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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 13, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> thank you, andy. >> bill: the o'reilly factor from boston is on. tonight: >> today we mourn for more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. >> the statement that came from the administration was a statement which is akin to apology. >> with more americans being murdered in america, a war of words breaks out between the president and his challenger governor romney. we have a special report and give you the inside story. >> this is really raw visceral hate and you hear it day after day through the fox crowd. that is complete rubbish. >> charles krauthammer and a
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liberal "the washington post" columnist go head to head over hate toward president obama. charles will be zero if the republic party is missing anything it's sort of this war on women. >> war on women? sandra fluke? she is 30 for god's sake. just shut up for a second, okay? >> dennis miller man oman over the president. >> go factor, go factor. >> caution, you where to enter the no spin zone from massachusetts. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, reporting tonight from washington, more americans murdered by militant muslims. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. right off the bat offended the far left. they don't want the facts reported about the islam i islamic jihad the followers of
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allah who kill in the name of their religion. that's tough. my job is to till the truth. in libya, 52-year-old christopher stevens, the american ambassador to that country was murdered last night along with three other american citizens. fox news has obtained information that those killings were apparently planned. not a spontaneous demonstration. but in egypt the situation was very different. as hundreds of muslims attacked the u.s. embassy because some crank here in america put out an anti-muslim video. because of the internet, that kind of stuff goes worldwide very quickly and the video gave those nuts in cairo an excuse to turn violent. to try to head that off, the u.s. embassy there issued a statement saying quote: the embassy of the united states and cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religion is just feelings of muslims as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions, unquote. again, that statement was issued before, before the american embassy was attacked last night. now, as talking points stated
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yesterday, muslim fanatics will use any excuse to attack not only americans but anyone they consider to be an infidel. there is no question about that and it is the responsibility of the egyptian government to protect the american embassy. the egyptian government did not do that so they must be held accountable. back here, the issue is clearly being used in the presidential campaign. here is what mitt romney said about the u.s. embassy statement. >> they clearly sent mixed messages to the world and the statement that came from the administration and the embassy is the administration, the statement that came from the administration was a statement which is akin to it apology and i think was a severe miscalculation. >> bill: now, i'm not sure the governor is correct on that. the embassy was trying to head off the violence. being conciliatory in that kind of a situation seems logical. but, after the fact, after the
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attack on the embassy, i believe the u.s.a. should be much stronger than what president obama said from the white house. >> today we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake. justice will be done. >> bill: but what kind of justice, mr. president. the libyan government's chaotic. no central authority there. what will you do with the egyptian government? we are giving it $1.5 billion a year. for what? so our embassy can be attacked? they could have stopped it on february 6th, 2011, i discussed the militant situation in egypt with mr. obama. >> the muslim brotherhood grave concern to a lot of people are they a threat to the u.s.a.? >> i think that the muslim brotherhood is one faction in ejingt. they don't have majority support in egypt. but they are well-organized and there are strains of their
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ideology that are anti-u.s. what i want is a representative government in egypt and i have confidence that if egypt moves in an orderly transition process that we have a government in egypt that we can work with together as a partner. >> bill: tough boys, muslim brotherhood i went want them anywhere near this government. >> bill: i hate to say this i was right and the president was wrong. the muslim brotherhood dominates the egyptian government right now. i'm actually sorry that my prognostication came true. talking points is fed up with americans who sympathize with the muslim worlds. far too many fanatics who prosecute too many people including their own. dissent can result in execution. the responsible to control people like this. >> don't make our people angry because they will kill. they will fight. they will do such a situation. this is the situation because of the americans.
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they want to say something that will hurt our prophet. >> bill: going forward, america should now suspend its aid to egypt. deduct the cause to the damage to the american embassy, secure a apology from cairo let them know attacks on americans inside egypt simply will not be tolerated and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight let's bring in fox news strategic analyst ralph peters who joining us from washington. colonel are my talking points accurate in your opinion. >> i think they are dead on with one exception. the i can't approve of the conciliatory statement issued by the embassy before the demonstration. >> bill: let me stop you there and i want to hear your point of view on that. but here is where i am coming from so you know how to answer. if i'm trying to diffuse a situation, if i'm trying to prevent violence that could take american lives, all right? i want to bring down, i want to bring it down, all right? so i say to the militants, hey, look, this is wrong.
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i concentrate on them. that's where i'm coming from here. go. >> no. the embassy's job is to represent the united states of america. the embassi' job would have been to say, look, under the u.s. constitution, the bill of rights we have something called free speech. and that's it it i mean, the embassy and then the obama administration in washington our state department and the white house elevated political correctness and appeasement above our constitution. and i think that's a fundamental problem. but, it's also a problem when our embassies go up in flames and our president goes to las vegas. >> but, if i agree that the statement that this is america and even loons have freedom of speech has to be known. but it wouldn't have helped in cairo. in fact, it might have inflamed, pardon the pun, the situation even worse. so i'm not sure i'm with you on that. now, let's advance the story tonight. >> bill, just a moment.
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how could it have been worse, really? >> bill: it could have burned the whole thing to the ground and they could have killed everybody there. no americans were killed in cairo. >> the egyptian government was controlling this situation all along. they let it go exactly as far as they were willing to go to apiece the office. >> bill: that's right. >> this whole thing was planned, organized to the nt degree. let's get something straight here. america, this happened on september 11th of all days for the obama administration to let its guard down globally, september 11th dig dong, president obama. it's unfathomable to me that the embassies would have been unprepared. >> bill: okay. the assassination of the american ambassador in libya was obviously planned by whom? who did it? and how do we know? >> we know it's radical extremist muslims of the -- school not the same as al qaeda but al qaeda came out of them there may be al qaeda
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influence. we know because they have been jumping up and down for the last two decades telling us they want to kill americans. we know because our intelligence system has tracked them and their entry into and development in syria. all the hall marks of a carefully planned -- >> bill: you said syria you meant libya, right? >> yes. >> so they are another -- they are not the muslim brotherhood and not al qaeda. they are yet another jihadist group that want to kill americans and infidels, correct? >> the movement is the most radical general movement within islam. it's beyond the farrest wing of the muslim brotherhood they are in a ratings war as it were with the muslim brotherhood and i i didn't think the egyptian government let this go down because they were afraid if they stopped the demonstration, they would say see, the muslim brotherhood sides with the infidels when they insight mohammed. >> bill: that's not the government's job.
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it's to protect all of a sudden. >> yes. >> bill: can't be worried about that. i want to be clear here. responsible for the assassinations in libya and also for the demonstrations in cairo. is that what you are saying. >> libya intelligence system those they cooperate very loisly. it was not an accident that both of these attacks happened in neighboring countries on the evening of september 11th. and oh, by the way, the right answer is as far as libya goes is to go to libya. track them down, and kill every terrorist involved. >> bill: all right. thanks very much. a reminder the colonel's book a very interesting read. democratic congressman will analyze the murders of the americans last night. dick morris on a bunch of new polling out today. some of it good news for mitt romney. we are coming right back from boston, massach
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>> bill: continuing now with the lead story, murder of the libyan ambassador to libya. christopher stevens and three other americans in benghazi, libya. joining us from washington louise gutierrez a member of the house intelligence committee. congressman, what say you? number one i'm mourning the death of a wonderful ambassador and three other americans condemning their death at the hands of extremist hands in libya.
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and and the same token i don't want to take a tragedy in libya and try to make political points out of it look, ambassador stevens was our uni have to the insurgent group before we got rid of colonel can qaddafi. in other words he was sent there by america to help foster democracy. which makes this even more ironic and greater tragedy. he understood and worked and he was then promoted to ambassador. america has a deep interest in making sure they have a keen relationship with the new people. i remember when senator mccain and others went theels. let's arm the rebels. while you may not have seen us overtly in terms of america's involvement, i recall that the first missile sent that sent qaddafi to his death were sent by america. and i think it was a good moment for america. >> bill: all right. but we have to look forward now.
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there seems to be a division on how to handle this thing. colonel peters, how just heard said, look, we have got to go in there, we, america, can't hand it over to the libyan government because it's chaotic. we have got to kill them. whether we do it by drones or cia activity or whatever we have got to eliminate them. do you agree with that? >> number one, i ashiewf you that the intelligence community of the united states of america there are fbi agents and intelligence analysts already in libya investigating and we will find the culprits of the death of our ambassador. >> bill: they have to be killed. we have to get them not the libyans, would veto get them. >> look, look. i think that american interests are american interests. we should protect our interest. it is what we are doing all over the world. in this war on terrorism. >> bill: okay, now, should the president have been a little bit stronger about the egyptian situation because we all know and you better than most because you are in the intel committee, all right, that the egyptian government could have stopped this cold and chose not to so,
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therefore, american lives are put in danger and american property destroyed. should the president have come out and said that better not happen again and we're not going to tolerate it in a much stronger way than he did? >> you know, diplomacy really tough. and ambassador stevens gave his life in the name of diplomacy there are things, bill, you and i know are set and communicated sometimes not publicly so that we can achieve the goal we want to make sure that we communicate with the people of egypt they are not our enemy. we want to communicate with the muslim community they are not. the extremists are enemies of america and shoulding dealt with in the harshest sense possible. >> bill: congressman. >> designing exactly those -- >> bill: as i pointed out in my interview with president obama on super bowl sunday the muslim brotherhood is controlling the egyptian government now. the civilian side. they are in control. all right, unfortunately. they are not our friends. so what do we do?
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>> what we do is use diplomacy, bill. >> bill: you have got to have more than that if president obama doesn't have more than that, is he going to lose. >> if i could in libya we had a lot more than that and we were successful in getting rid of a terrible tyrant named qaddafi. now we need to make sure that we stabilize the government there and democracy has an opportunity to flourish. >> now we are in egypt. you just left egypt and i want to get back to egypt. the government of egypt is not friendly to the united states. what do you do? >> what we do is continue to have those kinds of conversations and use the kind of channels that are available to us to communicate. i agree with you when you say look, the government of egypt has a responsibility, a duty to protect everyone that is not, not only egyptian nationals but american nationals that are there. it is through their invitation. our ambassador brings heir credentials. >> bill: we may have to force
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their hand. >> can i only tell you that i think those conversations -- i don't know that they are taking place but can i assure you that our intelligence community. >> bill: let's hope they are. >> find out the murders of our fine and distinguished ambassador. >> bill: thanks as always. dick morris on the new presidential polling. some of it good news for romney and the middle east situation. later, dennis miller will weigh in on the violence last night and the two presidential conventions. those reports after these messages.
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>> bill: if the impact segment tonight, rasmussen out with a tracking poll that shows the presidential race pretty much a dead heat. president obama 46%. mitt romney 45% according to rasmussen.
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brand new fox news poll better news for the president president obama 48%, romney 43%. dick morris joins us now. do you think the murders in libya and ejichings stuff is going to have an effect on the election? >> yeah, a big one. up to now, obama basically made foreign policy his strongest suit. capitalizing on the bin laden killing, which i'm glad happened. but libya is obama's property. he owns libya. his decision to intervene and to have the u.s. air force enforce a no-fly zone that cop peld qaddafi and put the current regime in power makes libya his iraq. just as bush was held responsible for stuff in iraq. is he going to be held responsible for stuff in libya. his arab spring initiative that permitted the muslim brotherhood to thrive now looks very suspect and it looks like a failure. and when you combine that with
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his refusing to see netanyahu and hillary refusing to draw a red line over which iran can't step without us retaliating, that all together really raises questions about his leadership. >> bill: okay, let's explain the netanyahu thing. the israeli prime minister is coming here next week, all right, for the u.n. he wanted to meet with president obama about the iranian nuclear situation. the president said he is he too busy campaigning, what have you. netanyahu then went public and said hey, we don't believe the u.s.a. has our back on iran. we think they are evading us. now, that combined with chaos in egypt, combined with murder in libya, that's a pretty tough, 1, 2, 3 punch. >> yeah. >> however, should mitt romney get involved, or should he step back because it is the war on terror. you don't want to undermine the commander and chief. that's a fine line that romney has to walk, right? >> no, i think romney has to get into this thing.
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i thought his initial statement was very good. and he really needs to talk about the importance of a strong response. gutierrez, the congressman you had on who said we want to use dip -- diplomacy. without the threat of force is like music without instruments. >> bill: if you were advising, let's take president obama first, obviously the egyptian government on 9/11 of all days spitting in the eye of the american public, obviously. could have stopped this, you know how they are. the egyptian military in cairo could have stopped that so what would you tell the president to do? >> suspend all military aid. tell them you are not getting -- we pay them $1.3 billion a year. this is going to cost you 300 million. you are not going to get any money from us until labor day or something -- >> bill: you punish them incrementally and i said that in the talking points memo i think that's wise. what do you tell president --
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i excuse me. what do you tell governor romney to say to the public in a campaign situation? >> that this is the product of the president's naivete in dealing with the arab world. it's a product of his hopes overcoming reality and realism. this is a dose of reality that the president needs and that he should understand that you can't be gentle and loving and expect to be loved here. >> we have one minute left. how do you account for the discrepancy between the rasmussen poll which has it at a dead heat and fox news poll which has the president out by six points? >> i can't account for those two differences because there are so many factors that go into it. my general comment about these polls is they understad state the romney vote and overstate the obama vote because they are using a 2008 model of turnout. make the phone calls, you get
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two few blacks, too few latinos, too few college students because they don't answer the phones, cell phones. you have to weight them up. what do you weight them to? 13% which is what rasmussen does highest black vote ever in 2008 or -- kinds of distinctions. they are using the highest prost pro-obama turnout model. >> are you still confident mitt romney is going to win the election? >> absolutely. by a good bit. >> all right. dick morris, everybody. and shear a reminder dick has a new children's book out called dubbs, is he a dog runs for president. now in the marketplace. if you want signed copies go to dick plenty more as the factor moves along this evening from boston. charles krauthammer verbally attacked by a liberal "the washington post" columnist. we will talk to charles about what happened. dennis miller on jay leno over president obama. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. uing updates on te
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channel throughout the evening. now back to birl. >> bill: unresolved patrol car segment tonight. situation in the middle east going down hill fast. in addition to the murets of americans last night, israel is now saying he as we mentioned that president obama is insulting their government over the iran situation. apparently prime minister netanyahu again we mentioned this with dick morris wanted to meet with president obama when he comes to new york city next week but the president says he can't take that meeting. joining us from washington, fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. let's advance the story. i know you talked with bret
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baier and the guys about it at 6:00. going forward here, you have four americans dead. libya. i don't know we can't hold anybody accountable because the libyan government is not even functioning very much. but in israel you can hold them accountable. we do going fd in both of those places? >> you mean in egypt we can hold them accountable. >> bill: in egypt, i'm sorry. >> number one, you have got to start clarity. i think that was -- i that was a complete embarrassment that statement issued by the embassy. there is no excuse for the united states. this sour representative in egypt of the administration, of this country essentially apologizing for some crackpot you and i and nobody ever heard of. we do not in this country go around and police free speech, have a department of propaganda where we go out and police bad speech and detect anything that might offend anybody. >> bill: that's theoretical.
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charles, charles, if you they're and trying to tamp down potential violence. i don't know if being conciliatory, i get your theoretical point. i agree with it. >> how did that tamping down work out. >> it didn't work out at all. absolutely it failed. >> not only hue mailiating it's ineffective. >> either you say nothing. if we had any warning here and apparently we did. you have the president pick up the phone. he calls morsi and says there is a mob on the way to the embassy. you make sure it's not touched. otherwise, and then you give a string of things that we're going to do including cut it off. >> bill: you threaten the egyptian government before the fact? before anything happens? >> you tell the government we have information and you have information that there is a mob on the way to the u.s. embassy. you make sure that nothing happens. if not, we're going to do x, y and z. >> i would have done that i think that's a good point that nobody has raised this evening. i think that president obama, we don't know whether he did
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or didn't probably should have said you better not let this happen. you better protect our guys over there. >> because it wasn't spontaneous. everybody knows that. >> bill: no, absolutely. as you said they had advance that it was coming and the egyptians didn't do anything. now, do you punish the egyptians to the fullest extent of the law? what do you do? >> i think what you have got to do with the egyptians, you have to say to morsi, this can't happen again. if it does, there are going to be severe consequences. going to cut you off entirely. and you lay down markers. i mean, one of the things that we are complaining about is that there is all this stuff coming out of the middle east, demonizing the united states. some of it comes from morsi and the muslim brotherhood itself. here is a mob complaining about what a crackpot has done in the u.s. morsi is a truther. he has spoken publicly about 9/11 being an inside job. this kind of stuff from an ally cannot continue.
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>> all right. now, i'm not going to run the "the washington post" thing with you tonight. we're going to save it for next week. it's very interesting. the guy thinks that fox news hates obama or whatever. we'll run that next week because this is a very interesting discussion tonight. >> i didn't exactly back down on that one, did i? >> bill: no, you were good. that's why i want to run it and show everybody what happened. now, finally, i'm just amazed and i'm not bragging and i don't want to -- i had this discussion with president obama on super bowl sunday 2011 but the muslim brotherhood. even me, i saw this flag. i saw this coming. and you heard what he said. he really -- it was like well, you know -- i don't know. it's kind of eerie to me. >> i agree with you that if even you could see it coming look, the idea here and something romney ought to do instead of a jab here and a jab there, he needs to make a speech he says look, all of this is a result of the weakness, the apologies all of this reaching out naive
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president with no experience, arrogant amateur who thought he knows how to do this as a result, the united states is not loved. and it's not respected and that's why we're seeing what we're seeing. >> >> all right that would be something, very dramatic speech if the governor did that charles krauthammer. come right back, miller time. plenty on the d-man's plate. libya and the two political conventions. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from boston tonight. in the miller time seeing; let's get right to the sage of southern california joins from us santa barbara this evening. so, miller, the libya murders, what do you think? >> well, first off, rest in peace to those brave souls. lord knows who is drawn to that sort of duty. you are putting yourselves in the crazy called sack in the world so god rest their souls. on days like this you have got to hold your breath a part of me wishes every malcontent in that part of the world had been assigned their own drone and you just brought van clyburn in to run the keyboard on thing to gel switches to get this on. obviously you have to isolate the right people. now, obama shown a let sense in some ways engage the enemy,
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in other ways he does the right thing. i assume we have a drone taxi stand over there somewhere so we don't have to dead head these things back and forth. i also assume there is going to be some people croak in the next 24 hours. i would tell the president there is another even more humanistic thing he can do if he doesn't want to waterboarding people answered would rather blow them up with drones, i would say i would work the old u.s. grant william tecumseh sherman thing war is the ugliest business in the world if you want to save people being killed you should let them know way up front that it's not even a discussion point. there is a march to the sea you engage them whenever you can and you kill them. and i think that's what's going to have to come to. thomas freidman, hardly le may wrote that tight rope to jerusalem. he was talking about ha that rules. that's the only thing they understand. i assume that's what's going to happen later today and i hope we're not whining and
1:43 am
neurotic about it. >> bill: i don't think we are going to be whining and neurotic about tracking down at divides which we believe based on intel were responsible for the murders of the four americans in benghazi, libya. you can't hold that government accountable because that government is chaos just trying to get up and running, it was obviously a planned assassination of the american ambassador but egypt is a different story. they -- that government could have stopped that attack on our embassy. the egyptian military in cairo could have definitely dispersed these people and they said no, they didn't do it. now, there, we have an institutional problem and i don't think president obama as i said in the talking points memo knows what to do. benjamin netanyahu should have a bedroom at the white house right now. should be of be a photo of the two holding fish up and smiling. we shouldn't be meeting with the muslim brotherhood. netanyahu is our guy on the ground there i don't believe
1:44 am
he believes we are there anymore. i think netanyahu finds thin difference. i think he is thinking okay when it's go time it's one less phone call for knee make. we have got to embrace the jews here and let that part of the world know that we have got an advanced team over there. and the guys of israel and they best not screw with them and best get their minds straight. the best way to preclude a war is through strength, to tell them, listen, we're going to back this guy's play. not to make the world think are we going to back israel's play. of course we are. they are israel. we are like this or should be. >> bill: now, in hindsight, the republicans didn't do a lot of foreign affairs in their convention. do you think that was a mistake this tampa? >> no, i think the world is so chaotic right now that the commander and chief has to be in charge of that stuff. i would stay out of it to a large degree except to let our allies know that we will be there for them. i assume obama, he did kill bin laden is going to kill somebody today as he has to. those are huge decisions. i think the guy in power has
1:45 am
to make those. so i find the rnc staying a bit far away from that. to me that indicates a lack of presumptuousness on their part. if they get power they have time. this war is forever with these nut cases but right now. >> >> don't you think that the republicans have to send a message to the american voter that, listen, we have a different view of thousand deal with the jihad. we would be a little bit more, i don't know, i'm not defining it but i think they need to define it for the american voter. this is becoming now with iran and everything else an issue as well as the economy? >> billy, romney has said he won't let iran get a bomb. those aren't very hard lines to read between. i get that he also is more -- he has also just visited israel. i get that i think they demarcated as much as they can without looking like in a time of straf and fracas that they are kind of marking turf. i think people get the difference between these two people.
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>> bill: all right. now we're going to have more in a moment including his interesting shootout with jay leno over president obama. we'll have that report for you right after these messages. [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save yoby switching, you'd have like, a ton of dollars. but how are they saving you those dollars? a lot of companies might answer "um" or, "no comment." then there's esurance. born online, raised by technology,
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and majors in efficiency. so whatever they save, you save. hassle, time, paperwork, hair-tearing-out, and yes, especially dollars. esurance. insurance for the modern world. click or call.
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>> bill: continuing now with dennis miller to appeared on the tonight show a few weeks back and here is how that went down. >> i don't dislike president obama. i just think that it's been an inept four years and, you know, i'm just calling it as i see it i know you like him. what am i missing over the last four years? it just does not seem that good to me. >> well, i think he has compassion for regular people. i think that's what i think -- if the republic party is missing anything it's this sort of war on women and -- >> war on women with sandra
1:50 am
fluke? she is 30 for god's sake. she is still in school. she wants me to kick in 10 bucks a month for her birth control? here i will give you 10. just shut up for a second, okay? >> bill: miller joins us now from santa barbara. do you think you got through to jay? >> no. listen, there is a war on women as per the progressives in this country yet we are prohibited from saying war on terror or as by the president. note the offensive today. we are talking about a war on woman with a woman who quite frankly reminds me of that character, the little whiney girl in willy wonka, daddy, i want my own umpa lumpa called hey pay for my diaphragm. sick of it you become a retainer person after you get your law degree, not before. if the president is something everybody to grab an ore and chip in here. yours should be stop whining about birth control for a while. grab that ore take care of it.
1:51 am
you are a 31-year-old woman who is stuck in a virginia slims magazine ad from 1968. get with it. this will show you how stratified this country is right now. if we can't have unanimity on somebody like sandra fluke and say for god's sake you helpless creature, we really are polarized because there is no other time in history that 100% of the population, have said damn it, you don't speak for me, you are embarrassing me, shut up, get a little professor quinn or dr. quinn medicine woman gumps and shut up about it. >> go out to the prayery, earn some money, get a job and buy your own stuff. >> it's really how women -- women, you can't want to be fronted like this. >> bill: i don't know how anybody could be buying. this you made an interesting point that i don't even know if you made it. you know if you made it? >> i meant everything. >> bill: it was so brilliant that i don't even know if you know how. so the democratic party won't
1:52 am
say war on terror. it won't say hey, here is the continuation of the war on terror in libya. four our guys assassinated, no, no, no. don't want to offended peaceful muslims. not going to say war on terror. war on women. oh, here we go, it's pearl harbor day for women. >> war on hispanics. >> bill: you know what? american women are in the best place on the planet. they have more opportunity. they have more predom, they can say whatever they want. they get perks all over the place. go to another country. go to belgium for crying out loud. it's not even close. and that we have to deal with this in the democratic party. you are right. it's crazy. >> billy, jay leno's wife may voice should be one of those "time" woman of the year. nobody more afghani women taliban where the thing falls down and you get your nosed snipped off. for him to bring up war on
1:53 am
women in that ludicrous way when there actually is a war on women, damn it across the pond. i don't know what he is doing there. >> >> bill: who is orchestrating that war on women overseas? >> the same i do guys that did libya today. >> bill: yeah, same guys. >> you pull on a lot of these strings they end up back at the same base as they say. >> bill: yeah, but you basically are talking to liberal america and i think jay leno falls into that category. is he not a loon. is he not as far as left as letterman but is he certainly sympathetic to that say how you can possibly make an issue out of war on women when there really is a war on women perpetrated by these jihadists, by these people who want sharia law and we can't say a word about it. we can't mention it. because it's offensive. it's just insane. >> because the left -- the left -- billy, it's like alec guinness at the end of bridge on the river kauai. i'm asking you out there,
1:54 am
liberals, somewhere you have got to wake up. every time we disagree with you we can't be wrong. we can't be stupid like palin. we can't be an uncle tom like archer davis. we can't be a rich guy who doesn't care about people. we can't be all those things. maybe we have a point on some of this. you have to wake up and quit being victimized avengers where everybody has a super power that puts them down. stop it now. there is half of us out here who are scared whitless that this president doesn't step up when biden says guys like me and o'reilly want to enslave black people again and the president doesn't say hey, i meant it after gaby giffords. i want to stop this craziness. this country is getting too pissed off at each other, now stop it it, biden. you i command. you are my second in command, shinp. >> bill: shinp. >> biden is so stupid at this point he needs a spotter so
1:55 am
play sudoku. >> bill: dennis miller. leaving on a high note. we have some new bolder fresher tour activity to tell you about. number one matinee show on november 24th in houston toe hobby center. number two less than 200 tickets to see miller and me the night before friday november 23rd in austin, texas. number three, two new shows go on sale tomorrow the first in las vegas at caesar's palace, wow. friday, december 7th and there is no truth to the rumor that cher will be be opening for us. and the next day saturday, december 8th, miller and i will be at the energy solutions arena in salt lake city, utah. details and all of that available on bill o' factor tip of the day up next it will help the children. the tip 60 seconds away.
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>> factor tip of the day, helping american children in
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just a moment. but first, the mail... >> mitt romney can hear from me by watching the factor. it is not my job to give unsolicited advice to any politician. >> why do i allow her? she's a fox news analyst. she didn't say the president's responsible for all the debt. she just thinks he's a wild spender.
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