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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 14, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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thank you for being with us tonight. we're going to see you monday night. go to greta and let us know what you thought about tonight's show. good night from washington, d.c.. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. [gunfire] >> bill: madness continuing in the muslim world as anti-american demonstrations break out in the sudan and other countries. is president obama handling the situation correctly? we have a number of reports. no american should visit egypt for the rest of the year. nobody goes. that will send that government a big-time message. >> am i your humble correspondent being irresponsible by suggesting that americans avoid egypt?
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geraldo has some thoughts. >> my temperature runs a couple degrees higher around 100. i don't mind. >> every equivocating, triangulating son of a pitch in office today spends half his time woring after special interest money. >> has kathleen turner jumped the shark? we have a brand new segment entitled what the heck just happened? ms. turner is featured tonight. >> now leave me alone. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. fomc in the muslim world part 2. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we told you last night. mr. obama should change his approach when dealing with the muslim world. it's obvious the soft power strategy not working. jihadists don't care what
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mr. obama says and any sign of sensitivity will be perceived as weakness. not to say we should antagonize muslim governments have to tell them they will be held accountable and actually hold them accountable when measures are harmed. apparently president obama read the riot act to egyptian president morsi and now the egyptians are finally protecting the american embassy from the fanatics in the street it is worth noting that egypt is dependent on american aid and tourism to survive economically. there are nearly 84 million people in that country. the average per capita income $6,600 a year. unemployment among young people 25%. owe i didn't want san economic catastrophe. and there is little the u.s.a. can do about it. today the head of the house intelligence committee said that everybody in cairo knew trouble was brewing before our embassy was attacked.
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there was no information that there was going to be more than a demonstration that particular day. >> it was 9/11 and it was just a crazy anti-muslim video put out in america and the egyptian government knew it everybody knows the demonstrations can easily spiral out of control. the egyptian government knew that and did little to protect the embassy. if mubarak would have still been in power there would have been soldiers all around the embassy. now, if you watched the factor last night factor keith he will sin himself a muslim was asking for evidence that the egyptian government was derelict. there it is. when you have a mass demonstration in the middle east, anywhere in the middle east, in front of the american embassy, you put soldiers there. everybody knows that. in libya, the situation is different. the assassination of christopher stevens and three other americans, including two former navy seals was a planned terrorist act. the weak libyan government simply can't stop stuff like that. we have trouble stopping stuff
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like that. so it's really little the u.s.a. can do about libya. other than to advise americans not to go there and beef up security for those who have to be in that beleaguered country. egypt is another matter. under the dictator mubarak, a savage man, that country was an ally to the u.s.a. because we bought mubarak and his generals. now, there is nothing wrong we have got a lot out of egypt as far as calming things down with israel. now the muslim brotherhood is in charge and it's a completely different story. president obama and governor romney, if he wins the election, must understand that any attacks on american citizens anywhere will have to be punished. it's not enough to say, hey: don't do it again. egypt should lose all aide for the rest of the year. and no american should travel to that country in the same time frame that that's the memo. "the washington post" foreign correspondent michael birnbaum
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has been watching developments all day. he joins us on the phone. am i making any mistakes in my talking points as far as the facts are concerned? no mistakes as far as the facts are concerned. american officials have in the past complained to me that the egyptian military has been cautious about confronting protesters in front of the embassy. even under the previous military interim government. on 9/11. here is what separates it from just your 25% unemployment, kids milling around. nothing to do. and they are going to look for trouble if they can here is what separates it. 9/11 and have anti-muslim video all over the web that everybody is talking about i think that people really started talking about it in the united states, at least, after the protests started. >> but i understand that the government, that the muslim
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brotherhood government basically knew about this video and it was a big topic of conversation in cairo. >> it certainly was a topic of conversation in the days leading up to the protest there were ultra conservative parties calling for the protests and the united states embassy as well knew the protest was coming and told its staff to go home early that day. >> i think logical thinkers know that this was that this was a call drop of hatred you don't stand by and let this happen. the muslim brotherhood did that but they called for a big big million man march today which they then said don't do it after president obama read morsi the riot act on the telephone. i guess that's what happened, right? >> well, it's fascinating to watch the muslim brotherhood adapt to leadership and adapt to something more than being in opposition party which it was for so long. they are trying to play to
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their very conservative base here in cairo and egypt while presenting a friendlier face to the rest of the world. and even today you saw in english calling for twitter feed muslim brotherhood calling for no protest or limited presence just in tahrir square and in arabic language statements calling for protests around the country in front of mosques as they had been doing all week. >> in english they are saying don't do it. n arabic they are saying come on, let's do it. that's nice. do you feel in danger michael over there when you go out on the street? >> no. i don't. and i think that there are a lot of foreigners still here in cairo who walk around and they -- i don't think that people feel threatened around the united states embassy. it's a little trickier, especially late at night when there are -- there is a lot of anger and big protests. but just in day-to-day life
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things are fine. we all remember layer are a logan the cbs correspondent who got almost raped in that square you are saying you don't feel that there is anything there that might put new danger? >> not more so this week than other weeks. you mentioned laura logan. in general there has been a problem. i have written about it over the last year or two since the revolution for the most part. there has been a rise in sexual harassment and sexual assaults. i think women often are a little cautious and feel worried about walking alone at night here. but just in regular, you know, transacting one's business in cairo i think a lot of people still feel pretty fine. >> bill: all right, michael thanks very much. we appreciate it next on the run down general wesley clark whether egypt is an ally or enemy of the u.s.a. president obama sending mixed signals on that. later, lou dobbs on conflicting poll numbers.
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cbs says the president is leading now. rasmussen says governor romney is ahead.
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yesterday the state department changed that story. >> you are saying that the administration, the state department still regards egypt as a major non-nato ally and it is still a recipient of all the -- of the privileges that that entails? >> yes. >> all right. here now general wesley clark, former nato supreme allied commander. egypt an ally? >> yes. they are considered a major non-nato ally. they are not a ally like nato is or japan or south korea. no defense treaty but we coordinate with them closely there is a partnership there. >> bill: why what do we get out of egypt right now. the muslim brotherhood doesn't like us. what do we get out of there. mubarak cooperated with israel and cooperated with intelligence against al qaeda. i don't believe the muslim brotherhood is cooperating with intelligence and i don't believe they like us. >> i think there is a certain amount of cooperation still going on lot of military has been schooled in the united states, they speak english. share information and
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perspectives on the region. it's useful. we don't want to make an enemy out of egypt. >> we have send some kind of message because that was a disgrace. >> what was the message. >> the president called and he was very puff to them. >> bill: i would dock them three months. >> here is why i wouldn't do it. because, actually, what you have got there is a little bit of an internal power struggle between the very radical elements more moderates, most of the people of egypt wouldn't have nothing to do with these people storm the embassy. they wouldn't have anything to deal with them. by attacking the government, you weaken the government in the eyes of the people. this is a slaffist play to gain power and embarrass the government. it worked. >> i think you have to give the government incentive incentive to protect americans. it's like a kid. >> getting $100 million a year from us.
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they have a big incentive. three months of that and say you do it again. we all know outravage, violation of international law, you know this. january 1st. we want to have good relations. we know what the president did say. he was probably very very tough with him: sympathetic to the united states. some of them are in the security forces. theoretical power. very top power.
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if power directed by president obama at any muslim nation. including iran. >> he stepped up the drone attacks in pakistan. >> bill: that's against terrorists, not against the governments. >> it was definitely against the public opinion in pakistan. it was a very tough stance. kazmierczaked a lot of friction with the government. >> what could pakistan possibly do. i'm glad you mentioned pakistan. >> that is one of the areas. >> wait, wait, wait. >> seal raid. it took out usama bin laden. >> bill: i always have. drones i give them credit for and the raid. pakistan puts the guy who made the raid possible. the doctor in prison for 33 years. that is spitting in our eye. what do we do about that? nothing? a lot of issues behind the scene and under the table. >> in the case of pakistan. there is a lot of pushing and shoving that you don't see. there is lots of action going
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back and forth across that border. >> so we have a disagreement, you and me, i don't believe the obama administration has been tough enough on the governments. i think they have done a good job on al qaeda. and the terrorists, but i don't think they have sent the proper message. last question: i believe bush and cheney were much more feared by these governments, pakistan, afghanistan, which afghanistan, again, does unbelievable things to us. then the obama administration. am i wrong? >> well, i don't think it's material. i don't know if you are right or wrong, but they didn't respond any better to bush and cheney than they have to the united states under president obama. >> more trouble now than they did under bush. >> not at all. not at all. no. in fact, they re-started the whole taliban movement under president bush. after it was almost defeated in 2001 and 2002 and pushed into pakistan by 2005. they thumbed their nose at us and restarted it. >> last question, do you think there is a muslim problem in
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the world? i think, you know, not most muslims are good people. we have always said that but there is a substantial minority that hates us and they continue to cause trouble. >> look, i think that there are elements in a lot of -- there are a lot of factions that don't like the united states who are islamic. there is no doubt about it they use the united states as a symbol in their own internal power struggles. >> bill: to divert attention away from themselves. >> no to work with us. a governing problem. a modernization problem. >> always a pleasure to speak with you ask geraldo whether americans should punish egypt by not traveling there. lou dobbs gas prices through lou dobbs gas prices through the roof and what's truly amazing about mercedes new mbrace2 system... is i can follow all my sports...
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>> bill: impact segment tonight americans traveling to egypt travel or anything. if the jihadists will kidnap you they will. with us now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. he didn't feel in jeopardy in central cairo. you go outside of cairo. you have been to egypt, right? >> you have to have it on bucket list. >> >> the army controlled everything there at his behest. now it's all over the place, factions here, factions there, the cops -- like that. i'm saying forget it for a while. >> let's take it in two parts. if you have a kid in school there, like in the american
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university or any -- there are many many students, american students who go there to study. i would absolutely not have those kids out and about right now. if they must stay in the institutions, then have to stay no more. their old habits have to be abandoned. we have to take seriously the threat of kidnapping. i think that a group, a society that can condone attack on an embassy, that is, you know, the definition of civilization. that our sovereign territory in your country is safe. that you will protect it it and they failed to protect it and, indeed, as you correctly noted, incited some of that. violence you must be responsible parent and you can't let your out and about. i would pull them out. >> bill: what about individual americans saying you know what? we are not going over there. in 2010.
8:23 pm
spent $50 million. you know what? u.s. airlines can't fly there. >> send a message. >> let me describe a scene there the last time i was there. last year when i was coming out of libya. and one of my associates, greg hart had never been to cairo. i said let me show you. >> selling trinkets and trying to do business or even -- money. those impoverished children who exist on the fringe of a modern society. they are desperate right now. i have never seen them so desperate. i have been to he egypt many times. they were literally, if they didn't make a deal with you, they were going to be just destroyed. probably hungry. vow to understand the implication of what it is you suggest. and i am sure you do. so when you say punish egypt, you have to understand that
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you are punishing egypt from the bottom up, not the top down. >> bill: the top down is not going to do it in america. look. i think everybody watching us is outraged as you are as i am. >> horrified. >> egyptian government did not protect american lives and american embassy. lucky. i would agree with you. >> what i say for three months. >> bill: that sends a message to the muslim brotherhood. do you it again, that's it. okay? and that message, that's the way you have to deal you want all of us to be engaged in what is essentially relationship negotiations with a foreign country. why not let the government of
8:25 pm
the united states, instead of. >> bill: come on. >> we have a million-dollar debt they are asking for forgiveness. why not just tell the government don't forgive the debt. >> bill: you can't trust the u.s. government. i'm sorry, you can't. they have agendas all over the place, the folks are the folks. i'm betting you that about 90% are going, you know what? i'm not going there. i'm canceling my cruise. i'm not going for a while. >> i am far more focused on what i want to be implaquable, totally professional, a comprehensive effort to get the people who killed our people in libya. >> bill: they will get them. >> the french thing that i called for when they were propping up saddam hussein. that hurt france. >> it hurt their feelings more than their economy. you don't want to push egypt into anarchy. >> bill: i don't want to push egypt. i want to send a message to them if you do it again --
8:26 pm
>> -- you have sent the message over the airways. >> send you over there to annoy them. if you do it again geraldo rivera are a comes over to annoy you. plenty more this evening. chaos in polling precincts. cbs news says the president is leading. rasmussen says the governor is ahead. lou dobbs is will analyze. then a brand new friday factor feature called what the heck just happened. greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk. security is standing by. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: lowe's the boss segment tonight. dueling poll. among likely voters, president obama leads mitt romney 49, 46. brand new rasmussen poll out today has romney up 48% to 45%. you may remember rasmussen was the most accurate pollster in 2008. here now the mighty fox business anchor lou dobbs. when you are looking at these polls on -- in the middle of september, do they mean anything right now. >> they give indication as to where this race is and it's where it was just about a month ago. that is extremely tight. the rasmussen poll as you point out, most accurate in 2008, it is also the outlier right now because of its record of accuracy, the folks who are really the consensus here are now more worried
8:31 pm
about this not being lined up with rasmussen, that would be my guess. >> this year is different than most other years. ideology is not going to drive this vote. the wallet is. the wallet is going to drive the vote. mitt romney is making an enormous mistake, enormous mistake by not concentrating on gas prices. gas prices now are hovering 4 bucks a gallon. astronomical jump in the last two weeks. and some of it is the chaos in the middle east. but there is -- as we just talked about, always chaos in the middle east. but a lot of it is the government printing a lot of dollars. and then the oil sheikhs say you want to print that money and devalue it we will charge you more money for the oil. it's 100 bucks a barrel now. >> it's 100 bucks a barrel. gas prices right now, bill, are only 6% higher than they were a year ago. they have doubled in price
8:32 pm
since president obama took office. >> bill: more than doubled. >> just over. and the fact is that that is not a terrible performance. bring my fraud task force to bear. >> the fat cats in the stock market are doing well because the stock market is way up. and dobbs, to his credit predicted i don't know about six months ago he said hang on to your stocks. he did on this broadcast, right? i did. i actually listened to you, dobbs. first time in history. i held on. >> i'll accept the check later. >> you are not getting any check. all right? but, the regular folks who don't have a lot of stocks, you know, trying to get by, they are getting hammered at that gas pump. >> they're getting hammered at the gas pump. >> bill: there is no hope for them. >> there is hope. >> how, how? >> we still got an election. >> bill: iran is going to blow up any day now. it's going to double when those people do whatever they are going to do. >> your vision is far clearer than mine.
8:33 pm
>> bill: absolutely. as you often remind me. >> that's right. >> but the reality is that the great hope here is that the stimulus by the fed will be sufficiently buoyant of housing. that it will help further this anemic recovery to the point. >> i know why bernanke is printing all the money. i got it that doesn't help people in the middle of september who have to vote in the early part of november. if i'm romney, man, i'm saying, listen, the president doesn't have any control of this oil. he doesn't like oil. he is stopping pipelines. he has wind mills flying around. when is the last time a wind mill helped you out? i'm doing all that okay. did you see the brothers on last night. brother smiley and brother west? >> absolutely. >> bill: the brothers came on and we like them. they are well-intentioned people. i'm trying to tell them if you look at the unemployment rate, college graduates are doing okay. >> that's right. >> bill: they are working, 4% unemployment among college graduates. >> and the fact is that education is the great
8:34 pm
determinant of whether or not you are employed or not. >> bill: but they say that's not true anymore. i disagree with it i want to get your opinion on it. >> the facts disagree with them as well. when we look at unemployment amongst whites in this country, right now whites are at 7% unemployment. hispanics are at 10%. and blacks at 14% it correlates not by race but by education. over that period, those with a b.a., 4% unemployed. it just rises astronomically to the point where you don't have a high school diploma you are not in the market. >> bill: here in new york city, you can go from kindergarten to your bachelor degree free. >> right. >> bill: free. they have a system whereby you don't have to pay anything. you get the public school system, you ride the rocket, and then you get into the college system where there is all kinds of ways -- if you are poor, i mean.
8:35 pm
you never hear this. all you hear is redistribute wealth, give people money rather than design a program where they become educated and self-sufficient for life. >> absolutely. and right now local control of education, which has worked in this country for 200 years is just simply ebbing. it is almost to the point now that it's difficult for a school district to combat a teacher's union, to combat federal money. >> bill: chicago, look at that chicago is hemorrhaging money and the teachers are going we want to make 100 grand a year, if you don't pay it, we're not coming back. >> to your point, about gasoline and energy and the policies to make this country energy independent, i couldn't agree with you more. jobs will be created. it will bring great, if you will, forgive the expression, energy to the economy. >> bill: you either got to go to college or learn how to fix stuff. if you learn how to fix stuff, call me because i need to you fix stuff. >> it's absolutely a serious and great point. >> right. >> know a trade, bring skills
8:36 pm
as well as education. >> i could tell it you my house, if anything breaks, i'm hopeless. all right? i need people to help me. all right. lou dobbs, everybody. he doesn't know anything about the house either. >> i do too. >> bill: no you do not. what the heck just happened? brand new factor segment starring two guys who should be in prison. music: "make someone happy" music: "make someone happy" ♪it's so important to make someone happy.♪ ♪'s so important to make meone happy.♪ ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. the economy needs manufacturing. mhines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production.
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without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. tonight we begin a brand new segment that will run every friday called "what the heck just happened?" we stole that from the title of monica crowley's new book what the bleep just happened. thank you very much, monica. avoid arrest and also provoke commentary on some of the week's most notable developments. here now the long-time and i mean long-time producer of the imus in the morning program
8:40 pm
bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld who stars on the five and red eye in the middle of the night not sure what time it is. rules, no obscenities, no defamatory personal attacks and no irresponsible personal behavior. all right, gutfeld. >> what am i doing here now. >> they wanted me to tell you your limo is blocking traffic. a white limo. >> right away we start off with defarm tore attacks. bill the segment is 10 seconds old o. >> city block. >> bill: first thing we want to talk about gutfeld is the chaos in the middle east. you talked about it on the five. what do you think is the root cause of that? >> the root cause is they don't like us. and there is nothing we can do about it. there is nothing -- i guess what bothers me is i don't care that they are mad. when hillary comes out and talks about video, so what? what video caused 9/11? done. these people are going to hate us. >> bill: no matter what. >> no matter what.
8:41 pm
they went after hardee's. who hates hardee's. after the colonel: they are unhappy with their lives and insecure in their own religious beliefs. you can make fun of christianity, mormonism, we take it we take it it they can't. >> bill: why do they hate us mcguirk? >> i differ a little bit. they hate us because we are there. i take that position. the hell with them. we are there to protect the state of israel. and that's the way it should be. but they have, for the most part u the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old spoiled child. they need strict parents. >> bill: a lot of it is around israel because we support the jewish state. >> absolutely. >> bill: that the fundamentalists islam which hate jews they are holding it against -- i think there is something to that. this goes back thousands and thousands of years. >> this would not have happened under mubarak. they need strict parents. >> bill: we bought mubarak.
8:42 pm
and he has a strong military and those guys get out of line. they were in a dungeon some place. that's how they handled it. >> qaddafi. if it goes back to my friends the nation builders on the right. muslim outreach goes back to the iraq war. these protests are happening in iraq. it wouldn't have happened under saddam hussein. >> bill: dictators kept a lid on whatever they did. >> called winning hearts and minds back then. today it's muslim outreach. >> bill: navy seal who wrote that book about killing usama bin laden. he may be punished by the u.s. government. roll the tape. >> i'm not talking secrets. i'm not talking tactics, i don't even get into any of that stuff. but i really try to give the reared a sense of what it is like to be there. this book is not political whatsoever. doesn't bad mouth either party. and we specifically chose september 11th to keep it out of the politics. >> bill: the pentagon, secretary of defense leon
8:43 pm
panetta says they may go after that guy in court because when you become an intelligence operative and that's what the navy seals special forces are sign a paper saying you are not going to talk about any of the missions at all. you say, gutfeld? >> this is a great idea. punish the guy that is responsible for the one success that your administration has had in four years of getting bin laden. why don't you go after the guys that are involved in the leaks in the white house? i know more about the raid from the white house than i do from this brave fellow. >> bill: you would give this guy a pass. >> i would give him a pass. how do you arrest that guy he? would kill you. >> i would give him the medal of honor. this is like prosecuting the guys that dropped the bomb on hiroshima and nagasaki. it took brass onions. they started the book first. setting the record straight. they did it for their own glory and they put the lives of the navy seals in jeopardy. >> bill: if he gets away with it, if this guys makes a lot of money from the book which he will and they don't do anything, then the whole thing goes down -- then every navy
8:44 pm
seal every special forces. >> the movie is supposed to come out after the election. but the coming attractions are happening during the election. that, to me, is far worse than this guy doing a book in which muslim brotherhood -- >> bill: if you break down the system and sign a paper and let it go, then anybody can do it? >> the hypocrisy, bill. >> bill: i got it? >> like barney frank coming out against gay rights. chris christie coming out against cheese. >> bill: hypocrisy because they didn't investigate the white house leaks about the raid. >> channel bob gates the former defense secretary panetta's predecessor to panetta shut the blank up and leave this guy alone. is he a hero. >> bill: that's probably what they are going to do. finally from portland, oregon. there is a grammar school, i believe, the principal believes that having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, gutfeld, is racist. >> it is. >> bill: it is. >> it is. i remember as a child one peanut butter and jelly
8:45 pm
sandwich actually called me a hunky on the bus. this is suspect progressive tolerance, live in a world governed by hurt feelings anything could be offensive including a nice little sandwich that your mother puts in a bag. the worse thing about it is the grease spot on the white. >> hate to hear what she says about solid white tuna. i went to a gourmet peanut butter shop in manhattan. i saw the david duke peanut butter and jelly on white bread and they had farrakhan peanut butter and jelly on pump per nickel. >> to give the point of view of the teacher that you just saw there bernice gutierrez who teaches at the harvey scott school in northeast, portland she says that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are made by people who have white privilege. that minorities don't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches therefore it's a racist sandwich. >> half a million dollars to a
8:46 pm
group to analyze this. that is the true outrage. >> bill: who is they? >> i don't know. do you think i actually read these articles? it's friday, bill. >> i grew up in the inner city in the south bronx. let me tell you my black friends like of black racists if what she says is true. it's ridiculous. >> forgive me but i'm going to hold over gutfeld, mcguirk. we have two more topics. please forgive me. factor tip of the day. web site you might like it. back in a moment. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass.
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>> bill: continuing with brand new segment what the heck just happened. begin with a strange picture. vice president biden getting up close and personal with a biker chic in ohio.
8:50 pm
that happened on sunday. nobody can quite explain it i thought at first gutfeld it was a promo for the tv show an arcky. is that what it is? >> joes of an arcky. preparing for white house christmas party. is he going to be santa. [ laughter ] i love the look on the faces of the bikers. that is america. looking down at him. i love bikers. they are either taking teddy bears to hospitals or getting meth to my uncle. >> bill: one of the two. >> bill: you believe it's a santa claus play. put that picture back up. this is an interesting point about the looks. looks like they are ready to stab the president. >> if he didn't have secret service protection they would have had to scrape him off the floor. >> taken the same day or the day after obama was picked up by the guy. not to be upstaged. >> bill: the deli guy. >> tried to get the chic. >> bill: we don't really know up close and personal with the
8:51 pm
woman. with all due respect to her. she is not exactly gisele bunch ton. i'm not exactly sure. >> they are the most fun chics. >> that is a great group. >> bill: i wouldn't know that i would like to see the vice president wear the bandanna that the woman had. i think if they had swapped that and he had the -- >> you know what he was whispering in her ear i want to put you in whips and chain. >> bill: do you know that for a fact. >> how he has a big f'ing deal he wants to show her. >> bill: all right. let's not get too out of control. [ laughter ] >> bill: you know kathleen turner the actress. >> she was so good in 9 and a half weeks of batman. >> bill: that's not her. no it wasn't her. she was in body heat in 1981. and she made an impression in that movie. we're going to show you a clip of that in a moment now she has become a political activist. let's roll the tape. >> are you all right?
8:52 pm
>> yes, i'm fine. my temperature run as couple degrees high around 100 i don't mind, the engine or something. >> maybe you need a tune up. >> don't tell me. you have just the right tool? >> stop letting big money buy our elections. here's the score now. every calculating equivocating triangulating hair-splitting son of a pitch in office today spends half his time woring after special interest money. if folk were elected by ordinary citizens, again, they would have no one to dance with you about us. >> bill: now at first, gutfeld, i thought that was the biker chic. [ laughter ] >> i thought it was one of the biker guys. >> bill: national press club then they told me it was kathleen turn his or her suddenly has developed a southern accent and she lives on long island. lives in new york. >> that is the best acting she has done since war of the roses. i'm glad to see her back out
8:53 pm
there. one serious point about her. she reflects the mind set of a feminist that young conservative women have to go up against every day that if you don't think like that, you are not really a woman. and this is where tolerance ends. they are the most intore len rant towards their own sex. >> bill: her point is that the government and the campaigns is dominated by big money. big money buys everything. obviously this presidential election kind of backs up what she is saying. but i didn't get the southern thing. i thought i was in a waffle house there for a moment. >> it was out of left field. a little bizarre. she seems to me like she is an extension of sandra fluke. remember as i cindy sheehan usel idiot to the left. once the elections was over they dumped her. sandra fluke in that regard now kathleen turner and bevy of beauties they trotted out at the democratic national convention except they didn't trot out kathleen turner for some reason. you want to know how republics treat their women?
8:54 pm
ask ann romney. want to find out how democrats, ask hillary clinton. you can't ask elizabeth edwards. >> bill: she is not with us anymore. >> i never bought. this you guys don't buy this war on women stuff do you. >> they are perpetuating the false narrative. once the election is over they are useful idiots. >> bill: to be fair to ms. turner, i don't think she is talking about any kind of a social deal. she is mad that the big money is controlling the political process in america to some extent that is true. >> just know she would be a barrel of laughs. cigarette and martini in the corner of a bar. >> bill: i don't think she going to be bored. look, if you guys never are here, maybe we can get her to sit in for one of you in what the heck just happened. okay. we would have to do subtitles across there equivocating or whatever it is. thats watt first -- you guys done okay. i appreciate that. we offended just about everybody. that's what the here to do. >> keep it real. >> bill: factor tip of the day a web site you might like but mocks me. the tip, 60 seconds
8:55 pm
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>> factor tip testify day in just a moment. but first omonday, we will have an amazing announcement about me and jon stewart. that's all i can say. but it's going to be big -- much bigger than stewart. advance orders of "killing kennedy" are out october 2. "lincoln's last days," the children's book, off "killing lincoln," is number 1 juvenile book in the country. we thrawrchg very much. if you become a premium member, you get any book you want, free of charge. and the audio as well -- your choice. now to the mail... >> not getting that, sam.
8:57 pm
everything we said about egypt is true. does the truth get a zero from you? apparently, it does. >> you gotta be careful with that, jeff. we don't want to hurt american businesses in the campaign to send a message to cairo. >> my own. i pay baby-sitters $16 an hour. but i fully realize that raising the minimum wage that much means higher prices and fewer entry-level jobs. so tax credits for businesses would have to go along with raising the minimum wage. i think we could try that.
8:58 pm
>> well, i'm very sorry for your loss, heather. your dad was a patriot. the big reason we sell books and stuff is to help american vets and their families because all the money i get from the web site goes to charity. >> well, thanks for making the drive, robert. new bolder, fresher show's in houston, saturday, november 24. in vegas at caesar's palace, friday, december 7. somebody tell wayne newton. at salt lake city at the solutions arein adecember 8. if i'my, the factor tip of the day, when it comes to technical things, i'm helpless, totally helpless.
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i can barely put gasoline in my tank. i need i need it desperately. it tells me what to do around the house -- even though i can't do t. ron mitchell was fascinated by the web site telling him how to fix squeaking under the floor and how to polish the headlights on his car, properly. that's thrilling stuff. check it out. it's a good web site. that's the factor tip of the day. >> frankly, my dear, i don't give a damn. >> that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news factor web site. also, we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be te temerious when writing to the factor. excellent word. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'rely


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