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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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washington next fox news sunday. >> i'm going to do five things to get the economy roaring back to life. >> one of key to politics don't let the other guy define you. governor romney cast president obama as a failed coach after struggling team. while obama says romney will take the country back in time. i'm shannon bream. we have a special hour of live programming.
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>> shannon: take a look at the real clear politics averages. sever of them are within a margin of error. let's start with the home of democratic convention. tar heel state. mitt romney has a very small lead over president obama. we're talking about less than a pointed. the president has a very slight lead into other key swing states. in iowa where romney campaigned yesterday, same story. president leads by half a point. obama has his biggest lead in colorado there, about a point and a half. governor mitt romney is taking a day off from the campaign trail but he and his surrogates are pushing the message, hitting the president hard on the economy. mr. obama are throwing punches ripping into romney for not offering specifics. steve has the latest. >> reporter: mitt romney is got a plan to keep a low profile
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during the democratic convention but his vice presidential nominee paul ryan is going to be in north carolina. his surrogates took to the sunday talk shows making their case on the airwaves. romney will be busy on the campaign trail after the convention. for the next few months as he was yesterday in cincinnati questioning president obama's record over the past four years and promising to rescue the nation from economic hard times. romney's campaign advisors will the statistics will be crucial factor. >> i think the biggest news next week will not be the three nights of the democratic convention but it will be on friday when we hear again about the monthly jobs report. for the most of august, we're hoping for good news but the odds are high that the unemployment rate will remain above 8% where it's been almost the entire span of the obama presidency. >> reporter: continuing problems for president obama who is in
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colorado today part of a swing through battleground states. he'll continue to hammer away at romney and his supporters deal with the critical question, are we better off today than we were four years ago? >> no, but the problem what governor romney said for three days they never offered anybody a plausible alternative. he spoke for 45 minutes and never offered any real ideas for how to move the economy forward. >> reporter: now according to his campaign mitt romney will be spending time getting ready for those very important debates in october while the president and the democrats are celebrating in charlotte. >> shannon: thank you so much. >> new set back in the republican fight over voter reform. in ohio a federal judge issued an injunction that helped out
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members only of the military texas a voter i.d. law. steve hayes talks about how big of an issue is. gentlemen, good to see you both. juan i want to start with you. how big of a win are these for democrats? >> i think it's very important issue, shannon. if you think about the decisions that were made, both were i think favorable to the obama campaign because from the obama campaign perspective republicans are engaged in trying to suppress or depress that are likely obama supporters in the fall. >> shannon: i want to look from the p.r. standpoint. when you ask people is voter i.d. necessary, particularly in texas, is it necessary to weed out fraud, 70% say it's needed. 26% say it's unnecessary even if democrats win the court battle and to be fought to the supreme
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court what does it do in the public spotlight? >> i would certainly think republicans would spend a good bit of time about this issue. it strikes people of common sense. you have to show photo i.d. to do all sorts of things, from financial transactions to rent an apartment. it strikes people as common sense that you should have to identify and verify who you are in order to cast a vote. >> shannon: in one case in ohio, there were three extra early days for military voters, another time that would have been shut out of the three-day period now it will be opened up for everyone in ohio. ohio is tight this time ard. could that three-day window, will it have an impact on the overall determination which way that state goes? >> it could have because again, i think what republicans were
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trying to do as a matter of political strategy is to say we think that the military vote is more likely to go in our favor and we want more of an tubtd for those folks. what we don't want is the same opportunity for the general population. so, that is why it could have made a difference. i don't know how big a statistical difference it would make. i want to respond to steve. i don't know if it's common sense. if you put it in terms show an i.d., they say no big deal for me, but most of my friends. if you put the question more in terms is it okay to depress certain votes in our society. think back into a time when we had literacy test for people to vote, people know that is not right. its constitutional right. if you are of voting age you should be able to vote. to put added pressure on the poor, the elderly or people who
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are young, it seems a little bit like dirty politics. >> shannon: another issue i understand democrats are expected to highlight this week. they are going to talk about foreign policy. the president has an authoritative voice for the mission on bin laden and democrats say he is strong on leading policy. what governor romney had to say praise can the president on one hand and raising issues on the other. >> every american was relieved the day that president obama gave the order and seal team six took out bin laden. but on another front, every american is less secure today because he is slow to cure iran's nuclear threat. >> shannon: so he is going to highlight foreign policy issues
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this week? >> if this is a contest of leadership, republicans would like to frame it. republicans have made the argument that president obama led from behind, citing the characterization of one of his own advisors. i think republicans have an opportunity to make it a strong leadership case. the president on the other hand will no doubt highlight the fact that he gave the order to kill osama bin laden and frankly he should. he did give the order. i think it was smart for mitt romney to concede that and to acknowledge that was a good thing to on. more broadly, where are we, if you look where we are internationally today. you have the president with his promise to be more frequents i believe with the russians after the elections. you have iran which is considerable concern at this point. you have pakistan. the rise of china, i think there are lot of places where republicans can say leading from behind didn't work.
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>> shannon: okay,stein and juan, thank you both. >> what a time for charlotte to take, do you plan to watch the dnc speeches? which are you looking forward to and why? we've been asking you on twitter. we've seen heard from of you, try try to watch my dnc but i'm afraid my blood pressure will go up. keep tweeting us your answers and we'll read more responses later on in the show. >> a top official at can you say tomorrow's enforcement is now out of a job. the chief of staff to the director of ice and senior political appointee. he had been on leave from her job after employees said they created a hostile hostile to
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men. she decided to resign to end the distraction. >> isaac, the storm caused the deaths of seven people here in the u.s. in louisiana, residents are replenishing their supplies and it's all about flooding. hi, casey. >> reporter: president obama will travel to this region to see some of the damage firsthand. as we speak, homeland security secretary janet napolitano is up in mississippi and making her way down here to the louisiana area. slidell, louisiana, 30 miles north of where i'm stand ought north part of the lake that had evacuations that saw an awful lot of flooding. we'll show you this video that is in parish. you've heard a lot about this spotted because it, too, one of the hardest hit areas. a levee spilled over on the
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eastern side of the mississippi inundate that go community. the water came in so quickly you can see many residents had to climb to their roofs and wait be rescued. best way around a lot of these communities is by boat. that is how we got this video. our photography team went out on a boat people that were taken back to their homes trying to salvage what they can. unfortunately a lot of people don't have much to come home to because these floodwaters came in so quickly all over the place. an update at this hour, about 265,000 people across the state of louisiana remain without power. a pretty big number although it is down significantly when you consider that more than 700,000 were in the dark at the height of this storm. >> shannon: casey stegall, thank you so much. >> on string of insider attacks
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is suspending it's training of some afghani training forces. they wanted to make stricter background checks in a move to save lives. coner is live. >> some 45 troops have died this year at the hands of afghan partners. because of this, they decided they are going temporarily halt the training and recruiting of the afghan local police force. this is really a local militia force that is trained and equipped by special forces, the sole purpose of battling the insurgency where there isn't a conventional afghan military or police force present. the idea to get the villagers to rise up and fight the taliban. in some cases they have recruited former taliban fighters raising the concern they may turn on u.s. and international troops increasing the number of insider attacks
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among the militia force. the overwhelming number of insider attacks come at the hands of the regular police and regular army. it isn't clear this step is going to do much to reduce insider attacks but the u.s. military says it's an important step. they need to go back and review the 16,000 members of the afghan local police force. it really is part of sort of a rethinking of the afghan security forces. u.s. military is stressing some 350,000 police and soldiers that make up the afghan security forces right now are not having any recruiting change or not put anything halt on the training. that is going to continue in going forward, as they step within the militia part. whether it will make a big difference is still very much up in the air. >> shannon: thank you, conner. >> if the romneys and up in the
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white house, what role does ann romney play. a one-on-one interview with ann romney coming up. >> i certainly know where my passions led me and they will lead me in the same way. [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids. but last year my daughter was checking up on me. i wasn't eating well. she's a dietitian and she suggested i try boost complete nutritional drink to help get the nutrition i was missing. now i drink it every day, and i love the great taste. [ female announcer ] boost has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to help keep bones strong and 10 grams of protein to hp maintain muscle. all with a delicious taste. your favorite patient is here! [ dad ] i choose great taste. i choose boost.
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>>. >> shannon: michelle obama it's healthy living. if ann romney got in the white house which would it be? the most important speech of her life some say. >> i want to ask you, you allowed yourself to think ahead the run up to the white house, what kind of role you would want to be? >> i do look ahead. this the future that i see. i see mitt winning and i see america getting better. beyond that i don't think too much about my role. i know where my passions have led me. and i imagine it will lead me in the same way. i care about children and i care about kids their full potential
12:19 pm
met. there are so many kids that are really losing a lot. i care about breast cancer research. i care about multiple sclerosis research. all the things i have been working on for years, myself on a personal level, i'm sure i will carry forward. the thing that i care about most is making sure that mitt is there. because he is the one that is going to make difference in mill yos of lives. he is going to be there to make sure that college kids will have a job. he is going to thereby to make sure that people that are underemployed are going to get better employment. i really sense that this is a great opportunity for america to get it right and to get back on track and to have a more prosperous future. >> shannon: to see the full one on one, go to >> 7 people have lost their lives in the u.s. because of
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hurricane isaac. as the storm moves north away from the gulf, heavy rains are soaking the region and causing flooding. we'll go to extreme weather center for the latest. it's been a hot topic this election season, the women's vote. we'll talk to our ladies' panel and what matters most with the voters.
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>>. >> shannon: breaking news, officials say the religious leader that built the unification church has died in south korea. they say reverend sun yung moon, he had been hospitalized with pneumonia. he was 92 and founder of the washington times. governor mitt romney is taking a day off. they are pushing their message. that president obama is a failed president that hasn't kept his promises. president obama is going to several battleground states where he will try to convince voters it's better to stick with a president they know. ed is in boulder, colorado. >> there is a very large crowd here on campus of university of colorado. president will be speaking in few moments. bottom line this is several times now in a few weeks that he has been in to the battleground.
12:25 pm
it only has nine electoral votes but the reason is being the obama camp this race is razor thin around the country. every vote literally does count. secondly, colorado is one of many states that has early voting. so obama camp says they can't wait obama in the final stages, they want him to do it now because people can turn out and voted like states here. he is laying out the broad theme of his convention speech that boils him down to saying he is speaking up the the the guy. mitt romney, he said in iowa, will stick it to the middle-class. problem for the president in some of the sunday shows, david axelrod and other advisors had a hard time answering the question. take a listen. >> the economy has 300,000 fewer jobs, net, 300,000 fewer jobs
12:26 pm
than in february of 2009. >> every single month for the last 29 months i've heard republicans give that talking pointed. every month that number gets smaller and smaller because we gained 4.5 million jobs in the last 29 months. >> reporter: on what they are calling the road to charlotte for the convention. president will be in ohio, another battleground tomorrow before a quick stop in louisiana to view storm damage. tuesday another battleground, virginia. then he aarrives on charlotte on the big convention speech when he accepts the nomination. >> shannon: all right. thank you, ed. her job as a mom was harder than mine and knew that her job was lot more important than mine. [ applause ] as america saw tuesday night, ann would have succeeded at
12:27 pm
anything she wanted to do. >> moms have had to work harder. and it's the moms that really hold this country together. >> shannon: governor mitt romney made at point to praise women for working for families and highlighted a number of the g.o.p.'s top female stars, but will his remarks close the gender gap? joining us is debby and republican strategist, alice stewart from santorum presidential campaign. do you feel like the romney campaign did enough? some say the attempts in parts of his speech were so overt they may have been too transparent. your take? >> it was very well-received and folks across the country. the points he made how ann had one of the most important jobs,
12:28 pm
more important than what he was doing. he also said women should an important voice, no less than men in this country. he pointed out all the women that have worked in his administration and campaign. the truth of matter, women are going to vote with their purses. they are concerned about the economy. what we have under the obama administration, women's unemployment rate has gone from 7% to over 8%. poverty rate up 14.5%, highest in 17 years. we have more than 600,000 women who are looking for jobs. we can't have this. women are going to voted with their purses, they are concerned about jobs and the economy just as they are men. the moms across this country, when obama went into office they were paying 1.84 for a gallon of gas, now it's 3.894, that stuff makes an impact on women. they want someone like mitt romney to turn the economy around. >> shannon: we know there are a number of prominent speakers at
12:29 pm
dnc, including sandra plouffe over access to birth control. are those some of key issues that will drive them to the ballot box this time around? >> i absolutely agree. it's the economic issues first and foremost, but i disagree where women are going to come out. they wanted know they have a president in the white house that does know what they care about is how much the cost of gasoline is, but they are worried about taking their child to the doctor and whether they can afford to pay for tests. how are they going to pay for the child to go to college? it will be economic issues and that is what is going to drive women to vote for barack obama. if you look at republican administration and democrats have treated women and look what happened in missouri with todd aiken two weeks ago, women are going to matter, they are intelligent and think about the
12:30 pm
issues, i think many of them and most of them are going to vote for president obama. >> shannon: how much do you think social issues will enter theqialgs for female voters? >> jobs are the number one issue for women and men. so to say that women are going to vote for obama because he is handing out free birth control pills. that is not something, but the romney ryan plan that focuses on helping the middle-class, through deficit reduction, trade that works for america. and also being a champion for small business, giving people of this country the skills they need to succeed. that will restore confidence in this country. it will go to a great deal in reducing the deficit. the romney-ryan ticket will reduce the size of government. they will encourage private sector growth and that in and of
12:31 pm
itself help balance the budget and help tackle this debt and deficit problem. that is what women are concerned with. >> shannon: i want to give you a chance to wrap up here? >> i didn't hear what you said, but i want to come back and say i agree in terms of the economic issues in what is going to drive them. the democrats don't treat them as monolithic. they are looking to understand what it means to be a working woman. anybody who makes a mistake any woman and all women is making a mistake, democrat or republican. >> shannon: we appreciate your time, both of you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> shannon: he is speaking at rally at a boulder and we'll take you there live. the question now after every political convention was there a bounce? the bottom of the hour. steve is standing by with that.
12:32 pm
>> reporter: polling data so far suggests that governor mitt romney only about modest bounce from the convention. favorable numbers come from rasmussen poll shows him pulling ahead of obama by three points. pressure will now be on the president to score some points. the prime minister is urging the international community. benjamin netanyahu told his cabinet today without, quote, a clear line, tehran will not halt its nuclear program. a 17-year-old nevada girl is safe after police rescued her from her kidnappers. police found her tied up and blindfolded at a las vegas apartment complex. they have arrested two suspects. the men believed to have some connection in her father's big. and dnq is hoping to make this convention most accessible
12:33 pm
level. it's live streaming the entire event and those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> shannon: thank you, steve. >> just four months ago, it would have been tough to imagine rick perry defending mitt romney. now, he is. up next, why he says it is republicans that is the party for women. >> i am a big believer, you get true freedom, freedom from taxation or regulation or litigation. >> it's about free will. this is the plan that revolves around you.
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>>. political scenes to say, look, let's divide america. let's have americans attack one another. let's be divisive and derisive and that is not the right course. >> shannon: are democrats about divisional? democratic national convention gets ready to kick off in sha lot and north carolina has seen some tough times since the economic recession. in july the unemployment rate was 9.6%. rom has taken a slimest of leads but what does the president need to say to win over voters there? democratic congressman joins us. congressman, welcome. >> thanks, good to be with you.
12:38 pm
>> shannon: you have an unemployment rate that is very painful. 9.6, well above the national average. what are some of the factors driving that in north carolina? >> north carolina has suffered a great deal as the manufacturing base in this country in general has declined. it's not uniform bli bleak because the i think the state on the way back. part of the state i represent the research triangle area diversified. it has new economy industries, certainly not immune to economic down turns. but we weathered the storm but we have a huge stake in president obama's reelection the kind of investments that have been a trademark of the area that i represent, that is improving public education, community college training, the public private research
12:39 pm
enterprise, fostering innovation building infrastructure, those are things the new republican party want to disinvest in. so we have a huge stake in intensifying those things. >> shannon: latest polls we see from north carolina show less than a 1 percentage point spread between the president and mitt romney. romney currently leading there. what do democrats need say in north carolina to win over voters in the tar heel state? >> i'm not hearing the question very well. i'm sorry. if you could just shorten it and rephrase it. i would be happy to respond. >> shannon: right now mitt romney has smallest lead with voters. what do you think the president needs to say this week to win back voters in north carolina? >> north carolina is a swing state. there is no question about it.
12:40 pm
there is many reminders of that as we meet in charlotte here this week. i believe that the message is key at this point. this message of economic hope, building the recovery from the middle-class out, not returning to the failed formulas of trickle down tax cuts will have a ioshd the wealthy. that message going forward is going to be a critical choice for our people to make. that, of course, assuming the state is closely divided, there will be a huge premium on the kind of ground game, registering voters, making sure people vote. making sure the vote isn't repressed in any way. making sure they can vote and turn out to go to the polls. >> shannon: congressman, have a good week in charlotte. thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: democrats say republicans are raising a war on
12:41 pm
women. rick perry says not so fast. i sat down for his explanation and talk about his role in the romney campaign. >> talk about the event you are working on there and importance in the g.o.p.? >> republican party, the message time after time. what one of great things you get choices. this issue of choosing to protect innocent life, texas one of the most pro-life in the nation, we passed the bill this last year and stated legislature decided they didn't want our stated tax dollars going to fund abortions. so th the defunding of planned parenthood. a clear message in my home state. from the republican party i might add, we're all about protecting innocent life. at the same time making sure
12:42 pm
that women who know they are loved and respected people make mistakes. that was the message today. i think it's one that is important for us to reinforce we're going to protect life. the values that are so important to us we're not going to equivocate on them. we're going to show a loving side of people make mistakes and we're going to love you and take care of you. >> shannon: how do you respond to other side of aisle, they are offered only party that offered a real choice? >> i disagree. women are diverse group, as well. i'm a big believer that you get free will, true freedom whether freedom of taxation or regulation are over litigation is about free will. you get to make those decisions. i will suggest that the republican party is that party of free will.
12:43 pm
you are going to make some mistakes. we happen to think abortion is wrong. we restrict that in our state because that is a living human being. it is not just a mass of flesh. we know at 18 days the heart starts beating. you can see those little hands and little feet. their idea is somehow, until you come out of the womb you are not a human being. the republican party disagrees, disagrees strongly. they are free to make those decisions, but people have been making wrong decisions since man came on the earth. the good news is, you can be forgiven for it. >> shannon: moving beyond that particular issue and more broadly as the platform is rolled out after the convention, romney-ryan ticket is out in in earnest to win over voters. what message do you think they need to communicate. do you think they are getting
12:44 pm
traction in the polling seats to how do they go the extra mile to secure it? >> governor romney has a substantial record on the private sector side turning companies around, making companies be profitable. then his partner in this process paul ryan, one of the most articulate individuals about here is how we get america back to work. here is how we save those programs of medicaid and social security but save them for future generations, we don't bankrupt america. getting government out of the way and getting americans back to work, i don't think there is two people any better suited to go out and articulated that, mitt and paul. >> shannon: do you miss the campaign trail for yourself? >> i haven't been off the campaign trail. i realize my role, i'm not quarterback but i'm still on the team. i run my plays and whether it's pass rushing or blocking.
12:45 pm
i'm excited about being able to do it because i love this country. i know what is at stake here. being the governor of a state that is the most successful economically. how much time we spend fighting the federal government, whether overzealous epa or whether a justice department trying to tell texans how to run our elections and taking us on voter identification -- it is a powerful fight for the future and the soul of america. >> shannon: whether four years, eight years, 12 years down the road, would you ever rule out running for the white house? >> that is so down the road. we got an election for the next 70 plus days. i got a legislative session coming up in 2013. i'll make a decision whether i'm going to run for reelection in 2014. 2016 is light years away in the political world.
12:46 pm
i'm focused on the calendar in front of me, 70 days and then three months and then the next 18 months after that. >> shannon: thank you so much. always good to see you. >> shannon: we want to take you live to boulder, colorado where president obama is going through several swing states. let's take a listen. >> we are giving the bus and rams second chance to go at it. we have set out a rocky mountain rumble to see which school can register more voters, you or colorado stated. i was at colorado state last week. because we had volunteers in the crowd to help. they got a little bit of a head start. so they are up by just 41 votes. today we are in boulder, let's get it done.
12:47 pm
there are volunteers throughout the audience they can help you register today when you go home you can register your classmates your friends, you go on line, something got to this is gotta register. this is important. >> shannon: president speaking again on several key states before he heads to the dnc, setting up a rumble between two universities trying to encourage the folks to get others registered. we'll keep an eye on the president's visit. coming up what do democrats need to do to win over voters. we'll ask a man who is known for giving great soundbites right after the break. [ male announcer ] you know that guy who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man.
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>>. i wish president obama has succeeded because i want america to succeed but his promises gave away to disappointments and division. this isn't something we have to accept. now is the moment when we can do something and with your help, we will do something.
12:52 pm
>> shates this that went for president obama are now toss-ups. what message do democrats need to send? joining us is montana governor who will be speaking at the convention. can you give a preview of what you are going to do th week? >> i think that democrats have things to be proud of. we have demonstrated that we can create private sector jobs, 29 months straight increasing, increased jobs by 4.5 million. what is interesting gasoline prices are lower today than after eight years of an oil man in the white house. we have 50% of the oil drilling rigs are now working in the united states. we have decreased our imports from the dictators and increased production. >> shannon: i have to talk about the gas prices. dollar for dollar, they are lot higher than they were when
12:53 pm
president obama took office. do you mean as a percentage or measure of some keijd? >> you are actually incorrect. if you take a look what the gas prices were on the 1st of september of 2008 versus today we're at about 25% lower. gas prices fluctuated you are comparing what it was in january. i'm telling you what it was september to september. >> shannon: we will compare our math a little later. moving forward, is it ever okay for the party, encouraging to voters whether it's republicans and democrats, we have made some mistakes, things are not perfect for now. or do you think it will be looking forward and how things can be improved in the future? >> there is no question about it there isn't anybody in america that routes against america being successful in the future. what is the best way of going forward?
12:54 pm
do you believe we are on the right path the we have increased government employees. they ran up a lot of government employees during the bush years and in montana we have decreased government employees by 4.2%. even though we have decreased government employees and increased employment in the private sector. most people think that is moving in the right direction. >> shannon: what do you say to the voters that are unconvinced. we show the race tightening where you are in north carolina, mr. romney has very small lead. but states, ohio, virginia, colorado and others, what would you say to convince voters who seem to be, this is narrowing gap at this point and may be coming off the convention that romney-ryan ticket has some momentum? >> it is going to be a competitive race. there is no question about it. i think people wanted to look at governor romney's record as governor. that is the only thing he has actually served as. we were both businessmen when we
12:55 pm
became governor. look at his record. you'll be able to tell yourself whether you want to increase debt and increase unemployment. that is what happened as governor of massachusetts. i don't think that is the direction of the country. >> shannon: what night are you going to speak. >> when are you going to speak? >> i can't even hear you right now. >> shannon: governor, thank you for your time. we appreciate your time, sir. >> we ask, you answered and boy, did you ever. your responses to our questions next. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business...
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>>. >> shannon: today's twitter question may have generated most responses, do you plan to watch any of dnc. what speeches are you looking for. amy wrote, i'm not planning on watching. i've seen enough the last four years. one says he is watching and fact checking every word they say. looking forward to be over. one is saying he is looking forward to hear bill clinton's speech. finally, one said i will watch every minute i can. let's see if they offer the substance the g.o.p. missed. we love to hear from you. always follow at us at


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