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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 2, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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death. ernest hemingway said not one blade of grass was left 7 p y7 s ago today. that's how fox reports on this sunday september 2nd, 2012. fox news is your place for the best political coverage anywhere. be sure to stay with us all week long. right now "huckabee." >> tonight on huckabee. republican criticism of the president in the rnc was not personal it was business. >> he had almost no experience work nothing a business. jobs to him are about gost. >> will it be personal or business in the democrat dn c. chris wallace joins the governor with a preview. >> and my dad used to tell us. you will be able to accomplish all of the things you couldn't. >> and college graduates shouldn't have to life out 20 childhood bedroom. >> i will be damned, we're republicans. >> the governor and his take
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on the best of the moments. >> and best selling author said bill clinton could steal obama's thunder. ladies and gentlemenn, governor mike huckabee. hello, everybody. thank you, thank you very much. great crowd here today in new york. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studio in new york city. having returned from the republican national convention in tampa. i have thoughts. for one thing. that magic moment with clintt eastwood. pretty spectacular really. we have tried to get president obama on this show for years and he's turned us down every time. now it is easy. we just bring the chair out. [applause]
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maybe if i have the chair he will magically appear just like harry reid's imaginary friends appear from time to time. we didn't miss losing that first night of the convention which was cancelled because of the possibility of bad weather. it was a tough but appropriate call given the weather forecast. by the way, the three networks were covering only one hour anyway. if there was a session viewers on cable would have been stuck watching hawaii 50 reruns. going forward. the parties ought to have a two night convention and two hours to put on their shows and they are shows. gone are the days of yesteryear when a political convention determined the nominee and gave viewers suspense and drama. in the highly scripted role of television driven political
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convention, several days of expensive lodging and meals and gullag like security and moments, might not be necessary. let's just be honest and call it what it is. it is a tv show and since that is what it is. why don't we condense it to two hours a night and in the end bring on bands for an hour's worth of big-time entertainment for the delegatings. it would save time, and money and results would be the same. there was an element of surprise in the gop convention. was positive over all with no real personal attackots president and was that plannned? i am not sure. i think it was just a matter believe thag it was not necessary to denigate president obama all we have to do is remind voters we wasted three and half years hoping for change and getting played at chumps. i had fun at the expense of
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debby wasser-man shultwhere. >> only hitch in the perfect week was the awful noise coming from hotel room next door to mine. it was debby wasserman-shult practicing her speech for the democratic national convention next week, bless her heart. [applause] i don't think she has much of a sense of humor. you know, i think mike huckabee's comment was an example of how he is innocent familiar with the voice of a strong woman. >> really? can i let you know a secret. it is obviously true she has never met janet huckabee, my wife of 38 years. but you know, i thought it was a tame joke and a show after all. even chris christy
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disappointed some people because he spoke from the podium instead of throwing it at the office. >> we are demanding that our leaders stop tearing each other down and work together to take action on the big things facing america. >> and marco rubio who delivered one of the most powerful speeches at this or any other conscrention pulled his punches on the president in a personal way. >> let me clearr so no one understands. our problem is not that president obama is a bad person. he is a good husband and father and thanks to a lot of practice, a good golfer. our problem is not that he's a bad person. our person is that he's a bad president. [applause] >> and even gop nominee mitt romney made clear his sharp differences with the president could have been described by
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michael. >> it is not personal. it is strikeoutlyy business. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. [applause] >> that's right. it was not personal all week longg. it was just business. now were the republicans being artificially nice? i doubt that. republicans can be just as mean as democrats at times, but it would not have accomplished a thing in the convention. the building are true believers and the ones watching at home are probably living the realities of a obama presidency. they don't have to be reminded of broken promise and oversold dreams and promiseless that are opposite to common sense. next week the democrats will be in charlotte and we'll will be anxious to see if they will try to convince us if we had four great years with obama or
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tell us if mitt romney is elected we'll all get cancer. [applause] joining me from charlotte with a look back in the rnc and dnc. a serious look with "fox news sunday"'s chris wallace. thank you for joining me. >> delight to be here and having met janet huckabee you are right. debby wasserman-shult doesn't know. >> i will let janice go to huckabee and she will convince debby what a strong woman looks like. what about the tone of the rnc. people were surprised it was not skin the bark off of the tree of the speeches. they generally were tame and sedate. there was certainly sharp contrast. did you feel like there was an intentional effort to tone down personal effort to the
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president. >> yes, i do. i don't think it is because suddenly the republicans are kindler or gentler. it was a political calculation. their target audience and the people who will win the election for them are the people who voted for obama in 2008, but are now on the bubble. they even had focus groups of specifically that group of voters going on in the convention. they feel that attacking president obama who is personally very popular personally, a counter productive way to go. a much more effective way was in sorrow than anger. if you had to describe it disappointment. we understand that you were excite felt good when you voted for barack obama in be you andd had all of these hopes for the country and like him personally, but you are disappointed. that was their calculated
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tactic going in and throughout the convention. >> almost like clint eastwood said sometimes you just have to let them go. >> he had harsher comments of the entire week. debby wasser-man shult and sanda fluke showed up making the rowns - rounds to talk show hosts and next week, the republicans will show up in the dnc and they will be available to give instant analysis. does this matter? does it have an impact for either of the parties when they show up at each other's convention and try to muscle in on it. >> it is interesting. you and i have been around to know that the tradition used to be one party held the convention and the other party stood down in particular, the nominee for president and vice-president would take a week off.
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in the new, new's of 24-7 internet, tweets and facebook, you can't do that. you know, it is not a 24-hour news cycle it is a news cycle every 30 seconds and we just found out that paul ryan will not be in charlotte but in north carolina in depreenville on monday and a lot of the top people like marco rubio and susana martinez will be here in charlotte and responding. yeah, look, it is not going to get the millions of people watching the convention . they will not get the same big audience. but you will get a counter argument. >> we haven't seen the speeches yet that the democrats will roll out. what will be the message that they bring. anti-mitt romney message or trying to sell that the president had a much better four years than those of us republicans are giving him credit? >> i think both.
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i think obviously they are trying to sell. is not a easy sell. there is a lot of arguments about the pumbum record. but they will try to sell it more successful and one of the lines that bin laden is alive and gm is alive. high points that they saw . i think they will go after romney and try to counter the arguments that were made in the convention and i don't think they see romney as a personally popular person. they will be sharper in their criticism of romney than the republicans were of obama >> a quote that president obama is giving to time magazine. i want a reaction it is an interesting point of rhetoric and a point that republicans hit him on. >> so my expectation is there will be popping of the blister after the election because it would be a stark choice. where republicans refuse to cooperate on things that i know are good for the american people i will continue to look
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for ways to do it administratively and work around congress. it appears that the president has an attitude if i can't work with congress, i will ignore them and the constitutional balance of three equal branches was government and do it anyway. iment you to respond to that tactic of saying it is their fault and how does he make that. i continue is it a long question. i am asking the kind you ask me, chris when i am on your show. but the other part of that. how does he convince it is congress's fault when democrats are running the senate who will not let anything through anyway? >> in answer to rour little barb. stipes the questions are more interesting than the questions. i thank your point. i could have done without the blister popping metaphor here. he's got to sort of answer the question which is you came in promising hope and change and
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it would be unite bipartisan. he's making two arguments. one if i win and a get a man date that the republicans will listen this time. that's the republican's fault and then if they won't, i can't say it will be grid lock and i will do it administratively. he's got to find a way of giving democrats something to hang their hat on but it is a different version of hope and change than we heard four years ago. goch gov, i think that is the hardest task that the president has. the last convention whether you are four or against him was magical and when he gave his acceptance speech in the arena with the greek columes four years ago. it a magical and exciting moment. his hardest standard for president obama this week in charlotte is not measuring up to tampa last week. but measuring up to obama four years ago.
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>> that is a great observation. i agree with you. you look at it as a new's person and i looked at it as a partisan political operative and last time four years ago after seeing that denver oh, we may be in trouble. turned out we were. usually cand dates get a bump in the polls mentwe'll ask chris wallace if mitt romney will get a bump in the polls and will it last? >> i would love to hear from you. go to my web site sign up for my facebook page sign up for my facebook page and follow hello?
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and you can use up to four times less. good news for even the biggest kids in the family. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong? >> [applause]. >> we are back with chris wallace from "fox news sunday". president clinton will play a pretty major role that. is two big egoes on the same
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stage. talk about the possibility that president clinton will overshadow president obama. >> they'll not be on the same stage. president clinton will be here in the convention hall on wednesday time warner arena . president obama will be in the football stadium on thursday. i think that clinton can do a lot for obama. because he can make an argument and whether you like him or don't and no knows better than you growing up with him in arkansas. he is a master politician and one of the most effective people to argue inta any case that i have seen in politics . he will maybe do better arguing the case why he should continue as president and what is wrong with mitt romney. and i think he can do that awfully effectively . in addition, he can speak to the right working class voters who this president had a hard
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time attracting in the way barack obama can't. >> chris, i have gone to political convention and i don't ever remember the security situation as intense as it was even in new york in 2004. i want to get your thoughts, you expect charlotte to be that intense? >> the security here in the arena in charlotte is much smaller but there is an important difference. why is so much softer here? the reason is joe biden and barack obama are not in this aren a. they will not show up until thursday and they will show up and only be in the football stadium. here in the arena why where they will do business with michele obama and wednesday with bill clinton. not nearly the same level of security that we are going to see thursday on the football stadium. >> will mitt romney be the bump in the polls and will it be a 6-8 point bump?
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>> there is one tracking poll out today and inicates a 5 point bump. he went in the convention two points behind obama . how's about three points ahead. that is only one tracking poll. i don't think anybody will get the bounce they used to. back starting in recently as 2004, you would have an outparty and the party that didn't have the incumbent president in july and it was a full month until the incumbent party held theirs and it was time for people to listen to thes and momentum to build up. with the republicans they held it and ended it thursday night and they are already here in charlotte already and it starts tuesday night . bounces don't matter. what is going to matter is where the race is 5-sevendays after the democratic convention and voters sifted what said in tampa and then in
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charlotte and we'll see where it goes. >> i will not see you in charlotte. i don't think the welcome mat had my name on it in charlotte. >> we'll take good care of it. >> thank you, chris wallace. >> mitt romney and clint eastward-- eastwood. i will tell you my favorites
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>> great speechs and produced a lot of headlines in last week's republican national consome stand out for me like this line from mitt romney's acceptance speech. how many days have you woke up feeling that special was
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happening in america. hope and change had a powerful appeal. tonight i would ask a simple question. if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama. shouldn't you feel that way now that he's president obama? [applause] you know there is something wrong with the kind of job he's done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. >> that is called buyer's remorse. you buy something and get it home and realize it is not what i wanted or thought it was going to be or paid too much. in this case it was not what we want thought it was going to be. and as taxes going up as they will under barack obama and obama care, we know we paid, way, way too much.
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florida senator marco rubio spoke eloquently about being the son of immigrants who came to the country chasing the american dream. >> i noticed a bartender behind the portable bar in back of the ball room and i remember my father who worked many years as a banquet bartender. he was grateful for the work he h. that was not the life he wanted for us. he stood behind the bar in the back of the room all of those years so one day i could stand behind the podium in front of the room. [applause] >> it was a powerful speech by marco rubio who is my very favorite rising stars of the republican party and i said for a number of years, keep your eyeos this guy. what he said what so many of us live feel. we grew up in a time when our parents who didn't have much wished and dreamed and hope prayed their kids would have a
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better life. our parents lived here and dreamed we would live here and most of us have done that. for the first time in american history parents are living here and fearful that their kids are going to live here. that is the real danger that we face in this country if we don't get some leadership . it is the super -- center piece of the message. young scrorts voted for president obama in 2008 why they ought to vote for the gop ticket this time around. >> college graduates shouldn't have to live out their 20 in the childhood bedrooms, staring up in fading obama posters and wonder they can move out and get going with life. [applause] >> again, a great, great line from paul ryan . i think the only thing that probably should have been said other end of that. it wasn't they are staring up. but the parents are staring at
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the you dirty laundry saying my gosh. can't he get a job and move out of the house. two greatest day in parents lives. day he is born and gets out of the college and off of your pay roll and on somebody else's. we need new leadership. >> new mexico governor susana martinez used to be a democrat. in her speech, she described the moment she really wasn't. >> before i rain for district attorney two republicans invited my husband and me to lunch. we talked about many issues like welfare. is it a way of life or hand up? and talked about size of government. how much should it tax family and small businesses? and when we left that lunch, we got in the car and i looked over at chuck.
8:28 pm
i'll be damned, we're republicans >> it was one of my favorite lines of the week. and i can relate to that. i grew nup the household where every know was a democrat. i am not sure my own family voted for me for heaven's sake. there were only 7 republicans in the entire county. they had all moved in from up north. and i worked for a republican. haskle jones, manager of the local radio station who gave me a job at age 14. i became a republican because what he believed rubbed off on me. individual liberty and individual responsibility and no, i couldn't fix what was behind me but i could look forward and dream the dreams and live them if i wanted to. i couldn't blame everybody else for my future and i had to accept the responsibility. i saw a level of him
8:29 pm
patriotism and pride in american that i believed in. if that is what it means to be a republican count me among them. it not a popular decision. but as a teenager, i became a republican. finally, i can't show my favorite speech without including one from my own speech. >> once rivals can be united, it's quite simple, we have barack obama to thank. it was barack obama who said, you didn't build it. trancalation. it doesn't belong to you. >> i want you to think carefully about that idea. if you didn't build it, it doesn't belong to you. think about that. the essence was american freedom is, you did build it and it does belong to you. you built it because america is built by the individual
8:30 pm
liberties was each ofulse. we of use. >> we can own things and we can own our homes and we can own property and businesses and by the way, comes with that we can own our speech and worship and own our time. we can own our hopes and dreams, the government can't tell us where to live and how big or small of a house we have to have. the government can't control those things because the government doesn't own it. they simply make sure it is all carefully protected so that we can have freedom. if the government owns it, the government takes the ownership and the freedom behind it, and that's why if we build it, we own it. if we didn't build it, we don't own it. and we do own it because we did build it. that's the way it is. those are the headlines from
8:31 pm
the republican national convention. who will make headlines in the democratic national convention. ed kline will give us a preview when we
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am marianne rafferty. much of hard hit plaquemines parish remains under water. thousands of evacuees are in emergency shelters or staying
8:34 pm
with friends and family. no idea when they will be able to return to their homes. losses between 1 and a half and $2 billion. president obama is expected to be in louisiana tomorrow to survey the damage. the cost of gas reaching a record high for labor day weekend. the web site has the average price at $3.80 a gallon. that's $0.13 more than a year ago. oil rigs in the gulf coast. they are in advance of hurricane isaac. i am marianne rafferty. now back to huckabee. log on to huckabee. >> if you would like to comment e-mail us >> the focus of the democratic national convention will be on president obama of course. and will it launch future stars and will anybody steal
8:35 pm
spotlight from the president. a lot of people expecting bill clinton only democratic president to provide the most memorable moment of the convention. here's a look at what the scene might look like when the former president walks off of the stage after his speech. ♪ this is how you do it, son. [applause] >> it might just be that is how you do it, son. >> ed kline latest book the amateur is based on bill clinton's true opinion of the current president. >> great to be here. >> one -- >> by the way congratulations on your speech at the republican national convention. i loved that line in which you stood shoulder to shoulder with your catholic brothers and sisters on the question of
8:36 pm
religious freedom. >> thank you for saying that. i believe that sincerely. this is not a matter where people have the luxury ofing up of denomination. they have to stand together because of the attack on all ofugs. when we talked before on this show, we tald about an amazing book called the amateur. the title of it based on a conversation in which bill clint told associates that barack obama was the amateur. he has to go and sell the country that he's really behind bark obama. what shall we expect out of that. and does he really believe that bark obama is the better choice to lead the country? >> the answer to that question. no, he doesn't think he is. he has called obama incompetent and amateur among other things that are
8:37 pm
printable. and i have been told by people inside of the clinton camp, that bill clinton is furously writing his speech for the convention in long hand and getting phone calls from the obama people what is in your speech. what is in your speech? he is furious because he will not tell them. even president obama has no idea what bill clinton will say when he stands. >> he will be the clint eastwood in the democratic national convention. we'll not know. maybe he will be the nancy pelosi. we'll not know what is in the speech until we hear the speech. that way, too. and people question, where do you get this stuff? where do you get the stuff? >> i wrote a book about hillary several years ago and developed a number of sources, close to the hillary group. the inner circle and i have continued as a reporter to keep my contacts with these
8:38 pm
sources. and so, they and i talk off of the record virtually every day. and i get the information about what bill is up to. and you know, why is hillary going to be in the convention? hillary will be in russia. you can't get further away from the convention than that. >> probably not. that is far away. >> i asked why? and i was told number one she wants to be above the fray and more importantly she doesn't want to be associated with this dec campaign because she personally believes privately that it may be going down in flamings. >> typically two don't get involved politically. department of state and department of the defense. that would be another logical reason that she would not be in the convention and playing a major political role. >> and she has her husband there front and center
8:39 pm
basically playing the role for her. i think bill clinton sees 2012, this year not as the decisive campaign. as far as he is concerned 2016 is the decisive campaign when hillary will be 69 years old and last chance to run for president and he's already starting to beat those drums for her in 2016. >> you also talked not in the book because this happened subsequent to publishing . book, you mentioned a meeting in the white house the . a kick in the tires about the what if joe biden stepped aside and her being a vp. the white house denied that conversation. tell us how we can be confident there is a conversation. >> i spoke to someone who spoke to hillary about it and hillary relates to the source
8:40 pm
of mine, that the lunch took place and a pleasant lunch with valerie jared who is one of the three most important people in the white house after the president and first lady, and though it was a policy lunch, the subject of joe biden came up, and although valerie didn't really offer the job, because that is up to the president, for the vice-president, she indicate thad she wondered what hillary felt about it? and hillary said she had no interest in runog that ticket. for the simple reason, that if it won, she would have to run in 2016 and defend the obama record which i don't think is going to be so great if he wins. or if he lost, then she would be smeared as a loser and she decided it was a lose-lose preposition for her and she said no thanks. >> the attack ads are personal and nasty and i think they
8:41 pm
could get worse. so does ed kline. would the president resort with the nuclear option and go i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at
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each week day hear my daily commentary the huckabee report. details at we are back with the best selling author ed kliin author of the book the amateur.
8:44 pm
there is speculation that if things get tough, the nuclear option might be use that would be to somehow try to attack mitt romney on his faith. i think that would be horrendous and bordering on unamerican, is that something that might be discuss in the obama circles. >> i think it is more than discuss they centerhave tried to roll out the first part of this campaign. the new york times, sunday review has done a piece about racism and mormonism. and nbc spent an hour about mormonism in prime time. and abc has run two segments on mormonism. gq has done a terrible, terrible piece and negative piece about mormonism . msnbc has torn into the mormons. >> i like to call them bsnbc.
8:45 pm
and all with one thought in mind. you have got 17 million christian evangelical voterss and if you can cut all of whom are basically conservative and republicans f. you can cut that down by two or three percent. make some christian evangelical stay at homa rather than vote for this mormon, it would be decisive in swing states. >> i hope that doesn't happen for the country to denigate someone's faith and particularly someone who is authentic and he is got typesets of a person who took it seriously and an official in his church and didn't just give big checksis life to other people. if that happens, potential is a huge back fire. >> i think you are right. how ironic that the democratic party in 1960, had a catholic
8:46 pm
cand date who appeared before a group of christian ministers, protestant ministers, listen, i am catholic but i am not taking orders from the pope in rome, i am an american president and he was elected president. and so the same party to even consider using religion as a race card or as a card against mitt romney is really quite disgusting. >>i think it would be and i hope that does not happen. i want to recommend to people if you have not read ed's book the amateur i encourage you to do so. it is an easy read. it is not shallow. but the average reader can absorb it and appreciate it. and it is a popular book and none of the major networks
8:47 pm
will have ed on. even though it is the best seller list and top 10 for 16 weeks and hottest political book of the entire election season. and none of the networks will talk about it with him. you might want to find out what they are afraid of. the book is called the amateur if you haven't read it read it. >> and she said president obama and his administration are waging a war on religious freedom. constitutional lawyer and
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> when paul ryan is parra phrasing the declaration of independence. our rights come from nature and god and not from government.
8:51 pm
but when president obama parra phrases the declaration of independence, he leaves something important out of it. >> we hold these trues to be self evident and that all men are created equal. endowed with certain inalienable rights and life and liberty and pursuit of happiness. >> the founding fathers endowed by our creator. philis knows the war on religious freedom and has been fighting for the conservative cause for over five decades. the book is called no higher power. obama's war on religious freedom. philis, welcome. [applause] i feel i have to tell our audience that your influence on my life. your book is a choice and not a echo that you wrote in the early '60s was a turning point
8:52 pm
for me as a young teenager and helped me to be a conservative which was not popular in south arkansas in the 1960s and thank you for influence generation after generation and a goodly understanding of our nation's heritage. it is an honor to have you here. >> thank you, it is an honor to be here. many people came in reading a choice and not an eco. >> i have a feeling a whole new generation no higher power. you outline in your typical straightforward style to be charitable about that. this is an administration that really does have what appears to be a hostility of expression of traditional christian faith? >> yes, that clip that you just show where obama omitted the creator. he's done that repeatedly and
8:53 pm
he wants to make this a secular country. it is okay to go in your church and say a prayer after you shut the door but not out in public and recognize god's influence and his many blessings on this country. >> so many people hear us talk and say you don't like obama because you are republicans. tell me ways in which the president targeted faith? >> for example, he issued his thanksgiving address last year which all presidents do and i don't know who he was thanking but it sure was not god . then in the military, it is very curious. he -- know order was issued that the families could not bring a bible in when they visit a wounded soldier. really that couldn't last. >> what damage can a bible do if they brought it to a wounded soldier. >> but you would be on public
8:54 pm
property and they want to redefine the first amendment to say you can't be public about it and so again and again, he has tried to get rid of any reference to god in public life. you know, when he was elected he wanted fundmentally transform the united states. there is no more fundmental transformation than to get rid of the pledge allegance to one nation under god. he wants one nationurn the federal government especially the executive branch. >> he's lost serious cases in particular before the supreme court. tabor anniversarius the eeoc. >> that's an interesting case. it was a lutheran school that fired the teacher for reasons of their own. we don't need to second guess their reasons and she sued to getter had job back and she got the eeoc government lawyers to help her and her
8:55 pm
case got to the supreme court and that is not easy. one case out of a hundred that get to the supreme court and the supreme court was so shocked at hearing the government lawyers argue that the government can tell a lutheran school they had to hire somebody as a teacher, that they slapped them down 9-0. >> that is unheard of in the supreme court. they can't agree on the three colors of the flag much less on a complicated court case. so it must have been extraordinary significant. >> that means, that obama, he's not going to intrude your church. but if your church is doing anything to help the community, running a school or a college or running a hospital or running a charitable endeavor, you have to submit to the government orders. >> thesis are thing that is happened in the first four years of the obama administration. if he were to be elected. what would he push for and the
8:56 pm
limits that he would go for. as patrick henry said i have no way of judging the future but by the past. obama fits into the years of litigation by the aclu and the atheist to get rid of all of the 10 commandment pictures and monuments and crosses that are elected to honor our veterans and stop a valedictorian from thanking god in her graduation message and stop little kids singing christmas carols. that is why when he appears, his followers chant you are the one we are waiting for. he fits right into that. and he's done it so many times. when he went to speak in georgetown university he demanded that they cover up the mon gram for the initials of jesus. he didn't want to see it while
8:57 pm
he was there. >> all i can do is hope that the book no higher power will have the impact on today's generation of americans to the same degree that it is a choice and not a ecohad on the people of my generation which was profound and a major part of preparing for the resurgance for the conservative movement. philis, it is a joy to be with you today. thank you, mike. >> thanks for joiningugs tonight. i hope you enjoyed the show. we'll be back next week with a wrap up with the democratic convention. i am mike huckabee. good night and god bless. ♪ why not get buried in something other than work? get two times the points on travel, with chase sapphire preferred.
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