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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 10, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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he was a member of the elite seal team six who died serving his country. now his family is lashing out against the administration. >> i can tell you one thing,
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seal team six did not want to be identified. >> we expect better out of the high-up in the government. >> tonight parent of a hero share their grief and anger. >> and it's the largest strike in the country in a year. >> chicago school staffers walking off the job. >> they should have come up with an agreement a long time ago. >> what do you do with 400,000 kids with no place to go? but first from fox, monday night, president obama is getting a bit of a bounce in the polls after his convention. governor mitt romney top pollster calls it a sugar high that won't last. the president now has five-point lead in gallup racking poll of registered voters outside the margin of error.
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in ohio, where the gor held a rally earlier today. carl, how is he doing in that state? it's kind of important. >> well, sure, obviously the republicans always say no republican candidate won without winning the ohio. it has seen more advertising than any other.
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for weeks they had a small lead in the margin, almost statistically insignificant but enough to peak through. that remains the case now with national polls showing the president an advantage. romney campaign says structurally the convention didn't change the race. there is a weak economy. incumbent with a record and channeler with -- challenger with business background that many believe has better idea to right the economy. the president has a lead in likability and favoritability, but when it comes to who can fix the economy, romney has a slight edge, even though he is trailing in ohio. >> each side is accusing the other of keeping secrets. >> it used to be -- [ brief pause in captioning] being honest about the specific defense cuts and military spending that mr. obama would slash in
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parltd of the scwetion battle. country faces in the beginning of the next year. should no action be taken. the obama campaign on the other hand says that mr. romney is concealing the facts and holding the truth back from voters because he won't say specifically which tax cuts and which loopholes and deductions he would eliminate in order to pay for awful his spending cuts. so they're both now saying you are not telling the voters what the whole story is you are not being honest and, frankly, in the wake of all the accusations of lying, one wonders on both sides if they were to tell us specifically what they were doing if voters would believe them in the first place, shep. >> shepard: carl cameron, mansfield, ohio. thanks very much. as i mentioned the president just won the fundraising race for the first time in four months. his campaign and the democratic party took in $114 million in the month of august. it's an advantage but not much really. just about 3 million more than governor romney and the g.o.p. team fox coverage continues. wendell goler at the white house tonight. wendell, what's the thinking for the reason on all of this? >> well, shep, it may be the
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democrats are getting a bounce off the republic convention and romney's selection of paul ryan as his running mate, this is august fundraising before the democrats' convention, democrats have been using ryan's budget to say that republicans are a threat to medicare, student loans and a lot of other government programs. the obama campaign as you say only raised $3 million more than the romney camp and republic super pacs continue to race much more than democrats. white house press secretary jay carney says we are looking at a close race. >> we have always believed it would be a very close race. and that continues to be the president's belief as well as the belief of those around him. >> democrats say what is significant about their august fund raise something not the amount of money collected but the number of people 1.2 million who contributed 98% of whom gave $250 or less, shepard. >> shepard: the president got a bit of a lift. he got a real lift from one man on the campaign trail. what did the secret service think of that? >> i have never seen it before but then, you know, candidates
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will do just about anything to help them win a battleground state. in this case it was florida. where scott vandusen says he was on the driving range when he found out the president was headed to his pizza parlor. is he a republic who voted for mr. obama in 2000 will. he plans to do so again. he reportedly says the secret service gave the okay presumably so did the president. and speaking of battleground states, joe biden was in ohio yesterday when he poses with this biker babe on his lap. no, alcohol was not involved. biden doesn't drink, shepard. >> shepard: wendell goler life for us tonight, thanks very much. some of the key battleground states in the race for the white house are among those struggling the hardest in this housing markets according to a new report out. more than half of the borrowers in nevada are under water, meaning they owe more on their mortgages than the houses are worth. in the state of georgia, that number tops 40%. it's at least 30% in florida and michigan. pollsters say three of these four states could be toss-ups come election day.
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and sure enough, president obama and the g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney are each campaigning in at least one of those states this week. but analysts are warning the housing market and the overall economy may not fully recover until well after election day. gerri willis from fox business is with us now. how are the candidates addressing this housing slump, gerri. >> they are not addressing it at all. romney is going to be in nevada and florida soon. he may talk about it then. largely they kept it off the table. you should know that the white house has been pushing from legislation from the senate to make it easier to refinance for people who are in trouble. they got that today. the senate introducing a bill to make it easier for some of these folks who are in trouble to get some assistance. shep? >> shepard: but, are we seeing some positive indicators in this new report? it seems there are some. >> yeah, you betcha. the july delinquency rate down 7.3%. that's a 30% drop from its peak peek in january of 2010. it's not great news but it is better news. under water mortgages down as well. these are mortgages in which
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people owe more than the house is worth. it's down to 18% from 23% a year ago. keep in n. mind, these are people at risk because they're under water. they do owe more and that's 00 an incentive to make your payments out there. a lot of people who are in that situation end up in foreclosure. shep? >> shepard: gerri willis from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. 10,000 teachers have walked off the job and on to the picket line. where does leave all the students from the third largest school district in our nation? that's coming up. word of a major victory in the fight against al qaeda as a reported missile strike has killed a top terrorist. it's all ahead from the journalists of fox news on this monday fox report. [ angry ] i just discovered untopped triscuit taste great. oh, it's so good! if this image robbed you of the great taste of untopped triscuit... goat cheese? come on! this is america! ...sorry. [ male announcer ] 100% whole grain woven for an untoppable taste. [ crunch ]
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interests. and two united states officials now tell the associated press that an air strike has killed the group's second in command. the yemenis say it appears a u.s. drone fired the missile that killed him. american officials have not confirmed it openly but u.s. forces have previously droned suspects in yemen. the target in this latest strike, a saudi national who fought in afghanistan and did six years at guantanamo bay. that stent in gitmo made him a rock star to his buddies we are told. a yemeni government official earlier told fox news officials have recovered d.n.a. from the site and analyzing it now to confirm that he is dead. the yemenis perhaps a little cautious because previous reports of his death later turned out to be inaccurate. stool was not in session today for some 400,000 students in chicago. after the city's public school teachers went on strike for the first time in more than two decades. [chanting]
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members of the chicago teachers union picketing across the city including outside cellular field on the south side after teachers and city officials missed last night's deadline to reach a new contract. this is the largest strike our nation has seen all year from any industry in the private or public sector. nearly 26,000 teachers and staff expected to join the picket lines their dispute over pay brings the third largest school in the united states to a halt. keep in mind other cities and towns across the country may face similar sites as officials try to close their own budget gaps. today chicago's police chiefs employ different officers across the safety protest keep an eye on all those kids who are not in class. steve brown is in our chicago newsroom tonight. what are the chances of a quick settlement here, steve. >> well, shep, based on day one, it looks like there will be several more days to come. at least based on the comments the president of the chicago school board said hopefully
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soon. spokesperson for the chicago teacher's union says still a ways to go. so that suggests that there will be more strike days to follow. the teachers essentially walked away from the table still with a 16% raise over four years, still sitting on the table. and this for the highest paid teachers union in the country. that brought the mayor out from to the cameras today that he thought that the strike was wrong and unnecessary. >> i do believe that we are down to the last few issues, as you know. i believe that what has been discussed over the last 100 plus meetings over five months over 400 hours is an agreement that is an honest compromise that respects our teachers, does right by our kids, and is fair to our taxpayers. >> but the teachers union says still no dies -- dice and
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negotiations continues. >> shepard: what are parents doing with their kids. >> some cases they can take them to school but not for school. they can take them there essentially to be watched over a four hour period where they will be fed breakfast and lunch at 144 schools. we have searches and other libraries and other city buildings offering afternoon ability to watch kids if you will. but certainly not 400,000 slots available. so parents are kind of scrambling to find a place to put their kids while the teachers are out on strike. shep? >> shepard: steve brown, thank you. congress is back in session. the question is will lawmakers actually be able to get anything done. we will take a look what's on the agenda coming up. plus a dramatic and deadly standoff in michigan involving the head of a financial company that is in big trouble with regulators. that's next as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants.
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>> shepard: a wild standoff to report tonight. it's featured a barrage of bullets and heavy machinery that tore off the side of a house. it just ended moments ago when police found the body of a suspected cop killer inside that building. here's the stein just west bloomfield michigan right outside of detroit. you can see a giant hole in the side of the house. cops this morning used heavily machinery to tear through the exterior in an effort to get that suspect out of there. police say this all started last night when this officer patrick arorck is his name married father of four with a family responded to a 911 call about a man who tried to kill himself. when that officer and others climbed stairs to the second floor, the suspect fired through his bedroom door and a wall and killed officer arourke. there was a standoff then a
4:20 pm
reporter for our fox affiliate in detroit heard dozens of rounds going off near the house. hear listen. [gunfire] >> shepard: police confirm the gunman suspected of shooting and killing their fellow officer is now dead. the suspect was the head of a financial company that's in trouble with regulators. his wife also recently served him with divorce papers. lawmakers are taking off from their or i should say taking time off from their re-election campaign to actually do some work on behalf of all of us. but don't expect much of this, at least in the way of results. the house and senate now back in session after five weeks of vacation. lawmakers have some major tasks ahead of them, including funding the government to avoid a government shutdown. that's a number one. plus passing a bill to help farmers deal with the drought. keeping the u.s. postal service from defaulting on its pension obligations and figuring out what to do about
4:21 pm
the expiration of the bush era tax cuts on december the 31st. and that's just to get started. analysts warn that if congress does not take action on those cuts, the ensuing tax increases coupled with automatic spending cut backs could send our fiscal economy over that fiscal cliff about which we have been hearing so much. so you would think there would be some incentive to come to an agreement, right? welcome to washington. the fix business network rich edson is there tonight. what are lawmakers expected to get done during this session, rich? >> well, shep, congressional aides say over the next two weeks they expect lawmakers will fund the government,avoid a government shutdown, maybe deal with disaster assistance and a few other issues, that's about it. all those tax increase and spending cuts expected for next year that fiscal cliff that will wait until after the election, shep. >> shepard: each side is not surprisingly blaming the other for failing to do more. >> that's right. both sides have offered proposals, they are stung. -- stuck. house republicans pin it on
4:22 pm
democrats. >> it's the u.s. senate that's been stopping everything. we don't know how much comes to fruition but we do know we'll get things through the house when it gets to the senate is where it goes to die. >> harry reid rights in politico that republicans have hued closely to a narrow political strategy. if the president supports it, republicans oppose it. aides say both democrats and republicans are waiting until after the election as neither side sees the political benefit of working out these larger issues until they know who wins. shep? >> shepard: rich edson live in d.c. tonight, thank you. a congressional hearing into the investigation into that fast and furious gun sting will not happen tomorrow as planned. u.s. department of justice inspector general was set to testify about a report on the controversial gun walking program. but lawmakers have pushed it until next week saying they still don't have the actual report. fast and furious was supposed to track weapons to mexican drug cartels. but officials say the feds did not track some of those weapons and two of them turned
4:23 pm
up at the scene where u.s. border patrol agent brian terry died in the shootout. this weekend, police in mexico announced the arrest of one of the five men charged in his murder. another is on trial in arizona. three others are still on the run. we're hearing from the parents of one member of navy seal team 6. they say the white house never should have revealed that those elite fighters were the ones who took out usama bin laden in pakistan. the reasons coming up. plus, more than a billion dollars in taxpayer money for afghanistan may not be reaching its destination at all. and that could be very bad news as the u.s. hands over control. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news
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>> shepard: nasa scientists saying it's the rover curiosity that they sent up there finds water on mars, that water can contaminate the red planet or the rover could with life from right here on earth. the rover landed there last month on a two year mission to determine whether mars could have -- drill bits could contain microscopic bacteria capable of surviving even this they touch even a drop of water. agency reports engineers may have contaminated the drill bit while installing it last november when they opened the sealed box of sterilized parts. however, scientists say discovering water is highly
4:28 pm
unlikely since they chose the cold and dry crater you see here for curiosity's landing site. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. and accusations of american tax dollars wasted in afghanistan. amidst possible corruption and stealing. a u.s. watchdog sending in relief -- i should say in afghanistan released a new report today. it focuses on a billion-dollar program that supplies fuel to the afghan army. the report found there is is no proof the afghan security forces are actually using the fuel for their missions. so where is it going? nobody seems to know. and figuring it out is pretty difficult because somebody apparently shredded financial reports of nearly half a billion dollars in fuel payments over four years. this report surfaced as the pentagon tried to work out last-minute glitches in the handover of a key prison in afghanistan. it's a move heavy with
4:29 pm
symbolism no doubt as it came just one day before marked the attacks 9/11. the attacks that triggered america's longest war in the first place. earlier today u.s. officials formally gave control of the prison to the afghan government. that prison is home to thousands of taliban and terrorist suspects. >> we transferred more than 3,000 afghan detainees into your custody at an expedient rate and ensured that those partner of afghanistan and coalition forces would not return to the battlefield. >> well, it's worth noting here that those 3,000 afghan detainees are not all the detainees at the prison. in fact, some prisoners are reportedly still under american control. jennifer griffin with the news. she is live at the pentagon for us tonight. jen, handing over those last prisoners seems to have been a bit of a stumbling block. >> that's right, shepard. the u.s. military was so uncomfortable with the handover that they didn't send any high level representatives, any top generals to oversee the
4:30 pm
handover. in fact, at the last moment, they decided to hang on to dozens of high level detainees for fear that they would be released by the afghans and end up back on the battlefield. >> destined to happen sooner or later. is there a perfect point in time? i don't really think there is going to be a perfect point in time. i think they are about as ready as they're going to be. >> at the ceremony today, the afghans freed 16 prisoners as a symbol. these prisoners had never been prosecuted or tried. perhaps a bad sign for the future and defense secretary leon panetta placed a call to president karzai this morning. >> shepard: reported on all these fuel problems do. we have any more details on all that money? >> well, this is the result of a special -- the special investigator, excuse me, the special inspector general for afghanistan. he issued his interim report today in which he accuses the military of losing track of almost $1.1 million in funds that were intended for fuel
4:31 pm
for the afghan army as part of the training program. it's unaccounted for. as you mention, u.s. military records from 2007 to 2011 for this fuel aid were somehow shredded and no one is saying who did it the inspector general warns that there will be more waste if this is not addressed immediately shepard. >> shepard: jennifer, one more note. prince harry of great britain is over there in afghanistan yet again. and i was reading this morning the taliban are threatening to kill him. >> that's right. he has been there two weeks. he is supposed to be there on a four month tour. it's not his first time there but today a taliban spokesman issued a statement saying it is their top priority to either kidnap or kill the prince who is known as captain wales. and so they are -- they are issuing this threat. nato officials aren't taking it seriously. they are saying that plins harry is under no greater danger than any other troop there is he serving right now with an apache helicopter unit of in south, shep.
4:32 pm
>> shepard: jennifer griffin busy day at the pentagon. conservative group going after president obama on the issue of national security. they call it the government accountability institute. a new conservative research organization. it's telling the "the washington post" newspaper that the president attended fewer than half of his daily intelligence briefings. the white house spokesman is dismissing the story calling it amusing. the white house spokesman reports the president is steeped in the details of national security. interesting to note the white house sent out the details of a meeting with the president and senior administration officials on security preparedness for tomorrow's september the 11th remembrance. during the briefing today we're told the president discussed specific measures that the administration is taking to keep america safe. meantime, the defense secretary leon panetta visited the flight 93 memorial sight in shanksville, pennsylvania. he talked about how important it is to remember those who were fighting and dying for our freedom every day. and he compared the soldiers who are now at war to the heros who are said to have made a stand on flight 93.
4:33 pm
knowing they might have to die to protect others. >> that kind of sacrifice, that kind of commitment, that kind of dedication, that kind of courage is what makes this country strong and we had damn well better remember that every day. >> shepard: 1987 members of the united states military have died in afghanistan since the start of the war. new details tonight about the raid that killed usama bin laden. and the details come from a former member of navy seal team 6. he is calling himself mark owen, though that's not his real name. and is he contradicting part of the government's version of what happened inside that compound in pakistan. officials have said that the seals shot bin laden after he resisted and ran into his bedroom. but this man tells 60 minutes that the seal right in front of him opened fire as soon as bin laden poked his head out of a door.
4:34 pm
>> a guy sticks his head around the corner he could very easily have a gun. you don't wait to get that this a.k. or the grenade thrown down the hall or the suicide vest. so in the split second that's when he engaged. >> shepard: by the way i mentioned mark owen is not his real name and this is not what he really looks like they tell us. v bs news reports it used hollywood style makeup to disguise him and altered his voice for that interview. tonight, the parents of another seal team 6 member who died in afghanistan say the government should never have revealed which special operations unit killed usama bin laden. catherine marriage live in the d.c. newsroom tonight. catherine. >> well, shep, identifying the seals had a cost to the operators and their families. >> i believe it was criminal. >> bill and karen vaughn say their son member of seal team 6 had fear when biden. >> almost unbelievable
4:35 pm
capacity of his navy seals and what they did last sunday. >> aaron called me and said, mom, you need to watch your social media clean of any reference to me or any of my buddies. just disconnect completely. there is chatter and all of our lives could be in danger, including yours. you are talking about a community of around 300 families who are all of a sudden made targets by this administration. >> so how do you feel as a father to have your son identified? >> we expect better out of the high-ups in our government. >> while the vaughns don't believe their son was part of the bin laden raid, they said the team shared the victory and event actually the shock of being named. >> did. >> they were very angry. >> white house national security spokesman in the vice president's office for a response but there was none immediately available to us. aaron vaughn was among 17 seals killed in their
4:36 pm
helicopter was shot down in august last year. 30 lives were lost it was the worse loss of life in a single day in the afghan war, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington tonight. catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: the pakistani doctor who helped the united states track down bin laden say the pakistanis consider the united states their worst enemy. of course, that enemy gives pakistan about $2 billion a year in military aid. the doctor is serving a 33 year prison sentence for working with the cia. and now he tells fox news pakistan's intelligence agency tortured him and, quote: they said the americans are our worst enemies, worse than the indians. he goes on, quote: i tried to argue that america was pakistan's biggest supporter. but all they said was, these are our worst enemies. you helped our enemies. >> nearly 121 years after first responders rushed to the burning wreckage of the world trade center. the feds today acknowledged there is a link between the toxic dust site and cancer.
4:37 pm
the men and women who rushed toward the buildings in lower manhattan and later sifted through the rubble there breathed toxic dust on end. the fund meant to cover non-related -- did not include cancer. 9/11 first responders are entitled to free monitoring and free treatment for some 50 forms of cancer. leaders in the united states and israel have said military force is an option when it comes to stopping iran's nuclear program. but it seems the two sides cannot agree on exactly where to draw the line. and when to take action. we'll have details ahead. plus, thousands of web sites registered through that go went down today. victims of another apparent cyber attack. we'll show you just how easy it is for hackers to steal your identity and potentially your life savings along with it. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> shepard: thousands if not millions went off site today go a hacker linked to that group anone mus claimed responsibility it though it's unclear what caused the problem. still working ton but we're making progress, some service has been restored. stick with us. like we had any options. go daddy hosts more than a million web sites, mostly for small businesses. in that case, hackers kept companies that rely on those web sites from doing business. but in other high profile attacks. hackers have stolen things. including pass words, other personal identification, even money. in some instances, all it takes is an unwitting victim opening up the wrong email. we sat down with a noted security computer expert. >> the only impervious system
4:42 pm
is the one not touching the internet. >> shepard: make his point he attack sending email that appeared to come from trip it. the message informed her she had won a free trip and prompted her to click on this link. >> you hitting that link, you didn't think a second about it. because it is just what you do. >> even as the link took her to a web site, behind the scenes, it activated a code that instructed her computer to log in to trip-it through her open facebook account. >> i basically was using a couple of social met networks to basically exploit each other. >> the code added his email to her account. allowing him to log in as her. we watched as he gained full access to her travel eye continue rathers and contact list. he said he could have just as easily planted a malicious code to capture her pass words instead. >> now it's just a decision of what do i want? do i want to get money from bank accounts? i do want all the facebook accounts? i do want access into your actual corporate network? and then basically you can
4:43 pm
extend from that. >> it was devastating. my life has been on hold for two years. >> shepard: michelle is a real victim of this type of attack. she clicked link in an email that appeared to come from u.p.s. unwittingly giving hackers access to her company's bank account. they stole almost half a million dollars. >> our first thought was there was a manages stake. the bank misposted something. and then we're realizing our money was stolen. >> shepard: she was able to track down some of the money before the hackers wired it over seas. she won back the rest through legal action. but she says she now pays much closer attention to the emails she opens on her computer. >> most people don't realize is all that it takes is a click and there could be a virus sitting in there waiting for years. >> shepard: security experts say we will never be able to completely prevent these attacks. businesses should have multiple layers of security to recognize threats once they entered the system. >> it's the wild wild web
4:44 pm
today. and the difference is did you bring your shield with you or your bullet proof vest? you might get hit but you might survive. >> as you might expect, computer hack something a growing problem. a recent survey found that over a one year period nine of every 10 companies reported at least one cyber attack. the united states is not setting any deadlines and pressuring iran to curb its secret nuclear program. benjamin netanyahu says his name is engaged with talks with the united states over setting a quote red line for iran. told canada's cbc that iran may pause its nuclear enrichment if it faces a clear set of limits from other nations. u.s. officials, including president obama have said no option is off the table but that diplomacy is a preferred solution. meantime, iran argues that it has every right to develop a nuclear program, which it claims is is for peaceful purposes only.
4:45 pm
"the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. it looks like there is a strong disagreement between the united states and israel over what's happening here and what to do about it. >> yeah. the clearest and strongest difference is over the timetable for any potential military action against iran with the israelis. clearly feeling a lot more urgency because as even u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton herself admitted they feel that they are in as she put it the bulls eye. so the israelis would like u.s. participation in or at least aprooflt sort of military strike, but as jay carney, the white house spokesman made clear today. that is not going to be immediately forthcoming, listen. >> we need to continue to pursue the policy that we have had in place. because it remains time and space to do that. and because ultimately, if pressure on iran, sanctions on iran, diplomatic isolation on iran produces a change in iranian behavior that is the
4:46 pm
best way to ensure that iran does not acquire a nuclear weapon. >> some experts suggest that israel's talk about red lines may actually be an attempt to sort of box the obama administration in, commit them to a sort of if iran does, this we'll do that policy. but clearly they are not going to commit themselves to anything like that right now, shep. >> shepard: some very direct language today from the u.s. weapons inspection team. >> by diplomatic standards extremely direct. this is the head of the international atomic energy agency. he is very concerned about his inspectors getting access to the nuclear site southeast of tehran. it's believed to be one of iran's most sophisticated sites. and the chief weapons inspector said today of his attempts to get in there, the repeated failed attempts, "we need to stop going around in circles. this is frustrating." that might not sound very significant but there is a strong language by his standards. it's frustrating for
4:47 pm
everybody, of course, including the united states. it is deeply threatening to israel, hence the difference of opinion in over what to do and when to do it, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt. thank you, sir. the head of news corporation, rupert murdoch spoke today about israel's future. news corps is the parent company of this network. hours ago, at a conference here in new york. news corps' chairman and vo rupert murdoch said people have now started to notice that israel is an excellent place to investigate. >> the 21st century the path to global competitiveness runs through israel. that's where the returns are. and i believe there are even bigger things to come. >> shepard: you rupert murdoch said its company made its own bet on israel 20 years ago when it invested in a small company there he said that investment has paid off handsomely helping the satellite television business grow and prosper. he does not exaggerate when he
4:48 pm
says news corporation wouldn't be where it is without contributions from its israeli enterprise. a teenager is getting high tech help after a gator bit his arm off. we brought you his incredible story this summer. now he has a brand new arm. wait until you see what it can do. ♪ so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the rd like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ]
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>> shepard: probably telling your kids to pet a wild animal is never a good idea. these folks learned that the hard way. guess they skipped parenting classes. they spotted a wild buffalo grazing in yellow stone national park. the man behind the camera told the kids to get up close. which the an animal didn't seem to like one bit. instead of backing up they told them to touch the bison's head.
4:52 pm
brilliant. >> shepard: yeah, everybody seemed to laugh it off. local chamber of commerce slammed those folks on facebook saying they are lucky they got away because the bison, well, it's big. the florida teenager who had his arm bitten off in an alligator attack back in july says is he getting used to his new prosthetic arm it helps him open water bottles, grab different items and even weld. a couple of months ago the teen fought off a gator while swimming in a river in southwest florida. wildlife officials later found his arm inside that gator intact. but mangled to the degree that they couldn't reattach it. trace gallagher with the news. is he live with us tonight. bionic arm. >> brand new technology. fred langdale is first in the world to get this thing.
4:53 pm
not exactly the $6 million man. it runs $80,000 which was donated. interesting because the arm uses censors to control movements and each finger has its own motor that allows to you grip in a natural way. can he actually grab an egg. can he hold a styrofoam cup of coffee and at the same time he could crush a beer can. it's tough to get the hang of it but apparently so far so good. listen. >> i'm able to multitask, close a car door and being able to grab stuff while holding something. >> in fact, the sensors on the hand are so good that at some point in time fred langdale will be able to type on a keyboard with that hand, shep. >> shepard: that's incredible. i remember when this happened he said to the reporter i will get back in the river but he can't swim with this thing, can he. >> no. and he did say that he ♪ getting out of the water but yes he cannot swim with this thing. it is electronic. it has some sensors in there
4:54 pm
but because he loves the water so much, you sought pictures. the thing has a camouflage water design on it that fred langdale loves. his mother says when she first saw this arm it had her son written all over it listen to her. >> as soon as the hand come in and it was camouflage i knew that was all fred. that's exactly him. that fit him to a tee. i know now not really slowed him down much but he is going to be back to hunting and, you know, wake boarding and all the things he loves to do. >> and, remember he said that he is grabbed the gator grabbed his right arm so he can drive his air boat with left arm. now he can dirt doo it with either arm. >> shepard: trace gallagher, thanks. the u.s. coast guard rescued a father and son from sinking plane. federal investigators say the single engine cessna went down off the coast of monterrey after its engine stalled and emergency alert beacon sent a distress call to the coast guard. the feds say the landed in a
4:55 pm
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soda shipment to the southeast country of burma in more than 60 years. number four. the jury ordered the guy behind those girls gone wild videos to pay $20 million to the casino mogul steve wynn for defamation. number three, negotiators are still trying to reach a deal can w. chicago striking teachers. finally reaching an agreement to complete the memorial at ground zero. and number one, president obama raised more money in august than his republic rival. still governor mitt romney has more cash on hand and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in the year 1776, the american soldier nathan hale, agreed to cross enemy lines to spy on the british during the revolutionary war. general george washington had asked for one volunteer and captain hale stepped right up. he gathered intelligence on the red coats as they invaded manhattan. after burning the city to the ground, the british caught nathan hail and the next day they hanged him. but a


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