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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 14, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> gretchen: tgif, it is friday september 14th, 2012. i am gretchen carlson. new anti-american protest the middle east with the muslim brotherhood calling for a million man march. we'll have the latest. >> what happened to this middle east. >> i came here to cairo to seek a new between the united states and muslims. one based on mutual interest and respect. >> eric: did playing nice make our problems worse. and the new plan to fix our economy. "fox and friends" starts right now.
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>> gretchen: fox news alert we are showing you live pictures from cairo, egypt, another day of chaos as riulent protest are spreading now. four people have been taken into custody for the horrific attack that took the lives of americans in sir yampt including the ambassador stevens and two navy seals. >> brian: they are doing the investigation amid other reports according to the independent newspaper in london that warnings were given 48 hours prior that violence could be coming to the consolate and our embassy. we did nothing to the defense. that was refuted by the nid. >> eric: but the embassy in
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libya put out statements prior to the attack. the statements were put out and the attacks would end up in the as a result of four people killed. and there was a knowledge in advance of the protest and you have to wonder, hillary clinton came on september 12th and september 13th, denouncing the attacks and what not. why was she on twice saying the same thing. maybe we had advance knowledge of the protest and attacks. >> gretchen: it appears that the incidents are different. in the seps that libya appears to be a coordinated attack on september 11th and the other uprisings in egypt and tunisia and yemen they are not necessarily related to september 11th or do we know yet? it is an easy excuse to say it
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is to do with the ridiculous movie or is it something else? are they related or different. >> brian: rioters show up protest in our consolate are 50 commandos. that is the first wave and another 50 . they were surprised they didn't get resistance someone inside tipped them off to a safe house through the navy seals and private security firm and no one knows how they knew where to go and what happened to the ambassador. >> eric: right now there are prayer services going on. and 30 minutes the prayer services will end and the question is will the violence escalate. >> brian: in cairo be the greatest and bangladesh and yemen and tunisia no sign
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it is going to end because they are more ferant after prayer. >> gretchen: matt. i understand from you. that you believe most of the people in the streets of cairo are young people, is that true? >> that's right. these situation shift and change and they morph into something different than what they were before. it is no longer about islam but more about the vendetta and young people that are angry with the police and harsher with the crack down. more we see young people from the ranks of the ultras who are so-called soccer hooligans and fans and they take out their anger to the police. >> gretchen: it has nothing to do with radical islam anymore?
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>> it does. and the muslim brotherhood are planning protest today. but at the same time most of the violence is done by a core group of young people who are a-political. it is a little bit different than what we see from the protest getting started today. >> brian: matt, where is the leadership and after a blunt phone call from the president came out and told everyone that you have to respect the embassy and back off. do you think that matters? were people looking to morsi when he was silent and that was a go sign? >> no, people are taken the cues from prime proim morsi. he's the leader of the muslim brotherhood. but the original protest were
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called out by hard-line and more conservative groups who were the ones who propagated the video all over television and the satellite channels where people hold fort for several hours and talk about religion and preach. these are where the protestors got their cues. the muslim brotherhood announced they want cancel the protest for today. these protest were supposed to be peaceful vigils and the way brotherhood see this. they want people to protest in front of mosque and away from the embassy so they ca be controlled. >> eric: matt, give us a sense of the poverty and unemployment situation. is this adding to thangst of the young people you described? >> yes, right now in terms of the violence outside of the
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u.s. embassy, all of the protest outside of the u.s. embassy stopped for several hours on wednesday and picked up again on wednesday night. we are talking about a new cast of the characters . the people throwing rocks at the police have been doing that for 8 months. they want to go out there and basically bust heads . the sulaties and muslim brotherhood have outrage. but the violence is coming from a different group. and we have seen these people in the year long opera here in egypt will take any opportunity to express the anger not at the u.s. embassy but the police officers here in their own country and a lot of that is because of poverty. >> brian: but burning our flag and chanting osama bin laden that is a direct agenda which
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we have a heard time understanding. thank you, matt. >> gretchen: let's set the scene for you. remember when president obama went to cairo after he became united states, and he gave a speech that was an outreach to muslim and apologetic from the united states. his theory if i am nice to the people of middle east they will be our friend. here is a snippet of that. >> i come to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslim. one based on mutual about and mutual respect and based on the truth that america and islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition . >> brian: we knew that and how is that going. charles weighed in last night. >> we are seeing the melt down and collapse of the obama
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policy on the muslim world. the irony that it began in cairo at the same place in which he made the speech in which hemented a new beginning and implying other presidents particularly bush, there was a lack of mutual respect which was an insult to the united states and which had gone to war six times on behalf of muslims and kuwait and bosra, iraq and tan stan and elsewhere. so to imply that we somehow had mistreated the muslim which was the premise of his speech and how the iraq war inflamed the world and there was no storming of the u.s. embassy. >> gretchen: if you have an outreach to muslim, you done have an outreach to the terrorist faction of muslims.
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i don't think anything works with that faction of muslim. >> eric: that speech had a lot of apologies in it. charles points out. he first three-quarters of the way of the speech. he said we handled post 9/11 improperly apologized for the iraq war and default apologized for george bush. that was the first peach he made off domestic soil and. kind of kicked off the continued apology tour we talked about? >> brian: we should not curve our free speech because the muslim world doesn't understand what they are doing. we have joints of staff calling crazy people in florida . really? we have to wooch what we are saying. we can't be responsible for
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the people in our borders. you think we want to be held for everybody in this country? and watch what we speak because the muslim world can't comprehend? >> eric: this was the on the heels of people dying innocently on the world trade center. >> gretchen: mitt romney will start getting intelligence briefings from the obama administration in the next few days. romney is almost done going through the process. house lawmakers taking steps to avertt another government step down. >> irey ayes 389 and joint resolution is passed. >> gretchen: 1.4 trillion
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spending bill will keep the government open six months. house speaker boehner urging president obama to work with the gov to avoid a fiscal cliff. paul ryan returned to the house to vote for the bill. 360,000 kids out of school as the chicago teacher strike drags on. the union calling a special delegate meeting this afternoon needed to end the strike. two main teach strike. and laid off teachers considered first for hiring. parents are just ready for the strike to be over. >> it was bad for a workweek. i am stuck with her every day. >> gretchen: chicago teachers are the highest paid and planning a rally in unon park.
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vice biden telling a lady she was out of luck when he tried to buy her lunch and she had already paid. >> this one i am paying for. and mine. oh, she already paid for it. out of luck. out of luck. biden was visiting a cafe in a campaign stop in wisconsin. those are your headlines this morning. >> brian: could the white house prevent the attack on the embassy in libya. >> eric: fining a way to boost the economy. print more money. good news or bad news . [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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eye >> eric: the federal reserved announced a new round of stimulus spend will printing more cash hurts the middle class. we have a rally yesterday and looks like a 50 point rally. why did the stock market like it when prints money. >> ben will print money and pump it out in the economy and some of that will find its way in the stock market and keep interest rates super low until the year 2015 and the market loves it and goes straight up and go up again a bit more in the opening bell this morning. >> eric: you can borrow money
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cheaply and so it will push it up. there is a dark under belly. >> that is happening right now. ben prints and up goes the price of oil. right now we just reached $100 a barrel. that means the price was gas will keep on going up. we are at $4 for most drivers in america today and will go up some more. and so that's the dark under belly. the middle class suffering of obama nomics and their income is down and you get hit with four dollar gas because of ben's printing money. >> eric: he said unemployment is go down. >> in his forecast yesterday he doesn't expect unemployment to come down below 8 percent for a year at least. 8 percent despite all of the money printing. it doesn't compute, doesn't
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it? it doesn't add up. and unless you are a stalk holder and invested in the oil market you are on the down side. >> eric: quickly keeping interest rates right at zero. does that drive prices up look people out of the home buying market. >> no, it keeps mortgage rates at historic lows. but can you get a loan? if you are under water on your mortgage or haven't got a job or good financing or a low credit score, you cannot get a mortgage rate at those low levels and can't get in the market and ben printing money will make no difference to that. >> eric: we'll leave it there. did the white house ignore the attacks about the embassy in libya.
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>> fox news alert egypt violent anti-american protest. and four people are in custody for the horrific attack and murderers in libiam four americans died there including ambassador stevens and two nivey seals. >> brian: a new report claimed that the white house had credible information on the attack 48 hours in advance
3:24 am
according it a newspaper in london called the independent x. mike rogers will be briefed by cia director david petraeus later today. your reaction, sir to that report. >> we have seen nothing yet and the chairman i have seen nothing yet that indicates that they had information that could have prevented the event. that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, i just haven't seen it yet. there is a difference on the information flowing in over the months of the trouble brews and al-qaida looking for western targets to strike in the northern part of the africa. we anyhow that there was an interest in violence and this is the same site in benghazi that was attacked a couple of months. and we knew there was a
3:25 am
heightened level of security. >> gretchen: according to senior diplomat sources the u.s. state department had information 48 hoirs before the mobs charged that american missions may be targeted but no warnings were begin for the diplomats to go on high alert and lock down. aside from that congressman, now the safe house in benghazi is known obviously and there is reports that sensitive documents may be missing and libyans who were working with the americans to help them are outed. >> that poses's new set of problems and a breach much our embassy and consolate is serious. there is information that should be classified and state secrets because of the work we do as a diplomatic mission overseas. any information that gets out is sensitive and a loss.
3:26 am
there are procedures in embassies and consulate when the wall is breachedcertain things are supposed to be done. there is a thorough review. did we lose information or is it clear yet today that we have lost something that jeopardized the life of libyans. >> the libyan government expressed regret and the egypt government is just getting around to it. they can call it bad cause of rookie itus or supporting those who are protesting. in libya four were arrested. should we feel better as americans that four were arrested. >> i am not comfortable yet. we haven't seen who they are and what they have that led to the arrest. we need to make sure there is no pr campaign. everyone of those individuals should be brought to justice
3:27 am
swiptly as possible . long-term political trials are but sending a clear message that the united states will not tolerate attacks on the sovereign u.s. territory. we have more to do here. >> gretchen: congressman, where is this going? we are in the fourth day of the violence in cairo and expanding to other countries not even nearby. where is it going? >> you saw morsi didn't come out and condemn the attacks right away . didn't get a lot of attention. but he moved tanks in the sinai the area between arab and egypt. and that caused a diplomatic rowel and there negotiations to get him to pull them back. you are seeing the new muslim
3:28 am
brotherhood government feed their population and get them, we are going it have horrible economic problems and we'll blame the israel and united states and not ourselves . this is troubling times and we better be strong today or this is going to spread. we neglected a solid policy in the middle east. >> gretchen: maybe they should find out that the u.s. gives egypt 1.5 billion. >> brian: and working on forgiving their debt and morsi senses that and maybe pulling back. >> pulling back is not enough. we need to be tough with these folks. it is their responsibility to protect the outer ring of our embassy and stop the messaging to allow people to say it is okay to do acts of violence. >> brian: i look forward to whatever you can say after visiting with daste petraeus.
3:29 am
>> gretchen: coming up president obama said egypt is not our ally. why are we handing them 1.5 billion in aid. >> bian: don't ask the president he is confused by it >> and drawing pictures of the september 11th attacks. >> gretchen: happy birthday to kimer aboutly paceley she is 41. >> brian: interesting top. ♪ who is that lady? ♪ who is that lady. ♪ ♪ beautiful lady. ♪ [ female announcer ] you can always measure the growth of your children by the way they clean themselves in the bathroom. try charmin ultra strong. with a new duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong helps you get clean. plus it's four times stronger than the leading value brand.
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>> gretchen: welcome everyone. we learned that libya closed the air space in benghazi for security reason. >> brian: this comes as anti-american rage continue to spread. demonstrators firing tear gas and clashing with police . all american embassies and consolates are in high alert. more protests are expected in yemen tunisia and indiana. we are keeping a close eye on those live pictures x. in the meantime talk about egypt and
3:34 am
whether or not it is an ally or enemy. when the president did an interview with telemuno. he was not sure. >> brian: he was sure when he said it. >> gretchen: no, he said we are not sure if it is an ally or an enemy. that caused concern in the state department. and frankly in the country because the state department had to clarify that egypt is an ally. >> eric: but jay carny said technically they are not an ally because we don't have peace treaties with them. there is no question whether or not egypt was an ally under mubarack. maybe president obama should reconsider the 1.3 or 5 billion in aid that we send them. >> brian: i love this. they are a major nonnato ally.
3:35 am
ally is a legal term of art . we don't have a mutual defense treaty with ally. >> gretchen: that is called spin mr. #2: not even a good spin. >> gretchen: here's the spin. the united states was behind getting rid of mubarack and the whole arab spring. you would want egypt as an ally with a new government. that is confusing. >> eric: do you send the money. the billion in loan excusing wait and see what happens and see how this thing plays out. i would say hold off for now. >> brian: i would say this, if we give 1.2 billion to someone who might not be our ally, how much do we give to ally.
3:36 am
>> eric: three billion and that is to israel >> gretchen: we need egypt to be an ally. egypt and the reason israel remained safe all of these years and we need egypt to be an ally. the arab spring was important to see what sort of government would go in place. many people were concerned when the brotherhood took control. >> brian: i heard of spin but art term. >> eric: egypt is feeling more like pakistan. allegedly an ally. but osama bin laden was a mile from a military compound and they never told yus they prosecuted the doctor who led us to osama bin laden . i don't know, hillary clinton's got to get to work. >> brian: 24 minutes before the top of the hour.
3:37 am
>> gretchen: the white house still says there is no reason to push kathleen sebelius. she received ethecs training and taxpayers were reimbursed for the trip and those actions were enough . sebelius who could be subspended for providing the hatch act is facing calls from the catholic association to resign. >> brian: patients in texas are outrage would. some of the pictures are disturbing. these are fourth graders in el paso who were given instructions to draw the planes hitting the buildings and people jumping out of the winose. parents said it was upset confusing for the kids . >> we are under the impression that it happens every 9/11. >> brian: the school is
3:38 am
investigate regrets the inscencivity of the assignment. >> eric: ahmadinejad's suite. stewart hursch said he's owed 12 million bucks in iran for his injuries. he said the war wock hotel should give him the president's suite or whatever money the hotel makes from the stay. ahmadinejad will 20 $20,000's night. >> gretchen: you know athletes will say i am going to disneyworld . bob, bob traveled from ohio to florida with her. the man who helped with the bag thought he saw something was unusual. >> i am still half asleep and i see the bag move my eyes are
3:39 am
playing tricks. >> my daughter. i thought we had a dead cat in the suitcase. >> bob, bob is just fine. he made it through the screening because it is sensitive to bombs not cats apparently. >> eric: didn't you say up. i cane believe they let the cat get rough there. >> brian: most of you watching right now did not watch the whole game and unless you are eric bolling you couldn't watch it. five hour energy. sorry about that. i got close to marrying the two. we'll review the tape ladder. the packers defense pounding on the bear in lambeau field and picking off jay cuttler four times and played the
3:40 am
game. packers taking the field goal and flipping it over to tom crab tray and greenbay beat for the first win of the season. and it is a titantic loss for dan morino losinglion after a digital company founded by james cameron files for bankruptcy. they worked on titantic and transformers and marono owned 1.6 million. you would think james cameron, it would be safe. but he's got good hair and a nice job at. >> gretchen: thank you for that anal cess. members of the main stream member caught in an open mike moment talking about questions for mitt romney. >> eric: president obama using
3:41 am
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droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. >> brian: the teacher strike in chicago another day and 350,000 kids are out of the classroom. they join us live from chicago and the latest. any good news to report? >> no, they had a mara thon negotiation session yesterday and didn't leave here until 12:45 chicago time. they will be back on the table 9:00 this morning can as they try to hammer out the deal. there is positive news in this whole thing. in the beginning of the week there was contentous talk and the mood and atmosphere is changed and the union said the
3:45 am
mood in the room is a 9. that's the atmosphere and a positive indication x. these teacher evaluations are the major sticking point for the union and they are beyond that and trying to work out creative language and that is positive. but 2:00 today, union delegates would like to vote on an end to the strike. we'll see what happens today. if it is negotiations and get that delegate meet and get the kids back in school. no class today for chicago students. and over to the curvey couch. >> the president didn't like mitt romney's early statement. >> gretchen: listen to the reporters moments before the governor stepped out to speak. >> i would say do you regret your question. i mean your statement not even
3:46 am
the tone and then he can go off on. >> and if he does. we'll continue. >> eric: so should they turn in their press passes and work for the white house instead. joining us is john pollard. it is deplorable and you say it happens >> sure it happens every day. the state department happens in the white house press briefing and there is one piece of news and reporters want to make sure that the number one question of the day asked at the top and get the news out first. what made this different was not that. it is interesting for people to know that this is a standard practice of the press corps that travel together and work together.
3:47 am
but that the decision was made it was the first question and then it was asked again and asked a third time and then a fourth time and then a fifth time and so the effort to get out the answer was badgering and multiple opportunities for the press. to ask the question of whether mitt romney jumped the run and regretted what he said and wanted to apologize . it was the duplication that made the point that stepped across from asking to badgering and hectoring. >> gretchen: it was the collusion and the repeated questioning. my question. i don't agree with the collusion thing and i done think that is the way to operate. how do you come to the conclusion that that is a question. how does every reporter decoid
3:48 am
if that would be the question. >> it is the dirty little secret when you have a traveling press corp covering one cand date and they are all in the white house press briefing. you might think they are all rivals and like a anchor man and rumble in the streets of san diego. but they are colleagues and friend and very incestous . they have editors and all of the editors want an answer to that. i am not defending, but explain is a long-held pract yis totally fine that the public knows and has that piece of information and a considered political practice. >> eric: or they will hiding behind it was a coordinated attack. romney foreign policy attack was disgraceful and bungled
3:49 am
and not ready for prime time . leemen. really? . >> ron fournier on twitter he was the ap and the lead ap political reporter for 20 years and now at national journal . which is a nonpartisan outfit. you have circumstances where people are crossing over from being reporters to being commentators. i am a commentator and i feel comfortable to go on twitter and saying that was terrible or great. again, what we saw is ain opening and truth about the white house press corp and important that people know. >> gretchen: but it would be different about the repeated questions to president obama versus mitt romney? >> of course it would and this is where the bias shows
3:50 am
itself. >> gretchen: we have to go and thank you, john for getting up early . coming up on "fox and friends". president obama hoping that the ad will keep him in the white house. we ask a survivor of 9/11. >> eric: remember the president of vladimir putin tranquilize are a tiger. it might have been a hoax . be properly absorbing ♪ cause they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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the obama campaign hopes it
3:54 am
will show the people on a second term. the celebration that followed. but is president obama exploiting our service member achievements for his own political gain? we are joined by major caved king. do you believe that the adthat we saw a quick clip of is exploiting what you guys do? >> yes, it is exploiting the service members and exploiting what they did and how we did it. >> b+>rian: here is a letter that you wrote or an excerpt. as a special forces veteran and a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the pentagon it is disappointing to me that your reelection campaign used the but he's looking at it, major saying it was a great thing i did. vote for me?
3:55 am
>> brian: >> >> i received an email from a fellow veteran down in florida like president nixon claimed that he was responsible for the moon landing. it was a great thing and it was wonderful that we went in and got them but it is exploiting the actions of the service members and the intelligence community by claiming that he's responsible for it. even general dempsey said it should not be exploited and gates back at the time i was watching the program about the situation room on the one-year anniversary. secretary gates said this should not be use exploited. it is used in a partisan manner and it is attacking in there, they are attacking the other opponent. >> brian: mitt romney.
3:56 am
do you believe that you speak for many people in the special forces community? >> i know i do. i have received letters of support and only received one negative response. the organization that we have and anybody who wants to can go to dishonorable disclosures and sign the petition to the white house to help get this adpulled down. and saying make a pledge that you will take it down off youtube and your organizations will not produce anymore ads thatks ploit this action. >> brian: the secretary of defense is going to go after the navy seal that talked to 60 machines about what happened on the raid. incredible. thank you for joining me and appreciate your service want to country. coming occupy the show. federal government doesn't get it entitlements are
3:57 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is friday, september 14, tgif. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us. a fox news alert. afternoon prayers about to come it an end in cairo egypt. their government calls for a million man march against america? >> brian: so what happened to the middle east? what happened to the middle east, the president promised? >> i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world, one base on mutual interests and respect. >> brian: playing nice make the problem worse? sarah palin ready to weigh in. >> eric: you've seen putin riding on horseback, you've even
4:01 am
seen him doing other things. but is his manliness real? "fox & friends" starts right now >> gretchen: fox news alert. we have new pictures coming in from cairo, egypt. check this out. anti-american protesters taking to the streets. this is the fourth day now. it comes as four people are in custody for the horrific attack in libya leaving four americans dead. greg palkot live in london with much more. what are your sources saying this morning? >> let's first go to libya and the killing of the u.s. ambassador to libya, rise stevens on tuesday, which was one of the key events in this past week. we are now getting overnight the full identities of all four of the victims. it was chris stevens. we knew that. sean smith, another foreign service operator, we knew that.
4:02 am
the two security individuals that were also killed, ex u.s. navy seals, glenn glenn dougherty and tyrone woods. long service aboard. they died in a fierce battle. and new reports coming that the libyan officials have four suspects in custody. no real confirmation of how substantial they could be. the u.s., of course, weighing in heavily in this investigation. f.b.i. agents leading the investigation, and should be in the country in short order. what we're hearing in cairo is what we're seeing on those feeds is that there has been clashes again overnight and into the day between protesters and the police. we understand that the cordon has been pushed away from the u.s. embassies, so there is no repeat of what we saw on tuesday with individuals scales the wall
4:03 am
around the embassy. another wall has been built on the other end of the street away from the embassy to make sure that -- well, they're going to get to one wall around the embassy, they've got to cross another wall on the other side of the street. but again, there have been clashes through the day there and we are just about look at the end of friday prayers and traditionally then is when protests begin. in yemen, the u.s. embassy was assaulted there yesterday. parts of the grounds were overrun by protesters. we have new information coming from an unnamed yemeni government official telling me that there are more u.s. boots on the ground in yemen today. that is two more squads of u.s. marines. that could number 24 bolstering the defenses at the u.s. embassy, as well as a big yemeni security force. we don't have confirmation yet from the u.s. state department, but it seems they are being
4:04 am
careful in yemen now and there are groups there are protesters nearby the embassy. again, it's early days here in the friday period. if there is going to be activity in cairo and elsewhere, that could come in the coming hours. we are watching. back to you. >> brian: just a quick question, from the best of your knowledge, when these guys land on the ground to protect our embassies, are they allowed to be armed? are the guns allowed to be loaded? >> that is part of the process, they've got to be traveling with that, but i know from that airport that a lot of arms come through that maybe aren't supposed to be checked, too. so i got to believe that's part of the transport, brian, and then they go over to the embassy, about a 20 minute drive from the airport. >> gretchen: greg palkot, thanks so much. new video into fox, pope benedict xvi arrived in lebanon for a visit. he's bringing a message of peace to a region plagued with
4:05 am
violence, including syria, which is engaged in a civil war. the pope told reporters on the plane, imports of weapons to syria is a grave sin. lebanon has the largest percentage of christians in the middle east, nearly 40% of lebanons, 4 million people, are christian. let's talk about separating the violence now, whether or not the libyan attack is different orchestrated to be on the 11th anniversary of september 11, and mixed in with these other sort of attacks and uprisings we're seeing in other middle eastern countries ostensibly over this film about muslims, even those it's been on youtube for six-month. >> brian: i think it's been translated and posted as of july and 9-11, i think you got two groups, we understand these protester were in front, but behind them were 50 commandos. the protesters were saying down with america. these commandos wanted to kill americans. they were prepared to go inside
4:06 am
and expected to receive much more resistance only to find out there was a handful of people there, including our ambassador. >> eric: that's not just speculation. there is an interior minister, a libyan interior minister who was in charge of the control and command of the area during the attacks. he said, we know that these attacks were coordinated. he himself said it. al sharif, he said they were coordinated, the original protests were used as cover for the attacks that ended up taking out four americans, including the ambassador. it's not speculating whether it was coordinated, it was coordinated to this gentleman. >> gretchen: there seems to be a big misunderstanding about what free speech trial is. is this because they don't know and they don't live that kind of life like we do in america, so they don't understand that you can put out movies like this? christianity is under attack all the time. there is art with the virgin mary and defacation on her and
4:07 am
not have an uprising. we may not like it, but we understand free speech. so are we now pandering to nations that don't understand free speech? is that what's happening here, or should we be holding true the value of what makes america great, in fact, that we do and have and honored free speech? >> brian: in the middle east, we have riots which we understand are more like the first phase of the libyan attacks in egypt, tunisia, bangladesh, as well as yemen at this hour. and some of which are taking place again today that potentially could be more dangerous than previous demonstrations 'cause they come after prayer, in which evidently the word is it's after prayer, you protest. so you have to wonder what is going on there? is it coordinated in this day in which we're all on-line and on the internet? is that what's getting everyone else together? i hear al-zarqawi here easked
4:08 am
for attacks. >> eric: there were relatives of zawahiri at the attacks as well. the koran, we have to understand in the koran it says -- it's almost -- you're almost required, if you're a good muslim practices muslim to limit free speech. you have no free speech when it comes to the prophet mohammed. you're not allowed to address him, not allowed to draw pictures or portray him. so there is no free speech. >> gretchen: it's a little double standard, though, because christianity is very easy to attack and other religions and we don't have these kind of uprisings as a result. my question is, are we pandering to these other cultures because they don't understand free speech and is that right thing for america to be doing? what do you think about president obama's sort of appeasement strategy? remember when he we want to cairo in -- went to cairo in 2009 and he said he want to be more friendly with these nations
4:09 am
and have more talks with you. did that help the situation or is that why we're seeing things unfold as they are now? here is governor sarah palin and former u.n. ambassador to the us u john bolton. >> now, as for this film as you mentioned, that is a red herring and the media is going along with so many obama administration, pretending like this is a protest against some phantom video on youtube? no, it's because the obama administration dropped the ball and they have not taken head on this war on terror and they have adopted a foreign policy of appeasement where our enemies no longer fear us and our friends can no longer trust us. >> palpable feeling in the region is that the united states used this if not with indifference, without any clear plan in mind what to do. we cast israel adrift and defense of american withdrawal and indecisiveness is spreading rapidly. >> brian: we know it took three
4:10 am
days, but morse yerkes the new president there, said despite a resentment of the film, we do not hold the american government or citizens responsible. maybe that would have been good to say on tuesday. >> eric: he's got a tight rope to walk because if he goes too far in the camp of it was caused by the movie, he risks losing the usa. if he goes too far the other way -- he has both -- he got elected by a muslim population that says we don't like the americans, we don't like western culture. he's got to balance that tight rope. >> gretchen: who do the people in egypt actually want to see as the united states president? this was interesting to me because the president currently, president obama, has done all of this outreach. take a look at this. this was from may 4 to 10 of this year in the weeks leading up to egypt's historic presidential election. when you look at the american presidential elections, who do you prefer to be the next american president? >> brian: according to the university of maryland, mitt romney, 73% to 25%.
4:11 am
that's the biggest gap he has in any battle ground state here or among any gender in this country. how could that be? >> eric: who are these? these were egyptians. where were they polled? kind of interesting. >> brian: the science is university of maryland. >> eric: this topic, yesterday ben bernanke announced he's going to spend in print, and buy treasury securities, mortgage backed securities to the tune of $40 billion per month, printing free money made the stock market go up. >> gretchen: but what does it do to our economy? does inflation eventually catch up? >> eric: eventually, $100 a barrel for oil. 4 there are gallon gasoline is almost inevitable at this point. >> brian: he's going to be putting out $40 billion a month with no end in sight. and he says, i promise you interest rates will go up to 2015. there is the certainty. how does mitt romney feel about that? is that something that he would urge his fed chairman to do even
4:12 am
though they're supposed to be separate? listen. >> what bernanke is doing is saying what the president is saying is wrong. the president is saying the economy is making progress, coming back. bernanke is saying no, it's not. i got to print more money. i don't think what bernanke is doing is going to get the economy going. >> eric: mixed messages, if things are so good, if the obama recovery is happening, then why do we need to spend another, what is it, almost $500 billion a year buying mortgage backed securities? >> gretchen: is it political because romney has said that he will fire bernanke if, in fact, he becomes president? >> eric: why are you doing this to me? you were leading me right into this. >> gretchen: i am asking a rhetorical question. >> eric: what about the timing of $40 billion a month, right before the election? what about the timing of the unemployment rate coming down right before the election? i don't know. sounds like a coordinated effort. >> gretchen: we'll leave it up to our viewers. confirming mitt romney will start getting intelligence
4:13 am
briefings from the obama administration within the next few days. campaign aides say romney is almost done going through all of the security clearances that he has to do. the briefings are standard for presidential candidates after nominated at their convention. 350,000 kids still out of school as the chicago teacher strike. they're dragging on to a fifth day. leaders on both sides optimistic a deal could be close. the union calling the special delegate meeting this afternoon which is needed to end the strike. still the two main sticking points are teacher evaluation and laid off teachers being considered first for rehiring. chicago teachers, the highest paid in the country, already planning a huge rally saturday in union park. sounds like these aren't uncommon for putin. however, now he's admitting some of them have been staged? after a magazine editor reported and refused to cover it, she was fired. now she's saying that during an interview with putin about this stunt where he tranquilized a tiger, he admitted that he, among other situations, they
4:14 am
were a set-up. but that had to be his chest. >> brian: i don't know what to believe in anymore. straight ahead a group of kids kicked out of wal-mart for singing "god bless honor america "in honor of the victims of 9-11. we'll bring you that [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
4:15 am
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for a body in motion. >> gretchen: welcome back. anti-american protests spreading across the region in yemen, egypt, iran, libya. how will this affect the race now for the white house? here to weigh in former campaign manager for howard dean and fox news contributor, joe trippi, columnist for bloomberg, business squeak and author, the entrepreneurial instinct, monica mecca. nationally syndicated radio host, mike gallagher. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: great group here. monica, ladies first. let me start with you, does this change the course of the election at all? >> i don't think it changes the fact that people at home are still worried about the economy and they're wondering how am i
4:18 am
going to find a job? how am i going to keep the one i have? how am i going to pay for everything i need to? i think that's still first and foremost in the mind of the american. >> gretchen: mike, the latest polls before this uprising showed most americans, 10 to 15%, only concerned about foreign policy d. it change? >> i think it's a big game changer because americans are paying attention. they're noticing things like in the middle of all this, president obama announced he doesn't have time to meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu, but he does make time to visit with a miami d.j. known as the pimp with the limp. so he's got time for the pimp with the limp, but not for the prime minister of israel, and david letterman. and this whole thing that his schedule is too busy, this is the leader of the free world. his schedule is whatever he wants it to be. once again, he snubs the state of israel. i think the american people are noticing things like this. >> gretchen: aside from d.j. interviews and the like, joe, what does it say about the president's foreign policy? is it a mess right now in the middle east? >> the middle east is going
4:19 am
through a massive transformation, been doing it since the invasion in iraq and going to do it for decades. so this is -- by the way, on fridays, today -- >> gretchen: wait a minute, so what you're saying is that obama going to cairo and giving that speech in 2009 had no effect on how the muslim nation -- >> part of the transformation. i mean, invading iraq was part of the transformation that occurred. democracy in iraq created a sort of inaner shah toward more democracy across the middle east. all this -- the problem we have as a country is that we believe if you give democracy to a country, that's. there is no supreme court, there is no institution. >> gretchen: let me be clear, you're saying because president obama wanted to do something very different from what president bush did, at least in his mind, you're saying no matter what the president does in the united states, you still have this mayhem in the middle east?
4:20 am
>> you've got sunni and shiite, there are divisions, they're fighting each other for power and influence within the entire region. and saudi arabia. >> is democracy in the middle east a good thing? >> their sense of democracy is different from ours. >> this is the problem. this is the different vision between president bush and president obama. a lot of liberal democrats will say, listen, you can't hand over democracy -- >> no, you can't. >> it's just one thing going on to the next and it doesn't change the fact that the people over there think the way they think. >> i've been on the ground for months in the red zone in iraq and what i'm saying is you would slit with the sunni and shiite and and there are divisions that will take a long time to air out. democracy is good. that's not the point. >> gretchen: the point i'm trying to get to is whether or not a presidential policy that's so different from one to the next actually makes any difference at all? panel, stick around because we got to tackle this next topic. a video showing reporters
4:21 am
plotting their gotcha question. is this just standard among press corp.? then the environmental protection agency tries to honor hispanics, but how it did it downright embarrassing. we'll explain this photo flub coming up [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:24 am
>> brian: great news. time for news by the numbers. applaud at home. first, 69%, that's how many justice department background checks are late. report by the inspector general found that because the security clearances go past the 60 day deadline, there is a delay in filling positions. next, $594 billion. that's how much the treasury has paid out this year in social security and disability payments, topping the annual record and there is still a month left in the fiscal year. finally, 601 pounds. that's how much this 11-foot
4:25 am
alligator weighs. made by a south carolina woman in lake marion. she says it took about 13 hours to get him and 12 hours to weigh him. >> maybe regret your question, i mean your statement. not even the tone. 'cause then he can go off on. >> if he does -- >> gretchen: so that was the audio tape, members of the main stream media caught on the open mike coordinating so the called gotcha questions for governor mitt romney. now rush limbaugh weighing in on that controversy as well. >> so the answers that romney had given to any of those questions are irrelevant. they don't care what he's going to say or what his ideas or policy is. they don't care a hit. the only point they have is set autopsy narrative all day long
4:26 am
where romney is the problem, where romney spoke too. so he's unpresidential, romney is unqualified. he's this, he's that. that's the objective. and that is something that happens every day in the media. every day. they don't have to collaborate. although we now know they do. they don't have to. they all think alike. >> gretchen: back with the panel now. monica, let me start with you. does rush have a point? >> he absolute israeli has a point. i think the only people who don't get there is a liberal bias is the liberal media. i had the same thing happen to me about ten days ago. i was on a political show. and screamed at on air for saying that small businesses take risks. and the media actually were sympathetic to the host saying you put her in her place for saying small businesses take risks. i don't know what's going on. there is very much a mentality of building up straw men to tear them down, to deliver a certain kind of information that is just not right and it's not ethical. >> gretchen: joe? >> look, i think that it's true, but it's also true on both
4:27 am
sides. >> gretchen: really? so the white house press corp. gets together and colludes and says let's ask president obama the same question five times? >> there is one question they really want the president or whoever to answer, they will make sure that that question -- >> gretchen: and ask it five times? >> because they don't want him dodging it. but there is a bias. i had it happen to me in the dean campaign. we had the most liberal guy in the race. they kept saying, he's too angry to be president. then when he screamed -- it was all the press putting out their story and running with it to take a guy out of the race. >> it's notable -- joe, please, no one is buying that. i'm sorry. it's notable that one of the voices caught on tape was ari shapiro from the national public radio. he was bragging earlier in the week before he got caught red handed in this collusion about how he refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance before every one of the romney campaign events and he was proud of
4:28 am
himself because he's an objective reporter and he's a professional and he will not participate in the pledge of allegiance. like the gang at abc that stopped wearing their american flag lapel pins after 9-11. they want to be objective. to what? the terrorists? he's nonprofessional and ought to be fired just like the woman from cbs ought to be fired. it's unprofessional, wreckless. they got caught he red handed. but let's face it, they'll probable lea get a raise. >> gretchen: let's say it's commonplace even though i don't agree with t let's say it's commonplace that reporters in press corp.s do collude for the first question. let's just say that. isn't there inherent bias even in coming up with that first question? how do reporters in a room decide on one question being the best question? >> not only is there a buy y but poor journalism, how exactly are you getting that scoop? how exactly are you delivering information to the public that really needs to hear the news you're just giving a spin and a story. >> so much for being competitive.
4:29 am
i guess the competition is between romney and obama. we know who the reporters are rooting for with this garbage. shame on them. they ought to be fired. >> gretchen: i got to wrap it up. have a great weekend. coming up, mitt romney speaking out this morning about his opponent as he prepares for the debates, including his secret weapon? and the middle east on high alert as anti-american protests continue and more are expected. a report from cairo with a look inside the protests next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> brian: i was fascinated with the debate saying mitt romney should have jumped the gun? was he acting like a true leader when he came forward and say i cannot believe these two things sent out from the u.s. embassy in cairo when the attacks were actually taking place? that is the big debate. i think the debate should have been should the president should have been campaigning nevada and should the president have been clear on whether egypt is an ally or not? that does not seem to be the major focus. we have yet to see a poll to see out american people feel about who is handling foreign policy better in this time of crisis this week. >> gretchen: or if the american people are suddenly more interested now in foreign policy. >> brian: they better be. >> gretchen: as we were discussing with the panel in the latest poll, i believe only 15% thought it should be front and center. when this whole uprising started in the middle east, we were discussing on this show how
4:34 am
politics can change on a dime. an event can happen, 59 days out from the election and suddenly i guess we are talking about this. we were saying that if the debates were held this week, that these were questions that should be asked of both candidates. well, they were asked this morning, at least of mitt romney when he appeared on another network. >> eric: listen. >> i laid out what i would do to keep iran from reaching that red line. i said the crippling sanctions needed to be put in place immediately. that combined withstanding up with iranian dissidents. the president was silent. when disdepartments took to the streets in iran, he was silent. in addition, i think ahmadinejab should have been indicted under the generalized for incitation to genocide. >> eric: you got to give him credit. there are a lot of people saying he jumped the gun, he should have waited 'til all the information was in when he sent out his -- here is a kind of a shot at p. but look, the american people are ready for us to stand up, looking for a guy that -- by the way, he looked very presidential with the way
4:35 am
he said what he would had he been president at the time. no uncertain terms. you keep talking about why don't they do that with the russian embassy and chinese embassy? because they do it there, they get punched in the face. they coo it here, it's like we dance around it, we don't want to offend anyone. >> gretchen: the same reason that ahmadinejab, the leader of iran, can come to the united nations in a couple of weeks and spew hatred. he your honors free speech front -- he understands free speech front and center. >> brian: he probably would make time for netanyahu. mitt romney also talked about what he's been focusing on and got some people upset he's not campaigning enough because he's focusing on the debates. he expects the president, maybe not to be as candid as he should be. listen. >> i think the challenge that i'll have in the debate is that the president tends to -- how
4:36 am
shall i say it -- say things that aren't true in attacking his opponents. i've looked at prior debates and in that kind of case, it's difficult to say well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate, or am i going to spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> brian: just like when he said the -- mitt romney has a tendency to shoot and aim? one thing about mitt romney, the criticism republicans have on him, he doesn't shoot enough and he's too calculated. >> eric: can i point out, mitt romney says the challenge is going to be correcting president obama. i think the challenge for mitt romney is that he's going to get the same thing he got when the coordinated press questions, remember at his press questions, i think you're going to get the same main media biased toward the left when five people in a row ask the five questions, did you jump the gun on your commentary on the president? i think you'll get the same thing that. will be his challenge. >> brian: like snl, when they
4:37 am
said can i get awe pillow? >> gretchen: when they finally said that, according to hillary clinton. let's do headlines. activists in arizona making one last effort to stop the most controversial part of the immigration law from taking effect. they filed an emergency injunction to delay the so-called show your papers provision. that provision allows police to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect is in the country illegally. they say it encouraging racial profiling. the supreme court upheld that provision in june while striking down other parts of the law. >> brian: ucla causing the book on a controversial program, the to so-called national dream university had taxpayers foot the bill for illegals to take on-line courses for 2500 bucks. much less than legal citizens. that's thousands less than what legal residents would pay. ucla says professors established it on their own without any oversight from the university. how does that happen? >> eric: some florida elementary school kids just wanted to honor the victims of 9-11. instead, someone called the cops
4:38 am
♪ god bless america ♪? >> eric: the 75 choir students from coconut palm elementary cool were supposed to sing a tribute at a local wal-mart on 9-11. but when they showed up tuesday night, the manager refused to let them in the store. so the choir moved their tribute to the parking lot. that's when the manager called the cops. saying it was a flash mob situation. >> i started crying because i didn't think it was right and i just wanted to honor the people who lost their lives. >> brian: kid is nothing but trouble. >> eric: wal-mart has since apologized saying it was a miscommunication and they plan to invite the kids back to the store. >> gretchen: the epa taking heat over an internal memo meant to mark hispanic heritage month. it featured this picture and some facts about the hispanic culture. the problem is the picture features an image of guevara, a
4:39 am
militant who helped bring castro to power and ordered the murder of hundreds of people. some of the included facts were lifted word for word from another web site. the epa said it was sent from an individual without clearance and he has apologized. >> brian: word now protests -- >> eric: planned protests by the muslim government has been canceled after the egyptian president came out this morning urging them to protect the embassies. >> brian: does that mean these people get to go home? >> well, it's really not clear. the muslim brotherhood has cancel the protests which were not protest, they were considered sort of peaceful vigils in front of mosques throughout the country. now just about two hours ago, they said they were canceling them and wanted to participate in symbolic protests in tahrir square. it looks as though, in fact, the brotherhood is stepping back, but then stepping forward because the protests in tahrir
4:40 am
square would be about two blocks from the embassies, whereas they were explained as a containment strategy to keep people from attacking the u.s. embassy. still this morning and early this afternoon there, has been clashes in front of the u.s. embassy a few blocks away from it. the police have arrested a large concrete barrier in front of the embassy to keep protesters from reaching it and basically what was an islamist protest has been almost entirely consumed and taken over by angry young people who are simply trying to butt heads with the police. >> eric: you're trying to say the islamists went home? >> no, no. the islamists, they're still -- there is still plenty there. we have to remember, the muslim brotherhood is not the only infamous group participate not guilty politics here. two other parties are participating in protests and they're going to be out and
4:41 am
about on the streets today, especially downtown cairo near the vicinity of the embassy. but when it comes it attacking the police, it's often the same cast of characters who do it. this is people who are drawn from the ranks of these hallelujah begans who have a long -- hooligans who have a long standing renne did he tell at that against the police here. so at least four or five times in the last few months, these conflagrations that start with an ideological position, they go out of control. >> gretchen: all right. matt bradley reporting for us live in cairo. thanks very much. coming up, in 2009 the president promised a new america, an america at peace with the middle east. so why do they hate us more than ever then? that's next. >> eric: fans just aren't for food anymore. aren't just for food anymore. she spent hers souping up her car, stereo and hot pink paint.
4:42 am
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4:46 am
>> gretchen: thank you. as you can tell by the live images anti-american chants are erupting across the middle east. but take a look at the president back in may of last year, praising the arab spring. >> in cairo, we heard the voice of the young mother who said, it's like i can finally breathe fresh air for the first time. sanna, we heard the students who chanted, the night must come to an end. benghazi, we heard the engineer who said, our words are free now. it's feeling you can't explain. those shouts of human dignity are being heard across the region. >> brian: now those shouts turned into anti-americanism. those same countries that the u.s. supported, the rise of democracy, without which democracy would in the have risen. there is still such hatred for america, how does that make sense, i ask? >> gretchen: let's ask the founder of muslim group and
4:47 am
author. good to see you. is it the case that this is just a small faction of people uprising in these countries and that the majority of the people in these countries want democracy or is it something else? >> i think it's sort of a mix of everything. there is a lot of chaos as the middle east is transforming. i certainly wouldn't transpose the arab spring with what happened last year with what's happening today. today i think is a product of us having weakness when we present ourselves to the middle east, strong horse usually wins. my family came from that culture and i'll tell you, many of these mobs, the thugs use rent a mobs to get people out there to rally their core constituency. with the brotherhood in control in egypt, for days on egyptian media they were talk being this movie that had been out for two months. but they used it as a tool to rally their base and all of a sudden, it sort of blew up in their face examine became more radical. now they're trying to sort of back pedal that. i think we've been missing in action. we've let them define who we are
4:48 am
as america. we have a lot of time to make up. remember, we were the allies we considered our allies, were there oppressors for decades and it will take us some time to regain the credibility that we're work with those on the ground. we want to help the liberals, help the reformists. the real ones that wanted to change the middle east. not the ones, the radicals in the streets today. >> brian: i'll tell you why. it makes me yearn for the days mubarak was in charge. they weren't trying to wreck our embassy and cross the wire when he was there. nor was the dictator in yemen, he had found a way to protect our embassy. as americans, we're throwing these guys money, helping them get freedom and instead, we're the target of their attacks? how do you expect us to process that? >> again, i think we need to completely reboot our strategy or have a strategy in the middle east, which is to help the liberals, to help the women's movement. not to abandon the green revolution in 2009 in iran. we have to be careful when we say we wish we had the
4:49 am
dictators, that makes us lose credibility because mubarak was a thug who oppressed his people, but certainly we did have better realizes than with the islamists who will be worse. we have to have a new strategy that we have a doctrine, liberty doctrine that we say they're going to help those on the ground and we have to have a radio for egypt, radio free middle east that we start pushing the ideas of liberty to regain the credibility that we actually want freedom for them and not just sort of abandon them. >> gretchen: all right. doctor, thanks so much for your thoughts this morning. >> thank you. >> brian: up next, health and human services secretary found guilty of breaking the law. the white house says she will not be punished. is there a double standard? >> gretchen: on this day in 1962 "sherry" by the four seasons was the number one song. >> brian: i believe they are jersey boys. >> gretchen: they are. have you seen them? [ mother ] you can't leave the table
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>> eric: the answer to the aflac trivia question, is melissa leo and the winner is connie in fenton, missouri. top obama administration official caught breaking the law and now she won't be punished. a federal investigation found health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius broke the law when she campaigned for president obama earlier this year. something she's barred from doing while holding office. the executive director of cause of action joins us now from washington. tell us exact league what kathleen debeihlious said. >> she said two things, one is, she directly advocated for the election of walter calculaten,
4:54 am
who was a candidate for governor in north carolina and she directly advocated that president obama get reelected. those both are violations. she was found to have committed to violations, and yet the president, who has the authority to determine what is appropriate action, determined that this was not a violation worth asking for her resignation for. and i think that for a president who is committed to ethics, you can't overlook someone who essentially commits a crime and says, well, i returned the money. so i robbed a bank and gave the money back. i should be no longer liable for the crime. i think for a president committed to ethics, who had secretary sebelius sign the ethics pledge, to essentially overlook this and say, hey, not only can you commit two violations, but keep in mind, she specifically said at that presentation that she thought it was important to defeat amendment 1 on the north
4:55 am
carolina ballot initiative. that's direct lobbying through her official position. and if that's not a violation of the president's ethics pledge, if that's not a specific recognition by kathleen sebelius, then i'm ignoring the pledge i promised, i don't know what is. >> eric: in the aftermath of this dustup, the white house reclassified the event. is that enough? have they gone far enough to cover their tracks? >> i think it depends. if you look at the previous administration when larita don't, the gsa administrator said a simple statement as, what do we do to help our candidates, she was fired. i think the fact that kathleen sebelius made two specific election communications and in addition, lobbied for specific legislation, signals that this is not something that to be merely corrected by acknowledging it's a mistake. if the president is truly committed to ethics and
4:56 am
transparency and reforming washington, he needs to signal that he does not tolerate this kind of activity. he needs to actually ask for her resignation or directly terminate her. >> eric: by the way, wouldn't the department of justice be involved in this somehow? >> 100%. that's something that cause of action is looking into right now. but it would appear that if kathleen sebelius used her official position to advocate for the election of candidates or to engage in lobbying, and the fact that the dnc repaid this, ie, gave her a loan, that would be a direct violation of the election laws and the justice department should investigate. >> eric: we have to leave it there. maybe the justice department is too busy suing arizona or alabama for immigration laws. all right. leave it there. thank you. as chaos in the middle east continues, we'll get a firsthand account of what it's like from someone who is there and caught in the cross fire a short time ago. our own geraldo rivera here live
4:57 am
at top of the hour. plus daniel day lewis brings abraham lincoln to life. we get a look at the film "lincoln." >> never declare equal though to god created unequal! >> leave the constitution alone . see the seam? . !
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is friday, tgif. september 14, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us. fox news alert. muslim brotherhood calling off the planned protests in cairo. why? we'll take threw live to find out. >> eric: we now know who the two seals that were killed in the ambush in libya are, who they are and they're worth knowing who are they examine how they died fighting. >> brian: how do you explain this? teachers accused of giving students a disturbing assignment. draw pictures of the september 11 attacks. everything about the attacks. we'll explain. it won't make sense. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
>> brian: we have a big hour, including geraldo. do you remember when the first attacks happened in benghazi? i said to myself, it seems like yesterday that geraldo rivera was hailed as a hero as he reported on benghazi and they were chanting pro american slogans. holding up our flag proudly. >> gretchen: and accidentally shooting at him. that's the video i remember. >> brian: not in benghazi when he initially landed. >> gretchen: come on over. get a jump start on your morning. come on over. what was it like then and what is it like now in your mind? >> well, obviously having come close to death there it's a vivid memory and if you recall, i was very dubious of the so-called revolutionaries. i told people and i think you agreed with me, be careful what you wish for. here you have a group of
5:02 am
anarchists, militias with their own agendas and i believe that there was no control. i thought that it was more dangerous, the good guys were more of a threat to my health and safety -- >> brian: you were yelling at them? >> yelling, trying to get them to have some kind of control. they kept all the weapons. they have all their own personal beefs. >> gretchen: here is where you're being shot at. >> and being shot at from the back and front. i believe that scene is very symbolic of what libya is like today. i believe it's totally possible that this was an al-qaeda attack using the cover from the saidious anti-islamic film, the turmoil that was created to carry out an attack plan to coincide with september 11. i have think they murdered our ambassador, premeditated murder and the seals who died heroically protecting him. libya's problem is there is really no government. the country is all cobbled together in the post colonial period. >> brian: we love how the
5:03 am
election, though. it was a moderate guy who won, right? >> yeah, but it's one thing, brian, to control the capital. it's another thing to control the country. that's what we're seeing now. the opposite is true in egypt. egypt is a different situation. in lib y there is a very weak government. egypt, there is a powerful government and a powerful government that gave mixed signals to its people. you have the muslim brotherhood, a group that's been around for 85 years, the main stream of the hard core islamists. they gave the word that we have to be angry about this film, this awful film, go protest. and then when the protests started, they didn't send the troops to protect our embassy soon enough. so here our so-called ally allows our people to get trashed. >> gretchen: are they an ally? i was in cairo two years ago and the guide was a member of the muslim brotherhood, very educated. and he told us that it was the muslim brotherhood's goal to fly the flag of islam at the white house.
5:04 am
>> well, that i haven't heard -- >> gretchen: i was a little nervous when the muslim brotherhood took overt country of egypt. >> the muslim brotherhood, their goal has been to have the sharia law govern the lives of the billion plus muslims on earth. that's the goal of the muslim brotherhood. they though at some point rejected jihad. >> brian: when? >> eric: can you really go ahead and say -- >> they did reject jihad. they embraced democracy. that's why al-qaeda was always down -- >> eric: the way hamas rejected -- >> no, remember they were he injected because muslim brotherhood wasn't roughly aggressive and violent. so al-qaeda became the jihaddist. muslim brotherhood said is we'll infiltrate the governments, we'll be elected and play the game of the west and then we'll take power that way as they did
5:05 am
in egypt. they're formidable. >> eric: geraldo rivera is not saying he trusts the muslim brotherhood as saying we reject it. >> they're a big organization, the muslim brotherhood now runs egypt. they run egypt. now, whether they're the alley is of the united states remains to be seen. they certainly didn't behave as allies unleashing that mob. >> gretchen: isn't it different when a religious group, like the muslim brotherhood, rules a country as opposed to a real democracy where they're not so tied in to religion? >> i believe that religion is now a fact of life in the egyptian government, the secular -- i said and i keep going back, be careful what you wish for. this embrace of an islamist approach to governing is almost fundamentally anti-western, anti-u.s., anti-christian and all the rest of it. and i believe that we're on a course now where they have to pick a lane.
5:06 am
morsi has been humbled by the president's very harsh response to him and by the president saying that egypt is not necessarily our allies. remember, they have right now a billion dollars debt. they're asking congress to forgive. plus they get almost $2 billion a year from the united states government, the second highest amount we give after israel. they now know if they don't try to impose what are the international norms in terms of what is behavior that is appropriate, they'll be -- >> brian: by the way, there is no way they took this riot to be shocked. they coon be that stupid. they knew that -- i got to bring you up to today. we understand to bring up to the latest news, they've called off the protests today. and it's after the day of prayer when they evidently they're more incited. >> well, i think this couple of things, again, remember the difference. libya, no government, weak government. egypt, strong government with dubious motivations. so now egypt has demonstrated that they have control over the people. so the good news is they stopped the million man march today.
5:07 am
the bad news is they incited the riot at the embassy on september 11. so we have to be cognizant of the fact they trashed our embassy. they violated every norm, every international rule in doing that. that was the government of egypt that incited that and now they called it off. now we have them on probation. >> gretchen: i didn't get the impression from our reporter in cairo that there won't be any protests. didn't he tell us that there will actually be closer? they've been moved inside. >> brian: tahrir square as opposed to the embassy. >> gretchen: let me ask you this, did the president get it right when he couldn't tell the world whether or not egypt is an ally or enemy? >> i think that was exactly true, gretchen. i think that what was interesting to me, when i heard it for the first time, it was a shocking statement because egypt has -- we threw the soviet union out after the war of 1973. we took over as the prime arbiter, the prime international friends, we threw the russians out of the middle east
5:08 am
effectively after the 1973 war. now for all that time we have built up the egyptian military. we have bent over backwards to show the egyptians that we like them as much as we like the israelis. we have at peace in sinai and on the egyptian front, generally speak, relatively speak since then. the president now to say they're not necessarily our allies must have come to morsi and the brotherhood that runs egypt as quite a shock. if it shocked me, it certainly stunned them. >> brian: it stunned our state department. i hope that's it. but i have a sense, our state department was so quick to say they are our allies and not -- i said the president might have said something that he didn't understand the -- >> that may be true, but i want him now to stick to his guns because whether he said it intentionally and everybody can deal with it -- i don't care anymore. i want that to be our policy that egypt is not necessarily our ally unless they prove to be loyal to us. >> eric: can we point something out? you have done this for a long
5:09 am
time. whether it's hezbollah or hamas, whether it's al-qaeda or arabian peninsula or the muslim brotherhood, there is one faction, one group financing all of those terrorists. >> i don't agree with that. >> eric: you don't think it's stemming stemming from iranian finances? >> this is way bigger than iran. you have to remember the muslim world is a thousand million people. that's way beyond iran. you got stuff happening all the way from indonesia to morocco. that's not al-qaeda. that really isn't al-qaeda and it's not one voice speaking. this is an organic civilization that's coming to grips with modern times in a way that's very rough and to us, we look at them, how could they respond to a movie like this? look at all the movies they made with jews with big noses or with jesus and the virgin mary and mocking them. there has been all kinds of movies made that we don't have the same advice really reaction that these people do. they're reacting in a real way
5:10 am
as if this is the 19th century and they can respond to this violent affront to the religion. it's just way -- >> gretchen: but the story is how america responds to that. many people believe that america should not pander to their misunderstanding of first amendment rights and free speech the we got to go. we'll be watching over the weekend. >> we're doing a special on this sunday night at 10 eastern time. one hour, just on the turmoil in the middle east. and all the questions that eric so ablery raises. >> gretchen: thanks. here are your headlines. motel ago issues pope benedict xvi arriving in lebanon for a three-day visit, he's bringing a message of peace to a region plagued with violence, including neighboring syria, which is engaged in a civil war. the pope told reporters on the plane imports of weapons to syria is a grave sin. lebanon has the largest percentage of christians in the middle east, nearly 40% of lebanons, 4 million people are christian. 350,000 kids still out of school today as the chicago teacher strike drags on to a
5:11 am
fifth day. leaders on both sides optimistic a deal could be close. the union calling a special delegate meeting this afternoon. what does that mean? it usually means that you have to have that meeting to end the strike. so it could be good news. still the two main sticking points are teacher evaluations and laid off teachers being considered first for rehiring. parents ready for the strike to be all over. something should be done. it was bad for one i'm stuck with her every day. >> brian: that's too bad. >> gretchen: i hope that's not her dad. stuck with her all day? chicago teachers the highest paid in the country, planning a rally saturday in union park. our first look at the new lincoln movie coming out in november. >> i don't think amendments or this confederate peace you can not have both. >> hundreds of thousands died in the administration. >> hundreds -- >> gretchen: the lincoln trailer has just been released. daniel day lewis stars in the
5:12 am
steven spielberg film about the last four months of the president's life. joseph gordon leavitt, who also stars in the film says the portrayal was uncanny and he felt like he was actually in the presence of the real abraham lincoln. >> brian: i saw o'reilley last night and he was saying tom hanks agreed to bring his to the big screen, which in the last few months in "killing lincoln." >> gretchen: we'll see how that would be different from this one. coming up, how do you explain this, teachers accused of giving students a disturbing assignment, draw pictures of the september 11 attacks? really? >> eric: chaos in the middle east reaching the boiling point and critics accusing the president of apologizing for the u.s. instead of getting tough. is this leaving the door open for more attacks against americans? pennsylvania congressman mike kelly here next. stick around.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> brian: we've been reporting the violent in libya.
5:16 am
these pictures are coming out of egypt. now here is what president obama says about the chaos taking place. >> i want people around the world to hear me to all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. it will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> brian: was president obama doing enough to make america's voice heard or is u.s. foreign policy leaving the door open for more attacks? >> eric: let's ask congressman mike kelly, member of the house committee on foreign affairs. congressman, thank you for joining us. you heard president obama call it an act of terror. does that change the stakes here? >> this is a president who speaks very well, but actions really speak louder than words. we've evan gm the president several opportunities to come forthwith the matter of sequestration. we've already cut our military a half trillion dollars. he needs to make a statement right now. my friends, colonel west, passed
5:17 am
a resolution by october 15, since he missed september 6 deadline, to let us know that there is not going to be further cuts to the military. this guy is the executive officer of the united states and also the commander in chief of our armed force. we could not make a stronger statement right now than to say there will be no further cuts to our military, as secretary of defense panetta says, if we do not protect us, we will have the smallest navy since 1915, and army since 19 40s and the smallest air force in our history. there is something wrong when the president of the united states cannot act more strongly. speaking is one thing. again, actions speak louder. for our men and women in uniform to be placed in harm's way, i don't want to see our sons and daughters go into a fair fight. i want to be overwhelmingly more strong, that's what peace through strength, president reagan said it clearly. it's a simple message. you can not weaken your military force and send this message around the world that we have the resolve. you don't have --
5:18 am
>> brian: as we know this is a deal cut, so we didn't have another debt ceiling debate this year like last year. you made huge mistake putting the defense up there on the chopping block even as -- they had nothing to do with the fight that the congress was having with the president. why was it even put into play? >> first of all, when that took place, this was an idea that came from the administration, put on the table by the administration. >> brian: you should say no. >> what should have happened and what could have happened are two different things. we can't do anything about what happened before. but we can certainly do something about what happened today. again, this is our commander in chief. this is our chief executive officer. if we cannot rely on the president to lead, and we've seen a lack of leadership in this country for the last three years, this is a vacuum of leadership both of our domestic policy and foreign policy. my goodness, let's not quibble about what shouldn't have happened at a bargaining table. let's talk about what the president has the power to do today and to reassure our military and our allies around the world, the american military will remain the strongest. we are the leaders of the free
5:19 am
world. let's start act like it. >> eric: congressman, what about something that you could do from the house right now? you can propose freezing the checks to libya and egypt right now. we're going to send libya 163 million bucks, egypt, $1.6 billion. how about freezing it from the house? >> here is how you do it. congress has done its job. this foreign aid is on condition. these are conditions that must be met. the secretary of state has to make the judgment of whether the people we're giving this morn aid are meeting the measures we set. if not, we can hold back in the funding. again, this comes out of the executive office, through the secretary of state making judgments based on what congress said. very clear conditions. i'm tired of getting conned about what the conditions are. they're very specific and clear. if we can not say what we mean and mean what we say, then we lose our integrity. >> brian: last question, was the president wrong in saying he wasn't sure if we had an ally in the egypt or not? >> no, i think the president thinks is what all of us think. this doesn't pass the smell
5:20 am
test. if these are our allies, i know they're nonnato allies and we get caught up in the verbiage, but when our people are not safe in these areas, then i question where is our partnership? where is that backing? where is that strength? it certainly doesn't look like they are the strong allies that we need to have. >> brian: thanks. >> thank you. >> eric: up next, the federal reserve found a way to boost the economy, print more money. is that really a good idea? liz mcdonald is here to explain. >> brian: then the two navy seals killed have been identified. a look at the two men who lost their lives straight ahead but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. a pay outcoming for 21 students pepper sprayed during a protest last year.
5:24 am
university of california agreeing to an undisclosed amount. the school says they did a injustice to their students that day and paying the damages was the right thing to do. actress sally struthers arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. the 65-year-old known for her role as "all in the family" was arrested at 12:30 in the morning thursday. she posted bail and was released. publicist denies the charges against her. >> gretchen: have you ever known a publicist to say i know she did. >> brian: how do you deny the arrest? >> eric: the fed announced it will unleash another round of stimulus to kick start the economy. >> gretchen: remember, more money usually leads to more inflation. so wouldn't that be a blow to the middle class? liz mcdonald is with the "fox business" network and on the curvy couch. >> gretchen: help us understand what printing money does to the economy. >> what they're trying to do is basically create money to buy mortgage bonds because mortgage rates are basically link to do
5:25 am
mortgage bonds and also u.s. treasuries, so the more investors, the more buyers for those bonds, you would think they would lower the yield on the bonds and then the mortgage rates would drop, too. but i have to tell you something, the federal reserve has been trying this for four years now. >> brian: not like this. >> they have 100 billion, then 75 billion, 40 billion a month. that's what they're going to buy. for two years now, the mortgage rate has been below 4%. the issue is banks aren't really qualifying borrowers for loans. that's the issue, just can't get credit in this economy. the other issue, too, is it could be creating more investors and borrowers right now. >> eric: more investors than job, though. how is it going to create jobs? certainly the stock market likes it. maybe even the mortgage market likes it. but where is the employment? >> it's a great question. it's more of a psychological impact, i think, because the federal reserve has been doing this, as you guys have been reporting, for four years. it's a point of called not
5:26 am
pushing on a string it's push ago thread. so the idea being you create the 401(k) balances to look a lot nicer. the stock prices to look a lot nicer, corporate ceo's feel nicer. but you're right, they're not hire not guilty this economy, in this united states economy. >> gretchen: it's more of a masking of a problem than anything else. >> could be. again, you can't -- the fed can't direct where the money goes and how the money is used. >> brian: just throwing $40 billion out to buy those mortgages a month would no end in sight and promises. this new round of bond buying was called radical and unprecedented. he calls it all about politics. does he have a point? >> is it all about politics? i was surprised about the size of it and the open ended part of the deal. and when you talk to the guys on wall street like die at goldman sachs and jp morgan chase, they
5:27 am
thought there would be some move, but not this size. >> brian: are they happy? >> are they happy? yeah, they're happy about the stock market going up. >> gretchen: what does it do for inflation? >> that's an important question 'cause where does all that money go? as eric has been reporting, oil is priced in dollars and will oil prices go up? >> brian: thirty dollars for a smoothie. >> so nothing tests the sanity of people out there than seeing gas price goes up or food prices. but the federal reserve is saying, we're not going to focus on inflation as much anymore. we feel inflation is tame. we're going to be more forcible about our other mandate, creating jobs. >> eric: they're trying to spark people to go out and buy homes so that that somehow turns the economy around, creating jobs through home construction, but it hasn't worked for the past four years. they're doing the same thing over and over. >> the problem is with that, too, is trying to help the housing market, the real issue is you're locked in your home if you're under water and can't look for another job in another city.
5:28 am
that's been the pain in this economy. >> eric: i'll leave it there. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> gretchen: imagine your child brings this home from school. drawings of the 9-11 attacks. guess what? the teacher, it was an assignment. told the kids to draw the planes going into the buildings and people jumping out. >> eric: the press getting together to attack mitt romney. is the main stream media trying to change the course of the election? chris wallace reacts next ♪ [ acoustic guitar: slow ]
5:29 am
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>> gretchen: welcome back. a live picture now from cairo, egypt, where it is much calmer than expected. that's because the protests planned by the muslim brotherhood have been canceled. instead protesters were asked to take it inside to the mosques. the egyptian president also came out this morning urging muslims to protect the embassy. >> brian: take your time with those calm down statements. joining us now is chris wallace. chris, it's hard to comprehend how much happened since the last time we spoke. how do you think the president handled it all? >> well, obviously not great.
5:33 am
the comment two days ago about is egypt an ally? is it not? then you have the state department and the white house and this tortureous effort to walk back his comments and say, well, it was a term of art. we don't have an agreement with them. but clearly historically they have been an ally, but now the relationship is in doubt. but on the bigger issue, i'm not sure what he could have done given the fact that if we have the arab spring, we had depended and it had been stable on these authoritarian dictators to control things and the people weren't going to stand for that any longer and you knew that once they were toppled, you were going to have democracy and in some cases islamic fundamentalism, which is a very broad strain in the middle east. so there is a limit to how much he can control what goes on in the arab street. could he have handled it better? yes. but i think a certain amount of this is just the sweep of history. >> gretchen: one thing he can control is the money to a certain extent, or congress can. the amount of money that goes to
5:34 am
egypt. i think it's the second -- $1.5 billion, maybe more. so yeah, you can have some control, can't you? >> well, yeah. and then the question becomes, and i think it's a hard question, i don't know what the answer is, is it better to cut off the aid and say, hey, we've made a statement and now you're an enemy or is it better to have influence on them? one assumes because of the conversation that the president had with president morsi of egypt that may be one of the reasons they called off the protests. it obviously isn't perfect. but it's a different situation. mubarak is not in control there anymore. it's not easy to control. >> eric: what message is the president sending while our american embassies are burning, we have ambassador that's killed, just a few hours prior, gets his intel briefing, goes on a plane, goes to las vegas. pick up a check. this morning, he'll meet with
5:35 am
the olympians and meet for lunch and have a fund-raiser tonight. that's what the president is doing. shouldn't he be back there maybe, i don't know, working with some security officials? >> well, we had jimmy carter who kept himself hostage in the white house while in the 1970s while the hostages were in iran. that didn't help get the hostages released. i'm not sure what the president being in las vegas or being in washington is going to make a difference in terms of what's going on in the street. there are legitimate questions to ask about foreign policy. for instance, why didn't we have that consulate in libya that had been attacked three months ago? why wasn't that much better protected, especially on 9-11? why didn't we have more protection at the u.s. embassy in cairo? why didn't we have more protection at embassies across the middle east? those are legitimate questions. the question as to where the president was, having covered ronald reagan for six years, the white house travels with the president wherever he is. >> brian: maybe he overcorrected
5:36 am
from the carter years. how about mitt romney's reaction afterwards in reacting to the memos that went forward from the embassy while the riots were taking place, do you have a problem with that? >> i don't have any problem with romney's initial reaction to the memo. i think that the news conference the next day when he continued to harp on the memo when we found out that four americans had been killed in libya and benghazi, including the ambassador, probably, if he had that to do over again, might reconsider that. >> gretchen: wait. he would redo the press conference? >> if i may, but having said that, if there is a legitimate question to be argued about the president's foreign policy, and i think that's something that he should -- it's a debate we should have. >> gretchen: wait a minute. >> it shouldn't just be about the economy and jobs. >> gretchen: i want to be sure i'm clear on what you're saying. mitt romney should have a do over on the press conference or the reporters asking the same question six times? >> both. but he held the news conference.
5:37 am
look, four americans were killed in benghazi, why are we arguing about a memo that had been sent out from a different country? >> gretchen: the reporters are asking the questions. not mitt romney. >> well, he was holding it about his memo. that's why he scheduled it. >> gretchen: the reporters could have asked all those kinds of questions and they didn't. >> look, it's on the candidate to hold -- i don't know -- i'm not get not guilty an argument with you about this nonresponsive i'm debating the issue. >> i'm not debating. i don't see any point to debate it. the point is he held a news conference over the timing of his statement. what he should have been talking about, seems to me, is a bigger issue of foreign policy. i'm not sure that the day that we found out that the american ambassador, first american ambassador to be killed since 1979 in action was the right time to do it. >> brian: i had no problem with it. but we differ there. the debates coming up, mitt romney says his big challenge is this, i'll let him talk. >> i think the challenge that i'll have in the debate is that the president tends to, how
5:38 am
shall i say it? say things that aren't true. and attacking his opponent, i looked at prior debates and in that kinds of case, it's difficult to say well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate or am i going to spend my time talking about the things i want to talk about? >> brian: you think -- is that true, when you watched the then senator obama debates? >> i don't know about the senator obama. i don't know that he's talking about senator obama. i think he's talk being the way he conducted the campaign, there has been a lot of falsehoods on both sides. i think romney's big job, and you're seeing it in the poll, he's got to persuade people that not only is he a turn around artist, not only can he jump start the economy, but he is going to benefit the middle class. and he's got to find a way to break through. the obama campaign has really muddied him up on this issue of he's a friend of the wealthy. he's going to raise taxes for the rich. he hasn't had an effective
5:39 am
response to that because he hasn't said what his tax reform plan will be. he's got to find a way to say the rich will share in the pain of fixing this economy and that's what he's got to do. if he's going to win this election. >> gretchen: all right. coming up this week on your show on fox news sunday, you're going to have congressman mike rogers who was just on our show as well. >> well, that's good. bears repeating. also the latest from the middle east and we're going to be talking to top administration officials. we'll have the very latest on the situation in the middle east as of sunday. >> gretchen: fantastic. there will be a lot more that will be happening probably before sundays. you will have all the latest details. >> brian: sadly, i have to watch you live instead of, because my tivo broke. >> as much as it's been blinking 12 for eight years, i can understand. you actually have to set it. >> brian: i didn't know that. i got to read the instructions. thanks a lot. >> you bet. >> gretchen: i thought you were gog say wise guy. all right. now the rest of your headline force a friday. she used her official government
5:40 am
title to campaign on behalf of the president. but the white house says there is no need to punish health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. instead, the obama administration gave her ethics training and claims taxpayers are reimbursed for her campaign trip. she technically could have been fired for violating the hatch act is familying calls from the catholic association to resign. parents in texas are outraged over disturbing elementary school assignment. kids asked to draw pictures of the september 11 attacks. warning, some of the pictures are disturbing. fourth graders at elementary school, huey in el paso, reportedly given specific instructions to draw the planes hitting the buildings and people jumping out of the windows. parents say not only was it upsetting, but confusing for the kids. >> he was under the impression that this happened every 9-11 and he was scared to go to school yesterday. >> eric: schools released a statement saying it's
5:41 am
investigating and it regrets the insensitivity of the assignment. >> brian: big surprise for kids at a school in new york city. ♪ . >> brian: that's dierks bentley. he showed up to talk about the importance of music education. the first year the school has had a music program. bentley shocked the kids who -- shocked the kids knew the song, it's new york. and said they're an inspiration to him. >> they inspire you. they really show you -- bring out what's great in people. >> brian: it's all thanks to keep the music program. it's a program created by the country music association. that's a quick look at what's happening with dierks bentley in new york city. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox & friends," did the white house ignore warnings about the attacks in libya. we'll ask a former advisor to the top general in afghanistan next. >> eric: the two seals killed in the attack have been identified and they're worth knowing.
5:42 am
look at these incredible men, a look at these incredible men straight ahead. first, look what's coming up for the weekend. ali? >> great to sigh. we'll be covering all of the breaking news out of the middle east. then we're also going to be talking about new york city's ban on big sugary drinks. small business owners are already struggling in this tough economy and they say this will take a big gulp out of their profits. so we'll hear from one of them. and bringing up baby doesn't have to break the bank. we'll show you amazing products that grow with your child and help you save hundreds. then don't be depressed that summer is ending. embrace the fall tradition of octoberfest. we're celebrating on our plaza. we're going to see peter johnson, jr. i can tell but this, tune in tomorrow at 6 a.m i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c.
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>> gretchen: new details coming out of the middle east. the very latest, muslim brotherhood in egypt calling off massive protests this morning. we're also learning four people are under arrest for the orchestrated attack in libya that took the lives of four americans. those americans ambassador chris steven, diplomat sean smith, former navy seal glenn dougherty and former seal, siren woods. that they gave their lives trying to protect the freedoms we enjoy. joining us with more on those men is peter doocy. good morning. >> good morning, gretchen. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, released some information late last night about the two men she called decorated military veterans who were killed in this week's attack on the consulate in libya. tyrone woods and glenn a. dougherty. glenn dougherty joined the seals in 1995 and was actually thinking about getting out of the service because of knee problems when 9-11 happened, but then he wasn't allowed to and his family says he didn't want to leave. his friends tell us he was a par
5:47 am
medic and former whitewater rafting guy whose nickname was bub and after serving in iraq and afghanistan, among other hot spots, he died the way he lived, with honor and valor. one friend of his tells us don't cry for glenn. he would not approve. celebrate a man who lived well and died with a gun in his hands. fighting for those too weak to fight for themselves. another one of his friends tells us don't feel sorry for him. he wouldn't have it. he died serving with men he respected, protecting the freedoms we enjoy as americans and doing something he loved. he was the best friend and one of the finest human beings i've ever known. as for the other former navy seal, tyrone woods, former brother-in-law says he was like a guy out of the movies because everything was always at full speed. he was from imperial beach, california, just outside san diego. and leaves behind a wife named dorothy and three sons, who wast born a few months ago. he was a navy seal for more than
5:48 am
20 years and served multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan. but after he left in 2010, he has been keeping our diplomats safe in central america and the middle east until, of course, this week's tragic attack. gretchen? >> gretchen: thanks very much for those profiles. peter doocy live in d.c let's go over to brian. >> brian: what about the threat that we're now face not guilty all these countries? now before and all week long, especially in libya where it was fatal, we're joined by special operations seth jones. were we premature in saying al-qaeda was on the retreat and we were basically making them history? >> i think there is no question the administration was way too early in making that argument. we now know or have pretty good evidence that al-qaeda and one of its allies was specifically involved in organizing the attack against the u.s. ambassador. >> brian: who is he? >> against the u.s. ambassador. they were organize -- >> brian: what's the group that you said was organized against the ambassador?
5:49 am
>> al shehri i can't examine al-qaeda and the islamic magazinebe a. both groups operating in libya. again, al-qaeda's primary affiliate that operates in libya was involved in organizing the attack against the united states. this was not just about any sort of a spontaneous revolt. this was an organized attack. >> brian: right. obviously they're still lethal. you said he had a conference, and he's the number one in al-qaeda, he addressed the drone attacks and specifically called on an attack in libya. so he still is lethal and sadly still alive. >> he's still alive, still based in pakistan. just a few days before the attack in libya, he had asked for revenge against a libyan, the second in command of al-qaeda based in pakistan, he wanted a response in libya to that assassination. there was clear organization here. what do we have to do different?
5:50 am
>> i think one thing was a little unfortunate was with groups like that operating in libya, and with libyan government that is weak, most of the country has deteriorated into militias, that that consulate was not better protected, especially with a u.s. ambassador there. one thing we clearly have to do is double down on insuring that our diplomats and others are protected in these key strategic areas. i don't think it was done. >> brian: we know it wasn't done and we got that to make sure there is rumors can't even load their guns to protect themselves. i hope that's not true. seth jones, i look forward to talking to you again as this unfolds. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: straight ahead, ever wish you could turn back time? be a kid again? the man who wrote "tuesdays with morrie" is about to release what could be his next best seller, it is a great book. he's here live. first, let's check in with martha mccallum to find out what bill hemmer should be talk
5:51 am
being today with you. >> good morning. we'll find out. thank you. so john mccain is not holding back. he believes that the u.s. is in withdrawal mode and that is a dangerous posture. he will join us here on "america's newsroom." also chris wallace will look at sop of the newest polls. we'll be right back
5:52 am
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5:54 am
>> gretchen: our next guest has inspired millions with books like "tuesdays with morrie" and "the five people you meet in heaven." now he has released his most imaginative novel yet called "the time keeper." >> eric: joining us now, mitch album. i notice you call it the time, god's greatest gift. why? >> well, we are infatuated with it. everybody wants to be more efficient on their blackberries, but i don't think we appreciate
5:55 am
time. i came up with this idea sort of as a fable. what if the first guy who invented time, who started counting, way, way back came back and said it was a mistake. i shouldn't have done it. and that's kind of the premise of the time keeper. the first person who invented things like this, started counting it, gets punished for counting time. he sartre of vanish -- banished to listen forever and see what happens as a result. then he ends up coming back in our time and sees this world where everybody is going insane with their time and sort of teach one very young person, one very ole person the true value of time. and if so, then he sort of is released from his purgatory. >> gretchen: so your books usually have these monumental life lessons. >> that's a big word. >> gretchen: but they're short examine people like that, i think, and what they like better is that they get something out of it. what's the lesson here? >> there is a moment where this character, father time, turns to this older guy who wants to -- he doesn't want to die, so he'll freeze himself to come back years later and live again.
5:56 am
he says look, there is a reason that god limits our days here on earth. he says what could be the reason? to make each one of them precious. and when you think about that, it's an amazing equation. if we did get to live forever, nothing would matter because we never have to make choices. we can do everything. it's because our time is limited and we never know if today is going to be our last day that you have to make a choice. how am i going to spend my day? watch reality tv or be with my family? those choices are what determine a quality of life. not how long we get. so we're all in such a hurry to do more and be more efficient, whatever, my message of this book, behind this entertaining fable is it's more about making the hours count than counting the hours. >> gretchen: speaking of time, we're about out. up against a hard break. stick around. more "fox & friends," two minutes one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way
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