a post convention bounce, and crisscrosses the country ahead of the dnc. chris wallace joins us live from charlotte with a preview in just minutes. >> while republicans had hurricane isaac to contend with during their convention, democrats have the hurricane of debt. expected to hit the 16 trillion dollar mark in the middle of the dnc, what a
5:01 am
party crasher could it turn out to be. >> clayton: maybe something could pull the plug on it. and tweets on this one, a four-year-old smoking a fake cigarette during her pageant. and what you have to say about the mother who defended her actions on our air. there she is right there. "fox & friends" starts hour 3 right there. >> ♪ good sunday morning, and everybody's special story coming up in this hour and man lost a leg in afghanistan to an ied. a u.s. open ball boy and making it all over the court and helping out the best players in the world. a great story, and inspiring her troops, he'll be here. >> and do you know how quickly he'll be here, and he's very athletic, and sits there and tosses the ball. a ping-pong match. >> and can't wait to talk to
5:02 am
him. tell you what else is happening at this hour, if you're waking up an it's alarming agreement. iran and north korea signing a pact to work together on science and technology. and they plan to share lab and research teams and the agreement is sure to raise tensions with the west and the supreme leader, and sure to raise attention with other countries around the world as well and accused north korea of providing iran with missiles capable of reaching the european capital. >> and obama administration appointee and former aide to homeland security secretary janet napolitano, with the immigration and customs enforcement and stepping down with allegations of inprep behavior, and as far as the letter, she says the accusations are unfounded and does not want to be a distraction to the mission and after she went on leave.
5:03 am
ask and you shall receive. the white house is finally receiving the secret recipe of president obama's beer recipes, along with video of the brewing process. . >> all it took to get the data for thousands of petitioners and a freedom of information request. we spoke with one lawyer why he filed that request earlier on "fox & friends." >> i think that barack obama didn't understand how much interest in his personal life and how he brews and home brews and how much information on the internet. >> turns out it was made from honey from the south lawn bee hive. who knew? it was believed to be the first alcoholic beverage brewed on white house ground. >> there's a history lesson for you, clayton. >> there was another president that brewed beer not at the white house, and george washington of course it wasn't built yet and one of the large largest whiskey destillers, at
5:04 am
mt. vernon, not at the white house. >> dave: wicked smart. >> and good to be in the studio with you. good morning, everyone, take a look at the current temperatures out there. really pleasant across texas and they're going to be heating up as they head into the afternoon hours, and rapid city, 71 right now over across the northeast and that's the same as well across most of the state of pennsylvania and upstate new york and take a look how hot it's going to get across texas. 99 your high in san antonio, 102 in dallas and keep in mind if you're headed outdoors and otherwise across the southeast, temperatures aren't too bad. 92 in memphis, 89 in atlanta and 88 in raleigh and the big story how humid it's going to be, you factor in the humid and it's going to be worse, a pretty muggy day for you guys, something to note. a risk for severe, and hail
5:05 am
and damaging winds into huntsville, alabama and another area to keep a close watch on, minnesota through eastern parts and those over there, by the way, across the midwest are associated with what's left of isaac, producing much needed rain, guys? >> thanks so much, maria. >> thank you very much, maria. >> it's a big week. >> it is, go ahead. >> it's a big week and who better to handle the helm of the ship, the captain of the u.s.s. enterprise. >> this fox news sunday you've got big guests and speaking with david axle rod and what we can expect ahead at the dnc. good morning, to you, chris. >> hi, guys. >> what do you make of an r.n. c. a post convention bounce, does there appear to be one? there generally is. >> not much polling yet and certainly no polling taken
5:06 am
after romney's speech on thursday, but there is a rasmussen tracking poll that showed, that romney was trailing by two points going into the convention and as i say tracking means over three or four days, by the end. he was leading by three points or five points and some of the others smaller than that. and you know, the traditional bounce was an outdated idea because that used to happen when the conventions were several weeks or months and now with one convention ending on thursday and the next beginning on tuesday, i think the only i think this that will matter is where things stand next week after both conventions are over and people had a chance to kind of settle out and consider their reactions to tampa and to charlotte. >> so this answer paul ryan among others, campaigning in north carolina on monday, it seems, was this in response, chris, to sort of president obama breaking tradition and exchange while the r in. c was going on.
5:07 am
>> i think they were going to do it anyway, i don't think it's a cause and effect. and while one party held the convention, the other would stand down, fish or a photo op. with the new world and the internet and 24/7 news cycle, you can't afford to concede the stage to the other side for a full week. a lot of people marco rubio, headliners in tampa are here in charlotte this week and won't get as much coverage as democrats, but just like the democrats in tampa, they'll get some coverage and hope that the other side of the message in. >> alisyn: chris, our country is going to hit a dubious milestone this week when our national debt hits 16 trillion dollars. i don't imagine that will come up at the dnc, but perhaps they will find a way to weave it in or what do you think
5:08 am
they will be, what do you think the major message is that they'll be hitting? >> as you well know, that there were two debt clocks at the convention hall in tampa, and one that the national debt, and as a stands and the other, how much the debt had increased during the days of the convention, ended up being over 10 billion dollars, and you're right. i must tell you here in charlotte as i look around. there's no debt clock, i didn't think there was going to be, and i don't think they'll mention it at all. it does and that's the difference between the contender or the challenger on the one hand and the incumbent. they have to deal with reality and the fact is that there is going to be this exceeding of the debt by 16 trillion dollars. it was 10 trillion when obama came into office and the other piece of bad check news most likely, just as the convention ends and just as the
5:09 am
president's words in his speech on thursday night are echoing, we're going to get the latest jobs report for august and all expectations up around 8.3%, and so, you know, that continued bad economic news will be there as well. and i don't think you'll hear much about either here in charlotte. >> dave: should be interesting. you'll ahead to the messaging of the convention this week. we mentioned david axlerod is on the program and also the chair of the democratic national convention. chris, quickly, we had a story about the most annoying office phrases. out of the box, outside of the box, and what was the other one, no-brainer. do you use either one? or is there one you can't stand? >> i'm sorry, what that i can't stand. >> dave: an office phrase, people use all the time. >> you're fired. >> dave: you're fired. that one is not good. >> man, so different down there in the washington bureau. i don't hear that a lot. >> dave: it's a no-brainer
5:10 am
that you watch fox news sunday. >> clayton: i really want to see what david axlerod says with chris. and we'll look all week for your coverage down there at the did. nc. >> thanks, guys. >> alisyn: well, he's behind bars for aiding terrorists after the september 11th attack and now suing the federal government for religious freedom. should we be giving the john walker lindh american taliban as he was known special accommodation. >> dave: is your spending out of control? apparently it's not your fault. it's in your genes and birth order could be to blame. ♪ people really love snapshot from progressive, but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive.
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5:13 am
taliban. now john walker lindh is suing the u.s. government for stifling his religious freedom, he says, he wants the right to hold group muslim prayer sessions in prison. and joining us now is the author pamela geller. great to have you. we haven't talked much about john walker lindh recently, he's back in the news, in a terre haute, indiana prison and he want the right-- he's muslim. and he wants to pray with her muslim prisoners on a daily basis. >> anywhere we see american law and islamic law conflict, american law has to give way and this is patently wrong. first of all, the imam's for jurisprudence, says they don't have to pray in groups. thises about concession. second, he tried to kill american troops, tried to kill american troops, should have been tried as a traitor, high treason and executed. the idea that he took up a gun
5:14 am
to kill american troops and now wants special accommodation to the very ideology that inspired his afghanistan journey is outrageous and absurd and maybe speaks to the incoherent and incomprehensible policy that we have in this war. it makes no sense. >> alisyn: i mean, you can see the pickle that the prison officials are in. they don't want to be appear to be infridging on any of the muslim prisoner's rights, wouldn't be good for stability in the prison. and also don't want to give special accommodate to the muslim prisoners, religious groups from all faiths are apparently allowed to group meet once a week and john walker lindh wants it to happen more often. how do prison officials navigate this? >> security is paramount. security trumps all and the very idea that he gets the same rights as one would get in free society. he relinquished those rights when he took up a gun against u.s. troops. he does not get the rights of
5:15 am
a free society. and as i said, islamic jurisprudence doesn't call for group prayer, this is just a way of imposing the sharreya islamic law on the secular or the prison system. plus, the other prisoners that are suing with him are violent jihadists as well. why would you put them in a group to practice what is, we know to be jihadist doctrine. >> alisyn: it sounds like the prison officials have a very good excuse where they don't have to tread into the dicey waters of religious freedom and they don't have the resources for daily prayer sessions, they say that they would have to hire 84 more chaplains to provide the daily prayers, and 8.4 million dollars a year, they don't have the money. >> well, it's a cop out. if that's how they're going to slither out of it. it's a cop-out. he's a traitor should have been executed and the fact at that we're debating on fox news whether he should have group prayer with other
5:16 am
violent jihadists indicative how incoherent we are addressing this enemy. >> we want our viewers that we reached out to john walker lindh's attorney for a statement and he has not respondedment pamela geller, thank you for your perspective on this. >> thank you for having me, alisyn. >> alisyn: coming up the head of the democratic national convention calling the minority speakers quote, window dressing. >> they just brown face or a spanish surname and expect people to vote for your party. >> what is the dnc doing? marc anthony is singing the national anthem and eva longoria is speaking. and janine turner weighs in on that. and bullying caught on camera, and the teacher seems to be part of this. why is the teacher still in the classroom?
5:17 am
5:18 am
5:19 am
5:20 am
♪ >> welcome back, time for news by the numbers. 233.5, the cost of living index in manhattan. more than double than what it costs to live in any other city in the united states. and no surprise that makes manhattan the most expensive place to live in the entire country. welcome to new york. next up, 736, that's how many yards eureka challenge quarterback sam durally passed for, breaking the ncaa single game passing record. 736. 300 pounds how much the world's largest crab cake weighs. a maryland company breaking its own record the latest piece of cuisine. you know the middle is not going to cook as well as the rest of it, am i right? >> that's tough to cook
5:21 am
through, low heat, i guess. thanks, clayton, the head of the national democratic national convention, los angeles mayor is accusing republicans of window dressing with hispanic speakers. >> you can't just trot out a brown face or a spanish sur name and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate. >> dave: those comments off the dnc announced puerto rican crooner marc anthony will sing the national anthem at its event. we are in attendance at rnc, radio and talk show host, janine turner spoke at the convention. and joined by her daughter, juliet. author of the book "our constitution rocks", should get it. and what the head of the democratic national convention said there. >> i think it's insulting
5:22 am
especially to our three republican governors of nevada, new mexico and puerto rico, yes, we republicans have three hispanic governors whereas the democrats, zero. . >> dave: right, and they boast about the number of delegates reflect more minorities and wm, isn't it more important at this stage to have some leaders and have some elected officials that are hispanics. >> i thought they were dynamite, susanna, martinez and marco rubio, and indian decent, bobby jindal and nicky haley and hello, democrats have zero. >> dave: and brian sandoval, the governor of nevada and ted cruz, the senate candidate dun there in texas and the governor of puerto rico as well. fantastic speeches. i want to ask you about a book, juliet. about the constitution and most of your friends not rieth
5:23 am
books, probably not about the constitution. what got you so interested in it. >> the constitution i believe is america's road map and i'm at the age to begin driving and we wouldn't hop in the car without first learning how to drive. think of the highways. we have to know our constitution in order to drive america down the path to prosperity. and so i wrote a book for my generation because we're the future voters, we're the future of america and if we don't know our constitution we won't know how to protect it. i wrote a book, hip and cool way for kids based on 90 essays, i wrote originally and in each chapter i have different sections, one is the bottom lines, a cliff note section even great for adults because i have the explain in one language, why should i care? that's what we ask. why should i care about the constitution? i've got nine times in my book. and i also have what has it
5:24 am
done for me lately. >> dave: i can't get my kids to eat vegetables. how did you get your daughter to care about the constitution? >> i sat her down around 2010 and we read the constitution together and then i started a foundation which is a 6,200 mile road trip and home schooled her it that year and guest scholars write 90 essays, at our foundation. and home schooled just thatter yoo. go down for history. write, take the professor's essay and write it for kids and she did. they decided it would be a congratulate book and they've done a great job, with the outline and colorful. >> you were also at the republican national convention. >> i was. >> dave: you were with your mom. did you see it at work. >> it was our republic at work, it was great. i loved looking out at the convention and seeing all the people there, all americans
5:25 am
there and it was just so great because you can feel the passion and the sense of patriotism in the room. >> dave: see the political process. >> at work. >> dave: fantastic. >> the book is "our constitution rocks", check it out. buy it for your kids, juliet. janine, thanks for being here. appreciate it. >> still on the show, hope of freedom, why is one town refusing to raise the american flag on september 11th, we'll hear from one president who says the flag flap is far from over. plus your e-mails and tweets on this one, a four-year-old smoking a fake cigarette during a pageant performance. what do you have to say about the mom who is defending her auctions, just ahead. ♪
5:26 am
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order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] ♪ >> welcome back, everybody. dave briggs, clayton morris, alisyn camerota. stick around, we have a lot more in the show coming up and including recap our debate and smoking toddler. >> clayton: and recap dave from pitt panthers and quick to point out that dave's colorado buffalos lost. >> dave: a division one school of course they didn't pay to lose. >> clayton: move along. >> dave: i'm just saying. >> clayton: move along.
5:29 am
>> alisyn: all right. i'll take that as my cue to your headlines. hundreds of students gathered in queens, new york, mourn the loss of a 16-year-old fernandez killed after sticking his head oust the emergency hatch in the roof of a double-decker party bus he was riding in and he struck an overpass. >> it was just an accident, like no one would expect that to happen to him. >> i'm devastated and it's a nightmare. >> and the bus company says it's launching an internal investigation. and a university in colorado may be in hot water, offering students campaigns to credit for president obama. described the course as 12 week long organizing internship for the obama reelection campaign. as it turns out the course was canceled before it began because of lack of interest. and the school still may have violated state laws which
5:30 am
prohibit public universities for participating in campaigns. and well, the town of amherst, say they'll only raise the stars and stripes every five years on the 9/11 anniversary. the decision has many residents baffled and felt outrage. one of them, larry kelly joined us on "fox & friends." >> do you really want to be remembered as people who think that 9/11 is only worth remembering one out of five years? as far as i'm concerned, it's absurd and everyone i talk to say, why is this ien a question? >> in the statement, the amherst board says our board represents the own i remember too community and differing opinions in the community. >> and the topic so many of you have been writing in about, the four-year-old on toddlers and tiaras, who had a
5:31 am
fake cigarette. thoughts, discuss. >> clayton: speed it up, we'll watch this. >> are you ready? ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, contestant number 27, a big round of applause for destiny. [applaus [applause]. >> . >> clayton: destiny comes out with a cigarette in her mother. destiny has a cigarette. what is she thinking? >> well, give them credit for this. they came on the program to discuss why they made the decision to have that little girl with the cigarette and the sash in the pageant. and listen to what they said. >> it was her first clips pageant and we just wanted to be competitive with the other girls, we didn't know what to expect. >> i've explained to my daughter that cigarette smoking is bad for your health and she knows the difference between right and wrong, and i don't think pretending is no
5:32 am
harm to her. >> alisyn: right. >> clayton: yeah, playing pretend the way that kids dress up. is that okay? barb shelton, falsies for four year olds? let them be children. so big deal, destiny likes it, she's a four-year-old, who is the parent here. >> dave: to me i look at that as a parent and i'm horrified. >> alisyn: i do everything in my power as a parent, to keep four years old from thinking that smoking a cool or provocative or sexy clothes. this makes me uncomfortable you, but the mom's point, they're playing dress up. they like playing dressup. like playing pretend or a character. >> right, but the end result being emulating that. >> alisyn: that's the fear. the fear is that you think these are role models and cool. and dr. keith ablow said these four year olds know you were
5:33 am
clapping when you come out in tight leather pants and a cigarette. that's not the message. >> i was uncomfortable when i bought my son the donalds play toys. and now thises much ado i about nothing. most of us from the 50's remember the candy cigarettes. we played with those whenever we could. >> as a kid i had those, and the powdered sugar and it was a scam, ap one puff of the powdered sugar and it's done. >> dave: you don't think it made it cool. >> clayton: of' got a cigarette. lime flavor and-- >> and sandy in mississippi, i find it disgusting, that the parents dress them up and parade across the stage.
5:34 am
it's intan. >> look, it leads to lung cancer and die in your 40's, issing you're probably aware of and kids are mock likely to pay attention to that than the idea of smoking. >> alisyn: it's a tough one. the whole beauty pageant thing, you're dressing up your little girl in outfits beyond their age and looks matter. vicky says the fear that she will become a smoker? then the kids playing with toy guns will become murderers, right? is there a difference? >> i was coming around-- >> i thought about that, too, i thought how is that different with kids playing cops and robbers as a kid anddo. >> dave: draw the line somewhere, when you look at that image i was coming around and i saw the image again and viceral le unfoshl with it in-- >> let us know your thoughts at fox on ff weekend on
5:35 am
twitter. >> alisyn: a study has been done by a financial advisor, your birth order where you fall in your family can affect your relationship with money and how you pay your bills. >> clayton: interesting, because i often talked about my sister being younger and always a good saver. she saved a lot of money growing up. never spent anything. as soon as i got my allowance i'd buy comic books. i i'm curious, a first born. >> alisyn: as a first born more responsible. pay your bills on time. >> except when i forget. >> alisyn: supposed to be organized about your bills. >> except when i forgot-- no, my wife. >> alisyn: i knew it was going to be-- >> i don't pay a single bill, it's my wife. i i don't know who you to balance the checkbook. >> alisyn: are you the youngest. >> dave: i'm youngest and totally irresponsible. >> alisyn: what's happening with you, and saving in the
5:36 am
family, you are -- wait a minute. >> clayton: you can't read that. >> alisyn: so many bad things. >> clayton: here it is. >> alisyn: it says, oh, you have a-- you believe in a social fund, spending stuff on-- >> the middle child there and you're talking about sounds exactly like me. >> alisyn: and baby of the family you're very social and tend to splurge, you have little left over for bills, dave. >> dave: thankfully i do because of my wife. >> alisyn: that's good. a first born, like you, are supposedly perfectionists and you're supposedly responsible. >> if i'm responsible, i'm a perfectionist, i'm not good when it comes to the accounting practices, i'm not good at balancing the checkbook and once the first month. how do you score a checkbook. it should easily be a miracle. >> here is what only children break down in terms of-- >> and so ali being the only child, we' are perfectionists,
5:37 am
but always seeking approval. are you. >> alisyn: yeah, i am. what does it mean for my finances. >> dave: in regards to the program. >> alisyn: and trying to impress people at all costs. even though it means-- no, that's not true. >> clayton: and let us know how you feel about it. fox and >> spot on. >> dave: bullying in the classroom and the teacher this time is doing the bullying. should this teacher still be in the classroom? >> and then one of our nation's heros, lost his leg while serving in afghanistan. he's now found success at the u.s. open and shares his inspiring story with us next. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business...
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5:41 am
kicked the investigation back, requesting additional info. more on that later. >> and thank you, alisyn for tuning in for that, with the shocking cell phone video appears to show teachers egging on a student and a fellow classmate. the video is coming to light. after the accident took place the teacher was still employed, reassigned and students and parents outraged about it and the attorney for the bullied teen joins us to talk about it. of course we're not releasing the name of the teen for the teen's protection. nice to see you this morning. >> i don't know. >> clayton: where does it stand now? the teacher wants-- what's remarkable to me, the teacher was reassigned because we haven't seen the video. they felt it was enough to sweep it under the rug and now that it's come out.
5:42 am
the school district is going back on their plan? >> i think so. i think that the public discussion and the attendance brought about by being actually view what went on in that classroom has made a big difference and it's important for people to understand and realize how dramatic an incident like that can be if it-- >> speak in actual numbers. we're looking at you 0 on the video on the screen. what are we looking at here? >> you're looking at a concerted effort to target one young man trying to get an education i don't think you see any kicurriculum happening there. and how you can target an individual child and show you dominance or use him as a play toy, that's certainly inappropriate in the classroom. >> pinning him down, putting chairs on top of him. all the way the teacher egging on the students. the teacher said he thought it
5:43 am
was harmless horse play. >> well, the teacher was leading the activity. the chairs on top of my client happened at the initiation of the whole teacher. if you look at the video he's initiating putting the chairs on top of him. poking him in the belly and expressing interest on passing gas on him. alarming activities by the teacher. and acting like a 12-year-old and acting out in his own classroom as opposed to leading the classroom, explaining to the students how to do math. >> he was reassigned. >> correct. >> clayton: the cricket didn't fire him, reassigned him. what do you want as a result of your investigation. what do you want for your client. >> my clients are hoping this never ever happens again in the schools. there's some who can get a good education and other
5:44 am
students can get a good education, out of the risk of being tormented in the classroom and they wanted kids to be safe and recognize this is a bullying incident and treat it as such and they're patiently waiting for the pierce count sheriff's department to complete their investigation and appropriate action and why the school didn't handle this in the way that the legislature has set up to work. several agencies it look into these matters rather than just leaving it with the school to decide whether or not it's something for the rest of the universe to know about. >> clayton: the was teacher was john rosi. >> rosi. r-o-s-i. he was reassigned as a substitute teacher, but retrained, never fired. do you want him fired and will the sheriff's department actually come and arrest him?
5:45 am
>> i don't know that the sheriff's department will come in and rest and a charging decision and at that time may do so if they feel it's necessary. i don't know, i understand that he has legal counsel and may arrange for the appropriate acts if charges against the teacher himself. it's hard to say, those entities were separately from what we're trying to do and we're just trying to make sure that the discussion stays positive. certainly don't want to see anything more tragic occur as a result of this accident. we want to see it get more focused on what needs to happen in the schools and how our kids need to be educated without this kind of risk. and the long-term detrimental effects are astonishing, it's stig, it matters. >> alisyn: we'll get you here on this question, bullies in school and so many segment. and here we have a teacher
5:46 am
leading a bullying section. how is your client doing, that teenager doing today? >> you know, he's getting better, but it's a life long effect. he's had to change schools. he had a sibling in the school and now they're going to different schools. different vacations, different holidays not sharing the same experience and, and not being able to lock back at being a graduate of. and so it's a different life style and it's going to have long-term effects and he needs to learn how to not be the victim and not be, not be placed in a situation and trust adults in an educational setting and that's tough to do when you've been tragically violated and disappointed by the leaders around you. >> clayton: we appreciate you coming on this morning and telling us that story. keep us informed. and thanks, joan.
5:47 am
straight ahead, he lost his leg in afghanistan while fighting for freedom and now inspiring others on the tennis court. this veteran to share his inspirational story next. and never one to shy away, president clinton, but could bubba back fire for president obama?
5:48 am
5:49 am
5:50 am
. . >> clayton: welcome back, quick headlines for you, iran and north korea signing an agreement to work together on research and science and technology and plan to share labs, information and research teams. the agreement is sure to raise tensions with the west after u.s. accused north korea providing iran with missiles. michael phelps doing what he does best, winning.
5:51 am
the olympian won $100,000 at a single poker game at caesars palace in las vegas. dave and ali, he's good luck. >> alisyn: he must be. >> dave: clayton, are you watching the u.s. open? our next guest is helping to keep the game running smoothly. >> alisyn: a 23-year-old specialist in the army and last his leg in a land mine explosion in afghanistan. that's not holding himself back, now a ball person at the u.s. open, an inspiration on the court and competing in the para olympics. >> joining us now is 23-year-old ryan macintosh, an honor to have you here, my friend. >> thank you. >> dave: and a colorado native. >> alisyn: i see why you're bonding. >> dave: tell us how you lost your leg in afghanistan 2010. >> i was on a routine mission, and end ended up stepping on a land mine back to our base. it was just a single file line
5:52 am
moving through the country and i was number six in the order of movement and ended up crossing a canal and then ended up stepping on it and i blacked out for a second and then i woke up ten feet in the air and fell into a ditch. ab then my guys were yelling ied, ied. at first i didn't know i was injured. i got back up or kind crawled and they're like, where is mack, where is mack, i didn't know until they started yelling it was me. and i stuck my hand out of the ditch and they ended up grabbing me and working on me there. >> alisyn: thank god you were saved. at that time did you think you'd be able to be athletic afterwards? >> no, the first thing running through my mind is i was supposed to be a dad and so that was -- really hurt and my e and my coach a huge and always my best friend. that was my biggest thing,
5:53 am
knowing i was having a sonment i wanted to be a coach aalong his site in nothing whatever he did. that's the biggest push. >> now you're ins spaegs troops all over the world and why you wanted to be a ball boy at us open. what is the message to other troops. >> it's hard in the beginning and there's no doubting that it's an obstacle to overcome, but at the same time, the human will is powerful and whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve and overcome any obstacle. >> alisyn: you competed against 600 other people to become a ball person at the u.s. open and you got, you made the cut and i understand that they asked you at the time, when you were in the competition, can you throw a tennis ball? >> yeah, they asked me if i could throw a tennis ball and the first thing that came to my mind, i've thrown and grenades and it's heavy compared to a tennis ball,
5:54 am
yeah, i think i can handle it so they teased me to are a little while about that one. >> dave: one of the highlights for ryan, meeting andy roddick and brooklyn decker and the model and he's met her before. moving forward though, you hope to compete in the 2016 para olympics in rio, and was an inspiration who competed in the real london summer games and what did you think of him competing in the track events and the criticism some said it was an unfair advantage. >> if you think it's an unfair advantage strap on a pair of stilts and try to run. >> dave: try running. >> it's not fun and it's not the running part the difficult part, it's everyday things that are difficult. so, yeah, oscar is inspirational and just a true athlete. no doubt about it. >> dave: can you give us a demonstration of things that you-- >> dave is going to compete against, my money is on you.
5:55 am
>> let's line up here. >> we're lining up. >> suicide runs i think they call these, ready, set, go. [laughter] >> oh! >> and you're doing that and dave-- all right. oh, and nicely done. >>, but you're agile in all directions, is there anything that holds you back. >> no, standing for a long period of time on it, just because it's very on your toe, in a way, and so, standing on it for a long period of time at the u.s. open is difficult because you're so, you're so strict and you have to stand when they're serving and be so still so i get a little tired after a while. >> and not even breathing hard. >> alisyn: i know. >> dave: he's inspiring troops all around the world and a pleasure to have you here, thank you for your service. >> thank you, an honor to be here. >> alisyn: thank you so much. and let's go back inside to
5:56 am
clayton. >> clayton: great story. finishing touches for the democratic national convention and what's in store in charlotte. and take a look at this phenomenal catch. the season just started, but could have already had the catch of the year in college football. watch the one-armed grab, there it is, unbelievable. more on that. ♪ why nature made? they were the first to be verified by the usp. an independent organization that sets strict
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ask about our risk-free 30-night in-home trial. call now for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now! >> alisyn: good morning, it is sunday, september 2nd, i'm alisyn camerota, should president obama be worried about bill clinton, up stagiing him a the dnc since clinton allegedly will not give them a copy of his speech. >> clayton: he's still writing it. don't rush him. >> dave: he was fired for using taxpayer dollars to pay enormous salaries to corrupt officials and is suing the city to collect his unused sick time and vacation pay to the tune of $800,000. that is fair? >> clayton: get ready for this, toby mack with a special performance, toby mack, is here! he's on the top of itunes now,
6:00 am
if you go to itunes he's the top artist there and is joining us, "fox & friends," hour 4, starts, "fox & friends," hour 4, starts, right now. captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> alisyn: welcome in, everyone. that guy we just met, so cool... >> clayton: i noticed you are using the ballperson -- it is typically ball boy. >> alisyn: they changed. >> clayton: really. >> dave: skip -- pc. >> alisyn: isn't that what they call them. >> dave: i call him an inspiration and i don't know what inspired me more his attitude or athleticism in overcoming the fact he gave a leg in afghanistan. it was amazing to see his perspective and the agility. >> alisyn: i didn't notice that, he has nice green eyes... >> clayton: if you missed the
6:01 am
segment go to and check out his story. >> alisyn: we have to talk about the big story, politics, of course, delegates flocking to charlotte, two days before the democratic national convention, while president obama kicks avenue a campaign tour leading him to north carolina for his big acceptance speech. >> clayton: wendell goler joins us on the dnc preparations, have they been able to get ahold of bill clinton's speech or is he holding it in a safety deposit box somewhere? >> reporter: someone as read it. i'm sure. it will be one of the highlights here and perhaps, not nearly as important as the president's acceptance speech itself which will occur on day 3. the president is working his way here, via the battle ground states of iowa, colorado, ohio and virginia, the road to charlotte, designed to close the road to a mitt romney victory in november, especially the last
6:02 am
two stops, virginia you said to be a reliably red state, and the washington, d.c. suburbs are really changing that and no republican has won the white house without winning ohio, in recent times and the chairman of romney's campaign says it is possible to win without ohio, but, he says he wouldn't want to risk it. yesterday, in iowa, mr. obama talked about one reason he is ahead in ohio polls. his bailout of gm and chrysler which was politically unpopular across much of the country. it saved jobs in ohio where the unemployment rate is below the national average and the president doesn't miss the opportunity to point out mitt romney opposed the bailout. >> president barack obama: when his advice was to let detroit go bankrupt, i said a million jobs are at stake and i will bet on american workers and american manufacturing. [cheers and applause]. >> president barack obama: and today, the american auto industry has come roaring back! >> reporter: here in north carolina the situation is different and that is part of
6:03 am
the reason the odds are against mr. obama, repeating the narrow victory he had in 2008. the state's unemployment rate nearly a point-and-a-half higher than the national average and number of registered democrats shrunk by 100,000 and the president's endorsement of gay marriage is very unpopular here, voters in north carolina passed a ban on it. and, political analysts say north carolina is tilting toward mitt romney, still close but republicans are trying to increase the tilt and vice presidential nominee paul ryan will be here tomorrow and other republicans will make appearances around the state during the democratic convention. vice president biden planned to campaign in florida during the republican convention and in chicagoed his plans, when it looks like hurricane isaac was headed there. guys, back to you. >> dave: thank you, wendell. you mentioned north carolina and you got virginia, ohio, colorado and iowa, all those states within the 1.5 points in the real clear politic average, all five battleground states within a point, point-and-a-half.
6:04 am
>> clayton: absolutely and all eyes on the dnc this week as we look toward, as wendell mentioned, one of the highlights will be bill clinton's speech and, a report this morning from namely ed klein who says the white house wants to see this speech and yet bill clinton is writing it out in long hand and will not let them know what is in it. here's what ed klein said last night on the huckabee show. take a listen: >> he in fact called obama an incompetent, an amateur among other things, that are printable. and, i have been told by people inside the clinton camp that bill clinton is furiously writing his speech, right now, for the convention, in long hand. and he's getting these phone calls from the obama people, what is in your speech? what is in your speech? and he is furious because he will not tell them. so, even president obama has no idea what bill clinton is going to say when he stands up in front of the convention.
6:05 am
>> clayton: could go two ways, remember the famous connection speech bill clinton gave that went on i think two hours... >> alisyn: it is still going on! >> dave: he'll blow through the stop sign. >> clayton: and his book is this thick and if he is writing it out long hand, there is concern it will be longer. >> alisyn: we know from when he was in the oval office, the presidency, he did like to do that and wrote out long hand and wrote his own speeches and stayed up late, burning the midnight oil and his probably is not done yet and that is why they haven't seen it and it is hard to believe after the surprise of the r.n.c. last week that anybody in the obama campaign would let a speech go on unvetted but when it comes to bill clinton, who knows? ed klein, who of course is the author of the controversial book on the obama presidency, called "amateur" says my sources inside the barack obama campaign said the last thing obama wanted to see was clinton, one of the world's greatest are tors, standing at the convention and sucking all the air out of the
6:06 am
place, and, he claims his sources inside the campaign say there was a big debate between valerie jarrett and david axelrod on how to use him. >> dave: and ed schultz who says klein has used reckless fabrication, in writing his books. and bill clinton has a 66% approval rating and who got the economy roaring, comes in and speaks, against president obama, who has a rating of 45%. >> and does he make the statement mistake al gore made in not using clinton. he didn't have him on the campaign trail and al gore tried to distance himself from bill clinton, at your peril, i suppose. >> alisyn: and another question is while hillary clinton be conspicuously absent from the democratic national convention and she has great approval ratings at the moment and some
6:07 am
think the obama administration dispatched her far away to europe, to being there and condoleezza rice, former secretary of state says she doesn't think it is true and she, herself was not at her own republican national convention when she was secretary of state. >> i didn't go to the 2008 convention, because the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, to a certain extent the secretary of treasury are all officials who carry a kind of nonpartisan brief, if you will, and so it is absolutely tradition, and, is rarely, if ever at the convention. >> clayton: ed klein said on "the huckabee show" saying bill wants hillary to run in 2016 and this is a setup for her to be perfectly positioned for 2016. listen to ed klein: >> i think bill clinton sees 2012 think year, not as the decisive campaign, he's concerned 2016 is the decisive
6:08 am
campaign, when hillary will be 69 years old, her last chance to run for president and he's already starting to beat those drums for her in 2016. >> alisyn: lanny davis took objection to that, lanny davis is an insider, obviously in the clinton camp and served in the clinton white house, and here's what he said about ed klein's theory: >> he has no knowledge, no information, pure speculation. so, he's entitled to speculate about what president clinton is thinking but he has no facts. the fact is, president clinton is focused, right now, on reelected barack obama. and, hillary clinton is focused right now, who is my old friend from law school, on getting some rest and figuring out what to do with the rest of her life and she is not planning on a presidential campaign. of that i can assure you. >> dave: hard to believe hillary would be making a run at that
6:09 am
age after everything she accomplished and she's in the mid 60s... one of the highest -- >> and i'm looking to relax a little bit is what she said. >> dave: right. and ed klein said, he never reports anything, confirmed not by one, but two sources. >> clayton: and peggy noonan and other conservatives -- conservatives -- slammed ed klein, saying he is not well sourced and they slammed his book reporting and, so, anyway, who knows. >> dave: good intrigue. >> clayton: certainly is. will be interesting to see what happens with bill clinton this week. >> alisyn: and i wonder what lanny davis would say about you suspect calculating about marti martians. >> clayton: i'm free to speculate. >> alisyn: your headlines, a "fox news alert". a train detrailed, knocking out power to 2500 people and it happened just before 2:00 a.m., 8 full-size cars went off the track and one slid down an embankment into a backyard and
6:10 am
at least one train was carrying liquid waste. emergency crews were called to the seen and found nothing hazardous. police say, no reports of any injuries. iran and north korea signing a pact to work together on science and technology and plan to share labs, information and research teams, and the agreement is sure to raise tensions with the west and iran's supreme leader saying the two countries have common enemies and the u.s. accuses iran capable of having missiles to reach major capitals. suzanne barr and moment homeland security secretary janet napolitano is resigning from her post after being accused of inappropriate behavior with her employees, she says the accusation are unfounded but does not want to be a
6:11 am
distraction. this happened three weeks after barr went on leave. >> dave: rick reichmuth is offs across the country. how does it look for labor day? >> good morning, everyone, it looks good if you live across places like the northeast. we'll be enjoying temperatures that are pleasant for this time of the year, like floonew york, expect a high of 80 degrees and low 80s tomorrow as women, if you live in the southeast, it will be high temperatures today and tomorrow, the upper 80s and the issue is when you factor in the dewpoint, it is humid and you have to deal with showers and storms as well during the afternoon hours and otherwise, texas, upper 90s, triple digits for some, in dallas, a high of 102°, and, tomorrow, labor day, big day for us, a lot of us will be off, triple digits for texas, again, upper 90s in kansas city and parts of the northern plains on the warm side. rapid city and minneapolis, 89° for your high temperature, as we head into tomorrow. and we will deal with showers
6:12 am
and storms, and some of these will actually be associated with what is left over from hurricane isaac, now just showers and storms, across parts of the ohio valley, and, also, parts of the tennessee valley and we actually need the rain out here and there is good news, showers and storms again from ohio down into parts of tennessee and something to keep an eye on, some of the storms could produce severe weather across parts of central tennessee and down through northern parts of alabama, we'll keep a close watch on that and otherwise, northern plains, cold front sweeping through with showers this morning. back to you guys. >> clayton: thanks, coming up on the show, president obama, accused of leading from behind and putting our troops at risks. we heard that a lot during the r.n.c., what would a romney presidency mean for our men and women in uniform? a former navy s.e.a.l. weighs in on that, next. >> alisyn: then you heard of them... and maybe used these, breaking down the top most hated office phrases. the business jargon, and, yes, we are speaking outside of the box.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
>> dave: republican presidential nominee mitt romney touching on many themes during his acceptance speech at the r.n.c., including a pledge to keep our nation's military strong. >> everywhere i go in america... there are monument that list those who have given their lives for america. there is no mention of their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a living. [cheers and applause]. >> that america, that united america, would preserve a military that is so strong no nation would ever dare to test it. [cheers and applause].
6:17 am
>> dave: joining us now with reaction, former navy s.e.a.l. scott taylor. always good to see you, scott. >> good morning, dave, great to be here again, thank you for having me. >> dave: what has mitt romney said or maybe, what has mitt romney not said, that tells you what type of president he would be, regarding the military? >> well, you know, we hope that he'll hold up the high standard, if he is elected. special operations op, doesn't advocate on any candidate but i think mitt romney is a serious guy and serious candidate and understands how it is necessary to have a strong military, and american military in the world to deter those who may want to do harm to other and ourselves as well. >> dave: when it comes to situations like, most notably, afghanistan, or, perhaps, the situation in syria, which were both very very, serious, do you have any idea in terms of how you would handleal the a al tht and what gives you that clue.
6:18 am
>> it is difficult to say, but i will certainly say there haven't been a lot of details coming out from either candidate, if i might say. i'd like to see more details from the obama administration, as well as the -- what governor romney would do if he were president. those two issues are very important right now and affect us, certainly, in the world and it would be nice to see more details from both of the candidates. >> dave: one thing john mccain spoke about the other night at the r.n.c. was about pending defense cuts, something mitt romney that's also spoken about and here's what romney said about these sequestration cuts: >> a year ago, president obama told you at the national convention, quote, we cannot, must not, will not balance the budget, on the backs of our veterans. end of quote. i thought i finally agreed with him on something. but, now he's on stlethe verge breaking that promise. the obama administration is set to cut defense spending by nearly a trillion dollars. my administration will not. [applause].
6:19 am
>> dave: of course many cuts are because congress could not reach a deal of handling the debt and deficit. $500 billion in additional cuts, how do you deal with that and what are you looking for, as far as president obama or mitt romney in terms of handling the cuts. >> the second question first. i'm looking for leadership, that is what i'm looking for, leadership from them and from congress. it's terrible to hold the military hostage for that, unemployment is higher with the military, and it would be devastating, if they come through and, you don't want veterans coming from front lines to stand in unemployment lines and it is terrible they are looking at cutting defense first and not look at entitlement, the pastest growing part of our debt and we're still in war, of course, we are still in war and certainly, just came out of one and so it is time for
6:20 am
refurbishing and replenishing and not time for huge cuts to defense and our military. >> dave: some suggested those cuts could cost our economy 1.5 million jobs, let alone, the problems it brings up in terms of security. scott taylor, thanks for being here and thank you, as always, for your service. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. >> dave: you, too. coming up, is mitt romney's face problemat -- faith problematic when it comes to becoming president. and, now a man is suing a vaet to cash in on unused vacation and sick days to the tune of $800,000, after he has been accused of corruption. we're talking about the taxpayers, trying to stop him, ahead.
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
6:24 am
♪ >> alisyn: is mitt romney's mormon faith a deterrent to him being elected president and if so, with which voters? conservatives? or liberals? southern baptists or catholics? here to analyze this is the head of faith and freedom coalition, ralph reed. good morning. >> good morning, ali, good to be with you. >> alisyn: we heard governor romney mention his mormon faith briefly in his convention speech and he doesn't talk about it that often. how big of an issue do you think it is, this election with voters? >> well, i don't think it is a major issue and i have to commend the romney campaign because, for those who were able to watch the coverage on thursday night when they had those moving and evocative temps by people who attended a church with him in massachusetts, he and ann romney, and the acts of
6:25 am
compassion an charity, and, so forth, and i think if you look at the kinds of things, look, i don't want to diminish the theological differences between mormons and evangelical protestants. those differences are significant. and they have deep historic roots but i think if you look at mitt romney's life, and the way he lived it, in terms of being a faithful husband, for 42 years, raising a wonderful family, helping those who are less fortunate or hurting, really, going out of his way to touch other people, with love and mercy and compassion, been a successful business man and been involved in his community, i mean, isn't this what we want to teach our children to do? so i think the idea that there is a tension between evangelical voters and romney, overthis, is vastly overstated. >> alisyn: there's an interesting poll i want to show you and our viewers, this was a "gallup poll," i believe, from, yeah, june of this year and it asks if your party nominated a
6:26 am
generally well qualified person for president who happened to be a mormon, would you vote for that person? 90% of republicans said yes. 79% of independents and only 72% of democrats said yes. and then, no, 24% of democrats. said no, they would not. again, for a well-qualified person. what is going on with that? >> well, it looks like if you look at the polling, the last acceptable form of religious bigotry is directed against mormons. and, if you look at the gallup data, ali, from last year it found that 4 -- 43% of self-identified liberals said they would not vote for a mormon. thatastonishing figure when you look at the -- senate majority leader, harry rooeeire
6:27 am
a mormon and there is bigotry against the mormons and now it is mostly on the left and it appears to be -- you'll get a debate -- appears to be because the mormons have been in the forefront for example on the marriage issue and significantly active in the proposition 8 effort in california, in 2008, and, in terms of their political views, morp mons tend to be much more in line with faithful -- mormons tend to be more in line with faithful catholics and, secular voters are reacting to that and the electorate is breaking out among partisan lines and look at evangelicals, the opposite is happening, pew research says 71% of evangelicals say they are voting for moromney today, a higher percentage of the evangelical vote than george w. bush got in 2000. >> alisyn: interesting. it will be interesting to see how all of it plays out and if we hear more about mormonism in
6:28 am
the weeks leading up to the election, ralph reed, thanks so much for coming in. >> you bet. >> alisyn: a dire warning for america from actor chuck norris who says our country may be lost forever. we'll show you, coming up and it is a no-brainer and let's give 110%, breaking down the office phrases that drive your office coworkers crazy. >> ♪ ♪ sometimes i wonder what i'm gonna do ♪ ♪ there ain't no cure for the summertime blues...♪ rance claim. [ voice of dennis ] switch to allstate. thr claim service is so good, now it's guaranteed. [ normal voice ] so i can trust '. unlike randy. are you in good hands?
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>> clayton: welcome back. >> dave: welcome back, buddy! wow. this is mark sanchez, finally scoring, this pre-season, with actress eva longoria. the cover in "the new york post" shows the two eating dinner with friends in new jersey, rumors started swirling back in july, the 25-year-old sanchez and 27-year-old longoria are a very attractive couple, aren't they? >> alisyn: indeed! >> dave: she was married to an nba player, tony parker and now goes to the nfl. >> clayton: this is a very stable -- he's a stable, stay-at-home kind of guy. >> alisyn: the guy your mom wants you to come home. >> clayton: parent teacher conferences, hangs out at the bookstore. >> alisyn: she likes the 25-year-old hottie! good for her. >> dave: a big week ahead in
6:33 am
charlotte, north carolina, the democratic national convention kicking off that right and it is interesting, how -- the republicans say they'll bracket each day at the convention and people like marco rubio, governor nikki haley, high profile republicans, every day around 1:00 will hold a press conference just outside the dnc to kind of counter each and every issue. >> clayton: and hollywood, it will be curious, so much is said, there will be hollywood stars, eva longoria in fact will be there... >> dave: rumored to be. >> clayton: and others, will there be other hollywood folks down there at the dnc? on the other side, the conservative side, chuck norris has a new public service announcement. a looming sort of dark foreboding message, a guess. you recall he came out in support of newt gingrich, back earlier this year and made quite a bit of headlines, in support of him, and, he was -- he said, i'm not endorsing mitt romney, he came out and slammed mitt romney during the endorsement of gingrich and now has a
6:34 am
foreboding message, this morning, take a listen: >> if we look to history our great country and freedoms are under attack. we're at a tipping point and quite possibly our country, as we know it, may be lost forever, if we don't change the course our country is headed in. we know you love your family and your freedom, as much as tina and i do, and it is because of that we can no longer sit quietly or stand on the sidelines, and watch our country go the way of socialism or something much worse. >> alisyn: he called it a dire warning. i don't know anything scared chuck norris. it is scary to hear something scares chuck norris. he'd just give it a knuckle sandwich! >> dave: true! by the way, president obama tells "usa today" they plan on no stunts to play off the empty chair and, plan to play it straight. >> alisyn: that is sad. >> dave: i thought they'd -- >> it is already playing out. >> alisyn: why not? >> clayton: maybe, they don't
6:35 am
need to. let it go. >> dave: he says he's not offended, and a big fan of clint eastwood. >> alisyn: on that note, hers your headlines for this hour, thousands of people watched the next scene in horror as a plane crashed at an air show in iowa, killing the pilot: >> no, no, no... no! oh, no! >> alisyn: horrible. the video showed what appears to be three l-39 jets flying in formation and, suddenly the plane hit the ground, exploding into a giant fireball and at this time, police are not releasing the pilot's name and cause of the crash, remains under investigation. two 15-year-olds from mississippi were playing in a flooded street and the current pulled them into a storm drain and the friends were dragged more than 300 yards down the drain.
6:36 am
>> i honestly thought i was going to die. i really thought we were going to die. >> no way of breathing and i gave up and let go, stopped fighting and i saw murky water and i like pushed myself up and i started screaming. >> alisyn: a neighbor heard the screams and saw the two crawling out of a ditch near his backyard. both teens are okay, as you can see but had to get several niches on their noses and foreheads and -- stitches on their nose s and foreheads. >> alisyn: could we have the catch of the season? >> dave: get off twitter! wide receiver devon smith, a one-handed catch. check it out in slo-mo and grabs it and brings it in and secures it, all three and never touched it, i don't believe with the other arm. >> clayton: his left hand was on twitter. >> dave: much like me! the ohio state buckeyes went onto rout miami of ohio, 56-10
6:37 am
and apparently the pep talk from vice presidential nominee paul ryan was not all that successful, for the red hawks. but the ohio bobcats, roger ailes' alma mater had a big win over penn state, devastating for penn state. >> clayton: an interesting kick-off to college football. watching the twitter stream, people saying, thank goodness, college football and football is here and maria molina is here for rick reichmuth and i asked, when does fall start? it feels like 110 degrees, can you make the switch. >> it will happen slowly, we had a beautiful last couple of days, across new york with sunshine and low humidity, but, we did also get the official start to meteorological fall, september 1st. and that is something to know, we are seeing the weather transitioning very slowly but if you live in texas or the plains you are not seeing that yet. 102 will be your high temperature in dallas an 92 in kansas city and across the southeast, temperatures aren't
6:38 am
bad. i mean, 88° in atlanta, you are used to it, from the south and you know, hot weather but you factor in the humidity and it is going to feel even worse, just a muggy day with showers and storms, that will be possible, because of how hot it is, and, also, how humid. other wise, as you head westbound, phoenix, arizona, high temperatures into the triple digits, 107 degrees, and a warm one in los angeles as well, with a high at 85 degrees and rainfall, parts of the hoe valley into the tennessee valley with showers and storms and these are actually the remnants of isaac, showers and storms out there, grab the umbrella, you will need it and we welcomed the rain because we're still in a drought, anywhere across parts of the midwest, ongoing for months, already, so, again, we'll take the rain where we can get it and, a front is pushing through parts of the northern plains and it is light stuff, you guys, just some showers and behind the system you are gradually going to start to see a bit of a drop in temperatures and also gusty winds, today, already in place, across montana. back to you in the studio. >> clayton: thank you so much, maria. all right, there is quite a bit of office jargon, i read -- i
6:39 am
cover technology here at fox news, i get tons of press releases from tech companies and different companies launching new products and stuff all the time and half the time the joke is, if you have written a press release with company organ it goes into the delete bin and it is filled with things, that make no sense, tell me what it is and i'll look at it. >> alisyn: how many times in a press release have you read "it is a no-brainer." the number one office jargon or phrase used that annoy people, 32% say they use that expression once a day. >> dave: i'm one of those, i must be really annoying. i don't find another alternative for it. it is simple. >> alisyn: it is. >> dave: a no-brainer. you have to do this. >> alisyn: i do like that. >> clayton: and dave says the second one on the list, "thinking outside the box." >> dave: love it. >> alisyn: that is tired, isn't it? >> dave: i don't think so. i don't think many people do think outside the box, today. >> alisyn: okay, third one, you hear in politics all the time.
6:40 am
count the politicians, how many times the politician says it in a speech, at the end of the day. at the end of the day, what we really want to see, at the end of the day, what i believe the president is saying, at the end of the day... that is constant. 26% of people say they use it in the office you, a win-win situation. and, touch base. another one. we're going to touch base and i joke, touching base, when someone says that, you can count on them never calling you. we'll touch base. >> alisyn: slap me if i ever say that. >> dave: and flagging up, we couldn't figure that out, means to highlight something important. >> alisyn: flagging up? >> dave: never heard of it. >> alisyn: that is -- we didn't know that, because... we never -- and i don't know who close of play means, if someone -- >> at the end of the day. >> clayton: at the end of the day i would... >> alisyn: close of play. is that a sports term. >> clayton: perhaps. let us -- >> alisyn: it is is not on my radar. >> clayton:,
6:41 am
send us your overtired phrases and are there phrases you always use, find yourself always using, your friends say, you have to stop using the phrase. >> dave: just keep giving 110%, fired for using taxpayer dollars to pay enormous salaries to corrupt officials and now is suing to collect his sick time and vacation pay to the tune of 800-k. >> alisyn: he's the most successful artist in christian music history and, a five time grammy winner, toby mack, is so cool and he'll perform on fox news, next... ♪
6:42 am
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♪ >> dave: welcome back. well, one of the highest paid officials in the blue-collar town of bell, california, was fired at the peak of a corruption investigation. but this guy is now suing the city, for $837,000, in unused sick time and vacation days, that he says he's owed. joining us now is the co-founder of the bell association to stop the abuse, dale walker and he joins us this morning. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too, thanks for having me. >> clayton: you got the guy fired, trying to figure out how to get the guy out of office
6:45 am
there in bell, california and you guys have a name for guys like this. what is it? >> many names, besides corrupted, we have shameless -- shameless, shameless individuals who came into our community, took advantage of the people and ultimately, are walking around as if nothing is wrong, as if they've done absolutely nothing, and the truth is, you know, they are the problem. they are the ones who practically brought our city down to, you know, bankruptcy. pretty much, almost. and, because of this, you know, we are here today. we are here today, dealing with these losses. >> clayton: yes, so now, to be clear, you see the $837,000 payout on the bottom of the screen. that is what he wants. he was forced out after making $421,000 a year, corrupt officials who were forced out of office, suing now, to get unused vacation and sick time.
6:46 am
what do you say to this? >> well, i say, i think ultimately, it stems down to something as, you know, stems down to the court system, you know? we have a d.a. who needs to get more aggressive, in my opinion. we have these people who are walking free and i think at this point they think because they are walking free because they committed no crimes, but, in reality, they are just -- it is just a pending, you know, just pendinger pending for them to end up in jail, and, so, if the d.a. were to get a little more aggressive with these individuals, there would be a lot more -- i think they would think twice before they would try to pull such a stunt as to try to sue the city of bell, because, ultimately, they are suing the residents, people they already abused and it will not happen, because, ultimately, you know, they really have -- you
6:47 am
know, we have the attorney who is speaking on his behalf and is saying, if i can read it... >> clayton: we have one to put on the screen, his attorney says: this guy was on the team that helped the city substantially, with regard to revenue and city housing, and was compensated. basically, saying that he was doing great for the city. do you agree? >> absolutely not. i mean, who is he, is the attorney his employer, did he oversee him? where is he coming up with conclusions? i mean, if he was really so great for the city, we'd be in good standing, but property taxes are higher than ever in the city of bell, and, on top of that, you know, we're almost bankrupt. how did he help the city financially? that is the real question. and, so... >> clayton: and another big question is, does he have a legal leg to stand on in trying to get the unused vacation time and sick time? >> i think ultimately we'll find out there are a lot of skeletons in his closet and someone as
6:48 am
central as ms. garcia, the former director of finance, she has -- now has immunity in return for her testimony against the bell aides and if we use her, were to use her, and we really extracted as much information from her and got her to testify against these individuals, i mean, come on, the director of finance, you know there is some connection there. and, she's going to have a lot of information. >> clayton: she probably has interesting accounting books. dale walker, we appreciate you joining us, resident of bell, california and co-founder of the association, stop the abuse there and keep us posted how it all unfolds. thanks, dale. >> thank you so much for having me. >> clayton: tell ahead, toby mac is staking over the studio, literally. no room in here to walk anymore. his performance, coming up, next. ♪
6:49 am
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>> clayton: what song will you sing. >> "me without you". >> we'll get outs of your way. toby mac. ♪ ♪ raindrops ♪ street lights ♪ i'm calling to your heart ♪ and where would i be ♪ without you ♪ without you
6:53 am
♪ i'd be packin' my bags ♪ when i need to stay ♪ i'd be chasin' every breeze that blows my way ♪ ♪ i'd be building my kingdom just to watch it fade away ♪ ♪ it's true ♪ me without you ♪ you, you, you, you, ♪ that's me without you ♪ you, you, you ♪ that's me without you ♪ you, you, you ♪ don't know where i'd be without you ♪ ♪ whoa... whoa... ♪ without you ♪ flashback ♪ stepping through the scene ♪ there's you and there's a very different me ♪ ♪ touchdown, you had me at belief ♪ ♪ you had me at belief, you did ♪ ♪ and where would i be ♪ without you... ♪ without you ♪ i'd be packin' my bags when i
6:54 am
need to stay ♪ ♪ i'd be chasin' every breeze that blows my way ♪ ♪ i'd be building my kingdom, just to watch it fade away ♪ ♪ it's true ♪ that's me without you ♪ that's me without you ♪ you, you, you, you ♪ don't know where i'd be ♪ without you ♪ ♪ you rescued me ♪ ♪ now you are mine ♪ and i am yours ♪ you rescued me ♪ and i am yours forever ♪ you saved me ♪ remade me ♪ where would i be ♪ i'd be packin' my bags ♪ when i need to stay
6:55 am
♪ i'd be chasin' every breeze that blows my way ♪ ♪ i'd be building my kingdom to watch it fade away ♪ ♪ it's so true ♪ i'd be packin' my bags ♪ when i need to stay ♪ i'd be... oh, ♪ i'd be building my kingdom ♪ just to watch it fade away ♪ without you ♪ that's me without you, you, you, ♪ ♪ that's me without you, you, you, you ♪ ♪ that's me without you... ♪ don't know where i'd be without you ♪ ♪ without you ♪ that's me without you ♪ that's me without you ♪ oh, that's me without you ♪ that's me without you ♪ oh, that's me without you ♪ me without you ♪...
6:56 am
>> clayton: thanks to toby mac for being in the studio, a great job, and, if you look at the -- top of the list at itunes, toby mac, on the top of itunes. >> alisyn: more "fox & friends" in just two minutes. ♪ ♪ building my kingdom ♪ just to watch it fade away ♪ it's true ♪ that's me without you... dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service.
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>> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends."
6:59 am
a minute here to go on the show, earlier on the show we talked about living without e-mail and a new study out of uc irvine talking about -- could you go five days without e-mail and bill and martha are getting ready for live convention coverage and bill and martha are checking their e-mail, they are addicted. could you guys survive five days without it. >> alisyn: the professor at uc irvin, said people are physically addicted like drugs and alcohol and he found after five days you a healthier person, physically, stress levels went downed and your health and sleep improved. she should try to take a vacation -- we should all try to take a vacation. >> dave: the things you paid attention to and, read on-line and you paid more attention to and comprehended a lot more. it is a noble goal but they found in the study it has to be institutional, like your company making some sort of policy, otherwise, no one sticks to it and they return to


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