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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  September 9, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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what would cause this are frengz si? the answer, this hot item. journalists for obama t-shirts. they sold out. we're not exactly sure how many journalists got one. they were popular. >> and god gets booed in the dnc. why was god such a sore topic in the convention. and i didn't say he said that. the democrat party chair caught lying about israel's view of republicans. israel's deputy speaker respond. and chuck noris said the president is fundmentally transforming america. >> we can no longer sit quietly and watch our country go the way of socialism or something worse.
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chuck noris against a second term of president obama. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. hello, everybody. and what a great audience we have here today and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. here is a confession we want to make to start the show. i am really, really glad that the political conventions are over! look, it is not that i am unhappy or don't care about politics, i do. unlike some people who eat it up in the way a spectator or overweight man in the man cave in front of the big screen tv and cheatos watching nfl. i like politics and i know what
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it is like to be on the field, but i have to tell you my favorite moment of all of the political conventions was this. >> now to get this convention was adjourned. >> and i am just glad it is over. two weeks. back to back i am burned out. in case you missed either of the political conventions or if you saw every minute, i want to give you a taste of the memorable moments with the added attraction of my never very objective and highly opinionated view of the moments. early in the week we had word that the dnc left things out of the platform and been in there before. it caused so much grief they had to change it back and put the word god in there and acknowledge the capitol of israel as jerusalem. >> all of the delegate in favor
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say aye. aye. all of the delegates say no. in the opinion. let me do that again. all of those delegates in favor say aye. all of those delegates opposed say no. no. i,um, i guess -- i will do that one more time. all of those delegates in favor say aye. aye. all of those delegates opposed say no. and the opinion of the chair two thirds voted in the affirmative and the motion is adopt the
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platform has been amended as shown on the screen. [applause] >> okay. it was a priceless moment . first of all it is the first time in american history where there was a split vote on god. i have one word for the chairman. bell tone. you need a hearing device mr. mayor. if you really thought that 2-thirds of that crowd said aye. i thought i had a hearing issue. brother, you have a big one i tell you that now. what a moment and embarrassing moment and distraction and not just embarrassing but what a revealing moment. what a revealing moment to say that we are not sure we want to put god back in the language of our platform and then to say we are not too sure whether we will stand by israel or not. this was a convention about relecting president obama and a time for democrats and the
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president himself to explain why he deserves another four years. >> america, i never said the journey would be easy and i will not promise that now. yes, our path is harder but leads to a better place. yes, our road is longer but we travel it together . we don't turn back. we leave no one behind and we pull each other up and we draw strength from our victoris and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixod that distant horr horizon knowing that providence is with us and we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on earth. thank you, god bless you and god bless theses united states. god bless you is good but a caught that caught my ear. when he said.
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the road may be longer. now let me think about that. four years ago we started on the same road. four years later, the road is longer? how deco does a road get longer if you are traveling on it four years already. does that mean we have gone back wards and we will try again to catch up. maybe that would tell us what we need to know in november if we are further behind as we started on the road just a thought from my part. >> all week long democrats are asked to decide if americans were better off than they were four years ago. >> president obama took office and the economy was in free fall and shrunk nine full percent of the gdp and losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that
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today? the worry is yes. >> that is a big surprise. i am glad he revealed that to us. 23 million americans out of work and 365,000 out of the work force i guess a lot of us are not seeing it all stack up that we are doing better. gas is twice as high as four years ago . food prices are up 15 percent and more merrence lost their home to foreclosure. we have lowest number of people in the job force since 1981. dick morris had the best comment about the brilliant job that president clinton did. it was a fantastic speech. but he assessed it this way. it was like maybe a defense attorney giving the closing arguments, very passionately for his clientt when he knew he was guilty. that is just dick's thought and i think he may be right. so another big moment this week.
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texas mayor julian castro gave the address. >> it sichoice where the middle class pay more where the millionaires pay less or everybody pays their fair share so we reduce the deficit and create the jobs of the future. >> that was a san antonio mayor julian castro . when he said he just wants everyone to pay their fair share particularly the millionaires. let me break news to him. top five percent income earners pay pen percent of all taxes in the country. let me repeat that. obviously it hasn't sunk in to the folk in the democratic parity. the villanized group of people that they like to beat up on. pay pen percent of all taxes in the country. and when he talks about the fair share, remember that 50 percent of the people in the country pay
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no federal text tax. they may pay state and local but not at the federal level. i am not sure you end up with a fair share and five percent don't pay anything and maybe we need to talk about a fair share. somebody ain't getting a fair share . finally, i want you to hear the message played in a video in the dnc conscrention in charlotte. >> we are committed to all people. we do believe that you can use government in a good way. government is the only thing we all belong to. >> hum. government is the only thing we all belong to. i think government has a wonderful purpose. our founders were right. but let me challenge the idea that government is the only thing we all belong to. we all belong to government? you see the founding fathers had it differently.
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they thought government belong to us . we are governed by the consent of the govern they wrote that in the constitution. we understood that we get our authority and rights not from the government but from god and that the government is simply there to protect our god-given rights and not give them to us. we don't belong to the government and they don't own us and we own them. we are the boss and they are the servants. and maybe that is why there is a difference of opinion between the folks on the left and right today. are we individualist or collectivist. i belong to god first and the country is something that we all own and it belongs to use. government is not our god. just my thoughts. so coming up .
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the deputy speaker of israel knesset will be reacting to the vote on israel on the dnc . democratic party chair womans unfortunate mistruths when we come back. i would love to hear from you. go to or sign up on facebook and follow me on twitter.
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>> remember last week we played debby wasserman shultz about me. >> i think mike huckabee's comment is an example of how he is not familiar with strong women. >> it is dishonest women's that i am not familiar with.
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can debby wasserman shult said israel's ambassador to the united states michael lauren said republicans are dangerous for isisrael. he responded to her accusation with a statement. i category deny i ever characterized republican policies to be harmful to israel. bipartisan support is parrament and we have great friends on the both sides of the aisle. wasserman said conservatives twisted her word oz purpose. >> i didn't say he said that. and unfortunately that comment was reported by a conservative newspaper not surprising they would misquote me. >> but guess what surfaced after that interview. a tape of wasserman shultz saying what she denied saying. >> we know and i have heard no
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ambassor michael lauren what republicans are doing is dangerous for israel. >> okay. joining me now deputy speaker of the israeli knesset. author of the book. great to see you. thank you for coming. >> israel was uncharacteristica willly in the center of attention in the democratic national convention in part of the language left out of the platform regarding jerusalem being the capitol and they put it back in. how did that strike you and other members of the israeli government when that happened. >> it was not pleasant for us and it was a mistake and looking at the platform and president obama, what he did regarding jerusalem. he told us two years ago not to build home in jerusalem. i can tell you and i tell you in the book, president obama was not a friend of israel. he was pushing us to make
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concessions in jerusalem and i can tell you one thing with all due respect. jerusalem will be the capitol of israel and the jewish people no matter the decision of any convention. >> americans agree that jerusalem is the capitol of israel. your book comes out in a timely moment because there is so much attention what is going on in israel and the relationship to iran. i am not asking to you tell state secrets. but does the average israeli feel that the united states is poise to stand with israel in event of a conflict with iran over the nuclear monument. >> that means to act or do something. and we see speechs and conventions and un is next in two weeks time and they will come and deliver a speech. we don't see action. action is crippling sanctions and we need leadership in the
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white house to take action on iran. it is in your back yard. maybe we are in the front line but it will come to the shores of the u.s.. iran is a threat to the american people. >> i think a lot of us are concerned that israel is not the primary target. it is what your book talks about. israel is the big satan but they see the u.s. as big satan and ultimate target. whaps to israel is a precoursor to the united states. iran said they will wipe israel off of the map. >> it is clear. they are not hiding. first they go after the jew in israel and after that we'll go after the sunday people the christians . what we are seeing today, it is not a real partnership.
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you defend with your friend and allies and the window of opportunity will be closed on us. and israel will have to act by itself it is harder but we can't wight forever. when you have a leader who is full of hatred against the jewish people you can't wait to see if he is serious or not. >> democrats have been very strong for israel both democratic presidents and members of the congress who are democrats are very, very strong for israel and most remain so. the difference is not in the members of the senate or house, and not the democrat in general but the president. >> i have many friends who are demdeps and thprime minister spoke in the congress and he got standing ovations from both sides of the aisle. but the president has an agenda and a different story. he is trying to force his plans on the israel. he gave a beautiful speech in cairo and look what is happening
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in kayo and syria and iran. we need action and real partnership from the u.s.. >> danny, i think your book is a must read especially before the election and israel. the will to prevail and one thing i learned in 20 trip to israel dating back no1973, israelis will nolt stand down and stand aside. they will stand strong and i hope the united states will stand with you without any hesitation or doubt. because what happens to israel will ultimately happen to the united states if we don't stand together. >> if you look at history of the israel. modern israel is a miracle . we did not wait for the u.s. to save us. we didn't wait. we took the responsibility and changed the reality. i know it is complex, the middle east and israel. if you want to understand better read the book. but still a lot of things are
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not understanding. every day dynamic will affect here in the u.s. as well >> i thank you for coming. >> i look forward to seeing you in jerusalem. >> next year in jerusalem. there we go. danny janos. first amendment guarantees religion freedom of speech . they are fighting the i.r.s. just because they think that setting limitation what they say in church is wrong. one of those pastors joining me next to talk about it
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democrats are trying to figure out whether or not they want god
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in the platform i.r.s. is trying to control what pastors say about political issues that matter to the congregation. alliance defending freedom is defending churches that are under investigation by the i.r.s. for expressing political views in their sermons. october seventh is pulpit freedom to defy the i.r.s.. jim garlo is pastor of sky line church in san diego and he joins me now. jim it is great to see you and thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> jim, it is a bold thing on october seventh hundreds and thousands of pastors are going to stand in their pulpits and say the i.r.s. can't tell us what we can or can't say. july 2nd. 1954 the johnson memo was passed in the senate. it was a voice vote but the result of it was that it put a
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muzzle on churches. we lost 166 years of freedom in the pulpit and that's why the attorneys rose up and are encouraging pastors to reclaim the biblical authority and constitutional rights of first amendment. freedom of speech and religion . did was never contested in court. the belief is that it is unconstitutional . the alliance of defending freedom. asked pastor to record the sermons first 33 pastors and next year 84 and then last year 539 and this year 1,000 to 2000 on the same day will exercise biblical authority and sphusional rights and record it and mail it to the i.r.s. and
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attorneys are willing to defend us pro bono. >> has a church been shut down or pastor in jailed for saying anything. >> in the 58 year history no church every lost the tax exemption. one church lost the letter for a short time for a different activity than what we are talking about in terps of freedom of speech and religion in the pulpit. and in 58 no church lost the tax exdemption but the law hangs over and intim dates passengers and awn times pastors speak out on biblical like tearing up the baby in the womb or homosexuality and/or definition of marriage. you are too political. no, we are beblical and people
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don't realize're recognize the sermons anymore and that is why pastors are rising up to be bold in the pulpit. >> one. arguments that are thrown against you, you are tax exempt and you are getting a benefit from the government and you have to bend to the federal government rules on what you can and can't say. how do you respond to that argument that is thrown at you. >> the assumption is that we entered into an agreement. and we will not speak for tax exemption. that is churches predating thires for a long time. the founding fathers understood clearly that government taxes and government can control and the government can kill. and so the proper definition of separation of church and state.
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federal government and no government has any control over the church and pastor and said in the pulpit. no government intrusion at all . our own notion of tax exemption comes from the founding father who is understood the right definition of separation of church and state. >> october seventh there will be pastors that stand in your pulpits and say what you wish to say. if you get in a lot of trouble. come and see us and let me know. i will help bail you out. >> thank you. go foperfect >> thank you for being here. the simple reality that we need to remember. the first line in the bill of rights. congress shall make no law and describes what congress can't do it never said what churches
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can't do or citizens can't do or what pastors can't do. it said congress cant - do, yet they seem to do it anyway. it ought to be fun to watch. >> good to be with you. >> thank you so much, jim. >> chuck noris said president obama is enabling a progressive secular state and one of 10 reasons that he said we ought not to vote to reelect president obama . chuck noris am harris faulkner.
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now we'll get you back to huckabee. it is no secret that chuck noris is politically active and a consebative. he was smart enough when he campaigned to me and regularly writes a column for town they recorded a video message on why this is the most important election of our lifetime. >> we are here to talk about a growing concern we all share. if we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack. we are at a tipping point and quite possibly our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don't change the country and the way it is headed. >> here to explain why.
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they love you here. i love them. you and gina put out a provocative service announce said this election puts everything on the line. what motivates you to say this is an election of the lifetime. when we were talk talking about the future of our country . we felt that president obama it is not and the lack of experience or profession experience what you do. and a lot can happen. you have to take a lot of acting courses and we need a leader to and has the experience to lead us to the next four years and so
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we realize that our freedom is in jeopardy in our country today . so we sat down and wrote that speech in 15 minutes. and so i was doing a total gym infomercial and we asked the producer can we do this psa . he said of course, they filmed it for us that day and that's where it started. >> this week in the democratic national convention. god was taken out that shows how we really think that they have no reason to think that god should be part of our vote . you know, when joe biden, as he's giving his speech.
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four pinockcos because the nose kept getting long yer longer. joe biden i am sorry. he is a lot more afraid of you then you are of him. you regularly write arcticles that appear in town hall.comand other publicications on the internet. you have not been afraid to be politically active. one of your acting cohorts clint eastwood took a stand. why is it important to use the celebrity status to say i have deep convictions about america and this is what they are. i am off of the course we have and that is ones we have to
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worried about. and if -- we are in a cross roads, mike. and everything that goes on in your side. and that is really what the arcticles are all about. and why we shouldn't reelect president obama . what are those reasons and all 10 of them and a couple of them that come to mind. i think he tried his best. i don't think he was malicious in how he governs. it is just that it is right way . he's not been successful. he said in his speech i will get one million job in the next four year.
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we have 23 million people unemployed and they are demdeps and independent and republicans. i am saying to the demdeps, you need to search your heart. do you want another four years of a man, not and forget aboutc. that has not had the experience to gov yern govern another four years. and if there was an important issue. and everything else in the election. why we shouldn't vote for barack obama. >> yoed the experience. we will have u.s. supreme court justices retiring. and that means obama will be putting in more liberal u.s. justices . i think that is going to
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epardize our constitution. and they will eliminate gun control in our country. and so this is what i am extremely worried about, mike. if obama gets reelecd that is the direction we are going and that has me concerned. >> you said that about the supreme court justices the people forget that is one of the most permanent powers was a president. so much of what he does can be undone but that is long-term generational implications and a significant thing. >> like ronald reagan said a thousand years of darkness. that was a ronald reagan statement and not mine. but it is true. if we don't get down the right path. we could q. enter a dark period of our lives in this country . that is extremely concerning to me and my kid and grand kids and i am concerned about that.
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chuck, i am so glad we are here and i am going to talk about a new movie that chuck wants you to see. it is called the last ounce of courage. chuck said go see it. you better go sigh it. and the film star marshall is going to yoin chuck and me after the break. stay with us.
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we are back with chuck noris who is here to talk about a new movie. the last ounce of courage. here is a clip from it. >> if you are a muslim and want to pray to allah in the middle of the town square. by all means please, it is your right. if you are jewish you want to blow your shofar go ahead and express my admiration. but don't tell me who believe in
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jesus christ that we don't have the right to celebrate the day of his birth. >> joining chuck moryis me star of the movie. marshall teig. >> pleasure to be here. >> i had an opportunity to see the screening of the film earlier this summer it is a powerful movie that challenges people to understand what is happened to this country and our rights as americans to speak our minds. >> what motivated you to be a part of the project. >> faith, family and freedom. it is what the movie stands for and our right to say what is on our mind. every single person to worship as we all please and also support our military that is out there every single day making sure we are safe. >> and one of the things that tohed me about the film. it doesn't say everybody ought to be christians or everybody move out of the way and let the
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christians have all of the space. look everybody ought to freely worship, but don't let the christians get shoved off of the public square. >> that's good, go ahead marshall. >> i believe that strongly. when you see every day that people are allowed to worship as they want to. and it is openly acknowledged by everyone our government for instance. you have the right. however, when it does come down to christians expressing what they feel or having their crosses up which are being challenged, every single day. we are told that we don't have the right. our children can't pray in church anymore and they don't have the right to the pledge of allegance. there is enoug people putting their butts on the line to make sure we are safe. >> there are not many things that get the chuck noris seal of approval that. is a rare gift.
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you gave this movie the chuck noris seal of approval. >> only the kind with mike huckabee. >> no, i saw, the screening of it like you did. and i was so taken by it. this movie, every american, man, woman and child must see this movie. and you know, i like you say, i have nothing to do with this movie, but i was impassioned by it and he gives a performance in the end of the movie that made the hair on the back of my head stand up. he talks about freedom and the lack of it that is going on . probably the best speech i have seen on film . it was uned. he talked from his heart and that was really quite an amaidsing spheech. here we go. last ounce of fourge. 400 years ago. our forefathers left rereligiousosh pression of
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another land to build this one . the first thing they did. the first thing they did was put a cross on the shores of the atlantic. but it was more than a cross, it was a symbol that in this land, a citizen has the freedom, to worship as he or she desires or the freedom not to worship at all. >> it is a power. and that is a little snippet. chuck, it is one of those films if you lost love our military you will love the film. >> if you love our freedom. >> and if you believe your right to stand for your convictions this will have you cheer throwing the pop corn all over your neighbors. >> it is true. >> goch gov if i may, when you talk about freedom. that is an important word. it is not about democratic, republican or independent freedoms it is all freedoms that we as americans enjoy every
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single solitary day . some cases we are taking them for grant all you have to do is take a day like i did and walk down to the 9/11 memorial and see those names and recognize that freedom is fragile. unless you are willing to stand for it. you are willing to fall for nothing. >> people think that all of this is rooted in fiction. let us be reminded that the 9/11 cross, that cross that was made really in the heat of the furnace of the aftermath of the twin towers falling, that cross on the screen was an inspiration to the people. and tell us who formed that. that is a powerful point. >> people who formed that, god formed that. >>ry really . god create thad heat and joined it together to let us know that we will never. he is there for us every single
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solitary day and sometimes we forget to reach inside. he's always there all you have to do is reach him to come out. he will talk to you. i don't claim to be the greatest christian in the world and i made a lot of mistakes and i have to live with those mistakes. >> my real name is karlos. >> karlos. did it again. >> that just means you are a good friend. that's what that means. >> chuck. nank you. chuck has supported me and his lovely wife gina and my wife lindy spent so much time together and shared so much together . we have seen his work together. and we have been to iraq together. and 18, 600 individual troops we spent time with. and you are amazing and they thanked us and god bless you and thank you and thank you for coming.
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and why are you here? was the one question. remember that. and chuck said because you are here. >> well, i want to thank both of you for being here and thank you for the involvement in the project and i hope that all over the people will see last ounce of courage and it opens in theaters and cities in america . i hope you have to wait in line a long time to get a ticket. it will be packed to see a wonderful film that will encourage and inspire you. thank you so much. we'll be right back. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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>> if you paid close attention to our show tonight you get the impression that the battle in our nation is not a political one but a spiritual one. pastors have to defy th rules by regulators when the first said congress is forbidden to pass a law to prefer one religion over another or prohibit anyone from exercising the faith and freedom of speech and israel stands alone to fight for the exivence because of the toward it by the muslim extremist who think they are doing a god a favor by wiping them off of the earth . a powerful town who was told they couldn't have a community christmas tree. i hope you will see last ounce of courage. it is a timely message and i
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hope you will find your own last ounce of courage and stand for those things near and dear to you. from new york. this is mike huckabee good night and god bless.
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