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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 8, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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ichltd. >> jamie: this week on the journal, editorial report. president obama and the democrats ab we'll be exactly what would a second obama term look like. we've got some ideas and with the conventions behinds us, the real fun begins, where the candidates stand as we head into the fall campaign. >> i'm asking you to rally
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around a set of goals, education, manufacturing national security and the deficit. reasonable plans that will lead to new jobs and we bring this economy on a stronger foundation. that's what we can do in the next four years and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. . >> paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot, that was president barack obama making his case in charlotte, north carolina for a second term in the white house. with another disappointing jobs report released just hours after his speaking, and unemployment above 8% for the 43rd month in a row, did the president get the job done? joining the panel this week, wall street journal columnist den henninger. jason riley, editor james freeman and washington
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columnist kim strassel. jason, let's start with you. how effective was the president's case for reelection? >> i don't think it was very effective. i thought was a pretty-- a performance last night typical liberal change, shared responsibility, but i think it was more significant for what he didn't talk about, paul. obamacare, not a lot on jobs, not a lot on the stimulus. these are that defined his presidency and not using them to make the case for his reelection. >> paul: he didn't defend some of the core programs in an elaborate way for his first term. what is the case for reelection. what did he say, why should we elect him again? >> things could have been worse, but for me-- >> okay. and for the next four years, it could have been worse, is that the-- >> you have to ignore the first term, basically of the
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obama administration. there's a cons standpoint look to the future saying things are going to be better, but i thought it was interesting, it seemed to be narrowly targeted messages to interest groups and i think for a worker who doesn't make either solar panels or cars, you're wondering what's in it for me. it's specifically targeted to the specific industry where you like the favor. >> kim, were there any real policy differences from the first term that he offered here in the speech? i kept listening for them. was there anything? >> not a one. we were waiting, we were waiting and there wasn't anything. look, i think what's important here, the obama campaign did what they think they need to do. >> what was that? >> and which were two things, one was making the argument that the problems we have were a result of the republican policies and if you allege mitt romney, you go back to that and two, to make the arguments to go out there and try to gin up enthusiasm among the very specific sub groups of voters.
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women, hispanics and youth vote. that's the strategy to go ahead and i think could you argue the lack of specifics in a second term maybe was lacking, didn't help him with independents and some of those voters, but that's what they set out to do and they think they did it. >> now, paul, for all that. friday morning unemployment report was a reality check for that convention, and a splash of cold water. he's the president of the united states and next day he wakes up 368,000 more people have given up looking for work in addition to the other hundreds of thousands that have given up. that's a complete contradiction to the whole mood of this convention and turned the corner and give me two more years, we're on the right track. those numbers are not on the right track and that's the reality of the american people have in their heads as they go into this. >> i agree with you on that, labor force participation rate, the low s since 1981, 65.3%. if that's the reality you're dealing with, jason, the case is, if we only do more of the
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same, then things will turn the corner, and we make progress, we'll turn the corner and if that persuades them-- >> perhaps. the question, to get back to what kim said, those arguments were made at the convention, obama didn't make them in his speech, but they were made by others and the question is, is that good enough or do people need to hear it from the president. but i think particularly in the case about, you know, i was-- i inherited this mess and clinton of course, makes the point strongest, i inherited a mess and haven't had enough time to clean it up and that's the case that romney is making for firing the clin-- clinton said that's holding obama to i am impossibly high standard. >> paul: and i want to listen to elizabeth warren at the convention. >> people feel like the system is rigged against them and
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here is the painful part. they're right. the system is rigged. look around. oil companies guzzle down billions in profits, billionaires pay lower tax rates than their secretaries and wall street the same ones who wrecked our economy and destroyed millions of jobs still strut around congress, no shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them. >> paul: so, kim, raw economic populism. who is that message aimed at, what voter groups? >> it's aimed at independents in particular and this was a very prominent theme at this convention and it goes to one of mr. romney's greatest challenges, is the democrats day in and day out are attempt to go rewrite history and talk about, argue that it's the system and business in particular that got us into the economic mess we're in. romney hasn't necessarily dressed that so far and that's
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one of the things he's going to have to do. >> how can you run against the system you've been in charge of for four years. >> and also, i think the most important line in obama's speech, not as shrill a tone as lelizabeth warren, but along the lines of business, tried the bold experimenttation that franklin roosevelt pursued in the 1930's, i have no idea how this line could get into a speech. not something to appeal to independents, but it's a message that to the extent business is focused on it, it's going to be very scary, and creating uncertainty and we're going to get more of this for the jobs report. >> how should romney respond to the argument that bill clinton made that nobody could clean up this mess in four years. >> he should respond to that, we came out of the recession in 2009 and should have had a higher growth rate than 4%, not much better than 2%. 1. 1.5 in the last quarter and 8% unemployment for 43 months,
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you cannot split a president, a president for four years, from that economic record, it's impossible. >> paul: so you have to link it to obama's policies. we've got more to talk about. he's made his case for four more years, do we really know what a second term would look like? the obama agenda part two next.
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ichltd. >> jamie: >> they want your vote, but they don't want you to know their plan because all they have to offer is the same they've had for the last 30 years. have a surplus, try a tax cut. deficit too high. try another. feel a cold coming on, take two tax cuts, roll back some regulations and call us in the morning. >> paul: that was the president's take thursday
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night on the g.o.p. agenda and what a romney-ryan administration might look like. so, what might a second obama term bring, dan, what did we learn about the second term agenda? >> nothing, nothing whatsoever. >> paul: really? did he say more of the same only a little less? >> more of the same, okay, let's -- in the economic realm, more of the same would be another 800 billion dollar stimulus because the keynesian stimulus is the only economic idea they have under these circumstances. >> paul: hire more teachers. >> hire more teachers, spend more money. that would be very difficult to get through congress and i think on the other side of what he will not talk about is the second term of what will be an unprecedented exercise of executive authority in power. 's going to use the agencies to get, finish his agenda. 's going to use the environmental protection agency, the independence review board on medical care and the consumer protection agency to regulate financial industry. i think this president's done with congress.
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>> jason? >> and he's going to your point about the stimulus, the stimulus that he wants. he's going to need more to pay for that, a massive bush tax hike. a massive bush, he wants a new normal for government spending in the country and he wants, obviously, the complete enactment of obamacare and maybe require more government spending and going forward at a higher level. >> and his argument,'s been saying in the interview, if you reelect me, the republicans will be chasened and no choice, but a grand budget bargain on my term, big tax increase and fiddling on the edge of entilements and major defense cuts. is that what we're likely to see if he does win? >> i think that the voters, for the american taxpayers, the pressure for a tax increase will become more intense because the interest rates are likely to rise and the government is going to be even more, be under great pressure to come in with more revenue to pay the bills, and so, i think what you're going
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to see is intense pressure from the tax increase, but sort of like the movie the producers, if he ever actually got his buffet rule, people would find out how little of government it would pay for and i think that's a problem for him in the second term. he actually succeeds. >> what about the partisanship question, kim. remember the president said he would be able to deal with republicans in the second-- in the first term and he thought that could calm, the nastiness in politics and that certainly hasn't happened. do we have any reason to believe that his reelection would lead to less fierce, nasty, ugly partisanship? >> no, i mean, here is the thing that nobody wants to confront is barack obama's reelected, the chances are that washington is going to be configured very much the way it is right now, are very high. the republicans are likely to keep the house, they might gain a seat or two in the senate. might even win the senate, but whatever happens they're going to call it a split decision by the voters and say we have as much backing out there in the
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country to continue what we've been pushing as you. so, this is a rescue for mr. gridlock and brinksmanship than the tax hikes issues. >> what about education and immigration reform. those are things where the republicans and democrats do see some common ground and i stress immigration reform at all in the speech and talk about education, any hope for movement on that ground, jason? >> i'm -- on immigration, yes, but of the type of immigration reform that i don't think republicans want to see, which is more executive order, decision, doing what he can from the white house, around congress. >> and he's poised for the wealth and by doing that, the republicans-- >> and the biggest chapter for some promise might come from education, where he is pushed for charter schools and i think you can-- see him continue to do that. i think that might be one area where you might see some progress. >> i think if you were listening to joe biden and if
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was telling the truth, expect no compromise. he says barack obama does not back down. so i think we could expect more of the same judging by what the vice-president is telling. >> he's going to push for an even larger tax increase, more revenue, don't back down? >> that would-- >> well, advisors to the obama campaign told a journal reporter earlier this week, tried bipartisanship in 2011, won't make that mistake again. >> paul: okay, fine. when we come back good for journalism, maybe not for the country, but journalism. with the conventions behind us, the real race begins. a look where the two
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>> with the conventions
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behind us, attention now turns to the race ahead. the latest from real clear politics poll average has the two presidential candidates in a dead heat. so, the democrats will be a big bump out of charlotte or is mitt romney in striking distance of president obama as the final stretch again. so, kim, hold tight right now after the republican convention, and what about after the democratic convention, is obama going to get a bump in the lead. he's going to get a little bump. i think he will. this convention actually went up well and reach the people that hadn't been out there. and i think the bigger story what you mentioned in the open, what you've seen over the last month is a steady erosion of his lead over president obama, pretty much ever since president obama chose paul ryan and they had their own convention, we start this two month election season in a dead heat and the prompts are probably going to be pretty close to each other for the forseeable future. >> paul: that puts the premium
11:21 pm
on the debates. but a challenger less well-known than the president is running, he's got to make the case to look presidential in the debates and particularly on foreign policy issues, look in command and one thing obama will do, he will project confidence and he'll play off his experience. >> yeah, but romney seems to have the edge among a lot of voters on foreign policy, but i think it's actually on the economics where the task for romney is clear, he basically has to explain how his plan will grow the economy and jobs and has to puncture this obama myth that his policies are somehow ones of the bush administration. >> paul: and that means tax reform in particular. obama really did, we heard in the clip earlier, really did go after romney on taxes. >> yeah. >> paul: and said this is what they try and only help the rich. romney has to explain why that reform actually helps the middle class. >> thank heavens obama did that. romney has to step up to the plate. i tell you, i think the table has been set for a romney
11:22 pm
victory. tell you why, barack obama's approve/disapprove has been 48, 48. >> or lower. >> he's basically flat-lined. nothing in the debate suggested it would raise. and nothing in the convention suggested he's going to do that and now up to mitt romney to make the case for the 2%. >> and what vulnerabilities if the democrats for romney, he has to address. >> i think touch on foreign policy. >> paul: really? >> i think that something the at the democratic convention successfully did, the tributes to the troops were quite moving and quite effective and i think that obama does want to talk about foreign policy. and i ended the war in iraq, bringing home the troops in afghanistan, i killed bin laden, and he says throw that-- >> how does romney do that, sounding presidential and sounding confident on the issue?
11:23 pm
and doesn't want to debate on afghanistan. >> no, he doesn't. the fact of the matter is, the war is somewhat unpopular even on the right. so, it's a challenge for romney. and foreign policy, and of course, being a governor, and his life story has not brought about a lot of foreign policy experience and he's made some gaffes. >> paul: jim, if you-- talk to the strategists, and their advantage they say always comes down to the electoral college and romney simply has to win too many states that obamacare i had in 2008. he basically has to do an inside straight to carry the states. right now, the only romney-- the only obama states from 2008 that romney is ahead in, is indiana, which he probably put away and north carolina, but florida, ohio, virginia, the rest, got a slight obama lead. what does it say about dan's point that it's a setup for a romney victory. >> i think that, one of the other things that you saw over the last month though again is a steady erosion of the obama lead in some of the swing states.
11:24 pm
so they're now poised to actually do well if they continue to make the case that everyone's been talking about in some of those states. but they have to do exactly what james said. they've got to go out and explain tax report and can't drop these other things on medicare and entitlement reform. they were beat up again on that and the democratic convention and they're going to have to continue to fight them on that. >> and one thing romney has to do, but bill clinton did for barack obama is explain some of the issues. and just matter of fact, factual point to take some of the fear out of it and explain in ways that people understand. >> that's what i'm suggesting. it's not complicated. mitt romney is a salesman. mitt, go out and sell your presidency. >> the other good thing coming out of this convention, the democrats obviously don't have any new material on bain. they brought up a few old examples of companies that were basically on their way to failing before bain capital bought them.
11:25 pm
not any new material here. i think if you think of the american people ready to fire obama, this was not a good week for obama in terms of making romney unacceptable. >> paul: and changed and-- well, sorry, we've got to go. we have to take one more break. when we come back, our hits and misses of the week. people we rely on in the morning
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>> time now for hits and misses. week. >> this is a miss for the michigan supreme court, this week over the okays of governor rick snyder, put a union-promoted initiative on the november ballot that ostensibly enshrines the right to collective bargaining in the constitution. the problem with in is it's a broad and restricts the state to do anything any reform to rein in public sector costs and this is the latest background out of the reforms from wisconsin and people better start paying attention.
11:29 pm
>> paul: thank you, james. >> this is a miss for attorney general eric schneiderman, two months before an election, decide today launch an investigation of bain capital. how is that? >> it's discretion. >> the highest in the new york state is going to smear the presidential rival in the middle of an election. >> paul: and-- >> the timing is curious. >> paul: yes. >> the end of the two conventions a hit by drawing attention to the 92-year-old kentucky farmer and world war ii gentleman, gunned down a burglar in the home this past week and has no regrets and a national hero for bravery and protecting himself. as clint eastwood might say, you've got to be asking yourself would a rugged individual like him be invite today the republican national convention or the democratic national convention. >> and the question is, why did this investigation leak at this time. you're not supposed leak that
11:30 pm
you're investigating someone before they're charged. if you have anything, e-mail us at and thanks to my panel and for all of you for w i'm paul gigot. hope to see you you here next week. >> jon: on fox news watch. >> now you're having a good time and now let's get serious and i want to you listen. >> jon: they put out the big political players with a plan for the next four years and it was quite the show. >> feel a cold coming on, take two tax cuts and roll back regulations call us in the morning. >> jon: which members of the media got caught up in the razzle dazzle. >> all of those delegates opposed say no. >> jon: the democrats message was mixed when god and israel's capital get cut from the platform and jammed back
11:31 pm
in in a very messy why. why did most in the media ignore the controversy? two conventions, two candidates, two very different types of coverage and two clear examples of blatant media bias by the mainstream press, is this what to expect leading up to election day. and what handout at the democratic convention caused this frenzy? on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor, judy miller. syndicated columnist cal thomas and jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the conservative magazine, and ellen ratner of the talk radio news service. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. ♪ well, that was the scene on thursday night, following barack obama's acceptance speech in charlotte, bringing
11:32 pm
the three-day democratic convention to a close. we'll talk about the media coverage of the president's speech in a minute. but first, something that happened earlier in the the week which most of the media seemed to ignore. >> i'll do that one more time. all those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair, two-thirds have voted in the affirmative, the motion is adopted and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. >> jon: that's los angeles mayor, the chairman of the democratic convention calling for a third vote to amend their platform, this time to include god and reconfirm jerusalem as the capital of israel. it didn't seem to get much attention in the mainstream media, jim. why not? >> it could be because the mainstream media didn't want to make the democrats look bad.
11:33 pm
by contrast, if this would have been the republican, the chairman of the republican convention would have done the voice votes. it didn't appear two-thirds, but they would have had the acoustical engineers and sound checks and which is bigger, the people in the white t-shirts would have been household names now and on the today show, telling how atrocious the republicans are. instead it was the democrats and sweetness and light, abc news didn't touch the story. nbc news gave it like ten seconds. >> and i want to say, we talked about this earlier in the week, jim and i, but i want to say, listen, it was the hottest story on talk radio, both from the right and the left, every talk radio host asked us about it, and so, maybe mainstream media didn't take care of it, but radio absolutely went after it like nothing, nobody's business. >> and so did the stoeocial media, the other defining feature of both conventions,
11:34 pm
but especially the democratic convention, with the inten-- and you could not get on twitter. >> and up front here, the book says meaningless, meaningless, all is meaningless and the whole thing about god, even god got booed. would god want to be identified with a pro-abortion, pro same sex marriage, 16 trillion dollar debt? i don't think so. but and then the whole jerusalem thing, the media never brings this up. every administration says that jerusalem is the capital and then the state department doesn't recognize it, so, it's all phony baloney and they were off script, which was the big story in this, this got out of hand and unable to control it. >> and then the spins about what happened here, and whether it was an oversight or an accident, whether president obama had approved the platform, that was shot down. and then, we were told that he personally intervened to put god and jerusalem back in.
11:35 pm
>> right. >> and if this had been a republican convention and every reporter would have swarmed the platform and the republicans, and tick-tock, tick-tock, instead. abc most astonishing on this. david muer took caroline kennedy aside and she's not elected, and said do you think if uncle ted were here today, do you think-- it was a leading question. don't you think that ted kennedy is part of the convention after all? you know, i miss, i miss, it was embarrassing what they used the journalistic resources for. >> i want to maintain had the convention been switched around and this was at the beginning and the democrat, beginning of the week, i think it would have gotten that attention. and you also have to take a look at the pious factor, you're so anxious to put so much on-- >> and all the energy they need today interview michelle obama and bill clinton and caroline kennedy. and that's what they want
11:36 pm
today do. they didn't want to do anything hard. they wanted to ask michelle obama, when barack obama gets off the stage, what do you say to him. >> i agree with you on that one. >> and former president bill clinton spoke to the convention and earned himself front page coverage in the new york times and probably a lot of other papers, with his speech. >> and some people even, i even saw some of the conservative blogs that that photo that you just showed, was of president clinton purposely trying to hide president obama's face. >> and i believe the gentleman next to you has that theory. >> you're right. and the guy is a showman. he knows what he's doing, and he could be in the theater. i mean, he's out there and doing 50 minutes with the president cooling his heels behind the curtain and comes out and hugs him and puts his face-- they do this in the movie, the big star gets the-- >> do you think he really tried to do that. >> absolutely. >> oh, really? >> we can agree that the coverage was a bit vaunted,
11:37 pm
but there's a media and the democrats this a very, very good and strong convention. >> but i do want to say this might have been here too long or watching news watch for too long, but i have to tell you, monday night or tuesday night i was exhausted and decided to go back to my hotel and watch michelle obama's speech and i saw george and whoever that, diane sawyer, i guess her name, yeah, right. diane sawyer on tv and they he were fawning over the speech and i was quite shocked by it. >> speaking of that rick klein is the senior he had for for diane sawyer tonight. tweeted this speech, meaning clinton's speech, was a living breathing organism, the hall, and speech at one. >> more like orgasm, and her like princess diana. >> and judy, said media were fawning and the democrats had a good convention.
11:38 pm
and really the same statements you made. >> they are not. >> rachel maddow, and confronted, and reviewed the michelle obama speech, oh, my god. that's a pretty good review. >> that's the president, he's god, he's god, got the wrong dety. >> jon: and the huffington post called tt king's speech. and which convention was more of a party for the political press? >> the republican convention is over. ♪ the democratic convention done, too. which party's party had the press dancing in the aisles? and cheering for a win? and what can we expect from the media now? find out nex
11:39 pm
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11:41 pm
>> the republican convention shortened by a day because of a hurricane threat held the media spotlight for three days and that spotlight then moved to charlotte for the past week for the coverage of the
11:42 pm
democratic convention and about 15,000 members of the media attended each one. both conventions featured the wives of the candidates trying to convince voters their husband is the best choice and the rising stars in both parties also made prime time appearances taking their turn to ref up the crowd and the vice-president pick gave their speeches and gave the american people a chance to compare two choices and the two candidates did their best to convenes voters that their plan is the best for america's future. and so, you know, the same kinds of conventions from each side of the aisle. how would you compare the coverage? >> well, actually, i was interested to see the wrath with the w in there, with a hollywood publication, the big breakout star was marco rubio, talk about a man bite dog story. >> i can agree with that except one of the networks found it convenience to cut off two minutes of his speech
11:43 pm
to go to commercial and never would have happened with the democratic convention, never. >> what about the coverage of the platforms, ellen, you know, the republican platform was derided as extreme and right wing and so, for the democratic platform didn't steam to get the same kind of scrutiny. >> it did, although i have to say that the democrats-- i mean, it did in terms of one issue, but we pretty much knew where the democrat platform was going, it's been in one form or another very similar since 1948, actually, in which first came out with some health care. but it's interesting, the democrats actually put a copy of the platform on everybody's seat and all the media got it, too. so they did a different kind of thing with this platform and i don't think that was covered at all by any actually. >> brian williams of nbc was preoccupied with the republican platform and its lack of exception on the abortion plank, but he had nothing to say when it came to the democratic platform totally open on abortion up to
11:44 pm
the moment of live birth and partial birth. a double standard. so the other thing that the media doesn't do or covered the two conventions differently, is that they're preoccupied with a lack of diversity and ideological diversity, how come there aren't more moderates or pro choice republicans. they don't ask the same thing as democrats. why aren't there pro-life democrat, and they have a singular ideology viewpoints. >> i thought things were more narrow, but in terms of singularity, i think it was the republicans name me a pro-life democrat. >> well, they didn't speak, but they're there. >> they are? >> and if the issue is, how the media covered this. and pat goodell was writing, and name three stories that should have gotten attention and didn't. valerie jarrett, white house aide gets secret service protection, how does that
11:45 pm
happen. dav david plouffe, he was with on with george stephanopoulos and a national security advisor that is 172,000, and pension at 55 years old. still working and 148,000 a year more from, from what's left of fannie mae, none of those stories got any traction at all in the mainstream media. >> and hats off to john carl, media note. for putting out one of the three steel workers trotted out in front of the democratic national convention who got up there and said, you know, mitt romney is bad because bain capital closed our company and we lost our jobs. one of them didn't work at the company. he was a union organizers. >> the same problem that they had with that ad that was put out by one of the non-affiliated super pacs, on the obama committee. they need to do better in the fact checking department and i actually think the press, they
11:46 pm
did that and-- >> isn't this the party that's running our country right now? >> yes, it is. >> running or ruining? >> brit hume was very struck by something that i also-- occurred to me as i was watching both the republicans and democratic national conventions, he said he was getting a little tired of the destitution derby here. is there a candidate who's grandfather didn't work in a coal mine and who's grandmother-- you know, after a while it got to be a little bit too much. it sounded like a soap opera, both conventions. >> can i give chris mathews great credit here, came up with entirely new metaphor, instead of the thrill up the leg that barack obama gave him, i thought that if bill clinton landed on mars, would he know how to do it with them and know how to reproduce and do everything. and this is a new strategy, bill clinton fathering children with aliens on mars, a great bit.
11:47 pm
>> jon: much more news watch ahead. imagine that in your mind as we take a break. if you see something that you feel is evidence of media bias, e-mail us at news has the political season been too exhausting for some in the media? >> the conventions are over and now on to the big debates and the big day. are the media up for the challenge or have they already checked out? and on the topic of checks, has all the campaigning fact checking by the media helped or hurt the covexfn]úuxipipa@ax
11:48 pm
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11:50 pm
>> well, presidential campaigns are supposed to be the greatest show in american politics. infused with big ideas and historical importance and yet after 16 months and enduring a
11:51 pm
republican primary and two man contest so car with gaffes, rapid fire news cycles, even the best political reporters want the whole thing over with. this is from dylan meyers at politico,.com. are the media getting tired of all this? >> well, they should be. it's just been exhausting and i kept wondering about the 15,000 reporters at these conventions and the stories across america and the world that didn't get covered because they were all worrying about the same, really, silly things because neither party offered us any specifics how they're going to solve the problems that confront us and meet the challenges that they promised to address. >> now, it's interesting that dylan meyers again and even quoted chuck todd, talked about how this is one big market tested campaign and we are all reporting this, the victim of. >> and the 19th century model. we're way beyond that and we
11:52 pm
don't need, mr. chairman, from the great state of the pancake maker, the future home of this-- you know, come on, that's so old hat and the floor reports to get on the floor for the mississippi delegation to fight over the seating of the integrated party of 1964. nothing is happening on the floor so the anchors go down and tell us what the mood is down there. ooh. >> you're right. cal is right the conventions have sort of lost a deliberative function they might have and now the fact-checking this phenomenon we used to have journalism to check fact and journalism plus fact checking and now assault on the fact checkers as another venue. >> jon: we're going to get to fact checking in a minute, but mark liebvich of the new york times, political, what's been missing this year, for lack of a better word, joy. since when are the candidates
11:53 pm
and the campaign supposed to bring joy to reporting. >> especially in an era we have over 8% unemployment, and now we're talking about 16 trillion dollars and i mean, this is ridiculous. >> and you see the press advanced for either campaign, and better by the the reports of joy, they'll do it. they understand the value to that. and happy reporters, well fed and their platform-- >> well, i maintain that a lot of people don't cover the campaigns because they're older reporters and don't like being treated by the young stampers in that way and rebel-- what about the fact checking? that's a big theme in the convention? >> the fact is, ap tried to fact check obama's speech. in an example work, they played a twitter feed. >> the fact checkers are attacking the fact checkers. each candidate have their own
11:54 pm
facts and you don't like the facts that he comes out with, you attack him and the people supporting kessler attack them. and it was an excellent job. >> a really good piece and what was misleading and what was absolutely wrong and as a result, as jim says, they got pillaried for it. >> and the same issue that had a photo of the manhunt between the former president and the current president, peter baker wrote this, this is a president, referring to president obama, who has yet to realize the lofty expectations that propelled him from obscurity to the oval office. another way of saying he's not living up to the job, i guess, and who's idealism or naivete, or hubris has been tempered, and make a better president the next four years, he promised a lot of things four
11:55 pm
years ago that have not come true. why are the media not making more of that. >> let's compare this to an auto mechanic. you go in, get your car fixed and a huge bill and falls apart after you drive it off the lot. and the mechanic says, give me more money and i'll fix it. he promised four years ago, he fixed it, he didn't therefore he should be fired. the media don't pick up on
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>>. >> jon: one of perks for delegates and media attending the conventions, the bag of swag transit ketsd provided by sponsors and party organizers. you get lots of them. it included umbrellas and rain ponchos and water bottles and nut bars. california delegates received a presidential barbie doll. and at the democratic convention they received a copy of harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. how a wizard defies the odd overcoming great evil to set things right in the world. then we saw the video from the democratic convention provided by the media research center. a member of the team swarmed by convention attendees.


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