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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 4, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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governor fallen. many others from both sides of the aisle. when we say this is about the money and future we take it serious. red or blue way in a green way. the democrats are ready to party and we're ready to party with them. >> eric: fox news alert. the dnc getting underway in minutes. hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." >> eric: we're watching debbie waserman schultz approach the podium. she is going to kick off the gnc, chairwoman of the democratic party and she is expected to talk for two or three minutes. take listen to the chairwoman. >> thank you. the 46th quadrennial national convention of the
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democratic party will now come to order. [ applause ] welcome. welcome delegates, alternate, standing committee members, special guests, friends, members of the news media. guests from around the world. and fellow americans to our deliberations. over the next three days, we will hold the most open and accessible political convention in history. [ applause ] thank you! viewers from across the country and around the world can watch the entire convention. gaffe to gavel, live -- gavel to gavel, live streamed through the democratic convention website and the mobile app. in addition, the program is streamed simultaneously in spanish. [ applause ] during the national convention, we will clearly demonstrate why we need to keep barack obama and joe
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biden in the white house! [ applause ] at this convention, it's about more than renominating president obama. americans coming together to build one economy. not from the top down. but from the middle class out. and bottom up. this convention success will be gauged on engaging the american spirit and involving people who want to put their shoulders to the wheel. change our country for the better. [ applause ] we have, we are so proud we have the largest number of delegates ever assembled at a democratic national conventio convention. as i look out i see democrats that represent the strength and unity of our party. the democratic party is the oldest continuing party in the
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world. your participation is testment to the fact we're the most vibrant, encollusive, energized political party, aren't we? >> eric: that is congresswoman debbie waserman schultz where the dnc and the democrats use the next three days to sell the american public on another term for president obama but it will be a tough sell. the national debt minutes ago surpassed $16 trillion just as festivitys kicked off in perfect irony. president obama held office for 1.6% of american history accounts for one-third of all debt occurred in the 236 year years. do we want four more years of that? household income plummeted $4,000 under president obama. food stamps double and gasoline prices doubled to send more americans in poverty than any other modern
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president. i think obamanomics failed and failed miserably. while you listen to ask yourself can you afford four more years of barack obama? here is how he grades himself. >> your party says you inherited a bad situation. you have had three-and-a-half years to fix it. what grade would you give yourself so far for doing that? >> i would say incomplete. >> eric: he gives himself incomplete. what grade do you give president obama so far? >> andrea: an "f." >> eric: why? >> andrea: all the things that you outlined. it's ridiculous. in his first year he gave himself an a-minus. or a b-plus. he said if he passed obamacare he'd give himself a-minus. now he says incomplete. but it's a failure. it has been a failure. he has had more money than anybody. he had republicans enabling him to spend and use the purse
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strings and he still isn't able to do it. give moder mitt romney a chanceo do it. >> eric: i'll hold yours for last. what grade do you give him? >> dana: i don't play this. i'm so tired of this. i remember every reporter, the laziest, easiest question, what grade would you give yourself? in life, you don't get a chance to grade yourself. maybe a little self-reflection is good but you get graded on your performance by other people. in 2009, president obama answered that question by saying i give myself a b-plus or something like that. i thought, don't ever grade yourself. say incomplete because you're still doing it. he said incomplete in four interviews since then. so four different reporters have asked him the same question. if you want to do the grade thing, robert samuelson gave him on economics, a "c." i don't remember if it's plus
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or minus. the first year he said it was good. second year, not good. holding back the economic growth. >> andrea: dana's response about b-minus. >> dana: you don't get to grade me. you degrade me. >> eric: or you do it and ask the question because sometimes you get incomplete. >> greg: since when does incomplete earn a doover? if you're president you are no longer a grad student. it did the math on the $16 trillion. if you divide it by adult population, that is $67,000 per person. if you multiply it by the 5,562 delegates that comes to $374 million. so all those people screaming if free birth control, higher taxes, big government. owe $400 million. which is why you can't take them seriously.
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>> eric: what is your grade for the president? you have to defend the grade. >> bob: i'm in dana's camp on this. you can't give a grade overall. i say in terms of national security, barack obama, a lot of things that have gone done in the war theater, raching down the war in iraq. he has done a very, very good job. on the economy, a middle job to fair. but people forget where we were and where we came from. it doesn't matter. his economy. >> greg: i got to grade debbie waserman schultz hairstyle. give it an "a." >> dana: i thought her opening was good. only one complaint. she wore white after labor day. >> andrea: that fashion rule is out the window. >> dana: i don't know. >> andrea: you can. i give her spray tan "a," too. do you agree? >> bob: you're not supposed to wear yellow after labor day either. >> andrea: not true!
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>> eric: what grade did you give him? >> bob: not giving him a great. incomplete is fair. you can't pass the next grade until you complete the courses. incomplete is the best grade. >> andrea: voters grade him in november. >> eric: can we listen to paul ryan talk about presidency we may not want to emulate? listen. >> ever president since the great depression that asked americans to send them in a second term can say you were better off today than four years ago except for jimmy carter, and president barack obama. >> eric: greg? >> greg: president karetny loves president obama because 20 years from now when they're preparing stuff for the president, carter has nothing to worry about. whether or not president obama deserves a second term, he
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deserves a second term. but to be served con currently so he will be out in january with good behavior. >> eric: i would say that ryan who has -- >> bob: ryan who has a difficult time being -- i won't say this. the guy doesn't tell the truth often. i worked for jimmy carter and yes, there was difficult times in his presidency. he turned out to be one of the great expresidents and he has done remarkable things around the world. to make fun of him is -- >> eric: he said great presidencies he brought inflation to double digits. unemployment to highest of any president. how is that great? >> eric: oil embargo had something to do with this. >> dana: what is the reason now? >> eric: went from 35 cents a gallon to 70 cents a gallon.
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you hang the bad -- obama has done more than that. more than double the price of gasoline. >> bob: by himself? >> eric: under his term. >> dana: wherever gas prices fall in that cycle, that is why in the past, in 2000 clinton tried to release strategic oil reserve. it's a sham when they release it. two weeks ago the current white house said maybe we have to release spr to help gas prices. they know on that tuesday in november, starts to break romney way in october after the economic numbers come out. where the gas prices affect people's household income and their outlook. they think i can't afford four more years of this. >> andrea: my question is why do they roll out jimmy carter for the convention? he's a great president, but the majority of americans don't feel that way.
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he didn't leave office on positive note. you talk about inflation and look at the debt clock, there is a reason people are scared of the debt clock. they know what inflation is like. they have seen the mortgages jump up. they have seen interest rates jump up. anybody with a credit card, i remember mine was like a no fee for the first year and then it went to 20%. >> eric: that has nothing -- >> bob: that has nothing to do with the national debt. >> andrea: it does. >> bob: close out the segment, paul ryan admitted that he was wrong about barack obama. and the g.m. plant. he had misspoken. i say he lied. >> eric: greg? >> greg: i have no -- >> eric: let's leave it on this. >> eric: joe biden explaining in only the way joe can explain why president obama deserves another term. listen. >> folks let me make something
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clear. america is better off today than they left us when they left. iif it weren't so hot i'd go in detail. >> i'd explain why but it's really hot here so we have to go. coming up, look at the big names on tap to speak at the dnc. sandra fluke, michelle obama, bill clinton to name a few. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." we picked out five speakers
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that we'll watch at the dnc that opened up moments ago in charlotte, north carolina. my pitch is sandra fluke who speaks tomorrow. let's start with her. i am interested to hear what she is going to have to say, than what is different than before. she was the college student that was testifying on behalf of, yes, her friends, not herself, her friends. who couldn't afford $9 in birth control and too lazy to get a job to do it. i'm shocked they would bring her to the convention. who is sandra fluke anyway? how does she identify with the rest of the american women who i can tell you are not sitting around late at night wondering about their ovaries. they wonder about jobs. she is going to get up and demonize republicans over and over and over. i think it will bad fire. looks like sad, desperate attempt. >> greg: the official mascot of the entitlement generation. she is going to say what a hardship it is to get the birth control films and how
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evil republicans are to deny something that is easy affordable. >> andrea: successful lawyer too, one day, i guess. >> bob: we won't know what she said because she will not be in prime time. we talked about those who spoke in primetime. i don't know why. castro who is going to do the keynote but we don't have him on the list. >> andrea: she is a single woman. isn't that why? republicans hate single young women. unmarried women. >> bob: i don't think that is accurate. to suggest that. i don't think it's accurate women wage war on women. all the analogies about war. when it gets to convention time, things get out of hand. people say things. that are amazing to me. >> dana: speaking of that, i
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was looking forward to corey booker speech. i thought he is somebody in the future i could see having major role in leadership in american politics, from both parties to look at him and say he is effective. he fell back in the swamp today. i think future is over. d -- political future is over. >> eric: i think sandra fluke will be widely watched. more so than julian castro. my opinion. >> andrea: two quick points. i am surprised they didn't use low-income worker. that message would have been more effective than someone like sandra fluke. surprised they didn't do a more positive message. >> dana: in some ways they utilize her to great effect with the media coverage. because of what rush limbaugh said about her. that he subsequently
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apologized. there will be some line that refers to that and read meat and they will love it. >> greg: >> greg, who is your pick? >> greg: the original sandra fluke. julia. the animated composite girlfriend of president obama. do we have a picture? no. too bad. representative of the women, that democrats believe are dependent on government. looking forward to eva longoriaism can't wait to hear her thoughts on iran. >> bob: there are serious people speaking in primetime as we cover the republicans in primetime. that is bill clinton. bill clinton has a very important speech. >> andrea: thank you, bob. that brings us -- >> bob: sorry. >> brings to us what eric said. >> bob: important speech.
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>> eric: i do, bob. that is the one i want to talk about. one i'm looking forward to because we know that the clintons and obamas don't like each other. they can't stand each other. it's interesting that bill clinton refused to turn over the speech far in advance of delivering the speech. so the obamas are going what is this going to be? how bad will it be? no love lost between the. we have to heard bill clinton speech. if it's not prompter, look at the back of the hall. if it's not on prompter, it could be a really long speech. he will ramble on and on. may go places you may not want to go like voter i.d. but it will have something in it -- >> bob: for america -- not a single person -- >> eric: setting up his wife for '16 run. >> andrea: he is incredibly effective. the problem is he said so many things to stark contrast to the message that the obama campaign put out.
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nobody believes them anymore that he supports obama. >> bob: he is the most popular democrat. >> andrea: nobody believes he feels that way. >> bob: nobody in washington, new york or los angeles. he will make a very effective case for why president obama is the right. why mitt romney's economic plan, not that there is one, is a disaster. >> dana: he has a plan. the notion you go to a convention and you don't have a plan is preposterous. i'm fine if democrats say they don't agree with it. clinton has competition. the n.f.l. opens. cowboys versus the giants. that's stiff competition. >> greg: the bigger question is he is stoked because he is at the convention, wife is out of town. party time! >> andrea: that is an interesting point. where is hillary these days?
2:23 pm
>> greg: the first convention she has not been at. >> bob: secretary of states do not go to convention. >> dana: if she wasn't secretary of state shed be going. >> bob: you can say a lot of things but don't dump on her. she is a good secretary of state. >> greg: who is dumping on her? >> andrea: busy busting a move on the dance floor in the congo. >> bob: she has done more than that, but that's fine. >> andrea: all righty. coming up, michelle obama takes the snag a few hours to convince voters to re-elect the husband. mr. beckel can't wait. back in a moment with more of the top picks for speeches. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: we're back discussing the five speakers we'll watch at the dnc. some of it funny, some serious. dana, your pick? >> dana: i have stocked up on my milk duds and diet coke and popcorn. i love joe biden. i do love him. he's a good guy and provided us a heck of amount of material for this show this year and i'm sure he will be self-deprecating and deliver great lines hopefully like this one from earlier in the year. >> timeless advice from teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick.
2:29 pm
end of quote. i promise you the president has a big stick. >> dana: i laugh about that every day. >> greg: i don't get it. could you explain it to me? >> dana: no. you have to figure it out on your own. >> andrea: that might be the most effective line to reach out to single women. >> dana: one of my favorite days in politics. >> bob: anyway. >> dana: i am looking forward to it. it will be good. >> bob: i think he will essentially be introducing the president. joe when he is on script, i would suspect he will be kept on script, but somebody said cal thomas my partner, column said that biden is the clint eastwood of the democratic national convention. i don't think it is going to be like that. it stays on point. make a good case. blue collar case. right guy to be introduced.
2:30 pm
>> eric: i wonder if he will introduce new policy by accident? remember when he said -- >> dana: release it here. >> eric: same-sex marriage. the next day he had to come out and say i'm in favor of same-sex marriage. >> bob: he has had policies. >> greg: see this empty chair? sit on it. case closed. dais eleven go crazy. i'll be finishing my second box of milk duds. >> andrea: i'd like him to speak every night. there is something about joe. you look at him and think i'd want to have a beer with that guy, but i don't know that i want him as vice president for four more years. hopefully temperature is regulated so it's not too hot. >> bob: that scares you. the thought of paul ryan being a heartbeat away scares me. michelle obama is speaking tonight. make a case not against
2:31 pm
romney -- they should all be careful taking on romney. she will talk about what her husband has done. not the least of which is pay equality. the second most popular politician in the country stoke bill clinton. nobody comes close. no republicans. is michelle obama going to be able to carry the women's message effectively? what do you think? g this entire convention is about a women's message. there is no men here. the liberal platform is more annoying to men than athlete's foot. >> bob: is that snore why is mount rushmore on the stage at all? is that, are they alluding to the fact that president obama desevens to be on mount rushmore? is that what that is? really?
2:32 pm
>> andrea: mrs. obama is her husband's most effective messenger. interesting to see what she will say to make the case. hope she doesn't stoop to war on women rhetoric. she is travelling around talking about the importance of arugula an organic salmon. hopefully other issues on the docket. >> eric: the most important speech is barack obama's speech. >> bob: my view about this, you ought to take a page from romney's speech. not attack romney. plenty of people will do that. he needs to make comparisons between his policies and whether you think there are polpolicies with romney. more than that, he needs to do some mea culpa. he set expectations too high. he didn't meet them and needs to stand up to that. it would be a good idea for him. whether it's in his character i don't know.
2:33 pm
>> unemployment is 9.6% carolina. he has explaining to do. >> bob: i said mea culpa. >> eric: i don't think we'll see it whatsoever. talk about how he needs four more years to accomplish what he started. >> dana: he might. michelle obama is the most popular person in the administration for good reason. she will do well tonight. can she be persuasive for someone who is independent thinking they would vote for president obama on the snense is not sure. i read a great point. what romney had to do is not as hard as what obama has to do. romney has to say do you think i'm likeable? obama says can you like me again? job liked me in 2008, but you don't like me anymore. i didn't do enough. vote for me for another four years. >> bob: they still like him but the question is he hasn't
2:34 pm
done a good job. he has to sell them on that. >> andrea: do they want likability over someone who can manage the economy? >> bob: 52% said obama did not deeveryone is re-election and 52% did not think that romney did. we have to go. sorry. i'll get back to you at some point. some reporters hate covering the 2012 election. why? greg will try to figure it out when we come back. >> greg: unless you cut me off. >> bob: sorry. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la
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[ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread that doesn't taste gluten free. together, the elements of science and the human element can solve anything solutionism. the new optimis i'm bret baier in north carolina. site of the democratic national convention which gaveled in session last hour. the big story here isth the
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piece grade for his own performance and the reaction to it. he gives himself an incomplete on fixing the economy. saying the financial crisis spawned problems not just here but around the world. as you imagine, republicans are mocking the self-assessment and new assessment that majority of people does not feel he deserves a second term. we have important words that are missing from the platform. we tell you what those are and we get reaction from whip dick durbin who joins us live. the national debt crossed the $16 trillion mark. we look at what that means from the bottom line. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now i send it back to "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> greg: according to politico, reporters are having a miserable time at the convention. walt sha sir poe said, "it's a lot less fun." tragic. some blame cable news and brutal campaign. this is what a little competition feels like. but blaming cable is hogwash. funny that the whiny never reared the emasculated head in 2008. now they cry like boys dumped at prom night. fast and so hardif you fall with obama. chemicals of infatuation are so impassioned. but then the guy moves in or he loves you back or he doesn't. he didn't. reporters loved obama. charmed them as he smarmed america. then he left us for something better. golf. clooney. man cave. leaving those reporters to
2:41 pm
rerun to desperate housewives and eating ben & jerry's sobbing. it's too soon to fall in love again. no wonder you're depressed. you can't realize that people like me know love matter. or paul ryan nail the presidency or clint eastwood kills. at least there is still the strip club next to the hilltop where obama's number tanking the on one pole that reporters are still interested in. >> bob: bente better poles than that one. >> greg: we read the articl articles. kind of embarrassing. didn't you feel like -- this is not hardwork. >> andrea: it's not. they are crying. they saided they are uncovering the economy. now that there is not enough
2:42 pm
drama they could cover the issues going on. it's ironic they complain. think about the primary season they had. republicans were killing each other. now they're pound nothing good news to write about barack obama. what are we going to do now? can't write pull bullying stories anymore. >> eric: it just takes a smile and a wink from president obama, politico, huffington post -- they fall back in love with him. >> greg: an ex-girlfriend calls you back after six mont months. >> bob: i went on two prom dates and it was painful experience. these things are so scripted they have nothing to write about. not just 2008, but if you go back and say, i guess you say sarah was a big story. but -- what was the last time
2:43 pm
a big story at the convention? dick morris in 1996. >> greg: that was a story. you can discuss this topic or the other topic we might get to. >> dana: yesterday you talked about joe klein who said on one of the other show, some show that maybe obama should play the race card. it defended him. i said well maybe what he meant is that president obama should come out and try to heal people. so today he tries to explain it and he made it worse by saying if the current republican dog whistling continues, blah, blah, blah. i hereby withdraw my support and defense of him, joe klein. >> greg: the funny thing about that he said i'd never play the race card because it's cliche term. then he uses the word dog whistle now replaced the race card as clicheed term. a walking cliche hack.
2:44 pm
>> bob: it's worth the discussion that 93% of blacks vote for democrats. >> greg: it's worth talking about but i'm cutting you off. >> bob: thank you. >> greg: we could do a show on that. 24 hours on that. but we won't. coming up, ready for convention trivia? we took your questions on twitter and facebook an questions and the answers are next. in case you are wondering the dana's idea. trivia. convention. ♪ ♪ [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: time now for convention trivia. this is my idea and you are going to love us. we asked you to tweet us question and we'll pick the favorites. this starts with andrea. the question is from -- well,
2:49 pm
see it online. the question is who pays for the convention? >> andrea: taxpayers do. >> dana: how much? >> andrea: $3. >> dana: if you check the political donation box. $18 million goes to dnc and republicans. time to stop that. >> bob: conventions cost hundreds of millions. political donation have fallen off. nobody accepts magic funds. the second one, eric, why do people need an i.d. to enter the convention but not to vote? >> eric: because you have to make sure that the people, the person who is walking in the convention is actually the person who is represented with the i.d. and guess what? what is more important than attending a convention? voting.
2:50 pm
>> bob: you are in convention all the time and down on the front. >> eric: with the exception of one time where a fire marshal cut the convention down. i was up front and nbc tried to get a camera down there. i said if you let him down there, i'll videotape the whole thing. >> dana: somebody might buy you a beer for that. what is your name? bob. who placed geraldine ferraro's name in 1984? >> bob: tip o'neil. >> dana: no. barbara kenelly. >> andrea: were you partying at the time? >> dana: greg, one for you. somebody spoke, who was it that spoke for 35 minutes nominating michael dukakis and got a standing ovation when he said, "in conclusion."
2:51 pm
speaking this week. >> greg: bill clinton. >> dana: right. you were there? >> bob: i was. twice as long as it was supposed to be. 20 minutes. going on for policy. he got applause "in conclusion." yea! >> greg: i have trivia. last week, the amount of time that bob went to atm and disappeared. the amount of time that male delegates hit on andrea at the bar. 16, right? >> andrea: more or less. >> greg: the timer rick went to bed unknown. >> bob: i can answer that. no. >> eric: because my wife is watching can explain that. >> greg: you were helping the homeless. >> eric: the speeches went to 11:00. your went on and then i had to get a run in.
2:52 pm
>> andrea: i saw you jogging in the suit home. >> bob: birthday suit. >> greg: the amount of pictures that dana showed of her dog. >> dana: when we were stuck on the way, we were asked for the picture to be taken what was the common denominator of everyone who saw me? sparkly back pack. how is your dog? >> dana: last night my husband was walking jasper here and he got recognized in times square. jasper. >> andrea: i have triia question about greg. how many glasses of red wine did greg have every night? >> dana: i know the answer to that. a lot! you can give incomplete. >> greg: three! >> dana: all right. one more thing. i'm not a yeller. one more thing up next.
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? >> eric: time for one more thing. bob beckel kicking it off. >> bob: i noticed on "fox and friends" there are sometimes visitor here brian kilmeade went out and did a jet pack. you notice, you can see him
2:57 pm
going up there. it's flying above the water. take you up in the air. back down again. back up again. i have always, always wanted to do this. i want to do this. i'll get a videotape of me doing it in the hudson. see how long i can stay up longer than brian did. >> greg: isn't it a high-powered vacuum cleaner attached? >> eric: make sure your doctors clear it first. >> dana: last week at the convention we ran in to a band called voters. listen to this. ♪ ♪
2:58 pm
check out this song. find it on youtube. fun. >> greg: you missed the chorus. >> dana: i didn't cut the sound. >> greg: what is it called? >> greg: blame it on bush. who else do we blame in america? >> greg: that was the point. >> andrea: before president obama went to north carolina, he did shopping and i ran in to him while i was shopping. we started to have a heated discussion. he tried to say listen, i'll pay for birth control. i said i actually want to choosshoes. he said no. sorry. birth control. it didn't have any part of it. >> bob: he couldn't afford 542 amelda. >> greg: banned phrase. can you roll it? "in the weeds." this is what happens when you ask a basic question and
2:59 pm
someone says you are getting in the weeds. you don't want to answer the question. don't say in the weeds. >> dana: or waitress. that is where it comes from. you you get tables at once and you try to take all the orde orders. a bad workplace dream you're in the weeds. nobody can help you. tell them to back off. am i right? >> andrea: so right. exactly right. >> eric: quickly, put up a couple of pictures from the rnc last week. didn't get a chance for enough of them. go to boll or bolling. i will post 30 pictures. >> dana: i can't wait. >> greg: she is mocking you. >> andrea: i should have snapped a picture of you sleeping this time. >> bob: did you have pictures that were not with you in


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