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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 14, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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how did we survive 12 years together. >> deep inside, there is an inner liberal, waiting to come out, in that book. >> sean: your books are terrific, except it drives me nuts. >> it's good for your low blood pressure. it brings up to a normal level. happy to help. >> greta: this is a fox news alerts, americans under attack in the middle-east, chaos spreading across the middle-east and north africa. from libya to egypt to tunisia and sudan. terrible news out of afghanistan, two marines killed on a u.s. british coalition base. several others wyned on camp leatherneck, camp bastion. prince harry is there, but he was not injured. it is unclear whether the afghanistan base attack is connected to the raging violence spreading across the region. earlier, afghan protesters burned a president obama effigy.
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this comes as protests against the united states rage, including in egypt, where it is now four 4:00 a.m. you are looking live at cairo. parts of the city, anti-american rioters are swarming the streets, spewing hate against the united states. we have no idea what tomorrow brings, as the sun begins to rise in a short time. but this day has been extremely violent, with violent protests across the mideast and north africa, durn turning deadly. in egypt, police clashing with stone-throwing rioters outside the embassy. one person was killed. in sudan, the heaviest violence, protesters storming the u.s. embassy and setting the german embasso fire. in tunisia, police firing tear gas and gunshots towards protesters, attacking the u.s. embassy. two people were killed. dozens hurt. and an american school was burned down. in lebanon, a crowd of protesters setting fire to kfc and hardee's restaurants. one protester killed, dozens
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injured. and while chaos rein reigned overseas, another baths raged. >> in the days ahead and the years ahead, american foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. >> it is clear that message in the middle-east is the united states is weak and if the united states is leaving. >> they were a well-planned and professional terrorist act against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >> we also need to understand that this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response, not to the united states policy, not to the administration, not to the american people, it is in response to a video. >> to think that the libyan people are somehow involved in this is just not acrats. it was a terrorist attack. organized and carried out by terrorists. >> the people of egypt, libya, yemen and tunisia did not trade the terny of a dictator for the terny of a mob.
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>> when it comes to criticism, i would note that many observers, commentators and foreign policy expert, as well as elected officials, democrat and republicans, have pointed out that criticism in particular from governor romny and his team in what seems to be an attempt to score a political point, has been both factually wrong and poorly timed. >> we are told by the media that mitt romney spoke to soon the other day. we are told that mitt romney has no foreign policy experience. yet it was romney who issued the most responsible and presidential statement of anybody. >> the slaughter and rape of dissidents, mobs storming american embassies, iran four years closer to a nuclear weapon. israel, our best ally in the region, treated with indifference, bordering on contempt by the obama administration. amid all of these threats and dangerous, what we do not see is steady, consistent american leadership! i would like to bring egypt
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closer to us. i think it is important for them to understand, it is an advantage to have a close relationship with the united states and to be an ally with the united states. >> when you attack our embassy, when you kill our amboss dor, when you commit these type of international acts of war. when you are chanting we are all osama bin laden, make no mistake. you are our enemy. >> the american flag's on fire, all over the middle-east. the al qaeda flag is being raised. the new york times tries to tell us that obama has these guys on the run. what an absolute example of total media corruption! no other way to describe it. >> greta: right now in cairo, dealing with the violent clashes, this week's protest started in egypt. tonight, u.s. marine quick response teams arriving across the middle-east. the latest news, the u.s. is send egg platoon to sudan to bolster embassy security there. all of this, as republicans sharpen attacks on the obama
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administration, saying it is weak on foreign policy. former senior adviser to president reagan, pat buchanan joins us. nice to see you, pat. america, weak or strong in foreign policy? >> what is happening is the obama administration's policy is collapsing right in front of us. he had his famous cairo speech and got behind the arab spring and dumped over dictators and other people, some of whom were friendly to us, others who were not. they have unleashed the new forces. not all of them are benign. some of them are noxious. one is anti-americannism, there is islamic fundamentalism and tribalism and nationalism. they issue all on the move. president obama's position has exposed his utterly naive. i think what will happen, americans are -- and american diplomats will have to be drawn out and drawn down to this region of the worlds, which is turning hostile. >> greta: chashould the president do?
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>> i think the president should get back to washington and get out of las vegas and realize that his whole policy is collapsing right now. but i will tell you one thing he should do with regard to egypt. call on president morsi and say, okay, your people got away with this. but if ever again, somebody comes over owl our wall in our embassy and you haven't made every effort to stop, we will cut off loans and bank loans and i tell americans to avoid egypt this year. we have to get serious. look -- i understand the muslim brotherhood, but they have to treat the united states of america with the respect it deserves as a great power, if bee we are going to work together. >> greta: if it would only be egypt, but, pat, it is in over 20 countries, these are violent protest, burning down, fires in the german embassy. this is not just -- >> there is gasoline all the way from nigeria to bali to etheopia
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to cairo, anti-americannism is parts of this. they took this crazy video and thru a match and people did this thing in libya, which was preplanned terror act. some of these other things were spontaneous. but what has happened here, there is a contagion, all through this region, where these people agree on one thing. they detest and hate the united states. they hate our culture. they hate our policy. they have historic grievances and they are as anti-american as they can be. >> greta: it was avoidable? going back, let's say, two years, three years, is this something that we in any way could have avoided this? >> i think. i think quite frankly, all of this, what is exploding has been building up for years and years and years. i think there is a real incompatibility between american culture and between culture of the fundamentalist and it is
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islamic world. this place -- the whole place is a revolution underway, a great religious awakening, among the poor and the working class, one thing they have is the islamic faith. they are militant. they look at enemy as the great satan and the american and it is others with their culturallal intrusions i. >> greta: is it foreign policy or is it that -- i mean, the way you describe it makes me think it is not foreign policy that has brought us to this -- >> one is culture. look, israel is one real problem. they hate israel and america backs up the israelis. americans have been killing people they believe, in iraq. we put sanctions on them. that was one of the causes of osama bin laden said for declaring war. there is a history here, there is religious differences, there is cultural differences, all ever these clashes. i think the western position in that part of the world eye will will be honest eye think we should lower our profile and retreat. what are we doing $1 trillion in
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debt every year? borrowing money to give foreign aid in any event? >> greta: we were giving aid to pakistan to contain their nuclear weapons so we buy our frens and they don't do something to india -- >> the pew poll, pakistan, turkey, jordan, egypt, not one of those countries has one-fifth of the people saying they admire and approve the united states. 75 beers of egyptians believe that arabs did not do 9/11. it's a truth in their country. >> greta: so... now what? >> i think what have you to basically -- the president of the united states should get back ear -- back here. >> greta: he's here in a tonigh- [laughter] >> greta: he was here this afternoon. >> you mention it, as all of these reports have shown, the world is on fire! and the middle-east and in north africa, all the way over to afghanistan and the president of the united states has gone to fund-raisers? i mean, i building he ought to
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be here and he ought to be speaking to the country. there is no doubt about t. our middle-east policy is collapsing, right before us. it's a policy he enunciated in cairo in 2009. >> greta: i -- do you support governor romney? would he do anything different? >> i don't know what governor romney would do right now. but i do think the idea that they are attacking governor romney because of a statement he made at 10:00 at night -- that's irrelevant. let me also say, this incident of the video, that's not the reason for this. that's the excuse for what is going on there. a lot of this has been planned, a lotted of it is contagious. as i said, have you all of this tinder sitting over there, one spark and it all went. went through that -- that tells you how america and the west are regarded now and that part of the world. >> greta: pat, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: of course, we have been watching the disturbing images of anti-merge rage.
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protesters ripping flags and burning our flags. many chanting, death to america. so how can white house press secretary jay carney say the protests are not directed at the united states? >> this is a fairly volatile situation, in response, not to the united states policy, not to... obviously, the manager, not to the american people, it is in response to a video. a film. that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. that in no way justifies any violent reaction to it. but this is not a case of... protests directed at the united states. >> greta: former u.n. ambassador john bolton is here. the approximate says this is not directed at the united states. >> he's an embarrassment. that's one of the silliest thingsings i have heard from the white house in a long time.
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of course, it's aimed at the you said. the administration's entire theory of the region is seem to have broken down completely. their belief was that the arab spring would bring sweetness and light and democracy and provide an alternative to terrorism. in fact, the arab spring has simply unleashed these radical forms of islam that we see being demonstrated in the streets all over the region. and manifested again in the terrorist assassination of our diplomats in libya. these are not separate. these are closely connected. >> greta: i mean, what we are seeing today, to say it's not against the united states, the black flag of islam is flying over the u.s. embass netunisia. this is -- this is violence directed at the united states. >> the postcolonial wave of arab nationalism, which was secular, socialist and anti-american, has been replaced by another wave of
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islamic fundamentalists, which is also anti-american. and by ignoring it, by pre10ing it wasn't there, we have left our people pretending it wasn't there, we have left our people vulnerable. it may have been caused by the administration's own mistake that they were operating in a benign environment and didn't have to take adequate precautions. >> greta: how do we not know that they hate us? >> ask the president. ask the president. look at the speech in cairo in 2009. where he said, you know, we are going to start respecting muslims, which implicitly, we didn't do the past 200 years or so because he is the president. they look at that and virtually every other step he has taken in the middle-east since then -- >> greta: why is that -- >> shows weakness. >> greta: why is that the catalyst isn't arab spring started in tunisia, was there
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anything we could have done to change the course of history? >> i think what we saw was the risk to mubarak. instead of supporting a loyal ally, who had upheld the camp david accord after vacillating three or four if i'm times in the course of a month, we threw mow mubarak over the edge. he said for years, figo, the muslim muslim brotherhood's tacking over. oh, no, said the obama administration. oh no, the google guy will emerge. he will be the new leader. people who tweet will be the new leaders. do you see them anywhere today? they are offer the stage. >> greta: now wover 20 countries with protests against the united states and very violent. what would you do right now? we are now in a very precarious situation. >> we are in a deep hole. you can't correct it overnight. the president needs to make clear, which he may have gotten around to doing yesterday with president morsi, there can be no more breaches of our embassy,
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perimeter security. there can be no more attacks on american diplomats and there better not be any attacks on private americans in the region. today was a bad day in the middle-east. it may get worse, who knows. i think tell go up and down. but if people think the americans are weak, won't understand and and sit back and watch this happen. if they for defensive about their own society, which we are still being, they will continue to push. >> greta: how do you act tough in a phone call and say, you better not have this happen again? why believe us? and what -- what is our follow-up if they do? >> cut the foreign aid. look, if a government -- if a host government can't meet its basic obligation of protecting american diplomats they can do without our moan. that point needs to be made, quietly, behind the scenes. not in public, but it needs to be made, unambiguously. >> greta: would you bring our people home? these are very dangerous places. i would suspect all of these americans, the people who work for our embassies, i know we
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have sent marines to protect them. but their life -- it seems dangerous. >> the marines will perform incredibly bravely. but when you are a country of 70 million people and you have a couple of platoons of marine, you can see -- i think have you to look at it case by case. but i would have everyone except the essential personnel removed from almost all of these countries would a governor romney for president, how would he settle this? >> i think he demonstrated it and he was jumped on by the white house and the media. the first thing you do is defend our system of government. you don't apologize for some crank who makes an offensive film. that's not the way you defend democracy. by dignifying that film as if it were the real cause of this, you simply feed the beliefs of those who think we are a corrupt and declining society. it is not the function of the american government to comment on every exercise of free speech
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by american citizens. they do that in the countries where the armies where jack boots, they don't do it in this country. perpetuating the myth that it was the film that was the problem, rather than the ideology of the rioters is the first mistake that the administration has made. romney tried to correct it and the media go wild. >> greta: thank you. >> thank you ustraight ahead, anti-american protest rage is spreading across the globe, growing and terrifying. spreading to more than 20 countries. we have live reports from eegypt and tunisia. we have new information about the intelligence briefing. have you to hear what he has to say. do not go away. i'm jessica and this is my emergen-c. keeping up with the kids is tough, so i drink emergen-c. with vitamin c for immune support and b vitamins for natural energy, i'm ready for whatever they get into.
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>> greta: it'sr it's about 4:00 a.m. in cairo, egypt. even at this hour, the non-stop anti-american protests are ramming on. the violent clash between protesters and police today did turn deadly. we go live to cairo with leyland vittert. what is the latest right now? >> reporter: greta, right now, 4:20 in the morning, we have hundreds of riot police on the
7:22 pm
streets a couple of blocks from the american embassy. the riot police are marching the long lines that you arer often see them in riots. the clashes went on all day here. volley after volley of tear gas, a lot of rubber bullets fired. and the police were trying to push the protesters back from the areas around the u.s. embassy, they built large concrete barricades in the street keep anyone from approaching the american embassy. the protesters came out, certainly after friday prayers, numbering in the thousands and holding up large signs of osama bin laden, some of those cipes, three and four feet tall, throwing rocks, molotov cocktails, trying to push over the barricades. president morsi asked his population to not attack embassies and aide aid it was un-islamic, he said protest, but dont attack. that was not heeded by the protest eshz. however, he has had his police
7:23 pm
and military dig in significantly here around the city. so it does seem as though they are going to prevent any attack on the u.s. embassy itself. that has not prevented the anti-american venom from spewing out here. have you to understand the amount of anger it takes to continue to throw rocks and run back in to barrages of tear gas and rubber bullets. there is a large anti-american presence here and they are asking protesters for the u.s. ambassador to leave, tell her to go home. essentially, that has not worked. local media reports say she is on the ground. but the u.s. embassy is covered in a lot of not very friendly graffiti there at u.s. embassy complex, a couple of blocks from where we are. the other thing they are chanting, with our soul, with our blood, we defend the prophet, the reference to that anti-islamic film that they say sparked the protests, starting
7:24 pm
here on tuesday, when they tore down the american flag and went ahead and ran up a black islamist flag, we have seen that all over here in the streets of cairo right now. the big difference that i can talk about from now, versus 18 months ago. 18 months ago we were here for the egyptian revolution, where everyone was talking about freedom and democracy and said, you are an american, they say how much they love and you how much they think of america and love the ideals that america stands for and now this crowd is chapting, death to america at times. it is complete change in this country from 18 months ago. greta? >> greta: do you get the sense that it is getting better as the hours go by? meaning calming down? that it's getting worse or staying about the same? when the sun starts to come up in an hour or two, i am curious what you think is going to happen? >> reporter: well, 4:50 in the morning, a lots of people are
7:25 pm
really tired, especially after being out here, getting tear gassed all day. we have been up the better part of the day here. it takes you out of you, after a number of hours here in the sun, the heat, the tear gas, that kind of thing. so people are calming down now, just about an hour before sunrise, you are getting that effect of people just tired of throwing rocks. whether tomorrow brings another round of this kind of violence, there is no way to really tell. you don't have a sense of what is really happening in the mobs, where the people are being organized. the muslim brotherhood, for its part, is trying to quell things down. whether that is genuine or a political calculation is yet to be scene -- to be seen. the police are ready for a long, drawn-out battle here with a lot of people on the ground, a lot of manpower on the ground. the question's going to be whether there is any more incitement by the imam and it is salafists, the hard-core
7:26 pm
islamists, if they begin to fuel the fire, it will not take long to get the people in the street. a lot of egypt is very poor, people living on less than $2 a day, many are illiterate. these are not people watching the video, they are being told about the video, by their imams in the mosque and that starts again, that's when we are going to get more large protests and a lot more violence. greta. >> greta: as always, thank you. of course, stay safe. coming up, what is the real story? what led to the murders of four americans in libya? did the u.s. have any warning? there is new information from the cia director and a house intelligence committee. that's next. and the romney campaign calling president obama's foreign policy, amateur hour. why did they say that? our political panel's here to talk about it. stay tuned.
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>> a dave deep mourning for all of us, for four american, including our ambassador, cruelly murdered in libiasm their bodies arriving home in the united states today. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton taking part in a somber ceremony for u.s. ambassador chris stevens and his three colleagues. meanwhile, americans are under attack, protests breaking out in libya, egypt, tunisia, morocco, niyearia, sudan and moving east to yemen, lebanon, israel, jordan, iraq, kuwait, iran
7:31 pm
qatar, afghanistan, pakistan and the protests continuing further east to india, bangladesh, malaysia, indonesia and even in london, where protesters burn mesh and israeli flags. this is getting worse. today, david petraeus talking about the crisis. >> grad to be here. >> greta: let me ask you about the ambassador stevens in libya. do you know if he was targeted fthey were trying to kill him? or if he was the accidental victim -- obviously a murder? >> two issues here. number 1, the actual protest started as a result of the clric who had the film that -- cleric who had the film that attacked the muslim religion and the protests started in egypt. when it got into libya, things changed. libya and bangladesh, where this
7:32 pm
occurred is very primitive area. so we are not sure whether the protest went viral and whether an extremist group like al qaeda realized there was a protest and got their guns and weapons and took advantage of the situation or whether it was preplanned. we haven't determined the facts, but it could go either way, as far as i'm concerned. >> greta: when talked to director the cia today, do you have a sense that we -- that there is so much information, we don't know, or is there a sense that we really know what happened? and we on the path to get those people? >> number 1, first priority by the way is to make sure all americans, wherever they are, throughout the world are safe. what we are doing is making sure that we contact the heads of all countries that it is part of the international code that when you have an embationzy in another country, that they provide protection. we provide our own protection. we want to protect our americans. that's what we are doing. that's the first thing.
7:33 pm
but -- where we are going with this, at this point, we still have to get the facts and data. it's been three days. >> there have been so rumors that the husband a tipoff or some knowledge that something was happening. obviously, this happened on 9/11. so it has -- you know, added significance for us. was there any idea, any notification to put us on alert? it is my understanding that information was given to the embass necairo about the film and that there could be a backlash as a result of that. that's all i know at this time. >> let me get back. the film seems a cover for someone to go in and kill our four in libbia. it seems a pretext of some sort. >> those of us in the intelligence are dealing with al qaeda for at least since 9/11. and al qaeda will take advantage any of situation and take credit for most situations, but they are dangerous. they are well organized -- >> they seemed ready for this. i mean, once the protests broke out in egypt, if this is al qaeda in libbia, they were ready
7:34 pm
to move -- very quickly. >> i think they were flowered libya. remember, where is libya? it's like the wild west was in the united states years ago. there are people who have open trucks with machine guns and weapons on them all the time t. would be very easy for people who were -- who were fighting the government at one time and qaddafi and they would -- they all have weapons. that's part of the concern. it's a very young government, starting out. and there is not -- their police and their -- they're not trained. they are not trained to do what they need to do to protect people. >> greta: do you have a sense that the killers, that let's go in there and we will kill whoever is there, or did you get the sense, let's kill the ambassador? >> i think once they realized the protest was there, that the people were sophisticated enough with the ammunition that they had that they were going to do damage to whoever was in there. the ambassador died of smoke inhalation because of the
7:35 pm
fire -- >> greta: he wasn't tortured. >> from my understanding, he wasn't tortured. that's what we know at this point. but -- whether or not they knew he was in there, but then we now have to look at why this occurred. did he have body guards there? we do know that the area there was -- was primitive. it was make-shift because the government had just been set up. this, in my opinion, would not have happened in the embass netripoli. >> greta: it's terrible to look at the pictures of the victims. you feel like you know them. >> it's terrible. we have to do whatever we to bring the people who killed these four americans to justice. we need to put every resource of intelligence and our military. but right now, we have to find out, first, you know, where we are going with respect to this investigation, what are the facts. and more importantly, we have to watch what is going on, every day. we look at friday is when a lot of muslim community had the prayers in the different
7:36 pm
countries and they came together. we hope after this friday, things will start to calm down. but the social media started a lot of things. look at what happened in egypt. the social media is scaring this up. we have some of our best troops, our marines and special marines are going to protect our people and our embases, that has to be done. that's the first priority. >> greta: congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: up next, our political panel, governor romney and his advisers calling the obama administration confusing and even amateur hour. who could forget this scene? protesters storming the wisconsin capital. if you thought that was over, you were wrong. wait until you hear what is happening right now in wisconsin, in two minutes. bob...
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>> greta: the fierce battle over collective bargaining is heating up in wisconsin. yes, the same fight that led to protesters storming the state capitol last year. today, a judge striking down
7:39 pm
that state law that ended nearly all collective barg ang rights. republican governor scott walker was the champion of the law. but now, a judge ruled the law violates both the state and u.s. constitution and is thus, null and void. that ruling comes after a lawsuit brought by teachers and city worker unions. governor walker's administration immediately vowed to ooh peel. a spokesperson for the governor says he is confident the decision will be reversed. but tonight, the unions are declaring victory. no word on whether the law will be suspenned right away. it has been in effect more than a year. what do you think about the collective bargaining law and the judge's decision? go to and tell us. we are back in two. we asked over 3,000 doctors to review 5-hour energy
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>> greta: the mitt romney campaign sharpens its attacks on the obama foreign policy. but first, the headliance. >> thanks. a wildfire burning dangerously
7:42 pm
close to homes in los angeles. the fast-moving flaps consuming some 40 acres of brush near the getty center art museum and the 405 freeway. fire officials say windy and hot conditions are fanning the flames which are not contained. so far, there are no reports of hopes burning. but the getty center has closed as a precaution. americans are putting more money in their gas tanks and spending less on other thing, according to the u.s. labor department. the climbing cost of gasoline accounting for most of an uptick in consumer spending. national average of $3.87 a gallon, threatening to slow the already sluggish economy. back to greta. >> greta: the romney campaign ramping up its attacks on the obama administration foreign policy. a romney adviser calling it amateur hour. joining us, our political panel. chief political correspondent
7:43 pm
byron york and karin tum pelty and steve hayes. how's the president doing politically with this issue in. >> you know, i think initially, when all of this first started to happen, the -- i sensed the president wasn't in much trouble because the media was so focused on mitt romney and the fact he had issued a paper statement and had the press conference. the news overwhelmingly focusing on mitt romney, both the newspapers and the broadcast networks. the broadcast networks, according to one count had a 20-1 ratio of news on mitt romney and his statement, relative to the substance of what was happening. so i think the president got a break. but now you are starting to see what i think are the real and relevant questions -- what led to this? why didn't we have more security at the embassies? all the questions that the president will have to answer. >> i don't think we are there yet. i think we are still in the-- the political scientist call the rally around the flag phase.
7:44 pm
i think the single most powerful image today is not the finger-pointing and the question. i think it was the image of that homecoming ceremony that, tragic, sad ceremony at andrews air force base. i think people are still grieving. i think, at this point, we don't know how this is going to turn out. >> after paying respects to the dead here, we -- we have to find out what happened. we don't have a good idea of what happened in benghazi, what failures there were. we had today, at the white house briefing, the administration absolutely determined to say, this was all because of this movie. it is because of the movie and all of the demonstrations, all across the region -- >> why are they hung up on that? >> i think there are two reasons. one, the president showed, in my opinion, an enormous naivete in 200 19, thinking he could go to the middle-east, offer his own wonderful self and muzz limings would start to like the united states better. that's not happening. i think that some people in the administration are so involved
7:45 pm
in this democracy idea that believing that democracy is can take hold that this is clearly evidence that it ain't working. >> i think it's -- if neigh can keep the focus on the movie, then they can hope that the governments in these countries can do something to sorts of tamp down the violence and call off the protests. >> but if that's their goal, i think they have it backwards. the fact that -- that cairo embassy elevated the movie, talked about the movie, issued a tweet and a statement about the movie, i think raised this obscure film that nobody had seen -- >> have you seen it? >> greta: i watched it. >> i watched the trailer. >> greta: i watched it. frankly, i didn't realize -- i watched it after the controversy. obviously, maybe i am not sensitive to it. but i didn't see it as being anti-muhammad. >> we don't know if there is a movie out there -- >> greta: i think -- i think there is a narrative about it.
7:46 pm
i. >> the narrative about it has in fact, you know, gotten into the water supply into the bloodstream in the middle-east. >> there is no question it has but this is now, i think, initially because of the comments from the embases, then the fact that you had senior administration people talking about it. now the fact that you have the white house talking about it, blaming everything on it, the fact that they haven't to youtube and dead them to reconsider their policy, will you consider pulling it down, all ever that is provide more oxygen for this ongoing fire. >> greta: we are going to take a break. straight ahead, another controversy over president obama's plan in the u.n. general assembly. is he planning to meet with the egyptian president and not with the israeli prime minister? and even at this hour, police and protesters, still clashing in cairo. a u.s. marine platoon is headed to the middle-east. a live report from the region, coming up. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
7:47 pm
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>> greta: is president obama planning to meet with ediswript's president but not israeli's prime minister? he reportedly invited president morsi to meet with him in the u.n. general assembly, the same week that the white house says he is too busy to meet with benjamin netanyahu. when askedded it, jay carney
7:51 pm
said he has no bilateral meetings while lazy in new york. >> carney was asked again. he says there is no meetings that i am prepared to tell you about. who knows, maybe there is something going on. but it looks absolutely awful, to be meeting with the president who may or may want be discouraging these really violent, antes american demstrags in his country and to be stiffing the -- i mean, in a country that the president wouldn't even call an ally, a couple of days ago and to be stiffing the country that is undoubtedly our strongest ally. >> that's why i am very doubtful such a meeting is going to take place. the netanyahu situation is an entirely different one. you know, it was undoubtedly a snub. the president will be in new york monday and tuesday, netanyahu will be in new york, thursday and friday. but nobody in washington said, while you are in the country, come on down, they said
7:52 pm
scheduling problems, but later, they said there were no meeting ever asked for. why were there scheduling problems? >> i think the white house got caught. they said there was no meeting requested in washington. but you had reporters, including experience exclude very good reporter, writing in their stories that the white house had denied a meeting with benjamin netanyahu and later in the story, quiting the white house as saying, we have not denied a meeting. they didn't have the story right. it looks bad. but, they are not going -- what is not going to happen, they won't have a meeting with morsi and not have one with netanyahu. >> greta: how's governor romney doing? i got two laughs and a smirk. >> well, he had a day today -- while, you know, the embassies were burning, where he was on tv with kelley rippa, talking about snooki, so the romney campaign seems to be all over the map. they don't seem to land, is this the day we appeal to women or talk about the economy and/or
7:53 pm
foreign policy? >> they are not pounding foreign policy right now. obviously, this thing happened on tuesday night. wednesday morning, he had his press conference in jacksonville and got such terrible reviews and some people like me, thought he didn't do a bad job. but today, he is trying to get back to normal, although, it was a terrible rain in ohio and a really wet rally. >> i think it's a mistake. if he pushed foreign policy and he doesn't carry through and make a sustained foreign policy critique, including a big speech about foreign policy, laying out his vision, that westbound a big mistake. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, the united states dispatching marine rapid response teams. we have a live report from a volatile region. that's next. exclusive to the m, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds,
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7:58 pm
and jerusalem. levinthal is live. >> and they quiet this hour and the friday protests were peaceful, but there were clashes between hundreds of demonstrators and police in the streets of east jerusalem today. some muslim worshipers threw stones at officers and when that dispersed there were grenade -- grenades n sudan a rapid response team has been flown in to secure the embassy there under fire in a protest who also trashed the german embassy. marines were dispatched to yemen and security forces used tear gas and water canyons to battle the angry mob. and in tunisia, two people
7:59 pm
were killed in violent clashes with soldiers and police. and demonstrators ransacked u.s. embassy there in a school next door, breaking windows and starting fires and looting. and they ripped down and burned the american flag. as far as we know there has been no further injuries and all embassy personnel as far as we know are accounted for. there are plenty of questions about what will happen the rest of the day and in day as head across the middle east and northern after rick why. >> thank you and we note it's about 6:00 a.m. where you are and there is lots ofsz we only worry about what happens as the day breaks. thank you for watching. be sthour stay with fox news channel throughout the weekend for latest news in the middle east


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