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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 5, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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prompt from it. >> or vice versa. >> neil: or vice versa. you know what kills me about bret >> he is genuinely a nice guy and i hate that quality. niceness thing and tough interview. watch that. see the best of both worlds. >> greg: hello. i'm the talking toad stool, greg gutfeld. she creates disorder in the court. kimberly guilfoyle. bada binge of the left wing. bob beckel. jersey dot eric bolling. and dots her hearts with the real human heart. dana perino. this is "the five." show is packed tighter than bill hemmer's party van with the convention's best moments. but first -- ♪ ♪
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>> greg: so the message from opening night. government rulessa. lute to santa claus ,now divorced from the north pole and the elves who built it. which is fine if america wasn't suffocating under the weight of all those presents. no surprise the private sector was absent. makes sense. president obama believes everyone should benefit from capitalism, except capitalists. that's why the dnc is calling bill clinton. perhaps he knows big government does not have all the answers. >> we know big government does not have all the answers. we know there is not a program for every problem. [ applause ] we know an we have worked to give the american people a smaller less bureaucratic government in washington. we have to give the american people one that lives within its means. [ applause ]
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>> the era of big government is over. [ applause ] >> greg: so president obama has problem with married women and he is bringing in bill? doesn't he remember the thing back then -- anyway. how far has the dems reversed course? check out last night's post video. >> we are committed to all people went do believe you can use government in a good way. government is the only thing we all belong to. different churches, different clubs but we're together as part of our city or our county or our state. and our nation. >> greg: the government is the only thing we all belong to. scary thought that nails the cult of big government. to quote highdy klun, you are in or you're out. as the government grows so does the desire to preserve the expanding girth.
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pile on and get goodies or risked being crushed underneath. forget fat kids. this is where size really matters. so bob, that video, the obama campaign about it said it is the host committee of city of charlotte. why deny the ide >> i love small government i'm not ashamed of saying it. why should the dnc say we're right, we are for government. >> bob: remember there is a document that says government by, for, of people. we forget that, that the founding fathers said we are the government. that is why we are a unique country. in allhe control of conventions to the last nail in platform is in the hands of the obama campaign. and somehow they made that decision to let that go forward. >> greg: they say government, we say country. >> eric: bob you're saying that the obama administration
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was okay with the ad saying the only thing we all belong to is the government? that would be really bad. i want to spend the whole day listening from duvall patrick, dnc, campaign. everyone saying we had nothing to do with the ad. i saw clyburn say i don't know what you are talk about which is complete b.s. there was important news that came out today. the dnc decided to move the venue that president obama will speak at thursday night from the outdoor, 80,000 plus. not 60,000 like they are trying to tell us. 80,000 seat stadium. 75,000 plus more on the floor to a 20,000 seat stadium. a couple reasons that could be happening. number one, i was going to say as joke maybe because they took out and worried about -- not that. 60,000 people. they have to fill 60,000 seats. maybe they weren't able to do that. or bank of america stadium, $45 billion taxpayer dollars
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went in to bank of america and they laid out 30,000 people in may. they're outsourcing those jobs to philippines. do you think they want the president underneath the bank of the america sign? >> bob: more than latter than the former. >> dana: or it could be it was forecast for lightning. lightning rarely strikes twice. lightning struck in 2008. unlikely to strike at the dnc convention again. can i go back to the question you asked, eric, that he ignored? >> eric: yes. >> dana: the government doesn't make us great. what makes us great is that we hold our government accountable. i think one of the reasons that the obama campaign put out a statement disavowing it before ad had been aired, before it finished airing is they are so in the depth with independent voters that kind of language is exactly what they don't need coming out of it. they might have had good speeches but they haven't had a good convention.
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stumble after stumble. for a campaign that is so controlled surprising to see them this disorganized. >> greg: that is why clinton is coming here. you know bill clinton well. some say too well. >> kimberly: depends on your opinion. >> greg: they are expecting the clinton magic. what is he supposed to do? what is he supposed to bring? >> kimberly: he is a great public speaker. bring the mojo because the ship is sinking fast. do something -- bob, it's true. other than michelle's speech which we will talk about later clinton has to come in there and tie it up. right now it has 76 bleeders and the bodies on the table and somebody is going close them up. >> bob: these are small you're talking about. >> kimberly: enough to -- >> bob: best opening night i have ever seen in a convention bar none. >> kimberly: what about the message, bob? >> dana: the speeches were great. but the other stuff, like the lead up to it, stumbles on the platform -- >> kimberly: all over the place. >> dana: unforced errors. >> greg: and the black eyed peas.
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that was a mistake. >> eric: the thing you are not mentioning is the long list of fact checking errors from last night. they threw a lot of things out there. frankly, a lot more b.s. a lot of them -- i have a list of them. we can get to it if you want. >> bob: we could. bring out the paul ryan -- >> eric: i have five from julian castro again. >> bob: gave a terrific speech. >> eric: filled with lies, b.s. >> bob: i couldn't call them lies. it didn't call paul ryan's lies. >> greg: you did. >> dana: you said yesterday he admitted it but that's not what paul ryan said. he said look at my words. that wasn't what he said. >> greg: the thing about julio castro it's not what he said but what he didn't say. what? julian. he talked about his mother but left out the greatest achievement, la raza that wanted to create a separate
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state in the united states. heck of an achievement and glossed over that. >> bob: listen, she did work very hard to put her daughter through school. went through college -- >> greg: that is grandmother. i'm talking about the mother. >> dana: starting raz virginia a big deal. >> greg: radical socialist front that -- >> bob: it's really not. it's not. main stream hispanic -- >> greg: it's main stream now but back then it was as main stream as jeremiah wright. >> bob: fighting then the brown panthers a radical group. there were unforced errors i agree but by and large i could haven't asked for a better opening con vention night. again, we talk about that. it was driven by the speeches. you can say that castro made mistakes, ryan did. >> eric: he didn't make mistakes. he lied to people watching. one taxes, one on jobs, ryan's
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plan for pel grant and one on ryan's plan for medicare. bill clinton, he will probably attack mitt romney, right? what he is not going to tell you that bill clinton oversaw the community reinvestment act renewal. in 1995 or so, he said let's take a look at community reinvestment. put more people in homes even they can't afford it. this one. partial repeal of steigal. he eliminated that wall. put it back together. guess what happened? financial collapse happened because of those two things. you can -- >> bob: that's ridiculous. that was a huge bipartisan support for the community. be overwhelmingly democrats and republicans vote for it. >> kimberly: that isn't the same democratic party that clinton was in charge of. he was centrist and knew when to be bipartisan and work together. there is inconsistency in the messaging. in 1996, clinton said the era of big government is over. all we heard last night in the
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montage is government the s the only way to save you. jump in our big umbrella and we'll cradle you in our arms and drop you on your head. >> dana: if everything was going great for the obama administration, they would haven't had bill clinton in primetime spot. going to independent voters and working class voters, he appeals to them or he had. but i don't know nip longing for good old days of the clinton administration. >> bob: i think they longing for the clinton economic days. >> dana: actually, there is -- i read a lot about this in the past few days. there is not a single economist who thinks that raising taxes in the middle of a recession is a good idea, including president obama. which is why the sale he has to make on thursday is perplexing to me. how they are going to put the speech together. people want to look toward the future. elections are about the future. we're all -- their opinion, their hope on the speech by the former president. >> bob: who will say i raised taxes in a recession and had the greatest eight years in history.
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>> kimberly: that's leadership when you go back to bill clinton -- >> bob: even goes back to somebody. >> dana: surpluses they talk about. he is a guy that tells you hey, there is $200,000 in the account. you cash the check and it bounces. sorry, not there anymore. >> dana: are you denying there are surpluses? >> dana: the surpluses were not there on paper. on paper, they were not. >> bob: okay. >> greg: you have blown bob's mind. >> bob: i simply waiting to hold back on that. i'm shocked. >> greg: we have to move on. >> dana: the cbo said it last week in their report. >> bob: okay. >> dana: i read that stuff actually. >> greg: you do? good for you. >> dana: thank you. >> greg: coming up, michelle obama's prime time speech. >> at the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief. my daughters are still the heart of my heart. and the center of my world. >> greg: the media loved it.
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there's a surprise. >> the main stream media tends be submit within the obamas. i don't know if we should overinterpret it. >> greg: what does "the five" think about the first lady's address? you know bob beckel hated it. ♪ ♪ i♪ ♪
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>> dana: this is a fox news alert. breaking news at the dnc where democrats made changes to the platform. go to fox's john roberts, my good friend who has more information from the convention in north carolina. john? >> good afternoon. breaking news at a political convention. who would have thought? we thought it was gone decades ago. what just happened on the floor, former ohio governor ted strickland went up and said we're going to make changes to the platform. the changes require a two-third vote. changes were to put back in the platform language from 2008 that had been taken out. one of those pieces of language indicated that jerusalem is and always will be the capital of israel. the other was the word "god" that was stricken from the 2008 platform. talking about people should be able to reach their god-given potential. this created a dust-up here at
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the democratic convention that the democrats "a," didn't think was going to happen. "b," didn't what to have overshadow their convention. there was outrage on both points. i talked with the local pastor who happens to be african-american outreach coordinator for christians united for israel. he told me on the israel thing he thought it was outrageous. he didn't know how the democrats could take it out of the platform. at the same time, we said he didn't understand why they would take the word "god" out of the platform either. it was only in there once. democratic officials i spoke to about all of this said in terms of jerusalem, they want to focus on the president unshakable commitment for the protection of israel. but as to why they took out the idea of jerusalem, his own personal view, as was articulated in 2008 to the apack conference, nobody knows. same reason why they thought taking "god" out of the platform would be a good idea. nobody was able to explain it to me either. >> bob: john, this is bob
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beckel. >> hey, bob. >> bob: i have seen debates of the jerusalem issue at democrat and republican conventions. did they say specifically it could be the capital, absolutely the capital or did they use their kind of diplomatic language to they wouldn't irritate the other allies in the middle east? >> guest: the language went back to the way it was in 2008 which said jerusalem will and always be l be capital of israel. ambassador bolden said it's a fact. that's where the knesset is and the government buildings are. it's the capital israel according to ambassador bolden. >> dana: thank you. i can't wait to hear more and read about it in the morning. thank you. how does that happen? >> greg: who wrote the platform? bill maher or jeeanine garofl?
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>> bob: the platforms, they work off the platform of the previous convention. which is unusual you take something like that and take it out. one thing you do is scrutinize the one before and say this is the good part of it and leave it together. controversial part are negotiated out. i could think of reasons but i don't want to speculate. there are caucuses may not like that. >> dana: it's not taking out a comema. >> eric: it was big news here. everyone was talking about it because it has ramifications. what does it say about israel? what does it say about the obama administration with israel? what does it say when israel says we want to go? we are ready to attack iran. if we don't have your support you can't say that jerusalem is the capital of israel. >> dana: talk to kimberly about the election results. we know how tight the election
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will be. jewish americans voted for democrats and obama in big numbers in 2008. some of the votes are going to be there. but some may not be. this is something that could dampen enthusiasm and lead to problems for president obama. >> kimberly: this is the last thing they needed. careless and reckless, deliberate by some people in different caucuses that want this omitted. a big mistake in a blender. it has overshadowed what would have been a good night for michelle obama and julian castro speaking. i'm saying that was a good result for them. this does not. it does not help. erodes vote in the jewish american community. you have seen that in the polls and erodes support away amongst black american americant are religious that don't appreciate the language taken out. >> bob: it has importance and i'll tell you why but i don't think it overshadowed michelle obama. florida, jewish vote makes up 4% of the vote. in the last election, obama
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carried florida by 300,000 votes. the jewish vote accounts for more than that. it could have an impact. only state that would have. >> eric: can we all at least acknowledge this is probably in response to bret baier and dick durbin yesterday going at it. thank god fox news is on it, pushing the button, sayingy where is "god" in the platfor platform? >> dana: i don't think it's just that. i think that president obama woke up this morning and said what in the world are you people doing? fix it. >> greg: i think that the platform people, dnc platform disagreed with you. god is mentioned in the platform. his name is obama. >> bob: in the scheme of thing, the jewish issue may not impact it on one state. the rest of it will be forgotten. >> kimberly: you are talk about swing states.nia, floridas what matters in election. >> bob: what we think is big
2:22 pm
breaking news on god issue particularly, among evangelicals it may be a big issue but they're going to vote republican. >> kimberly: it could effect voter turn-out in other states. dais it shows extremely bad management not what you want to show going to a november re-election. people wonder do you deserve another four years? you can't manage the platform committee. >> greg: god will speak for himself on thursday. >> bob: when romney wanted his platform changed on the issue of abortion to include rape and increst it was no ince. ryan said no abortion any case except for life of the mother. >> i'll say this again. i have a feeling because of the outcry and what happened in subsequent to that interview that bret started and we talked about all day long i think they may have changed the platform. >> dana: also, the other thing we talked about they did not change back. they took out the language that no taxpayer funding for
2:23 pm
abortion. that language -- abortion on demand. that was put back in or taken out of the platform. up with thing that was a significant change that the pro-life community noticed. >> greg: the most amazing speech was where they harkened back to her childhood, which i thought was ironic. >> dana: directly ahead -- greg gutfeld -- did you miss any of the speeches last night? we'll show you the most important stuff and do it in 90 seconds. recap when we come back. >> opportunity today. prosperity tomorrow. we must choose forward. >> america needs four more years of barack obama. ♪ ♪ [♪...] >> announcer: with nothing but his computer, an identity thief is able to use your information
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>> kimberly: welcome back to "the five." a lot of people think first lady michelle obama stole the show last night when she took the stage and made case for her husband to be re-elected. >> barack knows the american dream, because he's lived it. and he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunity no matter who we are, or where we're from. he believes that when you work hard and have done well, and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. no, you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. we must once again come together and stand together for the man we can trust to keep moving this great country
2:29 pm
forward. >> kimberly: well, the main stream media ate it up. they're even admitting it. here is jim vandihigh from politico. >> not a shocker, wolf blitzer saying it was a grand slam. chuck todd saying that barack obama owned the convention the way no speaker owned the convention in tampa. david gergen on cnn say says if they have two more nights like this they could break the race open. mean stream media tepid to be submit within the obamas so i don't know if we should overinterpret it. >> kimberly: all right. eric has compelling thoughts about this. >> eric: yeah, i wonder if we can get -- ask the producer to put video of the first lady up there. first thing i noticed was her dress she was wearing. rhubarb over blue. suede pumps, fabulous. she was beautiful. gorgeous. suede pumps.
2:30 pm
>> bob: take on her substance, not her dress, man. >> eric: earrings. >> bob: that was cute. the reason the main stream press and everybody else did was phenomenally good speech. that was something that you could argue the bias on certain things but on this you could not listen to that speech, nor look at that speech and say it was not a phenomenal speech. so, i think they were reporting what virtually everybody else was reporting. it was great. >> kimberly: obviously, she is talented orator and public speaker much like her husband. she did look great. she always does. she dresses very well and well prepared. the delivery is excellent. some discussion whether or not the con accident was as good as the -- content was as good as the delivery. >> greg: it was a great speech. the media covering it doesn't matter. like iran using their own weapons inspectors. when i watch it, i thought the speech was almost perfect. she extoled virtues i like.
2:31 pm
a lot of conservative values about hard work and freedom of opportunity. one thing that bugged me. i can't tell if it was by accident or if it was on purpose. that was the stammering. the stammering in order to bring emphasis a speech. it could be something that happens when you get nervous. when i get nervous i screw up tons of words, so maybe it's an accident. but made it feel more artificial than it had to be. she didn't have to do it is what i'm saying. overall pretty good. >> dana: she had the easiest bar to clear. she knows them better than anybody. they have a great love story. they have raised their daughters well. it's a joy to watch them together as a family. i wish some of the things i thought were true. for example i think back to president obama words and things that disappointed me the most, calling the republicans enemy, republicans want dirty air and dirty water. some of it is politics but it was persistent throughout the last 3-1/2 years some of it rings hollow.
2:32 pm
i disagree strongly talking about her dress or her shoes. it's awful. >> eric: it was tongue and cheek. having fun. wonderful person. >> dana: it was mean. >> eric: fantastically delivered speech, well written and well prepared. my only issue with the speech itself, nothing with the first lady. the issue with the speech itself was she kept talking about what a tough time that she and barack had growing up. they come from very, very nice schooling backgrounds, high schools, to harvard law school, both of them. and don't forget, president obama has never before held a job that didn't pay him from the government. or some sort of support system. >> bob: came from a great background. this guy's father left him and mother left him. >> dana: went to the expensive prep schools in high school [ they talk about how his car was rusted out in the bottom. c'mon, bob. you can't say he comes from the lower than middle class. >> bob: i don't know
2:33 pm
where -- how you qualify it. i think what she is trying to say is the guy has experience experienced -- had experienced difficult background. all the material things in the world won't make up for a lost father and mother who basically left him with his grandparents. >> dana: including the government. that was a complaint about the speech was that the private sector makes a lot of this possible for all of us, not the government. last night, the private sector wasn't mentioned once. >> greg: this is why i think liberals are so far superior in discussions about government. they're professional athletes at sentimentality and government. it's something that conservatives will never get the hang of because they don't want to. >> bob: remember the target audience. none of these things are done without a purpose. job was to reach out to women and talk about trying to humanize barack obama after a rough three years. she did that job. that is what she sought out to do and dade good job. >> greg: she excelled because she was talking about something she knew a lot about. her husband.
2:34 pm
something that both the media loves as well, her husband. >> kimberly: well quick. tracy reese is talented african-american designer that comes from detroit. her fashions are affordable. i'm a fan of hers. it wear them. attending her fashion show on saturday. >> greg: you are not going to get a free dress out of this. >> kimberly: i know. but i like it. anyway, she looks great. dade great job. now her husband has to live up to that performance. will he? ahead, democrats change the party platform on god and jerusalem because of reporting by fox news channel? details coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier inside time warner arena in charlotte, north carolina. site of the democratic national convention. big story here, stunning
2:39 pm
reversal a few minutes ago of the language in the democratic party platform. tonight on "special report," democrats buck to intense pressure of the remuel of reference to god and jerusalem as the capital of israel. moments ago, a hotly disputed voice vote was held. reinstituting the language in an amendment which contains bothellments. we'll hear that and also hear there democrats on it. mitt romney sounds off on the democrat and the platform in an exclusive interview with carl cameron this evening. democrats are blaming the weather for the decision to move the president's nomination accept tans speech inside here in the hall. we'll talk with obama campaign senior advisor robert gibbs about what bill clinton intends to say tonight and what he needs to do. "special report" starts at the top of the hour now. back to "the five." ♪
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>> eric:well com back. we put together a sot, sound on tape montage. take a listen. >> being asked to pay your fair share isn't class warfare. it's patriotism. >> we have once in a lifetime president. >> he will never ignore our troop. >> the record of performances have been reviewed, barack obama and joe biden once again will be elected to lead our beloved country. >> four years ago, uncle teddy marveled at the grit and grace of a young senator. >> i know what america can achieve. i've seen it. i lived it. with barack obama we can do it again. >> it's time for democrats to grow a backbone and stand up
2:41 pm
for what we believe. if mitt was santa claus he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves. >> a few months ago he visited a university in ohio and gave students there a little entrepreneurial advice. start a business, he said. but how? borrow money if you have to from your parents, he told them. gee, why didn't i think of that? so here is what we're going to say to mitt romney in november. we are going to say no! >> eric: kimberly, the tone of all of those. general feeling? >> kimberly: hostile and angry. not very positive. if you notice at the republican convention it was much more positive. except for the empty chair, okay. but it's clint eastwood. i think julian castro and his brother are talented.
2:42 pm
huge political futures. i think if he toned it down a notch. throttled it back a bit it would have come off more genuine. greg you said like rubio, he didn't feel the same as rubio. rubio got the same message across but not so hostile. >> eric: not so in your face. >> greg: castro said he adjust the american dream, not seeking opportunity but seeking opportunity through government jobs. everything about that speech was about political power. cory booker they now have to use the debt clock to count how many times democratic speakers say "fair share." when jimmy carter said he hopes that obama and biden get elected to the country he thought he was in the gaza strip. >> eric: which did you like or didn't like, give us a sense of the tone. >> dana: i did not like cory booker's. i know for some people -- he is somebody i long admired. but remember he got put in the doghouse after he said that he believed private equity was
2:43 pm
okay? i really felt that he went a little too far. however the speeches don't speak to how i just frame my own life. and so i would imagine if i was a democrat, i would have probably loved last night. for me i was like they're good. but the weird thing to me is that the backdrop looks exactly like the backdrop from tampa. at the rnc. maybe they were sharing something. but it seemed weird to me. everything feels so 1990. >> eric: who were they speaking to, bob? base to fire them up? or speaking to the white male they are lagging in? >> bob: you know, let me say this. certainly the base, part of it. but to suggest that maybe it's true about the keynote speaker, but we were at different conventions. if you thought that in tampa obama was not eviscerateed by every single speaker. >> dana: bob -- >> kimberly: everybody said he was a nice guy and let him go. >> bob: i said romney did not. >> kimberly: who eviscerateed him?
2:44 pm
listen, what they said is judge him on his record, performance. they said, he's a nice guy, but has he done the job. >> bob: let me say i thought coming out of all of this it's good for base. i don't think it necessarily something that resonates with male voters. but said when strickland said if mitt was santa claus he would fire the reindeer and outsource the elves. that told it all. >> dana: embarrassing when the "washington post" said the outsourcing stuff based on a story that was debunked and got them four pinocchios. oops! >> greg: you know who is happy to mean b there? rahm emanuel. he's out of chicago and that reduces his chance to get mugged. >> eric: senator dick durbin got upset with our good friend bret baier reporting on the news about "god" being emitted from the democratic platform. watch. >> if the narrative that is being presented on your station and through your channel and your network is that the democrats are godless people they ought to know better. >> eric: uh-oh. well, now the democrats changed their mind about "god"
2:45 pm
being in platform. was it because of that interview? we'll discuss that when we come back. ♪ ♪ humans -- even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why, at liberty mutual insurance, auto policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what else mes standard at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all of those delegates opposed say no. >> no. i guess -- >> you got to let them do what they're going to do. >> i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. in the opinion of the chair, two-third voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted. and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> kimberly: democratic party, right? >> greg: noes were louder.
2:50 pm
>> bob: let me tell you how this works. weapon you have something that you want to pass and it doesn't sound like it passed, which it doesn't, you turn down the microphones in the areas where the no votes and turn up the microphones and you get whips on the floor to say yell loud. >> dana: like an election in venezuela. >> bob: democratic party eliminated god and jerusalem from the platform and bret baier talked to dick durbin last night. >> "god" out of the platform. why do that? >> i can tell you if the narrative that is being present toed on your nation and through your chand your network is that the democrats are godless people, they ought to know better. god is not a franchise of the republican party. >> no, no -- >> those of white house believe in god and dedicated our lives to helping others in the name of god don't want to take a second seat to anyone who is suggesting that one
2:51 pm
word out of the platform means that the democratic across america are godless. >> no, no. i don't think that is what is being said. we are reporting what is in the platform. in 2008, "god" was mentioned once. in 2004, mentioned seven times. in 2000, "god" was mentioned four times. the question is why take it out in this time? >> what i am saying to you if you trying to draw a conclusion -- >> i'm not drawing a conclusion. >> democrats are godless -- >> i'm just asking a question. >> present your evidence. >> i'm just asking the question. >> you're harping. >> bob: let me ask you, eric, clearly, durbin was a little overly excited there. that might be something you say to a republican chairman. i'm not sure you say that to the anchor of a network. >> eric: bottom line bret asked the question and durbin pushed back so hard that bret had to ask again and exposed his ominous underbelly. they made a mistake.
2:52 pm
they had to back track. we stayed on it all day. >> bob: he was the wrong guy to respond to that. the republicans have tried to become more of the god party and the democrats less of the god ba party. they say that. so i think that is probably what the frustration level is. you don't put dick durbin up to do it. >> greg: i loved dick durbin in "bewitched." the second husband. i'm not sure. love the reversal. that reminds me of a reversal at a football game they challenge the call and take six points off the board, everybody is ticked. >> eric: can you point out that two-third vote? was that ridiculous? >> kimberly: i could not believe it. i'm embarrassed for him. looking around to phone a friend. >> dana: well, you just got to let them do what they are going to do. >> kimberly: picked up on the mic. >> bob: it happens -- >> kimberly: should have called it right away. two-thirds, that's it. done. >> bob: i did it several
2:53 pm
times in '84. it's what you do. i will also point out that for 30 to 40 of the republicans nev had god in there platform either. but nonetheless, dick durbin i think -- >> eric: what did you say? >> bob: for 30, 40 years republicans did not have "god" in the platform. >> eric: i don't know what you talked about "it" only missed one election going back -- >> bob: it's in my research. >> let's go.>> looking at the wrong column. >> bob: excuse me. okay. one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: yee-haw. time for one more thing. >> eric: i'll go quickly. a lot of reasons to like chris christie, governor. take a look. here is one. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: everybody, he is awesome. >> dana: jimmy looking for teleprompter for the words? >> greg: that was jimmy fallon. >> dana: i like him better. >> greg: glad you know his
2:58 pm
name, dana. go next. >> dana: another guy i love is jon stewart. the fake ads. yes, you can but was funny. we can run that for you. >> out of control. >> no way. it's not his fault. >> yes, we can. but -- >> he inherited crap. >> i mean -- >> yes, we can. but -- >> dana: developing over the week. fun things. fun when they start to make fun of the other side. >> greg: it's refreshing. we're so desperate for it. k.g.? >> kimberly: rosanne barr if you wonder what she is up to. back to the bad behavior again. this time another twitter rant saying billionaires are violent pedophiles, drug addicts. and they are heartless cruel empty coke addicts as well. then she goes on to say that all americans are so brainwashed they have no idea what socialism is. yet it's the solution to ruin by bangsters. none of that makes sense if
2:59 pm
you -- >> dana: she is speaking after clinton tonight at the dnc if you want to tune in. >> kimberly: crazy. >> bob: i thought this was important in a political week to not talk about politics. there was a "guinness book of world records" broken by minnesota casino. had a 2,014-pound cheeseburger and i think that is one of the greatest pictures i've seen in a long, long time. people are going to eat that. >> kimberly: i'll race you. >> bob: i don't want to race you. i'll choke again. isn't that great? think about that. greg, could you eat that? >> greg: i could try. >> bob: you wouldn't. you're a vegan. >> greg: do my one more thing? >> kimberly: i like my bun toasted. that looks non. >> greg: glad to know. one more thing. banned phrase. "rock star." i said it when people describe people in other occupations as rock stars. have you met our new accountant? he's the rock star. this guy, new guy at the


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