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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and right back here at the dnc for the fox report tomorrow night. for the journalists, thank you. here comes mr. bill. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. chaos breaking out at the democratic national convention. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the democratic platform omitted the word god and did not state that the city of jerusalem is the capital of israel. that has caused much fear and loathing. and earlier today under immense pressure the democratic leadership decided to reverse itself and attempted to get on the right side of god and jerusalem. the convention chair is los angeles mayor antonio vigarossa who almost had to beg the delegates to stop the madness and bow to god. >> all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed
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say no. >> no. in in the opinion of the -- let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> i guess -- >> you have got to rule and then you have got to let them do what they are going to do. >> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen.
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[boos] >> thank you very much. >> bill: so it's obvious some democrats still do not want any reference to god or jerusalem. so question the party has become extremely secular dominated by uber liberals. the performance today, the importance of it is that it shows america that the democratic party is not unified there are moderate democrats and far left loons. the loons have a lot of power. think about it. sandra fluke wants us to pay for her birth control and not only that she now wants us to pay for transgendered medical treatment. that means if harry wants to become sally fluke wants us to pay for it she is a featured speaker at the democratic convention. not someone mumbling on a corner. president obama should be embarrassed. that was embarrassing. i don't think he is i think it's business as usual. goes back to his chicago days with our pal reverend wright and bill ayers.
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i don't think the president is a loon. he certainly doesn't mind crazy folks around him. on the plus side for the democrats, michelle obama's speech was a good one. bill clinton will tee it up later this evening. the party is not dead but it is confused. it's hard to see how independent voters are going to be swayed by what's going on in charlotte. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. dick morris closely following the democratic convention. author of the big best seller "screwed." and he joins us now. so, first of all, that was embarrassing, right? >> yeah. i think he needs a hearing aid. >> bill: he was going to do it no matter what. it was close. >> what should have happened was somebody should have had the chutzpa to demand a "roll call." >> that would take forever. >> i know. i think that the democratic leadership and he is part of that says we have got to get out of this. the word is and some of our reporters have mentioned it to me that barack obama himself said you better get god and jerusalem back into that platted form. >> but there is something very serious by the media covering.
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this three changes they made to the platform. one is israel. jerusalem, which they put back in then this language was deleted and not put back in the united states and its quartet partners major powers should continue to isolate hamas until it renounces terrorism, recognizes israel's right to exist and abides by past agreements. the other provision that was taken out but not put back in is the creation of at palestinian state together with an international compensation mechanism should resolve the issue of palestinian refugees by allowing them to settle there rather than in israel. the right of return is the key demand of the palestinians that the israelis don't want. they don't want a million flooding in. >> bill: i don't know why they wouldn't put the hamas thing back. >> definition of hamas. well, because, hillary just wrote a billion-dollar check
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to hamas. in foreign aid. and. >> bill: to try to buy them to back off. you know how the game is played. trying to buy the egyptians now. >> so they claim. i know the billion in forgiveness to egypt. the point is, it is to me very significant that the president went so far as to say i want jerusalem back in but not i want hamas back in. >> bill: does he not need the jewish vote in florida? isn't that what this is all about. >> i think he is so -- i believe he thinks jews don't care about israel. he is he so mesmerized by his observe bias toward the palestinians that i just think he can't help himself. >> bill: wait a second. you just said that h jersz back. >> he did. he didn't put hamas back in. no right of return. >> bill: nobody cares about hamas. >> leading terrorist organization in the middle east. >> you and seven other guys that do this for a living and don't sleep care. but jerusalem and god are big. and barack obama -- and i believe. this i believe that he called
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these guys up and said you better stop this right now. i have got to take a break because we're working on some speeches. we're going to hold morris over. there are some speeches coming up. we hope you stick around because we have got a really good factor this evening. we'll be right back. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer.
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is now being
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he will say nice things. >> bill: who is going to get more eyeballs against nfl guy. biden or clinton, come on. >> that's the problem with this whole convention, eyeballs for who? >> michelle obama just got elected first lady. it's not a separate position on the ballot. castro got his brother elected to congress. that's not what the convention is about. bill clinton is going to do a lot for bill clinton. but what about barack obama. >> bill: he has got to say and link it over. he can't do a chris christie. he has got to link it over to barack obama. >> it will be much more -- won't be chris christie. won't be saying i did this, i did this, i did this.
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it will be saying america is great. our values are wonderful. everything is terrific. by the way we are for obama. >> i think it's going to be more than that you have got to give the president more time economically because is he going to turn it around like i did, and boom boom boom boom. he has got to do the economic thing. >> i think he -- do you think he dual it without smirking? >> i think bill clinton wants barack obama reelected. would you a disagree with that. >> oh, absolutely. i absolutely. >> do you want him -- do you think he wants him to lose. >> i know that bill clinton wants obama defeated. >> bill: it's easier for hillary to step in after obama's 8 years than it would be if romney gets a shot and does well. come on. >> no. because after 8 years of obama no democrat will get elected for the next 100 years. >> bill: that's your prejudice though. >> no. say barack obama is elected and the economy gets turn around and she can beat.
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>> that is not the thought process. he called me a racist. he dumped on me. i'm the only democrat since truman to be reelected. >> bill: going to get up there and send subliminal messages to all the democrats that i want him to lose. are you telling me that? >> no. because his wife is a moss damage. >> bill: she is a hostage. she? in china. they got her. >> she is a hostage. they will kill her if he loses. bill has got to be pro-obama and anti-romney but in his lose but is he going to get up there for his observe self-enaggrandizement and put
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on a show. that's what you are saying. do you believe that there is anybody in the united states who will be swayed by president clinton to vote for president obama? is there one person, maybe in nevada, maybe in new mexico, because i don't know, democrats love bill clinton but they are already going to vote for barack obama, are they not? >> i believe that's true. i believe one of the biggest problem obama is his incompetence. his inability to deliver. and when bill clinton stands up there, having created 23 million jobs, having balanced the budget for the first time in 40 years, and he stands up there, is he a living, walking, eating, breathing reminder of what this other guy is not. >> prosperity, right. so you think that that reminder of prosperity under democratic regime will bleed over into -- >> no, i'm saying the opposite. saying looking at what a president can do. they look at what this guy has accomplished and they can he see the difference. >> you are actually saying to
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america tonight, millions of people all over the world as well. you think clinton's appearance is going to hurt barack obama. >> yes. i'm also saying that they would have been better off putting an attack dog up there liked by ton go after romney for an hour. >> biden thinks everybody is better off than they were four years ago. i'm not sure if that's a good position though. >> and, also, you have this whole phenomenon of these speakers that are pushing themselves. not obama. >> absolutely. all the speeches have vetted so that's interesting, too. dick morris, everybody, when we come back, bret baier takes down senator dick durbin, that's next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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5:18 pm
my fellow delegates, president obama has spent the last four years seeking the solutions we need to meet our challenges. he has spent his first term focused on building a strong economy and growing the middle class. thanks to his leadership, america's auto workers are back on the job. [cheers and applause] and manufacturers are hiring at levels not seen since the 1990s. but we all know that we need to do more that's why president obama wants to revitalize the manufacturing sector that made our nation great. house democrats share that vision, which is why we have a plan called make it in america. [cheers and applause]
5:19 pm
make it to invest out educating, out innovating and out building our competitors overseas. a strong america depends on a party. let's review the history. senator mitch mcconnell, the republic leader in the senate said the republics number one priority was the defeat of president obama. [booing] not the defeat of terrorism.
5:20 pm
not the creation of jobs, not the reduction of our debt and deficit, not ensuring access to healthcare, not educating our children, not tending to the needs of americans with disabilities. but to simply defeat our president. [booing] as the reverend jesse jackson describes it, they want to drown the captain and are prepared to sink the ship to do so. for four years republics in congress have pursued a strategy of confrontation, obstruction, and a refusal to compromise. that's why not a single house republic voted for the law that brought our economy back
5:21 pm
from the brink. that's why president obama's jobs plan was not even put on the house floor. instead of trying to fix the problem, the republics, unfortunately, played politics. but despite historic lestlesz of obstruction -- >> bill: so you heard the opening of congressman hoyer's speech but now we want to continue with our factor analysis. let's bring in our pal dr. marc lamont hill who teaches at columbia university here in new york city. i wanted you on tonight not to be partisan. >> i'm never partisan so that works out. >> bill: of course you are. that's boring. okay. that's boring. i want you to react to two sound bites that i feel are are extraordinary. two things that happened at the convention this week. the first one is bret baier interviewing senator dick durbin from illinois about the god deal roll the tape. >> god out of the platform. why do that? >> well, can i just basically tell you if the narrative that's being presented on your station and through your
5:22 pm
channel and your network is that the democrats are godless people, they ought to know better. god is not a franchise of the republic party. >> no no. >> those of us who believe in god and dedicated ourselves to helping others in the name of god don't want to take a second seat to anyone that suggesting one word out of the platform means that the democrats across america are godless. >> bret: no, no, no. i'm just asking why was the word taken out. >> i'm just telling you you are harping on a tripod. we know that both parties are devoted to this country, both parties are god-fearing parties. let's get on with the agenda about creating jobs in america and justice in this country. >> bill: apparently the senator did not want to answer the question about why the word was taken out. >> that was awesome, bill. i have never seen a more masterful attempt at not answering the question. >> bill: he dodged the question. i don't know why they do that you can attack fox news red meat for people.
5:23 pm
democratic senator from illinois. he is not like me. a wise guy. is he a good guy. look, i'm just curious as a reporter why would you take it out and the man won't answer the question. what is that? >> i think he didn't have an answer. i think he actually did not have an answer prepared. >> bill: if you were durbin, because you are a truth-teller from your point of view and baier said why did they take it out you would have said. >> we don't want to alienate people. this is not religious argument. >> bill: if 81% of americans believe in god, you would be alienating 19? >> we believe in not having disgruntled or disenfranchised minority group. just because 19% don't believe something doesn't mean they are not entitled to be respected. not people don't need god language in there. you and i may have a dispute about rights. you may say they are natural rights and i may say they're true but rights. if you do go along with that thinking, then barack obama
5:24 pm
offends 81% of the voting because people are a little put off by a secular platform that just ignores judeo-christian tradition. >> i don't think it's secular platform. attach your own values without using god language. personally why have taken it out no. i believe in god but i wasn't offended by it. >> bill: you wouldn't have put it back. >> that's what ticked me off. i feel like the democratic party keeps caving. they are cowards. >> bill: you were teed off they put it back. >> yeah. >> bill: you would have been one of those guys booing. >> i would have been jumping up and down and doing the wave. stick by your principles. >> bill: that's why we like you, hill, you are honest and tell the truth from your point of view. here is another really good one. this is about jerusalem. look this is cbs. charlie rose grilling senator schumer about jerusalem. go. >> democrats have always been for jerusalem being the unified capital of israel. i'm one of the leading
5:25 pm
democrats on middle east policy. that's been my position for a long time. this is a tempest in a teapot. the overwhelming democratic position is just that. >> not the party platform though. >> when what's the president's position. >> it's not in the party's platform i don't know why it is or is not. >> what's the president's position. >> the presidential president is for a strong israel. >> what's the president's position on the capital. >> i don't know. >> you know what his position is, don't you? >> no, i don't. >> bill: yes, he does. he knows. >> i take him at his word. >> bill: schumer doesn't know the president's position on whether jerusalem should be the capital of israel. >> so people are so scared of gotcha politics they would rather say i don't know than wager a guess. >> bill: chuck schumer is the leading democrat on the middle east. he doesn't know the president's position? doesn't that strike you as weird. >> no, it doesn't. judging from what i have seen in the senate from both sides.
5:26 pm
not -- if he said he didn't know the president's position on israel i would call it b.s. to say on this particular issue of jerusalem being the capital, i think that's a nuances issue and he may not have known the interest. the answer is president does think jerusalem should be the capital of israel. >> bill: how do you know. >> putting the language back in to reflect the president's position. >> bill: you believe that what i said before to dick morris that barack obama ordered god and jerusalem put back into the plat tropical form. >> i don't think the president ever wanted it out. you in your talking points talk about fringe element of the party dominating things. you said the president wasn't in that fringe i agree with you. >> what does it say about leadership if a fringe element, all right, is -- has that much power to shape a party platform -- >> -- i'm sorry are we talking about the tea party now. >> bill: no, no. what you guys always do. when i get new a corner and make a point that's very hard to refute, you go to the tea party -- >> -- no, no. that's not what i'm doing.
5:27 pm
you were fainting surprise and indignation you can't imagine a major party being dominated by a fringe. >> bill: what does it say about the leader of the democratic party and leader of the united states barack obama that he and his guys allow fringe people, you just described them that way, to put forth a party platform? what does it say. >> first of all i don't think the people putting forth those two particular issues are necessarily fringe. >> bill: you just said they were. >> actually i was quoting your language from the talking points. it's important position to take and vital position. vital position in the party. >> bill: do you think jerusalem. >> when you hear those boos in the crowd they sounded mixed. they didn't sound fringe. sounded like 49, 51. >> barack obama has to order the party plot form to be reformed right in the middle of the convention. you have got a problem. you do have a problem. >> you do have a problem. this something that should have been resolved before they got there. >> talking about jerusalem now. cynics might say because florida has 4% jewish voters, who went for primarily for
5:28 pm
barack obama last time around, is he doing this because he doesn't want to lose florida, you say? >> i say he is doing it because that's what he believes. the president has never wavered on his stance on israel. >> bill: schumer didn't know what he believed. >> that's a reflection of schumer's i had gross, not obama's stance on israel. >> bill: you may be right. >> you are giving way too much credit. >> bill: what i said in the talking points memo is not a union find party. it's all over the place. >> unified party has competing voices inside of it. >> bill: nobody knows what anybody is doing. >> that's not true. that's what i jumped to the tea party i think if you look at both major parties, they both have dissenting voices. >> bill: that's a good thing. >> it is a good thing. when it comes from the right look we have a robust debate coming from the left they are disorganized. >> bill: part of the problem with barack obama's entire administration little bit disorganized. >> four years ago at the convention i predicted obama victory. i'm predicting another one. would you like to disagree wynn 0 for 2.
5:29 pm
>> bill: one guy in america better off now than four years ago. >> who would that be? >> bill: you because you are on this program. all right, dr. hill, when we come right back, we will go to our reporters on the floor of the democratic convention. hear some of mitt romney moments away. [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the governor of massachusetts devol patrick is president obama's best friend. last night patrick spoke at the convention. >> mitt romney talks a lot about all the things he would fix. can i tell you massachusetts was not one of them. he he is a fine fellow and a great salesman. as governor, he was a lot more interested in having the job than doing the job. >> bill: all right. well, let's take a look at governor romney's record as opposed to governor patrick's. when romney left office in 2007 unemployment in massachusetts was 4.6%. now under patrick it's 6.1%. when romney left office, 10%
5:33 pm
of massachusetts residents left in poverty. under patrick 11.5% are poor. finally during romney's term in office he cut the deficits from $3 billion to 17 million. under patrick the deficit has risen from 946 million to 1.3 billion. and patrick's criticizing romney's performance? joining us now from charlotte kristen powers fox news analyst and marianne marsh is there as well. a democratic consultant who works and lives in boston. did i just governor patrick. >> not at all. they were governors at very different times. romney balanced the budget on the backs of the very people who couldn't afford it raising fees and services for people. if you wanted to get married the fees went up. you wanted to go ice skating the fees went up. you wanted to buy gas the fees went up. if you were blind and needed bral services the fees went up to the tune of $750 million. >> bill: the deficit went down
5:34 pm
$3 billion heading to california territory to a few million and then when the democrat gets, in devol patrick, zoom. you are right very different times and the recession causes some kind of, you know, unemployment spike and poverty spike. but there have been governors in states of ohio, kasich, state of indiana, mitch daniels, state of virginia, mcconnell who have improved the economy in the teeth of the recession and devol patrick hasn't. so my question to the governor should he decide to come on the program and that would be when hell freezes over is i don't think this is a guy you want to criticize when your record is worse, deer citizen, am i wrong. >> they were very different times. i will give mitt romney credit where credit is due. he did a lot of good things when he was governor. balancing the budget someone of those things. marianne is right. there were a lot of cuts that occurred. unfortunately when you need to balance the budget, you have to make cuts. and so i think that i would give him credit for that.
5:35 pm
the area where he gets the most valid criticism, i think, is the jobs situation. we hear all time that he was, you know, massachusetts' 47th in the country in terms of creating jobs during difficult economic time. so that's what's really relevant right now. right now he is saying that he is -- >> bill: that stat is bogus because they almost had full employment. they are 4.5% unemployment in massachusetts. those people are heroin addicts. those people are people who walk into walls. okay? so how you can bring the unemployment rate down from 4.5%? it's about as low as it gets. 4.5% of the population can't work or won't work. they are dunder heads or lay-abouts. everybody knows that. >> it's a question of how many jobs that he created. i think people who are nonpartisan observers of it
5:36 pm
have said he wasn't that great at creating jobs. >> creating jobs for whom? he everybody was working. >> i don't think that's true. >> i lived there. everybody was working. marianne was even working two jobs. she had two jobs. come on, marianne, you know this is all bogus, but my point is i'm not here to denged mitt romney, that's not my job. i'm here to say to these politicians like devol patrick and there are plenty on the republic side as well, they don't tell the truth. they don't put anything into perspective. >> we're talking about it because mitt romney wants to be put. and here are the facts. they only state that was doing as badly as massachusetts at the time creating jobs is louisiana after katrina. state government doubled when the private sector did not. job increases nationally were increasing at 5%. massachusetts was only 1%. about choices. >> bill: what is it about 1 in 6 unemployment that you don't understand. you can't create jobs when
5:37 pm
everybody is working. there are nobodies to take the jobs. >> but when you cut the things i talked, about the services and you cut education, k through 12 and higher ed, those are the things that people. >> bill: massachusetts is one of the best education scores in the country. >> he cut hundreds of millions of dollars in education. you and i both know. >> bill: and they still scored. the kids are still scoring up in the top tier. >> and people still need to move up the economic ladder by getting better jobs you do that with a better education to. cut those things and to cut education is not the way to do it. >> bill: if the kids are operating at a clip that's higher than almost every other state and you see it and you can cut money and fat out of that system, and the kids are still doing well, you cut money out of the system, marianne. >> that wasn't -- where he did cut was he cut the tax rate for the wealthiest and cut the tax rate for corporations. after cutting all of those services on every day people and every day items.
5:38 pm
that's not the way to do business. >> bill: look, when romney was governor, you lived there and i was there all the time. that state was booming. it was booming. the kids were learning. you had obama care. you had romney care. everybody was getting what they needed there. come on. i don't -- if deval patrick would say, kirsten, look, i oppose mitt romney's philosophy. i don't want a robust capitalistic marketplace where it's every man for himself, i can understand that but he misrepresented the governor's tenure. i would submit this, if mitt romney ran against deval patrick governor of massachusetts romney would win. last word, go. >> i think there have been a lot of misrepresentations at both the conventions look romney did one great thing
5:39 pm
something republicans want to pretend was a total failure was romney care that was something that was a major major accomplishment. i think that he was a decent governor. but the person who ran massachusetts is not the person who is running. i think if he was, he never would have gotten the republic nomination. and so the idea that you have to secure him as a terrible governor i don't think he was a terrible governor. >> bill: he wasn't a terrible governor and i think he is the same guy because he cut that deficit from $3 billion down to a few million and that's what he is going to have to do in the u.s.a. i don't know whether he can or not but that would be his man at a time if elected. carl cameron interviews mitt romney. we have some of that in just a few moments.
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go to today.
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>> bill: continuing now with our coverage of the democratic convention is charlotte, north carolina, i will be there tomorrow evening. let's bring in fox news political correspondents john roberts, james rosen on the floor. all right, rosen, begin with you. what's the most interesting thing you saw today. >> well, bill, there were a lot of interesting cameos on the floor from the olympic athletes gaby douglas on the other way of the excitement spectrum michael dukakis, the big event we are all waiting for right now is former president bill clinton and who is going to place the nomination of barack obama formally tonight will be the first time we have ever seen a former president do that for a sitting president. we have some indication of what he is going to say. we know, for example, that is he going to take head on tackle head on this charge that mitt romney has leveled that barack obama somehow gutted welfare reform. and, also, we have gotten a few excerpts from the speech and can i quote to you from what bill clinton is going to
5:44 pm
say quote: in tamp parks the republic argument against the president's re-election was pretty simple, mr. clinton is going to say, we left him a total mess, he hasn't finished cleaning it up yet so fire him and put us back. in he went on to say i like the argument for president obama's re-election much better and went on to talk about the economy. there has been a lot of talk to the effect tonight, a lot of reporting that bill clinton withheld his draft the speech until just before show time. i spoke with senior campaign aides who told me they have been working with bill clinton the entire time and they reviewed in broad terms what he is going to say. they are also giving him assigned total running length they also know the man sometimes will take his time. >> bill: not going to drag him off the stage whether he speaks long or not. two points here, bill clinton can't tell the american public that the economy is good or hopeful because there is no data to back that up. i guess he could try. i don't know, that was strained conjuelty that's a
5:45 pm
disto joe biden. >> joe biden normally would have spoken this night. he is not the most super star surrogate speaker or the kibitzer in chief as clinton. what clinton can say on behalf of barack obama, is he going to make the case that barack obama shares the same philosophy about the economy that bill clinton had and which led to clinton's success and if you just give barack obama more time it will produce similar results in essence. >> bill: all right. i don't know. the two of them ran a totally different economic profile. all right. well, we will listen. >> very true. >> bill: okay, roberts. we asked to you try to figure out and we had gotten word earlier that it was barack obama who ordered the changes made in the platform that god be reinserted, the word. and that jerusalem be inserted into it would be the capital of israel. is that true? is that what you found out. >> yeah, that's absolutely
5:46 pm
true. at one point barack obama said why was the word god taken out of the platform in the first place in the more difficult question to answer, bill, this is the question we have been talking to a lot of democratic officials about and so far have not gotten an answer, whose brilliant idea was it to take it out in the first place both jerusalem and god? i talked to debbie wasser isman shoults at length about an hour ago. i asked her several times why was jerusalem taken out? she wouldn't even acknowledge that jerusalem had been taken out. she called it a technical correction. it wasn't an omission. >> bill: like baier and durbin. baier kept asking him the same thing. >> and senator durbin last night saying hey, it's no big deal you are making a mountain out of a mole hill, why are you doing this clearly they were suffering withering criticism. the republic jewish will have a full page ad. they couldn't pull it in time when says what's missing from the platform in 20120 language
5:47 pm
about jerusalem. language about hamas. israel is the america's strongest ally in the middle east. that is still missing. there is a whole lot in there that they still have a lot to complain about. what was mucked up the most and the democrats tripped over shoes and fell on their face was the whole process not only about taking these things out in the first place but trying to get them back in. if that was a two third -- >> what i said to marc lamont hill earlier in the program says it looks like they were disorganized. you were asking a key question. who took tout. >> now nobody is going to tell you oh that valerie jarrett did it oh, no no, no, no. nancy pelosi she snuck in and grabbed it they are not going to do that. but if the president of the united states didn't even know it was out and getting pounded and getting ordered back. in somebody's head is going to be in the block. the democrats are not gonna make that public. i mean, it would be foolish for them to do so. >> well, you know, bill, you
5:48 pm
have got to remember will rodgers who said i belong to no organized party i'm a democrat. certainly a lot of cross signals here. somebody thought something was a good idea. obviously did not have the approval of everyone that was involved. when i talk about the process to get this back in antonio the mayor of los angeles who was the convention chair who called for the revotes on the platform. need two thirds vote, he looked like he didn't even know what was going on. >> bill: you know what he looked like, robert? he looked like one of those guys on "american idol" who in the very beginning forget the lyrics whipping around like this somebody way way in over his head. let me ask you -- >> some people said he looked like rick perry in oops moment during the republic debate. >> bill: not that bad. he clearly didn't know what to do. rosen, anybody given -- you got the fox news logo on your mike there roberts doesn't have it anybody giving you a hard time down there because you work for fox? >> so far, no. we have been very warmly
5:49 pm
received. i stood amongst the delegates when i did my live report for shepard smith's show in the 7:00 hour. let my flag fly, if you will, and people were as nice as could be. gave us their seats so our cameraman could get a little higher position. i'm trying to lay low for the most part and just do o'reilly. >> bill: i'm going to be there tomorrow. am i going to be warmly received? i'm up for that, you know. >> by me you look archaic. >> by you. [ laughter ] how about you, robert? is anybody giving you a hard time? >>. no everybody is very nice, bill. you know, have you been around these conventions long enough, people know you as a good, objective correspondent, like james rosen, like carl cameron, like bret baier, like everybody here at the network. and they are very appreciative of the work that you do. i have met an awful lot of nice folks. some that i have seen in past
5:50 pm
conventions. others that i have just met this week. everybody here has been very courteous, very cordial, very welcoming. >> bill: i will have the final word on that one when i get down to charlotte. >> things could change, bill. things could change. >> bill: sometimes i bring it on myself. i will try not to do that. >> i have never known you to do that, bill, ever. >> bill: next, we are going to wrap things up with the aforementioned carl cameron who is up in new england. he interviewed governor romney today. we will play you some of that interview in just a few moments. the economy needs manufacturing. mhines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's puttg more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy his year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real thin... for real. ...that make a real difference.
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5:52 pm
>> no one in the convention so no one has had the temerity to say that people are better off in america because they know this is not the case. this has been a very difficult four years, they are doing their best to celebrate some, but it's
5:53 pm
a celebration of failure. >> joining me from woodstock, vermont, carl cameron. why are you in woodstock. >> reporter: mitt romney's doing debate prep. he is doing the mock debate rehearsal process. rob portman is playing the role of barack obama and they are sparring. portman did it for mccain in 2008 and folks thought he might have gotten into mccain's head a little bit. >> why are they doing debate prep, when the debate is a month away? what's that all about? >> reporter: well, there has been a lot of questions, why so early? why now? they have a block of time, while the democrats are in charlotte. they figure this is an opportunity to get off the trail and spend real time on it. this is being run by beth myers who, is very jealous about her protection of his time. so he is sequestered away in the
5:54 pm
woods. he did come out today briefly for our interview. the idea is that there will be four debates, three presidential and one vice-presidential. it's a five-week month. there are two weeks after the debates before the election. so these debates have the potential to be really cons qebtial. i talked to mitt romney about t. he thinks they could really be a big deal. he is putting in the time now to train for it. >> did you learn anything -- you have to be honest here. you know how rehearse period both candidates are. they are both very, very wary of doing interviews that they might screw up and get a headline. did you learn anything today, speaking to governor romney? >> reporter: yes, in the sense that there was a different feel to him. not only has he clinched the nomination, but he has gotten a little of his energy back. very much enthused and pumped up to go at barack obama and sort of chime in on the democratic national convention. he was really up today and eager to chime in on a whole bunch of
5:55 pm
issues, after the president giving himself an incomplete. he went to town on the president for that. he said, if you are incomplete, have you to take a class again. nobody wants to give president obama another term -- and he rattled off the economic indicators that romney says prove the point he has not been a successful president. asked him about the platform chaos at the democratic convention. before it was reversed by the dnc, romney was very tough for having omitted the word god from their platform, said they were out of touch with the country and suggested that the democrat, specifically president obama had thrown israel in front of the bus -- under the bus, he said, as a consequence of removing jerusalem -- and the president says he did it himself. >> it right. that's pretty predictable stuff and you would expect the governor to say things like that. you get an opening, you go inform he said something interesting. he said that nobody had the temerity to say they were better off now than whairp four years
5:56 pm
ago at the convention. but vice-president biden said in ohio that exact thing. he said, everybody's better off now. you just don't know it -- you know, that kind of thing. >> reporter: i think he was trying to get the word of the day from you with temerity. >> yes. >> reporter: not only did the senior staff say it before the convention, but there has been a full-throated defense ever since the marlin o'malley, the governor 6 massachusetts said, are you better off now and he said, no. he had to reverse himself. so... romney recognizes that that's an opportunity for him to catch the democrats with their own rhetoric and internal divisions. the democrats went down to tampa to try to overshadow the republican convention because biden had planned to go to florida for two of four days the republicans were in tampasm the republicans used that as an open season to send surrogate after surrogate to charlotte to try to make some noise on this.
5:57 pm
romney didn't plan to interrupt the debate preps, if the surrogates were carrying the message effectively. so the presence today, escaping the cloistered debate preps in order to go to a building supply shop and shake a few hands, but mostly talk to the media, was an example of his desire to take advantage of tunes because it's about driving the message of the 24-hour cycle. until next month when the debates happen and that can be game-changing stuff. >> does the governor have any idea that he can't win vermont because it's a communist state? does he know that? >> reporter: well -- look, it's vermont. im not going on argue too much -- >> no matter what you do... [chuckles] >> reporter: new england through and through -- >> i love vermont. it's beautiful! >> reporter: i know you do. ben & jerry live there. >> reporter: i know. >> all right. stonybrook farjs not bad. you give the governor my best.
5:58 pm
can't wait for him at factor. same thing for president obama. >> reporter: i will let him know you are waiting. >> we will go to vermont. they love me there. >> reporter: okay. >> before we leave tonight, i want to actual something that's amazing. linchon's last day, the book aimed at grades 4-9, will be the number-1 children's non-fiction book on the new york times best seller list a week from sunday. not only that, "killing lincoln," number 4 on the adult list, after 49 weeks, 49 weeks! on the times list. so we now have the number-1 and the number-4 -- wow. thank you all very much. please know that the people of new york times are word of the day -- distraught, when they see these book covers. for you teachers who want to order "lincoln's last days," go to bill o' if you want to pre-order "killing kennedy," that's coming
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out october 2. we have all kinds of special deals if you pre-order, all right? so we are very, very pleased. now, just to recap what is going to thap later on. bill clinton is the big featured attraction. should be around 10:00. my pal and close personal friend, calling me all the time, barney frank is expected to -- being facetious. those of you at media matters. he's up? right? barney's going to talk about something. i have a really, really rude line, and i am not going to say it. it's a celebratory thing there, not going to do t. just want to you know that it's right here. all right. i gotta get out of here. going to charlotte tomorrow. that's it for us. we thank you for watching the special coverage of the democratic national convention. i am bill o'reilly. please know in north carolina that the spin is going to stop


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