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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 8, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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they think it is morally important for america for obama to be re-elected. and if they think they have to suppress information to do tthey doll it. >> sean: go to for the movie. that's our time. thank you for being with us. and i hope have you the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. i refuse to ask middle class families to give up their deductions for owning a home and raising their kids just to pay for another millionaire's tax cuts. >> appeals to america to give him four more years. did his prime time convention address fall short? we'll grade the speech. >> if you look over the last several quarters, the last several years you see the continued pattern which is we are not creating the jobs we need to create to put americans back to work. >> laura: a new jobs report is out and it's more bad news for
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the president. does mitt romney has the recipe to cure america's economic else? we'll take a look at it. >> there are people out there trying to take away rights our great grandmother fought for. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi i'm laura incorporate in gram for n. for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the party is over o. coming up the democratic national convention, let's stipulate to the following. first, president obama is a loving father and husband who had an unconventional
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upbringing. second, the first lady is intelligent, she is dedicated to fighting obesity helping the troops and she is a great mom. third, joe biden loves to tell stories about growing up in wilmington, and he loves his wife. >> why in the heck did it take five times of asking you, and that's true, five times. i don't know what i would have done, kid doe, had you on that fifth time said no. [ laughter ] i love you. you are the love of my life and the life of my love. >> literally. the democrats have younger and hipper celebrities on their side. >> i speak to you not as a representative of young hollywood but as a representative of the many millions of young americans particularly young women who depend on nonprofit programs to help them survive. >> now, all of this is good maybe for a movie for the hallmark channel, but it does nothing to change the cold
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hard fact that our economy is virtually stalled yes, stalled. we learned today that our labor force participation rate is the lowest in 30 years. so when the president sights the august job growth of 96,000 as progress. it's a joke. the democrats are playing purely a get-out-the base strategy here and they did so at the convention. the heck with the swing voters orson trysts its abortion, it's gay marriage, it's raising taxes on the wealthy and of course it's immigration amnesty. now all this might be music to the ears of the activists but it's really not going to get the economy roaring back which is what most voters care about the razzle dazzle of charlotte was a site to behold. the wonderful speech of mrs. obama. the return of bill clinton and all that music and dancing. but long after the last we love michelle placard is recycled. our nation will still be hanging on the precipice. nothing on the president's speech last night suggest he
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is prepared to make changes in his policies or governing style. that's disturbing and deeply disappointing. giving the crushing federal debt his team the persistent joblessness and the pain that so many citizens are feeling how can he not make any changes? so what happens if through the fall team obama continues to ask voters for patience without a real plan? rick grenell put it well last night in a late night tweet. he said "you can get elected on hope but you can't reelected on it. "and that's the memo. now on to the top story tonight. reaction to today's dismal job numbers. presidential hopeful mitt romney sat down for an interview today with fox news anchor bret baier. >> another disappointing monthly figure and i know the white house keeps saying that you can't just look at monthly numbers but if you look at over the last several quarters, the last several years you see the continued pattern which we are not creating the jobs we need to
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create to put americans back to work. for every net new job created, about four people dropped out of the workforce, so, we're going in the wrong direction. this is a very difficult time for the american people. >> joining us now to react from new york is david callahan, a senior fellow at a progressive organization and here in washington former economic advisor to president george w. bush douglas holts eakin. okay, gentlemen, look, we had 368,000 people leave the job force. that was the number. but the bureau of labor statistics has its way of calculating the jobless rate that minimizes it, i think, doug, because it goes down to 8.1%. people think wow that's progress. tell us what it really represents. >> ignore the drop from 8.3 to 8.1. this is unrelentingly bad report. we had 368,000 people give up looking for joonget they're not unemployed they disappear from the statistic. inside that it's even worse.
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we have another measure of employment in the household survey 119,000 fewer jobs. if you like inside the 96,000 jobs we supposedly got, they are heavily concentrated few sectors no job base job both growth they get noon existence. no growth in earnings or hours. no growth. this is not just this month. this is the fourth straight month where we have had a jobs report that might have some teaser at the top that gets people excited but if you look inside it it's a very weak report. >> laura: david, the jobs that were created, the 96,000 jobs that were created sounds good. wow, that's a lot of jobs, but we find out when we dig into the labor statistics these are primarily jobs in the food service industry, waitresses and waitering, no offense to those professions. they don't pay all that much and also the beverage industry so bartenders. i mean, these aren't the good paying jobs that barack obama had promised and spoke so relentlessly about when he first came into office. >> well, yeah.
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there was just a big report the other day that came out which suggested that many of the new jobs being created are these low wage jobs. and actually we saw that during the bush years as well. a lot of low wage jobs are being produced by our economy even in good times. and my concern is, you know, just looking beyond who is to blame game here is these are economy changing and fundamental ways where, you know, a lot of the good jobs are going overseas. a lot of the jobs that are created are these low wage jobs that don't have benefits. and, you know, my fear is that neither political party is addressing this sort of fundamental problem, which is we have a changed economy. we need deep investments and the sort of fundamentals of prosperity. infrastructure, science, things like that. obama talked about that in his convention address. >> laura: when you say investment, this drives me crazy. investment means what? it means federal spending. and when we just added a trillion plus to the u.s. debt in the last fiscal year, for
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this administration, i mean, how much more you can spend? we're spending all the money we take n taxes plus a trillion plus that we have to get from somewhere. where are we getting it from, doug? >> the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. we have heard this for fours year. this is not the plan for the future. you do need fundamental reforms. take on the debt. do entitlement reform, do tax reform. relieve the regulatory burden. there is a path from having bad growth turn into better growth that would be good for everyone. we haven't taken that path. >> laura: david, the democrats clearly last night tried to make this really this case for leveling the playing field, make it fairer and that's going to be good for the economy. and i understand that, bill clinton started that narrative the night before. but, isn't it the case that our economic recoveries have always been based in a vigorous and invigorated private sector creating jobs that end up being jobs that are ultimately good paying jobs with benefits. north pumping money into the
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public sector to hope that spending more money is going to make us better off long run when we don't have the money in the first place. we are out of money. >> just to be clear it's not bill clinton who invented the shared prosperity narrative pay people more and they will be able to participate more in the economy. >> laura: what are we paying them with. >> excuse me, lauer, that was henry ford's idea. pay workers more, shared prosperity. >> laura: before we had the federal income tax. >> laura, let me finish, you have a stronger middle class with shared prosperity the economy is going to do better. one reason the economy a main reason the economy is doing so bad is the middle class is tapped out. why is the middle class tapped out. >> we have no private sector job growth. that's the reason the middle class is tapped out. we can argue about trade. >> even before the 2008 crisis, so much of our income growth was going to that top 1%. you cannot build a robust economic -- robust economy with so much. >> laura: tax everyone at 99% and i promise you and that
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that is not going to create the jobs that are going to raise 99%. >> great taxes invest in education and infrastructure. >> crushing jobs big government and the debt. >> laura: i appreciate it, both of you. we will grade last night's dnc speeches. who passed the test? who got a failing grade? stick around for that report.
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and because -- because of all the actions he took, because of the calls he made, because of the determination america workers and the unparalleled bravery of our forces we can now proudly say what you have heard me say the last six months usama bin laden is dead. and general motors is alive. >> laura: up next, president obama took to the stage and he pounded that class warfare drum. >> i refuse to ask middle class families to give up their deductions for owning a home or raising their kids just to pay for another millionaire's tax cut. [cheers and applause] i refuse to ask students to pay more for college or kick children out of head start programs to eliminate health insurance for millions of americans who are poor and elderly or disabled all so
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those with the most can pay less. i'm not going along with that. >> laura: so did these two sell voters on another four years? here now to assess the speech with me in washington fox news analyst up late kirsten powers and in boston democratic strategist marianne marsh both ladiesy in charlotte for the convention. i gout out of dodge before obama was landing. i felt good about that you were in the arena last night. let's start with biden. he gets up and we were joking during the break there was a drinking game every time he said literally college campuses all across the country that's a fun verbal tick. rate the speech. >> he literally did a reali good job. i know he amuses you a lot. this is one time i think he really did what he needed to do. it was very like a conversation almost with the folks he made the case for obama that in the way that obama can't make for himself. that was the point with the bill clinton michelle obama biden sort of testifying for
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him. i thought it was probably just a little bit better than the president's speech. >> laura: marianne bide is a collosal character he has -- colorful character. he has a lot of friends in washington. he has ability to connect with regular folks. i find him very endearing. i'm going to get tons of hate meal for that -- hate mail for that is he endearing. does the endearing biden flip the switch for any voters? >> absolutely. i mean he is a regular joe. and he comes off as the guy next door. and that is his calling. >> laura: he is not. he is the vice president. >> but he is the guy? scranton getting up there and saying you know what? i work with barack obama every day up close and personal. i see him in his good moments and his bad. let me tell you, he has got what it takes to be a great president for another four years. and to kirsten's point, that's what every speech each night was designed to do. michelle obama validated that barack obama is a good guy and came up just like they -- everybody else, low working
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class, middle class family. bill clinton the guy who said he can put the economy back on track like i did. biden tells everybody everysh fe like scranton that is he a good guy. >> laura: the problem with all of, this of course, is we have facts and figures that don't kind of mesh with he is a great leader aside from killing bin laden, all of those descriptors don't really change the economic report that i bet the president saw before he went up and spoke last night. so, again, the razzle dazzle personal narrative is wonderful to dehold but i said in talking points memo but the reality is what the reality is for most americans. whether or not biden is a great guy which he could very well be. >> i totally agree with that what they were doing is they were saying someone said in the president's speech there was the word choice or choose 21 times. they're trying to set this up. >> laura: mitt romney is not a nice guy. >> not being a referendum on obama which is what the romney wants it to be. okay you got two people here. you have a choice.
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>> laura: coming down to likability. this is all the likability. >> this is a choice and this is the vision of the future. >> laura: let's go to barack obama's speech. i thought it was flat. i thought for obama and his ability to speak, especially with his history of giving speeches that really rousing for his party, i didn't find that it really rose to that level. your take? >> i actually agree that it was flat it was a more somer speech than what he normally does. i thought it was effective. i thought it was very effective. so much of american exceptionism. looking forward laying out the choice narrative. republicans would say, of course, the choice is between us doing the things that we have been doing the last four years, little stimulus, big stimulus, juicing the economy. none of it has worked. came out today, dismal. bloomberg, cnbc financial analysts are in despair over this report. yet, gotten, the razzle dazzle i'm a good guy, trust me.
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we're just going getting going. tell us about this speech every election is about trust. people trust you. that's the first part of the speech i promise to reform healthcare cut middle class taxes get out of -- and now you can trust me because i did those things and kept my word to get the economy back on track and finish putting people back to work. i'm going to do that by basically doing the clinton plan cut the deficit by using the money from the wars we are getting out of to do that invest in jobs and education and raise taxes on people who can afford to pay more. you can trust me to finish this job i just need four more years to get the job done. this was all about trust. >> laura: this was a speech to get out the vote. this was not a speech to reach out to the centrist. this was a get out the vote speech. the convention was abortion, gay marriage, immigration
1:20 am
amnesty and raising taxes. that's not really a swing voter speech, is it? >> no. the first part of it was. if you are for obama it was a -- trust vote undecided voters. >> laura: give me another four more years. great to see you ladies, thanks so much. directly ahead some hollywood liberals stoop to the politics of fear at the dnc? we will take a look at that situation. later up, we have rounded up the convention winners and losers. we will have the list in just a few minutes.
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speakers at the democratic convention made some pretty extreme claims about the republic party. and falling into that category are remarks by actress carey washington who spoke in a
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prime time address last night today, there are people out there trying to take away rights that our mothers, our grand mothers and our great grand mothers fought for. rights that we fought for our rights to vote. our right to choose, our right to affordable, quality education, equal pay, access to healthcare, and we, the people, cannot let that happen. >> laura: republics trying to take a woman's right to vote? wow. that's news to me. joining me now from l.a. politics and race commentator jasmine cannic. i don't know if you are a kerry washington fan or not. >> i am. >> laura: how mitt romney and paul ryan are actually going to show up at the polls and bar the door so women actually cannot vote. do you think maybe we're going
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a little extreme here with some of these charges? >> i think the democratic party is doing what it needs to do to fire up this base. you know, romney or ryan might not be the ones actually, you know, at the door there are legitimate issues when it comes to. >> wait a second. as a woman, i'm actually offended about the fact that kerry washington would say. this i don't know kerry washington. she could be a lovely person. when you are saying that republic candidates are trying to stop women from voting, stop them from getting healthcare, stop them from getting educated, that sounds a little bit like the taliban, not like the republic party that i'm a part of. so i would like to know some examples of where they are trying to do any of these things. >> okay. let's look at ohio and pennsylvania. let's look at the voter i.d.
1:26 am
laws that have been going through the court there that are strongly supported by the governors in the republic party of those states. >> laura: you mean to show an i.d. when you voted? showing an i.d. when you vote? >> yes. >> laura: i have to show ids to get into the convention. we have to show i.d. to go here obama speak but not show i.d. to go vote for obama. come on. i don't want to belabor the point the point is she is someone who made these charges and, the question is, the country is really hurting now. right? and the democrats decided to go, you know, whole hog on mitt romney does -- apparently doesn't want you to use contraception because is he going to block access to contraception which is a available lie. nobody is trying to stop women from using contraception. you jasmine would say if mitt romney was elected women wouldn't get abortions and women wouldn't have contraception. you don't believe that do you? >> i think that under romney
1:27 am
administration it might be a little bit harder. i'm actually scared to live under a romney administration. >> laura: i'm going to allay your fears. what are are you scared of? >> you know what? all of the above. you know, from contraceptives to abortion to whether or not people have access to quality healthcare, have access to quality education, have access to housing. >> when you say access, do you think public schools are going to cease to exist if mitt romney is president or you think that women won't be able to go into a clinic and get an abortion? no, i don't. i find the language, frankly, to be sloppy and i think you're better than that you are better than that if you want to have a substantive argument about mitt romney's policies that's fine, but to say is he stopping women from aborting or having -- using contraceptive devices is ridiculous. what he wants to do is probably not force religious institutions like catholic
1:28 am
universities to have to give abore face drugs or sterilization drugs healthcare plan. that's a religious liberty question. it's not about access it's about who pays. that's two different things. go ahead. >> it's okay. going back to kerry washington and going back to some of the speeches, you know, i like kerry washington. i think that she was sort of giving her marching orders on what to go out there and-to-aand did it she brought it home. does fear work? sometimes it does. sometimes you have to do what you need to do to get your base out to vote. as some of your earlier. >> laura: whether it's dishonest or not. >> i don't think she was dishonest at all. i think she made very poignant points. these are serious issues that the democrats are looking at. >> laura: she didn't address them seriously. she addressed them like someone who gets paid to read other people's lines on a cue card or teleprompter. i mean god bless her but that's just irresponsible. >> she did a great job. >> laura: i think she is a
1:29 am
talented actress but leave the politics to the adults. i appreciate it thanks so much. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. new polling out today shows that mitt romney is gaining steam in his presidential run. we will show you the latest numbers. then geraldo on the democrats flip flopping on god and jerusalem. how much did it hurt the party? we hope you stay tuned to all those reports.
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, we're 60 days out in the presidential race. we're neck and neck. mitt romney is leading barack obama 49% to 46% among likely voters. but the question remains, how will the president's speech effect the polls? with me now is kristen soltis a republic pollster and in new york julia row again ski who is a democratic strategist and fox news contributor. julie, you thought the president's speech was? 3% to 5% undecided. i don't know how many of them will come
1:34 am
everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules, then i need you to vote this november. >> laura: that was a fairly strong point by the president. >> it sounds really nice we don't have any idea how we are going to get there. >> laura: unicorn, too. >> it sounds like a speech he could have given in 2008. the problem is it's not 2008 anymore. people think that he has been trying for four years but not succeeding and so the real question is how is he going to do something different over the next four years that means we won't wind up in the same place? he didn't answer that question last night.
1:35 am
>> laura: julie, the polls are really close neck and neck. swing state polls are are raiser thin margin of the real clear politics average has him within 1, 2 points all of them. i have a prediction and i'm going to go out on a limb here. i think this could be one of the first times that a candidate does not only doesn't get a bounce out of his convention but gives a bounce to the other guy. and romney is actually going to get a bounce from the obama convention. >> oh, my friend. >> laura: tell us what you think about these most recent polls, especially in places like virginia. >> wishful thinking. mitt romney who according to gallup did not get any kind of bounce whatsoever. we will see what obama's bounce is. he will get a bounce not because of what he said. bill clinton's speech michelle obama's
1:36 am
virginia. look, these polls are, you know, i don't like to look at these polls on a day-to-day basis. they shift. what you have to look at is the weekly average, monthly average and where they're trending. and after convention bounces, you know, every year we have convention bounces from one party or another. let's see where we are debates about a month. >> laura: we have $100 million raised by mitt romney in august. is he doing something right because the business community is obviously opening up its wallet for him big time. way outraising money for obama. obama had to bring in rahm emanuel to raise money. is he going hat in hand can you spare 10 million? not a dime. given this, kristen, the strategy on the part of the president is the right one though, really, is it not? he cannot run on his record. he said he would do x. he didn't do x. he said he was going to cut the deficit by half he didn't
1:37 am
do that he has to make it between mitt romney the man and obama mat man. the vision thing is secondary. much more favorable playing field if it's about the personality. >> cool celebrities, a really cool wife. she has great arms. >> really cool jobs report coming out this morning. that makes it much more difficult for him. what worries me if this election is are you letter better off than four years ago obama is trying to make that argument. democrats are confused about what their answer is, obama tried to make the case you are better off the question is who is going to make you better off four years from now. i don't think either candidate has fully made that argument to the person american people which is why i think this election is a toss-up. >> laura: julia, can you close it out for us. what from
1:38 am
counting those votes, aren't they in the arena? is it going to hurt the parties? that report after these messages.
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>> laura: thanks for staying with us, i'm laura ingraham
1:42 am
for bill o'reilly. in the fridays with geraldo segment tonight, convention floor chaos at the dnc. in case you missed it, things got out of hand a little bit for the dems when they attempted a voice vote to amend their party platform to include language that would refer to god, get it back into the platform and jerusalem. >> all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed e say no. >> no. >> i will do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair two thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [crowd boos and applause] >> thank you very much. >> laura: i can still hear the boos coming from the convention.
1:43 am
>> i want a recount. >> laura: joining me now from new york fox news anchor geraldo rivera. you can see him at 10:00 p.m. okay f fnc. geraldo, i felt really bad for the mayor. >> no, you did not. >> laura: i actually did. that was a terrible position to be in. because it was apparently where in the teleprompter that this thing was going to get done one way or another. the fix was in for getting god back into the platform. but you had people who were really ticked off and it was obviously divided. no way two thirds voted to reinsert god. >> i have to do a quick preamble. i was very critical of the republicans. i was down in tampa poor putting in their platform abortion without exemption. anti-gay marriage amendment to the federal constitution. harsh language on immigration. i thought they did not need to take those harsh positions because they already had that vote. so why not broaden the tent? why not, you know, broaden the appeal? why be so partisan.
1:44 am
>> that's what they believe. >> all right. that's what they believe. now, the democrats, i thought, equally self-inflicted a terrible wound on themselves, taking the language of god out as in god-given talents. why in the world. i mean, what extra vote do they get by appealing to this really a secular elite? why take god out? why do that to yourself? and then, of course, the language that jerusalem is no longer the capital of israel. they just took jerusalem all references out. thereby offended i had a long time discussion with professor, offended the jewish vote which they needed in places like florida. they had to then change the platform. he they saw the rehem inept anti-reaction to the platform they adopted. they tried to scramble and do it. guess what at least in the auditorium as constituted the audience has ears. they heard the same thing you and i did, laura, it was
1:45 am
pretty clear that they didn't each get a simple majority much less two thirds of the vote. >> laura: it was ridiculous. >> the tragedy is michelle obama ha had a great speech on tuesday night. then the scandal happens and that's all anyone was talking about. bill clinton, i think, helped retrieve the issue but they were stuck -- it was a pie on their face. >> laura: maybe next time they should make sure that jimmy carter comes to the convention because is he one of those international election observers for the united nations. >> that's a good idea. >> laura: go. >> one of those meters like they have on the talent shows. >> laura: let's move on to cardinal dollan. anthony dolland gave the bendix at the very end of benediction to wrap things up. people were screaming out of the arena but this is what he said. >> thus do we praise you for the gift of life, grant us the courage to defend it. life without which no other rights are secure. we ask four benediction on those waiting to be born that they may be welcomed and
1:46 am
protected. empower us with your grace so that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making. or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community. >> laura: in that prayer, he took down two of the pillars of this convention, right? >> he did. >> laura: abortion on demand and gay marriage. >> he did. >> laura: you are a catholic, right? >> i'm only half catholic and i only half practice i have known every cardinal since feldman in the 1960's, cardinal dollan follows in the great tradition of political activists. most powerful catholic in the united states. he is the pope of america in many ways. he is very charismatic. is he very blunt. he went to the rnc and delivered almost the same benediction there and roundly criticized by the democrats. guess what? you want me to come to your convention i will come to your convention. he went it the democratic national convention and he delivered the same benediction and there it was, you know,
1:47 am
the democrats are saying hey, what did we ask for? they got what they asked for. cardinal dollan wasn't going to soften his message so he delivered the very very hard antiabortion plank. >> pro-life plank. it was a pro-life plank. >> very much. good for him. that's what he believes and that's what the constituents in the catholic church believe so god bless him. >> laura: i appreciate it geraldo so much. factor flashback on deck. o'reilly goes one on one with a liberal nun who held a star well at the dnc this week. don't miss it coming up.
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>> laura: in the factor flashback segment tonight you may have seen sister can a money campbell a catholic nun take on the republic ticket at
1:51 am
her prime time speech at the dnc this week. >> mitt romney and paul ryan are correct when they say that each individual should be responsible. but their budget goes astray in not acknowledging that we are responsible, not only for ourselves and our immediate family, rather, our faith strongly affirms that we are all responsible for one another. >> laura: well, o'reilly sat down with sister simone not too long ago and things got interesting. >> your organization believes the federal budget cuts hurt the poor if the economy collapses under a 16 trillion-dollar debt load the poor and everybody else have going to be decimated have you taken that into account. >> yes we created with our interfaith partners is a faithful budget reasonable revenue to pay for these responsible programs that we saw. one of the things that many people don't realize is that catholic sisters run many programs in our country for low income folks.
1:52 am
we take some of the federal money we leverage it with donations and private contributions and create really amazing responsible programs that we saw. >> bill: and i don't think there is anybody arguing that catholic charities, your organization do amazing work among the poor. let's just stick with the government here for a minute. >> sure. >> because have you called on governor romney to come down and that implies that you believe he doesn't know or doesn't care about the plight of the poor people that's the implication of it? >> i think he may care but the ad that he ran last week described him as being la lazy and not in touch. >> bill: that might be oversimplifying it. >> that's how i heard it. >> bill: it's not my job to defend governor romney. >> okay. >> bill: now, in 19 -- in the early 1970s i worked in appalachia. you know appalachia, right? >> yes, i do. >> remains one the most devastated poorest areas in the country. at that time, unemployment was 11% in the country. i'm sorry, the poverty rate
1:53 am
was 11%. 11%. now, the poverty rate is 15%. it's gone up 4% since 1973. >> but what we have to look at. >> bill: wait, sister. >> i'm sorry. go gone up 20%. despite spending on means to combat that gone up 4%. >> if you look at wages, wages have stayed totally flat during that time and that is more the issue because folks making minimum wage are below folks makingevel whereas in minimum wage were above the poverty level. >> bill: do you want a guaranteed wage is that what you want in this country say every family gets a certain amount of money and if they don't earn it the government gives it to them? is that what you want? >> no the issue is folks that i met on our recent bus trip in milwaukee i met billy, his wife and two kids. his hours got reduced. he is now living below the poverty line. but he continues to work at
1:54 am
his part-time job to keep a roof over his head. >> bill: what is the solution in your mind to that problem? >> i believe that the food stamp program that we have is a supplement. we have agreed to supplement, which are both to the individual but they are also a business supplement because this allows his employer to pay lower wages. >> bill: 35% of the population is now on some kind of welfare here. that's up from 6%. so we are becoming what you, i guess want, they are getting this. it's a trillion dollars a year going into these programs. >> you know, bill, i would really prefer living wages. but. >> bill: so you want a guaranteed wage? is that what you want? >> which one do you want? >> bill: i'm asking you. i'm the interviewer here, sister. >> sorry. >> bill: what's your vision? you are a lobbying group? what are you lobbying for a guaranteed wage? every american family of four gets a thousand? s. that what you want. >> earned income tax credit is
1:55 am
a great program. actually congressman ryan said he favors. >> bill: it tell me what you want, sister. >> what i want is money in the pockets of hard working people living below the poverty level. >> laura: just ahead, we have a look at the winners and losers of the conventions. the round up is 60 seconds away. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. do you toss and turn? wake up with back pain? if so, call us now. you'll learn how the sleep number bed helps relieve back pain by allowing you to adjust the firmness and support to conform to your body for a more proper spinal alignment. just look at this research... ® 93% of participants experienced back-pain relief. plus it's a great value because it costs about the same an innerspring yet lasts twice as long. so if you want to sleep better or find relief for your bad back, call now.
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call the number on your screen for your free information kit with dvd brochure and price list. call now and we'll include a free $50 savings card. call now for your free information and this free $50 savings card. call now! i with me now, jonathan strong. boy, i being fill up three hours of radio. but let's stick with the dnc convention because that's in the minds of most people. who are the big standouts over the past three days? >> two big winners. one is bill clinton -- >> he's back. >> he's at the top of his game. and he has this ability to present complicated policy ideas in a really palpable way.
1:57 am
he did that so well in his speech. i am counting him as one of the big winners. >> when you hear him talk about the issues and the numbers and the percentages, i am thinking, how is it that the democrats sound better than mitt romney on business? mitt romney has to take it up a notch to go head to head with that. who else? >> julian castro. he gets on screen and he has this ineffable quality that makes him instantly likeable. i was very, very impressed with his speech. >> what is his political future? texas. republican state. he's a mayor, but the republicans trotted out governor after governor. have you to start somewhere. mayor giuliani was a star. he's a young guy. he is fairly charismatic, but it's a long haul from being mayor of san antonio to higher office. >> it's a long haul from senator
1:58 am
from illinois as president. >> we hop from mayor to the president? look at your credentials. i am teasing you. how about the losers of the democrat convention? who misseded the mark? >> debbie wasserman-schultz had a brutal week. a couple of episodes here. one, she saysa that the israeli ambassador told her something. he said he didn't say it -- >> he thinks romney would be a disaster for israel, something like that. turns out, he didn't say that. >> what republicans are doing is dangerous for israel. then she goes on fox, denies she said it. the reporter posts the audio with the exact words and quoted her saying. you know, now it's kind of out there, just an awkward moment for her. the other thing is that she was caught yawning during obama's speech. >> we are all guilty of that. it was a 48-minute stem winder.
1:59 am
that's classic clinton. it's typical clinton. big, broad, but undisciplined. you know? full of himself, never ends. what about michelle obama? she was the belle of the ball. >> everyone was so impressed in the media and the convention floor loved her. she comes away with a higher profile from that speech. >> running for office or a talk show? she did the michelle signature. i thought that was big. what was that? that was like oprah. jonathan, great to see you. thank you. that's it for us. be sure to check out bill's new best seller, number 1 on the new york times list, "lincoln's last days," it's on sale everywhere. teachers, you can get info on bill o' have you to listen to my daily radio show for the longer version of the take on the conventions. you can go to


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