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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 12, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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we speak, it is morning. it is 5:00 in the morning -- okay. >> people are rallying against the u.s. embassy. you give them $2 billion. >> sean: we have to roll. more with fox news, straight ahead. >> greta: this is a fox news alert, four americans murdered in libya, including our u.s. ambassador. is at this time work of al qaeda? did they use protests in egypt and libya to launch a vicious, deadly attack on the anniversary of 9/11? paul ryan slamming the obama administration over its response. >> i disagree with the original statements that the embassy put out, that the administration put out in cairo, sympathizing with the people who are storming the embassy. we should stand up for our values values and free speech rights. i think that statement was wrong. >> greta: see much more of our
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interview with congressman ryan. is president obama more worried about winning the election or fighting off terrorists? here's what rush limbaugh thinks. >> the obama camp, the campaign, the white house and the media all condemned romney before they condemned the attacks. obama thought it more worthwhile to hit romney for what he was doing than the terrorrives for what they did. >> greta: you hear much more from rush limbaugh, straight ahead. but first, you are looking live at the u.s. embass necairo, egypt. it is 4:00 a.m., protesters are back outside, our embassy and the protests are turning violent. all night, we are going to be monitoring the live pictures from cairo and sarah palin, blasting president obama over the outbreak of violence in the middle-east, governor sarah palin saying in part, it's about time our president stood up for america and condemned these islamic extremists.
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i realize there must be a lot on his mind these days, what with our economy's abysmal jobless numbers and the warning about another downgrade to our nation's credit rating, due to the administration's fail tower come up with a deficit reduction plan and he has a busy schedule: >> greta: boy, the people are angry in cairo and back here in the united states. your thoughts, sir, i know you knew the ambationz dorand had met him. very disturbing news. >> we near a critical period are in the united states and the region. the attacks and the tragic assassination of our ambassador in libya and three of his colleagues, is in large measure
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caused by the weakness and fecklessness of the obama administration's policies. al qaeda, the muslim brotherhood, in libya and egypt have seen weakness and acted on it. and the administration has done nothing today to correct the impression that the weak innocence our policy remains. i really think the analogy to tehran in 1979, before our embassy was taken hostage by the ayatollahs is right on the mark here. we are at a very, very dangerous point. and the president is not demonstrating appropriate american strength. >> greta: you know, there is so much attention, ambassador on what happened in libya, with the murder of our ambassador and three others and the attention, at the live pictures what have is going on at 4:00 a.m. in cairo. there have been protests in tunisia. but another thing that caught my attention, the response from afghan president hamidkarzai. he issued a statement, condemning the movie, call its
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an insult to islam, saying it is not part of the freedom of discretion, but a krillinal act that affected the righteous sentiments of 1.5 billion muslims. contrast that with how many americans have fought and died, trying to do the right thing in afghanistan and his statement is about an insult to islam, not the fact that we had four americans murdered in the consalate. >> no. it is outrageous and it is the kind of thing that shows just how much karzai fears the taliban when under the obama administration policy, the american troops that are keeping karzai in office, sphear from his country. so this is a strategic moment for the united states from across the broader middle-east f. we don't stand up here for our interest and our values, we will see our interest and our values trashed all over the place. let's just take egypt and libya for a minute. the governments of those
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countries failed in their fundamental responsibility to prec our diplomats and our embassy, yet there is no word from the president on that failure. it leads to the issue whether libya elements in the libyan and egyptian governments were not compliceit in these actions. >> greta: we are continuing to watch the pictures. you can't take your eyes off them and the very sad news, ambassador stevens was the u.s. envoy to the opposition in libbia. only four months ago, he was appointed ambassador to libya. he recorded this staiment state department video. >> my name is chris stevens, i am the new u.s. ambassador to libiasm i am in washington, preparing for my assignment, as i walk around the monuments and memorials, celebrating the courageous men and women, i am reminded that we went through challenging periods, when america was divided by a bitter civil war 150 years ago. >> greta: it breaks your heart
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this, man doing so much for the libyans and for us here at home in america. is there something -- does our foreign policy need some adjustment tonight? >> well, it needs a new president! it neat needs somebody who understands that american streng and leadership in the world prevent this kind of murder and attacks on our people overseas. you know, it is not just the official more thans who are at risk throughout the missed east, it's the tens or hundreds of thousands of private citizens on tourism, visiting families. and they are at risk because people see that the united states has not and apparently will not stand up to these kipes of attacks. when you add to it casting prime minister net net adrift, not being able to deal with iran's quest for nuclear weapons. people see the united states in decline, our adversaries will calculate and adjust their policies accordingly. the risks are rising and we are standing idly by.
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>> i draw your attention to the pictures in cairo where the people are protesting against us. ambassador, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> greta: deadly attacks on americans in the middle-east, quickly turning the campaign trail interest a critical discussion of our national security. on the record today, traveled to green bay, wiscob sin, to talk with g.o.p. vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan. nice to see you. >> great to be back with you. welcome home. good to be home. isn't it? >> greta: it is nice. today, you had a big crowd at town hall, the local people here in green bay. as you startedded this, you started touk talking about foreign policy and what happened in libya. >> yeah, right. >> greta: there are early signs -- just signs -- that the attack was planned. of course, it was 9/11 and territory belonging to the united states. if you were vice-president working with a president romney, what would you be thinking about it? >> i would want to get to the bottom of it, number 1.
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i would not speak in equivocal terms. i disagree with the original statements that the administration put out in cairo, sympathizing with the people storming the embassy. we should stand up for our values and our free speech rights. so i think that statement was wrong -- and the administration was right to walk it back, after they stood by that statement a couple of times. now what happened in benghazi, afterwards, we have lost four of our diplomats, our ambassador was killed. this is a straj trag -- this is a tragedy. this is outrageous. going forward, we need peace through strength. our adversaries who are tempted to test us need to than america is strong millitarily, that we won't have the devastating defense cuts that questions the resolve and the strength of our military. our president needs to speak with force and clarity for our principles. >> greta: that mixes several issues ever achieving peace through strength. we have the issue of
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sequestration and afghanistan and what will we do with afghanistan? >> peace through strength. don't gut the military. the president -- don't forget -- give us a big cut to the military, $478 billion, which we think goes past the bone, compromises readiness or strength. we need to give our soldier, sail oairmen and marines, the equipment to do their job as efficiently as possible. sequestration -- we passed the legislation in the house, i auhorr thorred it -- i authored it to go after the waste. there is waste in the pentagon. but this goes far past this. by having these reckless defense cuts down the pike, coming under president obama's lack of leadership or his proposals, that weakens us. that is not peace through strength. we believe that's wrong. with respect to afghanistan, we believe and agree with the 2014 transformation. but we also think if our
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generals, our commanding generals are saying, give us the force we need through the the fighting season, they need to be given that. if you have a troop draw-down in the fighting season, my fear is if you are giving them the same strategy, but taking people out while we are getting shot at, that -- i fear, makes us more vulnerable. so we have issues with the way that the obama administration is prosecuting it on these decisions. we support the 2014 yousformation. become vice-president and governor romney becomes president, you inherit wherever we are in the transition of afghanistan. >> that's right. >> greta: assuming that are vice-president and he's president, what do you do at that point? >> we stick with the 2014 transition. and 2013 is the time when we reassess what the 2014 posture looks like. that's what any administration's going to have to do. we have this timeline of 2014. we agree with that. we are moving toward that. but we have to spend 2013
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assessing our posture. the goal is to continue to deny a safe haven for al qaeda so they don't have staging grounds and the means of acquiring weapons and money to attack us again. >> greta: are we safer now than when president obama took office? >> because of the drone strikes and killing osama bin laden and the bush administration's prosecution on the war on terrorism, we are safer. but i would say it's a mixed record. i really think, by gutting defense like the president is doing, that -- risks... those risks are unpallettable. what it does, it tells our adversaries that we are weak disming reducing our strength. i think you will have more foreign policy adventurism and the iran policy by this administration has been woefully inadequate. we are in a place where they are 90% of the way toward getting a nuclear weapon. >> greta: what would it do? this is a troubling thing for the world. what would you do? >> i have been working on increasing and boosting of
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sanctions for quite a while in congress. the obama administration was brought kicking and screaming to bringing in the tough sanctions. they have equivocated. had we had the resolve we needed in 2009 and earlier, hopefully, we would have had a different outcome. but the sanctions can only work if they for really tough sanctions that make iran change its opinion about going forward with a nuclear weapon. they haven't changed their opinion. they have gotten much farther down the path. at a time when israel needs our strength and needs our moral support, our public support, it is now and i fear that the relations relations with israel are at an all-time low. >> greta: how much more can we crank up? we have the problem that they are cheaters. they will get around the sanctions or some countries will cheat. there comes a point when there isn't that much more marge stay on the line crank it up and it's only hurting the people. >> with the central bank sanctions, the obama administration got waivers, they are giving waivers --
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>> greta: you say no waivers? >> well, yeah. the great thing about central bank sanctions is that you can bring pain to the government of iran without hurting the people of iran. and i don't believe that the administration has been strong enough on sanctions, and they drag their feet on sanks. it was only because of an enormous bipartisan support for sanctions in ck that we have a sanctions -- in congress that we have the sanctions we have today. they are eighths -- they are late. think about what the world would look like with a nuclear iran. this is the world's greatest sponsor of terrorism. it could trigger an arms race in the middle-east. a very dangerous part of the world. think about what -- how they would conduct themselves if they were a nuclear nation. they have been supporting terrorism, hezbollah, hamas, think about what they would be like with a nuclear weapon. i shoder to think about t. this is the greatest foreign policy concern. it affects the national security
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of america and our allies. i think by the result of the fact that they are this much closer to a nuclear weapon, this administration has not done near the job they should have done. >> greta: somebody asked you about the doctor in pakistan and you were harsh about the leaks, you say, coming out of the white house. you said something about our relationship with our allies. has our relationship changed with many of our ally snitches i worry that by gutting defense like we are, by not speaking with moral force, by standing up for our principles, freedom of religious, freedom of speech, women's rights, individual rights, the president's missed lots of opportunities. the green revolution in iran. he said bashar assad has to go. he's still there. our adversaries see us gutting defense so they are more willing to engage in what i call foreign policy adventurism and our allies wonder if we have the resolve that we traditionally
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have. take a look at the way we have been treating israel. take a look at the other issues. i really believe that we need a peace through strength option, which we don't have. if america is strong and we assert our belief, standing proud and have a strong military that is unrivaled, our adversaries won't test us as much and our allies will trust us more. >> greta: you mentioned women's rights. the obama administration is running a ad saying that the romney administration would be dangerous to women. you smirk? >> this is what politicians do when they don't have a good record. 23 million people struggling to find work. the poverty rate of women is the high nest a generation. president obama said if you pass the stimulus package, unemployment would never be above 8%. it's been above 8% 43 months. the president doesn't have a record to run on, so he is running a divisive campaign. hope and change is now divide
7:16 pm
and conquer. this is a political tactic to divide americans. >> greta: but you need the women's vote. that's a powerful vote. >> of course, we need the women's vote. >> greta: i understand that. but that's run against you. >> when i think of women's issues are i think of my mom and my wife and my daughter and the quality of education we are giving our children. i think about the mountain of debt that we are giving the next generation, which will guarantee they have a diminished future. i think about the poverty rate and the women who start businesses and employ people and they are not doing it because of this terrible economy. so we are all in this together. i really mean that. what we need are prot-growth economic policies that mitt and i are proposing to get us out of this rut we are in. the president will be trying to talk to people in different groups to divide people in hopes that he can come up with a coalition of 50-plus 1 to win. we are talking to everybody with the same purpose, with the same principles about what you need to do to get this country back on track. >> greta: before romney says he
7:17 pm
will get 240,000 jobs here in wisconsin. >> that's right. if we get the economy growing the rate we can, 4% a year, we will create 12 million jobs. here's the problem, greta. the president's failed on his promises. the economy's suffering as a result of his terrible policies and lack of leadership. we are not going to blink. we will get the deficit under control. we are going to pass a budget -- which they haven't done in 3 years. we'll get the pro-growth politicses in place to let the private sector take off. we know we can get the economy growing. if we get the economy growing, 4% a year on average, we can create the 12 million jobs, which is our goal. you have to have goals and policies that are proven to work. these are pro-growth economic policies that have been proven to work. we will put them in place. we have to have an energy policy, an education policy, spending cuts, budget, champion small businesses, all of those things to get people back to work. >> greta: straight ahead, more with congressman paul ryan. let's face it -- it doesn't matter how good your policy is
7:18 pm
if you cannot get it passed. how would a romney/ryan white house break the stubborn log jam here in washington isn't vice-presidentialae nominee's answer. and rush limbaugh, why is he enraged with president obama's response to the attack on americans in the mideast? hear that directly from rush limbaugh in his own words, coming up. there are patients who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be?
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>> greta: once again, vice-presidential nominee, paul ryan. you could have the greatest policies in the world. but if you can't get washington to work together, they're worth absolutely zero. how -- let's assume you -- let's assume you win. let's assume you don't get the senate. you is a divided capitol hill. what are you going to do? are you going to negotiate more? i mean, what's the ryan/romney magic ticket to undo the log jam. >> you don't get to common ground unless you put your ideas on the table. the house passed a budget twice and the senate hasn't in 3 years. >> greta: how do you get them to put an offer up? >> we will lead with solutions. the other point i would say, look at the policies we are proposing. they have bipartisan origins. the medicare reforms we are proposing are bipartisan --
7:23 pm
>> greta: you put a budget on the table. even president obama put a budget on capital hill. senator reid put its in his pocket. >> president obama's budget got zero votes, but senator harry reid is topping it -- to negotiate. you can't negotiate if he is putting it in his pocket. how do you get him to work? >> that's vexing me for 3 years. i can't speak for what it takes to get harry reid to make decisions or the senate to do something. but we lead. we reach across the aisle. we don't demonize and demagogue people, we work with them. like medicare reform. our tax rmplt proposals have bipartisan support. lower tax rateses for everybody. a lot of democrats agree with us -- >> greta: but you voted against the simpson-bowles i. you know what i did? i didn't like the total package, i put my own plan out there. that's what leaders do. i took what i liked from
7:24 pm
simpson-bowles and add it and put that interest a budget and passed that in ck. i didn't vote for simpson-bowles because it kept carein place and allowed medicare to grow unchecked, which goes to bankruptcy. i did not want to look my constituents in the eye and say i passed or voted for a plan that i know doesn't solve the problem. there are great ideas in simpson-bowles. they are great guys. but i offered an alternative. that's what president obama owed the country. don't tell us you don't like our plan, show us what yours. he is has yet to put a credible plan out there. here's the problem, we don't have much more time. we will be greece or europe if we keep tick -- kicking the can down the road like the president's failed leadership has done. mitt romney won't make that mistake. >> greta: rush limbaugh and if laura ingraham have been hard on the campaign. they say you are not -- you are not bold enough or if you don't win this one, the party's gone.
7:25 pm
>> look, i ability this is the most important election in our lifetime. we are literally choosing not just who will be president, but what kind of people are we going to be? if i had to boil it down, it would be this th-- we are offering the american idea of an opportunity society, a society of pres perity and mobility. president obama is offering four more years of the same, leading to a welfare state and debt crisis. we believe the role of government is to define rights to promote equality of opportunity. president obama wants to equalize the results. he wants government-granted rights. very different philosophy, very different vision. what we see with the obama plan is stagnation. debt crisis. that's not what people want in this country. i think when americans look at the final analysis, they will take us and our ideas to get the american ideal back on track. >> greta: two questions. if you get the first one wrong, you will never win wisconsin --
7:26 pm
>> lam bow field -- >> greta: lam bow field or lambert. >> i have been coming here a long time. i tailgate right here. this is lam bow field -- >> greta: are you sure? you are sure? >> i took my daughter to the playoff game against the giants and she cried halfway home because it was a terrible game. i am a big-time packer field. life long. >> greta: lam bow? >> lam bow. >> greta: jerry has been up 10 times to make the hall of fame. he threw the block in the ice bowl in 1967 and kicked the field goal in 1962 to win the championship against the green bay packers. he is not in the hall of fame. do you support jerry cramer going to the hall of fame? >> absolutely. picture on my wall in my office is a picture of vince lombardy and paul horning. on a mental is a packer helmet signed by mike mccarthy. my blood is green and gold -- >> greta: but jerry cramer -- >> absolutely.
7:27 pm
there are a lot of packers we should send to the hall of fame. more than just that. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir. nice to see you. >> good to see you, coming up, rush limbaugh says president obama is going after governor romney when he should be going after the terrorists. that's only what rush is saying for starters. hear a whole lot more from rush limbaugh, next. my chest... he thought he was having a heart attack. she said, "take an aspirin, we need to go to the hospital." i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. i'm very grateful to be alive. aspirin really made a difference. is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h.
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7:31 pm
are doing. >> we are in the middle of an absolute disaster... a foreign policy disaster. and there is a coordinated effort to make it about romney and whether or not he should speak, whether he should say anything about it, whether or not it's presidential for romney, we are only supposed to have one president now, at times like this. well, we don't have one -- unless romney speaks up. and that's the sad reality. that's the first thing that happened. that statement goes out. apologizing in advance for private u.s. citizens exercising their free speech. then the protests intensify into attacks on our embass necairo and our consalate in benghazi. in libya. romney speaks up and calls the
7:32 pm
cairo embassy response disgraceful. we then discover that there are murders that have taken place, of americans in benghazi, including the ambassador. after that happens, the obama administration disavows the cairo embassy statement that i just read you. and after that, the obama campaign sent one of their flags out to shame romney for politicizing what happened at the embass nelibya. thereby getting the ball rolling on this whole idea that romney ought to shut up. that romney shouldn't be talking about this. that romney jumped the gun, that romney used the death of americans as a campaign aid and violated this -- you have heard this before -- this sacred politics ends at the water's edge. tell the democrats that during the war in iraq.
7:33 pm
politics ends at the water's edge. except, see, that's not what happened. cairo puts out this statement that i just read to you and once the media get ahold of this and starts reporting this, somebody has to speak up. it is outrageous. it is disgraceful. it's exactly what romney said. the bottom line is that the obama camp, the campaign and the white house and the media all condemned romney before they condemned the attacks. obama thought it more worthwhile to hit romney for what he was doing than the terrorists for what they d. romney got hit first. >> greta: back here, brit hume joins us. is rush limbaugh correct that the campaign went after governor romney before the terrorists?
7:34 pm
>> well, i do know this, greta, i think we have yet to hear in a public statement made for the general public, that is to say, the statements that obama has made in the rose garden and then later this evening in las vegas, anything about what happened in cairo. he did tell a telemundo interviewer, it was an open question whether the egyptian government was an ally or enemy of the u.s. he wasn't ready to say it was either and much may depend on their response to this. but that's about it. >> greta: wow. these are live pictures of wais going on in cairo, right now. 4:30 in the morning there. it is turbulent there. brit, i went back through my notes and the first statement from the u.s. embassy about -- which is essentially an apology, for lack of a better word was mid-day. then a tweet and a main at 4:29 and 6:30 p.m., that whole time, nothing out of the white house to disavow what was coming out of the embassy, chiam calling an
7:35 pm
apology. it wasn't until 10:10 at night when the romney campaign sent its message around, saying that they were outraged by the attacks that there was finally a response from the obama administration. >> well -- of course, part of what the romney camp was saying was that -- the governor was outraged by the weakness of the statement that was put out and reiterated, even after the embassy grounds had been breached the administration -- the embassy said this -- basically made this what you call an apology -- twice -- >> greta: apology is a short hand. what they said was. >> it was a condemnation of the movie. and they referred to it as trying to make muslims feel bad about their faith. >> greta: it's interesting. when the romney campaign sent that statement out at 10:10, in the middle of this show, i emailed them and asked if they would un-embargo it and we read it on the air here. >> they trying to hold the
7:36 pm
statement until midnight had passed and september 11 had passed so they wouldn't be accused as they were trying to make it a political attack on that day. >> greta: you know, your thoughts on all of this? >> i think a lot dpens on what happens in the next couple of days. i think that governor romney and the president have a vulnerability. we don't know how this is going to play out. friday could be a very important day. there is a call for further protests in cairo, not that there arest not still going on. if this erupts into a tehran-style assault on the american embassy there, this thcould change the complexion of the campaign in a very big way. the president will be challenged to do something about this. we know that marines have been sent to benghazi to try to secure our embationz -- not in benghazi, but tripoli. i am not -- it is not clear to me that anything has been done in cairo. maybe we have enough forces to do that. but we didn't the other day.
7:37 pm
the flag was torn down. >> greta: there is the political ramifications here in this country -- i am curious, should governor romney be speaking out about in? >> oh, of course. we are less than two months to an election, an important international event occurs, you would expect to hear from the candidate, as a voter, i want to hear what a candidate for president has to say. it may seem ugly and unseamly, we have had four people killed. but these are very important times. >> when he issued that original statement -- it was not known what had happened in libya. he was issuing the statement about the u.s. embassy in kirow and what happened in cairo, you can see is an uncertain situation. >> greta: if i look at the response, libya apologized. i am grateful for that. president karzai in afghanistan call its an insult to islam. no apology or sympathy to the fact that we lost four americans. egypt right now, the people are
7:38 pm
running -- the president has been silent -- >> the president of egypt. he has been silent. >> greta: he hasn't said a words. we have snubbed the prime minister of israel, who is our good friend? >> it is a potentially ugly picture fit plays thought way and the tensions and distance with the israeli government persist and if the situation worsens in the middle-east, particularly in cairo this, becomes a major foreign policy headache and challenge for president obama and perhaps, undermines people's sense of his whole foreign policy in that part of the world, since the beginning of the arab spring. >> greta: brit, thank you. >> you bet. >> greta: our political panel. what our experts say about the new crisis in the middle-east. the panel's here next. in 2 minutes, an embarrassing mistake at the democratic national convention. what was it in and how did the democrats turn it into a swipe at governor romney in two minutes.
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7:41 pm
mistake uncovered at the democratic national convention. but they are turning the faux paw interest a swipe at governor romney. how can that be? it shart -- it started in the charlotte convention. a russian warship navy ship was appeared on screen while u.s. navy officers were on stage. today, the democratic national convention committee issued an apology. they blamed a vendor error for the incorrect photos. but that's not all. democratic officials used the apology to criticize governor romney saying we are proud of the service and sacrifice of our military families and mitt romney failed to mention them in his speech in tampa. low blow or fair game? we are back in two. ♪
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>> stocks ending slightly higher with the dow hitting multi-year highs. maul business owners are losing confidence in the economy. a july survey from the small business association found that 60% of owners felt confident about the future, that's down from 75% in december. and one-third of owners expect a recession in the next year, just 14% said the same in december. apple enthusiasts rejoice! the highly anticipated iphone 5 will be thinner, lighter, with a 4-inch screen and all-new connectors. you can begin to pre-order on friday. to find the fox business network in your area, go to fox
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businessdahoumane. >> attacks in the mideast, create ache political mindfield. governor mitt romney, blasting the obama administration, saying, it's disgraceful that the obama administration's first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, to you about sympathize with those who waged the attacks. in an interview with "60 minutes," president obama, firing back. >> there is a broader lesson to be learned here. governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president, one of the things i have learned is, you can't do that. >> greta: joining us, our political panel, rick klein, washington examiner, byron york and time magazine bureau chief, michael crowley. times latest cover story, on the trouble overseas. rick, first to you, governor
7:46 pm
romney tends to shoot first and aim later. >> this is teed up for him because mitt romney decided to make a bold play and it bagfired to acan extent because of the events that happened after that statement went out. these campaigns present opportunities to candidates. mitt romney has gotten a lot of criticism for not being bold and taking a strong stand. here on foreign policy, where he has a deficit, his campaign decided to take an opportunity with a strong statement that he decided to reiterate today, the obama campaign cease -- seizes an opportunity. >> greta: when i hear things like that, the first thing i think, there is a tendence tow shoot first and aim later. i thought of the beer summit that the president had to have because he took sides with his friend, the professor and he gets the police, saying they acted stupidly before they heard facts. that seems like shooting first before you hear anything. backfd because there was an instant
7:47 pm
consensus in the press that he had made a terrible mistake. and i am not sure if the american public has the same opinion. if you looked at the news conference that he hastily arranged in jacksonville, i think, today, every single question was: a variation of, did you make a mistake? did you make a mistake? did you say the wrong thing isn't romney campaign has been saying for a long time that the obama administration has a tendence tow apologize for u.s. actions, there is a history of that throughout the administration. and indeed, mitt romney's book is called no apology. so, you know, i think the romney people think they are on message right now. >> they may be on message. i think they missed an opportunity. i think that you can argue honestly about different world views. i think that mitt romney feels that bam pam -- barack obama never apologized and said i'm sorry, in diplomatic speak that word has a very specific
7:48 pm
meaning. what the romney people will argue and what they said, people understand what they mean. he sent the signal that the bush administration had excesses and did things wrong and america has to be stronger and firmer, unwaiverring, that's a philosophical difference. but romney shot himself in the foot, coming out, before the facts were clear, the story was in motion and opened himself up to the charges that he was being rash and trying to score political points. had he waited until later today -- >> greta: did the facts make it better or worse for him? >> better organized crit senate criticism. >> he would have said the same thing. >> that's fine. but he had the facts and no one could accuse him of shoot from this hip and being political. as a matter of political process, it would have been better to wait to have the argument. >> but when we learn that the ambassador had been killed that put it up the importance scale that romney's statement looked inappropriate? >> i think so. and hasty. he wasn't getting all the facts. >> greta: we are going to take a
7:49 pm
break. straight ahead, paul ryan, just told us about governor rom ne's economic plan. but is the g.o.p. ticket telling the voters enough? we will ask the panel, next. at usaa, we believe honor is not exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you.
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>> we are going to get the debt and deficit under control.
7:53 pm
we are going to pass a budget, which they haven't done in 3 years. we are going to put the pro-growth policies in place to let the private sector take off and we know we can get this economy growing. if we get the economy growing at 4% a year on average, we can create the 12 million jobs, which is our goal. >> greta: these pictures from cairo and the deaths of four americans in libbiality. but we have the job issue. does that still trump everything? >> yeah. i think the romney campaign would like it to be that. that's classic, vintage paul ryan, when he talks about the issues, that's why mitt romney chose him because he is so articulate and that's the message that romney/ryan would like to be pushing. anything in foreign policy aside. >> in foreign policy, romney has been on the defensive since his convention, when he gives the acceptance speech and doesn't mention the troops in afghanistan or anywhere else in the world -- >> greta: why not? how does that happen? >> he has not given a goods answer for that. but he's on the defensive. the democrats put on a big
7:54 pm
national defense show at their own convention. i think one of the things that was going on in the romney campaign's mind last night was that this -- this libya and egypt thing would be a way to retake the offensive on national security. >> i think that's absolutely right. but i think they saw an opportunity to take the issue back. one thing that struck me about the interview with eyen. i thought he was fluent and cogent, talking about iran. his background is not national security. he will have a debate with joe biden. tens of millions of american, 70 million turned out for the sarah palin/joe biden dibait. but tens of millions of americans watching the debate. it is likely to focus heavily on foreign policy, the strength of biden. the democrats are hoping that paul ryan will be weak. he has been doing his homework on iran. i don't know how much he has been doing that recently. but he was fluent in the issue, having to do with sponsoring terrorism and the progress toward a weapon and that shows
7:55 pm
that he might be tougher than democrats might think. >> greta: i think that people think they are not paying attention, maybe they are. gentlemen, as always, thank you. coming up, fasten your seat belt, this is not like any police chase have you ever seen before. what is so incredible about it you have to see it to believe it. and you will, next. tion in chin, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lier average. t. we price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. with investment information, risks, fees and expenses ari'm fine.y, babe? ♪
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>>. >> bhap >> greta: time for last call. california may be known for police chases but this is not just any chase. bampblg robbery suspects led police through the streets of south los angeles. the suspects started throwing money out of the car windows. the cash went flying sparking a mad dash for cash. people started running into the streets to grab the money. crowds swarmed the scene hoping to cash n police arrested three suspects but they don't expect to get the money back. and that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow night. make sure you


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