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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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please, always remember, the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. the fuse in the middle-east is lit. the situation is growing more tense with each hour, as u.s. officials brace for more violence against the u.s. interests across the region. right now, we ared ared in third straight day of protests outside of u.s. embassy in cairo. these are live pictures where rioters have been clashing with police. first, the violence has now fanned out all across the middle-east with anti-u.s. protests, spreading to iran, iraq, lang badesh and morocco. in yemen, the u.s. ermbassy was breached when hundreds of demonstrators converged in front of the diplomatic post.
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according to witnesses, the protest turned violent as rioters stormed a wall set fire to a building inside the compound and raided the place n. iran, protesters outside the swiss embassy, which looks after u.s. interests shouted "death to america!" in iraq, hundreds of shiite radicals took to the streets in baghdad and threatened violence to the united states. we are learning that the libyan government has arrested four men suspect in the deadly attack on the u.s. embass nebenghazi on tuesday. now, that took the life of four americans. libyan officials are telling us that more suspects are being sought. fears are intensifying that another wave of violence could be coming as protesters are scheduled to storm the streets again tomorrow. once again, this is a live look at pictures of the ongoing violence outside of the u.s. embass necairo. our reporter is standing by with the latest from cairo.
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leyland? >> reporter: good evening, sean. 3:00 a.m. in the morning here in cairo. still, the tear gas valley and it is rubber bullet shots from the egyptian police and military, trying to keep the protesters away from the u.s. embassy continue here. all day, we have had these battles, where the protesters make their way up to the compound and then are pushed back. walls of tear gas is what it took, and the tear gas is filling downtown cairo, made its way up to the positions on the balconies overlooking the streets around the u.s. embassy. there have been hundreds of people injured, spilled blood and many compatriots on the streets are screaming, we give our soul, our blood for you, our prophet, mohammed. referencing prophet mohammed, whom they feel was insulted in this movie, which started the protests all around the middle-east. a number of people have gone home. the muslim brotherhood and some
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of the interest groups, which seem to have started this whole thing, breaching the embassy wall here in cairo, promise a million-man march on the streets that will certainly bring out more violence here in cairo. to give you an idea, sean, this is a very different crowd than what we saw a year and-a-half ago, who were rallying for president hosni mubarak to leave. this is a much less educated and poorer crowd. and clearly as we have seen the past 48 hour, the a much more violent and anti-american crowd. >> sean: leyland viter is in cairo. we are putting this administration and their reaction in the mideast under scrutiny. this is the administration that coined the term, overseas contingency operation and they were referring to man-caused disasters, if you remember those words, when talking about acts of terror. they appear to be buying into a narrative that the trailer for a low-budget anti-muslim film is responsible for the chaos in the streets in the middle-east,
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hence their apology yesterday. yet again today, before taking the time to condemn the ongoing violence or the death of the u.s. ambassador, christopher stevens, the secretary of state, hillary clinton, chose instead to rant about a phantom movie that may or may not exist. watch this. >> the united states government has nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. this video is disgusting and reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose, to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage. >> sean: now, keep in mind, her movie critique came before she bothered to denounce the widespread vandalism, the arson, the gunfire and the molotov cocktails being directed at u.s.
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interest. what she and the president fail to recognize is the fact that the radical islamists who are protesting on the screen, they are not reacting to a movie. they haven't seen the movie. these are anti-american extremists who are hell bent on the destruction of this country. they are burning our flag, chanting death to america and spray-painted the name osama bin laden on the entrance to our embass necairo. not to mention the fact that all of this began on the anniversary of september 11, do you not have a clue that this might be connectd? i usually ask the question, can you afford four more years when speaking about the economy. but the events of this week raise even more red flags about the ability of this president to lead this nation during very difficult times. here with more on all of this, former alaska governor sarah palin. welcome to the program. i have to contain my anger, governor, because here, our embassy is attacked. our flag giripped down.
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they're chanting for osama bin laden, they're chanting no god but allah on our property. we give this country $2 billion a year. and then for the first 10 to 16 hours, we go out and apologize? can you explain that to me? >> yeah, sean. we have to ask ourselves and i wish that reporters were ask our president, how much longer can we afford to spill our blood and treasure, trying to quote/unquote promote democracy in places that do not have any values for a civilized society, values like respecting minorities and women's rights and independent judiciary and rule of law? how much longer do we now support and fund sharia democracy? now, after this film, as you menged in your intro, that's a red herring and the media is going along with the obama administration, pretending like
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this is a protest against some phantom video on youtube? no. it's because the obama administration dropped the ball. and they have not taken head-on, this war on terrorism, and they have adopted a foreign policy of appeasement where our enemies no longer fear us and our friends can no longer trust us. the media's going along with the idea, the false narrative of this video being the cause of this chaos. >> sean: we will get into the media tonight later because their handle ago they are blaming romney. thank god romney spoke out in defense of his country after our embassy was attacked and our flags were ripped down and in egypt -- i'm sorry, in benghazi, we had an ambassador and three other people killed, his body dragged through the streets after it's reported in "the washington times," he was sodomized before he was killed. this wasn't supposed to happen under president obam a. he went to corow, world peace was going
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to break out as he went on this apology tour and this is part of his speech in cairo in 2009. >> i am grateful for your hospitality and the hospitality of the people of egypt. and i am also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people in a greeting of peace from muslim communities in my country. [cheering] >> i have come here to cairo to seek a new beginning, between the united states and muslims around the world. that is what i will try to do today, to speak the truth as best i can. humbled by the task before us and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart. america respects the right of all peaceful and law-abiding voices to be heard around the world, even if we disagree with them. and we will welcome all elected,
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peaceful governments, provided they govern with respect for all their people. the people of the world can live together in peace. we know that is god's vision. now that must be our work here on earth. >> sean: he went on to say, we have gone against our own values, that's when the apology for america came ngovernor. has he succeeded in what hotdogs quote, vision was, of uniting the muslim world and getting along better with them? >> he has been so absolutely naive in his foreign policy measures that he has taken and that has put america in a much weaker position than we were four years ago ago wour enemies not fearing us, our frens not being able to trust us, our president not having time to meet with allies like netanyahu and having more time than ever to meet with and try to appease some of those whom we should be showing our strength to, instead of this kind of capitulation --
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big group hug from america-- didn't work. >> those who would seek americans harm. >> sean: governor, last question: i see as i am coming down tonight, a new headline that has just broken on the study out of a newspaper, the independent, in great britain -- by the way, a liberal paper -- the headline is revealed inside story of the envoy's assassination. they point out that the state department had credible information 48 hours before the mob's charge, the consalate in benghazi. the consulate in benghazi. >> that's what i mean by the obama administration dropping the ball. if they had 48 hour, they knew that the anniversary of 9/11 is a volatile time. where were the marines? is it true that the marines were not allowed to have live ammo?
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what is wrong with this administration that would put america's interests on the back burner in order to appease some of these people in some of these places that do not value civilized society. >> sean: all right. governor, great fosee you. appreciate your commentary. you can see on the screen, live pictures out of cairo. we'll continue to follow and monitor the growing situation there. we will have the latest as it develops. coming up next, congressman allen west is here as we launch a "hannity" investigation tonight, into this failed foreign policy of president obama. we examine how we allowed the muslim brotherhood to rise to power. how he didn't see they were a radical group and why your tax dollars to the tune of $2 billion a year, flowing into this radical organization. also, we investigate the media in this country and how they are colluding, conspiring to make this an issue about mitt romney, not about obama's policy, straight ahead.
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>> sean: this is a foc news alert. you are looking at live pictures out of cairo, egypt. protesters have been clashing with police throughout day, as they try to get close to the walls of the u.s. embassy. we will continue to bring you the latest developments as they come in here. but first, a quick look at the events of this week demonstrate very clearly how badly the president's approach to u.s. foreign policy has been, especially in the middle-east. he has been busy on the golf course, over 100 times and raising money and playing basketball and going on expensive vacations, the muslim brotherhood rose to powermented by the time the president woke up, it was too late to do anything about it. so instead, he has decided to appease this radical organization with close ties to terrorism, by funneling billions
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of u.s. tax dollars into cairo. he refuses to meet with the prime minister of israel, officials from the muslim brotherhood have been welcomed to the white house in recent months. despite being a president who inexplicably tooka office with zero foreign policy suspicious, he has the never nerve to look directly into the camera and say this. >> my opponent and his runningmate are -- new to foreign policy. but from all that we have seen and heard, they want to take us back to a blustering and blundering that cost america so dearly. >> sean: he spent more time being a community organizer and in 2008 referred to iran, cuba, venezuela as tiny countries, they are not a threat. as we continue our coverage throughout the middle-east, allen west. welcome back to the program,
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congressman. let me see fiunderstand this -- we have the new president egypt referred to israel as vampires. he has been part of a terror organization his entire life. the muslim brotherhood is calling for more protests and fomenting a lot of this. the muslim brotherhood got to meet the white house. they get $2 billion taxpayer dollars a year. help me out here. why would we give them a red cent? >> well, sean, it's very simple and great to be with you. we are operating in fantacy land. what you see coming from president obama and the obama administration is what they call dedemitude in the islamic world. when you look at the speech in turkey and the bow to the saudi king and the interaction there and the speech at the university of cairo, they see weakness and they see a policy of appeasement. the hood head has a plan for the united states of america and also north america. it is called the explanatory
6:19 pm
memorandum, it was uncovered in virginia in an fbi raid in 1991. it is very clear what their intent and purpose is and when you read their charter, this is a group that is very closely tied to terrorism and all of these subsidiary groups really have the muslim brotherhood as the grandfather organization, establish in the 1920s. >> sean: it seeps to me, congressman, we are at a tipping point. anti-american sentiment. anti-american violence is growing. we have a president -- i don't know -- i don't think appeasement is the right word as much as he is weak. and the people in the middle-east, all they know is strength. and that strength needs to be backed up by a commitment to follow through. it seems this president just protects weakness and as a result his outreach is resulting in what we see here. are you wrong -- am i wrong?
6:20 pm
>> you are absolutely right. for about 40 months, they only understand strength and might. when you recognize ronald reagan's three critical word it's peace through strength. if you recall in the reagan administration, when he uncovered that libya was behind the germany disco attack that killed some american soldiers, he went after momar cadoffy and shut him down-- it seems like they are mocking us, daring the united states to act. what's president obama -- does the american flag flying in the embassies around the world right now? i would like to know an answer to that! what does president appeaser do here? >> i think, first of all, you have to understand that a sovereign piece of the united states was attacked. when you attack an embassy, that's like attacking the home lafntd united states. america'sney no different. whey an ambassador and several other americans killed. this was a blatant attack. it has nothing to do with this
6:21 pm
silly facebook video that came out six months ago. for us to use that as a bludgeoning attack against ourselves furthermore emboldens them. what we need to do is to have a very harsh, diplomatic stance, to get our american citizens and the embassies closed down. we need to look at the representatives and diplomats from these countries and tell them to go home and figure out what they are going to do, as far as the relations they are going to have with the united states of america and how they are going to control radical islamism in their countries. they are taking the side of being enemies of this state. we need to send that message. furthermore, the conditions that we have in place for funding, we need to make sure those conditions stay. we should not let up on those conditions and provide another cent? >> i will point out, that's 3:21 a.m. in the morning and it's going on at other placesarn the world as well. we appreciate you being with us. >> have you to be very concerned because friday prayers are coming and this is going to
6:22 pm
independencify. >> sean: it's good to see you. thanks for being with us. as we continue, a "hannity" liberal media investigation. we expose the plot against governor mitt romney, now this after so-called journalists are caught on tape, strategizing, colluding on boxing in the g.o.p. candidate. if you had any doubt that there is bias in the media in this country, don't miss this next segment. also, we will continue to monitor the breaking developments outs of cairo, as police try and keep the egyptian protesters away from the u.s. embassy, the latest in this very tense situation, tonight on "hannity." before copd...
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>> you are looking at live
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pictures out of cairo, egypt. rioters have been lighting fires and trying to get close to the ures -- to the u.s. embases. but first, media mash, our weekly roundup of the liberal media's spin on the news. we have an outrageous example to expose, so-called journalists before governor mitt romney, giving his press conference and answering questions on the situation in libya, can clearly be heard, plotting with each other, scream scheming with each other on how to ask their slanted, biased, abusively biased questions. joining me to showcase this example of collusion or whatever you want to call it, bent bozel. how are you? lease go to the questions. they all sound the same to me. we can't show them all because it would take the whole show. they all sound the same. >> do you regret the tone at
6:27 pm
all, given what we know now? >> what did the white house do wrong then, governor romney fthey said they disbea disagreed with it. >> the world is watching. do you think there is a mixed signal when you criticize the administration when americans are being killed. oi.s? >> didn't you jump the gun and you should have waited until more details were available? do you regret having that statement coming out before we learned about all the things that were happening? here are these journalist, they didn't know they were being recorded, right prior to that press conference, coordinating their questions a little bit. >> i think... we have that one? >> i would say, do you regret your question? >> your question? >> i mean, your statement. not even the tone. >> then if he does...
6:28 pm
>> sean: we got that covered. don't say this, because if you do, he is going to say this. as if mitt mitt romney's at faur being angry and speaking out about this. >> look. here's what happened. in a press conference, it is not uncommon for reporters to get together before to make sure that the important question is asked and to coordinate. that's not the issue. this isn't the coordination of a question, this is the plotting of an ambarb. there were seven questions asked, six of seven dealt with that one question. this is about the most outrageous example of gotcha journalism you can possibly see -- caught on tape. these reporters plotting to ambush mitt romney. >> sean: you know, i don't have time toj show tbut the drudge report had a tape and it showed -- then candidate obama,
6:29 pm
using the death of nine people in iraq, politicizing. he didn't get these questions. somehow mitt romney, who was genuinely outraged because our embassy was breached, our flag was ripped down and an al qaeda-style flag was put up and all of these chants against america and he said -- why is this happening? this is outrageous. this is a breach. somehow, that's a mistake for him when obama did it himself in 2008. >> sean, look, by any objective measure, the obama/clinton foreign policy in the middle-east is a monumental, incoherent disaster. now the media could have covered that. but that doesn't follow the narrative we are talking about. so, instead they beat up mitt romney on the timing and the tone of his proper denunciation. and get this, sean! this number should rattle you. we look at news coverage last
6:30 pm
night on the new new networks. 9 minutes and 28 seconds devoted to romney. 25 seconds devoted to an analysis of the middle-east policy. >> sean: wow. how about questions for obama? how come he was so wrong on the arab spring? why didn't you challenge the new president of egypt on accusing israel of being vampires? why are you funding a group that has been known terrorists? why are you not meeting with netanyahu? why did you invite the muslim brotherhood to the white house? >> sean, sean, sean! what about saying to them, after ripping mitt romney apart yesterday, what did hillary clinton repeat today?! >> sean: same thing! she's condeeming the movie as though the movie was responsible for this! it's not! it's a foreign policy that projects weakness. we give the -- we are giving these people money! >> no! it's not only that. but this is a part of the world
6:31 pm
where they kill christians! i'm sorry! i will take lectures from imebls-- and mistreat women! and mistreat women on a regular basis. and that -- this new president wants and has stated his desire for sharia law. we give their military $2 billion a year. did they come to our rescue as our embassy was being raided and our flag torn down? i didn't see them there. >> this is why we have the incoherent mess that we have and this is why the national medial do anything but report on that. >> sean: good to see you. wish we didn't have. to it's pretty sad. the fires are still burning and being set. police continue to crash and clash with protesters that for 3 days now have been gathering outside our embass necairo. u.s. officials are worn warning that violence is only going to get worse and continue and fan out and cross the region. when we come back, senator mccain weighs in right here on "hannity."
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6:36 pm
for him, the country and his family and all the other families involved. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for saying that, sean. shawn smith and the other two americans, our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families. thank you. i want to say that chris stevens was one of the finest men that i have had the opportunity and honor of knowing. he came to benghazi on a cargo ship, lived in a hotel, risked his life, every single day. he loved the libya people and he loved america. >> sean: all right. so i am beyond outraged, angry, senator. our embassy is attacked, our flag ripped down, chanting, you know, that is going on in support of al qaeda, et cetera and the official position of the obama administration through their state department, for between between 10 and 16 hours is we apologize to them! i am trying to this, senator?
6:37 pm
>> well, i am not sure there was an apology, but it certainly was a statement that was so weak that they later retracted it and changed it. but it obviously... is a situation which the egyptian government had the responsibility to protect our embassy and they failed in that responsibility. >> sean: all right. if president is referring to the united states as -- to israel as vampires which he did and the muslim brotherhood, which he is the president of egypt, they are calling for more protests. if he goes to meet with the supreme court leader of iscprant ayatollahs, why are we giving $2 billion to egypt and the president reaffirming today that we are going to continue to give money to this government? is that a mistake? >> i think we have understand
6:38 pm
several things. by the way, president mosey did condemn-- did he condemn iran when he was there? no! what was the purpose for that meeting, except to aline with iran and their hatred for israel? >> well, i know that -- that egypt is the heart and soul of the arab world. it is not in our interest to see it travel down the path towards radical islamist extremism. it is not in our interest to see al qaeda gain a foothold there. and i think that we have to carefully calibrate whether our assistance will help or hurt. obviously, there needs to be a re-examination of our relationship with egypt, as a result of what happened in the last few days. but at the same time, to cut off aid and relations with egypt i think is not an appropriate move, to tell you the truth.
6:39 pm
>> sean: how is it that sean hannity and a few others predicted with pin-point accuracy that the muslim brotherhood would be in charge in egypt? their first task was to declare israel, our closest ally, an enemy. their number-1 enemy. how is it that the administration with all their intelligence and the cia -- how is it that they didn't see this coming?! and they kept telling the american people, this is democracy. i don't think the muslim brotherhood is democracy. they want sharia law. >> it is not clear that that's true. it was and you people on fox that said in libbia, we didn't know who they were and let's not help these people. they had an election and they elected moderates and rejected islamists and yes, there are al qaeda factors and there are extremists in libya, today. but the libyan people are friends of ours and they support us and they support democracy -- so you were wrong about libya.
6:40 pm
>> sean: i don't think i was wrong about libya at all. >> i know you were. >> sean: i was want. >> they had a free and fair election and a democratic, non-islamic government was elected. >> sean: look what we have -- i say, what you are going to replace it with? egypt -- they department think the muslim brotherhood would take it over! this is a known terror organization! we say we are fighting a war on terror! we are apologizing, our government, to egypt?! after they raid our embassy and rip our flag down?! frankly, senator, i would think you are with me on this! >> i am not taking the side of the administration. i am saying that the largest nation in the arab world is something we have to carefully calibrate our actions with. >> sean: senator, thanks for being with us. comparing jimmy carter to barack obama. we will bley you the words that obama scpiewtsd words of jimmy cartener 1979. is history repeating itself? stay tuned. we are waffing the pictures out of cairo, as protests continue
6:41 pm
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>> sean: you are looking live at the chaos on the streets in cairo. police at this hour are now clashing with protesters. they continue to see fires being set. police are attempting to gain control of this violence. but this has been going on for three straight days and has fanned out all across the middle-east with friday being
6:45 pm
the traditional day of prayer, u.s. officials are worried that radical clerics will use the day to stoke more violence. watching the images have many looking back in history because this is not the 1979 revolution in iran. no, this is egypt. this is libya. this is yemen. and this is the year 2012. now these violent images, coupled with the president's lame reaction to the attacks have many drawing a comparison to jimmy carter, which saw his presidency end over the iran hostage crisis. look at president obama blasting mitt romney's. and it sounds similar to jimmy carter attacking his opponent, decades ago. >> governor rom romney has a tendency to shoot first and aim later. as president, you can't do that. it's important for to you make sure that the statements that you make are backed up by the facts. and that have you thought through the ramifications before
6:46 pm
you make them. >> it's a make-believe world, a world of good guys and bad guys where some politicians shoot first and ask questions later. >> sean: 1979, voters made carter pay for his weak foreign policy and the inability to grow a failing economy and they voted him out of office f. history repeats itself, we will be swearing in president mitt romney in january. joining me now, eds rollins and kimberly guilfoyle. this is so like 19-- first of all, what makes me mad -- you take this back to the beginning. and this was -- they never seemingly saw the muslim brotherhood coming. how is that possible? >> well, it's bad intelligence or not listening to your intelligence. they see great weakness, the arab spring has turned into the arab rage. you have jimmy carter there. he was saying he's a great leader and we have to let
6:47 pm
democracy start up. we have no idea who they are. we have no idea at this point in time, whether they are our friend or allies, and in all probability not. have you to throw the gauntlet down and say, you can't protect our embassy, if our flag's going to be burned, we protect your people, we are pulling our people and we will go to the imf and make sure you never get another penny. >> sean: shouldn't romney be saying that? >> that's what i would be saying. >> sean: that's what i would be saying. >> he has to. he has to move forward with courage and vision and say, haven't you had enough of this guy and a presidency that continues to bow down and bend over to insurgents and regimes that support terrorists! enough is enough. if this isn't a glaring, frightening example of an abysmal failure of obama administration's foreign policy, what do you need? the guy's gotta guy. >> sean: you were speaking about gel intelligence. it's 4:00 a.m. in the morning in kirow and this is what they are dealing with at 4:00 a.m.
6:48 pm
when we were watching tahrir square and the punditry class and the liberal meetia -- even though they were getting their punches -- their faces punched n. one reporter was beaten within an inch of her life and raped. but the media and our government -- democracy, this is a good thing. i am saying, what is going to dake over? it was obvious the muslim brotherhood was the only group with any political clout, ed? the polls show that 75% of people in egypt wanted sharia. >> carter abandoned the shaw, our great ally. we abandoned mubarak. we let him be trashed and thrown out of office, and in the end, killed. this is a guy for 30 years created stability in this country. we should have propped him up or get the heck out of that. >> sean: kimberly, we keep hearing about the war on women. morsi has advocated sharia.
6:49 pm
many in the muslim brotherhood that want to implement sharia. we are giving them $2 billion. obama says they for still an ally. >> isn't it obvious? i don't think there is a mystery and a big reveal coming here. we knew what was going to happen -- yourself predicted this. this is what we are stuck with, i don't know how anyone can say this is democracy at work. he also programmed-- where's sandra fluke? because our -- the obama administration is supporting a regime that wants to implement policies that are abusive to women -- >> that's a messy detail for them, sean. >> sean: oh, sorry. >> let's not forget -- let's not forget that adolph hitler was elected. that was a democracy that turned into the worst atrocity in history-- i never -- >> i am saying a democracy alone, it is a question, are you going to be a good neighbor and do the right thing are you going to take care of your own
6:50 pm
people-- he called israel vampires. i am going to say this and i pray to god that i am wrong -- i feel what we are seeing in the middle-east, all across the middle-east is verieerily similar to the 1930s and the rise of radical islamists, as you look at morsi goes to iran and iran pursuing nuclear weapons. israel gets surrounded, the threats to wipe israel off the map get greater. i almost -- it is scare tow me that this has the potential, if they get those weapons, coupled with this radical islamic extremism, this has the potential of a modern-day holocaust. >> they don't need the nuclear weapons. there are so many weapons, all they need to do is to have the freedom to do what they are doing, which is burn, kill americans, this is an american ambassador. this is a guy who basically tried to make peace. what do we do? in egypt, we have our marines with no bullets in their guns.
6:51 pm
>> he is an apologist-- appeaser, weak. >> he is too busy to take an intel meeting because he is so busy wor worrying about re-election and he is in vegas. if you saw bush do something like that, he would have been raked through the coals. instead, what we get from the ridiculous mainstream media, they conspire and collude to try to embarrass mitt romney. >> it's so disproportionate and out of control. there is no journalistic standards? >> i declared media dead inuent are 2008. it's dead, disgusting, buried and despicable. the media are really, they are not serving the american people anymore, as much as they are their interest and advancing the obama re-election campaign. >> great to see you. >> sean: coming up, the swigs in the middle-east, impacting the polls. good new romney, thanks to the handling of this crisis as "hannity" continues. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c.
6:52 pm
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures out of cairo, egypt. u.s. officials are fearing that tomorrow's day of prayer will bring even more violence to the region and to u.s. interests. now, this is impacting the campaign trail, with the outlook for the president is growing bleaker on all fronts as the
6:56 pm
violence in the middle-east is reaching a boiling point. recent polls conducted in part while the crisis has been unfolding show that governor mitt romney has been leading president obam a47-46, with likely voters, also encouraging for team romney is that new numbers show that 50% of voters across the country trust the massachusetts governor to handle the economy, only 43% trust president obam a. joining me with reaction, republican strategist and fox news contributor, joe trippi. where's israel? we break it down demographically. where is israel? >> surprisingly enough, i would like -- you know, every jew should question, is obama on my side? a lot of people are going to say, that's a radical statement. no, it is not. look at how he has positioned himself. if you look at the middle-east, look how -- we are funding the enemy. he didn't want to meet with netanyahu. i know you are laughing, but it's true -- it's an action-- wait a minute.
6:57 pm
why -- wait a minute. morsi gets -- muslim brotherhood gets to go to the white house, they get $2 billion. explain to me when the prime minister of israel at a critical moment in history requests a meeting with the president of the united states, he chooses david letterman, jay-z and beions -- beyonce. >> first of all-- [overlapping dialogue] >> domestic politics in israel. it is in netanyahu's interest to do when he is doing for his own political-- no, no. why won't the president of the united states put off letterman for a night, put off jay-z and beyonce and meet with netanyahu? >> netanyahu could come on monday if he wanted to -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: letterman's more important. >> we near a crisis. we are in a crisis. the letterman show can wait. we are in a crisis. and look -- israel is surrounded by the middle-east. >> sean: the middle-east is
6:58 pm
beginning to burn, joe. look -- >> it's been burning for 2,000 years, my friend. >> sean: and the arab spring was supposed to fix that. we know that because the anointed one told us that -- >> first of all, democracy -- democracy. >> democracy is going to iraq, blowing the place up and happening we are going to-- stop with bush! he says the arab spring was going to bring peace and stability and the muslim brotherhood -- >> george bush was with -- >> wherate outrage about the murders -- about the things -- where's the outrage! i want for rude scpriewd one thing i like, he was outraged -- >> he should be going out and he should say, bring it on. that's what he should do. bring it on. that's the kind of rhetoric -- >> you don't think -- [overlapping dialogue] >> sean: all of his outreach didn't do a damn thing! nothing! they hate us! they are always going to hate us!
6:59 pm
his kissing his backside i. you are right. let's get a couple hundred thousand more guys over there-- no. how about we just don't give them $2 billion. >> $4 billion, stand with rand paul. he wants to cut off the funding. we should not fund people who are not our allies, bottom line-- by the way, if i was bob beckel, i would have been harsher. but it's not. what impact is this on the race? i think the president looks ineffective weak, it shows he was wrong on the arab spring. he doesn't have the courage -- >> i think we are on romney's weak footing-- ally. -- [overlapping dialogue] >> romney does not have any standing on foreign policy at all-- what does obama have! he says irab is a tiny country and not a threat. >> right after the poll that you just cited that show aid one-point lead, 3 other polls show him down by 7 in ohio -- romney down by 7 in ohio,


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