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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 9, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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sunshine state. good morning. it is great to be here. great to have you with us. >> eric: this is a brand-new hour of inside america's electric headquarters. the president will address a crowd of supporters inside the clemente center at the florida institute of technology. he is expected to attack governor romney on medicare. ed henry is traveling with the president. he is in melbourne. he's highlighting the medicare issue. is that part of the strategy for the state? >> reporter: no doubt about it. have you a lot of senior citizens here who care about medicare. the president will cite a new harvard study that suggests under the romney/ryan budget, anyone retiring in 2030 would pay an extra $twenty125,000 in medicare costs over the life of their retirement. republicans are insisting that this study is nonsense and they are trying to shore up medicare
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and the president cut or $700 billion of medicare to pay for his health plan. the president flat-handing with the voters in a sports bar. the gators and the like. the president trying to get those votes, a motherlode of 29 electoral votes here. the president had it last time. mitt romney wants to take that away. it would really help him win the presidency, if he is able to get florida. the president wants to talk about medicare and has to deal with the fact that the weak jobs report on friday may overshadow some of the other attacks. take a listen. >> we have made progress. [cheering] >> but we know we haven't made enough. we have more work to do. nobody is satisfied with the status quo. there are too many folk who is still need a job, too many folks whose homes are still underwater. we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: a lot of work to
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do. that's the case he is making to voters. at the democratic national convention, one of the many things vice-president biden said was nawe have, quote, turned the corner. after the jobs report on friday, that provides an opening to the mitt romney ticket to say, have we really turned the corner. >> eric: david cutler serve in the clinton administration and was the top health care adviser in the 2008 campaign. any sense that that could be skewed. >> reporter: that's like the tax studies that the president cited. the mitt romney ticket, the studies about the romney tax plan were done by democratic economists. and president obama says that think tank also has republicans. but one thing is that the president is using bill clinton more and more to make his case and he will be in florida tuesday and wednesday, trying to stand up for the president. >> eric: the theme of the convention continuing,
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obviously. >> reporter: no doubt about t. it was funny, yesterday, the president on the stump was saying after bill clinton's big speech and the theme was what you heard from the president, look, we have made progress, but we have a lot more work to do, trying to plead, give me four years, as bill clinton said. the president was saying here on the stump, he got a stump from someone saying, you should bill clinton secretary of explaining stuff because he made a strong case. he added, it was actually a different word than stuff. but he wanted to clean it up a little bit. on the weekend, especially sunday morning, that's a good idea. >> eric: that would be a long session, with the former president going on-- >> reporter: it did go on for a while. >> eric: great to see you. get back to you live when the president takes up the podium. >> jamie: governor mitt romney is off the campaign trail. but both he and paul ryan are hitting the airwave it is, taking on the issue of health care reform and their foreign
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affairs experience. steve centanni has more. >> reporter: yeah. governor romney, not on the campaign trail today. he is at his headquarters in bostop, practicing for the all-important presidential debates that are coming up, three in a row in october. he was campaigning yesterday, though, we have pictures of him in virginia beach, virginia. you know, romney has said he would work to repeal obamacare if elected president. well, now we are learning that there are parts of obamacare maybe he wouldn't take to the chopping block and he apear -- appeared in a pre-taped interview on nbc and explained what he would keepful here he is. >> i am not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course. there are a number of things that i like that i am going to put in place. one is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage and to make sure that the marketplace has policies that allow the family
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up to whatever age they might like. >> reporter: paul ryan, the runningmate was campaigning in spartan, nevada ofriday, where he appeared in a truck plant. he appeared in a pre-taped interview this morning and he was hit with the charm that the romney/rye apticket doesn't have very much foreign policy experience, especially in afghanistan, which was not mentioned in romney's acceptance said when you don't have a good record to run on, when you are offering but four more years of the same. but to your afghanistan question, we have always said that we agree with a 2014 deadline. we have always agreed with where we are headed with afghanistan on 2014. but where we take an issue is making sure that the generals on the grunned get the resources they need throughout the entire fighting season. >> reporter: and romney and ryan appearing with precaped television on the sunday talk shows.
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they are want on the campaign trail. but those are the latest bites from them. back to you. >> jamie: all right, steve centanni, thank you? >> there are new concerns in the campaign trail as the final phase the presidential race kicks off in the wake of the jobs report. both sides have been reacting. the former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and a democratic strategist are here. they go to the history pook books and it turns out fdr was the only president re-elected when unemployment was over 8%, like it is now. do you think president obama can defy that? >> it will be very hard f. it wasn't for bad news, obama wouldn't make news on the economy. he started a convention with bad news. they passed the $16 trillion mark in deficit and ended on friday with a miserable jobs report. the american people know what they feel. and the two most important things they will ask themselves in the voting booth is, am i
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better off than four years ago? clearly that's no. then they are going to say, is the president to blame? is the country on the right track or the wrong track? sadly, a majority of americans believe that our country's headed down the wrong track. i believe in that case, they are going to give obama the boot. i think they are going to look for change. i think that romney offers the change they are seeking. ?ool what about the gut feeling? >> i certainly think that americans have been hurting since obama took office. but the policies that george w. bush put into place in 8 years in office really damaged the economy. when obama took office, he was losing 800,000 jobs per month. now we have 30 straight months of private-sector job growth and it is not enough. but that's due to the fact that the public-sector jobs have been
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lost every month. so that's dragging down the overall unemployment rate -- >> but there is no bush to blame -- >> no but mitt romney's policies are the same -- >> the voters are rejeking the continuation -- [overlapping dialogue] >> eric: go ahead. >> mitt romney's policies are the same as george w. bush, so the voters who have common sense are going to say, do we want to go back to the policies that caused the crisis? or do we want to go forward to the direction where we are continuing to add jobs, 30 straight months in a row. >> eric: as you heard brad say, mr. bush isn't the president. for every new job, four people have given up. the unemployment rate was 368,000 last month. they gave up. the unemployment rate's going down because they are giving up. the real rate is 17.1%. >> a lot of has to do with public sector job loss, right?
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so the overall rate is dragged down by the fact that state and local governments are cuttingions, due to cuts in spending, pushed by republicans. the focus here -- [overlapping dialogue] oomphp. >> that's not true at all. >> the stimulus -- >> the american jobs act would add 1 million jobs today. >> that's nonsense. >> eric: let's have brad respond. >> it's the republicans' fault? >> the root cause of our financial collapse was barney frank and senator dodd. >> eric: stop! let brad talk! >> they were asleep at the switch and should have sounded the alarm in the crisis that brought down our economy. you forget that, but that's the truth. let's talk about job loss. job loss is want strictly in the public sector. it's in the private sector. it is not wall street. it's main street. and to say that it's because of republicans now, that we are
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experiencing unemployment. it's because in president refuses to unleash the power and the creativity of the individual. he believes we should pay more money into the government. the republicans be, let's give more mon tote people and let them generate jobs and buy property and buy equipment and hire people. that's the difference. >> eric: 63.5% of americans are working, that's the lowest level in 31 years. >> that's certainly the number that you are citing, but teachers and firefighters and police officers, those are real jobs, too. we are not just talking about the private sector and the wealthy. we are talking about real people on main street. those are teachers, teachers have been affected by local and state governments cuttingions. and that's wawe are talking about. if congress, including paul ryan, will work to pass the american jobs act, which was poposed one year ago this week, they would add one million jobs?
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>> four days before election day, there will be a jobs report, what do you think will happen? >> i think we are going in the right direction. obviously, when you are going in free-fall, you need to stop, slow it down and turn this boulder around. we have been adding jobs, 30 straight months. why go back to losing 800,000 jobs a month, going back to the policies of george w. bush, which is what mitt romney is proposing. >> eric: the final job report, four days before election day, what do you expect? >> i hope for the best, but i don't think we are going to have the improvement that is necessary that the american people will feel around their dinner table. so i happen to think that the only option for the american people is to make a change. this president has had time to lead and he failed to lead us. i think we have to go in a better direction and concentrating more on the individual, instead of the government. >> eric: there's the argument. election day upon us, thanks so much. >> jamie: on friday, we got the
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latest job numbers and they were really disappointing. very few jobs created. the question is whether or not we are going to be able to turn that around. you need 200,000 to keep things going. the feds said they might take action. what are the options that the fed has left? will they do it? and will there be enough time before the election? brenda buttner is here now. it's great to have you here, brenda. what was your impression when you heard the numbers on friday? >> clearly, it was very disappointing. wall street, however, pretty much cheered the numbers. it is still a multi-year highs. that's because investors are betting that the fed is going to do something this week, if not this week, then in december. what it has left to do. it has lost most of its bullets. it used to be that the fed would lower short-term interest rates and that would be cheaper money, so we would borrow and spend. instead, since interest rates
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are at zero or close to that, what it has to do is to buy billions of dollars of print money, buy billions of dollars of bonds and mortgage-backed securities. the idea is that will increase borrowing and spending. but there is a big debate about that. the candidates do not agree on this. so there is a debate within the bank as well. >> jamie: it is just occurring to me as i am listening, if money can be borrowed so inexpensively, why don't people just borrow it -- corporations and individuals and throw it into the market and stimulate the market and they could earn more than they are having to pay in interest? that could give the economy a bounce. >> it could. the truth is that there isn't that much money -- there is kind of a disconnect. the fed is buying all of this and allowing the money to go into the system, but banks are not lending. they have incredibly high
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standards and consumers are not buying, in part because they don't have the money. but when they do have the money or businesses have the money issue there is so much uncertainty about what is going on happen that they are holding on to it. >> jamie: the thanks are holding on to it because it doesn't make sense to let the money out for so little return? >> that's right part of the reason. but also, they have these high lending standards. >> jamie: we know why they have those. they used to have none. >> the pendulum shifted and now it's very hard to get money. so there is really this kind of -- the fed is doing all its kind, pushing on a string. but it can't get the money out and do something for the economy. >> wow. sounds like we are stuck. i hope they figure it out. thanks so much. brenda buttner, the anchor of bulls & bears. take care. >> eric: a christian pastor is now free after three years in an
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iranian prison. he had been locked up and he was awaiting execution, fwiive the death penalty for refusing to renounce his christian faith. but there has been a change in the case. lauren green in new york with the latest. >> reporter: it's a big relief. the iranian pastor went from facing dath to being a free man. for the first time in 3 years of prison, he smiled. in then, it was the international pressure that gained his release. millions of prayers, tweets and the governments of brazil, the u.s. and the u.n., all played a role. >> you had international outcry, so the ianian regime made correct decision, letting the pastor go. they found him guilty of evangelizing muslims and said the time served was sufficient and let him go home. >> reporter: he was released on saturday after nearly a nearly six-hour hearing, where the charge of converting from
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islam was reduced. he was born a muslim, but said he never embraced the faith and as a teenager became a christian. the iranian authorities promised to free him if he renounced his faith, but he refused. a big decision now for the pastor is whether to stay in iran to pastor his congregation or flee for the safety of his family. >> we have a very delicate period of time here. have you to be careful. about five years ago, a similar case, an individual part offer was released and later killed a few days later. that happens. you have to watch it. this has been such a high-profile case, i am optimistic that this could represent a change of tone. >> reporter: advocacy groups say there are a number of christians and minority religions in iranian prisons. but this is a good sign that their tactics worked. >> eric: thank you, lauren.
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>> jamie: gas prices are high. when you go to put your credit card into the gas pump, you may be doing more than filling your tank, you could be filling someone else's wallet. gas pumps are the new target for identity theft. what you need to upon in the take-charge consumer protection segment? >> the conviction of drew peterson found guilty in the death of his third wife. could he be facing new charges in the death of his fourth wife? >> this man always thought he would get away it. one time, two times. i don't think he ever faced reality. that's why he did it twice. today, he's facing reality. he is never going to see life outside of a prison wall. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
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>> jamie: hang on to your credit cards, because credit card fraud is one of the fastest growing crimes in america. thieves are stealing billions of your dollars. one big part is something that is called skimming. you can become the next victim am we will tell you where. joining me now, an identity theft expert.
8:22 am
it's great to have you here,robert. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: skimming. this caught my eye this week because skimming is going on in a place you wouldn't expect, gas pumps. sometimes they are tampered with and they swipe your card and send a lot of information off that magnetic strip. 1st of all, what's on that strip, other than a credit card number? >> that strip is the 16-digit credit card number and potentially your debit card number, depending on the card you use, which is enough to turn that data into cash, when the bad guy takes that information and clones that card. basically, just copies everything on the strip onto another card and goes ahead and makes unauthorized purchases or withdrawals. >> jamie: i go to put gas in my vehicle and i look at the pump. can i tell anything about it to tell if it's been tampered with? >> often, the consumer will not be able to know that the pump
8:23 am
itself has been compromised. generally, the bad guys have master keys to the pumps themselves and are able to put a device inside the pump. so you might not see the skimming device itself because it's internal. and once your information is skimmed, they just go ahead and clone the card. so generally, for consumers, when it comes to gas pumps, you want to pay attention to the station because if there are any unauthorized charges on your statement, you want to refute the charges. >> jamie: can do you that? even if the card is lost or stolen, the limited liability is $50? it used to be the law. >> so it still is. the law is that basically that you are limited to their 50 as long as you respond to the issuing bank, the credit card company within a 60-day period of time. if that 60-day grace period as a consumer to refuse the -- refute the charges, after that, you
8:24 am
will be cpm for the charges. however, most banks, most credit card companies have instituted a zero liability policy. so when there is fraud, they will reset the clock. but you have to be on top of it. you have to pay attention to your statement. if you are not paying attention, you will pay for the dinner of an identity thief. >> jamie: here or internationally. it's amazing how far they can go. where else can you be skimd? restaurants and stores? >> restaurants, certainly, atms, themselves, an atm machine is known to have at this point bad guys from all over the world are flying into the u.s. and attaching devices to the face of the atm, it is compromised with an external device, an atm skimmer, to record the information off a strip. there is another device, a wireless camera, that records
8:25 am
your p.i.n. as you are punching it in. so always cover up the key pad as you are punching in the p.i.n. and they can't get the code to make ale withdrawal on your account. >> jamie: other than cash, there any other way we could be paying for things and avoiding all of this? or we just have to be alert? >> so, i use my credit cards for everything. i don't worry about credit card fraud. i tell consumers the same thing. use your card, but pay close attention to your statements. do i it weekly online. i like at my receipt, whether they are purchased in person or the internet and i compare them to the charges online. as long as it matches up, you are fine. if it doesn't, you refute your charges and they may change the card number. i don't worry about it. the chances of it happening to you, it's slim. but there is a chance, so you upon to pay close attention to your statement.
8:26 am
>> i really appreciate t. great to see you. and you have this take-charge segment special help folks not get skimmed. for more on take charge, a number of consumer issues that we have picked to help you take care of yourself and your family, go to and click on the bottom of the page, america's news headquarters, that's our show. the only place where you will see take charge consumer protection segments. check it out online. >> eric: great tips. coming up, one state's voter i.d. law, headed to the u.s. supreme court. hear about the voter fraud convictions this week, selling votes for money and booze. we have the latest from the fox news voter fraud unit. >> jamie: you continue to amaze me when what you are finding. a jury has convince convicted drew peterson of murdering his third wife. the question is, with that conviction, could we see him facing charges in the disappearance of his fourth. fascinating case. >> you know, i never lost the
8:27 am
faith. i believe in the system. i really -- i could not see any other way this man would be back on the streets. i couldn't fath om the idea that he would get away with it one more time.
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>> will the family of stacey peterson get justice after her former husband is found guilty of murder? she's the fourth wife of former illinois police officer drew peterson, who was convicted on thursday of murdering his third wife back in 2004. peterson, charge in the death only after his fourth wife, stacey, vanished in 2007. stacey's family hopes that the conviction will bring justice for them. david scwarts is a prosecutor and nikki siegel is a defense attorney. i will be honest with you, i covered this case.
8:32 am
i met drew a number of times. he is a bitave creepy character. but one juror is having trouble, at least, in speaking out today, that the case is purely circumstantial, based on statements that wife number 4 made to her pastor and things wife number 3 who, dried in a dry bathtub, initially ruled an accident, had written down and told family members about her fears. do you think, vickie, that that was enough for a conviction? what could happen from here? >> in the totality of circumstances, generally, this is not the kind of conviction that we normally see. so from here, obviously, drew petersona position is gathering his counsel and they will try to file an appeal, based on the fact that the hearsay evidence did come in and that's largely what convicted drew peterson, want the fact that -- you know, that there was no direct evidence, versus the circumstantial and the hearsay testimony. so i think that will be their
8:33 am
biggest argument, whether that wins because we have heard the appellate division has already spoken on the issue, that's for another deism they have a new law, david nillinois, called drew's law, where you can speak from the grave. which is what happened here. the question, i think, is -- i don't know what remedies there could be for him after this. but how much weight does this conviction hold, in pressing charges about stacey peterson, wife number 4, who is missing, presumed dead? >> i don't think it should hold any weight at all. every case is different. and the reality is, the circumstances are that this -- this whole case may be overturned by an appellate division because this law drives a dagger into the heart of the sixth amendment of the united states constitution. it drives a dagger in the most basic right that a criminal defendant has in the courts of our country. that is the right confront witnesses, the right to cross-examination. that's the most basic right.
8:34 am
and what this law does treally drives a dagger into that. we have opened up a tremendous slippery slope and a very dangerous precedent. >> the supreme court spoke on this, didn't they? >> the supreme court spoke on it. but they didn't speak on this exact issue. i think it is going going to go back to the supreme court. and the sixth amendment and certainly judge scalia has spoken, has really spoken up on this issue, on the trite confront witnesses and the right to cross-examination. this is extremely dangerous. >> this is what the system is based on. you are a professor. what do you tell your students when they say hearsay can come in, but if it's just hearsay -- what do you tell them in terms of either prosecuting or defending a case that is purely based on this hearsay and circumstantial evidence. >> it is so to me amazing that the drew's law codific that went into the federal rules of practice. we are talking about common law,
8:35 am
forfeiture of wrongdoing, in existence in illinois over 160 years. so i think it will be an uphill battle in the appellate division. but have you to understand the hearsay laws and the exceptions, because there are several of them -- a dozen or so, 20 to 30. but you really have to understand the facts of the case. if in fact, there is a situation like drew's law or the doctrine of forfeiture of wrongdoing, understand the ramifications and how to get that evidence into the court. this case was purely a conviction by the jurors based on the fact that the hearsay evidence came in, period, the end -- >> which is another part of that. the case was based on the fact that years later, they exhumed the body to the second autopsy, after the initial one was ruled accidental and then brought the charges up. david, i want to tell you, when i was there, tell me how you would handle a defendant like
8:36 am
this. you know, drew was very cocky. he held a dating contest. nobody would be pleased with that. but he said and did a lot of things that led toward guilt. the jurors suggested that a lot of that might have played a role in wanting to convict him. >> oh, yeah. absolutely played a role, jamie. he is a hateful human being. the jurors picked up on that. and absolutely, the defense attorney, you have to try to control your client, as much as possible i have had a tremendous amount of cocky defendants in the past. have you to try to find a way to straighten them out. i don't fault the defense here. it doesn't seem like, drew peter sop, you could have done anything to straighten out his
8:37 am
conduct. >> jamie: what does it say about stacey peterson -- no evidence, no body? do they bring charges? >> i think they do. i think the d.a. is looking at the hearing, the testimony because it was find by the judge by a preponderance of the evidence. but the problem is, there is no body. but as time goes on, it's five years, she's missing, there is a presumption that she may be dead. but there is no proof. they will look at electronic data, phone records and all the information. we hope that justice is served -- >> jamie: i hope that they stay on the case because the bolingbrook police and the police department in illinois are very, very busy. one last thing, in their house, in the little girl's room, she said i have an angel in my life, his name is daddy. there are kids here. there is a tragic story all the way around. eric. highest court this comprehending week.
8:38 am
will it stand? a top official will explain. plus, it wasn't the great plains where two tornadoes touched down this weekend. instead, the damage, just miles from the empire state building. a look at the cleanup effort, straight ahead.
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[ heart beating, monitor beeping ] woman: what do you mean, homeowners insurance doesn't cover floods? [ heart rate increases ] man: a few inches of water caused all this? [ heart rate increases ] woman #2: but i don't even live near the water.
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what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you -- including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $129 a year. for an agent, call the number that appears on your screen. >> eric: well, there is growing controversy over a former navy seal's new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden. how has the media been covering this? liz trotta joins us with her commentary now. >> the din of two political conventions all but drowned out any other stories these past few weeks, all except the raucus fight raging between a u.s. navy seal and his government. the seals, as the world now knows are america's elite and covert fighting force, the one that brought down osama bin laden in his bedroom in a shabby layer in pakistan.
8:43 am
it was and is arguably the story of the decade. hours after the raid, president obama, without naming the seals, said the operation had been carried out by, quote, a small group of americans, closed quote, adding that the american people didn't see their work, nor know their names. well, so much for that bist hope. it was almost an invitation to unmask the secret raid. soon the world was told that on the night of may 2, 2011, in a prolonged fire fight, the small secret group that took down the 9/11 mastermind were operators from the super elite seal team 6, the unit that dare not speak its name. hollywood, with substantial help from the obama administration, jumped on the seal media machine that has turned out books, documentaries and movies, with active-duty seals, playing dramatic role, most notorious is the just published book, "no
8:44 am
easy day," by mark owen, a not so deep cover name for matt bissonnette, a former seal who participated in the bin laden raid. he reports that osama died from a bullet to the head, fired by his point man. he further claims that he was the second man who charged into osam's bedroom and helped finish him off. not as hair-raising as a prolonged fire fight, one might say, the book is a great read about this special breed of warrior and a megabest seller. mr. bissonnette said through his press representative, that would appear disguised on the book tour, adding to the irresistible appeal of the commando culture. he is scheduled to appear not to on "60 minutes" in full makeup. the anchor assures us you would never recognize him. mr. bissonnette's cover name was
8:45 am
blown by fox news. there are dark rumblings in this special warfare community. the navy is embarrassed and the pentagon has fired a shot across the author's bow, threatening to persecute him for not submitting his manuscript to military authorities before taking it to a publisher. a navy admiral has delivered a public tongue lashing. the book, they say, has leaked classified information. this could be serious for mr. bissonnette, who reads like an arrogant egomaniac, although an exceedingly brave one. the pentagon seems determined to make an example of this seal for violating the non-disclosure pledge that every seal must pledge. we will see how fussy the administration really is about operational security. in the midst of this debacle, another name surfaced, almost as an afterthought, neil armstrong
8:46 am
who died on august 25 that. quiet, scholarly earthly, who welcomed the moon and seemed embarrassed by t. american's apollo 11, navy pilot, cerebral engineer, the man who avoided the spotlight as though he thought it was a black hole. some believe it is. but not matt bissonnette, the man who couldn't or wouldn't live up to the seal creed, as well as mr. neil armstrong, a mere civilian the creed reads, quote, i humly serve as a guardian to my fellow americans, always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. i do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. my word is my bond. >> jamie: back to the campaign trail, how president obama is using medicare to court seniors in florida, where he is, go
8:47 am
after rival governor mitt romney. hey, i love your cereal there -- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. align naturally helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ ooh, baby, can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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>> eric: prosecutors say absentee ballots remember faked and votes were bribed with money and booze and a sheriff is in jail. we reported on sheriff jerry bowman, who has been sentenced to one year and one day from a voter fraud scheme. he admitted falsifying ballots. the former county clerk got a year behind bars after prosecutors accused the pair of trying to steal the election in west virginia. voter i.d. is on trial in texas. the state's attorney general says he will go to the state supreme court to block the voter i.d. law there. south carolina law's on trial. and thursday, the pennsylvania state supreme court will hear an appeal of the judge's ruling that supported that state's law. will voter i.d. survive or go down in flames? joining me is the deputy
8:52 am
secretary of state of pennsylvania. good to see you. what do you think will happen in court on thursday? >> i'm very optimistic that the voter i.d. law will be upheld. the commonwealth, lower court's decision was crystal clear that it is constitutional. that it is nondiscrimnatory and does not affect any vote or group of voters and in fact, judge simpson in this case, cited the u.s. supreme court decision from indiana in 2008 that found voter i.d. to be constitutional and a commonsense way in which to verify voters' identity when voting. because this was a well written and well reasoned decision and partially based on a u.s. supreme court decision, i am optimistic that our voter i.d. law will be upheld. >> have there been different
8:53 am
results that a three-judge panel said it puts strict, unforgiving burdens on the poor? even president obama criticized voter i.d. and criticized, quote, those who are making it harder for to you vote. you know the arguments that it leads to voter suppression, that it is aimed at minorities and the elderly. how did your state try to deal with that? what's your response? >> it is comparing apples to oranges. the texas law, for example, it has been reported that you need to spend a minimum of $22 to get the documentation you need for a free voter i.d. card, eventually, after you get the documentation. it mentioned that have you to travel 200 to 250 miles to get a photo i. d. and there are photo identity entities that are not open on the weekends.
8:54 am
but none of that is true in pennsylvania. it is in fact free. we have 71 department of transportation centersarn the state, five in philadelphia, where people can get photo i.d.s for voting purposes and our facilities are open on the weekend. so not all voter i. d. laws are written the same and are not all equal. but pennsylvaniaaise -- is modeled after indiana's law. >> eric: but the aclu is going to court against ow thursday. vivian applewhite, the wonderful woman, 93 years old, the chief plaintiff -- she gets her i.d -- we have talked about this before. why are they still going to court? >> well, it's remarkable because even judge simpson in the commonwealth decision in the opinion, said the that no voter will be disenfranchised and said
8:55 am
that all the plaintiffs are able to get photo i.d., it is a mystery to me why people continue to oppose common-sense laws like this. many states have voter i.d. laws in place, where you show a photo identification in order to vote. judge after judge has said that this is a tool that states can use to verify people's ayity when they vote. it is nack, constitutional. georgia has been doing their voter i.d. law in place since 2006, when it was signed into law. it has been functioning very well, including atlanta, which has a very high minority population, much like philadelphia in our state. so it is working around the country. the laws have been popular, according to polling opinion. but nonetheless, people continue to oppose it. but dpean being i think we are going to be success ofl thursday in our court case. >> eric: we know it's very controversial. a lotted of opposition. we will be there, covering it on thursday and see what happens.
8:56 am
the deputy secretary of state from pennsylvania, joininginous philadelphia, thank you. >> thank you. >> eric: if you suspect voter fraud, there it is -- voter fraud. >> jamie: another story, a christian pastor, reunited with his family, after spending more than 3 years in an iranian prison over his faith. brand-new deitals from the father of two's release, coming up in the next hour. if you have copd like i do, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that feels like.
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