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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 6, 2012 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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between of of two you playing out. >> brian: i feel i want to take him on. he's passed his prime. >> steve: tonight the president of the united states going to make his case to get relie detectorred and we will have the post game show right here on "fox & friends." >> brian: if you have some time, check out the radio show. >> gretchen: have a fantastic thursday. see you tomorrow. bill: all right, nice show. we are near the end here in charlotte. good morning, everybody, but not before a lot of chaos and controversy at the democratic national convention, the most to date we've seen over two conventions in two weeks. there was a vote to put god and jerusalem in the party's platform that steals a bit of the thunder from the big speech. good morning, everybody as our coverage rolls on here live in "america's newsroom." comfortable dig. >> we like it up here. bill: yes we do. >> good morning bill. i'm martin marietta.
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democrats first took heat for leaving god or any reference of jerusalem as capital of israel out of the party platform. it was there last time around. when the convention chairman held a vote on this and asked delegates to put the language back in. only seems to make matters worse. what unfolded then can only be described as very awkward. watch. >> the matter requires a 2/3 vote in the affirmative. all those delegates in favor say aye. all those delegates opposed, say no. in the opinion of the, let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor, aye. all those delegates opposed say no. i, i guess.
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>> you got to let them do what they're going to do. >> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. all those delegates opposed say no. >> in the opinion of the chair 2/3 have voted in the affirmative. the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. bill: some are wondering how many redos you get in the end of after three tries the chairman says it was approved even though the delegates seemed to disagree. right before all this happened governor mitt romney was asked about the democrats approach to israel. here is how he answered that. >> when the president ran in 2008 he said that jerusalem was the capital of israel. that was his posture at that point. that also has been the posture in the democratic platform. the president and his party
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have now changed their position. they now say that they're not certain what the capital of israel might be. i find that one more example of israel being thrown under the bus by the president. martha: john roberts is live here in charlotte on this story. so what can we report about how all of this went down yesterday, john? >> reporter: we're still trying to figure that out, martha. i think it is probably safe to say that antonio villaraigosa in between yesterday and this morning has gotten lessons how to hold a voice vote. you bang the gavel after you ask for the ayes and nays you say adopted, regardless what the vote was. they were knocked off message for an entire day yesterday. i said this yesterday and i think it still holds today, this really was the classic definition of an unforced error. now they're trying to put the train back on the track today. the american israel public affairs committee has signed off on the language to say yes, we now believe this is a very strong pro-israel platform.
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you have to wonder why it happened in the first place. president obama as candidate in 2008, saying it was his personal belief jerusalem was and always will be the capital of israel. whose brilliant idea was to take it out of the platform? still a bit of a mystery today. nobody is saying who it might have been. watch this exchange between myself and dnc chairman debbie wasserman schultz last evening after that revote. why was it dropped in the first place? i understand clarification or the rewrite, whatever, why was that language 2kr07d in the first place? >> essentially like i said it was technical correction when we realized that needed clarification on president obama realized his personal view about jerusalem being israel's capital and always remaining israel's capital wasn't in the platform he made sure we took the pretty, at least in terms of recent history, a pretty unprecedented step of amending our platform in the middle of the convention. >> reporter: same thing with the word god being taken out of the platform. nobody could explain why that happened. debbie wasserman schultz
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insisted to me last night that was indeed a 2/3 vote in the affirmative, martha. martha: listening to what happened in the room, john, why the lackluster vote on this? >> reporter: there was a lot of opposition particularly from the michigan delegation. a lot of arab-americans in the delegation. they wanted to be heard. if that had come to a floor fight it would have been absolute disaster. listen to a delegate from washington state tell us last night. >> i don't think it was dron correctly. i think it needs to be redone and it was obvious that the nay had it and i think a count should have been, should have been taken but it is very hard to do it in this setting i understand. >> reporter: again if there had been some floor fight that could have been a disaster. one thing we can clarify. there was a report that president became signed off on the language that took jerusalem out. according to obama for america campaign that is
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just flat-out wrong. martha? martha: john, thank you very much. we'll have more on that coming up and right now as well. bill: a whole lot more. steven hayes now, senior writer for "the weekly standard." fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: the romney team is pushing asking the question whether the white house and president's position on israel and jerusalem has changed. >> i think to a certain extent that would be the second day story on this, romney team wants clarity where this is. you had the white house saying for months that the status of jerusalem as a capital was final status issue. after it was first reported that the jerusalem language had been dropped you had democrats defending the dropping of the language pointing to the white house position on this then they add back the language in an effort, they say to make it consistent with what the president believes but that's not clear either. bill: i see politically two things working here. the jewish vote in florida is critical.
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29 electoral votes. the vote in michigan is critical. arab-americans living in dearborn, michigan, 16 electoral votes. can we see how and if that factored into this decision? >> i don't know how it facted tore in the past but what we can say with some certainty there is likely to be a super pac ad replaying footage we saw with the mayor trying to calm people down, asking for additional voice votes, the lack of clarity. people will want to know what happened, what the backstory is. bill: these conventions are like hurricanes. you never know what is going to happen until the storm is over land. we saw it in tampa last week with the ron paul dust-up. it was on display on the floor late last night at 5:00 in the evening when the vote went down. this was not planned. it was not anticipated. and for a number of hours, even perhaps beyond charlotte, this has become an issue when democrats did not want it to be. >> this is what i find so interesting. you have reporters who have
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been as a class complaining, there is no spontaneity at conventions anymore. it is all stage. then you have a moment like this which was genuinely a moment of conflict, there was a fight, floor fight. seems clear to most people who were in the hall despite what the chair claimed there were not, the ayes did not have 2/3 majority on the voice vote. it shouldn't have passed the way they suggested it passed. you have everything you want in journalistic story yet not getting much coverage in the mainstream publications. "new york times" has a big story about gay democrats. two injured at power plant in france. barges in ohio. 13 paragraphs on the kennedy cousins and just two paragraphs what was i think by all a very interesting and tense moment on the floor. bill: "the times" got to it. took a while you're saying. >> buried. bill: we'll talk about this in a moment the closing of the stadium across town to
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move inside. it has been a significant scramble for the dnc. >> thanks, bill. bill: stephen hayes. martha? martha: president obama got some big backup last night. former president bill clinton it on the fired up the dnc crowd on the floor behind us. he urged americans to keep president obama on the job and painted republican as ob stack kel of -- obstacle of change. >> nobody is right all the time and a broken clock is everyone of us,y. everyone ever us and everyone of them, we're compelled to spend our fleeting lives between those two extremes. snowing we're never going to be right all the time and hopefully we're right more than twice a day. unfortunately the faction that now dominates the republican party doesn't see it that way. they think government is always the enemy. they're always right and compromise is weakness.
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martha: well the former president also said that america is better off than it was four years ago. and that no one would be able to fix this economy in just four years. no president, not me, not anybody would have been able to fix what was handed to this president. that is his argument. later this hour, senior romney advisor governor john sununu will respond to that. we'll talk to stephanie cutter as well. bill: romney team responding now, to the former president saying in the statement the following, quote, president clinton drew a stark contrast between himself and president obama tonight. bill clinton worked with republicans, balanced budget and after four years he could say you were better off. barack obama has not worked across the aisle. he has barely worked with other democrats and has the worst economic record of any president in modern history. president clinton's speech brought the disappointment and failure of president obama's time in office clearly into focus. martha: so we'll have more on that with a stellar run-down of guests we have
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for you today. we told you about governor sununu. we'll hear from obama for america deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter. we're joined by anchor of "fox news sunday", chris wallace is here with us and former senator evan bayh. bill: nice lineup. here is how the stage is set on the final night of the convention. vice president joe biden, a fierce critic of the republican ticket, drawing criticism himself for some of the rhetoric on the trail. he will speak tonight. then president obama, formally will accept his party's nomination and lays out his case for a second term in the wheat house. all that later tonight in prime time, 10:00 eastern time. martha: all right. we've got some numbers just in on the u.s. economy and the number one issue with folks out there is jobs of course. let's take a look at the unemployment claims last week. they are in from the labor department. jobless claims dropped by 12,000 to 365,000. that is the lowest level we've seen in a month. tomorrow we'll get the big picture on the august jobs
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number. we'll see if the unemployment rate has moved at all and that will come just hours after president obama accepts his nomination for a sick term -- second term. joined by stuart varney, fox business network. what do you makes of today's number. >> this is not a good report, make no mistake about it. this does not provide a positive for the u.s. economy. the number is down only because last week the number was revised up so this week looks good by comparison. the fact is layoffs are still running at a far too high a level. 365,000 is way up there. that is a very high number. it is, everybody is looking for a pointer to what unemployment rate is going to be with with the big jobs report tomorrow. so far this week, there is nothing to suggest that it is going to be a positive report tomorrow. all the economic news thus far this week has been negative. martha: all right. stuart, thank you very much. and the president may well know that number. >> he will.
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martha: as stuart pointed out to us earlier when he takes the stage tonight. thanks, stuart. we'll talk to you in a bit. bill: jam-packed show on thursday morning of "america's newsroom." president clinton now addressing the biggest issue in this campaign and certainly that's the economy but does his take different from president obama's take? we'll look at that a bit closer today. martha: plus team romney responds to president clinton's assertion that the u.s. is better off than we were four years ago. bill: the president weighing in on the line that has been echoing throughout the race for the white house in the beginning, used against him over and over again. >> somebody helped to create this unbelievable american system that we have that allowed you to thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you got a business, that, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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martha: we are just getting some reports of a scare in the air really at philadelphia airport. and what we're being told is that there is, could be a man with explosives onboard a philadelphia-bound flight. this is coming off anonymous tip according to these reports. police, bomb squad, federal agents descended on philadelphia international airport for reports of a suspicious male onboard a us airways flight that just
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landed near gait 11. there is the picture. you can see that there is a huge support system around that plane right now. 9:16 a.m. eastern time. this is coming from wtxf. it was en route to dallas the flight was turned around and brought back to philadelphia. this is the situation unfolding as we watch. we will keep an eye on it. any developments on the ground in philadelphia we'll let you know. >> president obama started with a much weaker economy than i did. listen to me now. no president, no president, not me, not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years. [cheers and applause] bill: so over some 50 some odd minutes last night, that was one of the many
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arguments president clinton made saying the job was, is, too big for one president but president obama himself predicted a couple years ago if he did not turn things around there would be a one-term proposition. have things changed now? monica crowley, radio talk show host, lanny davis, former special counsel to president clinton. both fox news contributors. good morning to both of you. monica, is the argument different now? >> well, suddenly apparently it is because he wasn't able to do what he said he would do when he was first elected. remember, bill, in 2008 barack obama positioned himself as a messiah like figure, right, the one, in fact the only one he suggested who could fix the economy. enough people trusted him on that suggestion that they elected him. and by his own standard then, that if he didn't fix this, within one term, that it would be a one-term proposition. so by his own standard he doesn't deserve re-election. i thought what bill clinton did yesterday was very clever and wiley and classic
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clinton because he essentially set obama up. he did it that way and he did it when opposed the question to the crowd, are you better off today than you were four years ago? the crowd chanted, yes. and you know what? most americans don't feel it by any objective and subjective economic measure. that is not true. and you can see the republicans and romney team cutting that ad today. bill: okay. now, all right, lanny, your turn. jump on in here. >> well i appreciate some truth in what monica just said but as usual i do disagree with part of what she said. let's start out with what president clinton said is indisputable, the day barack obama took office, it was the worst economic crisis since the great depression. nobody disagrees with that. and president clinton says, no president, including himself could have fixed the depth of that crisis over a
6:20 am
four-year time period. but we were losing 750,000 jobs a month in the last several months of the bush administration. and we have gained 4.5 million new private sector jobs, so in that respect, we are better off. bill: but her point, her point, lanny, bill clinton was setting up president obama making his case later tonight. you can not avoid the following comment from "the today show" a few years ago. here is what the president said if he does not get things straightened out. roll this. >> one nice thing about the situation i find myself in is that i will be held accountable. if i don't have this done in three years, then there is going to be a one-term proposition. bill: so as we listen to that comment tonight, how tough is that sell, lanny? >> it's a tough sell and this is a tough arguments we democrats were in which is why monica is onto something but what she's missing is that americans for a long
6:21 am
time know in elections you have to choose. barack obama was overly optimistic. he should say tonight, i made mistakes and i overpromised and underdelivered. he should say that. bill: do you expect that? >> no. but he should. and if he does, then it's a choice. americans have to choose and what has mitt romney told us he would do that would actually solve our economic crisis? in fact i don't think he has. in my opinion what he bill do is make it worse. bill: monica? >> well here's the problem for obama. in 2008 he set the expectations bar so high against positioning himself as the only one who could fix it and sort of the transcendent guy would sit above petty politicking and fix the mess. now he is in a position where he has to lower the bar and ratchet it down. guy, we hired you to fix the problem. we didn't hire you to whine about it. we didn't hire you to say we need another term in order to do this. we hired you to do a in
6:22 am
space of four years. that will be a miserable failure and a great disappointment. >> as you both point out, lanny admits it is a tough sell. we'll see how t goes tonight. lanny davis and monica in charlotte. martha? martha: they put their lives on the line for our freedom but are our men and women in uniform facing a big obstacle -- look! she wears the scarlet markings!
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martha: they fight to protect our freedom but a new report says many of the servicemen and women of this country may not be able to exercise their basic right to vote. senior correspondent eric shawn is live from new york city on this for us. good morning, eric. what is in this report? >> reporter: good morning, martha. says fewer members of the military could vote in this year's presidential election
6:26 am
according to the estimate. number of absentee ballots requested by military dramatically down according to the military vote protection project. only 3.3% of eligible military voters requested ballots as of week and a half ago. north karlt line 1.7%. virginia, 1.4. florida at 15.7%. the group's director tells us that military voting could be depressed by as much a third and calls for a greater effort to get the vote out. >> we could once again face an election as we have in past years where our men and women in uniform aren't able to have their voices heard on election day and it is really, it is too bad. our servicemembers have so much on the line. they're not only overseas fighting for our rights but in some ways they're fighting for their own rights too. >> reporter: members of the military register with their home states to vote but in 2009 congress passed the military and overseas voter
6:27 am
empowerment act to help with the voting process, martha. martha: so what does the department of defense say about all this, eric? >> reporter: the head of the pentagon voting program says registration is running about the same as in 2004, the last time an incumbent president was running and she says military voting assistance has never been better. she cites the way they get information out and social media and pentagon's voting assistances offices. >> at the end of the day what we're trying to do is to make sure that they have everything they need again to exercise that right to vote. it is a personal responsibility to actually execute that. >> reporter: by law ballots must be mailed by the local elections boards at least 45 days before the election which of course is really martha. martha: indeed it is. eric, thank you very much. eric shawn in new york. bill: you know later tonight the main event features the president. it is his turn on the main stage here in charlotte. what can we expect in what could be the biggest speech of his life? stephanie cutter, deputy
6:28 am
campaign manager for the obama team will join us live in a matter of moments live here in charlotte. martha: more from carl cameron's interview with governor romney. the one question he says democrats are ducking this week. senior romney advisor john sununu joins us. >> the median american income dropped $4,000 under this president even as prices have gone gone up. this is very difficult four years. they're doing their best to celebrate something but it's a celebration of failure. ♪
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martha: all right. this is a fox news alert. we're watching a situation on the ground at the philadelphia international airport. the fbi is now on the scene. there were reports that there was a suspicious man, perhaps with a bomb on board that flight. the plane was going to dallas from philadelphia. it was diverted and returned to philadelphia as a precaution.
6:32 am
you can see there is a large presence of police and fbi on that scene. when we find out more we will let you know. >> you know no one in the convention so far has had the temerity to say people are better off in america because they realize it is not in the case. bill: governor romney in a sit-down interview with our own carl cameron with a question democrats seem to have a bit of trouble answering this week. bill clinton, the former president, in a vocal defense of the obama record. last night saying america is better off than it was four years ago. here is his case. >> now, are where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office? [cheers and applause] listen to me. listen to this. everybody --. bill: former governor
6:33 am
john sununu is a senior advisor to the romney team. he is with us in charlotte. governor, good morning to you. welcome back. >> good morning. how are you? bill: i'm fine. what bill clinton said last night, you will feel it, you will feel it, referring to the sense of the country moving in the right direction. did he sell the last night? >> no. last night 2/3 of the speech was a great infomercial for the clinton brand. i kept waiting for the vegemaic to come out. he said at the end, oh by the way there is somebody else running for president and i'm here to endorse him. what they were talking about last night has nothing to do with reality. this presidency is a failure. you poll americans, 70% of them know there is 8.3% unemployment out there, 23 million americans not working or underemployed. what clinton said, that line, is basically an admission that the president failed but then he adds excuses to try and excuse failure.
6:34 am
we know they agree he failed. this line about nobody could have fixed it, it could have been fixed. this is the worst recovery we've ever had in modern history. the president diddled two years playing with obamacare and spending programs to send money to folks like solyndra. the last two years he has done nothing but raise money, 205 fund-raisers, campaign. play golf 104 times and he hasn't even met with his jobs council once in the last seven months. don't tell me it couldn't have been done. it could have been done if somebody tried. >> the suggestion was not even superman could not get the job done. that was not the word he used but that was the impression he left. he talked about the economic estimate us are. he talked about the auto bailout. he talked about the health care overhaul. do those three things sell a early november that could lead to a second term? is that enough? >> everybody hates obamacare. 60% of the public. 70% of the public says they're not better off. the auto bailout screwed
6:35 am
millions of stockholders. to save a few 10,000 jobs but also sent a few 10,000 jobs overseas and it stuck it to the delphi folks by taking their pensions away. there were lots of ways to save gm. not the way president obama did. bill: this backs up your argument, governor. unemployment rates is up 7.8% in january of 2009. 8.3% today. reading left to right. median income is down, off almost $5,000 in 3 1/2 years. gallon of gasoline is up. almost doubled. 1.84 to 3.82. national debt up about $6 trillion to $16 trillion. those are the points that folks like you have been hammering home for months. >> yeah, but look, there is an easy explanation of why we have a problem and you saw it on the floor of this convention yesterday. they struggled for almost an hour with three votes, trying to put god back into
6:36 am
their platform. if you have ever seen a dem straegs of an obama-led incompetency it was on that floor yesterday. this car can not run a one car funeral, they can't manage a lemonade stand and they certainly screwed up the presidency, i assume you're taking lemonade without ice and will not cough up a dime for a glass of that. >> it's a mess. it's a mess. bill: tonight is the one everybody will remember. what is your expectation for president obama -- >> more of the same. bill: strongest appeal for a second term? >> more of the same. it will be blame bush, directly or indirectly. the biggest problem we've ever had. i couldn't do it. nobody could do it. i need a second chance. my grade is incomplete. i used to teach at tufts. the students that came and asked for an incomplete were the ones that didn't do what they were supposed to do. that didn't meet their responsibilities. that didn't understand what
6:37 am
they should have done. and they come in begging for an incomplete. my experience is, the students that come in for an incomplete could never have done it. and that's what we've seen with this president asking for an incomplete. he didn't do it last time. and there is no way he could do it in the next term either. it's time for a change. bill: governor, thank you. john sununu. we'll talk down the road, okay? >> thank you. bill: outside the nascar museum in downtown charlotte. thank you, governor. >> thank you. martha: we'll take a look at the markets this morning opening moments ago off to a pretty good start up 138 points. up 145 right now. the dow closed up more than 11 points yesterday. we'll keep an eye on markets throughout the show and let you know what is going on wall street. bill: booming, huh? martha: behind me in a matter of hours will be the center of all the action. we thought it would be someplace else. turns out it will be here tonight. president obama accepts his party's nomination. whether or not he goes on to
6:38 am
win re-election depends a lot on what he says tonight. what can we expect? we'll ask president obama's deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter. bill: before that you get joe biden on the main stage. a sharp critic of republicans. at other times a possible problem for his own team. what is his role tonight here in charlotte. as we roll on final day, day three here in charlotte. [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin? challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifting for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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bill: got a fox news alert right now. news breaking here in charlotte. long time nbc news anchor tom brokaw has been taken to the hospital in charlotte apparently out of abundance of caution as he was light-headed after an appearance on msnbc. this followed an appearance with our own sean hand at
6:42 am
this in prime time. statement from the network. tom brokaw felt light-headed. out of abundance of caution he was taken to a hospital. he is being evaluated. age 72. we wish our best for brokaw and that he is okay. we'll keep you updated as we get information breaking here in charlotte. martha: well tonight president obama will take the stage to formally accept his party's nomination and make his case for a second term in the u.s. presidency. so what can we expect tonight? what will we hear from the president? stephanie cutter is the obama for america deputy campaign manager. stephanie, thanks for making time for us this morning. good to have you. president clinton, former president clinton said last night, no one, not him, no president could have fixed the economy in the time given so far to president obama and that is the argument for electing him for a second term. that is kind of a set up i would assume for tonight in terms of what the president needs to accomplish. he needs to set out a vision
6:43 am
for the country and explain where he is going to take us in the next term if indeed he is reelected. how will he do that? >> you just explained it very well. martha: good. >> the first lady spoke on tuesday night. she very much spoke from the heart who the president is, the values that drive him. his experience, experiences that have shaped decisions that he made. he grew up in the middle class. he has lived it. that is why he is fighting every day to strengthen the middle class. last night we heard from president clinton about the record and from someone who knows it pretty well. let's remember when president clinton left office he left record surpluses. those record surpluses were turned into record deficits that president obama inherited. inherited a lot of other things in this economy. you know, the worst economic crisis since the great depression. so the point that he was making is that no president, not even fdr, could have turned this around in just four years. martha: but he said he would. he said if he didn't -- >> no, if we didn't put the
6:44 am
economy on stronger footing, if we didn't move the country forward and we absolutely have over the past four years. let's remember what life was like when we took office. we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. president clinton said that last month. in the six months before president obama was elected we lost 6.5 million jobs. banks were going bankrupt. middle class families punished for a decade were really struggling. where are we today? we have thriving auto industry. 4.5 million private sector jobs created. middle class families are still struggling to get by. martha: what president clinton said, you might not feel it yet, people might not feel it that things are getting better. by many measures things have not gotten better. unemployment was higher than in january of 2009. total unemployed have gone from 21.5 to 23 million people out of work. more people are out of work now than when the president took office. their median income has slipped and 67% of americans
6:45 am
say they think we're on the wrong track. that is a pretty tough set is numbers to come in with and say that things are getting better. >> i will point out a couple things. president took office in january of 2009 t took a while for his policies to take hold. certainly we had a pass the recovery act. we had to implement the recovery act. as that was happening we were feeling impact of previous policies of the bush administration. we were still feeling impact of the greatest recession since the great depression. so it took a few months to get the president's policies in place. with his policies in place, 4.5 million jobs have been created. if you look at this recovery, compared to the bush recovery, in the early 2,000s we created three times the private sector jobs that george bush did. under any argument, no matter what party you belong to you have to agree that the economic crisis that president obama inherited was 10 times worse than what george bush dealt with. you can't we have -- we reviewed the past.
6:46 am
and the in terms of the income, incomes an wages were going down for a decade. last year they started going up. so we are putting the building blocks back in place that we, that president clinton spoke to last night. that created the greatest economic expansion. martha: how do they feel? do they feel better now and the country is headed in the right direction. "abc news poll" said 67% think we're headed on wrong track. tonight in terms of how the president will carve out and explain to the american people because he is criticized not being clear where he will take us in the next four years and how he will accomplish those goals. we heard a lot about shared prosperity and shared responsibility. how does that play out? how do we share the prosperity and share responsibility? >> as opposed to what we heard last week in tampa president obama will talk about ideas, achievable concrete things that we can do for this country to move it forward. you know we have a vision of huy to rebuild this economy in a way that will be meant to last, where the middle
6:47 am
class at its core, foundation of a strong economy. and the president will lay out what that path is forward. and you know i think at the end of that speech, at the end of tonight, i think people will have a good idea what a second term of obama presidency will be. martha: so far what he knows he believes everyone should pay their fair share, the wealthy, over 250,000 should pay more. right now that group pays 64% of the tax burden. how much more do they need to pay in order to help share the prosperity and share responsibility? >> well i think that president clinton spoke to this a little bit last night but i will review it. in terms of deficit reduction everybody agrees that we have to reduce our deficit. just a matter of how. and president obama, most americans, believe that we should do it in balanced way. shouldn't do it on backs of seniors, on the backs of the middle class. we should make sure we're cutting what we don't need. president obama has already done that. there is more we can do. president obama thinks that people should pay their fair share. just like in the 90s when
6:48 am
president clinton asked the wealthy to pay just a little bit more to invest in our economy, president obama believes the same thing. if that happens, then we can still invest in the things that we need to grow, like education, like infrastructure, like innovation. all of the things that put the economy on a strong foundation and let everybody prosper. martha: we'll hear all the details i assume about that tonight. i do want to ask you a little bit about what happened yesterday with this platform. it became revealed that god was not in the platform anymore. that jerusalem was not specifically stated as the capital of israel. did the president read the platform before it was submitted? >> he hadn't read it. and you know when he found out about these two things, they were, you know, under any circumstances they were a mess take. and he said we've got to fix it. and he directed his staff to go and fix that yesterday. on the issue of god, faith is woven throughout that entire document. make no mistake that there are lots of god-fearing
6:49 am
people and god loving people in this arena who have been in every night. the line you're talking about is helping every american up to their god-given potential. who better than the democratic party --. martha: who took the line out. >> i don't know. martha: nobody knows who took the line out and who changed the language about jerusalem? >> jerusalem is the same example. the president's policy, the president's personal belief, he laid it out in 2007 at aipac he personally believes that jerusalem is the capital of israel. and he directed is to reinsert that into the platform. we did it last night. martha: jay carney asked the question a few weeks ago he seemed to not answer that question directly, does the president think jerusalem is the president of israel. stumbled on that. it was awkward moment. >> you understand the longstanding policy of this country to jerusalem. his personal belief is that, you know, the capital of israel is jerusalem. but the long-standing --. martha: administration belief as well? >> bipartisan going back
6:50 am
decades that is decision has to be done through both parties and in the final negotiations. so that's where we stand. that is what's in the platform. i think that, the other issue here is that you know, our opposition, was attacking us trying to make a mountain out of a molehill on this stuff. martha: our own people, democrats were arguing vociferously on the floor. >> i don't think that was vociferously. it was voice vote. what is unique about that. it wasn't done in back room. down out open for everybody to see. martha: i totally agree. people saying nothing happens at conventions. there was honest debate going on down there and the nays were, i think, we replay it. "the nation" were as strong as the yeas. of people who support that platform as it -- >> president obama didn't agree with the plat for. he thought to change it. he had strength and tenacity to change it. look at republican platform. mitt romney says he doesn't agree with the abortion language. that he wouldn't ban all
6:51 am
abortions. would protect exceptions. why didn't he seek to change the platform? why didn't he stand up to the party to do that? that is big difference between those two people. president obama will stand up and do what he believes to get things done. mitt romney silent even though his entire campaign was sitting in the room. martha: we'll hold you over the break. we'll be right back with more.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
martha: all right. we are back with more in "america's newsroom" in charlotte on the big day of the democratic national convention. stephanie cutter is deputy campaign chief for president obama's campaign. just to pick up, stephanie, thanks for staying with us over the break, a little bit more on the platform. then i want to get onto another question with you. cory booker was sort of in charge of introducing the platform. he stood up on the stage and
6:55 am
said this is our platform, this is our platform. he was very passionate as he always is and definitely moved the crowd. was he familiar with what was in the platform? >> i can't speak for mayor booker. you should ask mayor booker for that question. martha, what is the problem with taking a platform to all of your delegates, presenting it to them and asking them if they want to adopt it or change it? that is the democratic process. that's --. martha: absolutely. >> this is the way conventions used to be. martha: essential questions and raised a lot of issues and biggest question why would those things have been taken out? >> bottom line they were put back in. that's where we are today. they have been put back in. you know, we believe that all americans should have the ability to live up to their god-given potential. which is why you heard a lot about education. ensuring everybody has access to good education. you saw julian castro on opening night talk about his story is only possible in americas just luke barack obama. he is able to get where he
6:56 am
is through hard work and responsibility no doubt, but had doors of opportunity open to him. that is what this is about. how do we open the doors of opportunity to all americans. so that language is very appropriate for this convention. martha: all right. stephanie, thank you very much. big night for you folks and we wish y'all the best of luck. >> thank you for having me. bill: we have an update right now on tom brokaw. fox news reporting that he is fine and said to be in good spirits after he was taken to the hospital a short time ago for, feeling light-headed. there he is with sean hannity last night. tom brokaw. good news for him. former president bill clinton making a big last night about who is to blame for the nation's enormous debt. fact check on that speech. president obama has comb under sharp criticism for his comments on small business in america. he addresses the controversy. reaction from former indiana senator, democrat, evan bayh all ahead next hour. live in charlotte.
6:57 am
day 3. >> somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. this country was built by working people.
6:58 am
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bill: it is 10:00 in the morning. good morning wherever you are. we are 12 hours away from president obama making his case for a second term. he is on the biggest stage later tonight of his campaign. you'll see it live in charlotte. last night the pitch from heavy-wait tkep democrats, including bill clinton made the pitch for his re-election bid. he said no one could do the job, not even him as a matter of fact because of circumstances that were in effect when he came into office. i'm bill hemmer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. big night for president obama. he will now have to make his own pitch for a second term and
7:01 am
carve out his vision to the american people to the best of his ability. one of the things being raised is whether the stories told are always accurate. we are checking the facts from senate candidate elizabeth warren to president clinton. bill: what have you found out, molee, good morning there. >> reporter: you've been reporting on your show this week about the national debt, it's over $16 trillion. let's look at what the former president, president clinton said about the national debt and how its risen under various presidents. >> don't you ever forget when you hear them talking about this. that republican economic policies quad tkraupd the national debt before i took office, in the 12 years before i took office, and double the debt in the eight years after i left.
7:02 am
because it defied arithmetic. >> reporter: that's all mostly true but it leaves out a key detail. here what is true, from 1980 when president ronald reagan took office to 1992 when president clinton took office the debt went up to 944 billion to 4.6 trillion. then from 2000 when george w. bush took office to the day when president obama came into the white house the debt didn't quite double as president clinton said but it went up 85%. here is what the president clinton left out. he did not mention what has happened to the debt since president obama took office. in three years and 7 months the national debt has increased by $5.4 trillion, that's about what two-thirds of reagan, bush 41 and bush 43 racked up all together. bill and martha. bill: before that we heard from elizabeth warren, she is running for the senate against scott brown in massachusetts.
7:03 am
what did you check on her, mol molly. >> reporter: elizabeth warren, a democrat running in massachusetts, a former treasury department official repeated something a number of democrats have said at the convention about taxes going up on middle class families in a romney administration. >> but for middle class families who are hanging on by their fingernails, his plan will hammer them with a new tax hike of up to $2,000. >> reporter: fact check po*eupb org says this. their comments are based on a august 1st report from the tax policy center that concluded that it's not mathematically possible for romney to lower tax rates across the board as he has proposed without losing revenue, which is also promised, or shifting the tax burden to the middle class. the romney campaign refutes that study said it was done by a former obama staefr. governor romney has said repeatedly including at the republican convention last week that he will raise classes on
7:04 am
the middle class, bill. bill: thanks. fact-checking in washington. martha: tonight the commander it anticipated speeches in this election cycle. we talked with one of his advisers about how to expect tonight. >> if we didn't move the country forward and we actual to lee have over the last four years. let's present when life was like when we took office we were losing 800 jobs a month. we lost 3.5 million jobs before he what's elected. our auto industry was going bankrupt. middle class families punished for a decade were really struggling. martha: chris wall as is the anchor of fox news sunday and we welcome him here, good morning chris. >> good to be here. martha: one of the things that stephanie cutter and i spoke about is in many ways bill clinton set up the speech for tonight. he said nobody could have fixed this problem. now what we would expect to hear from president obama is a
7:05 am
specific vision on how he will do that, which many say we haven't heard that. >> we really haven't. i have been going to the obama campaign repeatedly and saying, what is his economic plan, how is he going to jump start the economy and they go back to a speech he made last september about the jobs act, infrastructure spending, spending for first responders. payroll tax cuts, things like that. even by the most optimistic estimate it would create only about a million more jobs, not nearly what you need to keep pace with inflation but to drive down the unemployment rate. there is a lot of talk and we'll see whether or not the president embraces new economic policies. some people said maybe he'll embrace the simpson-bowles deficit commission. if he does it the question is its not like mitt romney who is not in office. if guy has been in office, the
7:06 am
simpson-bowles commission came out last september, he never even mentioned it in his state of the union, why is i doing it now. >> a lot of people have been calling for him to embrace simpson-bowles. like you say he'll have to backtrack and say this is the reason i didn't like it the first time, and this time i do. >> while i think it's a very responsible plan it doesn't do anything to jump start the economy it tkaoelts with th deals with the long-term deficit. i thought clinton's speech was very effective. he said here is why where x are now doesn't feel better and to even make the argument this feels like what happened to me in 95, and it will change. they had a video before clinton spoke and they had these headlines from his days, unemployment was some ridiculous number like 4.5% or something. he balanced the bulge. barack obama high school done none of those things. i've got to think that first of
7:07 am
all the republicans are going to make the case and i suspect voters going to notice and say, maybe i'd vote for bill clinton for president but that wasn't barack obama. >> there was definitely some of that sentiment seeing him on stage. thank you so much chris for your coverage. bill: the bes god is back. >> the best line was before they were against him now they are for them. bill: the democrats are amending their platform to include god and an aeu fir phaeugs t and affirmation that jerusalem is the capitol of israel. >> our founding documents, the declaration of independence references god. our national model in god we trust, this is part of our heritage and i think their having removed purposely god from their platform suggest a party which is increasingly out of touch with the mainstream of
7:08 am
american people. bill: we will have a look in a moment here about what all this means with georgia congressman george price. in about 30 minutes from now. martha: mitt romney was saying people were out of touch. ann was appealing to voters. she says the only way to fix that party's problems may involve throwing him out of washington all together, listen. >> time to fire the coach. [cheers and applause] we are zero and 23 million. that's the score of this game, and those kids i promise you you'll have a better future if mitt is the president. [cheers and applause] martha: mrs. romney praised her husband and said he is attuned
7:09 am
to women's struggles especially on the economic part of the question and implored them to wake up and vote for mitt. bill: there is a new book suggesting that president obama may have started on the wrong foot with republicans before he took office. it's called "the price of politics. jim angle will reveal what is in that book. good morning. >> just before inauguration president-elect obama went to capitol hill to tell both parties he wanted to move on a stimulus package from 800 billion to 100 trillion. he asked for both ideas. they said the atmosphere for bipartisan cooperation was sincere on his own side. then the president went hits own way. president obama and his advisers, quote believe that government spending could create jobs and grow the economy, while republicans believe that helping small business would create more jobs. three days afteree inauguration president obama called congressional leaders to the
7:10 am
white house. house minority leader eric cantor arrived with a list of proposals, including immediate reduction in the two lowest individual income tax rates. a tax reduction of 20% on small businesses and making unemployment benefits tax-free, among other things. the president flatly rejected the cantor ideas and according to the book rubbed it in saying quote, elections have consequences, and eric, i won. the president was having trouble with conservative democrats though as well, so house speaker nancy pelosi and senate democratic leader harley reid were working on changes to win up enough democrats. president obama called them on a speaker form saying their efforts to save the economy. they thapblg thanked mr. obama. pelosi hit the mute button and democrats went back to work leaving the president speaking into the ozone. it eventually passed but without a single republican vote. eric cantor later looked back saying he was really surprised,
7:11 am
the book says as quote "how badly the white house played what should have been a winning hand." though obama won the vote cantor thought he had unified the opposition. mr. obama and his aod menstruation succeeded in squandering any good will and the chance to cooperate with any republicans. bill: interesting read. jim angle back with us now. obama as campaign has the mud year hands. i'll tell you what the subtext of this this. the president has flung more personal put downs at his rival than mitt romney. you can read about that today in "the observer." martha: "washington post" clinton puts in a star turn last night an had the era rina in the palm of his hands. it was a huge win for him.
7:12 am
he wanted to sort of put an exclamation point on it and remind everybody, he's talking about me, he clearly had a lot of the floor last night making a surprise appearance. bill: a second headline from the observer, clinton says unite and fight. there are two separate main pages in the charlotte observer newspaper. the folks at are helping them out with that, that's why the paper is thicker than it usually is. this is the hometown newspaper, there is no mention of the fact that the bank of american stadium has been shut down and the entire event will move inside to the time warner arena. martha: surprising. bill: i find it to be very surprising, especially when you consider the history of this city and talking to folks who live here, this is like their super bowl. they were so jacked up to come out and see it, they don't care if they are democrat, republican or what they are. they wanted that event in their city take place and it won't happen. the fact that it's not on the
7:13 am
front page of either headline here, surprising nonetheless at a minimum. martha: you have been very worked up about the fact that they moved it and you would like to see it in the headlines. bill: you're at the convention, it's a great big deal for the city of charlotte and the future of this town. that was the moment that everybody had looked forward to. bill richardson, the governor of new mexico told me last night he brought 90 teenagers to new mexico to see that speech later tonight, and he said i don't know what i'm going to do with them right now. martha: get a ping-pong table. bill: it's multiplied by so many others that are in the same situation now. martha: we've got more on the last-minute effort by democrats to rework the party platform. fascinating bit of politics as this played out. it did not go a as planned. >> the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen [booing ]
7:14 am
>> thank you very much. martha: god was booed at the convention as was israel. what is that all about? we'll talk about it. bill: trying to make the case for four more years, the push and the promises, are voters convinced? >> senator, i hate to break it to you, but we're going to keep president obama on the job. [cheers and applause]
7:15 am
7:16 am
bill: another update right now on nbc's tom brokaw taken to the hospital earlier today out of an
7:17 am
abundance of caution. he was with shaun hannity, and a little earlier this morning he was on. he was taken to the hospital to be evaluated out of an abundance of caution. he said he felt lightheaded. he sent a tweet. all is well early am i mistake inch lee took a half of ambient. and made less sense than usual. made a better come back than giants. bill: tom brokaw apparently in the driving with that ambient. he's going to be fine. martha: it was a phrase that picked off a political firestorm. >> if you've got a business, you didn't build that, somebody else made that happen. martha: now president obama walking back that, you didn't build that comment a bit that provided republicans with the theme of one night of their convention last week. in an interview yesterday he
7:18 am
said, quote, obviously i have regrets for my syntax but not for the point because everyone who was there watching knows exactly what i was saying. joining us now to talk about this former democratic senator of indiana. evan bayh. the president hasn't really talked about that comment. the white house says it was taken out of context. he says he regrets the syntax but not the meaning. >> everybody from time to time makes a mistake and says something they don't mean in a wrong kind of way it's better to admit that and tell them what you really meant and move on. i think that's what the president did yesterday. martha: he says you didn't build it, the highways, all of these different industries that the government built helped you get there. and i think even in that fuller context there is plenty of small business folks in this country who were very offended by it. we heard from some people on the floor of the republican
7:19 am
convention who said i voted for president obama last time around but that comment really bugged me, it hit people where they lived in some places. >> it did resonate with a lot of small business people and middle americans. that's why i think it was important that he came out yesterday and said look i just made a mistake here. what he was trying to say is that things like roads, bridges and airports help all of us, things like the original investments made in the internet, the space program led to miniature ryization which led to our i devices. i think he meant it in that way. martha: in terms of the largest message, having been in tampa and this convention as well the message in tampa was clearly sort of selfempowerment that people work hard and they succeed in life, and success needs to be embraced. individual success needs to be -p embraced, that is an american value. here we are hearing about shared responsibility and shared pros berth. very different message i think
7:20 am
it's interesting that headline from bill clinton, you know, this is a big decision about what kind of country do we want to live in. both sides have said the same exact question. >> there are two great strains in the american tradition. one is rugged individualism. personality responsibility, pulling yours up by your boot straps. in the other case, we are all in it together and if you're down on your luck you may need a helping hand. the party successful is those that can reconcile those two. that's what we look forward to getting back to charlotte and the president's comment. we understand that jobs are created by the private sector, that job businesses drive job creation, that government tends to operate at the margin even it's at the force that creates economic growth. i think it's important for us to say that otherwise you do run the risk of being misinterpreted. martha: one of the things that was said about former president clinton's speech last night because that he didn't bash corporations, he didn't bash
7:21 am
companies, he didn't talk about bain capital he did none of that and that is being cited to going back to 1999 in a sense in terms of the another's messages out there were very different last night. >> the country has become more polarized than it was in 1999. the other thing is bill clinton had been a governor, i was a governor, you had to have favorable business conditions in your state and work with companies to grow or else they'd go somewhere else. if that was your business you understand the dynamic a bit more. martha: thank you for being with us. bill: promises made by president obama four years ago, hope and change was the theme for then nominee barack obama in 2008 how many of those promises, then, have been accomplished? martha: and vice president biden is one of the president's biggest assets on the campaign trail. some say he does more harm than good sometimes when he has some of those biden tkpwafs, we'll see. >> god rest her soul -- wait,
7:22 am
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7:25 am
being made of president obama's speech later on tonight. joe biden is on the stage to introduce him tonight as well. what jose? some of his comments have made headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past couple of years. he's known for famous flubs that can put the president in a precarious situation. mike emanuel with a look at joe biden role on the ticket. >> he has served as a vocal advocate for the obama
7:26 am
administration policies and in campaign mode he works to fire up the base by firing up the republicans. >> they slowed our progress but have not stopped it. >> he frequently uses direct, plain language reflective of his modest, scranton, pennsylvania roots. >> they call their plan new, they call it bold and gutsy, but the neighborhood i come from there is nothing gutsy about giving a millionaire another tax break. >> but it's biden's propensity for gaffes that really steals the spotlight. on march 2010 on the day of the healthcare signing biden's enthusiasm got the best of him in front of a microphone. the vice president quickly became known for his slip ups. >> god rest her soul and -- although -- wait your mom is still alive, your dad passed. >> a three letter word jobs.
7:27 am
j-o-b-s, jobs. >> he's easily qualified to be vice president of america. >> he can let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street. they going to put y'all back in chains. >> biden would like to be vice about the for another term so he reminds voters of some of the administrations best accomplishments. osama bin laden is dead and general motor -ts is alive, that kind of sums it up. >> he says the obama team is moving the nation forward for hard-working americans. it will likely be tightly scripted to avoid major gaffes. mike emanuel fox news. bill: always interesting too to watch the podium and see how the words line up with the
7:28 am
teleprompter. bill clinton did a lot of adlibbing. a few days ago he dropped that osama bin laden-gm line three times in a row. martha: he likes that line. osama bin laden dead, gm alive. bill: you want to put a buck on that. martha: on worpb you're going to hear on that. bill: i'm going to take that. martha: coming up right here we will get back to the discussion of god and srerlz, and whether or nojerusalem and whether or not they are back in the democratic platform. we will get one top republican lawmakers response. bill: president obama accepting the nomination in 2008 made some big promises about what he would do in the white house. now that he's running for re-election some four years down the road how many of those romsess did he keep? we have big dreams.
7:29 am
one is for a clean, domestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream.
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america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans.
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7:32 am
martha: back live in charlotte. so four years ago when president obama accepted the presidential nomination at the democratic convention in denver he made several policy promises that night and a pitch for hope and change. so we fast forward to 2012 and take a look at which ones he has kept. william la jeunesse is live with our west coast newsroom with a plus and minus on the ledger. >> reporter: the president will be judged by many standards tonight, one of those are his own words. four years ago he did make promises, some he kept, many he did not. judge for yourself if president obama lived up to the metrics and criticisms of candidate obama. >> tonight more americans are out of work, and more are working harder for less.
7:33 am
>> reporter: that was candidate obama four years ago. >> more of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. >> reporter: blaming president bush. >> the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in washington and the failed policies of george w. bush. >> reporter: failures he said republicans refused to accept. >> it's time for them to own their failure. >> reporter: the question tonight, will he? >> we measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the more gage. >> reporter: since the president took office family incomes declined by $4,000. candidate obama also promised. >> in ten years we will finally end our dependence on oil from the middle east. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: in fact persian gulf oil imports increased in each of the last three years. he claimed -- >> change means a tax code that doesn't reward the lobbyists who wrote it. >> reporter: but wall street, nascar, tune and energy lobbyists all won tax breaks this year. >> he really ran on this platform of getting rid of
7:34 am
special interest and that has not happened. >> many of these plans will cost money which is why i've laid out how i'll pay for every dime. >> reporter: the president's latest budget carries a trillion dollar deficit. >> it's an awkward situation for him to be in for sure, no doubt about it. he's going to make the best of it right now and remind people how he gotten to this. >> reporter: cynics say political speeches aren't worth the paper they are printed on, it's about getting elected. history isn't a guide. promises are frequently broken, back to you. martha: that is true. william thank you very much. bill: i'm going to debate this right now with rich lowry, and gemu green. both are fox news contributor and welcome to both of you. rich i hope new york is treating you well. >> it is. bill: what can he claim in charlotte and defend responsibility? >> look, i mean a number of these small every promises, anything that involved spending more monies done. he's done some of the social
7:35 am
stuff, the "don't ask don't tell." the big promises healing the economy he hasn't done. paying for his program, which is nonsense at the time and is obviously dishonest now with a trillion-dollar deficit and changing the tone and forging sort of a pose partisan unity which he really had no interest in doing on anything but his own terms. he was happy for republicans to endorse his spending but he wasn't going to tone it down to get more of their support. those are the big three things. that's why he's been under 50% approval persistently. and is in such trouble in the selection and he has to make the argument that his grade is incomplete, you just have to give him more time. bill: that is the grade he gave himself. gemu green is with me now. good morning to you. i want to bring you into this conversation here. you believe this is not a bad grade. explain that. >> it's not a bad grade and it's realistic to the situation that we found ourselves in. look, when president obama took
7:36 am
the nomination four years ago our economy was in a bad place, but it was before we went into a free fall. it's in a sense looking at what president bush dealt with when he made a lot of promises and guess what 9/11 happened and as a leader things shifted along the way. if we shift every poll situation to 100% success ses rate we need to fire all the politicians. bill: the numbers and the facts tell a different story. unemployment then 7.8%. now 8.3%. median income from 4 years ago 54,983. it's dropped some $4,000 since then. gallon of gasoline a buck 84. now 3.82 centss. the national debt is at more than $16 trillion going over that mark two days ago. rich, those are numbers and those are facts, those are not
7:37 am
words and they are not promises made in a speech four years ago. >> yeah, i think bill people wouldn't blink an eye if he had broken 90% of his promises but had actually fixed the economy. but he hasn't, and you can't spin away those numbers. 8% unemployment for 42 months, that is a social catastrophe. that is a disaster in people's lives. the medium income declining is a disaster in people's lives. not only has he failed to fix it he doesn't have any positive solutions for dealing witness. he has one item on his second term agenda, wealthing taxes on the wealthy. there is nothing else. that's why this guy deserves to be fired. bill: jemu the point he makes is if the economy were strong, if the numbers we just showed were different people pwo won't be talking about promises or a campaign speech made four years ago. >> i think we have to look at what president clinton said last night. the american people aren't stupid, they understand context,
7:38 am
they understand new answer and spinning away the drastic crisis that came in after he campaigned for two years, and that situation he had to take our economy out of free fall and not actually looking at the 4 million jobs that he has created in the last 29 months. private sector jobs. totally discounting those jobs, totally discounting that all of the jobs that we are losing are in the public sector. why aren't republicans happy? this man could not have waived a magic wand. at the end of the day what this boils down to is when he was beingee inaugurated paul ryan, mitt romney all of these republicans were take, this man he need to serve one term and we need to make sure he fails, that is not how you govern. bill: when joe trippi and i'll get you both to comment on this. when joe trippi says he is now in a an awkward situation, that is a democrat talking that way. do you see it awkward.
7:39 am
>> it is awkward and uncomfortable, but guess what, awkward situations, uncomfortable situations, that's what leadership you rise up to the point. and president obama has been very clear, very moneyess not just about his vision moving forward but that the job is not yet done. i think what president clinton said last night, no president, not him, no one could have dealt with our economy the way it was in free fall in four years and turn it around. >> that doesn't mean you have to have 5 thrill kropb in new debt and we got nothing from it. the economy is not going to be losing 800,000 jobs a month forever. that was going to stop, it naturally did. but we have had anemic worst recover row since world war ii we've spent mountains of debt and have got even nothing and he has no positive program to run on right now. bill: rich, thank you, jemu thanks to you as well. we wait for the big speech in prime-time. we see how he addresses all of
7:40 am
that we're talking about then. martha. martha: tuning in from her husband's speech from halfway around the world. now the sweets about hillary clinton that are getting world-wide attention this morning, plus this -- >> the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. bill: what a moment that was. democrats making a few last-minute changes on the platform adding god and jerusalem, both are back in but some democrats say the critics were making the controversy bigger than it really was. is that the case? we'll hear from a rmber of the r caucus to answer all of that. >> we are all here to reignite the american stream. >> this election is a moment of truth. >> we don't run this country for corporations. we run it for people. >> we believe that we are all in this together.
7:41 am
>> this november each of us must speak out. >> you must vote and you must reelect president obama barack obama. i proudly nominate him to be the standard bearer of the democratic party. [cheers and applause] >> how will bill clinton affect the obama campaign. >> there will be strong reaction from the romney camp on that one. >> there were a lot of strong signals here. >> there was a tremendous amount of excitement. >> fox news alert everybody on the second day here in charlotte. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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bill: it is safe to look at your 401k at least for the moment. the markets are flying right now an hour and ten minutes into training. the dow well over 200 points now in gains that are reflect being the movement in europe. the european central bank now putting public its plan to help some of these struggling
7:45 am
economies, greece, portugal, spain, ireland. there has been a bond program announced and wall street likes that news certainly, up 217 points at the moment. good news. check it out. retirement right around the corner, martha. hot dog. martha: not quite yet. all right it really is the moment that everybody has been talking about here at dnc. dnc chair mayor antonio via reghost satisfactory taking a vote to put god back into the agenda and geralds are jerusalem as the capitol of israel. this after republicans criticized democrats for omitting them in the first place. tom price is chairman of the house republican policy committee and president of the prayer caucus and the israel caucus.
7:46 am
i can understand that this was very much on your mind and on your lips discussing that with your caucuses. >> you're absolutely right. this was concerning on so many counts, the recognition of god having his hand in our nation. it goes back to our founding documents, the declaration of independence, which we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed with our creator with certain unlay ownable rights. there is concern he around the country about the the secular liization of our country. at this pivotal time in the middle east to bring in issue up demonstrates a lack of appreciation for the consequences of these decisions. whether it's principle or policy and then the process that was really embarrassing yesterday, i think this was wrong on so many counts. martha: all right. let's break it down a little bit. i spoke just about an hour ago to stephanie cutter, the deputy chair for the obama campaign.
7:47 am
she said that the president never read the platform before it was enacted, and that leaving those two things out of it this time eye round wa around was a mistake and she had no idea who made the change. nobody seems to know who decided to decleat hraoet th delete the language. >> it reminds me of speaker pelosi saying you have to pass it to see what's in the healthcare bill. the white house khap championed that the platform would reflect this president's view. clearly someone had a hand in this and wanted those things taken out. this was a change, not a continuation of policy. governor romney has continuously stated that israel is our strongest ally and the support that the united states must give to israel at this pivotal time is key to have the democratic platform include or exclude jerusalem as the capitol city of
7:48 am
israel at this time, again is just so tone deaf as it relates to the consequences of actions taken here in this country at a remarkably challenging time in the middle east. martha: were you surprised as many of us were, when they took the vote on the floor yesterday, that the yea's were equal to, nay's? there were just atmosphere people down who wanted to keep the language out of the platform for the democrats than wanted to put it in. it put the mayor in a very awkward position down there. >> tough position. i think it confirmed for the american people how out of touch the democratic delegates are with the real wishess and desires of the american people. it reminded me so much of how they shoved through policies through the united states house of representatives and congress previously, without regard to the vote, whether it was on healthcare or other issues. so, again, this is troubling on a principled standpoint, the recognition that our creator that god has his hand in the
7:49 am
affairs of our nation, on a policy standpoint for ignoring the fact that jerusalem and israel are so very, very important to us and on a process standpoint where the american people recognized that it certainly wasn't two-thirds of the delegates that voted to put that back in. martha: it was such an important issue and it's surprising to hear that the president -- perhaps that he didn't read it word-for-word, but somebody didn't advise him of any changes that might crop up or cause embarrassment and controversy. there are going to be some questions answered there. >> it's all about leadership. martha: indeed. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: down on the floor, martha we have activity. not there. martha: we swear there is activity down there. bill: they are setting up for the musical "entertainment tonight." the foo fighters, marry j. blige will perform. this was supposed to happen across town at a nice giant outdoor bank of america stadium
7:50 am
where the nfl team plays. now they are coming inside to the 20-thousand seater at the time warner arena. martha: the hauls were loaded with big back boxes, a lot of them that said nashville on them. it will be fun to see some of the bands down there tonight. bill: it will be loud. martha: we'll have our double ear pieces in for that. bill: and we'll do it live. martha: yes, we will, fox tradition. bill: we'll be back. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and the fastest push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with access to the fastest push to talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get one free. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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bill: there were crews taking down the stage at the bank of america stadium where the president originally was set up to accept the party's nomination later tonight. organizers saying the threat of thunderstorms forced them to move the people to a smaller indoor arena. the campaign was concerned it would have trouble filling the outdoor stadium? some of the 65,000 who are now shutout of the speech say they
7:54 am
are disappointed, as you can imagine, and thousands had wait ned line for hours for a ticket, while others even volunteered their time with the campaign for the chance to see the speech in person. this is a big, big deal to the folks in charlotte. it's not going to happen outdoors. janice dean of the fox news extreme weather center. we had these pop up showers for a few days, yesterday was beautiful. what is today looking like j.d. >> reporter: don't blame the weather girl, right stphaoeu won't. right? >> reporter: i think bret baier did. i think it is a good idea to move things indoors even though the president want a lot of people want to see the president indoors. we do still have the potential for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast throughout the day today into 9:00, 10:00 skies should clear. but you know to the north of them still the potential for some rain and, you know it just takes one bolt of lightning to
7:55 am
really scare folks. so they are airing on the side of caution. obviously a lot of disappointed folks. you know what 40% chance today, and then 20% chance as we get into the early evening hours. i do kind of think it was a wise choice. but you know what i'm a mom so i'm concerned about these things, concerned about folks' safety. i want to touch upon a lot of things here, in the tropics we have several storms we are watching. this is michael, our first major hurricane, category 3. it looks beautiful on our satellite imagery, the good thing is michael is not going to affect land. leslie, however, another hurricane could affect bermuda and it also could give us some affects along the east coast. we'll watch this as we head into the weekend. category 2, possibly a category 3 storm. real active time in the tropics. i know, bill you were counting on the outdoor event tonight, i know that they are just being safe. bill: i saw the 10:00pm marker on that and it said full moon.
7:56 am
>> reporter: it's clear you've got to get people in there, it's going to be several hours in a stadium that is open. just one bolt of lightning. bill: i understand, i'm not blaming you by the way. >> reporter: i hope not. bill: i still love you. >> reporter: bret baier on twitter blamed me. bill: right on. >> reporter: i'm happy you didn't. martha: president bill clinton was making his case for voters to rereflect president obama in november. plenty of people were on twitter looking ahead to 2016. as mr. clinton took the convention stage the hashtag hillary 2016 skyrocketed to the top trend on twitter in the united states. while all eyes were on charlotte the secretary of state was thousands of miles away taking care of business in east timor. if you're on twitter you can contact me at the address you see at the bottom of your screen and you can talk to bill too. you can tweet him, he's at bill hemmer. we love seeing your tweets and seeing what is on your mind.
7:57 am
bill: we'll get a quick break. back in charlotte in three minutes. -bacon. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] donuts. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? okay. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds.
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