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tv   The Five  FOX News  September 14, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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they're running with it. and a lot worse. good night. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> almighty god, creator of us all, and lover of the human race, we commend to you our brothers chris and sean, glen and tyrone. in to your merciful hands
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receive them. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: that was a somber scene this afternoon at andrews air force base in maryland where the remains of the four americans murdered by muslim extremists in an attack that began on september 11 at
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the consulate in benghazi, libya, were brought home. chris siebs played a key role to help free citizens from muammar gaddafi. foreign service information management officer sean smith joined the state department after six years in the air force and leighs behind a love -- leaves behind a loving wife and two small children. former navy seal glen doherty deployed to some of the most dangerous places on earth and was an experienced paramedic. tyrone woods sevened multiple tours in iraq and afghanistan and leaves behind a loving wife and three sons including one born a few months ago. all died in service to our country. they leave behind grieving families, friends, and colleagues. eric, today very, you know, sad day, just thinking about the live, the families, the friends, the americans, the value the service they have given to this country so faithfully and honorably.
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your thoughts on the me moral day. >> eric: hard to put in words, kim. the whole newsroom at that moment when we saw them starting to bring the casket in and the whole place went silent. we watched in silence for a good part of, i guess a half an hour or so. not a dry eye in the place. sad. i will tell you that it was sad but also i think it will be a unifying call. i think americans will stand up and say okay, enough of this. enough is enough. >> kimberly: dana? >> dana: after a crisis unfolding events you usually don't have time to take a step back. you shocked, outraged, worried, what are the next steps, unfolding continuing crisis but this is how america honors people who serve their country honorably and with a signifyed ceremony like this -- dignified ceremony like this where the music gives you a chance to have a private moment for yourself to say thanks for them and all they did. to take a pause from all of the how did it happen? what did they know? when did they know and when
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did they know it? we'll talk about it but this was a moving, wonderful ceremony. my heart goes out to their families. i'm so sorry. jimenez is a time politics have no place, this -- >> kimberly: this is a time politics has no place, honor the families and show respect for fallen. >> bob: this also underscores we don't pay enough attention how many foreign service officers are killed in line of duty and how many people u.s. aid, the organization under the state department. there are hundreds and hundreds that die. they don't get the attention that others would get. but they do, they go to remarkably distant and dangerous places. and you have to serve, give them the respect and honor of anyone wearing a uniform because they put themselveses in harm's way. sad and despicable act where a bunch of terrorists are going to go in and against harmless people; particularly, the man who helped bring down gaddafi. you would think mr. there would be people who would be
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applauding, not shooting guns. >> kimberly: you're absolutely right. this is someone who was benevolent and beloved by the people because he helped them. he did his best to bring two sides together to heal the factions developing. >> greg: i don't think that was rel vent to people who killed him -- relevant to people who killed him. bottom line, the ceremony is very touching, but we owe them justice. there was a lapse somewhere. it only takes one lapse for something to happen. misunderstanding of evil in the world. the middle east is really the middle ages. we owe the people that are out there the responsibility to protect them. that didn't happen. we need to rectify that. we need to get out. >> kimberly: do you think that is something they should have touched on today, in terms of the president did make remarks and he did mention bringing justice to them. >> greg: i hope so, yes. i would assume they will get these guys. >> bob: i want to confirm
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reports they haven't -- that they have apprehended several people for these acts. i think that is report from the libyan government. i hope that's correct. >> eric: take wish the secretary of state clinton's comments. started out very nice. she recounted experience with ambassador stevens and the other gentlemen that were killed. then she went somewhere. she went to the movie again. she reiterated the fact that this was caused by the movie. i thought you want to talk about sad and depickable. hillary clinton bringing up that movie at the service today was sad and despicable. >> bob: that movie was despicable. >> greg: but it didn't cause this -- free speech didn't cause this. free beings did. >> bob: it doesn't take much to trigger riots in the mideast. >> greg: all you hear about is unrest, i have yet to see rest. show me rest. >> kimberly: you bring up a
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point saying is this the right time, the right place, the right tone and tenor for the u.s.? does this help us? does it help protect us? >> eric: it infure rated a lot of people -- it infure rated a lot of people and said she used it as a statement -- >> bob: the movie? >> eric: i don't condemn free speech. i don't. i live in america. what i have a problem with, the casket coming down from the airplane, unfortunate timing. this came across the twitter feed. president obama was raising money, said, "winter is coming soon. check it out. go here." as it was happening. trying to raise money simultaneous as the four heroes were being remembered. >> kimberly: dana, you have been consistent talking about a messaging problem. mishandling a serious situation. this is one of the utmost importance in terms of the nation, our country. there hasn't been an ambassador killed in two
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decades. this happened on their watch. >> dana: it is actually -- i don't know the numbers of how many career foreign officers have been killed in the line of duty. even one is entirely too many. i get that. i am confused about an administration basing the response on a movie. just let me for one second think about the fact that the government of the united states has now asked a private entity in the united states to review a film that was put on youtube. so government is supposed to protect free. see instead, it's asking them to look at a video. what is next? if we give them the excuse that the video, we understand why you rioted and killed our ambassador and three others, because of a video, then what happens when something really serious happens? >> kimberly: it sounds like a justification, which is the problem to be honest with you. >> bob: there is no connection between the video and the terrorists. >> dana: that is what they're saying. >> bob: it's doing a somber ceremony. i don't know where you get the
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twitter -- did he go beand they casket? >> dana: no, the campaign did. >> greg: bob is saying these are separate incidents and the terrorist attack is not about the movie. they conflateed it. not us. they conflated it. i want to know where are all the freedom of speech celebrity filmmakers who were out there and defended the crucifixion in the glass of urine? do we remember that? somehow they're silent about this. >> kimberly: now we have r going to leland vittert live in cairo, egypt, for update on the situation there and across the middle east. leland? >> reporter: good evening from cairo. a little past 11:00 tonight. tale of gunfire from rubber bullets rings out. tear gas volleys go out. the military police have really dug in against these protesters who are on a couple of different streets around the american embassy complex, trying to break through large concrete barriers they erected across the street that lead to
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the embassy of now. those barricades hold. friday prayers in cairo. afterwards, thousands of people in the streets, many carrying large posters, four four-foot tall posters of usama bin laden. they tore up american flags. of course, the black islamist flag that is marquee in the past four days without throwing rocks, molltive cocktails and trying to break down the barricades. now, the president of egypt went on television, he said that this is not the islamist way. we do not want to have the violence against foreigners. that didn't do that. however, he has ordered his police and military to dig in. and protech the u.s. embassy. one thing that protesters have been demanding is the u.s. ambassador leave. according to local media reports she has arrived back in the country. the protesters have had a lot of injuries among them. in hundreds this week. they're still chanting though "with our soul, our blood, we defend you, the prophet muhammad." with that began flanking
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maneuvers to get around the police in the embassy compound. today, they were forced back. in tunisia, two protesters died. another 29 injured. of the thousands that took to the streets and tried to break in the compound there. there was reports of large plumes of black smoke coming up from the u.s. embassy. also the infamous flag mounted on the embassy wall or inside the compound. we're told that the authorities have now regained control of the situation. however, those protesters also looted the american school there in tunis. in sudan, one of the leading sheikhs there took to the radio and demanded a large protest and boy, did he get it. a convoy of buses headed out toward the american embassy. huge groups. the embassy was protected by sudanese riot police who literally beat back with batons the large protests. in lebanon, northern lebanon, city of tripoli they burned down a kfc there, the only
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symbol of western ideas that they could find. kfc restaurant they burned to the ground. here in cairo, the violence still continues. the one thing that is really striking to you is the difference 18 months makes. 18 months ago you told people on the street we're from america, during the egyptian revolution, they said we love america. we love freedom. we love democracy. kimberly, tonight, they are chanting "death to america" in the streets of cairo. this is a poor, much more uneducated crowd and much more hardline islamist crowd. kimberly, back to you. >> kimberly: all right, leland vittert. live in cairo. we'll be bringing you updates throughout the evening tonight on the fox news channel. you see the incredible pictures of the unrest throughout the region in multiple areas. this doesn't seem like it's getting any better. the fact is we're at the mercy of the people there that are coming forward. >> eric: we have seen hillary clinton three times in the last three days and all three times she mentioned a movie. this is not about the movie. this is radical islamist who
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see weakness in president and see weakness in a state department. there are reports that the state department had 48 hours notice there would be some action, some protest. the state department says they didn't have actionable information. it doesn't mean they didn't have any. it's 9/11 forgosh sakes. you think if you get a report, even if it doesn't look actionable on 9/11 you go at least alert the embassies around the world. it could be blood on the hands of the state department. >> greg: colonel sanders had nothing to do with the movie. they're attacking other embassies. this is opportunist, mayhem. this happens all the time. not just in these countrys, it has happened in america with the rodney king riots. opportunenistic looting. to link this sort of thing to hurt feelings is actually insulting to those people. when you say we feel bad about hurting your feelings, we assume that you are not adult or man enough to take a simple criticism. >> bob: you're not hurting their feelings.
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their feelings are so anti-american. if you look at, we talked about the demonstrations in the arab spring. there were millions of people from egypt in the squares. this is a few thousand people. they are the hardline of the radical islamist movem. it's not representative of all the people who fought for arab spring. >> greg: then we shouldn't show it. why -- if this is just some marginal group of idiots why are we showing it? let's ignore them like tantrumtantrums in a supermarke. >> dana: well said. the american people deserve a full investigation that goes wherever it may lead. i know it can't be done instantaneously, but we don't know what happened. that's the scariest part of it. they don't know how it happened. how will they prevent the next one. >> kimberly: they are issuing conflicting statements. but in terms of what people know about government this falls squarely with the state department. they have an obligation to protect our itself citizens overseas band prepared -- and
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to be prepared. coming up, press secretary jay carney says the middle east violence has nothing to do with the policy, american people or the obama administration. have they been watching television for the past few days? more on that when we return. ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got.
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>> greg: muslim unrest in the middle east is showers in tampa. it's constant. what we never see american outrage. we're just too nice. i don't count occupy wall street. that's outrage against america. which most of us find as sympathetic as casey anthony. they only march against american injustice, not injustice against america. what will it take to part real american outrage? at what point do we outgrow the self-hating neuroanalysis and overcome analysis? what poineven 9/11 didn't spark violence. the media expected a backlash but instead we grieves. we aren't show-offs. how do you shake extremism out of extremists? with rage. cop buddy told me when someone starts bothering you and you
2:20 pm
can't get away from them, act crazy, too. out-crazy the crazy. the same works for countrys. delusion, build a town. we have no footal of civilized gangs acting crazy, we don't wreck stuff except for after super bowl, create a place to break and burn things, a giant deck we torch every few mont months. call it outrage city not to be confused with oakland. broadcast it to the angry middle east when they tick us off. maybe if the egyptians see that, they will say to themselves, the u.s., they're just like us! they may also say uh-oh, they look pretty mad. maybe the only common language is senseless outrage, making this outrage outreach. let's start crazy town now and i'll run the yoga center. >> dana: i love it. >> greg: we could do this.
2:21 pm
>> dana: great idea. why not try it? >> greg: we have the greatest movie and producers and directors. build it in nevada. take two months. every time they do this, everybody is out there. bring families, they can burn stuff. make up fictitious flags because we don't want to offend -- >> dana: can i have a bat? >> greg: you can. >> dana: excellent. >> eric: they wouldn't believe it. it those be the all "red eye" cast. >> dana: that would scare them the most, if i got that mad and i went after a window with a bat. they are crazy! they have lost it! >> greg: i think that they don't understand us because we don't react with they they react. >> kimberly: we apologize constantly. everything is we're sorry, let us give you more money. let's bend over, let's bend down. what can we do? apologize. we're sorry. what about the president when he gave his speech talking about reaching to the muslim countries to say it's my job, i feel, as the president to reach out and to make sure we have an understanding in this country and appreciate islam. it makes no sense to me.
2:22 pm
>> greg: bob, i want to play the jay carney s.o.t. from earlier. discussing the volatile situation. >> this is a fairly volatile situation and it's in response not to the united states policy, not to obviously the administration. not to the american people. it's if response to video. that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. but this is not a case of protests directed at the united states. at large or at u.s. policy. >> greg: bob, before the break, you said and i agreed with you any excuse will do for rage. him saying the video is kind of bogus. >> bob: i don't understand where that came from. listen, there has been anti-americanism rampant in these countries going back three or four decades. particularly when we support dictates. let's also keep in mind egypt is critical to us. critical to israel. we ought to be very careful about suggesting that the
2:23 pm
policies falling through, you've got a few thousand radical islamists out here protesting. >> eric: wait. out here? >> bob: out here. >> eric: how many are radical islamists who aren't necessarily on our screen right now? >> bob: vast majority do not go out -- >> eric: millions. how about millions? >> bob: before we throw our egyptian -- to say to hell with the egyptian policy, egypt is critical. if there is ever going to be peace in the middle east it's critical for israel to have equip that is stable. if we leave, it's china and koreans and the russia. >> greg: i want them to have the problem. >> eric: think about what happened the other day. media sold out. they circumstance the wagons around their chosen one. after all, when romney almost ss up and sounds presidential it embarrasss the community organizer. the guy who doesn't know what to do with the middle east. romney comes out and makes a definitive statement, media attack him for timing of the
2:24 pm
statement. >> bob: for good reason. >> dana: backing way up, the united states of america, from the podium. i think we have to make a decision. is free speech a fundamental human right or is it not? has something happened in america over the past three years where all of a sudden now we don't stick up for right to free speech? and then we target an american or whoever it was that made a video that wasn't even distributed in the middle east. people who deserve a lot of condemnation are the clerics who have not gone out and told everybody to back off. in these countries. maybe a few of them have. i understand there are freedom fighters across there. but the most basic freedom that god gave every single one of us in the world is the right to free speech. we either stand up for that or we don't. >> bob: you're absolutely right. the problem is free speech is used by the idiot to put together a -- >> dana: what if i got outraged every time somebody did a bad video about george bush? >> greg: i'm still trying to figure out what video caused
2:25 pm
9/11. if you know which one it is, let me know. >> kimberly: blockbuster, i'm sure. >> greg: "the titanic," who knows. >> kimberly: arbitrary. >> greg: coming up, is mitt romney calling the president a liar? >> the president tends to high pressure how shall i say it -- say things that aren't true in attacking his opponents. >> greg: put on your discussion pants because we will be discussing like crazy after the break. mom: ready to go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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2:30 pm
aren't true in attacking his opponents. in prior debates and that kind of case, it's difficult to say well, am i going to spend my time correcting things that aren't quite accurate or spend my time talking about things i want to talk about? >> eric: the spark in his voice, huh? >> kimberly: when you look at him, you say that is a president of the united state states. someone who looks and sounds presidential, authentic, isn't afraid or hiding behind channels we're facing in the middle east. he has ideas. he was right out in front and not afraid to answer the questions of the press, even when they are trying to ambush and collude against him. >> eric: what do you think? >> dana: he cannot concede ground on this. if the tables were turned, they wouldn't either. romney is in a position if he hadn't said anything of the news of the day for a week, he'd be out of the news for an entire week. plus, he actually kind of backed up obama on something that he brought up earlier. obama misspoke or didn't understand the question.
2:31 pm
whether egypt was ally or not. maybe things are changing. he backed him up on a technical answer and that was a stand-up thing to do. >> eric: any question the next round of polling there will be a little butch toward the romney campaign? >> bob: not at all. for romney to say that this was amateur hour is like little leaguers telling the new york yankees how to play the baseball game. when a challenger gets on the ground and foreign policy and national security with an incumbent president, i done care who it is. you get yourself in real trouble. he doesn't have the ability or the background or his people. he came out with a statement before anything was happening there. >> dana: no. >> bob: yes. >> dana: no. >> bob: yes. >> dana: he said what he said after the embassy in cairo, after our embassy in cairo put out the ridiculous statement about the movie. >> bob: yes, he did but that was before the embassy was under siege. >> dana: in response to that, which is what all of us were talking about. the news of the day. >> bob: yes, but the way he
2:32 pm
suggested was that the obama foreign policy like charles krauthammer and his - -- >> eric: go ahead, greg. >> greg: let me make a point. you seem to be saying how dare mitt romney talk about the foreign policy issues of the day. he should be discussing contraception for young women who can afford it. that would make it much more popular among the press. i want to make a point here that is bigger. republicans are accused of shamelessly politicizing an international situation. >> eric: by obama. >> greg: i want to make a list of every single thing politicized by the list. let's go. you have to academic pursuit. skin color, christmas, tv sitcoms, obesity, religious ceremonies, music, kids' toys, motion picture, sexual orientation, fashion, the food you eat, your health practices, animal ownership, life in general. conservatives don't politicize anything until it's already politicized. >> eric: birth control. of course. >> dana: can i mention something about that, the war on women? because i cannot imagine that
2:33 pm
this actually happened. not enough people know about this. on mon, president obama had taped an interview with a guy, radio disk jockey in florida called tense with a limp. if a president of the united states that i worked for -- if i went to the oval office and said sir, we have it on your schedule to talk to in florida, he might be a great guy but should the commander-in-chief the day before 9/11 be talking to a guy called temp with a limp when they charge republicans about a war on women? >> kimberly: hypocritical and ridiculous. no lights on in the white house. they're not home. mixed message, inconsistent. they don't know who is an ally. the whole problem is it's a very different choice of who you choose for president come the election. >> bob: it was before 9/11. >> dana: would you said any president of the united states should do an interview with temp with a limp? >> eric: bob, answer this for me -- >> dana: how is that
2:34 pm
appropriate? >> eric: something he did after this attack and before people were killed he went to las vegas and did a campaign stop. until he did his memorial service today, he had -- the only thing on his schedule today was meet the 2012 olympians and have lunch. that's his schedule. is he worried about what is going on in the muslim world? >> bob: are you kidding? >> eric: not at all. >> kimberly: not acting like it. >> bob: you suggest the president of the united states is not concerned? >> eric: suggesting he shouldn't have gone to vegas in aftermath -- >> bob: we said it yesterday. >> eric: done something other than lunch with the olympians. >> bob: there isn'tbe anything wrong with lunch with olympians. i said yesterday vegas was a bad idea. but the idea that he's somebody who doesn't care is absurd. >> eric: he cares more about his campaign. >> kimberly: getting re-elected. >> greg: i have to disagree. i do think he cares but i don't know if he is effective in acting on his cares. who is carer in chief. >> eric: coming up, anti-american violence and riots spreading across the
2:35 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, breaking news out of afghanistan at this hour. tonight on "special report" we'll have the latest on an attack against the joint u.s. british military in helmand province. camp leatherneck. early report says two fatalities and number of wounded there. that may be ongoing. more violence in american outpost in the middle east. two protesters were killed in tunisia. one in cairo. we have a live report from egypt. bodies of four americans killed in the consulate in libya killed this atch. president obama an secretary of state clinton participated in the ceremony at joint base andrews. new details tonight on what kind of cuts may happen because of the deficit
2:40 pm
chopping process known as sequestration. we'll have that. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. it's been busy. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." >> dana: all right. we have been kicking around what we think about what is going on in the middle east but why don't we go to somebody who really knows what he is talking about; that is, senator john mccain who was in the intel briefing earlier today. >> to think that the libyan people are somehow involved in this, is just not accurate. it was a terrorist attack. organized and carried out by terrorists. >> dana: this is something i've been trying to wonder, eric. can it be a small savage group unrelated to the government but still be a terrorist attack? how are they going to split that baby? >> eric: president obama said, "terrorist" twice. if you go with terrorist, you
2:41 pm
can't be a small crazy mob. >> dana: if it's terrorist attack we can't do anything about it. >> eric: is there anyone on the planet that thinks this is a small group of people who carry this out? >> bob: i agree with john mccain. >> dana: al-qaeda related. >> bob: mccain said it's not the egyptian people. >> dana: talking about lib yeah. >> bob: well, he said it was -- i thought he said egyp egypt. he is saying these are not the people at large in the middle east. i'm not making excuses. >> eric: you, yourself, two days ago pointed out rocket-propelled grenade -- >> bob: they were terrorists. that is not to suggest the rest of the people out there are terrorists. >> eric: who saying that? >> dana: nobody is saying that. so let's move op and get kimberly and greg in here after we listen to charles krauthammer on fox talking about the bigger picture. >> what we're seeing on that screen is the meltdown, the collapse of the obama policy, on the muslim world. the irony is it began in
2:42 pm
cairo, the same place with speech he made. beginning with the presidency in which he said you wanted a new beginning, mutual respect, implying that under other presidents; particularly, bush, there was a lack of mutual respect. >> dana: that was the implication, but greg, are chickens coming home to roost? >> greg: that is a banned phrase. this is the challenge or the consequence of basing your vote on how people will feel about you if they already hate you. if you think that, and i think there is a predictable course amongst the media who will frame it that way. if you elect romney, you are just going to get angry people angrier. that to me is idiotic. it's like, you know, we have gotten this far with obama. everybody likes him. so we got to stay the course. if you put romney, in it will get worse. that is idiotic. >> dana: yesterday, you had
2:43 pm
strong comments onsh about the overall middle east policy. when you listen to charles, do you think okay, i'm tracking with what he is saying? >> kimberly: yeah. i believe so and i believe the majority of the people in military and work in intel serving overseas, up close and personal with what we have to deal with in the middle east believe he is right on point. in fact, bob, hold it for five seconds. the problem is that they are trying to displace this and say it's not -- it's about a video when it's not because they don't want to be held accountable. they want to be victim of circumstance and movie instead of the fact they did not follow up on active intel, et cetera. what you have here is president obama, it's president carter 2.0. he believes that he can make deals with, trust muslim leaders to honor their word and any agreements they make with the united states. he's been proven miserably wrong. >> dana: give bob the last word. >> bob: if you suggest that president carter -- president carter worked out camp david accord that gave israel decades, decades of peaceful
2:44 pm
coexistence with egypt and jordan. the two most volatile countrys. they were against israel. you can't beat jimmy carter on that. it saved israel from a very, very terrible consequence. >> kimberly: what has obama done with israel now? alienated our best ally. >> bob: for charles krauthammer who i usually think is a smart guy to make a statement like that sweeping and broad when you have few thousand protests outside about collapse of a policy is absurd. >> greg: we'll know in a couple of days if it goes away or not. >> dana: we could talk about this all night but we won't. coming up, president obama campaign team wanted him to run as the underdog. you might remember that. >> you think there is a reasonable chance you could lose the election? >> absolutely. this will be a close race. >> dana: do you think he really believes that? we'll discuss it next. whoa, look at all those toys. insuring that stuff must be a pain. nah. he's probably got...
2:45 pm
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do you think there is a reasonable chance you could lose this election? >> absolutely. this is going to be a close race. i am running in the environment where the economy isn't where it needs to be. i take nothing for granted. i'm going to be working my
2:49 pm
tail off, trying to present a clear choice to the american people. >> president obama thinks there is a chance he could lose in november. a new rasmussen poll, a little bit of an outlier has mitt romney leading president obama 48 to 45%. a new nbc "wall street journal" poll has president beating mitt romney in three key battleground states. florida, virginia, ohio. let's bring up the boards on what that is in the three states. >> kimberly: we have that. >> bob: he leads romney in florida, 49-44 in virginia. ohio, 50-43. stop talking in my ear. who is strongest on the economy? which romney was leading by a wide margin. >> greg: there are people yawning in our audience right now.
2:50 pm
>> bob: take it down. >> greg: we have more polls than poland. it's a box score for a game that hasn't start yet. i want to make a poll for viewers at home to write in and tell us if they like segments on polling, but we won't read the letters so just send them to me and i'll convey it to everybody that polls are boring. >> kimberly: of course. >> bob: polls now are getting more accurate. we are getting close to the election. >> eric: how do you know? >> kimberly: you state only polls that are accurate are the ones that show bam become ahead. you only say the ones that are valid show obama ahead. >> bob: he leads romney by double digits. >> dana: i don't know if that will be true after tuesday. that was probably true on tuesday. probably, hey, this president
2:51 pm
obama erased some of the lead on foreign policy this week. >> greg: >> you can't think that president obama won the week? >> bob: absolutely! >> eric: won the week? >> kimberly: how in the world would you say that? >> eric: rioting in streets. >> bob: are you kidding? people tend to rally around the president in times like this, one. two, they don't rally around amateur republican candidate who doesn't know what he is talking about? he looks presidential, sounds presidential. so did number of people playing in the movies. dais when are you an amateur presidential candidate? when do you become professional? >> eric: when he gets the briefings and romney will start getting the intel briefings. whole new romney when it happens. >> kimberly: you're like oh, no, he is an amateur no, he's a professional. you are so on point with the obama administration. yes, with are, no we aren't. schizophrenic, they don't know what they're doing. >> bob: i criticize obama much more than you say --
2:52 pm
>> kimberly: i disagree with the man's policies. he's completely irresponsible with respect to middle east. he's coddling the enemies and the radical terrorists and think he can be friends with people who want to destroy and murder americans. they're getting away with it. look at the facts. middle east is burning. >> bob: get with the notion that the american people so far believe by double digits is more foreign policy president than mitt romney is. that aside -- >> greg: i agree with you on that. but you are comparing apples and oranges. you compare romney's experience to obama experience running. >> kimberly: community organizer. >> bob: one of the reasons he lost he had another week he did not get the economy in the mix. >> eric: who lost? >> bob: romney. dais he did not lose the -- >> dana: he did not lose the week. >> eric: what has obama done in foreign policy that is so great? >> dana: russian reset. oh, wait. >> eric: give me -- >> bob: iranian sanctions. >> eric: the line that they have thrown out is usama bin laden is dead.
2:53 pm
[ overtalk ] >> bob: others have been killeddism could go on and on about it. >> dana: there is a trade agenda that is dead. which is something that could help the countries in the middle east. >> bob: we passed trade agreements. >> dana: three. compared to the ones passed in the bush administration. they have totally dumped on the trade agreement. >> greg: bob, got to close out. >> bob: okay. got to go. one more thing is up next. it of, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
2:54 pm
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>> kimberly: time now for one more thing. dana perino? >> dana: program my favorite night in all o new york was last night. i got to go to the country music association songwriter series at joe's pub and my favorite dierks bently was playing there. earlier he had been at bronx elementary school because they were getting kids into music and learning to play together. this was him yesterday. >> learning an instrument from a ground up is an incredible task. learning how to read music and learning how to play to other people in the school band and performing in front of people. so much to be grapeed from that whole process. [ singing ] >> dana: maybe at crazy town we could play him. i got to meet ago ann from the
2:58 pm
cbs new york and she used to work at the white house, too. >> kimberly: you lead an interesting and diversified life. >> bob: this is jasper's cousin. can i put a picture up of jasper's cousin? this is the largest great dane in the world. "guinness book of world records" i think. he is from michigan. his name is zeus. he eats 30 pounds of food. 44 inches high. greg could walk under him. >> greg: i have. >> bob: you have. >> dana: underdog. >> bob: can you imagine feeding that thing? stay out of my neighborhood. >> good boy. >> greg: i love getting press releases. i got a press release a couple days ago. building momentum for occupy wall street first anniversary. the first sentence is excitement is building for occupy wall street's first anniversary. one of their events, sleepful
2:59 pm
protest bedtime skill share and community assembly. this would be really hilarious if not in the morning's "new york post." occupy wall street protester arrested for rape. for another occupy wall street protester. raping her and throwing her over a stairwell. breaking her pelvis. happy anniversary, occupy wall street. well done. >> kimberly: okay. mr. bolling? >> eric: quickly, i don't have a lot of time. ride to helps out warriors, wounded warriors. they cycle up to 300, 400 times. john warton is watching. go to if your want to help out. good cause. >> dana: build the bikes custom for wounded warriors. >> kimberly: we love the guys. they were here today in new york. last thing, ve a video. you probably have seen it, or if you haven't you may be the one hern who has not. 150 million views


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