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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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home of a reinvigorated and rejuvenated... >> this is a fox news alert. we're monitoring the roll call vote of the democratic national convention, you're looking live at the convention floor right here in charlotte, north carolina. delegates from all of the states are announcing their votes for the presidential nom nee. let's listen in. >> paul ryan. kentucky proudly casts it's 72 votes for the next president of the united states, president barack obama. >> thank you, kentucky. kentucky cast 72 votes for
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barack obama. louisiana and we're so glad you're here, and that you're safe. you have 72 votes. >> and... madam secretary i am the chair of the louisiana delegation. who is fired up and ready to go. and in it's historic 200 year statehood the great state of louisiana home of the lsu bayou bengals, southern jaguars who dats and nation's richest gumbo and culture, home of our tireless champions for women and working families both strong democratic mayors in six of our largest cities. there is a sportsman paradise that continues to rise from ashes of adversity like
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hurricane katrina. isaac and tonight former president bill clinton making the speech for president obama. >> i nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. i like the argument for president obama's reelection a lot better. here it is. he inherited a damaged economy. he put a floor under the crash. he began a long, hard road to recover and laid a foundation for a modern economy that will produce millions of good new jobs, vibrant new businesses and lots of new wealth for innovateors. now... are we where we want to be today? no. and is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office?
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>> no president, no president, not me, and not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> and more big news tonight, president obama personally intervened to change his party platt form. the democrat voting to amendment or clarify. now, it mentions god and declares jerusalem the capitol of israel. >> a motion has been made. is there a second? is there any further disstux? the matter requires a two thirds vote. all delegates in favor say i. all of those delegates opposed say no. and in the opinion of the, let me do that again. all of those delegates in
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favor, say aye. aye. all those opposed say no. no. i... um... i guess... i'll do that one more time. all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all of those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> opinion of the chair two thirds voted in affirmative. motion is adopted and the platform has been amendmented as shown on the screen. thank you very much. thank you. >> obama campaign national secretary nice to see you. >> and what is with mother
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nature? i've seen the rain. i do believe rain threatened the speech tomorrow night and this is smart to bring it inside. >> a moment we had to start building at the stadium. looking at several forecasts local and national. and there is a prediction of severe weather. we weren't going to put 65,000 people in that position. the president going to hold a conference call with supporter who's volunteered to get a ticket tomorrow in advance of the speech. we'll try to find a time to catch up with them. >> and no balloon? you're not gofg any balloons tomorrow night? >> this is enthusiasm all week. you'll see that enthusiasm tomorrow night. >> everybody knows it's been a frosty relationship between the two presidents. and when does this campaign
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get a copy of the speech? and as he did always? and well, we've been working with president clinton in his team throughout the process. in 2008 we went through a primary. there is no secret about that. relationships take time to build. but president obama has spoken with president clinton over the years we've worked with his team and just look at the administration. 20 officials helped us shape policy. obviously our secretary of state helped us restore alicenses around the world. and president clibt clinton is fund raising and tonight you saw him accomplish we wanted an honest conversation about where we are in 2008 and what more we need to do. >> you know, it's interesting about this convention. republicans share a reved up convention.
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and there is a question is undecided. and the numbers for your campaign. >> and you know, it's los and competitive in key states and has been for a year and a half. there is not a huge number of undecided out there. for those who tuned in, think think wanted answers to question about who would restore economic security to the middle class. republicans recycled same false tacks against the president. you heard the president debunk some of those tonight. and i think. >> it's different. president obama is in a position having to spend this, his administration he made promises in 2009 he's going to have this done by three years or whatever. those campaigns goring to take shots. what i'm curious is what is going to judge the undecided? i'm wondering if have you a sense of how many are out there? and your party going to watch this tonight. >> how, how big is this
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undecided? how do you get it? >> there is polls shift back and forth. they're looking for a plan to restore security for middle class slipping before the economic crisis was getting harder to send your kids to college. the question is... do you believe we should continue to make investments in thinks like education and research and development? infrom a structure? reduce deficit in a responsible way? or build from the top down? extend $5 trillion tax cuts to the wealthyest parts of the middle class and seniors for them. and assume the market will take care of the rest? we've trif that had before. led to the slowest pace of job creation since world war i i. this is people having a difficult time but leadership, leader supposed owe to be a magical wizard to get parties together to get someone done. i give republicans a hard time.
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this tax cuts not going to be debated until december. the economy is on stall. what is the president doing now to try to get everyone back to get process gres? >> the president has called for immediate reaction and the hold of it is that republicans are refusing to pass the wealthyest for a dime. >> this is ohio. >> there is ohio casting votes for the president and next president of the united states, barack obama. >> thank you mr. chairman. and there is ohio cast 188 votes. for barack obama.
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>> ohio, that is saying you want to win and and there are organizers on the ground. >> and there is next question. >> listen, i think one decision that will matter a lot in the state of ohio fact that more pundits know and the president granted rescue loans to auto industry. one in eight jobs in ohio linked to the auto industry. a mill gin yin jobs on the line. the president took action. gm has been reborn. that will matter a lot. we've made invest manies to spur both at the manufacturing sector. there is 5,000 jobs have been created. there is to continue the
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growth, you can see pro guess there. we can't stop there. >> and if my recollection serves me correctly ohio unemployment is lower than the national average. there is a republican governor there. do you howe do you convince it's not the republican governor that did this for you it's the democratic president? >> i think what is interesting is that many republican sounded a different tune on the economy. and there is when they know rescue was essential there in virginia. and said that it was essential to economic recovery in the state of virginia so i think that few would doubt in the state of ohio there is a resurgence in the auto industry that has provided a boost to the state. we can't cut back in areas like worker training and community colleges.
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>> this president's favoribility are grim. there are better numbers but why do you think they're where they are? >> if you can look at favor yikt ratings person with the high historic high is governor romney n 1980 ronald reagan's favor yigt were above water. president obamas have been above water z governor romney's underwater that is because in states like ohio they're not going vote for someone who is an outsourcer in chief. and. >> this is going to be a fascinating campaign. >> it's official. president obama has just received the democratic party nomination for president. the state of ohio putting the president over the top and
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president obama will give his speech right here, and president clinton is back and dazzling the crowd getting top billing and here are some of the height lights. >> these past four years mitt rom zmeeney and tee party allies cared more about tearing down the president than building up america. they're hoping we'll forget that. they're also hoping that we'll forget their role in piling ape mountain of debt being left to our children, and to our grandchildren. >> if being a democrat means i can find about seniors in the sunset of life, color me democrat. color me. after all all, we're the ones protecting social
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security and medicare, medicaid who fought for fair wages and ended don't ask, don't tell. we're democrats. and don't you forget it. >> we cannot afford to give the reigns of government to someone who will double down on trickle down. >> if you want... a winner take all, you shutd support the republican ticket. and if you want a country of shared opportunities and shared responsibility, we're all in this together society you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> fox news senior political analyst brit human joins us. nice to see you. and president clinton talked about president obama wanting to work with others and that is one of the first things i happened to get is bob woodward talks about the
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president obama's alienating people with his arrogance saying they vote them early on saying elections have consequence and i won. if this and that is what what we've heard from terms of cooperation. >> that will be an important question in this election. president obama has low ratings on the big issue. the economy. he's blaming a lot of it on republicans. it's part of the article of faith among democrats that this president was obstructed at every turn by republican who's made up their minds in the beginning of quoting mitch mcconnell and they weren't going work with them. and going to try to block everything he did. there is another side of the argument to get the comments that bob wood ward that he didn't offer them very much. in other words when you look at the stimulus bill or health care reform bill there weren't a lot of ideas in there atracking republican vos so
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they felt free to vote against those. >> there is something different about being president. of course opposing party is an obstruction. you have presidents like lbj constantly working the ill and relationships so overcome those long shots and you can get things done. it's not just a game of on the other side blocked me or so and so is arrogant. there is a leader has got to overcome it. >> i think it's true and it's been one of the challenges these presidents face. they have opposition. democrat president foremost of the past century and into this century most of the time had conroll of both houses of the congress. or control of one. and this president had control of both. which makes argument it seems to me that he was obstructed by republicans when he had could -- pretty lame. >> i went back and did research. going back to january, 23,
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2009 about three days into his presidency he says to his opponent, i won. that is a fact. but you've got to work the political enemy it's not a very good start. three days into the presidency. >> a agree. that is matter of personality and style. some presidents, bill clinton being a good example are kind of natural charming and know how to scmooze the other side thchl president doesn't particularly like to do that. and look. i don't blame him for that. >> greta: can you get something done in washington unless you've got this swallow your pride and work with the opposition? and you know, even things you don't like? >> there is what i think is not sf you shut someone off by
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saying i won. critical question is whether in doing business with the other party you're going to compromise to give them something attracting their votes. it doesn't matter as much whether the president is a good scmoozer or socializer. if he gives members of the other party pieces of the legislation that they like it makes it harder for them to move against the unfinished product. a fair argument could be made on major pieces of legislation, stimulus bill which is a principal effort on the economy and interest there is health care reform bill as well he gave them very little to attract them. >> and for the health care and for student loans he didn't need them. >> well, well, there is a condition they're in now. if you pass a major piece of social legislation that changes everything and you do
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it with your party alone it will be vulnerable this, is vulnerable. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> straight ahead is president obama happy with president bill clinton? joe trippi here to talk about that, next and republican senator is here. what is he doing in charlotte? he's going to tell you himself. our live kumpbl from the democratic national convention continues. president obama just receiving his party's official nomination for president. and the roll call behind us continues on the cone vengs floor. stay with us. >> in ampa republican argument was simple, snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hadn't cleaned it up fast enough. fire him, put us back in. there
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>> i want to nominate a man who is cool on the outside. but who burns for america on
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the inside. >> how did he do? did he make the case for president obama's reelection? joe trippi joins us. how did he do? >> it was long but i thought he did really well. mostly because of his credibility. he's got the credibility as president most americans remember as having, you know, had a big jobs growth economy. >> so when he says hey in my heart, i know i couldn't have done it, no other president could have fixed this economy in four years that is how big a mess this guy got handed and i think that matters. he has a credibility to do that. >> and he dazzled the whole arena. and president obama going out and does a bow and it's, i
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mean it's the problem is that i think what is he seeking to achieve? because i keep fixating on these undecideds. not the arena. what -- what is he achieving with the undecides? are they watching? paying attention to early? >> i know one, i don't think that that many were watching by the time he was finish at 11:30, whatever time it was. if it was a long speech, most people weren't regulars but i do think that there aren't that many undecided out there. and there is just these campaigns talking to obama people. they think there are 90,000 undecided voters they can get to in the owe confined swing states that matter. it's down to that number. >> and if you're running the
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campaign you're thinking okay. i can use this successful convention for what? as a strategy? >> rev up the base. make sure you get people fired up and organized. and energized to get out the vote. one thing they're using this convention for is same thing they did no n.colorado. there are 25,000 coloradans sign up to volunteer to help get out the vote. by text messages and e mail. >> greta: i thought they're going do that the stadium tomorrow night and mother nature change that had plan. >> there are,000 people signing -- who have joined north carolina so they're trying to do the same thing. it's about charging up the base. i don't know it's been a lot about change gs minds and about changing undecides out there there is so few of them. they'll do with tv ads and things like that. >> did republican tries to get e mails and dresses?
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were they doing the same thing? >> i don't know. they didn't make a big deal out of it. >> if i get this right what this is is a developing the ground game? not to change opinions but this is organizational. get the ground game started for the election? >> right. i think that is what it is mostly about the mart yi sans and reving them up. and i think you look, you want to get all of the undecides watching. there aren't that many out there. i think the other thing clinton is doing was laying down factual base for arguments. okay? they said ob yumma did this to medicare. let me explain exactly with facts what happened. not so much, i mean, one to help with undecided but also that the table for press for pundits and other people out there. bill clinton says these are the facts. so i think it's about trying
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to win the argument. >> joe, thank you. >> and coming up, buzz of the convention, president bill clinton for years there has been talk about their frosty at best relationship. tonight president clinton showed up. how did that work out? coming up. >> as the senate republican leader said, in a remarkable moment of candor, two full years before the election, their number one priority was not to-to-put america back to work but put the president out of work. well... wait a minute. senator... i hate to break it to you. but we're going to keep president ob yaum on the job.
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president obama appointed several members of his cabinet even though they supported hillary to the primary. heck. he appointed hillary. wait a minute.
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i am very proud of her, i am proud of the job she and national security team have done for america. and i am grateful that they have worked together to make us safer and stronger to build the world with more partners and fewer enemies. i'm grateful for the relationship of respect and partnership she and the president have enjoyed and the signals that sends to the rest of the world that democracy did not have to be a blood sport. it can be an honorable enterprise for the public interest. >> former president bill little ongoing to bat for president obama tonight. the two democrats did not always see eye to eye putting it mild flismt 2008 president clinton criticized then candidate obama during his primary for with hillary
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clinton. so how did they get to allies? so is it all love between them at this point? >> it seemed like president clinton livered what the obama team needed from him tonight. he did his thing. he did go off script at times. i'm sure there are obama aides going oh, here he goes, what is he going to say? he connects with a lot of people that president obama needs him to contact with and this is a lot of white males. he was doing his thing. >> but did he do it because he's a good party man? or is it -- have these two, we did -- look, it's no secret there were hurt feelings in 2008. >> sure. >> greta: both ways. is there anyway we know, is it doing it for the party or because he believes in the man? and wants the man to be elected?. >> looked like he didn't want to leave. i think some of him enjoys
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these moms like no other politician out there. you know like he's president again. to a certain keg he was asked to do this for the party so he did the right thing for the party. it's interesting to see whether people bump up president obama polls from this point forward or whether people look at that speech and say, i vote for him again. but i'm not sure about the guy who currently has the job. the economy was better when he was in office. it's interesting to see what polls show incoming days. >> i don't expect the polls are going get a bounce on. there is in part because they have their established numbers someone says i was undecided and now i'm going vote or i've changed my mind that. is what the pump you're talking about. and i can't see where these undecideds are. and if they're watching or this is the point they're going make the decision. >> there is another thoing
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watch. monthly job numbers come out. will they forget about this and say we need jobs and don't have jobs? >> that is job thing, you know we have these interesting discussions about jobs. you want a job. >> right. >> greta: and so the numbers come out on thursday, on friday morning. and it's a big night tomorrow inside here because i believe the weather is threatening down here. >> it has been brutal all week. and seemed to clear a little bit today so this is jumping on the fact chems were nervous but hate been a rough week. >> there has been horrible rain looks like going to be good but bad again. there is now latest on a fiery
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controversy. a third official compared republicans to nazies. this time, the south carolina democratic party chair compared his type of governor to make the compar compare -- comparison. and the party chair said governor haley was down in the bunker, claim egg was not making a comparison to nazies and this week, they compared the talking points for the strategy z california democratic party chair compared remarks to a nazi prop ganda. back in charlotte tonight house minority whip is taking to the stage. >> there is senator mish mcconnell setd the number win priority was the defeat of
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president obama. and not creation of jobs or reduction of our debt and deficit. not ensuring access to health care. not educating our children. not tending to the needs of americans with disabilities but to tee feet our president. >> democrats to the the only ones here in charlotte. many republicans, here, too. are they thaik making sure their messages aren't dropping out by the crowd? nice to see you. >> and just mentioned job numbers out friday. it feels hike a casino in the terms if they're go's going to help the president in his convention. and if bad it puts a damper he
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promise fd you passed his so called stimulus bill that there is i think. >> it's probably going to be over 8%. so if this is coming down that is a good trend numbers. >> i don't think any president is going to reelect with number that's badly. in the hall tonight former president clinton yelled at the crowd are you better off now than four years ago? they all yelled yes. i think that shows they're out of touch with what's happening and there is this is why i'm here, vine invited to inform you of the different tweens a
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mitt romney energy policy focused on american energy and energy security versus this obama policy with regulations costing us jobs and prices continuing to go up. and there is viewers may remember you're a doctor. what did president clinton talked about the health care and this is seeming he thinks it's a great program. >> i believe he does think it's a good program. and there is average patients believe they aren't going get what they wanted. this is terrible for taxpayer autos if you're healthy and you're not go together doctor you're listening to the two parties say very different things about the same program. >> there is what you need to
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do is it harder to see a doctor with changes? with $700 billion this president has taken out of the program. and there is to what he said for his program, and number two, he said that money was being taken from insurance companies. >> that money. >> they're going to lower reimbursement to hospitals and doctor as cross the board making it harder under the obama plan for seniors to get to see a doctor. >> you mean doctors won't want to stay in business or do as many medicare patients? >> this sun of the artels showing it's going to be the new medicaid. reimbursement going to be so low. and ryan plan actually reininvest that's into medicare. president clinton continued to
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use the word arithmetic. president obama hasn't had the senate pass a budget in three years. in the health care law there are accounting tricks and double counting and double spending of money. i'd like to get back to fundamental basic arithmetic. >> senator, thank you. nice to see you. >> coming up, they're back. your favorite political panel. tonight democrats counting on star power, will it work? you're going to hear from the panel next. we're going to have more live from charlotte. >> hard fought rights of women are on the ballot. democrats trust the judgment of women. we reject the republican assault on womens reproductive health. it's just plain wrong. when you go to the polls vote for womens' rights. vote for president obama.
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i'm lauren green, now back to greta. >> your news president could be a man, who stands by one of public figures tries to silence a private citizen. with hateful slurs. a man who won stand for those slurs or negative voices in
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his own party. we know what this america would like like. and in a few short months that is the america we could be. but that is not the america that we should be. and it's not who we are. >> that was the georgetown law school graduate who landed in the middle of the nation's contraceptive debate. and now, the controversy over insurance coverage of birth control. our political panel is here. there is amy stod yard and let's go to amy stod yard. is there a war or women? >> i don't know but democrats have been talking about it six months or more since the primary republican primary in the winter when rick santorum shook the rhetoric off the deep end about contraception and started what was a big
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broad narrative for democrats that now extended the definition of classifications of rape and going beyond abortion so they can reach out to try to put women on the democratic party on notice, make them afraid and make them donate money and make them mobilized. >> and there is a dangerous topic of war on women. >> i am going to say there was a surprise tonight because the schedule for the speaker as peer yenss has her appearing bellwell before the 10:00 to 11:00 hour. a magic prime time hour, so you think well is she showing up? no. they moved her into prime time. i think it's an example and shows how important they think is and how much they think her point of view attracts the kind of voters they're trying to get.
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>> i'm going to ask you about the platform. asking why the platform changed and no mention of the word god and about jerusalem the capitol of israel. i think the democratic nose is out of joint for raising it. now, today, big news that those words have been put back in under a clarification. your snougts. >> democrats trying to down play this but the president weighed in on this according to white house aides. he didn't like what he saw. he wanted god back in there. i think these things are largely silly. they don't stand for anything and just get parties in trouble. and this is amazing obama folks didn't know this was coming and read the words. >> and joe trippi said i got the feeling that this party
1:48 am
platform was done by a bunch of activists z it probably they left the party actors put the platt form and get hit last night. now, they have to get involved. is that fair? >> there -- this is actually fair. and for people for whom israel is a big, big issue, this is a big thing. and for the voting... >> i think they need to diminish the vote. and there is a huge story. you know, and then it's kind of gone away. but it's a platform by republicans wanted to pursue this romney people wanted to push this because of democrats that had made kind of a stink about republican platform in tampa. >> and are we going to see ads about the platform? >> it's a distraction and it always is just getting in the
1:49 am
way of the convention. and you know that mitt romney supports exclusions and exceptions for a ban on abortions and party platform does not allow for that. the president knew this was a distraction. so they had this awkward moment this afternoon. they had to vote. and it was awkward and a bad distraction. could have happened to republicans but they had to please ron paul and different factions. platform is troubled both party autos we have more live coverage from charlotte coming up. and of course you're looking live at the roll call vote. it's still going on. the president has officially received his party's nomination but there is still more going on. we'll be right back. >> by the way after last night i want a man who has a good sense to ma
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so far, every single person has lost money and this is because we always come back. we have gone through every fire stronger and better and we do it because in the end we decide to champion the cause for which our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor. the cause of forming a more perfect union. my fellow americans... if that
10:33 pm
is what you want, if that is what you believe, you must vote and you must reelect president barack obama. god bless you. god bless america. >> and there is our panel. we're now back with our panel. so rick, i want to go first to you. tomorrow night we know in here in charlotte is former congress woman gabby gifford is here. and she's not cheap hotel rooms or meal reservations. heavy suspicion is that he's she's here physically in the city of charlotte. so of course there is an emotional high point for democrats in the fall. >> and there is everyone will
10:34 pm
be in a sense that republican as like if gabby giffords walk add cross that stage. >> if you see her come across and able to walk around, i mean, after what happened? it's inspiring to everybody. and convention organizers love surprises and there is romney trust people tried to keep the clint eastwood thing under wraps as long as they can. then sh they couldn't. then people started saying there is going to be a surprise, think arizona. >> greta: in the going to be governor jan brewer. all right. ab let's talk about virginia. there is a potential spoiler for republican arty on the virginia ballot. >> well, they're as good as a former congressman and trying to get in the way of a very, very, important race. and in virginia. and as you know, senate former governor cane and former governor allen are facing off
10:35 pm
in a neck and neck race. in this very key state obama and romney both need to win on their path. this any kind of monkeying around with dividing the republican party hair not on votes to spare and it's not something that is making anyone more happy. >> tomorrow night, you have 10 seconds. he needs to do what? >> beat bill clinton. and relegate the energy to bill clinton. remind people a taste of what 2008 was all about. >> he needs to just sort of be okay. and... >> okay? >> and if they stopped tonight it would probably be better. >> and this is interesting theater. i don't think it matters. and i'm fixated on undecided.
10:36 pm
were are they sth. >> we don't know. we'll know after the debate. >> does that mean there are many undecides? >> only 6. >> greta: panel, thank you for being with us and staying up late for us. we'll be back live at our special time, 11:30 to 1:00 a.m. go to greta get your coffee ready for tomorrow night. good night from charlotte, north carolina go to greta ♪


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