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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 13, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>megyn: thanks to our panel and leland vittert and all of you. continuing coverage, now, with shepard smith. >>shepard: breaking news in the coordinated attack on the united states consulate in libya and murder of the united states ambassador on 9/11. there is no apparent to it. he was absolutely murdered. lib al-libi -- libyan officials made an arrest. no one will confirm the information. u.s. officials tell fox to be "cautious," about reports of arrests. according to reuters, quoting libya's interior minister four men are in custody and under investigation suspected of helping events at the u.s. consulate. "helping."
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f.b.i. and others are on the ground in the early stages of the investigation. top priority here? find out whether the strike on the consulate was a planned assault by terrorists rather than a rampageing mob angry other antimuslim video. catherine is in washington, dc, first on the reported arrests. >> this afternoon, the intelligence community is trying to knock down the report. this question was put to the state department. i saw the press reports before i came down. i was not able to confirm them. obviously, it would be a good thing if we are moving forward on this. >> the state department confirmed the investigation in benghazi at consulate is led by the libyan authorities with f.b.i. agents on the ground because american citizens are dead. at least publicly the state department remains cautious when it comes to assigning blame.
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fox is told that two groups are part of the universe of suspects in the libyan attacks affiliated with al qaeda, the affiliate in north africa. one is the lifg, the libyan islamic fighting group banned under qadaffi and the other is a group, too, that wants to see the institution of strict law in that country. >>shepard: thank you, catherine. the violent anti-american protests have spread to some of the most volatile parts of the middle east. in response to the obscure antimuslim video that mocked the prophet mohammed. and more. in egypt the most populated country in the middle east a third day of demonstrations riot police firing warning shots and tear gas to push the protesters back from the embassy in cairo. this is video from moments ago. the big fire is there. last night protesters climbed
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the walls of the compound and tore down the american flag. actually, the night before last. live video, a little after 9:00 in the evening, and there are said to be hundreds of people gathering outside the u.s. embassy. in yemen, the most dangerous homes of al qaeda, hundreds of protesters chanting "death to america," storming the u.s. embassy in the capital of that country. some protests brought down the american flag and burned it and replaced it with a flag with the muslim declaration. others broke windows and set fires to cars. in iraq, several hundred shiite muslim hard-liners protests in baghdad. and there is a new round of threatened anti-american attacks. in pakistan the leader called on the muslim world to cut off diplomatic relations with the united states and boy caught all american products. in libya, the security officials
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searched cars in benghazi. united states and libyan officials are trying to figure out whether this is part of the protests again the antius lame -- antiislam most or part of lend. nothing can be confirmed. hillary clinton condemned the violence and the movie. >> to us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose, to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage. as i said yesterday, there is no justification, non-at all, -- nothing at all to respond to the violence. >>shepard: the president ordered the took "do whatever
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necessary," to protect americans. jonathan hunt is here with the news this afternoon. the extremist use the video to ramp up anti-american sentiment as they can. >>jonathan: that is how this happens. once the heart line clerics get what they see as a justification, what many people would see as an excuse, they whip up the fervor. we now see the results of that across the middle east, particularly in yemen, with violent attack against the u.s. embassy there today but it should be pointed out that yemen security forces were instrumental in beating back the protesters. president obama said today he had a message, a strong warning, for anyone who perpetrates violence against americans. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those who do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. it will not dim the lights of
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the values we proudly present to the rest of the world. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >>jonathan: that resolve is being tested right now. >>shepard: it is. from the appearance, it appears this could get much worse. >>jonathan: you only have to look at history. we have seen so many incidents like there before. in 2006, the cartoons that were published in a danish newspaper, the protests followed that, deemed offensive to the prophet mohammed and protests spread across the globe. back in 2010, after a christian church leader in florida suggested burning copies of the koran publicly, there were protests across the muslim world. just in february, this year, remember when nato forces inadvertently burned copies of the koran? we again saw protests for several days. as we take another look at cairo egypt outside the embassy it is
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worth remembering, tomorrow is friday. tomorrow is their traditional day of prayer in the muslim world. it has become since the arab spring first started, the traditional day of protest. it is going to be a very tense day. we know full well that the extreme clerics are going to preach extreme sermons. they are going to suggest the people get out on the streets and protest against american interests. tomorrow is a critical day in this crisis. >>shepard: i understand that security is at a new high. >>jonathan: pretty much at every u.s. embassy and consulate being stepped up on the president's orders. >>shepard: thank you, we now have a former special agent with the united states diplomatic security service, considered one of the world experts on security, terrorists and terrorist organizations. in 1995 he investigated the assassination of the israeli
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prime minister rabin and the vice president of intelligence at a securities firm. nice of you to be here, sir. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: help us understand the big picture where we are in this crisis. >>guest: well, the biggest challenge for the diplomatic security service will be to ensure the safety of all u.s. diplomats overseas in the heightened sense of security troubles at the moment. they will minimize the movement off compounds, they will reduce staff. they will have the marine security guard detachment on alert. they are going to monitor all the intelligence to indicate if things could deteriorate rapidly as we have seen unfold in places like cairo and benghazi. >>shepard: is it your sense that intelligence and security are such we will be able to figure out in due time who is responsible for this and hopefully get to the motives behind this? >>guest: well, no doubt, i
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have done countless investigations like this, and between the diplomat security service and the f.b.i. and the c.i.a., we are going to be able to figure out who was responsible for the murder of the united states ambassador in benghazi and the other diplomats. >>shepard: the thing about embassies, they are there to get the business of the country done and the business of our people done in that country. if you lock the thing down shut and don't let anyone in or out, it sounds like it is difficult to get business done and, therefore, really, not doing its purpose. >>guest: it is a very fine line. the diplomatic security service does more with less than any other federal agency i have been associated with. in essence every movement off compound will be evaluated and a threat assessment is put together to ensure this does not happen again. >>shepard: what are your personal thoughts?
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at the root of thi maybe not the attack on the ambassador, certainly, there is a lot of investigation to be done, the rest of this is video by one guy, and this one preacher in florida who may have attached to it and spread the word of it. how, in an interpret world, do you stop that? >>guest: it is extraordinarily difficult to get in front of this kind of problem when it unfolds. the state department does do a good job with notification. i have in -- no doubt they were sending updates an the arabian peninsula, and they have a tough job. they are protecting diplomats in afghanistan and iraq. we have the united nations general assembly. this is the perils of the job. i was hired after the horrific embassy bombing in 1983 and 1984 and a product of that generation. it take as catastrophe like this for dfs to get additional resources. >>shepard: great respect thankse
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to the country and to those like you around the world. thank you. pentagon officials are looking for flexibility in dealing with the unrest in the arab world. off the coast of libya, a couple of united states navy destroyers and a team of marines. more on our military's response coming up. as the protests spread, what does it mean for american diplomatic ties in the region: relations with country are already in poor shape we are told. this could make things worse. so, what happens if i'm in an accident and need to get my car fixed? progressive makes it easy, because we give you choices. you capick where to get your car fixed, we can cut you a check, or, at our service center, we take care of everything for you.
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>>shepard: a united states destroyer armed with cruise missile is stationed off the coast of libya. a second will join it in days. according to the reporting of the pentagon the commanders do
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not yet have any specific mission. the pentagon now has the flexibility if the need for military action arises. each ship reportedly capable of launching a number of missiles which are capable of hitting targets considered out of reach of troops. at least 50 marines will not be far off. the pentagon sent a "fast team," to the capital to protect the united states embassy there. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon this afternoon. tell us what the military assets are. >>reporter: the military has not been asked to send additional assets to help with security at any of the other embassies across the region. in libya, it is true that there are 50 marines. they are going to remain, we understand, in tripoli, in the capital, securing the embassy there, securing the embassy personnel there. most likely they will not leave the capital. we know that the uss laboone, a
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detroyer armed with cruise missiles is in position off the coast of libya. a second navy destroyer will be in position in coming days. as you mention, it is not clear if their role is simply symbolic. here is the pentagon spokesman on that. >> no naval vessel in the area has been assigned to a specific mission with respect to libya. our assets in the region are prepared to respond to any contingency. that is what the military does. again, they have not been assigned a specific mission. >> pentagon and state department officials would not comment on reports that there had been arrests made by the libyan government. of those suspected attacking the u.s. was -- consulate they are keeping it close to their vest. no confirmation of any arrests
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of those responsible for the attack on the consulate. >>shepard: the people killed, when do their remains come home? >> the air force took those would were killed and those who were wounded, three were wounded, to the airbase in germany, and we expect they will -- those who were killed will be returned to the united states some time tomorrow. they will arrive back at andrews and their families will greet them. >>shepard: we are learning more of the american whose died. the arch stevens' mother spoke to a reporter. also, the ex navy seal who died protecting stevens. we will speak with his brother. the fed has taken big action around 12:30. see the bounce in that graph? the stocks are loving it, $400
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>>shepard: we know the identity of another person who died in the attack on the chance lat in libya, a former navy seal working with the private security firm. according to his family, the 42-year-old was about to quit the seals 11 years ago but the attacks of 9/11 happened and he stayed in the force despite his bad knees. according to a family friend, he was once describing the training as "i want dead know if i could
12:22 pm
do it, i wasn't sure. it chained my life and is the best thing i ever did, each man decided at some point he would not under any condition give up, he would not quit." that made all the difference. zoherty loved the beach, loved to ski and loved his country. with us is glen's broken. words cannot describe so very sorry, sir. thank you for being here. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>shepard: tell me about him. >>guest: he was loyal. loving. outgoing, fun. he was a good trash talker and teller of tall tales and was the glue that held a lot of people together. >>shepard: he was in libya when qadhafi fell.
12:23 pm
>>guest: he was in libya shortly africa deaf fell. >>shepard: did he ever discuss all of that? >>guest: he described him as some of the closest firefighting that he witnessed without being part of. none of it was geared toward him or the other americans there, it was just a lot of clean up in the streets and scuffling. >>shepard: he was working as a security officer for a private security firm, right? >>guest: yes. >>shepard: how long had that been going on? what specifically did he do? >>guest: he got out of the navy in 2005 after 10 years as a seal and he had been, since then, for seven years, working if private security on a three-month on, 1 1/2 month off,
12:24 pm
generally, basis, where he went to various countries including afghanistan, pakistan, yemen, mostly, and mexico, contracting for the government. >>shepard: you always worried. >>guest: he was putting himself at risk. >>shepard: it must have been something he loved doing? >>guest: he felt it was valuable. he was good at what he did. he wanted someone who was good at what they did to be in that position. >>shepard: has the government talked to you or anyone in your family about your final moments? >>guest: not that i know. >>shepard: we have your picture on your screen and you appear to be locked in arms outside a building.
12:25 pm
do you remember when this was taken? >>guest: two years ago at my friend's house. >>shepard: you were tight? >>guest: we were, very good friends. we were just a year apat so he was my first best friend. >>shepard: thank you to the service your family brought us through him and so sorry for your loss. >>guest: thank you. >>shepard: the families of chris stevens, the murdered u.s. arch to libya, his family is now speaking out. secretary of state, hillary clinton said the ambassador died doing what he loved, a career diplomat and with an interview with the newspaper of city his mother said and i quote, "he could have done a lot of other things but this was his passion. i have a hole in my heart. david lee? >>reporter: the ambassador's mother and stepfather mourn the loss of the 52-year-old career diplomat described as a
12:26 pm
wonderful, positive man who everyone loved, stepfather speaking from his home in northern california, says stevens died doing a job which he dedicated his life. >> he was doing what he liked and what he loved to do. and what his career was. and that is gratifying, that he could do what he really wanted to do, what he loved to do. >>reporter: he said stevens did not like to talk about danger and he joked with his mother of spending time in the middle east was no more risky than visiting nearby oakland, california, saying he never expressed apprehension or concern for his safety and the ambassador's stepfather said what happened in benghazi is still not clear and the family only knows details that are reported in the news. his stepfather said he loved the region and its people adding that perhaps his comfort level contributed to the tragedy. >> he knew these people, the
12:27 pm
rebels and the people in the qadaffi government and he saw the need there and i think this may have led him to a sense of false security. i don't know. so i don't think he would think that he would have been killed there, by the libyans, that they would have done this. >>reporter: the mother and stepfather are now en route to washington where, tomorrow, at an air force base they will take possession of his remains with the body to be cremated and the ashes returned with them to california. >>shepard: thank you, david lee miller. we watch the developing situation in egypt now, with live pictures of violent protests in cairo, that is what spokes on the ground say. president obama has told a television news interviewer from the spanish language television network that he does not consider egypt an ally or does he consider it an enemy. welcome to the void. we will look at what this means
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom the hour, time for the top of the news. violent protests continue right outside the united states embassy in cairo. live pictures coming to us at 9:30 in the evening with thousands demonstrators, many outraged over the anti-islam film, antimohammed. i said these are live pictures from outside the embassy and the protests have gone on nonstop for these days. the crowd according to the locals is swelling. officers have been firing tear gas trying to break up the crowd. the egyptian government reports dozens hurt, police officers and protesters of the look at our embassy: protesters have trashed the entrance to the place with graffiti reading in arabic "there is no good but allah," and the names "bin laden." the head of egypt's coptic
12:33 pm
church is slamming the film that started it all warning if creator is not coptic the chip will put him on trial in the church. leland vittert is in cairo for us, this evening. leland? >>reporter: well, the crowd behind me 18 floors down is chanting "with our soul and blood we protect our prophet," and that prophet is mohammed. there is tear gas and rubber bullets coming from the egyptian military lines surrounding the u.s. embassy two blocks from our position here. there is so much tear gas that often on the balcony we are not able to cement you can imagine the anger and rage with the protests coming back again and
12:34 pm
again pelting the lines with rocks and molotov cocktails. we have not heard of live ammunition but what is different today, more than 48 hours into the protests at the embassy, today the egyptian army and the egypt police seem to be holding their line and keeping the protesters from actually attacking the embassy. we have seen the battle lines move back-and-forth throughout the day as the crowd continues to get bigger and bigger. we are not seeing the police arrest a lot of people and president morsi here, newly elect add couple of months ago has said he condemns the violence against the embassy but does not suggest there should be a mass protester and they are organizing hundreds of thousands to come out to tahrir square and the u.s. embassy tomorrow where you can rest assured the violence will continue here in
12:35 pm
cairo as it is tonight. i hear the banging of the pans and the large metal structures that the protesters are walking forward to try and protect themselves from the rubber bullets of the egypt military. >>shepard: thank you, leland vittert, watching from above. a lost questions raised over the relationship between the united states and egypt, a country which gets billions of american taxpayer dollars. the president tells the spanish language television station he does not cover egypt an ally of the united states, and says egypt is not an enemy either. we may not know egypt yet, the new government. minutes ago the pentagon said "ally is a legal term of art." what does that mean to the former ambassador to egypt, israel, and the united arab emirates joins us from hill. i have never heard that phrase. >>guest: there are certain
12:36 pm
conditions on foreign assistance and so on, and where you are a non-nato ally your designation can impact what the nature of the relationship is. it is very important, however, what the president said. it was a shot across the bow for morrissey. he has to realize we do not just give everything and expect nothing in return. >>shepard: the relationship with him, i am not sure, at least i, i don't understand it. my understanding is we were allies with egypt if years and it went well. the former leader of egypt, considered a reformer by one heavy politician at one point now i am not sure we know what they are. do we? >>guest: no, i don't think we do nor do they. they are fining their way. this is a muslim brotherhood government elected and not used
12:37 pm
to dealing with the united states. we boycotted them for many years and would not talk to them so there is no relationship we have developed. we are all flying blind here. it is unfortunate that morrissey did not speak out more forcibly and quickly about this situation. i am concerned about what will happen tomorrow. i think it is a very dangerous situation. >>shepard: the fear among most, like you, analysts and those who are familiar with the region, this sort of thing is often like a wildfire, creating its own wind. >>guest: in question about that. when you think about it, a few, just a few embicils can trigger this and bring so many people hurt, pain and anger, it is insane we allow that kind of thing to happen. i am in favor of freedom of speech but this goes too far.
12:38 pm
>>shepard: you wonder what you can do about what is posted on the intent. any foot can post anything and it can bring a country down. >>guest: that is why it is terribly important the governments involved react quickly and promptly and forcefully in public statements and their policing in order to stop this kind of thing. once it gets out of hand and in the belief this is religious jihad it is very hard to put it back in the box. >>shepard: ambassador walker, all the best to you. stocks shooting higher on the news of the fed planning to stimulate the slowing economy in a huge way. the dow bounced back more than 100 points in the first five minutes. i was listening to another business network, and someone said it is only up 80 points. but it was only four minutes in.
12:39 pm
the fed will buy up mortgage debt to the tune of $40 billion every month. officials say the spending will not stop until the job market shows significant improvement and the fed is extending their plan to keep short-term interest rates near zero until 2015. now, gerri willis is here with us, this is more than $40 billion a month. >>gerri: they will extend the period of time they guarantee no to low interest rates. that will go through 2015. they say they are doing everything they can. this is what wall street causes "the nuclear," option, unlimited easing. bernanke can say, well, i did absolutely everything i could to keep unemployment low and it hasn't worked. that is what he is going for. i was shocked and so was a lot of wall street. >>shepard: wall street was shocked it appears. wall street had a lot built in.
12:40 pm
they call it qe3, you know, the third round of easing. a bunch of junk. >>gerri: they are printing money. >>shepard: they expected some but i don't think wall street expect add blank check. >>gerri: gold went up, silver went up, oil went up. yields went up on treasury bonds. >>shepard: normally gold is down, oil is up. no reason for yields on t bonds to go up. we certainly look better than europe. we looked better than europe yesterday. >>gerri: but you have to worry about the dollar trading below the euro. the real problem is how do we ever get out of this? it is going to be confounding and probably incredibly inflationary. >>shepard: and the number of americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits jumped in a big way. i don't think people saw this
12:41 pm
coming. >>gerri: this was a surprise up 15,000 to 382,000 on the heels of the august numbers which were punk. we expanded --. >>shepard: were what? >>gerri: punk. punk. punk. up 96,000. the number people in the jobs market or looking for a job is shrinking to levels we have not seen in 30 or 40 years so big changes in the job markets. it is a disaster. bernanke is trying to do everything he can. you wonder if he has any other motivations, he could be the guy that everyone believes saved this country from the great recession. who knows? >>shepard: the fox business network said the fed does not have the tools. >>gerri: the federal reserve cannot fix unemployment on its own and the real troubles may be in washington. >>shepard: nice to see you. more ahead on the protests gaining stream in the arab world and across north after can with
12:42 pm
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>>shepard: the republican presidential nominee romney is not back down from criticizing the president and the administration over the handling of the crisis if libya. governor romney rallied supporters in northern virginia mostly centering on jobs and the need for strong economic leadership but the opening remarks made it clear he stands behind his criticism that the white house is sending the world "mixed signals." i intend to leave and have an america that is strong that leads the world. as we watch the world today it seems we are at mercy of events and a strong america is special to shape events. >> the governor suggested that the president did not react quickly enough to condemn the embassy attacks. the obama campaign is accusing
12:46 pm
romney of trying to politicize a tragedy. the president telling cbs reporters that governor romney has a tendency to shoot first, aim later. campaign carl cameron is in fairfax, virginia, this afternoon. there was surprise even in the republican party that he continued in this matter. >>carl: he did not specifically mention the flap over the first initial response from the u.s. embassy in cairo but he was very clear and he went about mourning the loss of american life and other diplomats overseas. then he went into an aggressive pitch for his own self styled leadership with a direct and explicit contrast to what he says has been the president's weak response. today he specifically went after obama for asserting that the u.s. should stand down for its 70 year tradition of having readiness for war on more than one front.
12:47 pm
watch. he put in place cuts of $1 trillion, so we will have $1 trillion of cuts to our military. if i am president of the united states we will restore our military commitment and keep america the strongest military the world. >> he has been under fire for his remarks some saying he react today soon. he and the romney campaign made the point that secretary of state, hillary clinton and the middle east bureau of the state department, all thought the initial statement romney was critical of, was also inappropriate and was brought off the website. >>shepard: does that suggest that the campaign is concerned about those in their own party, the conservative pundits and others, some who created a fallout from this?
12:48 pm
>>carl: mostly folks from the press who have been critical. they pointed to today's flap where the president is under fire for suggesting egypt is not an ally as an example of him not being precise with his aim and when they look at it, what they are concern about is upcoming debates. this controversy and the idea that he is not fully experienced and equipped to be commander in chief and world leader because he has only been a one-term governor, they are aware of that and they are concerned he could be dented up from that, but now it is neutralized by this, they look forward to the debates and think that is probably likely to be the most important month with four consecutive weeks of debate where foreign policy will be a big deal. >>shepard: thank you. the last man to walk on the moon, we said goodbye to him today. the moving memorial ceremony for neil armstrong coming up.
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
>>shepard: a final farewell to one of the bravest and humblest heroes, neil armstrong was the first to set foot on the moon, 2,500 people attended the memorial at national cathedral in washington, dc to say god by, to a man counted among history's greatest explorers, up there with columbus. armstrong died last month at 82 years old. as we all know he made the leap for mankind back in july of 1969 but he never took to the limelight. at the memorial today, astronaut gene cernan, the last man for walk on the moon reminded us all that neil armstrong was quick to say he was only doing his job. >> fate looked down kindly on us when she chose neil armstrong to
12:53 pm
be the first to venture to another world. and to have the opportunity to look back from space at the beauty of our own. it could have been another but it wasn't. and it wasn't for a reason. no one, no one, but anyone could have accepted the responsibility of his remarkable accomplishment with more dignity and more grace an neil armstrong. >>shepard: the footprint of the apollo missions are still on the moon and today's memorial proof that armstrong's are, still, on earth, too. trace? >>trace: this service was eloquent. they remembered neil armstrong as a dreamer who went on to
12:54 pm
demonstrate it was possible to reach new world. the memorials had political leaders and family and his nasa family as you showed gene cernan , and michael collins led the assembly in prayer and gene cernan talked about neil armstrong's love of family and friends and how he especially loved to fly how he was once asked what it was like trying to land on the moon with just 15 seconds of fuel left. >> he put a thumb on the index finger and tilted his head and said, well, when the gauge says "empty we all know there is a gallon or two left in the tank." of course the world watched in awe as he landed, then walked and then phoned home, the call between theme armstrong and president nixon was produced by
12:55 pm
fox news chairman and c.e.o. listen. i cannot tell you how proud we are. i watched the feed from the moon i realized we could have the first enter pan itary split screen because we had done split screens before but, never, really, from the earth to moon. >>trace: tomorrow he will be buried at sea with a statement by the family and i quote, "the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of neil armstrong and give him a wink." >>shepard: well, the violence in libya has provoked a lot of anger. not everyone in libya wants death to america, far from it. a different perspective next. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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12:59 pm
burning and flag burning, and people yelling "death to america," but in libya in tripoli and benghazi where the ambassador died this week, hundreds of people have a different message. people have been countering the protests, saying the militants do not speak for them. you can read this man's sign "sorry, people of america, this is not the behavior of our islam." another carried a sign that read "chris stevens was a friend to all libyans." they are not alone in sentiments. this year a poll showed a majority of libyans approved of the united states role in the region and more than 80 percent sawmill thans as a threat to their country's future something to keep in mind when following this developing story. i am shepard smith and that is "studio b" this afternoon and the dow was up 200, numbers we have not seen in five years on the dow, at least 1


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